Important blog post – Lethal Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS 2020-05-02


Here is an example of how the US government promotes yet another method of annihilating civilian populations while claiming care for depression, while all other existing governments on this planet contribute to the US government by giving credibility to this deadly method advertising propaganda, that it should be said to be about pioneering advanced technological advances in the treatment of depression through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. What we ordinary people get to see is that the world’s different military alliances are at war with each other and depending on which country we live in, we are brainwashed and manipulated by that country, so that we can feel patriotism for that country, while we are at the same time manipulated that we should feel hatred towards the hostile military alliance, so that we should sacrifice our lives when the world power and rich elite have started war without questioning anything. We do not question anything because of the media censorship and eternal media silence about the truth that has been going on all the time beneath the surface that the power of the world and the rich elite together and in the same way murder us ordinary people and our children through state systems completely legally. The world’s military alliances may be at war with each other, but they have always cooperated in one area when it comes to murdering and lowering their own country’s population, for the real danger to world power and the rich elite throughout the history of mankind, has always been overpopulated population where not everyone can get a job and this in turn costs society economically by weakening and lowering the country’s economic growth. In addition, all less intelligent individuals from society are killed by every government on this planet, through state systems so that they do not pose a problem for power and the rich elite and for the part of society that power and the rich elite consider worthy of survival, during various governments’ criminal false claims such as healthcare, research, technological advances, advertising of deadly products presented by governments as something harmless, for people to commit suicide with their own hands, claims that it is about criminals, that it is about terrorists , right-wing extremists, the mentally ill and so on. Remember that all such negative individuals are created by the power of the world and the rich elite through eternal media propaganda and manipulation of the eternal divided world through race and religions. The governments of the world, through all existing media, serve us ordinary people only the image of reality, that they care about us ordinary people and our children, just so that they will have our trust and when we have confidence in them, that is when we ordinary people relax. We do not expect them to want to harm us and our children to death and that is when we see all the death that they have inflicted through state systems and in society as something completely harmless. It is because of the religious and national identity we have confidence in our governments, and it is because of that that we are deceived in any of the Holocaust methods. Once we have been convinced, through government fraud death advertising to make our own decision with our own will to expose ourselves to any of all different Holocaust methods and when we have been injured to death, then in our ongoing death we realize that everything is lie. Then we realize that whole state systems along with religion and the national identity is just a systematic proxy warfare against its own ordinary poor people who have no freedom, no human rights, no democracy. All that nonsense is a gigantic deception lie. The power of the world and the rich elite murder us ordinary people and our children, together and in the same way through common Holocaust systems across the planet no matter what race or religion we may belong to. So, when the power of the world and the rich elite offer us ordinary people something no matter what claim or purpose of use it may be, they always offer us only death. They have convinced us that all this is healthcare and something positive for our health or whatever, but in fact just about everything is a death trap for us and our children, but what’s worse is that it will come that day in our lives when we experience death itself as we go through our


