Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System: Your child will die because of that device


This is the culmination of “Evil”! which calls itself democracy in which it is claimed that all people have equal value, human rights to live in freedom and to express themselves freely, while absolutely none of this exists in real life. This video is the ultimate proof that should be able to open the eyes of all of us ordinary people around the world, no matter what race and religion we ordinary people may belong to, because this is for all of us and now the governments of the world are directing their deadly attack directly on our children. In addition to all the death Trojans that I have written about and that are aimed at us as adults, now the power of the world and the rich elite are directed directly at our own children. They lie and deceive us all parents that we should personally murder our own children with our own hands. What they show in this video is: Here you see we are killing your children under the claim of care for disease diagnosis which lacks any scientific evidence at all. In real life, it’s like this. As I have said, if the police torture parents, then they have a plan to destroy even parents’ children, so that they will cause mental suffering to the parent. The governments of the world have invented the diagnosis of ADHD so that they can expose such children to government abuses, which means that the government can expose such children to crime, where the goal is to destroy such children physically and mentally and that the child is demonized at the same time by diagnosing ADHD. This deadly device is intended for such parents and the suggestive deadly message of fraud, is to deceive a parent who the police torture that parent should kill their own child with that device. When the parent realizes that he or she has murdered his own child, after a child has had a brain destroyed and when a parent sees his child die before the parent’s own eyes, then it will drive the parent to commit suicide and then the whole family is liquidated and removed from society and the living world. All psychiatric diagnoses of mental illness are just gaps that the governments of the world use through state systems, so that they can hide their criminal acts and state abuse of us ordinary people. The state can torture us through, “the voice of good technology psychotronic weapons”, where they talk people to death. Those weapons are weapons of mass destruction that are worse than nuclear weapons and they come in all varieties and designs, which give the state divine superpower over us ordinary people. Number 1 weapons of mass destruction are not psychotronic weapons even though they are 100% lethal and even though they have led hundreds of millions of people worldwide to commit suicide, they are still not the worst weapons of mass destruction that exist. The worst weapon of mass destruction on this planet, is electric annihilation, which no one in the world power and rich elite utters a word about ever anywhere on this planet and that to protect the electric annihilation because it is so deadly to 100%. When you have been injured then you are beyond all rescues. In the first place that Number 1 weapons of mass destruction are electric destruction through such devices, where government through state systems deceives people that people should kill themselves with their own hands in their own home and now parents around the world should kill their own children as well. Psychotronic weapons attack nervous systems in different ways with microwave radiation that is converted into words or pain, depending on which psychotronic weapon the state uses against its target. They torture their target with toxic suggestive sentences everyday decade after decade, in many different ways, but it does not permanently damage the nervous system, while electrical devices physically damage and destroy the nervous system permanently and start the death process in the body. States use entire state systems to destroy and murder ordinary people. They harm us through drugs that are built to harm the body when it comes to alleged mental illness. The state harms us through the police who use (“voice and good weapon technology, V2K)”. The state uses the media to deceive us into a false sense of security,


so that we are deceived in the electric destruction fraud. The media tricks us into seeing psychiatric care as psychiatric health care, so that they can eventually kill us through ECT. The governments of the world murder us through lies about ECT, through lies about medicines and through lies about Psychotronic weapons with the help of media and media censorship and eternal media silence, never to utter a word about such deadly weapons. What the government does not say a single word through the media is what does not exist, while the world’s civilian population is being murdered by such weapons on an industrial scale. The governments of the world protect Psychotronic weapons from being exposed to the common people of the world. For example, world governments use “voice of good weapons technology” V2K, injected voices into the head, so that they can demonize us in order to our voice should not be credible as an individual and then government has neutralized our voice, so that our voice means nothing and thanks to that we cannot even prove that we have been exposed to crimes by government. So, government kills us completely legally, while government at the same time deprives itself of all guilt for the crime government has committed on us ordinary people. That we hear voices that no one else hears, the governments of the world use as a psychological warfare by branding us as crazy because we hear voices in our heads. That we hear voices in our heads is said to mean that we are in fact mentally ill and so on. So, when we try to testify about the state abuse that the state has subjected us to for more than 30 years, then for this purpose the state has created all diagnoses of mental illness that have a single purpose and the purpose is to close all the gaps in the crime that the state exposes us to. The purpose of diagnoses that states come up with is to hide new technology that the state implements in its arsenal of all weapons used as torture tools by the police on us ordinary people. If we say that we hear voices that take our lives, then the state labels us as mentally ill. If we start blaming the government and the state system as the culprit, then they will lock us in captivity in mental hospitals. If we say that we have been damaged by electrical devices, then the state sends us for further destruction of our nervous system at the nerve clinic, pain clinic under the claim of scanning of nerve damage examination arising from their imagination that the state calls (Neurography). If we are gullible enough in the state, then we will only be harmed even more, and our lives will be shortened even more. All the crimes that the state exposes us ordinary people to when we start complaining about them, the state explains through care as a sign of mental illness schizophrenia, confusion, bipolar disorder, imagination, illusion, so that the state can murder us and our children, while we never can harm any of those who are part of this state system. There is no difference with it (TENS device) from all the devices that are already for sale on the internet to ordinary people around the world. This (TENS) apparatus is death itself. These are tools of torture that are intended to harm children to death. It’s so hard to believe that world governments want to intentionally harm their people to death because of that media propaganda and internet censorship, but it’s true. World governments through state systems kill young children, while government, state boasts through media, through state system and through all available means how they protect children from children not being exposed to crime in any way, that children should not be harmed, and that children life should not be endangered in any way. In this video we see the power of the upper class and the rich elite allegedly a mother and her son, where she with her own hands gives the seemingly high-tech electronic cure for ADHD diagnosis, to her own son for him to be allegedly cured of ADHD and for her son to feel good mentally again. Through suggestive subtle false misleading criminal advertising information, they show two deadly 9-volt rechargeable batteries that are alleged to be recharged and used for a long time as completely harmless treatment with electric current for ADHD diagnosis in children. Advertising shows a boy who has started to feel good mentally, thanks to treatment with lethal electric current. He is happy, he plays chess, and he sleeps safely without nightmares. Unfortunately,


