Mind control and advanced surveillance society-Blog post 19


Books written by Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. John Hall are the first books I have found on the internet in my search for the cause of my ruined and ended lives through voice of God weapons technology V2K injected voices into my head. I have read Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare written by Dr. Robert Duncan and A New Breed Satellite Terrorism and Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control written by Dr. John Hall.

I recommend to you who read this blog, that it is very important that you should watch all the videos in this blog post, so that you can realize what states can do to you and your children without you being aware that you are subject to state abuse. There is hidden life danger in all the videos and there is a state fraud which is conveyed through all the videos of Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower and all the other experts. Those experts are fooling us all ordinary people and our children to death. I have been deceived by the state in the deadly fraud and I see that the same thing is being done to my child now.

Mind Hacking/Voice of God technology Dr. Robert Duncan Harvard


CIA Dr Robert Duncan Tryone Dew interview


Dr John Hall Interview: Illegal Surveillance, Mind Control, Remote Neural Monitoring



Government way of leading a people in captivity and in liquidation-execution

There is more video by Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. John Hall. This is just proof of hearing voices does not mean you are crazy, schizophrenic, confused or delusional. I have read the books and I have seen most of the videos I could find, but, I think that information like Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower and all the other experts give, are far from the whole truth and I see that they lie and turn upside down on the meaning of words, where they represents ECT as something harmless while ECT is a pure execution of people and ECT is this foundation on which electric annihilation of civilians worldwide is based, under the claim of care against depression. That they speak the truth about states exposing people to mental and physical torture through all the different psychotronic weapons is something incredibly good, but they do not say a word about electrical products sold as Trojans with a single purpose, to destroy the nervous system in the body. including the whole body of the entire world population and I mean just ordinary people. People are deceived throughout government systems and all existing media and completely incorrect and criminal information about the electrical products, so that people unaware of the danger of life when they see in front of them advertisements on the electrical stimulation devices, should be deceived that execute the death penalty on themselves with their own hands in their own home. As long as our body is not damaged, as long as we are unable to see what is hidden from us. Fully functioning body is the only possible condition for us to be able to exist as a living organism on this planet Earth. If the body is injured, then we feel pain until the body has healed injury. If we encounter severe traumatic problems in life, then our mental senses will be damaged. Our mental state of mind becomes unbalanced until we have fixed the problem and then the body heals the mental damage, imbalance in the brain and you return to the normal mental state. As long as the body functions normally in harmony between body and soul, so long can we become normal. In order for us to exist in harmony with ecosystems on earth, the Universe and evolution have endowed us humans with body senses such as smell, sight, hearing and sensation of the body through the body’s nervous system and it is precisely the body and nervous system in the body that state criminal monsters are aimed at destroying people, so that they will cause maximum damage where the body and brain continue to die at the same time until one dies in one way or another. I have recently contacted general health care over the phone to get a prescription for the new medicine Sativex, medical cannabis. I want to test if it can slightly reduce the pain I have. Doctors asked me if I had Lyrica. I said that Lyrica is terrible medicine. It is a pure drug, a drug that completely destroys my psyche and mental health. You have chosen to remove it from me and I myself do not want to take it anymore, as I feel terribly bad mentally from it, while it does not even lower my neuropathic pain. I also said that I have reported the company I bought the device from to the police and the police have stopped me from taking it to court, instead of the state stopping them from continuing to sell it to people. In order for me to have proof of my body and nerve injuries, you have the general care sent me to a pain clinic so that I can undergo a body scan of my damaged nerves through neurography, where I will receive electric current through my body at low current strength for one to one and a half hours. Neurography damages the body in the same way as the device I have been injured by. Even there, I have been damaged by low electric current strength. Psychiatric care harms people through ECT. People are injured in pain and nerve clinic through Neurography. I have been injured by the device being sold as something harmless, while I am dying because of it now. Then he said, unfortunately I cannot prescribe that medicine to you. I can forward your referral to the pain clinic because only they can prescribe that medicine. Would you consider going to a pain clinic? because they have cognitive therapy where they can teach you how to accept your injuries and they can teach you how to live with pain. Should they teach me how to accept that I have been exposed to crime by the Swedish state and the same state should teach me how to keep quiet while I die because of the crime I have been exposed to? I thought


so but did not tell him. There is no cognitive therapy in the world that can talk me into feeling better mentally after the electrical injuries and after everything that has happened to me so far here in Sweden. By the way, I can never feel good again for the rest of the life I have left to live. I’m looking for medicine that lowers neuropathic pain. Cannabis has been used as a pain reliever by humanity for 5000 years and I have read about it on Wikipedia, I think. Public health can prescribe to people harmful and life-threatening medicine Lyrica, while they cannot prescribe medical cannabis because it is claimed to be more dangerous than Lyrica. The idea is perhaps that I should start smoking marijuana as pain relief for my pain, so that I also commit crimes and thus end up in drug addiction and then I have switched to the criminal side so that the demonized image of me will be completed. Medical cannabis is the only drug that can probably lower neuropathic pain somewhat and the majority of the civilian population knows this. Therefore, the Swedish state has put prescriptions for medical cannabis as fishing bait in pain and nerve clinic, so that they can attract people who are injured by the electrical fraud system in injuries again through neurography What will I hear from them other than state fraud lies and nonsense because I know they are hurting people intentionally through neurography and that to death. They, too, would provoke me in the same way that all healthcare around the world provokes every single person who is injured by electrical appliances, only to draw anger out of someone who has caused electrical injuries through years of torture so that it will result in verbal outbursts there. They can say that one is paranoid, psychotic, and delusional and in that way, you are too sick to be free in society. They would call it because you are in great need of psychiatric care, as you are acutely ill with depression, and they would give their helping hand in a closed psychiatric clinic and that is how they lead people into captivity where they can end your life through forced ECT. Even just locking up where you are deprived of your freedom is to me equivalent to the death penalty, considering that you are locked up there with electrical damage where you experience that place as hell on Earth. That is why states harm people with electric current so that no matter where they are, they experience every place as their hell torture chamber. Pain and nerve clinic are nothing but extension of mental hospital. When people have been harmed by ECT, neurography, Taser, all 9-volt stimulation devices, then they are censored and blocked on social platforms so that the information is not spread to the knowledge of the rest of the civilian population so that they too can be harmed at a later time. when even they have suffered bodily injuries through the electric annihilation. If you try to contact the media then you will be notified by all existing media around the world where they say that unfortunately they cannot help you with this, as if it is not even a crime and it is part of their participation in the crime against humanity genocide on civilian population that makes it possible for this genocide to last through human history completely invisible to ordinary people. They hide the genocide by not saying a word about it and what the media does not talk about is what does not exist. States legally commit electric annihilation on civilians as if states own people as their livestock animals. States have taken up the right to deprive people of their lives and health where human life means nothing to them. The media prepares people through media propaganda lies into death and lives that end in disaster, while both public and psychiatric care only harm people over and over again and in this way all paths lead one who is injured just right into death. The only place where the state allows you to talk about your electrical injuries is psychiatric care. So, I told him all that and he has not even denied what I said. He did not denied and question that ECT, neurography, Taser, 9-volt devices damage the entire nervous system in the body to death with time delay. It seemed to me that he was pissed that I dared to openly state that healthcare intentionally harms people through lies that healthcare deceives people through ECT, neurography, lies about 9-volt devices sold over the internet and so on. I want a prescription for medicine that will reduce neuropathic pain, while my nervous system dies and instead of him giving me this, he asked me if I want to go to the psychiatrist who has prescribed me Seroquel even though he sees in my journal that I have voluntarily moved prescriptions for Seroquel from psychiatric care to general care because I do not want anything to do with those who have led me to the grave. I


answered him with – never in my life! They are the ones who have cheated me along with entire state systems in the injuries I am dying from now. The state murders us ordinary people through the system of electric destruction while they keep quiet about it, as if it does not exist and when, for example, I have become aware that I have been the victim of crime, then he wants to send me back to psychiatric care after that I dare to accuse the state of the obvious crime that the state is committing on civilians. According to him and the entire state system the electric annihilation does not harm the human body and any opposite claim by the civilian population is considered as delusion, psychosis, and mental illness. This is how they protect and explain away the state genocide crime by claiming that you are mentally ill. Regardless of how you have been injured by electric current, it does not matter, as electrical damage causes decay for all those who are injured identical body and soul where you lose feeling in the body as nerves constantly die more and more with time. As I said before in previous blog posts, the injuries I experience as if I have fallen from high-rise buildings down to the ground and the damaged part of the body has cracked into fifty pieces with wounds like cracks where nerves have been cut off in all directions and there, I have lost feeling. It’s a too strong and too big feeling. I feel it way too much and over time the feeling grows even more, where it leads me to death in the end. Therefore, the injury pulls my mental sense and attention away from my surroundings and into my body. Somehow, I get locked more and more into my body which becomes my torture chamber which I experience as my prison cell. With compulsion through injuries, I am forced to think that I can think of nothing else but injuries that wipe out my body and my mental senses. My body and my soul wither away and die while I still exist. Now at the end I have a constant pain in muscles where I feel that my muscles are broken down and wither away. I have an inhuman torture of feeling loss, discomfort, and pain in the damaged nerves and about this it has become completely silent in the media throughout the history of mankind, just so that the genocide can lead new generations of young people from the civilian population to death. Not only torture through physical suffering, but electrical damage also brutally strikes at the same time against the brain where one suffers severe mental. Electrical damage causes around the clock the rest of one’s life at the same time anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, depression, nervousness, stress at the highest possible level and cognitive problems with being able to think clearly and all that at the same time and for no reason except due to the injury itself. It’s so strange because no matter how you feel mentally where you are not worried or depressed, it still evokes the agonies of severe mental suffering. My brain is not damaged by electric current as by ECT for example and because of this I can feel the natural anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, low mood, depression, where it is caused by problems in life. Mentally, I feel good as anyone. But bodily injuries produce around the clock anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, low mood, depression and much more to death, and the last thing that only electrical damage can cause as undamaged people never experience in their life is nervousness at the highest stress level and cognitive problems with being able to think clearly that get worse with time when you experience it as a feeling of unreality that you stop existing while you are still alive. Since the mental suffering does not come from my brain where I feel good mentally, I experience the mental suffering as if it comes from outside out of nowhere. All the physical and mental suffering in agony terribly affects my mental mood, my habits and even my decisions. All this suffering evokes chronic nervousness at the highest possible level that is far worse than uninjured people can feel. All of this together pushes me around the clock to the limit of mental breakdown. It forces me to ponder and think about the same thing all the time and that is what has happened to me. Because suffering is so unbearable, it drives me to hate those who have exposed me to this crime, which is the power of the whole world and the rich elite. They expose us all to that crime and not just me. The suffering is so terrible that aware that I am dying, I am driven every second to the level where I say I can no longer cope with the torture and then I get body impulse where I have no choice but to talk about it, to swear and to hate. It drives me to the outcome that the moment is that I write about the crime I have been exposed to, but when I have written it, it does not give me any peace and satisfaction, but the same thing is repeated again and what I have behind me is blog posts


