Acupuncture electric pen: You will die if exposed to this electrical product


As long as humanity has existed, so long there have always been people who want to make money on people’s suffering, without taking into account the danger that their fraud poses to people’s health and lives. The murderers of powerful governments, the power of the world and the rich elite have throughout history come up with the most heinous horrible ways of punishing people and taking the lives of ordinary people. By warning people at all times about what people know are already dangerous like alcohol, drugs, fatty foods and so on, they have gained our blind trust in them while not uttering a word about the worst on the planet and most harmful for the human body which are all the electric butcher knives that amputate and cut the body into a thousand pieces. In addition to the electric chair which aims to execute a human being in the most inhuman way, they have also come up with ECT which instead of curing fantasy disease diagnosis Depression, amputates and destroys the body by burning one’s brain and thus destroying biological balance in the body, consciousness destroys the personal identity or the soul out of the head. They have come up with teasers that have the purpose of disabling a violent individual who gives police resistance, but they are lying that it is harmless to the human body. They have come up with the alleged 9-volt, stimulation devices that are exactly enough limit of electric current that burns through the body all in its path but does not take the life of one directly upon contact but damages the body permanently to death. You are injured immediately the first time you test the electrical appliance. The first time you are injured, you immediately realize that it is a death trap that has a single purpose and that is to injure people to death. Once you have been injured, it is the starting shot for the dying process, where the dead bed timber or stopwatch at the end of your life has started to tick. You are in a spiral where you fall into the grave around the clock without the opportunity to slow down or stop the dying final stage process. The electrical damage of 9-volts, which to the mind looks completely harmless, opens a doomsday horror scenario where one’s body dies and falls apart in an advanced way. The most noticeable damage from 9-volt electric current is nerve damage. According to the mass killer industry that manufactures all electrical appliances, 9-volt electrical stimulation devices can be used for the purpose of pain relief with 9-volt electrical stimulation, muscle training with 9-volt stimulation, body massage with 9-volt stimulation, electro sex stimulation with 9-volt and now to my great surprise I have discovered that they have figured out that 9-volt can be used as an acupuncture pen. Acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine that has traditional therapies and its roots in China. Acupuncture is common in other East Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam which have probably copied it by Kina, and it must be because they are close to each other. Today, these forms of treatment are available in most other countries, usually as an alternative to more established medicine based on scientific principles. In Sweden, Traditional Chinese medicine is usually abbreviated to TKM. The abbreviation TKM from English Traditional Chinese Medicine is also used. Acupuncture is available in most parts of the world because it is a great way to make money. Treatments within TKM are primarily aimed at restoring balance in the body. Diseases and symptoms are thus considered as imbalances in the body. When the body is well and we are mentally in balance, we do not get sick as easily. When the body is weak, we are easily affected by the environment and experience various symptoms. Based on the diagnosis, an appropriate treatment method is determined. The diagnosis is primarily about finding out what imbalances there are in the body and its energy system. One speaks in terms such as lack or excess of yin or yang in the various meridians. Simplified, one can say that yin is interpreted as cooling and yang as warming elements in the body. A large international study, conducted by the Center for Complementary Medical Research at the Technical University of Munich, involving 6,700 patients from Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Brazil, concluded that acupuncture helps with tension headaches and migraines, but that the effect has nothing to do with acupuncture itself: “Studies show that it does
not matter where the needles are placed on the body or if false acupuncture needles are used. The result was about the same for both false and genuine treatment. ” According to researcher Klaus Linde, among others, the results depend entirely on the placebo effect. Several studies, including a comprehensive study of acupuncture use in UK clinics, show that the risk of side effects and injuries from acupuncture treatment is not negligible. Most side effects are mild, but serious injuries such as lung puncture also occur. For me, it is very difficult to see acupuncture as some real care that can really help people in real life. People fight for life when they feel the anxiety of death because their body is dying. All the points illustrated in the images of the human body in medicine through acupuncture are in fact advertisements that should convince people that it must be true as it is described in such detail with dozens of points on the body representing different body states. Stick with a needle in this place and then you will have improved well-being in the body. The only thing you get is damage to the body through stab wounds that the needles have caused and those points on the body are nothing but misleading advertising propaganda that should make people undergo such treatment. It has no scientific basis at all, however, acupuncture with needles is far many times more harmless than the electric pen. From that acupuncture you come completely unharmed, so you have tested it and it is perfectly ok. One has gone unharmed from the alleged care, acupuncture with needles. People believe in this as it has in words the meaning of care that cures bodily ailments and medical conditions. In addition, it is quite harmless. But here we have another deadly scam that the world governments have put as a trojan under the guise of acupuncture. It is free for companies to lie to people when it comes to electrical stimulation devices. The state even allows ordinary people to come up with a stimulation device by electric current and that is because all Electro stimulation devices no matter what the purpose is the products are intended for, so it does not matter, since they all induce permanent injuries to the body which in turn lead people directly to psychiatric care where you become addicted to pain relief Seroquel and Zyprexa, the rest of your life until you have died. This is only psychiatric care that has pain relief for electrical injuries, and it is no coincidence that it is only those who have it. It is well thought out system where it forms part of the Proxy warfare against ordinary people, which makes it possible for all the governments of the world, that they all, together and in the same way, can murder ordinary people adults, young people, and children discreetly quite legally, without it even being classified as a crime. Purpose that all the devices have and including the electric acupuncture pen that looks advanced with lots of buttons, is in fact misleading advertising that should deceive and make people try it only once. It is all that is needed, and you have deep amputation wounds deep inside the body, because electric current destroys everything in its path through the body, which acupuncture has permanently damaged and turned into a torture tool where you will suffer until you have died.

