Execution of the death penalty through ECT in psychiatry 2020-04-18


ECT treatment is murder. The state uses it as a cover to have the permitted sale of Tasers and 9-volt devices that are installed in all segments of society, and they are never mentioned in the media so that people can be murdered. Psychiatric care is the state police that opens the way for the government to access people who do not commit crimes, people that the government sees as unwanted people, or who are a danger to the government for one reason or another. Their diagnoses of various mental illnesses are a fantasy that the state has come up with to have control over people who show weakness in their behavior while being investigated for crime. ECT burns nerves to ashes at a single time and they repeat it over 20 times. When Pain arises and when the body begins to die, then you are in your deathbed ongoing death. They lie to people. It is not a treatment but a pure execution, execution of the death penalty where the electric shock causes the brain to die. The state murders people in this way. Politicians, the police, psychiatric care, public care and the media participate together in this genocide. All of them lie to people just to deceive certain individuals in death where it is only death that can stop the suffering that their guillotine ECT has caused. The image conveyed in the media about psychiatric care is pure lies and government advertising propaganda that will confuse and mislead people so that they do not see the truth and that they can be deceived in death. If you get a single ECT shock and then it is immediately the end of your life. Medicines that they give to people will never cure anyone, but they are tailored to the state in such a way that they change one’s psyche for the worse. Caution disappears and then you lose the


attention you have had to dangers when you were healthy. After years of medication, one can commit any mistake. The state deceives people through the media so that people see psychiatric care as care and then people go on fraud after fraud that leads them ever closer to death. When we ordinary people come as patients to the gate of their closed psychiatric care clinic, then we have written with our signature that we accept their terms and conditions during their care. With that, we have given our owners the right over our decision over us as adults, self-determining individuals, where they have adult rights over us and then they decide over us as if we were children. Psychiatrists with their theater partners will lie and mislead us. Showing our dissatisfaction to them while we are in their closed psychiatric clinic is very stupid. That we point out their faults when we realize how much they have harmed ourselves, is very stupid because they are state executioners who will kill us in the end. See it for what it is for something in the end. They are the state and the power while we as an individual are a psychic who gave up our adult right of self-determination over ourselves to those with that signature. They give us medicines that do not help. We feel worse if we feel bad because of a criminal mistake in our lives because then even medicines cannot help really well, considering if you are subjected to Police torture in words because there is nothing worse than this on the whole planet. It’s so damaging that they can kill us all and drive us all to commit suicide because of that technology. They wait until you have lost nerves due to the torture and thanks to years of medication that changes and destroys your mental judgment where you lose judgment and the ability to realize that you are in danger for your life, then they can trick you into death by offering you what they want to give you from the beginning and that is guillotine ECT. They can lock you in there for several years completely legally under false claims of various fraudulent diagnoses. They can expose you to crime and they will always be believed while you will not be believed if you report them to the police, because the Police and Psychiatric Care intentionally crush us together in the service of government. It is intended because they are the state system for the removal of individuals and the deprivation of individuals’ freedom and the removal of people from the city streets as free into captivity in mental hospitals. Of course, they are lying to you right in your eyes and they may like to persuade you to undergo ECT execution of the death penalty on you and when they start with the execution of you with ECT, then they cut you out of your own body. You as a person die and there is only a shell of a human being that once existed. They can even force ECT on all of us. Then we are dependent on the painkillers that are considered intended for some other mental diagnosis disorder. The medications you must take until the last day of your life and the suffering that you will receive are deathbed suffering in agony. They will kill you. Keep quiet, get out of there and never come back there again. You will never feel good until you fix the dark event in your past that is tormenting you from within. As you can see, the state is killing us through psychiatric care. They are state opposites to the Police and the two are partners who crush and kill us ordinary people. Their main purpose is to sell medicines to patients to the drug companies’ state drug cartels and to provide a lifelong medication with the harmful junk medicine. They have their joker under their arm that you do not see until it is too late, and it is ECT. They execute people in service to the state, by deceiving people where they describe ECT as something harmless that helps people individually from person to person. Take the medicine because medication is not the worst thing that will kill you. They do everything to protect ECT. They are lying and if they have succeeded in convincing you that you have deep depression that can be treated with electric current of 450 to 700 volts and more, then they are taking your soul out of your head. You get a single electric shock, and you are beyond all rescues. It is the governments of the world that are responsible for the execution of our bodies and our consciousness, or so-called souls, to death. Then we have a choice left and that is to commit suicide so that suffering ceases while we die. They make money on our disease and at the same time they kill


