Important blog post – Lethal Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS 2020-05-02

1 Here is an example of how the US government promotes yet another method of annihilating civilian populations while claiming care for depression, while all other existing governments on this planet contribute to the US government by giving credibility to this deadly method advertising propaganda, that it should be said to be about pioneering advanced […]

Foot detox by electric current: You will die a slow and very painful death

1 Here we have it again, a new area where world governments have paved the way for the annihilation of civilian populations under the criminal false claim of foot bath detox use. Guy Tries a Foot Detox ( We ordinary people live our lives in the belief that the society we live in is not […]

Execution of the death penalty through ECT in psychiatry 2020-04-18

1 ECT treatment is murder. The state uses it as a cover to have the permitted sale of Tasers and 9-volt devices that are installed in all segments of society, and they are never mentioned in the media so that people can be murdered. Psychiatric care is the state police that opens the way for […]

Acupuncture electric pen: You will die if exposed to this electrical product

1 Elektronischen Akupunktur-Stift – ( This is another Trojan horse that is hidden under the importance of care through acupuncture, which in turn is a fantasy drawn directly from the human intelligence imagination to come up with a way to kill a person in the service of government and at the same time make […]