after blog posts. It drives me to death where only suicide can end this torture where I am constantly dying. I was the calmest and most peaceful person on the planet. The injuries I have cause all the mental suffering that has transformed me from a normal person who was never violent to a person who has all the negative qualities which leads me by force in that I should unintentionally committing mistake after mistake, due to lost mind. This is the ultimate state demonization of a human being. These are ways that states use to drive a person to the end of life, where I would rather say that I want to kill everyone who has led me in this. But I do not want to kill anyone. These are resulting that electrical damage causes and I just tell you all so that you know what electrical destruction is. These are states’ goals where, due to suffering, words are uttered that have been forced to do so by electrical damage. This is how they lock people into captivity and kills without a court. They force people to commit crimes in the eyes of the law by exposing people to crime where people are injured to death by the sea of ​​all different electrical appliances so that one loses his body and mind due to the same crime. Illogical behavior where one breaks in mental breakdown due to electrical damage calls states mental illness, where people are not clear according to their mental senses and where one is branded as a danger to oneself and one’s surroundings. While dying in agony, states block one through entire state systems and through censorship. Power and rich elite pretend to one does not exist and they pretend they know nothing about the genocide they are committing on ordinary people including our children. Their silence is the second wave of torture that you go through as injured where no one wants to hear that you are dying and that you will die. Their silence is crimes against humanity that are camouflaged into every society worldwide. It is the ultimate result that causes people to die in one way or another through electric destruction around the world, regardless of race and religion, and what has been seen throughout human history is state silence about genocide, state denial. where they imagine the crime against humanity as something harmless while all the states together kill their civilian population, and they pretend that they know absolutely nothing about it. While I sleep, I forget that my body is damaged and that it is my body that gives me the inhuman suffering. I experience it as if it is my surroundings in real life that hurt me every second. I experience it as if there is someone in my sleeping room who physically injures me while I sleep. While I sleep because of it, I feel like I’m in hell where I’m being tortured to death. Seroquel forces me to chemically compulsively sleep while I suffer in pain, so I still sleep, otherwise I would not have been able to sleep at all without Seroquel. Because of the anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, depression that I have at the same time day and night, I dream nightmares every night. It is so terrible that I am awakened from the suffering that I have experienced while sleeping and down I have woken up so I know that I will go through the same suffering during the day and after that again at night. All this together stresses my psyche with body impulses where I get a feeling that the body will die right now. I constantly get the feeling that time has passed for me as a living and that it is right now that I am dying. The torture-stricken feeling that one is constantly dying is repeated around the clock. The stronger the suffering over time, the more consciousness disappears where the feeling that one ceases to exist becomes more and more apparent. You eventually go crazy because of the permanent torture and suffering that goes on around the clock for the rest of your life. Injuries provoke outcomes where you get a suggestive reflex or impulse that you should do something to stop the suffering while there is nothing you can do to end it. Sooner or later, you will commit suicide because you cannot live with the inhuman suffering. From the day I was born until the day I was injured; I was a normal person. I was vividly aware of my existence. I felt I was alive. I enjoyed nice weather, I could enjoy life, I was able to enjoy nice weather and surroundings in nature. Little things made me happy. I could concentrate on everything I do, and I felt good both physically and mentally. I trained, I learned to play the guitar, I enjoyed listening to music, I enjoyed watching movies. I went to the pub at least to be among people. I felt like a living person who is a part of society. I was a man then. I was a living person who had plans for the future. I had a plan to marry a woman and get a family again. I believed in Swedish society as something fair which treats people fairly under human rights. But now I have realized that all this is a


lie. I have realized that the Swedish state, together with all the states in the existing world, commits genocide on their respective civilian populations by tricking people into fatal injuries. Instead of punishing people through court, the Swedish state punishes people with executed death in one’s own home through lies in civil society, while people live in alleged freedom in civil society. Now that the Swedish state has executed the death penalty on me through lies about the electric destruction, now I have lost with the damage all the human that was in me. My body is handicapped. I do not feel the damaged part of the body and that is the worst of all. My injured part of my body is literally amputated. The lost part of the body tortures me with discomfort and pain that drives me crazy where I would rather jump out of my body even though I am aware that it is not possible. Pain drives my brain to total mental collapse because the body dies and has already collapsed. Mentally and emotionally, I am already dead in such a way that everything has lost meaning. Only people who are injured by electric current have that feeling and the suffering is worse than cancer, MS, rheumatism, or any other known disease. My brain has lost the ability to feel pleasure, to feel life itself. I listen to music, but I cannot relate to the music I listen to. I’m unable to enjoy that music. Nowadays when I listen to music, I only hear noise. I listen to music just to distract me from the sufferer so I can think of something else. But suffering has become so severe that I cannot even think about the music I listen to, and it is as if it does not exist even though I hear it. For example, at work, I experience that the music we all listen to in our workplace is intended only for people around me but not for me. Injuries keep my mind focused on bodily injuries that do not allow me to think about anything other than just injuries and my ruined life. So, it is with everything else. No matter what situation you can imagine where people are having fun, I am unable to feel what people feel. I stopped learning to play the guitar right away when pain has occurred. I cannot even train anymore. I can ’t run anymore. Even walking feels unnatural due to injuries. Every body’s movement feels unnatural. Eating food feels unnatural. That I exist feels unnatural. Sleeping and waking up feel unnatural and even thinking feels unnatural due to brain disorders that cause injuries. I can’t care about anything else. The only thing I care about is my son and since I know that Swedish police have managed to lead me now at the end of death through psychotronic stealth weapons and ultimately in electrical damage, I see that they do the same thing to mine child, without my son being aware of this. I have trained all my life and there was nothing that could stop my desire to train until the day I was injured by that apparatus and when the pain came. Now it’s my body and mental health that is dying and because of that I cannot train anymore because I stop being a human being. I am a living dead; I am a walking corpse. Before I was injured, I thought it was terrible to see people’s ailments who have become ill. I felt sorry for such people, and I was shocked to realize that things can go so badly where people’s lives end in disaster with bodily diseases. As soon as the pain came, I was on my way to the decay of the same body as them. Now I have overtaken all the people who are on sick leave in the decay of my dying body and are in worse physical shape sickness level than they are. I now have a more ruined body than most retirees have. I’ve gone about all the people who feels bad. This is as if I am sitting in a car and driving fast towards a concrete road where there is no brake pedal, and that concrete road is my death. I am becoming more and more immobile, and I have realized that I am on the way to total body paralysis. I cannot enjoy watching movies, I cannot enjoy nice weather. I no longer fit among people and social contexts, as I am dying physically and mentally. Sexually as a man I am mutilated to such an extent that I know I will never be able to live with a woman, but it does not stop there. My whole body is dying and at the same time I am dying as an individual. My personal identity has been dissolved a long time ago and I am not even like the person I was as a normal person before I was injured. My personal identity is massacred by the pain and all the torture suffered. I have difficulty breathing due to pain discomfort, lost sensation in my body and I lack words to be able to explain the suffering that I go through day and night for the rest of my life. You have to experience this to believe that it is possible. My existence is completely meaningless. Injuries produce like a factory around the clock the physical and mental suffering that keeps me constantly in that anger, hatred of the state that


has committed the crime against me, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, depression, and I have to look for reason to find meaning for my existence. In the beginning I could find meaning every day while now, I am completely unable to make sense of the fact that I am still alive and that I exist. The only thing I feel now is at the same time anxiety, anger, fear, sadness, depression, and this condition is what psychiatric care calls acute depression. Instead of saying all this to psychiatric care as the intention really was, I immediately realized what a criminal state mafia and what murderers they are. That is why I have written this blog so that my words and testimonies about the crime I have been subjected to will continue to live on after I have died. I write all this just to ordinary people around the world so that people will know that even they and their children are a target for invisible massacres in all possible ways that states hide with media and state systems propaganda silence. But some people who are in the same situation as me may not have realized it and it may be that they also get ECT while they are locked up in psychiatric care. This is the acute depression that people hear in the media while the media and entire state systems keep quiet about the fact that electric current damages the nervous system in the body to death and because of that every single injured person dies in one way or another or goes crazy eventually if they fail to commit suicide. I am no longer alive I am only aware that I exist until I have died. Every second of my life now is hell on Earth. I now spend more money on cigarettes, snuff, and alcohol than I have spent on food when I was not damaged by the electrical appliance. Quitting smoking, snuffing, and drinking alcohol, which I use as a pain reliever and anxiety suppressant, feels pointless because I have lost my physical and mental health. Injuries suggestively drive me to continue consuming cigarettes, alcohol, and snuff for the subconscious, I think that anxiety and suffering should decrease in strength and pain is currently reduced by alcohol overnight, but it leads me to hell where I feel even worse. The Seroquel is a chemical weapon and nothing else. Because of it, I eat junk food, lots of sugar like cakes, ice cream and so on. That medicine is so powerful that it changes my natural eating habits and craving for food. Before I was injured, I lived a long time without medication and then I only ate healthy food. Then I had no craving for sugar and junk food, so I never ate such food. Then you can understand that Seroquel and even worse Zyprexa is a chemical weapon that will kill people who go to psychiatric care due to mental suffering which in reality is actually provoked by the police through psychotronic weapons. No matter what problems you have in life, you can always recover mentally if you have a healthy body where you can always start over and start again. But I cannot start again, as my life is threatened by the state harming my body through pure state crime. I have no body I can stand on so I can never start my life all over again, because I know I will die. So, I live in inhuman conditions where my body dies slowly but surely and therefore, I cannot be normal either because this is body decay that consumes my mental senses and eventually it ends in madness. Anyone who has been injured in any way by the electric shock either commits suicide, dies due to injuries, or is locked up in a mental hospital due to suffering that drives one to insanity. The suffering that electrical damage produces through torture eventually provokes outbursts where you explode in verbal conflict due to electrical damage, you have been tortured for years and in this way, you have been deprived of the stability and peace that you had as unharmed and normal. This is precisely the purpose of the existence of the electrical system holocaust of electrical appliances that harms people worldwide to death. Injuries force you to have no choice but to protest in one way or another in such outcomes where you can no longer cope with the torture and suffering. For me, the outcome is that I am writing this blog post now and, in this way, I am protesting against the state abuse. Purpose of the existence of the electric annihilation is that people should become violent verbally so that when they say something like that to the care then they have immediately had a reason to call the police where they declare one as paranoid, psychotic, delusional and violent where in such a way they have finally had reason to declare one as a danger to oneself and danger to one’s surroundings. In the media, you are never allowed to talk about the crime you have been exposed to. If they would allow it, then they would reveal it electric annihilation on the civilian population in which they participate. There is no


