Foot detox by electric current: You will die a slow and very painful death


Here we have it again, a new area where world governments have paved the way for the annihilation of civilian populations under the criminal false claim of foot bath detox use.

Guy Tries a Foot Detox


We ordinary people live our lives in the belief that the society we live in is not perfect, but we believe that we live our lives in safety with our children as long as we are aware of various traps. All of us ordinary people have our suspicions about government, but none of us has ever had a single thought in our wildest imagination that government is deliberately luring us into death. As we do not expect the government, together with the rich elite, to intentionally kill us, we see everything that society offers us with our gullible trust in government and state systems. We believe in everything and when society offers us this kind of foot bath detox with electric current, we accept it as it is presented to us. The governments of the world have convinced us to believe in them through constant media propaganda. When they offer us such a foot bath detox, we believe in them because of our trust in government. It’s one thing when someone openly shows their intention that they want to hurt you. But these people are tricking us into death, by lying to us directly in our eyes that it is supposed to be foot bath detox treatment, while their intention is to damage the entire nervous system in our legs. That they dare to commit the crime against people who know nothing about how electric current damages the body and that they continue to live later in life without any guilt that they have just destroyed people’s physical health, mental health, and personal identity in advance by starting nervous system and body necrosis ongoing death at time delay of a few years, only shows what evil, power and rich elite are. Completely healthy people go on the deadly foot bath detox scam, as it is such deadly media propaganda that is advertised everywhere. Companies that manufacture the electric foot bath products, have completely free hands and permission from the state to advertise these products without any responsibility for any danger that the product may pose to a human being. Expose yourself to electric foot bath detox and then you will die.

Ionic Foot Bath: Help or Hoax?


Here we have authority, a doctor or chiropractor, what he now calls himself something. It’s his chiropractor’s title and his authority’s care uniform that will convince most people into death through the fraudulent video advertising. If one is not harmed by electric current, then one is not aware that something so dangerous exists in this world and then most people will be fooled into the alleged body foot bath detox treatment. It is because of all the states of the world together that it hides so well through all state institutions, through censorship and the eternal media silence. This alleged authority doctor, chiropractor is lying right in the face of all the people watching the commercial video clip, just as psychiatrists and psychologists are lying to patients right in the eyes about the truth of what ECT and medication are for something in reality. Foot baths with bubble water are perfectly ok, but foot baths with electric current are government crimes, which are directly linked to psychiatric care. This electric foot bath detox is part of the electrical annihilation including


all other lethal stimulation devices that induce complete nervous system collapse and nervous system ongoing death throughout the body. Here it is not even called as electrical stimulation, but it is only called foot bath detox. It’s just another way of how government lies through such individuals who are allegedly authorized electric foot bath detox treatment experts in their profession. This is another, death trojan outsourced by states to ordinary people for people to be murdered. The danger does not lie in it that you will be cheated and robbed of the small amount of money that the product costs, but you will commit suicide with your own hands. People will permanently destroy their body with that product, and he does not say a word about this. On the surface he advertises product to ordinary people, while in reality he is cheating the entire world’s civilian population in the service of all the world’s existing governments right to death. The injuries automatically make people dependent on painkillers for electrical injury and then people are loyal customers of the pharmaceutical industry, government drug cartels, where you will later in life need pain relief Seroquel and Zyprexa for people to be able to sleep at all. This also serves as a tool for the police, for when people suffer in agony, once they have been injured to death, when their words are accompanied by electrical damage that this product will cause, form a whole in the government’s torture of people who the police torture to death and investigate for crimes, which end in murder, suicide, confinement in a mental hospital or prison, due to anger such as electrical damage drives one more due to suffering in agony and in the end one dies due to electrical damage when the body begins to fail and stop functioning. This is not the same as the other 9-volt electrical stimulation devices. Feet and legs need a little more electric current at low strength to start feeling negative changes, lost sensation in the feet and legs. They lie when they say it’s a magnet. From what I see in some YouTube videos on advertising about that product, you have to attach an electrode to your hands, and you put the black lump in water which means that + and – are connected. The intention is only to get electrical current through the body, so that the nervous system is damaged in people. Even without electrodes attached to hands with just that current passage through the legs is just as harmful. The intention of the alleged negative and positive ionization that is to cause the body to free itself from toxins is in fact intended to get a current passage from the upper part of the body down to the feet so that a larger part of the body will have destroyed nerves. The intention is to damage as large an area of ​​the human body as possible. The more of the body’s nervous system is damaged by electric current, the greater the nerve damage to the nervous system will be and the greater and stronger suffering in agony will be. The intention is to kill the person who is exposed to the foot bath detox. This is a current throughput of more than 9 volts, but it does not feel like pain. Foot salt is added as it is used in regular foot care. But in this case, salt makes water completely electrically conductive which means that the intention is to get electric current in the human body. Once you have received this alleged foot bath detox treatment for half an hour, then when you are done with it you will not feel any damage immediately at once, as your feet are more resistant, but nothing is enough resistant to electric current. They give this treatment at low electric current because you should not feel that you have been damaged by electric current. Once they have convinced you that it frees the body from toxins through foot bath detox, then you will possibly choose to buy the product for home use and it may happen that you choose to increase the current on the device higher up, in the belief that in this way you will release even more of the toxins that one has in the body. They manufacture the devices in such a way that they can give big shocks and that is what they expect people to do. That is the whole purpose of that product. You should injure yourself as much as possible. Even if you stop using it and even if you have tested it a limited number of times, it does not matter because damage to the nervous system has occurred even if you do not feel anything immediately. Damage is always guaranteed after about a year. Injuries creep in and