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This is another Trojan horse that is hidden under the importance of care through acupuncture, which in turn is a fantasy drawn directly from the human intelligence imagination to come up with a way to kill a person in the service of government and at the same time make money from that murder. But in this case, it is many times more evil because it takes the lives of people. This electric acupuncture pen will cause damage to every place on the body you press it. If you stimulate the face, then you should get nerves that die more and more. After a year, you will have pain in the skin and a lost feeling that never stops but only gets worse. Here in advertising, the test persons put the pen a little


everywhere on the body. These are suggestive advertising guidelines for people where they point out where to stimulate or rather amputate the body so that people injure themselves everywhere on the body. After the damage that the pen will cause to the body, those who are exposed to that deception will go through the same hellish ongoing death process, which I have gone through so far. If you test it or if your child tests the electric acupuncture pen, then I guarantee you that your child will commit suicide due to the suffering and also may die due to the electrical damage. This death trojan horse electric acupuncture is interpreted by all the world’s existing governments as a death trap that will end in people’s guaranteed death. It will turn people into a slave who relies on pain relief Seroquel and Zyprexa, just so people can sleep through the night. Seroquel and Zyprexa will cause obesity out of control which in turn will cause diabetes, stroke, blood cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, knocked out metabolism due to obesity and so on. Due to the delayed illnesses that come later in life, you will have to take medication for high blood pressure, medication for diabetes, medication for disturbed metabolism. All medications damage the kidneys, so you will have to take medication for kidney damage. You will eventually have to amputate body parts due to diabetes. Transplant a kidney by a donor, due to all the medication that has damaged one’s own kidneys. In addition, even with all the injuries, you must continue to medicate with Seroquel, as it is the only thing that can give a pain relief overnight and an opportunity to fall asleep at least by force. Even if you have diabetes, you must continue to take Seroquel or Zyprexa as pain relief, which in fact will further damage the body. Here you see that the electric acupuncture pen, or any of the other 9-volt devices, is a source that causes a total body to decay. The problem is that it causes mental suffering and mental illness at the same time, including with all conceivable different diagnoses of mental disorders and illnesses. In the beginning, you go to psychiatric care due to problems in your life and they give it Zyprexa or Seroquel as care for anxiety. Of the medications literally, one gets the same body transformation that pregnant women get. The body’s transformation happens in 8 or 9 months. From small to overweight in a year and it does not stay there but continues. It is a spiral that leads one into the grave and it is classified as death caused due to disease diabetes. Therefore, it will not end up in any statistics that could enlighten people and get people’s attention focused on the fact that in society there is a danger to their and their children’s lives. Instead, people will become completely unaware that they and their children are walking on minefields that states have outsourced to all of us. People will become passive with the guard lowered, as people have always been. It is states that made it so, by lying to us ordinary people. They are powerful because they use the media and censorship to trick us into believing that we live our lives in safety. They use people’s curiosity; body needs just as they use our emotions as a weapon against ourselves. It’s all about tricking us into falling into the death trap ourselves without returning and then they blame us for being adults and thus we are responsible for that decision. They have by law allowed the deadly devices to be manufactured and sold to people as something completely harmless, but they have ruled out telling the truth or any warning of what damage will occur if you have received that current through your body. This is a crime, but it is not a crime when the state kills and tricks one into death. It should be said that it is our own fault that we are dying, due to a product that is protected from exposure in the media by the media censor and eternal silence. We must accept and reconcile that we will die, because it is said to be just an accident. There are other things that are dangerous where people have been hurt by. The state, through healthcare, saves lives. Take, for example, Swine flu vaccine. The intention was to save people’s lives, but even there were cases where people got narcolepsy because of that vaccine. It is the same with the stimulation devices. There is nothing to talk about. It is not alleged crime. The state allegedly saves lives on people through Psychiatric care through ECT. The intention is to bring life to the allegedly terrible disease Depression, in which people commit suicide for no reason.


