Exercise of muscles with electric current: You will be directly injured and die a prolonged death


Electric annihilation of the world’s civilian population during claims of training of body muscles through electric current. Training of muscles with electric current, is a new statement of false use purpose for the world governments to be able to fish each their own civilian population young adults and children in death without return, so that the country’s population of naive, gullible, and less intelligent people will be lowered and cleansed from society and the living world. What is greater evil than to present such deadly butchers’ devices as something completely harmless and lay out such deadly advertising in front of billions of the world’s civilian population born healthy and normal, without explaining to people that it causes systematic destruction of the entire human body. People are born healthy, people have lived their whole lives as normal, people have trusted their government throughout their lives and why have the governments of the world made such great efforts to convince each their own people in that people should have blind trust in their government, while government deceives its own population in such a brutal destruction of people’s body, people’s mental health and complete destruction of personal identity as an individual? It is about the constant effort of the world power and the rich elite throughout the history of all mankind, to constantly strive


for the goal of lowering the world’s civilian population on this planet, through such deadly deceptions. Anyone can be tricked into going on this deadly advertising fraud propaganda and especially young people can be fooled by this deadly state advertising fraud propaganda right into death. Ordinary people on this planet, I recommend that you look very carefully at your children. Do you love your children? Do you want them to live their whole lives? What is more important to you? Is it religion and the national identity that you, mine and all our power and rich elite have brainwashed us all together, while they all together put this advertisement in front of the eyes of all our children, without explaining that such electrical appliances mean death to all of us and our children? That I should try to explain how evil this sale of such devices in a thousand different shapes and forms is and how deadly these seemingly harmless alleged electrical stimulation devices are, is completely pointless. That the governments of the world together are deceiving us all ordinary people on this planet into believing that they care about the safety of us and our children, that we are supposed to live our lives in security and freedom with human rights, that our alleged human rights should not be violated just because we should not know that all the power and rich elite media propaganda full of lies is there so that we should not expect the world power and rich elite to commit massacres on all of us ordinary people, through such annihilation systems deadly frauds. What will happen to people who let the weak, harmless electrical current passage for 10 to 15 minutes, is that you will get a small nerve damage in the form of small numbness, while that numbness is a lit spark of the entire nervous system’s ongoing death process that always ends in death, insanity due to suffering and confinement in mental hospital due to violent behavior that damaged nervous system provokes due to suffering in agony. Instead of training muscles, you will go into the same fate that I have gone into, right into death. You train in the gym and with this you will commit suicide without returning in 15 minutes. If you have dressed up this state-dead Trojan horse (nerve poison) then the whole body’s nervous system will continue to keep dying until the moment when you will not be able to live with such pain and suffering in agony anymore. That is when you will choose to commit suicide, or to kill one of those who have deceived you in the deceitful government’s deception. In addition to the two options, there is a third and it is down the body fails and when one dies physically due to electrical damage. Damage occurs immediately the first time you connect electrodes to your body. It’s about minutes where every electrical impulse cut nerves throughout the body to death. After a year, pain always comes and with it comes the worst mental illness with all the symptoms of different diagnoses of mental illness and then you will crawl on your knees to general care that will send you on to psychiatric care, since it is only those who have pain relief for electrically deadly devices that the government has outsourced to society as harmless products. They kill people with ECT and that is why they also have pain relief medication Seroquel and Zyprexa for electrical injuries. Everything I have written about in that blog; you will get if you go on this genocide scam. In the end, you will have your life ended in one way or another. But for you, that you should be able to have some life, there is no room for. It is not possible to live with electrical damage, you die constantly where damage gets worse every day more and more. It means doomsday for anyone who tests one of the infinite numbers of different electrical stimulation devices that exist as a death trap to harm people to death and nothing else. When you start testing such, electrical stimulation devices are said to be on low current, so you cannot even realize that you are at that moment damaging your body to death, because you do not experience the weak electrical current passage as any pain, because it absolutely does not hurt. You may even think I’m lying to you. But if you continue with it for a few more minutes, then you will come to the moment where you will notice the first symptoms which is a numbness in the skin and then it is already too late. Fatal injury has occurred. Then it gets worse and worse. Eventually pain comes and then you have ended up in a


mass grave with billions of people all over the world as the governments of the world have killed in this way. This is the electric destruction of the world’s civilian population, and it is the world’s power and rich elite who commit this crime against humanity against us ordinary people on this planet and our children.