us, if the state so desires, by tricking us into death. You have received an image just like me through the media and all government institutions that you are ill, and everything will be fine if you just continue to take your medicine. I have from the beginning described why you get mentally ill and how you can get out of mental illness. You do not need state assassins. Fix your problems so that you free yourself from guilt, shame and worry and then do not consume alcohol or drugs that poison your brain. Exercise a few times a week by walking 5 km in decent walks or by running three or four days a week and your brain will recover. Without guilt, fear, worry and shame, you can also reduce medication and even stop taking medication. You can replace medicine with long walks that make you tired just like medicines do. But when you exercise and walk, you will feel good, and you will be slimmer and even prettier. Take medicines for as long as you feel you need them. To me the drugs are rubbish, and beware of isolation for the state induces isolation, because it is the most harmful that destroys human traits and characteristics from our personality. This is the first thing the police do to isolate a person away from family friends and socializing. Then we are all easy prey that will be crushed. But if they have managed to trick you into ECT, then it does not help you that you read this blog post that I am writing now, because you are already injured to death just as I am, and you are already dead in advance. I have tested 9-volt device and I am beyond all rescues. I am undergoing a dying process that Sweden’s power and rich elite have tricked me into. There is no pain relief for the injuries I have to my nerves. I take prescription Alvedon but it hardly helps anything or almost nothing at all. The electrical damage triggers any type of infection or inflammation that spreads to healthy undamaged parts of the body and then even the healthy area in one’s body dies and so it continues on while there is less and less of my body in life. This spread of inflammation, causes the nerves to die more and more. Those nerves have lost and are losing their function more and more as time goes on. If you had a nerve cut between the brain and lungs, I think you would stop breathing. So, getting nerves damaged is extremely serious. But electric current damages nerves in such a way that they die a slow prolonged death that causes suffering from hell. Because they are so badly injured, they cannot fulfill their purpose of making the body function normally. I assume that the body automatically expels the damaged nerves and causes them to die after they have lost their function. The damaged nerves are no longer my own, but they are something foreign, which tortures my brain with pain and partly completely lost feeling in the body and all that together drives me to madness. If there is the slightest electric current enters the body, and then immediately nerves are damaged to death. It is a secret that all the governments of the world keep quiet about for their citizens, so that they can kill people quite legally. Think of how evil it is when the state kills ordinary people. When pain first appeared, it happened right away in one day. In a few days, the pain doubles and gets worse from day to day. It gets so bad that I can barely work, and I have to work otherwise I end up on the street as a homeless person. It’s so bad that I want to commit suicide, so that the pain disappears and that it stops hurting, while on the other hand I want to live so much and besides, I’m not the type of person who can commit suicide. I suffer so much all day and down I have come home then I take Seroquel as pain relief where it makes me fall asleep, but it does not reduce pain so much. I sleep in pain from hell and those pains make me dream nightmares that I have never had in my life before I was injured. I’m not really sleeping fully. Instead, I’m half awake. There’s only one question that comes to my mind and that is, what have they done to me? Not only with the suffering, but there also come the fucking Police voices that say everything possible. Suffering becomes so unbearable that it evokes the anxiety of death in me and then I have some choices and it’s screaming right out of pain and suffering, committing suicide so that it stops hurting, or buying alcohol. Alcohol reduces pain more than what medications do. So, when I drink alcohol then the pain is reduced and also the anxiety is reduced. Alcohol with Seroquel makes me fall asleep somewhat deeper. I almost


feel like I’m normal, because nerves get numb, so they do not send distorted signals fully to my brain. I really do not want to consume alcohol but I’m dying. In addition, alcohol destroys me, and it causes me to lose control of my behavior completely and what happens is that I embarrass myself time after time and then I get more of anxiety because of this. It makes me take a break from my suffering and as soon as a day goes by, the damaged nerves come to life again and suffering takes over me again. So, I cannot become normal, and I cannot live a normal life. I try to train but I cannot even exist in my body. I am gaining weight due to Seroquel and alcohol, although I cannot eat breakfast and lunch due to pain. This is the end of my life. Now that you think about states talking shit about crime, while keeping quiet about this crime against humanity that states commit on us ordinary people while they silence us and do not utter a word about this genocide so one clearly understands that this is the way states kill us that they have chosen for one reason or another. That’s it, life is not fair to us ordinary people. Everything that has happened to me and that happens to ordinary people on the whole planet where people have been deceived just like me, is so obviously a death trap laid out by the governments of the world to all of us ordinary people through the state system.

