Deadly police weapon Taser: You will die because of it.

Police lie when they say that TASER saves lives. They shoot people with electric shock of 1000 volts what I understand for a number of seconds. The electric current burns nerves on contact with the skin, then it goes straight through the body. It permanently damages nerves, blood vessels, muscle cells and internal body organs at once. The first thing you feel is numbness and that is just the beginning of your death. After a year, nerve death and pain come. I am injured by 9-volts to death and then I have a hard time imagining that people do not get even worse injuries from Taser. What we see in the video where police shock their colleague who is allegedly not injured, is a theatrical performance by the government. Here is an example where it is lied about less lethal weapons Taser:

Ocular manifestations of TASER-induced trauma




The Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle, or TASER (Taser International, Scottsdale, AZ), is a tool used by law enforcement agencies for self-defense and to quell violent criminals without resorting to lethal means. TASER can deliver up to 50,000 volts (V) of electrical charge on contact for up to 5 s. Although severe damage occurs in less than 1.4% of cases [1], TASER damage can be devastating when involving the eye.

 (Here they lie that those serious injuries occur in less than 1.4% of cases. Injuries with Taser occur to 100% where every fall involves injuries to death. Every electric shock with Taser leads to death through the death of body tissue, due to medication with pain relief medications that patients can only get from psychiatric care and that is Ziprexa and Seroquel will harm the shot man, with obesity which will in turn lead into diabetes. With diabetes wounds do not heal well. Therefore the damage to the face will end in necrosis and death later in a few years.Taser burns nerves directly and the victim of the electric weapon has lost sensation in half face directly at first electric shock. I did not even know that Taser can deliver up to 50,000 volts (V) electrical charge on contact for up to 10 to 20 s. I thought it delivers up to 1000 volts and reading this is a shock to me considering that it is so obvious that it is a crime against humanity, genocide when one thinks a little better. But, it is


ordinary people who are demonized people by the state, because it is about people which gives violent resistance to arrest. The fact that the police abuse their position of power where they provoke people and where they use every opportunity just to be able to use the electric deadly weapon on people is not questioned by anyone from the power and rich elite because it is about ordinary powerless people. The man who was shot complains of a lost feeling in his eye and whole face to the police and the care, but he is met by a state wall of denial by the state and the entire state system. This decay of the body due to electrical damage causes a suffering that is reflected in the way you are driven to madness and illogical behavior where you either take revenge on one of the dirty cops or if you were a peaceful person from the beginning, you are driven to scream right out, due to pain, suffering and you write about the suffering in agony in the same way as I have done where I wrote this blog. It is the whole purpose of the existence of Taser, ECT and all the other electric death traps backed by states. They hurt us to death and then they let us shame ourselves, where we demonize ourselves while states do not even acknowledge the terrible damage that all genocide devices cause to our body. This is crime that states commit and to complain to the Police for their destroyed face, nerves are meaningless because the police explain their actions under the allegation of necessary use of force against a person who opposes the power of arrest, and it is allegedly justified reason to expose a human being to allegedly harmless electrical weapons. That the whole state is lying about the harmful effects of the electric weapon Taser on the human body is the genocide that only people who have been injured by the necrosis weapon realize it later with a few years. Electrical damage over time is the death penalty and about it, states keep quiet about. But why does no one question the image of the man who has got the projectile needle right in his eye. Keep in mind that he has received 50,000 volts through the eye and further in the brain and then it is understood that he will die later with time. After the crime that the state has subjected him to, his life is impossible to live on. It is the punishment on the part of the state, where the state has carried out the death penalty on a citizen without any court. It is a perfect crime where you fall straight into the grave while entire state systems treat people as if they are stupid in their heads and that they are imagining everything. It is power and the rich elite that murder us ordinary people in front of the eyes of all mankind and they call themselves democracy. I have been exposed to crime where I was cheated as a consumer in a state-backed death trap -estim- of 9-volts and now 70% of my body has died, where even my mind disappears. I have reported the crime to the police and the state has stopped me from telling it in the media. Public care is a bundle of criminal state mafia that participates together with the Swedish state in the genocide where they give me medication for pain relief but they stop me so I cannot take it to court while criminals who have sold me the electric nerve agent continues to sell it as if nothing has happened to us ordinary people and to our children, so that they too can be tricked into testing one of the all-electric death trojans that will shorten our children’s lives by over 50 years. It is better to be shot, stabbed, and have your body part amputated than to have electric current that amputates your body. When they have shot you with Taser then you are dead in a few years, and it is a secret that the state keeps quiet about. I have never committed any crime in Sweden. As you can see, I’m dying of the worst torments that people cannot even imagine. I have never been a threat to Swedish society. They never let me live a normal life in peace as all Swedes do. They live their lives in peace and harmony with smiles and joy. This is what people who have human rights look like. The police have violated my human right. They have never had any reason to use force against me because I am a quiet person who only dreamed of a normal life. They threatened me with imprisonment for confessing to the crime. I acknowledge my mistakes so that I could serve my sentence and earn my freedom once and for all. They did not allow me human right to end the guilt that has consumed my soul from the inside out. Thanks to my blind