pain comes after a year. When you go to care where you describe pain in the legs, then general care will tell you that you may have contracted fibromyalgia or rheumatism. When pain comes and when you start to lose your mind, then you realize that it is the government that is behind this. This is intended for the entire world population so that people will commit suicide so that the world population will be reduced. It is also intended for people who are being investigated by the police for crimes. The police, with psychological warfare, lead people in all the electric death trojans and this one is just one of them all. All the people that the police do not investigate for crime and who have fallen into the death trap, are acceptable loss of life for all the governments of the world. On the other hand, they are fished into the pharmaceutical industry and then they become addicted to pain relief medications, for the rest of their short lives. Then there will also be more work for psychiatric care because that is where you are going due to Electro foot bath detox in the end.

Could Detox Foot Baths Actually Remove Toxins From Your Body?

These government media propaganda scammers allegedly present themselves as government research that has revealed a foot bath detox fraud. They present a suggestively false image to people who watch the video, in which they present themselves as part of the government’s media, which is noble, critical of all frauds in which they are allegedly concerned about the civilian population. They present a false image of reality, where they, through research from the authority that is the state side, fight fraudsters who allegedly only want to make money through the deadly electric foot bath detox. They are said to save humanity in the service of government. They usually save people from the fraud so that people do not lose the small sums of money that the device or the foot bath detox treatment costs. The fact that people are losing the small amount of money is a disaster, while the fact that people will die due to the electrical fraud is not a disaster, so they do not even mention this part of the truth to ordinary people. In all these videos together through the government’s advertising media propaganda, they are fooling the entire world population into a picture where they are alleged to know absolutely nothing about the foot bath detox treatment or foot bath detox device that people are tricked into buying for home use. They are allegedly blaming the fraudsters who offer the electric foot bath detox, while they themselves pretend to be the fair government’s media authority that speaks the truth. But in fact, the fraudsters who sell foot bath detox apparatus and themselves as the media, are part of the same theatrical performance’s deadly government fraud media advertising propaganda which aims to present electric destruction as something completely harmless. There, they have even hired a researcher or doctor, who allegedly demonstrates the foot bath detox treatment, by pouring salt into water and showing that the water becomes electrically conductive due to salt, but he does not say a word that electric current damages the human body at the low electrical current voltage. That’s what makes this video a government fraud theater show which convinces the entire civilian population of the world in the belief that electric current at low electric current is not dangerous, while it is death itself in real life. Through that video, they keep their distance from the electric foot bath detox, just as they and the government have absolutely nothing to do with the fraud. Debt is directed at the fraudsters who sell the product and who give it treatment to innocent people who do not know what life danger it means to be exposed to the current passage on the allegedly low electrical current voltage. They pretend they have nothing to do with that fraud, but they themselves are a fraud and the governments of the world have everything to do with that fraud, because it is they who have laid that death to people and through the video they deceive the civilian population of the whole world in