Psychiatric care commits crimes through lies about ECT. Psychiatric care carries out the death penalty on patients through ECT, where they start a dying process where the brain begins to die. It is the beginning to the end of one’s life. From the moment the body goes through necrosis-like processes that take a number of years until one has died mentally and physically. Medications are a must, as you cannot live without them due to pain and then you get Seroquel or Zyprexa as pain relief while psychiatrists lie get the patient that they are for any diagnosis that patient has. He knows that he has just executed the death penalty on that person. Psychiatrists know what the patient is going through, and he knows that the patient needs that medicine to numb the damaged and dying brain parts so that the patient could fall asleep overnight. Electrical damage to the human body, no matter what part of a human body is damaged is death anxiety personified 24 hours, day after day, without rest or pause. It is a suffering that drives the injured person, precisely to the point that that person will commit suicide. That is, the Holy Grail as the most effective tool of torture that transforms one’s body into something alien that destroys itself all the way until one has died. Psychiatric care carries


the death penalty on people adults, young people, and children under the claim of care. But it is not those who are behind this, it is the state that has used psychiatric care to kill people in a legal way. The state uses all instances of the state system as a weapon against individuals’ ordinary people whom the state sees as a target for some reason. It is politicians who are the main culprits. They are the ones who want such a society, where they can get into the minds of ordinary people and where they get to know everything that person knows through the police. With charade and prejudice throughout human history, they protect their tool that they have given to the police to access people’s secrets. If you say you hear voices, then you are equivalent to crazy. Through the police and psychiatric care, the state reaches the entire population, entire families including children. Here is a link about ECT that is very worth reading:


Det är statligt övergrepp!


Everything I have written in that blog is 100% true in reality. You do not understand that the state kills and punishes people to death by the shortcut they call ECT without saying a word that even 9-volt, stimulation devices are instantly lethal after a very short time.

ECT: Please Watch Before Undergoing Electroconvulsive Therapy


ECT is not good for anyone because ECT is a crime against humanity, a genocide that states use to kill people. If you fall to the ground and hit your head, then you get brain damage where you end up in a coma. Some people lose their sense of balance, some become paralyzed and so on. But if you injure your legs then it happens that you get your legs broken or that you cannot walk on them. Even if you have to amputate both of your legs, you can still continue to live, and the loss of the legs will not affect your loss of mental health and loss of your soul. As long as the brain is not damaged, as long as you have a soul. ECT is covered to hide that 9-volt devices kill people. It is the state’s abuse of ordinary people. I see that this young woman has gained weight. Do the state killers in psychiatric care that you have been treated for, perhaps give you Seroquel or Zyprexa, claiming that it will help you to be able to sleep, when in fact it is pain relief for electrical injuries? I can tell anyone who is thinking that ECT can be a way out of the problem they have in their lives that they are not talking about, that it will not help anyone. ECT is the death penalty and 9-volt electric shock is also the death penalty. If you still decide to expose yourself to that genocide crime, then I can advise you to ask the killers who call themselves psychiatric care that the first ECT shock they should give you on your foot, left or right leg, it does not matter which. You have nothing to lose. If you are not afraid of brain damage, then it cannot get worse to get electrical damage to your legs. In this way, the Electroshock of 450 to 700 volts, will burn nerves throughout the legs from feet to hips and then it’s just the beginning of hell and the end of your life. Immediately after the electric shock on your leg you would realize that they have literally amputated your legs in a few seconds and then you would understand that it is harmful to death with time delay. She says she has pain on her forehead and neck. The brain does not have sensory nerves like the rest of the body and that is why people do not feel it in the same way as when they are damaged by electric current on the body. Once you have received the