difference between psychiatric care and general care. If you say all that in general care, psychiatric care or in pain and nerve clinics, they can all call the police and then you are locked up straight into a mental hospital. To harm people through its electric annihilation is just some of the weapons arsenal tools that states use to murder civilians, just like tools where states murder people hidden by the police that are no better than the media and all the care after which they all along with the world’s popular public figures, researchers and alleged research that is nothing but false information fraud that is going to deceive the world’s civilian population including children and young people into death. Now you understand what happens to people who have been hurt by its electric annihilation and look at government systems around the world and all existing media sources how they pretend they know nothing about the existence of this electric massacre and then you have realized the reality we live in. This is genocide where we ordinary people and our children are murdered like cattle animals. About all that, states keep quiet about. Now I hope you can understand what crime states are committing against their respective civilian populations through the death Trojan electric annihilation. This is genocide because it can involve many millions of murdered people around the world through human history. All the injuries and all the suffering are weaknesses that have been obtained through electrical damage. Those injuries are forcing my life out of my body. Injuries drive me to commit suicide by force. Even though I really want to live, it is extremely difficult for me to manage to stay alive. This is the end of my life and the whole state and state system knows about it because it is their way of discreetly murdering us ordinary people without states becoming responsible for the crime that states expose us ordinary people to, and they also murder our children in the same way. It always begins for all ordinary people that the police investigate for crimes with psychotronic weapons and ends in electrical damage through electrical destruction that ends one’s life forever. As long as people go to psychiatric care without people being harmed by those devices, you will be treated with respect by the whole personnel at every open psychiatric clinic. Some patients are diagnosed as bipolar, and other diagnoses of mental illness, but all these are state lies that psychiatric care tricks people into while psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and psychotherapists know about it electric annihilation and they are just waiting for the patient to buy one of the all 9-volt devices and thus injure themselves to death and when the patient has been injured by electric current then they have got all the weaknesses that are mental suffering that fall under the all different diagnoses of mental illness where one is psychotic because of suffering, paranoid because one has realized that the whole state together commits the crime on civilian population and so on. Now that they know that you have all the weaknesses it is only when they start to provoke patient for the sentence was never that the patient should be cured for psychiatric care can never cure someone it can only you yourself and I have explained in this blog, the sentence was always that one should be crushed physically and mentally so that one can be locked in captivity under the claim that one is mentally ill. No one sees this until they have reached the end-of-life stage in which the state has driven one. For example, I have never been diagnosed because they knew it all was about crime, because I was forced by psychotronic weapons by the police to go to them and tell all. But now I realize that they are not looking to solve crimes. They are looking for me to die or to lock me in a mental hospital and they can achieve that through its electric annihilation. Therefore, it exists so that states can lock people they want to lock in without any court. So, I’m already locked in there beforehand. It only takes time until I have lost my mind and all that torture is going on in my own home, where the state killed me through my own hands and death traps that states have posted all over the internet. States post on the internet ideas on how people should harm themselves to death and those ideas they advertise as something credible, harmless, and attractive so that people take on deadly state bait. On the surface, we have human rights while the state took all my human rights from me through psychotronic weapons that do not exist in public. They took my life away from me, they robbed me of my right to live by electric annihilation that no one utters a single word about as if it does not even exist in real life. As soon as psychiatric care found out that I wanted to flow my prescription from those to general care, they immediately began to


provoke me by not giving me a visiting time with the psychiatrist who can move my prescription and it took three months when I wrote a post on Facebook where I got a verbal outcome for my feelings. They thought I had lost control because of the suffering and that I should utter words that give them the right to declare me as danger to myself and others, so that they can call the police to lock me in a mental hospital. A nurse at the open psychiatric care clinic said to me in a ridiculous voice – (dooo youuuuu believe in General Care?yooou must belieeeeeeve in them, in order for tttthem to help youuuuu)- do you believe in General Care? She said, you must believe in them, in order for them to help you, even though she herself knows that themselves together with the police, media and public health care kills people and makes people commit suicide, or people go crazy in the end because of suffering and that’s how they lock people into mental hospitals. Healthcare is not something you should believe in. They are not heroes as the media claims. They are a state criminal mafia that kills people in the service of the government-state. For this universe, we are all human beings of equal worth regardless of race and religion. It is only we humans who see each other as less worthy because of our differences and we imagine some fucking white or other race superiority over other races and religions that is complete idiocy madness and self-deception. It is much easier to list people who do not take part in that aid to genocide. Those who do not take part in the genocide are ordinary people all over the world, regardless of race or religion. All those that you common people of the world have seen in TV, participates in it aid to genocide by concealing the electric genocide by talking about other things but not about electric destruction which they imagine as something harmless. Since they do not even mention the electric massacre of civilians around the world, it becomes equivalent to that massacre not existing and that is how they participate in the state genocide and crimes against humanity.

Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower

Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower and all other experts, serve directly for the benefit of states where they mix truth, lies and incomplete information that results in people being frightened, misled, confused and distracted so that people will never be able to see the worst Holocaust where people are murdered by electric current, and that genocide commits every single state on its own people. On the surface, they look like heroes who care about people, while in reality they create the delusion of a world where people should see psychotronic weapons in front of them as the only state abuse that you can do nothing about. When states through the police have begun to torture and manipulate their citizens through” voice of God weapon technology” injected voices in the head, it is meant for the rest of one’s targeted individual’s life, until one has died and then the state goes to another human being and the same thing happens to the targeted individual. Even people convicted of crime and who have served their prison sentences, after being released, are being assassinated by states through psychotronic weapons. When states have given in to a human being, then they never stop before the human being has died and that is the secret that we ordinary people do not know. The only thing is that we ordinary people do not realize it because the media builds a false image of reality where we all people live in freedom and security, while the police spy on people who commit crimes by listening to mobile phones, monitoring their computers and psychotronic weapons do not even exist in public. The fact that people hear voices in their heads is a mental illness and for that the state has pharmaceutical companies that give people medicines for such hallucinations. So, the image where the state intentionally harms people to death does not exist in the civilian population consciousness and it is the intention that we ordinary people should never know, because that is the only way states can continue to kill us ordinary people while we are unaware of this. Voice of God weapon technology V2K injected voices into the head, is sufficient for a human being to speak to death and in this way driven to commit suicide. As long as they do not harm your body physically, as long as you keep quiet on social platforms that you hear voices in your head. But now it turns out that they can also harm people remotely through other psychotronic weapons with different microwave frequencies that cause different mental illness conditions such as paranoia, depression, suicidal thoughts, manic behavior anger, blindness if microwave radiation is directed at the head, heart attack if microwave radiation is directed at the chest and all that without the police having started using V2K injected voices in the head where you are not even aware that you have been investigated by the police. But the thing is that they can use the V2K weapon


technology without revealing themselves to targeted individuals as they run on extremely low microwave radiation strength, so you do not even notice that they have talked to you and you do not become aware that you have revealed all your secrets while sleeping. When they start using voice of good weapon technology where they start talking to people, that’s when they intentionally reveal themselves and then you go through the next phase where they push one to the border between life and death and the border to mental breakdown. In my case from the day, I came to Sweden until the day when the police started talking to me, I have just collapsed towards mental breakdown, and I had experienced all the mental illness conditions. However, I have also injured myself in pure accidents over and over again due to mental suffering and down they started talking to me than I did not even suspect that they may be behind all the mental suffering. Then I knew nothing about psychotronic weapons. I assumed that the state is good and fair and after I followed the values ​​that states have tricked us through the media that we should believe in, I have acted accordingly that. Therefore, I admitted everything to the police shortly after they started talking to me, because it is not possible to live with that torture. They pretended to be the saviors of my life and I experienced them that way, while leading me with their kind words in disaster after disaster and illogical acts that have damaged my body and soul and also my social ability, where they made me, I was tricked into isolating myself from my surroundings. Their words are forced instructions to my actions where they indirectly deceive me into bodily injuries and further mental suffering and constantly new problems that arise in my life. They talked to me and as long as I was not seriously injured in the body, I continued to believe in them. I had my body, I could feel my body, I was a normal human being and that’s why I could be fooled by them over and over again. It did not even occur to me considering that I should think of targeted individuals and psychotronic weapons as I did not even experience their voices as torture. It can be about billions of people in the entire world’s civilian population who are exposed to this, individuals who are in the same condition as me then and all of them keep quiet because they are not injured and tortured, and physical suffering does not exist in their lives and that is why they keep quiet. What the experts say may be about thousands of targeted individuals around the world, is intentionally misrepresented by the power and rich elite to the people so that people do not turn their attention to the fact that it may be about hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are aware that they are exposed to it and who hear voices, while the entire world’s population of 7 billion are exposed to it without being aware of it and all they keep quiet about it because they do not feel physical suffering and torture. Hearing the police talk to me before I was injured was difficult and many times, they have driven me to outbursts of anger and mental exhaustion, but I did not realize what they are looking for. On me they have never used such weapons that cause pain in the body where they burn the body at a distance, where they cause pain in the body, where they harm the body, where they speak through my voice, where they take control of my body. To me, they have given an infinitely many times worse physical torture through apparatus that has damaged my entire nervous system that I am dying from now. They have forced me into that trap by destroying me mentally for 13 years so that I will be desperate in every possible way and so manipulated it was easier for them to deceive me into self-mutilation of my body. If they manage to clone test object thoughts that are one of the cops and inject those thoughts into my brain where the memories emotions and thoughts are not my own that the experts call ”artificially inserted memory”, then I can say that the memory that has come in my head from nowhere at home after the night when I was locked up in the closed psychiatric ward in Trollhättan can be forced into my brain in such a way. I did not even know that all that was possible. Targeted individuals begin to talk on social platforms about their torture only when the state causes torture through bodily harm, pain and suffering on their body through psychotronic weapons at a distance in their homes. States injure people to death where physical torture is the real reason people start talking openly. They had no reason to torture me from a distance by causing pain and bodily harm to me through psychotronic weapons. I believed in them, and I followed everything they said to me because they have convinced me in a lie that they allegedly save my life and in addition I had complete confidence in the entire Swedish state system. But here you can see that they also had for me


What I see in the Ramola D report where she claims she is the only journalist to expose state abuses against civilians. They are talking about people not taking the Covid-19 vaccine which has been filled with tons of advanced nanorobots and other advanced technology because in the future it will change human DNA so that people lose their humanity, where people change and this is probably true considering that I too have been changed due to electrical damage so that I have lost all humanity in me before I die. People are not only being changed by the covid-19 vaccine, people are dying from the covid-19 vaccine because the idea is that people will die of heart attacks and strokes due to the blood clots that the vaccine induces. She too only talks about the things that no ordinary people can do anything about, but she doesn’t talk about electrical annihilation and all the other death traps that people can protect themselves from if people are just warned in time before they get hurt.