a false sense of security, so that people will not see it as a danger to their lives and their children. Other governments on this planet are involved in the annihilation of their own people by never uttering a word about it and they too are tricking their own people into the death trap through eternal censorship and complete media silence, as if they are supposed to have nothing to do with such death trojan devices and so it goes on massacres of the world civilian population, where the whole world power and rich elite pretend that it does not even exist and therefore it is not worth mentioning anything about it ever. That nerves die of weak electrical current; you will not hear anywhere on this planet. You will never hear it from your government, because all the governments of the world are killing all of us ordinary people and our children, through all such electrical appliances that are only part of the electrical annihilation of the entire civilian population of the world. If you only knew, what is it like to live with the damage that the allegedly harmless devices cause to people. That’s when you die in hell’s suffering in agony. Here is info on detox through food. 1- You cleanse the body of toxins? No! In the body there are very real toxins that we got in us through the food we ate and the air we breathed. A large part of these is stored in the adipose tissue and during rapid weight loss, these toxins can be released from the adipose tissue. But that detox as a diet method or detox products could help in this process is far from proven. Here, the body has several organs that have the task of cleansing the body, kidneys, and liver, for example. And they do well in a healthy body! 2 Do you stay healthy if you detox? No. A varied diet in moderation is a way to increase your chances of a healthier life while a detox cure is not. 3 You get happier and get energy? Yes, some people feel that they feel good about detoxing. It is probably linked to the fact that you are not happy with your usual diet and thus so much happier when you feel that you have character, adheres to the established framework, and follows a strategy. Other diets work in the same way, you feel good about both the diet which means that you may lose something weight and the psychological fact that you actually manage what you have been told to do. 4 Feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin are balanced? No, there is no scientific evidence that such a connection exists. 5 Detox is risk free? No. The diet is usually very one-sided so it cannot be recommended for a long time, even if it is not dangerous for a healthy person to do for a short period. However, there are groups that should definitely refrain from detox; pregnant women, kidney disease, diabetics and those who suffer from, or are at risk of, eating disorders for example. 6 Is your sleep getting better? No, not automatically but again, those who eat unhealthily normally and who detox for a period can feel more comfortable with both body and soul and it can reduce stress and anxiety and affect sleep positively. 7 Intestinal diseases such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, IBS and Crohn’s disease can be improved? Well, with some modification. There are certain chronic intestinal diseases where the patient, with the help of a dietitian in the healthcare system, eats liquid, for example, for a period to let the intestines rest. One could say that it is a kind of detox that can have a good medical effect and that takes place under controlled conditions so that the patient gets enough of all the nutrients and energy. Those who are lactose or gluten intolerant do not get better from detox, then only lactose- and gluten-free diet helps and then the intestinal flora can become normal again. 8 Do you experience reduced stress? Yes, it could be for the people who think that food is hard, boring, and demanding and who through detox avoid a step in everyday life. And for those people who experience stress from eating uncontrolled and who with detox have strict limits to follow for a period. And when it works, it feels a little easier, but you have to remember that detox is not something to recommend over a longer period. 9 Are the cells repaired and renewed? Yep! The cells do this all the time, every second, every day of the week, all year round – whether detoxifying or not detoxifying. This is one of the reasons why it is valuable to find good diets that work for one because then the cells have better material to build up from. 10 Is


metabolism and combustion improved? No, the metabolism depends on a number of factors, age, gender, body composition and level of physical activity, among others. Some foods and substances can have a minimal impact on our metabolism, including chili, but the effects are so small that they make no difference overall. So that detox as a method could affect is not true. What we ordinary people should realize is that everything that has been offered to us ordinary people and our children in the last 100 years on the era aspect, is fraud, lies, false information that is not just intended to cheat us of money. The intention is to kill us and our children and that is exactly what the governments of the world have been doing all along. All the government’s frauds are just an ongoing continuous annihilation of the world’s civilian population through state systems, through the eternal intention of persisting indefinitely in lowering the world’s population. It is a reduction of the world’s civilian population that has been about all along and nothing else.