naive view of humanity as good, they have managed to trick me into death. The media spreads psychological wars full of lies, half-truths and skewed news just to convince us ordinary people that they are good and fair so that they can deceive us into the false sense of security. When we believe in them then we do not expect a fatal blow from the Swedish government through state systems and the rest of the world’s governments and the rich elite. We believe we are protected from the death traps. The media launches a bombardment with misleading government propaganda. They warn of what we ourselves know is dangerous while they have never said anything about the genocide with electric current. Before, I saw the state and the police as something sacred that would protect us from danger. But I was so wrong. The Swedish state has injured me to death now through all state institutions and most of all psychiatric care that is directly linked to the deadly 9-volt devices and the Police. Now the state and the police can say that they are investigating crime and that they are just doing their job. Are they just doing their job? All those who have massacred men, women and children in the genocide also did only their job and nothing else. It’s perfectly okay if they had put me in jail after I confessed to my crime. The entire Swedish state has committed state abuse against me. What the police have done to me so far is a crime against humanity. If I had made violent resistance to the Swedish police, which I would never do and if they had shot me or given me a proper physical assault so that I get bruises all over my body and if they had broken my arm or leg, I would not have taken it as something abnormal. That is what is part of the police job. But if they had shot me with Taser, it’s not the same thing. They had amputated body parts from me forever and now it’s war. When the state through the media lies to people that Taser saves lives, then it’s just their excuse so they can kill people on the spot. In that situation, police officers are similarly prosecutors, judges, and executioners. The state and all government agencies are lying and lying to us right in our eyes. So, they kill people on the spot and then it is a dying process that the person goes through. They kill us and when we turn against the state, they are well protected by laws where we are not allowed to oppose the state and all state institutions. People rise up against power even in dictatorships when they are murdered by state power. If we are a threat to power then power eliminates us, but we ordinary people must also defend ourselves against power when power kills us. The state and the police are not good, honest, fair, or noble. If the police had shot me with a weapon, if they had beaten me all over my body, or if they had broken my legs, I would accept all that because it is part of their job. But if they had shot me with a Taser then I would have shot the police with a Taser at a later date and I would drain the entire Taser battery in his body. If it is legal for the state to cut off our body parts, then it is legal for us ordinary people to cut body parts from their body. What is the difference between a dictatorship that kills people and a democracy that kills people in a camouflaged way where they use an excuse, a pure lie just to have the opportunity to kill people? In addition, they say or rather lie that the Taser 50,000 volts saves lives. The Swedish state has hurt me, and they continue to hurt me until there is nothing left of me. I can no longer have any cultural and decent behavior because their intention was not to judge me, their intention was to harm me. I have lost so much from my body and my soul. It lacks half my personality and due to my destroyed body so now I make mistake after mistake as my body cannot function normally because it is broken. Mentally, I am no longer a man, nor a human being. They have turned me into a complete and disgusting man who only shames himself. Every wrong step I take is observed through a magnifying glass, where the state and ordinary people point out my mistakes when they walk next to me on the street. They laugh at me, they call me nicknames and since the Swedish kingdom has almost killed me, it does not do much for me anymore. Everyone judges my mistakes, but no one has ever mentioned a single word I have written about abuse that the Swedish state has committed against me. The state, the police, the psychiatric care, the public care, the media, all of them commit worse


crimes than rapists, criminals, serial killers commit. Serial killers kill a number of people while states massacre millions of people around the world, where injuries eventually lead to death. All those killed end up in government statistics where they have died due to suicide. They say they have committed suicide due to mental illness while not mentioning a word that the electrical appliances torture and drive people crazy where they commit suicide due to the pain and suffering caused by the electrical appliances. If people do not commit suicide when they die due to stroke, heart attack, vascular disease, or diabetes due to the medications we receive from psychiatric care as pain relief for electrical injuries while they say they are for a fantasy diagnosis to be able to put their fingers on behavior of individuals who show vulnerability when the state investigates them for crimes through a psychological warfare. SO, there we have it again, people die because of diseases and not because of electrical appliances, which turn the injured into one who is dependent on pain relief from psychiatric care that eventually injures them to death. The state has its electric genocide equipment protected as you can see. They make it look as if it is always us ordinary people who hurt ourselves to death, for no logical reason. The state is just doing its job. It’s always our own fault. On the surface, no one has forced us, it is we who have done it. At the same time, we ordinary people end up in the cemetery with the whole family and entire ethnic groups. That is what the Swedish West democracy power and rich elite is for something, where there is freedom, human rights, and all equal values. This is nothing but fascism.