States harm people in every possible way , but I do not know because I am not an expert. If they think that vaccine has all that, why not buy a sample of the vaccine and examine it in a laboratory under a microscope. What I see is deliberately laid out information by all the experts that aims to dispel people’s mistrust that the state can change human DNA through vaccines. They have posted something that people should be distracted by and that is what such independent journalists are talking about. Both experts, and such independent journalists distract people in their own way, and they all together serve directly in the interests of the state, by leading people into eternal discussions about vaccines and nano-robots falling under deception transhumanism, while not uttering a word about electric Holocaust and that is the real purpose of all the media propaganda. They talk about it, while they do not talk about 9-volt electrical appliances that are guaranteed and proven to harm the human body to death. It deprives a person of his body, his feeling in the body, his mind and all the human that makes us who we are. You eventually die because of those injuries.


They tell people not to take that vaccine while they do not tell people not to take 9-volt electrical appliances. Vaccines are dangerous while 9-volt devices are not dangerous and therefore they do not say a word about them. They are recruited by the state to protect it electric annihilation that has been going on throughout the history of mankind and is going on even now. They just protect it so that it does not become visible to ordinary people. Ramola D reports together with those who claim to be targeted individuals discussing the internet website that is openly about Satanists, where they claim that powerful politicians who rule the world are Satanists. It is, in fact, deliberately misleading information by the state for people to discuss Satanists instead of people realizing that all power and the rich elite together are killing people through psychotronic weapons, through electric annihilation, through pharmaceutical companies that give people harmful medicines and so on. State systems begin with politicians who have enacted laws, where they have legalized electric annihilation of civilian population as legal and something completely harmless. States have legalized torture at a distance that leads people to their deaths through psychotronic weapons that do not exist in public. Politicians, regardless of which political party they belong to, together kill people through the police, public care, psychiatric care, through pharmaceutical companies, through psychotronic weapons, through electric annihilation and publicly none of it exists. They protect the annihilation through the media that deceives us into an image of society that does not correspond to reality, and one does not realize it before it is too late when one has been harmed by power and the rich elite to death. All public figures including all the various existing so-called experts and researchers worldwide, film industry and entertainment worldwide, the world’s royal families, all politicians all together contribute to the genocide by misleading and deceiving people into not realizing that they are becoming murdered through media propaganda and state lies, by all of them together. All the political parties in the world that exist are involved in the genocide and none of them question the mass murder of civilians around the world, while we ordinary people, regardless of race and religion, are murdered, including our children, in exactly the same way. Even the free independent media that claim to be free press without state influence, I think are recruited by states after which I see that they also lie in such a way that they do not say a word about electric annihilation and what they do not talk about is what does not exist. They are just a more sophisticated state tool media misleading propaganda that should hide the worst of all electric annihilation. What have they revealed? nothing special. They protect it electric annihilation by never uttering a single word about it, while the electric annihilation has existed long before I was born. Other conspiracy theorists are much more advanced, and people are easily convinced by their fraud. They are well educated, and they tell the truth about everything except the danger of electrical damage


where they do not talk about it at all. What they do not talk about is what does not exist. If they talk about it, then it’s about ECT which they call Compulsive Therapy and there they lie. Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower, Dr. Peter Breggin are such advanced internet trolls most likely are recruited by states in order to hide electric genocide on civilians worldwide as something completely harmless. Even Ramola D I think is an internet troll possibly recruited by the state for people to believe that if there had been any danger to life for us humans then she would have talked about it. I have contacted her through Facebook, and I have explained that states take the lives of people through electrical appliances that are sold as something harmless. I said, what I see you targeted individuals never come to any conclusion. Read my blog and then you will have the missing piece of the puzzle that will open the eyes of all targeted individuals and the whole world. She never answered me back. She has shared a video of a younger woman who has been shot by the police with Taser and she said that it hurts the body, how can it even be used by the police? She said they will take it as a topic for discussion at a later time. But she does not say how Taser harms the body. What kind of damage is it? How does it affect a human being? Is it deadly? nothing. I will gain confidence in her once she has uttered words, human nervous system dies due to low electrical current passage of 9 volts. All of them together are internet conspiracy theorists who protect electric annihilation from not being revealed, so that states can kill the next generations of young people. You have the whole truth in my blog. When you are tricked into sharing conspiracy theorists’ video clips and posts, the point is that targeted individuals should not appear credible in the eyes of the rest of the population so that the rest of the population, such as people who commit crimes, should not be aware that police can come into their dreams and in this way get all their secrets and plans revealed directly to the police through their own mouth, while sleeping and you do not even remember any of this because the police manage to get completely unnoticed where they do not disturb sleep, while they still get same result. The idea is that every time the police catch them in the act, they should believe that a neighbor has put them out and exposed them for that crime to the police or that their mobile phones have become intercepted. Another self-deception can be served to criminals and even to ordinary people by the state as a misleading false information that there are expensive encrypted computers and mobile phones that are impossible for them to be hacked by the state. The state does not hack into anything. They enter such encrypted computers and mobile phones through the internet operator and firewall does not respond to their visit. The state comes in such computers and mobile phones in the same way as the American predator that has circulated over protests on the street and in this way, it sends a signal to people’s mobile phones where it pretends to be a mobile master and, in this way, steals everything in all mobile phones. I’m not an expert but I think it goes this way. In addition, they have psychotronic weapons that are tools for hacking people’s mental senses. The idea is that they should not believe that psychotronic weapons exist and that anything is possible. In order for people to become convinced of the reality of alternative truth, which is our basic truth until we are subjected to state abuse, states use entire state systems including the media so that people do not become aware of the annihilation of civilians by psychotronic weapons. exists, that annihilation by electrical devices exists, that people are injured to death by medicines sold to help one be said to feel good, while the drugs destroy the body of people through obesity, induction of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases that induce heart attack under false pretense of care and there are many more ways and all it is possible after that we have lived in a lie from the day we have born until now. States manipulate all of us to continue to become ignorant and unaware of the crime that states expose us and our children to. The meaning of media propaganda, popular publicity propaganda, lies and silence, politicians’ lies, healthcare lies, internet troll lies is to make us who are victims of state abuse less credible, crazy and so on. What we see on TV are music, film, advertising, rich and happy people who have succeeded in life. We admire them and their happiness, while we do not see them leading us and our children to the grave with lies, whose glorious name adored by us has blinded our eyes and blinds our mental senses by their popularity, by their high


education that makes us think they are smarter than we ordinary people are and there we have money that they have. Their wealth is a suggestive success that we dream of instead of never seeing the crime they are involved in committed against civilians around the world. The idea is that the population should see all that propaganda while people should never become aware of what the state can do to ordinary people. People should never become aware that states murder people through entire state systems. Some targeted individuals who are tortured by psychotronic weapons and who are exposed to gang stalking persecution reports it to the police, while when they say they also hear voices then they are forwarded by the police to psychiatric care and then in many cases they are locked up in psychiatric clinics for months. Then they are surprised how they are not believed by the police and psychiatric care. Some targeted individuals go with their own will to psychiatric care to undergo psychological tests so that they can prove that they are normal. They prove it and yet they continue to be tortured to death by psychotronic weapons and persecuted on the streets by state gang stalker. They tell about all that through YouTube video clips and even when they have talked about it, there is still total media silence as if they do not even exist. I think you should never undergo such psychological tests as it is the whole state that exposes you to state abuse, no matter what political party they may belong to, they all commit that crime together against you and all of us. Just talk normally, because then people will realize if you are normal and clear in your mental mind. Do not fill in the psycho test because then you are playing under rules of the same state that will kill you in the end. Understand that it is the whole state that you have against you. Read my blog and compare the hell I go through with the hell that happens to you and then you will realize who is the one who murders and tortures you and me. In the mainstream media, human rights and all equal values ​​prevail. Targeted individuals are invisible while dying by suicide one by one. Targeted individuals are shocked that no media is willing to talk about their cases. My story of my ruined life through this blog is the piece of the puzzle that you do not see and down you have read all that I have written about, then you will understand that you, me, and we are all tortured and murdered in an equal way where our lives are not worth anything. When I say I’m dying because of a 9-volt device then you all keep quiet. It does not concern you as it has not happened to you. You want someone to stop your suffering through law change so that you can continue with your life, while in reality they will not stop torturing you before you die. States commit genocide and we must be willing to see every single way in which civilians are murdered in civil society so that we can get a clear picture of what is going on in society. It’s not just about us adults. States also kill our children and that is why we must see the whole state crime so that we can inform our children about the danger they will grow up and live in. The problem is that our children usually listen to everything and everyone but not to us parents. But therefore, we must speak openly about the electric annihilation so that the genocide can come to light so that all people become aware that they can be murdered by the state lethal fraud electrical system. Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower speaks the truth about psychotronic weapons and the danger that microwave radiation poses to the health of us and our children. But they are tricking you into believing that electric annihilation is not dangerous to the health of us all and our children and it is through the electric annihilation civilian population is murdered. Psychotronic weapons are mental and physical torture while electrical damage is physical and mental torture suffering 100 times worse and it always ends in death in the end. If you had been injured by electric shock, then you would realize the truth that entire government systems take the lives of you, me, all of us and even our children. The heroic effort of whistleblowers like Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower is targeting people who are being tortured in their homes by psychotronic weapons to death so that they do not see electrical products as a danger to life so that they can also be deceived into bodily injuries by electric current. Once they have been deceived into bodily injuries through all alleged stimulation electrical appliances, it is only when they are sentenced to real death, where they either die due to bodily injuries where necrosis occurs in the injured part of the body eventually, or they become crazy because the brain eventually collapses and that