ongoing death, down we have been deceived in any of the Holocaust systems that the world power and rich elite have deceived us into. Then we do not live anymore, we just die. The only thing we can do is write a blog about the crime we have been subjected to, while the power of the world and the rich elite continue to serve us all the same media propaganda full of lies. Other people do not believe in us who have realized the truth. Instead, they believe the media lies, just for one reason and it is that they have not been injured to death yet. When you combine that you are not injured, that you feel good physically and mentally and when you include in this media propaganda where everything in society is peace and joy, everything is in perfect order, where there is no life danger in society for ordinary people and their children, then people can never realize that the world power and the rich elite murder adults, young people and children completely legally through state systems. The world’s power and rich elite only protect Holocaust systems tools that are so deadly that it is only necessary once to be exposed to it, in order to die in the slightly shorter term, but not to die immediately because then it would have started ordinary people’s resistance and rebellion against power and the rich elite. In this way, the power of the world and the rich elite slaughter us ordinary people like cattle animals one by one, while the rest of the population who are not harmed, continue to have confidence in the government and the rich elite. So, this Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is just one of all the destruction system methods that the world power and rich elite use together to murder their own people for one reason or another. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is just another extremely harmful and deadly short-term annihilation system method that is allegedly used for care against allegedly dangerous mental illness depression, without showing any critical research at all, if it can be dangerous to the human body. If you search on Google, then you only get advertising on the alleged care method. In each one of all the videos and info about TMS devices, they just explain that it is a device that sends electromagnetic pulses deep into the brain and they explain it with pure conspiracy theories, or false misleading information that has no grounding in reality. They are lying to us straight into our eyes that it is supposed to help with depression. The purpose is to permanently injure people to death. One would never believe that it is true and that the state would harm people on purpose but that is exactly what they do. On the surface, government is fighting through state systems for the safety of its citizens when it comes to common needs such as food, alcohol consumption, use of electrical home appliances, climate and so on. All of this affects us all, whether we are ordinary people or whether we are power or the rich elite. But when it comes to psychiatric care, then that’s where the alleged care begins to go against all logic and it’s not at all strange, because people who feel bad mentally in many cases carry dark secrets that can be criminal coated, and all harmful treatments are nothing but executed death penalty on people by the same crime that the media does not say a word about. Government knows the truth about us ordinary people, which they get through the technology psychotronic weapons that the police use as a method of torture when people are asleep. The thing is, they look at one as a criminal and therefore they treat one as such a negative individual. It does not matter if you have confessed your crime or not. Government kills such people through all the possible methods that states call for care, to make it look like something completely harmless that has benefits for people’s health. Here, this TMS fraud is served to the population, and it is presented as something other than what it really is, just as all the electrical appliances have been presented. That we see doctors in white hospital uniforms is all that is needed as state authority suggestive propaganda for us to be convinced of the credibility of the alleged method of care. TMS is the same electromagnetic radiation that mobile phones radiate and magnetic resonance imaging. It is not just a coincidence that healthcare professionals leave the room where patients undergo magnetic resonance imaging if it had not been harmful to themselves. Mobile phones cause brain tumors, damage DNA. The same goes for mobile masts and when adding


5G mobile infrastructure that scientists warn of as a danger and threat to our human existence, then one understands that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to humans. In this case with this Frankenstein TMS device, they amplify with electric current to extremely high electromagnetic field which will damage brain and guaranteed to induce brain tumor a little later in life. It also damages DNA. They repeat it many times because in reality what happens is that they cause permanent fatal damage to the brain of the patient in whom they have been deceived, while they call it something approved by the state FDA approved Neuro Star Advanced Therapy System or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS for the treatment of depression. Remember and do not forget that all such state FDA or whatever they call themselves depending on the country in question, they all have a purpose and that is to harm people to death and never to cure. All the state institutions FDA and others across the planet have long ago approved ECT as a method to cure depression, while not only does ECT mutilate people’s brains and they kill one with that method, they use ECT as an excuse to have legal permission to manufacture the all 9-volt devices that injure and mutilate one’s body in minutes to complete body and nerve death collapse and turn life into a living hell, where people go through their ongoing death of suffering in agony. The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS is just another way of killing people that states believe people deserve to be punished with. This is how world governments liquidate people that states see as a target for some reason known to them. States have built a sea of ​​life-threatening ways to harm people to death and they continue to come up with new ways to harm people permanently, so that life will never be possible to live again for those who have been deceived by state death advertising propaganda. The idea is that physical injuries should lead people into mental breakdown and this in turn makes people talk and make themselves known in public in front of humanity through social platforms such as Facebook or blog, so that you can never back down to become anonymous and unknown to the world’s civilian population. It is a continuation of the police investigation that will make the police investigation proceed at the expense of our lives. That we who are investigated for crime die because of this, it does not matter to the state and that because the world governments still commit genocide, crimes against humanity on the common people of the whole world. All media propaganda is to deceive us ordinary people, so that we see government and the state system as something fair, that we should not be aware that we are falling into the death trap before we have been injured to death.

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy – Complete System Animation


This is how the state systematic mass murder is committed on ordinary people, men, women, and children. They make it look like care. Here is another video where they attract and deceives people into the death trap. Here they claim that transcranial magnetic stimulation turned out to increase memory, which is a lie of pure imagination. Here they attack ordinary people, who are healthy but who have failed to create success in life. People are limited by poverty. The power of the world and the rich elite have created a steel wall between state systems and ordinary people, where ordinary people can never cross the steel wall barrier into the rich elite, so that you yourself can succeed in something in life. We ordinary people are only allowed to work for wages as slaves, so that we only have enough money that we should be able to pay our bills and that we should have food on the table. We should be grateful that we have even this at all, for many cannot even find a job, even if they are looking for a job with a lantern. People are dying of hunger around the world. It is no wonder that people feel unsuccessful in life, I too feel unsuccessful in life, and I am the most unsuccessful person on the planet, considering that I am dying now. This is where they put the death