Claiming that some are injured, and some helped by ECT is an acceptable 100% government lie calculation by the state on human life loss. But swine flu vaccine and electric current in the human body are not the same thing. Swine flu vaccine is said to save lives, while ECT is based on pure lies. ECT is execution directly on the spot and it is such an obvious crime. There is only talk of ECT, due to the emphasis on care. It is a valid reason for the existence of ECT that should not be questioned by people. If it is legal to give ECT of 450 to 700 volts that is allegedly harmless care to people, including women with postpartum depression, then 9-volt devices are no danger to human health. But since the treatment with electrical stimulation of 700 volts is also given to children into their brains during development, then the devices of 9 volts are nothing to complain about. In my case, I have been injured by a device that is supposed to be a sex toy, and therefore it has nothing to do with emphasis on care. When I have the police report the crime then the police should warn people and stop the sale so that more people are not harmed like me. Instead of stopping that sale, they have stopped me by treating me as if I were stupid in my head, so that I will not be able to take it to court. They want me to expose myself to further electrical current review at the nerve clinic where they will scan my nerve damage at the same low current as with the device that I was injured by. The consequences of this body’s decay that I have received from 9-volts and the great extent and severity of the damage, just show me that it is a weapon that will make people’s lives end in one way or another. It is murder, a pure execution in a legal way by the world’s civilian population. I have contacted many different media over the phone, and they are careful not to utter words that 9-volt electrical stimulation causes nerves to die. They just tell me, we’re sorry but we cannot help you with this. Electro-stimulation devices 9-volts kill and are crimes about which not a word is said. That there is a crime on top that the electrical appliances have caused me, it does not say anywhere. Now you understand that states kill us ordinary people through the electrical stimulation devices and medicines that are tailored to the state that will relieve the pain that states have caused us. You should know that the monkeys up there in the power and rich elite commit and have committed together at all times a disinformation war against the population through media, radio, TV, news, internet and entertainment, just to be able to murder ordinary people, without it even comes to court, legally. Instead of justly judging people that the state investigates through the police for their crimes committed, the state executes the death penalty on them, by using whole state systems to convince and trick people into the deadly electrical appliances that states do not even classify as crimes. All of them together boast about humanism, humanity about women’s and children’s rights. It is the only thing we see and hear over all the different media sources where we hear nothing but about how women have become young and children abused, insulted, harassed. They want us to follow them, to idolize them as something higher, as if they were not human. That we should look up to them and their moral values, as guidance and guideline that we should follow. And all this just so that we do not realize that the state with the rich layer that is above us, hides from us the truth that the state lays out to us ordinary people endless life-threatening death traps that drag ordinary people all the way into the grave where one becomes beyond all salvation. You die around the clock. You cannot live life. Everything you feel is a deathbed suffering in agony around the clock, because you die physically and mentally. If you use the electric pen, then I guarantee you that your life is over, and you will die a protracted death process in the suffering of hell in agony.