because nerve damage spreads through the body where one suffers due to lost sensation in the body, discomfort, and pain. The murder of a person begins with the first and only time when you have bought that product and when you test the electrical appliance. Damage to the body and nerves occurs immediately when you get numbness in the place where you have connected the electrodes on the body and it ends with the whole nervous system dying in the body, where you have left to live only the time it takes to whole nervous system dies. One will commit suicide long before the whole nervous system has had time to die, because pain becomes stronger and mental senses evaporate due to the suffering where one feels that one ceases to exist because of that pain. It leads to death as the nervous system is an extension of the brain and it is a naturally integrated system that allows us to feel our body, that we have a feeling when touched, that we can experience that we are alive, that we exist and that we can integrate in our environment as a living organism in this ecosystem on this planet Earth. In this video, Dr. John Hall appears credible to most of the people on this planet who are not harmed by electric current, but not to me because I know I’m dying of damage caused by a 9-volt device to my body. What he’s talking about I saw in science fiction film a long time ago and that’s where the state lethal fraud media theater show comes from. Both of them, the interviewer and Dr. John Hall re-create a deadly scam through this video. He talks about the fact that the American state in 1950 started a system of research MK Ultra to be able to remotely control the human mental senses. For them to be able to create puppets doll, who is to commit a terrorist attack or carry out spy acts for the state, the state creates a changed personality in the targeted individual through hypnosis, drugs and ”ECT compulsive therapy”, where Dr. John Hall claims that when the targeted individual has carried out the terrorist attack the state reprograms the targeted individual back to normal personality without the targeted individual being aware and lacking memories of the changed personality that it has committed the terrorist acts. This means, according to him, that the targeted individual also does not remember that he was programmed through hypnosis, that he got drugs in him that he got ECT electric shock which is not possible in real life. Targeted individual remembers it and the stated lie in that video is pure science fiction media propaganda lie. Dr John Hall calls electric shock through” ECT, ECT compulsive therapy” and that is what reveals him as an internet troll who, is guaranteed to be recruited by the state to imagine ECT as something harmless and in this way, states hide the electric genocide that has been always going on around the world. All attention is focused on psychotronic weapons and on V2K weapon technology injected voices in the heads of people as something dangerous while ECT is presented as therapy that is harmless treatment to be able to split personality on targeted individuals and thus create puppet doll. In addition, he says that the state reprograms the targeted individual back to normal personality with the memories that that individual had before programming. Here it is again the same thing, ECT has not damaged the brain, while people around the world talk about their injuries that they have received from ECT, where they have lost memories of decades. Brain dies partially immediately for each electric shock and after a year comes pain where people suffer in their deathbed suffering agony. Because the brain is damaged then you have partially lost your mind and now the targeted individual is permanently mentally ill with the severity and the mental disability where the individual has lost the ability to think clearly, and it worsens forever until you go crazy then with continuous dying brain the whole targeted individual personality ceases to exist and then the human being is dead while his body is still alive. Electrical brain damage spreads to the entire brain and also to the spine, neck, skin and so on. After the targeted individual has received an electric shock through ECT then there is nothing that can heal the electrical brain damage and the individual’s personality changes more and more with time, where one’s personal identity ceases to exist less and less. Over time, brain damage spreads throughout the brain and death occurs due to breathing difficulties or heart attack. It’s not just memories that cease to exist due to parts of the brain that have died. The brain controls autonomic reflexes such as breathing, heart, other organs of the body and it is the parts of the body that eventually fail, and you die because of this. It is


a secret that states protect at all costs with media silence, after which electric current is so devastatingly harmful to the human body. That is why states protect this electric annihilation on civilian population after as psychotronic weapons that are also lethal yet cannot even be compared to electrical damage for electrical damage on 9-volt leads in death and when it comes to ECT then it is states that lie. That is why one could see through the world’s film industry and through all sorts of information sources far back in time a picture where mentally ill people in mental hospitals, screaming, hitting walls, biting parts of their arms with their teeth completely out of control and they are imagined as they have just gone crazy. Not only are they crazy, but they are also dead because psychiatrists have killed them with electric shocks. Electric genocide is such an effective way to kill people. That is why states recruit such experts as Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower who tells the truth about psychotronic weapons and the danger of microwave radiation, while they hide and camouflage electrical destruction as harmless therapy or even worse care for mental illness depression. When I think a little better Dr., Barrie Trower exaggerates danger with Wi-Fi wireless router where he represents it as a life-threatening danger to adults and children. He exaggerates the danger with mobile phone radiation that it is said to disturb the natural body’s electromagnetic field, but what is it that people feel? You feel absolutely nothing, while he does not utter a single word about electrical devices that damage the nervous system in the body to death in minutes. That is the purpose of his exaggerated concern for people’s health through microwave radiation and wireless router. People should see danger with it while people should never see danger with devices that are sold as something harmless while leading people to death. Microwave radiation and X-Rey radiation through psychotronic weapons are a real danger to the human body, while wireless router and mobile phone radiation cannot even be compared to psychotronic weapons and electric destruction of civilians worldwide. It is not even known that they were recruited by the state when they allegedly protested against state abuse, but a man who is injured by its Electric Holocaust realizes that they are lying. For a conspiracy theory to work, there must always be the truth mixed with lies and in this way the state, through these experts, strikes at the people of the whole world, at those who are gullible who are easily deceived and at the same time those who begin to distrust the state and who looking for possible dangers, so that they do not see this particular electrical destruction. By states and by these experts ECT is presented as something harmless where they have not even allowed any space where people can question the danger of ECT. According to them, ECT is therapy and point end. If ECT is not questioned as something dangerous then 9-volt devices seem to be a joke and it is precisely the 9-volt devices that are so very dangerous that people eventually die due to damage that those devices cause to the human body and the body’s nervous system. Here is the video:

Gang stalking Mind Control & Targeted Individuals Dr John Hall Richie Allen


Their heroic contribution by telling them what the state can do to the civilian population, leads to people being intimidated into silence and obedience by states so that they themselves will not be exposed to the same thing. Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower does not mention a word that ECT causes damage to the brain and ECT is the only thing that states allow it to be talked about, while states kill people through the rest of the electric destruction at 9-volt low electric current power and that is the whole secret as the genocide through electric destruction around the world is based on, where people are murdered through state lies. They speak the truth when they say that people are spoken to death through the voice of good weapon technology V2K and that microwave radiation that all psychotronic weapons evoke on civilians who are targets of state stealth weapons, causes cancer with long exposure and thus damages body, while they do not utter a word about


electrical devices that destroy the nervous system in the body in minutes and I think that is what their heroic effort is really about. For example, they talk about all the different psychotronic weapons that are so advanced that they have surpassed the science fiction film industry, while they sound like they have no knowledge of such a low-demanding task mental thought ability for such highly trained experts as Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, physicist Barrie Trower and all the other experts around the world, to think out how ECT negatively affects the human body. According to them, ECT does not affect body negative. They represent ECT as something troublesome but not something that causes damage to the human body. This is exactly what state genocide fraud is based on. They see harmful effects of microwave radiation on the human body and also harmful effects of mobile phones, while they do not see danger and negative effects of electric current on the human body. It is impossible that they do not know the state secret that nerves die from the slightest electric current strength. If you care about people as much as you claim, then you should tell the whole truth to people and the truth is that electric annihilation of ordinary people worldwide is the biggest, worst, and major genocide committed against civilians worldwide, on the whole planet, where people are murdered as livestock animals on an industrial scale. Also, for neurotoxin Novitjok there are cures, while for damage caused by electrical appliances to the body there is no cure because electric current is not nerve poison, but it is equivalent to a hammer, knife, pistol bullet or any other object. Electric current is a force that damages the body from the skin and flows right through the body and damages muscles, blood vessels, internal body organs and the most sensitive of all the body’s nervous system. About Novitjock it is babbled about in the media, while about electrical damage there is not a word said and that because it destroys the body permanently in a few minutes and from such damage there is no return to a normal life. It is the most effective way to injure a person to death, physically and mentally and as soon as you are injured then you are deprived of your body and also your mind and your mental health and because of this you are deprived also your whole life for you are already dead in advance. They also mislead people by talking about transhumanism where they build an image that they want people to see in front of them that it is about advanced research where they take for granted that it works and that it is harmless. They talk about different chips being operated on in different parts of the body of people while people undergo some standard procedure on hospital operating tables, without people’s knowledge and against their own will. Then they say that the Microchip can read thoughts that they can cause pain in the body and lots more of” blah blah” lies. States through the police are able to do all that remotely through psychotronic weapons. They do not need Microchip for this purpose. They operate Micro Chip on people against their will because it is like rape and something degrading, which will arouse despair in people towards the state. It is the same as gang stalking persecution where one should be shocked and saddened at what the state has done to one and it is further a psychological part of torture. They operate into people Miro chip for a completely different reason. The Microchip generates electrical current strength which is guaranteed with short time exposure damaging the nervous system. They claim that it generates low voltage and that makes it safe but, nerves generate natural current strength which is one hundred times less and that is why nerves are damaged. The information where experts claim that the human body is like a battery where the whole body generates electrical voltage which they claim is quite high, is a pure state deliberately laid out lie. If it had been true, then we humans would have had small electric shocks when we touch each other, and it never happens. Purpose of all different Microchip, different neurological devices are described, by the world’s lying experts as something advanced and completely harmless while it results in people being fooled only by electrical damage. The purpose of this is to give credibility to the rest of the electrical destruction as something credible that people should not see as a danger so that they can be murdered with their own hands in their own home. If someone gets the Microchip operated on in any part of the body then there will be electrical damage in that place and that is the real purpose of the advanced Micro chip, so that people will after that go through the same death bed suffering in agony where they become driven to


madness and to commit suicide. It is the part of their involvement where they help the state convince people under its name as well-educated scientists who are in fact conspiracy theorists recruited by the state in aiding the genocide of civilians worldwide through state lies that are nothing but state fraud of epic proportions. This is how states kill their people, while when you start talking about their injuries, states protect them from being exposed through censorship, silence, and denial, where the state throughout state systems treats people who have been injured as if people are mentally ill. That Dr. Robert Duncan admits the existence of” voice of good weapon technology” that he has helped to develop for the state, is because the state allows it to be revealed. Otherwise, if he had revealed it on his own initiative, then he would surely have shared the same fate as Julian Assange. It looks like he is against the torture through the V2K weapon technology, where the state talks people to death, but I think he is working for the state even now on other levels where he is hiding the worst genocide of all and that is electric annihilation of civilian population worldwide. Everything that Dr. Robert Duncan has said about the psychotronic weapons is consistent with the testimonies of people who have been exposed to those weapons. Dr. Robert Duncan talks in video (CIA Dr. Robert Duncan Tryone Dew interview) that the state puts people in laboratories and then

