Do you want to change your life?

Hi, my name is Vahid Redzic and I want to share with you my personal experience of how I overcame the challenges of being overweight as a side effect of medication and poisoning with harmful medications. For many years or decades, in fact I struggled with extra pounds due to the medications that not only made me overweight but it has destroyed my physical health and my confidence and well-being permanently forever. But, through dedication, patience and a willingness to learn, I have managed to lose weight from 95 kg to 77 kg in a short time. In this blog, I will share the strategies and methods I used to achieve this change. From dietary changes to physical exercise, including how I adapted my meals with healthy foods and integrated regular exercise into my daily life. I hope that my example can inspire and guide others who want to make a similar change in their lives. In addition to losing weight, I am also mortally injured due to government fraud and death traps laid to entire world’s civilian population. As it is, I can say that I am dying and I will die soon. I also write about it. So I live and exist in hell until my last breath the same way as billions of people do on this planet, without realizing the truth behind the decline of their health that ultimately ends their lives, their loved ones family members, friends including various ethnic groups worldwide that gets murdered in one way or another. I see the truth of what this world we all live in is for something and I will tell it to you through every blog post I have written. My goal is to enlighten you so that your life and the lives of your children can be saved. Let’s fight together.

how to lose weight

My path through my life has been lined with both bright moments that I don’t even remember anymore and dark periods that have lasted throughout my life. The tough marathon period in my life has not only shaped me, but it has also pushed me to seek change and find strength within myself, even though I have nothing more to hope for. My commitment to losing weight and improving my health became my anchor, a way to channel my energy and find meaning even in the most difficult moments of my life, even when I know I will die soon. After countless hours of training, many well thought out meals and a never failing will, I now want to share my experiences. This blog is more than just a weight loss story; it’s a testament to resilience, hope to never give up, even when I know it’s all over. For those of you who are curious about how I combine exercise, proper nutrition with mental strength along with a life lined with complete failure, or for those of you who are just looking for inspiration in the midst of your own challenges, I hope my words can provide guidance and light across the world.

For most of my life I have been overweight

We humans gain weight for many different reasons. We become overweight because of our lifestyle which is directly influenced by media, advertising, culture such as traditional wrong food habits, diseases, medicines and so on. In my case the only thing that has made me overweight is medication Seroquel for so-called alleged poor mental health, to make me feel better mentally in some strange way. Here you can see how I looked.

Here I look a little thinner

Since I was injured, if you have read my blog, I thought that medicine reduces pain in the body. I was completely wrong. That medicine has ruined me so much that I wouldn’t have lived another week if I hadn’t stopped taking them. I threw them in the garbage in September 2022 and started training the same week. Below you have blog posts for you to read. I apologize for my blog not being like 99% of people’s blogs where everything is beautiful and wonderful so here you go.

Blog Posts about Fitness and healthy eating