Here, the Swedish government has legislated a new law that came into force on 1 January in Sweden: sabotage against blue light operations. For sabotage against blue light activities will be imprisonment for a maximum of 4 years. For aggravated sabotage, the penalty will be a minimum of two years and a maximum of 18 years imprisonment or even life imprisonment. For what, that young people throw stones at them. I do not complain that blue light must be protected. I do not even understand why messy young people throw stones at blue lights at all, since it still does not hurt anyone. Drug sales are taken from the state’s propaganda through the media, internet and entertainment that will convince young people that criminals must kill each other because that’s the way it is. The state is alleged to fight against drug sales and young people who sabotage the state, while the state through the police sabotages children from the day children are born and later through kindergarten and schooling with disturbing noise, sound, and everything through psychotronic microwave weapons that the police have in their weapons arsenal. They torture parents they investigate for crimes. Not only that, but they also do the same thing to your children. It’s almost impossible to believe it’s true, but when you are eventually injured to death in a society that claims to fight for the safety of us ordinary people, then you realize that the state is lying to us everywhere for every step they take. and they want to harm to death even children. Believe me it’s true. I’m convinced of that. As soon as children show their playfulness, the state classifies children as sick with a diagnosis invented from the human imagination. They intimidate parents through their state authority pressure for parents to accept that their children have indeed been diagnosed with ADHD. Some children do have something like Autism, but the diagnosis of ADHD is a tool for the government so that the government can use that diagnosis to exercise state abuse on that child and the whole family. They have created the ADHD diagnosis for them to commit crimes, including the murder of that child, while their crime presents the world governments under false claims of psychiatric care and psychiatry is the slaughter of people. Children who show ADHD symptoms are children that the police destroy through psychotronic weapons and there are hundreds of millions of children all over the world who, through pressure on their parents, have forced medication on their children. This medication makes children
apathetic and anesthetized. The care lies that child with ADHD have easier learning when they have been medicated with medications for ADHD. On the contrary, they have more difficulty with learning, and they will only fail in life because of the medication and what it means to have that stamp over their ADHD. This medication even causes mental changes such as changed personal identity for the worse and in addition the medications make the children addicted to drugs later in life. The medication makes the children feel bad mentally, where they get prejudices about themselves as abnormal and crazy. It will give the children complexes of lesser value, which in turn will give them anxiety through life and there their self-confidence is shattered as they are not normal enough, when in fact they were completely normal all the time. But they do not know, they believe in the state as we all do. They turn those children into drug addicts later in life. It shatters their self-esteem and confidence, even this mass diagnosis with medication for ADHD, can be one of all the different tools of states where it is part of a grand plan that extends 40 years into the future. This can be a prerequisite for a drug addiction which in turn will lead the children into crime. It is the annihilation system implemented in state systems of children of parents that the government also has under its attack. Right now, we have parents who believe that the state wants everything well for their children. They follow the calls of psychiatric care because of belief in the good intentions of the state, while the state kills the children preventively for some reason. Add to all this possibility, where the police lead them through suggestive words as they grow up, then all the children lead into the abyss, where their lives end in one way or another. It can be about when they fail in their schooling, then failed children are drawn to each other while the talented children from the respected groups in the upper layer, who live according to human rights, where they are not subjected to police torture with suggestive words for 20 years. They also stick to each other. Together with their successful parents, they are encouraged by society, and they are praised as talented in the media and everywhere. We all want to be like them. But if the state has chosen us to set an example for the rest of the population as they have done to me, then it is not about solving crimes, but they are out to kill me and my child. My child has not received a single Medication for ADHD since I was never so stupid in my head, that I would allow him to be medicated with the deadly rubbish, given that I have extensive experience of medications from psychiatric care that I know have only destroyed me and never helped me, but still he has had a bad time. We as a family are already in the grave. Just as the state uses the electric death traps, so does the state use ADHD drugs in the same way. I see the ADHD drug sales all over the planet as a phishing against ordinary people, the vulnerable groups. From time to time there are cases where fraud is committed that makes people invest their money in a so-called pyramid where it is only the few people at the top who actually take all the money, while all those who have invested their savings lose their savings. These are ordinary people who are not aware that it was fraud. Drugs and drug sales are also glorified to some extent through entertainment. For example, some successful personalities claim to have smoked weed all their lives. Thanks to this young people are very easy to convince. Then they say, see how Mister X has smoked all his life and he is now rich. In addition, researchers have begun talking about the healing properties of marijuana that can be used as pain relief and for epilepsy in children. Only those substances that are useful are extracted through industry. Everything else is thrown away. In addition, the media talk about drug addiction while they do not say that Marijuana is worse than a cigarette as Marijuana damages the lungs permanently. You will be dying of shortness of breath. You lose weight extremely because you cannot eat because of it. One can does not swallow because it drugs settles in fat cells in the brain and affects central nervous system. It knocks out the swallowing reflex. It’s very bad. It’s almost the same disaster I’m in. Actually, everyone who does drugs and sells drugs is in fact a victim. Drug sales are a pyramid where a few at the top get money while everyone else gets into trouble