1-gives people electroshock,

2-gives people medicines, (In reality under duress.) 3-hypnotizes the patient and in this way splits personality and creates a Manchurian candidate and it means a puppet that will unknowingly kill innocent people for the state. Robert Duncan also mentions Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, who through his experiments has operated on brain chips in animals and humans. This is a complete fantasy lie. Debate about Project MK Ultra is about experiments where the state has done experiments on patients who were already hospitalized in closed psychiatric care and it’s not about people who were put in laboratories for experiments on them. Linda McDonald was 25 years old when Dr. Dr Cameron treated her in 1963 for mild postpartum depression or postpartum depression with 102 electric shocks and with lots of other torture through medication where she got completely erased memories and the ability to take care of herself as if she were a newborn, totally incontinent unable to enter her name or to recognize her husband and children. In this video, it is alleged that she had to learn again how to drive a bill, cook food, how to read and use the toilet. But in the end, like most patients of Dr. Cameron in this video, it is claimed that she was” completely restored” and this is the lie that the electric genocide on civilians around the world with fatal outcome, has been built. If there is video where Linda McDonald claims that she has been completely recovered after 102 treatments with ECT, then she also lies and then she also participates in the state advertising fraud and the theater performance lie MK Ultra. Purpose of all videos about MK Ultra is to hide murders of civilians worldwide through devices 9 volts, Taser, murders of civilians through care at nerve clinic through Neurography, through psychiatric care through ECT and so on. This video is state crime that the state has built to be able to kill civilians without any court prosecution criminal proceedings. You must listen very carefully to these words that the people utter in the YouTube video clips, because then you can realize the deception on which that video is based. Anyone who does not know what damage electric current causes to the human body, with these words everyone is deceived, and it is about the whole of humanity. That is why the electric massacre of civilians around the world is still going on today. With 102 electric shocks, they suggestively deceive ordinary people into false belief that one can be restored anyway which is a complete state fraud lie with fatal outcome. Damage caused by 9-volt devices to the human body is the death penalty executed, while ECT treatment is the death penalty executed on the spot. I doubt it’s true, where people who allegedly testify about their injuries, they have received from ECT where they say they have had 10 years of their life’s memories erased. I have read about a girl who received her first ECT treatment where she committed suicide the same week and that is what electric destruction of civilians around the world is for something. The whole MK Ultra program is a


charade a theater show created by the state for people to get a false misconception image of reality so that people do not complain, and that people get used to seeing people being murdered by the state during claims of experiments on adults and children. In MK Ultra state propaganda, the state uses the word” Program” so that it sounds as if they are doing some scientific work that is credible and, in this way, people are misled in the false image of what the state does to the civilian population in mental hospitals is difficult but not deadly. Through video about MK Ultra the state paralyzes people’s actions so that people do not protest by instilling fear in people so that people will not go to the psychiatrist and hurt him out on the street. It is a disaster for the civilian population worldwide that that psychiatrist was allowed to live his life normally until his death, while committing genocide on the civilian population. Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists should fear the civilian population and they should never feel safe on the streets because it’s just a matter of civilians around the world realizing the truth of what they really are, and I tell you ordinary people around the world what they are for something. I have paid with my life for me to realize the truth and I will die very soon. In order for me to prove to you that it is not about race and religion, I can tell you that I happened to be born in Bosnia in a family with a Muslim name. To me, a Bosnian psychiatrist with a Muslim name is as big a monster as any other psychiatrist on this planet. I can tell you that I would slaughter him, of course in a legal way by electric destruction that they commit on us ordinary people because I never commit a crime. That pig would get no mercy from me. But it is not the pig killer that has taken my life, but it is the pigs in the Swedish psychiatric care that have together with the entire Swedish state led me to death now at the end of my life and it is those I see as the culprits for my death. Even you who belong to another religion are murdered by psychiatrists who belong to your religion. So, it’s not about race and religion, it’s about the power of the world and the rich elite who together kill us ordinary people no matter what race and religion we belong to. The state imagines the butcher psychiatrist claiming that he is a doctor and word care is used to give credibility to the genocide, while people are suggestively tricked that this experiment is to find cures for mental illness and that people’s worries should be calmed down while they are murdered, one by one without any protest. The aim is that people should not revolt against the state genocide abuses committed around the world, so that states can continue to murder civilians, while ordinary people remain silent. Every state on this planet uses people’s fears through psychiatric care where on the surface through the media they give credibility to psychiatric care while below the surface people are murdered in closed psychiatric clinics and such cases states show in the media as cases where there has been an accident that is never investigated by the police, and this is exactly what creates fear in people. In this video they call it MK Ultra program experiments where they do experiments on children who are white and where the state wants to say that it is not about racism, because there you see that we are all treated in the same way no matter what race we may belong to. That we see children being tortured then it is pointless for adults to complain about something. Like I said that video is meant to instill fear in the population so that people will be afraid of state and state psychiatric care, where people should never dare to question the state as the authority and state criminal hand of psychiatric care. The video about MK Ultra is criminal advertising propaganda. The man who talks about the program MK Ultra also commits crimes now by giving false information and in this way, people deceive into death so that people will believe that you can still be recovered after 102 ECT electric shocks, while in reality you die due to 9-volt damage in one way or another. One of the victims is a woman who now testifies that she became one of the children and she says that the killer psychiatrist gave her electric shocks with electrodes that were connected to her body, while she does not mention a word that she has lost feeling in the part of the body which means that she too is lying now. Everyone who has suffered electrical damage to the body causes their entire nervous system to die and this leads to suicide due to suffering and if you are unable to commit suicide then you will eventually go crazy due to pain, discomfort and lost feeling in the body hitting eventually out the brain’s ability to think normally. She was involved as a child in the advertising


propaganda then and she extends credibility to the MK Ultra propaganda scam even today, by lying now, so that people will never get true information that the nervous system dies in a few minutes of low electric current so that People should be tricked into buying one of all the infinite 9-volt electric Trojans under false pretenses, where people will in fact injure themselves with their own hands to death. You have the truth in my blog. Also, Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower, and all other experts are involved in the help of genocidal crime advertising, where they represent ECT as something difficult but completely harmless because they do not state anywhere in what injuries the ECT electric shock leads a person in. You are not programmed, hypnotized, or gets his personality splintered. You die from this. Ordinary people on this planet, I tell you this video leads you and your children to death.

Monarch: the new phoenix program


1-There is no laboratory where ECT can be forced on people. Although there were a few cases far back in time where they put people in laboratories where the state experimented on adults and children, it is about the state deceiving individuals that they should give their consent that they should be included in that experiment, without them was told that they will be injured to death and that they will live the rest of their lives locked in the laboratories that I believe were psychiatric clinics. The state fraud where the state deceived people in fatal injuries then in the alleged laboratories MK Ultra is the same fraud that is committed now, where people are deceived in injuries caused by ECT treatment through psychiatric care. I’ve seen this video and I can say with 100% certainty that Linda McDonald has not had her memories erased like a computer hard drive. Her brain is partially dead and because of this her memories no longer exist. As her brain is damaged, it is not mere memories that have ceased to exist, but she has lost the ability to think about basic everyday tasks at all. She can never take care of herself, and she will not survive in society as a functioning citizen. She did not die physically immediately but she is a 100% physically and mentally handicapped person who died inside and eventually she will die due to her body injuries and that is what makes electric destruction so amazing for people die later slowly but surely with delay of a few years, depending on the electric current strength they have been injured with and then the delayed death is not blamed on the state, after which they did not die while receiving ECT but it is blamed on disease such as diabetes, vessels and heart disease such as heart attack due of medications used as pain relief for the injury and due to brain damage through ECT she is now really crazy. That’s why she dies in there in a psychiatric clinic and is locked up there until her death, but states will never reveal that secret in the media and therefore no one will know anything about the genocide so that the next one can be killed from the civilian population and so it has been through the whole of human history. When it comes to psychotronic weapons where it is again claimed that people are subjected to torture through government experiments in their homes, it is also false. It is the police around the world who have all the weapons in their hands. They investigate people for crimes that can be banal in relation to the torture that the state exposes people to, where the state through the police physically injures people to death by causing pain in the body at a distance through microwave radiation and mentally by torturing people with suggestive opinions there they inject voices into the heads of people for twenty years just so that people will be mentally crushed where people will be found cheated in electrical damage and when people have been cheated in electrical damage then it is torture at an infinitely higher level, where you die on everyone possible ways at the same time and it is only when one becomes mentally disturbed that the body’s system dies and causes disturbances in the brain’s thinking ability. Through psychotronic weapons, they can also cause cancer in people because they use microwave


radiation and X-Ray radiation. Through the videos about MK-Ultra experiments, states protect the electric annihilation even today and they deceive people that people should not see electrical appliances as something dangerous, while they all appliances are the worst that has ever existed in human history. The propaganda about MK-Ultra is advertising for all the future, where they give people who are tortured by the police, CIA, security police a choice where instead of saying that they have committed a crime, they can blame that they have been selected to engage in government experiment against their will. It is the same with the diagnosis of depression. Blame it on suffering from depression instead of the torture that the police commit on one for crimes that are being investigated for. It is the death penalty executed on people. This is the scam where the state has put the propaganda about MK-ultra where they call it an experiment where thousands of Americans today are selected for CIA experiments. Even then, at that time and now, it is always a matter of deceiving people through psychiatric care that you should never see the truth, while you are murdered slowly through medication and with the worst of all with ECT electric shock. But it is not about people who have been tricked into death through ECT treatment in psychiatric care. It is about the rest of the electric destruction that is being perpetrated on civilians around the world, where people are being tricked into committing suicide with their own hands in their own homes through 9-volt appliances. The only place where people can be forced ECT treatment by the state is the closed psychiatric clinic.

2-The only place where they can impose medication under duress is closed psychiatric care. In order for people to be deprived of their freedom by the state, the only necessary reason needed is that the individual that the state has as its targeted individual, commits a criminal act that has no motive. Through psychotronic weapons, the state makes people look like they’re crazy. People have a sensible motive, but through verbal torture techniques through” voice of God weapon technology” where they inject voices into people’s heads, they drive people to mental breakdown, where states close all gaps behind them, so that no matter what revenge action one trying to commit, you will always look like you are crazy. 70% of people who are exposed to this type of state abuse through V2K technology commit suicide. People direct their anger in the right direction at state perpetrators who use V2K to torture one to commit suicide, while perpetrators are well protected with anonymity where they sit safely in any police station as a police investigator in front of a computer screen and in front of them they have a microphone and sound system to be able to manipulate voices and with that they are connected via the internet to V2K ”voice of god weapon technology ”which is installed on mobile masts, perhaps in every block of some high-rise building, or satellites and now that technology will probably be installed in every 5G mobile masts at a distance between 150 meters. Even now, one cannot hide anywhere on the planet of V2K technology. Wherever you go, they will find you, through existing mobile master infrastructure and satellites. For example, people who have committed shootings in the United States have been misled in the wrong direction by V2K by state perpetrators against innocent civilians and the people who have been murdered, the state does not really care. Hatred and deadly violence are directed away from power and the rich elite, towards the civilian population where people kill each other. It also serves a purpose in favor of the state in one way or another. People are always misled into seeing the enemy in ordinary people while the state through the media manipulates through state media propaganda and the media propaganda is in fact psychological warfare technique of control over people’s actions. States deceive ordinary people that people should always see each other as the enemy and it often ends in murder, where ordinary people kill each other due to religious beliefs, racial beliefs, political beliefs, criminals who kill each other unnecessarily and so on. All the beliefs are different warfare programs propaganda manipulation techniques, as people have been brainwashed with the values ​​of their parents who have been convinced and manipulated by states through their lives and it is a written program with instructions implemented in the children’s mental minds by their parents through the upbringing of the child, where the child is programmed


not to see the state as an enemy, that the child should believe in the state and that the child should never question state power. It works perfectly because the state has media in its hands and the state shows people only what the state wants people to see. Information where states commit crimes is not shown anywhere. In addition, the child only sees what the state wants people, including the child, to be able to see through the media, that ordinary people commit crimes against each other, while the state punishes the crime and shows it information in the media. The child gets a delusion through the media where the state does everything right because the state does not show through the media that the state commits crimes and mistakes. Brainwashing of the child’s mental senses continues through school teaching where the child receives a second wave of propaganda programs where the image of the state as a fair system that the child should believe in is cemented deep in the child’s subconscious mental senses from children’s bones all the way up to adult life. Then the child as an adult transmits the state program with state instructions on to his own child and thanks to this no one ever thinks independently. That is why we have politicians that no one can overthrow, because none of us ordinary people have critical thinking in our mental minds, because such information has never reached our brains. As an adult, you are further misled and manipulated into the false image of reality through the media, news, entertainment, film industry, internet censor, through all government institutions, government laws and values ​​so that we should believe what politicians serve us through the same available information media flow that I have mentioned, just so that we do not see the true real enemy which is the whole state system that murders us ordinary people on an industrial scale in many different ways at once. So, we live our lives according to what we have seen in the media since we were born until now. The entire world’s civilian population is convinced by each country’s state media in a picture of reality where politicians fight for us people and our children’s interests so that we can live in freedom and security with human rights to have equal value in society, to be able to express ourselves freely and in order for us to have all that, we vote for our politicians who promise us all that through the media before parliamentary elections. Here we come to the deception and state lie conveyed by Dr. Robert Duncan’s number:

3-hypnotizes the patient and in this way splits the personality and creates a Manchurian candidate and it means a puppet that will kill innocent people unknowingly for the state. This is misleading play with words that result in people being confused and distracted so that the danger to life with electro shocks through ECT is masked and hidden under the assertion of hypnotizing people who create Manchurian candidates, puppets who will kill innocent people. The majority of the civilian population on this planet, are accustomed to hearing through health care and all existing media sources about cases where ECT is given to adults and children in psychiatric clinics as care for depression. States use precisely that prejudice distracting word (ECT is given as care for adults and children), as advertising and which will convince people in delusion that it is people and children who are mentally disturbed, unable to take care of themselves because they know they themselves are normal individuals who have never had mental illness in their family and relatives. In addition, the fact that psychiatric care also gives ECT to children has a calming effect, as it is believed that if the state gives it to children, then it is certainly not dangerous. If it had been dangerous then the state would never have allowed children to be exposed to the ECT treatment. But that is exactly how states commit genocide on ordinary people, where even children are murdered on the grounds that they give the childcare. This is the secret that none of us ordinary people see, before we have been injured to death and it is only then that we realize the truth of what states are for something, but then it is already too late because we are already dead in advance due to electrical damage. And so, genocide goes on throughout human history while we ordinary people are murdered and slaughtered, one by one as if we were cattle. At first, I thought that the idea of ​​using electric shock on people comes from slaughtering pigs. But I missed watching the whole video about MK Ultra where Josef Mengele used it in the extermination camp in Auschwitz on the civilian population. Everyone knows that Auschwitz


was not a place where people were given care and yet ECT has been implemented from Josef Mengele into psychiatric care around the world. As I said fascism is not defeated. Only one side of the conflict is defeated. There are very few ordinary people who have heard of the alleged program MK Ultra. Evan I after long searching on the internet and by watching video about targeted individuals got to know about it just recently. What the US government has started through the fraud propaganda about MK Ultra experiments on civilians, is further expanded work by Josef Mengele, where civilians are murdered around the world hidden under allegations of experiments, allegations of people receiving care and so on. But now every single state on this planet is using the same method to murder its own people, entire families including children. People are murdered only because all states together participate in the electric genocide of the civilian population and in this way, they advertise the genocide as something completely harmless and at the same time they censor the truth about what the electric destruction is for something in reality. The majority of the civilian population around the world are deceived by their respective government systems and media to see ECT as care for depression and word care gives a misleading picture where people see ECT as something harmless. If you see ECT as something harmless then there is no chance that you will see a danger in Brain Chip, Taser, 9-volt stimulation devices, Neurography and so on. This is state genocide propaganda that aims to distract people from being able to see ECT as something dangerous. It aims to distract people from seeking deeper information, if ECT might be dangerous to the human body? The most important purpose of all is that people should never be able to connect connections between ECT and Brain Chip, Tasers, 9-volt stimulation devices, Neurography and much more. Therefore, ECT is the only state that allows it to be talked about in public due to alleged legitimate cause of care for dangerous mental illness depression, so that the worst genocide through other electrical destruction through 9-volt devices that have no fully justified cause, should be hidden as something completely harmless so that civilians around the world can continue to be murdered under false claims of use. Every sensible person can understand that ECT is certainly harmful. But no one suspects that 9-volt devices sold as death Trojans lead to death. If you have had ECT then you have had brain damage. It is a process of brain tissue death, which goes on all the way until one has finally died. Electrical damage caused by ECT, Brain Chip, Taser, damage caused by 9-volt stimulation devices anywhere on the body, damage caused by Neurography at the nerve clinic and pain clinic, all it is the beginning of the end of one’s life where one experiences the event when one has been injured as the most catastrophic event of his life. Not even war and extermination camps can be compared to the event when one has been damaged by electric current. So, when you are injured by electric current, you have received injuries that cause you to be completely transformed from a person who has had a healthy and fully functioning body to a person who has had his body destroyed and those injuries damage mental senses where you are simply not normal anymore and you are more and more mentally ill as the nervous system and everything else in the body dies. So, there is no hypnosis. They cannot hypnotize one because one has got split personality of probably, brain damage through ECT or bodily damage to nervous system through devices of 9 volts, neurography, Taser and so on. Even bodily injuries caused by electrical damage of 9 volts, destroy one’s mental health and personal identity as an individual. In one moment, you were normal with a fully functioning body, while in the next moment after injury you have been handicapped with a body that no longer functions normally and after that you rush right into death. The more the body dies, the more you become mentally ill because it is a process where the body and soul die at the same time. Robert Duncan also mentions Psychiatrist Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado who through his experiments has operated on brain chips in animals and humans and he also sees this as credible research as he does not question brain chips as something that can be harmful to the human brain, as it generates low electrical shocks that damage the brain. This is again about allegedly low electric power that is not dangerous and that is the secret that states protect from being revealed to civilians worldwide. He claims that he is against people being tortured by the state with psychotronic weapons and V2k” voice of God weapon


technology”, while at the same time he complains about brain chips where words” damage the brain” do not exist in the Youtube video interview (CIA Dr. Robert Duncan Tryone Dew interview) and neither in his buck nor in all his other Youtube videos and that’s what that scam is about. Everyone I have mentioned in this blog such as Robert Duncan, Dr John Hall, Barrie Trower British physicist, psychiatrist Peter Breggin and maybe even” Ramola D reports” distracts the civilian population away from discovering the worst genocide in human history on electric annihilation. All the various Psychotronic weapons and especially the worst of all” voice of God weapon technology” that inject voices into people’s heads, are not only used by some old rapper who claims MK-ultra, CIA and that the state experiments on the population without people’s permission where they torture people to death. States have been experimenting on people 50 years ago and now there are no more experiments but the police around the world are using all the technology to stress and distract individuals that the police are investigating for crimes, so that people can be deceived into permanent bodies and nerve damage through electrical destruction of civilians worldwide. Do not understand me in the wrong way. Anyone who is tortured by states through V2K technology that injects voices into people’s heads, has not committed a crime. They expose people who have spoken politically negatively against politicians in government. They can talk people to death if they have mountains of parking fines. If they investigate an adult for crime, then at the same time they also torture even child from birth in parallel with parent where they destroy the child to cause mental harm to parent later in life at the end of police investigation as in my case. They also expose children to the” voice of good weapon technology” and various microwave radiation frequencies that cause depression, suicidal thoughts, psychotic states, anger in children without children even being aware that it may be something completely different that makes children feel badly. If you do not believe that states would want to torture young children with psychotronic weapon technology that is 100% lethal, then you have evidence where they commit much worse crimes against children, where they murder children with ECT. They murder children through the” Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System” under the claim of care for ADHD in children and so on. Voices in the head cannot even be compared to ECT damage to the child’s brain. If you do not go crazy hearing voices in your head then you are guaranteed to go crazy from electrical damage and moreover, you will die. Here you can read about international state genocide misleading media propaganda death fishing nets:

Tribute to Jose Delgado, legendary and a little scary pioneer in Mind Control

Hyllning till Jose Delgado, legendarisk och lite skrämmande pionjär inom Mind Control



Through his experiments, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado has operated on brain chips in animals and humans. Delgado radio-equipped electrode sets, which he called” stimulation aids”, in dogs, cats, monkeys, chimpanzees, gibbons and humans. With the push of a button, he was able to evoke smiles, scorn, bliss, fear, hunger, intimidation, lust, and other answers.

(This is just more of misleading media advertising propaganda that will distract and confuse people so that people can see it as something credible, but it really raises the credibility of all the other invisible death devices of all kinds that will make them look like credible and harmless. Even dead frog that gets electric shock on dissection table, makes muscle cramps


contractions while the frog is dead. That frog will not get life back just because it has received electric shock.)

Once among the world’s most acclaimed researchers, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado has become an urban legend, whose career is shrouded in misinformation. Delgado was a pioneer in the most nervous technology, the brain chip, which manipulates the mind by electrically stimulating nerve tissue with implanted electrodes. Long a McGuffin of science fiction, from The Terminal Man to The Matrix, is now testing brain chips as treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, depression, and other disorders.

