About me

My name is Vahid Redzic and I was born in Bosnia. I have been through war, have had very bad experiences and have come to Sweden as a refugee. What has happened to me here in Sweden so far surpasses the worst fantasy dark scenario that has ever been shown in the media and it is absolutely unbelievable that it is our reality. The Swedish government has destroyed my mental senses and my whole body through state systems and the same thing is happening to you and your children while you are not even aware of it. So if you’re interested then you can read while I’m still alive and able to write because they’ve damaged my brain and now I can’t even write anymore but I’m trying. Also, they provoke me by sabotaging the whole website and even I’m not very knowledgeable but I want to make this website more beautiful even though it’s only getting uglier, it’s good enough to look this sabotaged as it is.

In addition to this, this blog is about my life and all the bad things that I have experienced throughout my life. I have started writing this blog out of sheer desperation because I have been the victim of crimes that are not crimes according to the governments of the world. All of us ordinary people on this planet believe that we know everything and that no one can manipulate us. It can’t be more wrongly said than that, because we the common people of the world are manipulated and we can’t even fight against that manipulation by the world’s power and rich elite. You ordinary people of the world and your children are in mortal danger. If you want to know what can get you and your children murdered, then you can read this blog. At the beginning when I wrote, I couldn’t understand English very well so I made a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. But now I know English a little better so I have corrected all the blog posts and I have attributed a lot of new text in all the blog posts. The only blog posts I haven’t attributed to anything are blog post 19 and blog post 20, so if you’ve read those blog posts don’t read them again and if you haven’t read them then I recommend you read them for everything I’m saying I think is also the truth, but you can judge for yourself. I am an ordinary person and this blog is written by me to you ordinary people of the world because we all share the same fate and our fate is that we and our children are murdered by the world’s power and rich elite throughout the history of mankind. So welcome and I hope you will gain new perspectives on life that you may not have known anything about.