ECT electric shock, then electric current has traveled from the head through the spine to the rest of the body. Damage from the brain spreads through the spine like cancer and it will get worse with time. You die just like me. The ECT is a doomsday weapon just like all existing 9-volt devices and smaller which is also doomsday weapons that states across the planet use to drive people who have been targeted by the authorities to commit suicide. If you are damaged by electric current, then you are no longer a human being ever again. If you had realized that your leg has been injured in the first electric shock where you have lost sensation in your leg, then you would never allow yourself to be subjected to more of such alleged treatments on your head that are even more serious. Instead, you would become aware that you have been the victim of crime and then you would accuse the killers immediately after the first treatment and there would be a stop to further continued crimes committed against you and all other ordinary people in the future. Even with only the first injury to your leg, it means that it is the death penalty that has been executed on you, with time delay. Losing memories and brain capacity where you become a disabled person who can no longer support yourself financially is sufficient proof that you have been exposed to crime, but because the world governments commit this genocide crime, then it is hidden under the claim of psychiatric care as help against allegedly dangerous disease depression, arising from the human imagination. Karin Larson, registered nurse -Karin Larson, a registered nurse, says that psychiatry’s ECT is degrading punishment and treatment. ECT is torture and a violation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights under Article 5. (What the state allows to be said in front of billions in the eyes and ears of ordinary people by the public information flow is what the nurse says ECT is a violation of humanity, and it is correct and true. But, ECT is allowed to be talked about by states because ECT is the worst punishment method and it is still allowed as a method under hidden intentions that publicly falls under the claim of psychiatric care, when used by psychiatric care which is in reality no care but a counter-pole to the police so that people would not realize the truth until it is too late, where you are injured to death. times worse than the suffering that the ECT patients are talking about, which means that it must be safe infinitely many times worse with ECT injuries, than what those patients claim. She talks about ECT but she and none of the other nurses on the Swedish side and at all anywhere in the world against ECT do not mention a word about all claimed stimulation devices including Taser that cause fatal injuries in delay and all that I have explained in this blog. So, in the first place on the surface, she is credible, while in reality she falls into pure conspiracy theory, conspiracy together with the government state and the state media machinery because she does not mention a word that they all 9-volt and appliances with less electrical voltage, means death for anyone who gets tricked into plugging it into their body. She is a fraudster who misleads the civilian population into electric destruction, and she actively participates in the state massacre of the country’s adults, young people, and children. Half-truth is a lie, conspiracy theory that will enable people misled and deceived in permanent death suffering in agony. States lift in the media a completely false reality of society, where we all have equal value and human rights just to be able to deceive and manipulate us ordinary people so that they can kill us all together with our children. The only one on the planet that I have seen speak the truth is none other than myself and I am treated by Swedish society as if I were Hitler myself. The crime I have been subjected to is called by states through the media conspiracy theory. They have through advertising in television programs, film industry, news, internet censorship made death look like a joke in the eyes of ordinary people. You ordinary people should know that states are on the hunt and prey is you and your children. Keep in mind that the police execute people on the street claiming that people were violent. They say it is a weapon that is not deadly, but it is deadly with delay where people’s lives end like mine. If Taser is not lethal, why can we ordinary people not get a license for Taser? because if the police find Taser in


the hands of us ordinary people, then we will be punished for possession of illegal weapons, and we can be sentenced to 2 years in prison. All the electrical appliances are weapons that are outsourced by the state to us ordinary people to be able to literally take our lives, but still the state disclaims all responsibility and guilt for the crime that the state has exposed us ordinary people to, thanks to the state through all state institutions withholding the truth from us through censorship which is what the western dictator looks like in the media, so that our lives can end in all the various endless death traps .)