with their lives at stake. They expose themselves to danger and others. They come into conflict with each other and that gives them some physical target to direct their dissatisfaction towards, while the state through the police comes in their dreams and now, they assume that it is their personal misjudgment that has made their lives go to waste. Attention is always directed away from the state and the rich power elite of ordinary people. Those up there do no harm to people and evidence is found in the media that through censors never utter a single word that the world governments murder adults, young people, and children through various Holocaust methods implemented in the state system. It is common people themselves who injure, kill each other, and commit suicide are alleged for no reason. It is mental illness that has caused them to do this. It is the image that the media serves to us ordinary people. Drugs take the lives of those who sell and those who consume it. Drugs take young children right into the grave after they know nothing about life and about people’s falsehood. Even if they make a mistake, they are not aware of the seriousness of their action. If you start taking that shit, then you are guaranteed to die, sooner or later in life. When people witness a crime then they are obliged by law to report the crime and if you do not do this then you will be punished for, protection of the criminal. But when the state kills by electric current and when you know that it means the death of the person who is exposed to the crime, then it is perfectly ok to keep quiet about it. Even when you try to inform people about the death trap, you are silenced by the state and that is because it is the state that commits the crime that can be classified and is, a crime against humanity. Not even a tsunami has swept as many people to death as all the electric death Trojans across the planet have done. There are 2 classes in society. In the first is the state with all state institutions together with the rich elite and the second we are ordinary people who are chained with poverty. Poverty is also a tool that will control us and that will tame us as animals to silence and obedience, by murderers up there who rule over us. The state kills entire families, including children, in suggestive terms for over a decade. They go on every night and there is no way anyone can go mentally unharmed by their suggestive suggestion words, which lead one in the direction they want. In words, they harm all human traits in one’s personality. They make one vulnerable so that one should begin to doubt oneself. All this leads one into isolation and then you see how it has gone for me after over 20 years. I can tell you that it is no coincidence that people go to war to have their land. Now I understand that it is only there among my own people that I had human rights, but when I think a little better, they also kill adults, young people and children through exactly the same different Holocaust systems and my conclusion is that they too are hostile evil against their own people, my people. If I never want to commit a crime, then instead the Swedish state commits a crime on me, by injuring me to death with electric current for me to commit a crime due to the ongoing death process and suffering in agony, so provokes all the worst in me. No one would have heard a word from me if I had not been harmed by this doomsday weapon, which turns me into a madman because of suffering. Suffering that drives me insane and suicidal just to stop hurting my body. Now it’s worse than ever before and the pain is climbing steadily. Think about what an irony it is when some people say on TV, if you feel mentally ill and if you are depressed, please, then seek professional help. Here you see why I feel mentally ill. It is precisely they who are the basis of the mass murder, and it is the fucking ECT that is the basis of all the evil in the world that is committed on ordinary people. If you have read the blog I have written, think about when states talk about crimes that people commit and compare it to everything that has happened to me. They talk about criminals but see what they do not talk about and what they keep quiet about. Is what has happened to me not a crime. It is the police who have forced me to admit my crime, with voices at night when I sleep. When I have confessed then, I am suddenly not reported for crime. Now at the end I am dying because of something that no one says a word about. This means that all politicians,
police, psychiatric care, public care, media, all greats of all kinds participate in the genocide by lying to us. All of them are murderers, not only here in Sweden but everywhere on this planet. They are silent and they pretend that this does not exist. You only see their smile that fits perfectly at the end when they have managed to lure us into the grave, where their smile is equivalent to them laughing right in our face, at the end when we die. That being said, dedicate your life to fighting for the justice of humanity, the planet, climate change and the light. Fight for good against evil. But in reality, there is no goodness. States are evil and then if you fight for goodness and light then you are alone about it. As you can see, they are killing us. The Swedish state has tricked me into death throughout the entire society system through lies. That you and your children have not happened to fall into that death trap yet, you should know that in a way they kill you too. They’re lying to you too. Death awaits you and your children out there. Throughout my life, I have believed that states are good. I have always viewed the police, healthcare, psychiatric care, media, politicians, holiness and greats as some kind of justice, and I looked up to them. I blindly followed them. But now I have discovered in the worst possible way that they are lying and murdering us through just those I have believed in. It degrades everything. They killed me, but they also lead you into that death. I’m just talking about it and I’m getting blocked for every step I take. They talk about everything. Not even religions are sacred. Religions are also criticized, while electric butcher knives are never questioned anywhere. All this just to inflict suffering on the one who was unlucky enough to come in contact with any of the dead Trojans. Criminals use weapons to kill each other and then they go to jail while the state kills with electric current quite legally. The trick is that the state keeps quiet about it and in this way, it looks like something completely harmless, while in reality it is deadly in the same way as the firearms that criminals hold in their hands. Criminals if you are wondering how, you can kill a human being without going to jail, then there are no advanced protracted shootings where you clear your tracks after you, as in movies. Replace your firearms with electrical stimulation devices or take electro shocks Stun Gun or Theses and when you have injured someone with this, then I guarantee is that person is already dead. You no longer live. In addition, it is legal murder if you commit it now.