Pain relief devices with electric current: You will die a slow and very painful death


Electric annihilation and murder of the world’s civilian population by electric current, claiming the use of pain relief. It is not enough that people get chronic diseases and pain in the body, due to wear and tear in the body due to dependence on the workplace that people work in throughout their lives to support their family, so the power of the world and the rich elite have come in a new way to transform that pain in working class people that people already have due to rheumatism and other body ailments to a pain in living hell through electrical damage. Here it is the same thing again. Publicly, the government cares about its own people, while beneath the surface the world’s governments are spreading such deadly advertising fraud propaganda, so that people who have chronic pain in the body will be deceived even in electrical damage, which will turn their lives into ongoing death in pain, which is 1000 times worse than the pain they have had from the beginning. Devices that are claimed to relieve pain from rheumatism, fibromyalgia and so on by allegedly allowing electric current to flow through the body, instead the seemingly harmless apparatus destroys everything in its path through the body. The electric pain relief devices are the same government trojan death trap tool as the device I have been injured with. Under the claim of pain relief, purpose of use, the device will burn everything in its path through the human body. It will burn the nervous system to ashes.

In this case, when electrodes are attached to the neck near the head, it will damage nerves in the skin, muscles and it burns and also damages nerves in the spine which are extremely important for the body to function normally. Because the neck is narrow, the electrical stimulation device will very easily damage the most important nerves in neck spine which connects the brain with the rest of the body. If the most important nerves in the body are damaged, which are the nerves of the spine, then autonomic reflexes are also damaged, which control the breathing, heart, internal organs and so on. This is the execution of the death penalty, instead of pain relief. Death will not occur immediately and quickly. Instead, damage to spinal nerves and autonomic reflexes will occur over time and they will worsen, the more time passes the more damage gets worse. The process of death that is coming is identical with what I have been subjected to. The person with those injuries will also die in a protracted and painful ongoing death process full of agony suffering. The dying process that comes is identical to what I have been exposed to, but in this case, it gets even worse, because the throat is narrow and almost in contact with the brain. People with such injuries will die in worse suffering than


I am dying in now. It is identical as if they had been executed with guillotine and someone had put their head back on their body so that they could live in some horrible way, until the moment when they can no longer live because of the suffering in agony and then they have the choice to committing suicide due to suffering in agony, being locked up in a mental hospital due to the anger that electrical damage causes biologically through altered nerves due to electrical damage and dying due to electrical damage when the organs and autonomic reflexes have stopped functioning and then death occurs through shortness of breath, heart attack, organ failure, diabetes due to diabetes that pain relief medications induce that you have to take to be able to sleep overnight and so on.

This is the same thing only injuries are induced a little lower part of the body.

In this case, the right leg will be amputated due to electrical damage. Injury will spread to the knees and up throughout the hip. The entire nervous system will die in a period, of time from 5 years to 10 years. You can no longer live with electrical damage for physical and mental health will be completely


destroyed and personal identity will be completely erased from the individual who receives the electric current through this device. All of this is just one part of the electric destruction of over a billion ordinary people on this planet in the last 100 years. If you connect these devices to your body, then I guarantee you that you will die.