there are always people on this planet who are not well informed and who will go on this fatal scam for their children. I think the woman and the bastard should get that treatment in real life, because it world governments deadly media propaganda is meant to murder children of us ordinary people on this planet.

Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System (eTNS) for ADHD


Here we have veteran rubbish, a freak, deceiver advertising model who tricks people into harming themselves and worse their own children to death, right into the grave. How power and the rich elite play on people’s feelings through politics, religion where they pretend to be, just the chosen savior that people need so that people do not end up in a dark abyss by thinking for themselves on their own. It’s the same here. He claims to be a veteran, a former soldier who has fought for his country


and for people to be free, on the other side of the planet Earth. The picture shows a man who has traumatic war experiences and cures is (TENS) device equipped with a 9-volt battery which ends the life of the one who connects it to his head forever in a few minutes if you turn the current to the highest level and half an hour if you lower strength to the lowest level, but the result will be the same and identical, it will be death without return.

FDA permits marketing of first medical device for treatment of ADHD)


This is what they write:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today permitted marketing of the first medical device to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The prescription-only device, called the Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS) System, is indicated for patients ages 7 to 12 years old who are not currently taking prescription ADHD medication and is the first non-drug treatment for ADHD granted marketing authorization by the FDA. “This new device offers a safe, non-drug option for treatment of ADHD in pediatric patients through the use of mild nerve stimulation, a first of its kind,” said Carlos Peña, Ph.D., director of the Division of Neurological and Physical Medicine Devices in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. “Today’s action reflects our deep commitment to working with device manufacturers to advance the development of pediatric medical devices so that children have access to innovative, safe and effective medical devices that meet their


unique needs.” (System, is indicated for patients ages 7 to 12 years old who are not currently taking prescription ADHD medication? This new device offers a safe. Non-drug option for treatment of ADHD in pediatric patients through the use of mild nerve stimulation, a first of its kind,” I cannot believe in my eyes what I see in front of me and what I read. Children who do not take medication for ADHD are healthy children who scream, heal, and pile up as children usually do and are meant to do. We all became like that when we were children. But the thing is, states have now finally let go of their power abusing tentacles deep into the last safe place, our family. State control of us ordinary people is not enough, now states want us to kill our children with our own hands.)

Monarch eTNS Inspires “Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children!


Fatal injuries will occur very quickly. At the low electrical current, they call tickling electrical impulses damage will occur after 10 to 15 minutes and children will eventually scream down nerve damage and headaches have occurred. If children have slept all night with the electric tickling impulses, then children would have died. Large parts of the brain would die and thus the memories would cease to exist. The next day, children will not recognize their parents. When parents realize the next day what they have exposed their child to, then when they take children to the doctor, then they are met by the health service with denial and silence. The media would not allow parents to talk openly on television programs about what has happened to their children. Entire state systems would blame that there must be something wrong with the device because it may have been broken. General care would refer to a neurology clinic where children will be destroyed even more by Neurography. The child is beyond all rescue when the child is well damaged by electric current by the so-called low electric current which is tickling.)