trap device in what is called, device for home use take the life of yourself with your own hands. That the power of the world and the rich elite together lay the trap of criminal death with the intention of tricking people into death, by claiming that transcranial magnetic stimulation increases memory, is fascism without precedent. Here, suggestively, they try to lead people into believing that if that device improves memories, then it will surely make me smarter and then I will be smarter. When I have become smart then I will find a way on how I can succeed in my life so that I create a better life for me and my children. When people have bought it for home use then they expose themselves to it death and when they get a brain tumor or brain cancer, then they die completely isolated and censored by the power of the whole world and the rich elite. So, it’s just another system of annihilation of the common people of the world and nothing else. Here, states target the entire healthy population of ordinary people, who are not injured. One would never expose oneself to this TMS claimed treatment with one’s own will without obvious reason if it had not been for the fact that we have the police who make us mentally ill. As we sit in front of our computer, the police see our screen mirror-inverted and they promote such advertisements so that we cannot avoid them, while at the same time censoring true information when we try to find information about it can be dangerous. Thanks to this we only see advertising and censorship. This is how state dictators look in reality while using words, democracy as suggestive propaganda so that we think they are democratic. But here you see that they are not. Only those who have been harmed know the truth. Then they block us so that others do not have access to that information so that the murder of ordinary people can continue. They expose us to crime through transcranial magnetic stimulation and through that they transform us from healthy human beings to one who has received brain tumor or brain cancer. Once people start dying and when people try to spread that information, then they are first blocked by healthcare, where they will deny that it has anything to do with TMS and thanks to this, the media will only refuse us an opportunity for an interview there we can say what has happened to us through healthcare. If we try to spread information through social media, then we will be blocked and censored by the government manipulating our social platforms so that our post is not publicly visible, even if it is allegedly shown to us that our post is shared publicly. They can do it and they have been doing it all the time since the internet was invented. This is how the governments of the world together protect the Holocaust of genocide from being revealed to the entire civilian population of the world.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation found to boost memory


In this picture, they make it look like science fiction. Here they have put ridiculous glasses with numbers on in addition to that magnet over their heads. The glasses will further confuse people in order for people to see the treatment as something advanced.



As you can see, they allegedly treat people with TMS for their depression and in addition to this, they also trick healthy people into this treatment claiming that they can improve their memory which is completely arrogant and demeaning lie. This is where the interaction between the police and psychiatric care comes into play. The police through suggestive sentences, over a long period of time, lead people to this death’s advertising claim that states have posted on the internet. When the police oppose a person, they are investigating for crime, the police use computer experts to censor and block information that can warn us all that this deadly advertisement on the TMS can be harmful. We must never see the truth about what it really is. This is what the police have done to me when I thought that states would never harm us ordinary people consciously. It is because of my blind faith in the state that I am dying now in agony. Video and advertising on the electrical stimulation devices of 9 volts and less have constantly popped up in front of me as I flipped through various web pages. That’s how I was tricked into testing it to death. Now that I have been injured to death, advertising on all sorts of different 9-volt devices never comes up again in front of me. We believe that our crimes lead to imprisonment, but that is not the true picture of reality we live in. Our crimes lead us into a situation where states expose us to crime. Our criminal errors lead us to death instead of imprisonment. Before the state sentences us to prison, they do everything to kill us through death traps that states have laid out in front of our eyes and ears. Here, states have provided another way in which we can injure ourselves to death. In this video, they have created the death trap called (home-made product, kill yourself with your own hands). By the way, I have hurt myself in this way:

Flow tDCS-enheten


Here’s the video of the government fraud of death:



-New “high-tech” treatment methods will be used to create the appearance of scientific advances, but it will turn out that they have not come close to any solutions on how to identify the causes of problems, or how to cure them; they will continue their fraud under the guise of “mental health care”. TMS uses a magnetic coil placed near the person’s head and a powerful and rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the skull and reaches the outer part of the cerebral cortex where it induces an electric current.42 Repeated TMS can cause seizures or epileptic seizures in healthy individuals, depending on the intensity, the frequency, duration, and intervals of the magnetic stimulus.
-Another scam is deep stimulation of the brain involves inserting electrodes into the brain. These are connected to a battery that is operated into the chest wall, similar to a pacemaker. High-frequency electrical impulses are then sent directly to the brain. 40 The FDA (Food and Drug Administration, the US equivalent of the Medical Products Agency and the National Food Administration) has approved this treatment method for treating Parkinson’s disease, which has its cause in changes in the brain experimental purpose on “mentally ill” and gets approx. $ 50,000 per patient.