-In healthcare, in the neurological part of healthcare, everything possible is done to keep people with epilepsy seizure-free, especially if they have grand mal convulsions major epileptic seizures. In psychiatry, seizures are caused by giving ECT treatment, so they do the exact opposite. In neurological care, people know why they want to prevent people from having seizures. Therefore, because you know that it causes brain damage in the long run. So why give electric shock treatment in psychiatry? How come you use a method that in some healthcare you know it causes brain damage. In another part of healthcare, induces man seizures that cause brain damage. (What she does not mention is that there are people who have never had an epileptic seizure and who have had epilepsy induced by ECT treatment. There are people who have never had an epileptic seizure in their lives and who have had epilepsy induced by implanted alleged electric pain relief devices The person has been blocked by healthcare in the same way as I have been, and this is the state crime that cannot be taken to court and not in the media so that others can be warned. We are invisible. She blames psychiatric care, while her testimony is just a continuation of the state annihilation system of ordinary people, where the law that applies in reality is that we ordinary people must not become a threat. We must not commit crimes, while the state murders entire families, including young children. States through the police destroy the psyche of our children from their birth and with that they have directly written the children’s future, where children will never be able to have financial success and that is the purpose of their torture. When children become adults then when the police arrest them for some criminal act which is the only expected outcome after 20 years of police torture since their birth. Then the police say in the media that “he was known to the police before. The state builds an image of state institutions including the police as something fair, while in reality they are the killers who lack all morals. The police are honest according to prejudices that the state propaganda brainwashes the masses of people and their mental senses. They ruin every child’s dream. Every time a young individual tries to succeed at something in his life, the police are in their dreams and indirectly they evoke in the young, less value complex. They change children’s view of the state through psychological systematic annihilation by harming children in their dreams where the child’s thinking and planning takes place and by psychic children out on the streets where they deliberately provoke young people to make children hate the state and with that the children are led to crime. It’s much more than that. I have followed everything to the point and yet they have made me hate this Swedish Power that radiates fascism, however, I love the Swedish people, because they too are murdered just like me. We are ordinary people against evil who are in power and the rich elite. Publicly on the surface, the state through psychiatric care claims that ECT cures depression while in reality hidden beneath the surface, the ECT treatment is in fact a punishment for the secret that the patient keeps quiet about. You only get sick when you keep a dark event out of your life secret, because if you say so, then it means exclusion and expulsion from society. Even the fact that only memory is lost as the only side effect can be a deliberately suggestive message from the state as an advertisement to the people who have become ill due to the police torturing them for 20 years with the technology that allows them to get in their mental psyche where one thinks, completely unnoticed to make the ECT death trap attractive to those patients as some enticing way out of the


crime one has committed, where people think: what if I forget and do not remember my crime, then it is the same as if it never happened. The life one has had was useless anyway and it was nothing worthy of remembering. But it is much more than lost memories. You are in hell on earth that ends with your death due to ECT. I have confessed my crime and to me the Swedish state did not give me permission to serve my sentence and they did not even give me a fair court. They have treated me, and they treat me like a Jew in Auschwitz.

Psykiatrins ECT-behandling är tortyr




FAMOUS AMERICAN DOCTOR: THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF ECT TREATMENT: http://www.media.elchocker.se/enkla-s… 

Karin Larsson, a registered nurse, with over 50 years of experience in healthcare, will in a comic book bravely and directly give you the truth about the deceptive nature of psychiatry quick fix: ECT. See film no: 1 where Karin describes the electric shocks of psychiatry (ECT) as torture and a violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. COLD FACTS This is the first revealing film in a series on psychiatric electric shock (ECT) treatments. PSYCHIATRY USES ELECTRIC SHOCKS (ECT) MORE THAN EVER. About 50,000 a year to, among others. children, pregnant women, the elderly and under duress. Sweden is among the worst in the world. WHAT IS THE TRUTH OF PSYCHIATRIC ELECTRIC SHOCKS (ECT)? Psychiatry in Sweden is among the worst in the world at providing electric shock treatments (ECT). About 50,000 a year to, among others. children, pregnant women, the elderly and under duress. The electric shocks to children are now being increased via BUP. There are bans in other countries and in some ECT is not used at all. ANTESTING OF PIGS BEFORE SLAUGHTER The origin of ECT treatment is anesthesia of pigs before slaughter, something that psychiatrists then began to use to “calm”, “stun” and make patients more “easy to handle”. They could just as easily have beaten or drugged them down. PSYCHIATRY CREATES EPILEPTIC ATTACKS WITH ELECTRIC SHOCKS Through electric shocks, epileptic seizures are induced in the patient, while the rest of the healthcare system treats and treats epilepsy due to the risk of injury. These electric shocks can numb, shock and cause forgetfulness and euphoric feelings, which psychiatry interprets as a result. When the shock then releases, the problems return, and psychiatry installs maintenance ECT. LOTS OF EVIDENCE AGAINST ECT There are lots of testimonies and reports, which testify to extensive damage after ECT. Several have received damages from the Patient Insurance. There are also articles, scientific studies, films, and other evidence against ECT. Many doctors and nurses turn to electric shocks. Both the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Patient Board have acknowledged that there is a risk of permanent memory damage after ECT. FRAUDIC PSYCHIATRIC QUICK-FIX All this fraudulently withholds psychiatry from patients and relatives before they carelessly continue to provide ECT treatments. Many now call ECT a fraudulent psychiatric quick fix. FACEBOOK AGAINST PSYCHIATRINS ELCHOCKER





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