-Misleadingly promoted as a trigeminal nerve stimulator designed to “modulate” the child’s brain, the device acts to deform the brain’s natural and normal electrical system. All under the guise of treating so-called ADHD, a supposed “disease” that meets none of the criteria for one. The FDA approval of the Monarch is but the latest form of psychiatric-inspired child abuse and, if not stopped, will afflict millions of children in unimaginably damaging ways. It has inspired us to form Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children (SPAC!) a new international advocacy organization, a project of the nonprofit Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy.

(They call it “child abuse.” It is not child abuse; it is child murder by states under the guise of care. States always call crimes that ordinary people have been subjected to under the assertion of something else. This is how states murder us and our children while at the same time States can abdicate all responsibility for people who have died as a result of state abuses that are nothing but crimes against humanity genocide on all of us ordinary people worldwide.)

Peter Breggin, MD

The Breggin Blog: The Conscience of Psychiatry: Dr. Breggin has been called” The Conscience of Psychiatry” for his decades of successful efforts to reform the field. He criticizes psychiatric drugs and


ECT, and promotes more caring, empathic, and effective therapies. His newest book is Guilt, Shame and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions.

(Here is another individual who misleads people even more and his criticism of psychiatric care is directed at people who begin to doubt it (eTENS apparatus). He talks about ECT as something dangerous, while he does not utter a word that the 9-volt devices destroy the entire nervous system in the body. People may think that if he does not say that the device is not as harmful as ECT, then that device is not dangerous at all. People who imagine that their children have ADHD, just because they are overactive, may think that (eTENS) can be a care option for their children, because what can happen if it is not dangerous? The child is only abused, and abuse does not involve bodily harm to death and then, nothing will happen to the child. It’s the whole secret of what the world is based on and if you ordinary people do not realize this truth then you will see your children die in front of your eyes. If you go yourself in any of the electrical appliances I have written about, then you will die in the same way as I die now.)

Michael Cornwall, PhD

An Alternative Understanding of The Nature of Madness: Dr. Cornwall wants this blog to help deepen our understanding of the mystery of madness and help us learn ways to lovingly self-care when we are mad, and lovingly respond to others when they are mad. He can be reached at his website –” What is Madness?”

(I do not even know who this maniac is, and I do not want to know who he is. He is allegedly educated so that he knows what madness is for something. His job is to convince ordinary people that people should doubt their own common sense and both of them are part of state machinery around the world to just mislead people into death and nothing else. If you ordinary people on this planet realize this truth then you will understand that state system towards us ordinary people is not about the left political edge, center or right political edge. It’s about power and the rich elite who are against us ordinary people. No matter who we vote for, politicians kill us all together no matter what political party they belong to. They do it throughout state systems. When it comes to religions, it’s the same thing there. Politicians use religion to steal our votes by making us vote for them just because religion is supposed to unite us as one people, to be able to manipulate us and even there it is about power and the rich elite who murder us ordinary people while claiming something else. Religious leaders constantly speak about politics where they implement their beliefs in the reality, we live in. They talk about how we should stay on the right path, that we should pray and then we will be happy, and we will have good values ​​as human beings. in society, society that takes the lives of us ordinary people. Why do they not utter a word about psychotronic weapons that inject voices into people’s heads. According to them, it is the Devil who speaks to people. To me, it seems that their real purpose is to convince people that people hear the Devil talk to them, while the state tortures and leads people, including children, to suicide by injecting voices into their heads. OK, psychotronic weapons are advanced and their mental capacity over realization of their reality and truth is severely limited due to the religious beliefs of priests. But even that is a complete lie, because this is what we ordinary people are meant to believe. Religious priests of all existing religions, intentionally and deliberately deceive religious people into the image of God that will help people, when in reality they are only manipulating people in the service of their politicians, so that people will have confidence in their politicians who belong to the same religion, while the same politicians together with them


religious priests, murder the same religious people through state systems. Religious leaders take part in the massacre of the same religious masses, by talking only about what the people’s power and rich elite want them to know about, while they never utter a single word that the same people are murdered by the same own all politicians, if people have now been tricked to death by any of the various Holocaust systems implemented in state systems. I have been writing for more than 5 years now about these deadly electrical appliances. Why have none of them chosen to do something on their own initiative and said in the media and chosen to do something noble for ordinary people, tell the truth about the electric destruction. Even they are silent while they claim to know best what we should believe in and what is best for us. Religions are the cause of war worldwide. I’m an ordinary person who’s dying because of the whole world power and rich elite state lies and the truth I give to you ordinary people around the world for free. I do not insult anyone, and I respect people’s beliefs, but this is what is going on around the world. The problem is that our children’s lives are in danger. Extinguished lives of us adults are not enough, they also want to kill our children. Have a good time, dear ordinary people around the world and continue to be brainwashed by the power and rich elite. You will wake up when you or your children die due to power and the rich elite, but then it will be too late.