(It’s just state genocide fraud full of lies, which are supposed to hide electric destruction on civilians. The electric impulses that evoke all the different mental moods only damage the brain for every electrical impulse, all more and more. I think it was a theater performance for TV cameras. He is lying and the individual who has been the test object is also lying. It is a state fraud equivalent to MK-Ultra, equivalent to psychiatric care propaganda and lies and so on where the fraud never ends and the purpose of this is that new generations of young people whom the state wants to kill should be murdered. I do not even think he can evoke all the mental moods. It was a spectacle and even if he could, it is no research and no human technological progress. Drilling holes in people’s heads and having cables connected to their brains is fear and crime. All the experts through criminal lies change people’s perception where they camouflage the worst crime and that crime they present as research. Would you let an ordinary man drill a hole in people’s heads? There is no difference between an ordinary person or the madman Delgado because it is only a crime that has the purpose that ordinary people accept any shit of the state’s way of harming ordinary people. Everyone who complains about a chip in the brain is a murderer who participates in its assistance in the genocide of civilians worldwide. Elon Musk is also a killer who uses his name as a public figure to trick people through his chip in the brain” Neuralink” so that people will see all the different devices as something credible and harmless under the claim of research that is presented as something new in development of technological advances for humanity. In fact, all that is old shit that is extremely primitive and is nothing but bloody slaughter of people. No one wants to operate on his chip in their brain. Who wants to drill a hole in their head no matter how narrow it is? Start with yourself, pierce your Neuralink in your own brain and in the heads of your children and show that hole in the head for all of humanity, because then there will be a few individuals on the planet that will go on to get their heads drilled, where they under populism that they have become Cyborg who has the honor of becoming part of state fraud deadly fishing nets Transhumanism. Neuralink is nothing but pure crime and aiding and abetting genocide. Brain chips as treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, depression, and other disorders. This is the culmination of state evil. This psychiatrist Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado is just a simple butcher who has been given permission by the state, to injure people to death and it’s no wonder because states want gaps where they can kill people that the state has as its target, so that states will not be held responsible for their deaths. Therefore, states have built many different methods where people are murdered while claiming care and everything else possible. They have concealed the death penalty claiming something else. It’s pointless for me to keep commenting on this maniac Delgado. I think he personally should have had that brain chip implanted in his head and then we would see how normal he becomes then. In the media, we see psychiatrists, psychologists who are portrayed by the media as medical experts on mental illness and the word meaning screams of prejudice where people are portrayed as individuals who can no longer take care of themselves. We read about them on the internet, we see them regularly in news, various programs and we listen to them in radio programs where they give advice to us ordinary people on how to avoid stress that is allegedly dangerous to our mental health, while the invisible electrical annihilation that damages the entire nervous system in the body and the damaged part of the body is a factory that produces mental illness and suffering beyond


human imagination. The invisible electric annihilation leads the civilian population to death in one way or another. That annihilation according to states is not dangerous and is never mentioned anywhere by the mainstream media, not by these expert heroes either as I have mentioned in this blog post because I think they too are recruited by the state to deceive people who have begun to distrust the state so that such people should also be deceived in electric annihilation. The Internet is 100% censored, where you cannot utter a single word about people who have been harmed by any of the various electric death trojans. People who have been shot by the police with Taser are always taken to the police station and there is a good reason for this. It is not because they have resisted police arrest. The reason is that the police with the electric shock through Taser have started bodily injuries to the nervous system and they know that they have just built a ticking bomb that must be monitored for the rest of their lives. They must have the identity of that person to start police surveillance of that individual, day and night until that person has died. The same goes for anyone who has bought a 9-volt death trojan over the internet. Anyone who has bought any of the various electrical appliances at 9 volts, an alarm goes off at the state and the man is put on permanent surveillance by the police from day 1, because that man loses his mind and goes crazy in the end because of the suffering. After people have been injured, they are blocked and censored on social platforms and the entire internet so that their words do not spread widely and have no major media impact on the rest of the civilian population. Other civilians are not allowed to know about it, so the same thing can happen to them and in exactly the same way. The truth is blocked for every step the injured person takes where the individual is deceived by everything, I have told in this blog post and the goal is to turn the individual into a mentally ill person who does not speak the truth and so it goes around. That man will disappear from society and that is how states remove people from the living world while ordinary people never get to know what is going on in society, thanks to media that paralyzes people with media propaganda lies where society is a safe place for them and their children. The electric destruction of civilians worldwide is a state media conspiracy, in which states use entire state systems to camouflage Auschwitz shower rooms with sarin gas. So that people do not protest while they and their children were gassed to death in Auschwitz, they have been tricked into just showering in there. It is exactly the same thing that the power of the world and the rich elite deceive us civilians of the world through electrical appliances that they represent as something completely harmless, while we ordinary people are murdered. Everyone I have mentioned in this blog who advertises the electrical appliances as something completely harmless, is one hundred percent killer who participates in assistance in the genocide of civilians worldwide all over the planet, while pretending to be heroes who have noble and humane intentions where they are said to help people in need and poverty. During claims of care, research, hypnotization and lots of other claims of purpose of use, power and rich elite deceive us ordinary people that we will only shower in Auschwitz shower room, which in fact has become our own home, where we are tricked into committing suicide with electric Trojans and where we will also kill our children with appliances as power and the rich elite claim is the cure for ADHD in our children, who have in fact also been tortured by the police in parallel with us adults from the day our child was born and all the way through children’s upbringing where the child shows symptoms due to suffering which the child has been exposed to through psychotropic weapons at a distance, with different microwave radiation frequencies that evoke the different diagnoses of mental illness in our children. Voice of good weapon technology V2K leads to actions that are forced by injected voices into the head, where you are so destroyed that you commit wrong after wrong and even committing suicide. All the mistakes that have been made during state torture, all the mistakes and guilt committed are put on oneself who is subjected to state torture through psychotronic weapons, while it is the state that has driven us all through the inhuman torture in all sorts of different ways to that we are just committing wrongdoing that will demonize us in the eyes of the rest of the civilian population on this planet, so that the rest of the civilian population will see us as crazy people so that we will not be believed by other normal peoples.


I’m not talking about crime because I’m not committing a crime. I talk about verbal outbursts and stupid actions while I am intoxicated by alcohol which I use as pain relief and anxiety suppressant, which no longer works because I am really dying. Due to physical and mental suffering, I utter extreme words, and, in this way, I appear crazy in the eyes of the world’s civilian population. It’s not about us being harmed by electric trojans and allegedly being crazy. It is about the other normal people where states torture us to death so that we will look like mentally disturbed in the eyes of the people so that we will not be believed by the other normal people so that states can kill the other normal people including their children. If people do not believe in me those electrical devices exist only for the sake of killing people, then it may happen that even the normal people will injure themselves to death and even worse take the lives of their children through devices that are claimed for ADHD diagnosis. in their children. So, V2K injected voices into the heads of people, leading to catastrophic acts and right into death. Also microwave radiation that causes:

– leads to death and catastrophic decisions in the lives of our children. All the microwave radiation that our children are irradiated at regular intervals through our children’s upbringing, leads our children to catastrophic actions where the child is not allowed to sleep in peace and develops into a normal and healthy individual. A child who gets injured by the microwave radiation frequencies has no chance of being able to concentrate in school and that is exactly what the state wants to happen, and it has happened to my son. Child abuse as a method of raising children was banished from my home. in my home that my child should be beaten, it was forbidden and forbidden by me, but still my child felt bad mentally through his child’s upbringing. I did not know why but now I know. This is how the state irradiates us adults and our children together for decades where states do not use V2K technology and in this way by making us mentally ill, states manipulate our actions towards our lives that end in disaster without us being aware of this. It is we ourselves who lose the ability to become normal at all and as mentally ill we lose social ability where we fit less and less in society and


the image of ourselves as mentally disturbed is built by the state, while we believe that we live in freedom and democracy there we listen to state media propaganda lies, which lead us closer to electric annihilation later in life. For our mental suffering where guilt that we and our children are mentally ill, the state puts on us and for that disease, the state has the solution to the problem that is state-owned psychiatric care. The police have destroyed our mental health and now they give us care through psychiatric care for the destroyed mental health where they further destroy us through harmful drugs that continue to destroy our body and our mental health, so that we will be deceived in electrical damage that destroys our nervous system and drives us crazy in the end and that is the care that states give us ordinary people around the world. This is the secret that the majority of the civilian population on this planet does not know and that is why people can continue to be murdered by the state and the rich elite. This is how psychiatric care is advertised as a safe and secure place where the state wants to give a misleading picture where it subtly and suggestively presents words that people should see in front of them as the only negative in psychiatry when you have been tortured by the police with voices in your head and when you have fallen ill due to this in mental imbalance which the state calls mental illness. These are people who have never had contact with psychiatric care, and this is what the state wants such people to see in front of them when they decide to seek care due to the mental torture where they do not feel well mentally. This is what they see in front of them when they have full trust in the state and state institutions, including psychiatric care, where states through the media treat us as if we were small naive children:

11 concrete therapy tips to test: 1. Write down your thoughts 2. Try to find a positive angle on the situation 3. Plan daily walks (and take them!) 4. Weigh up negative thought patterns 5. Make a list of” your people” 6 In a negative spiral? Write down two good things 7. Have a” take care of yourself” arsenal 8. Talk back to your inner voice 10. Think about your alcohol habits 11. Have a laying routine and also” I get panic disorder from exercise” | The psychologist gives advice, ”I cannot stand to be criticized” – the psychologist gives advice Sleep well with CBT – advice for good sleep – The psychology team blog -The psychologist responds to viewers’ corona concerns – tv4.se -Do they divorce or stick together? The psychologist gives advice.

This is what tortured patients see in front of them when they become suspicious of psychiatric care and when they want to explore more about what psychiatric care is for and if there may be any hidden dangers before seeking help. In this case, the state highlights the only thing that people should see as danger in front of completely innocent words as a possible danger where psychiatric care is allegedly criticized:

helpline around the clock, mental illness gets no help, gets no help from psychiatry, psychiatry does not help, seek help for mental illness, change psychiatric clinic, chat mental illness and so on. All that people see in the media is a state fake face mask, while door in closed psychiatric care, is insight behind the state face mask and once you are in there then you are still unaware that you are in a slaughterhouse of people. If you start protesting and blaming them, that’s when they can decide on one and then they force an ECT treatment. If one is aware that it will hurt one, that is when fear arises in one. That is when one realizes the true reality of what the state is for something. Here is evidence of what is happening behind closed doors in the mouth of state abuses:


Daniel died after 38 hours as strapped

(Daniel dog efter 38 timmar som fastbältad)




Here is another example of a pure execution of one of us all who are ordinary citizens. Media gives credibility to psychiatric care with constant advertising propaganda day and night year after year, were media on TV, newspapers radio

represents psychiatric care as a place where people can get help with their mental problems. It is about convincing people that people should see the place as care so that people go to the state fraud with their own will and that is all that is needed. It is not even a care, but it is a place where people are murdered with ECT for the state. To my great surprise, I now see that people are murdered even through forced clamping. Of course, the state lies throughout the state system to us ordinary people. This is what state assassins have written about the incident:

– It is as if they have taken away the most important things we had. We want nothing more than to get him back, says Marianne with tears in her throat. On Friday, less than a week before his death, Daniel received a new medicine. It was decided that he would be allowed to test a type of depot injection that would last for a full three months instead of the syringes that lasted a month and that he had previously received, which he thought sounded great, says Josef.

(Anyone who reads this can immediately realize that it is depot injection that is the cause of his psychotic condition.)

-Already during the same weekend reported the staff at Daniel’s accommodation that he must have been hissing, been awake for several days in a row, he has scolded staff and disturbed neighbors.  (He shouted to the staff)

(These state criminal Criminals pretend to be amazed at his behavior while they know exactly what each and every drug evokes and now it’s about depot injection that seems to be not commonly used and is probably a new experimental drug that is probably extremely strong. It may even be specially developed by the state through drug companies precisely to induce a psychotic condition in the patient so that they have a reason to give him ECT and thus kill him. As I wrote in this blog all those medications cure nothing.)

– I have never heard him as stressed as I did the last time, I talked to him. It did not sound like him, says Alexander. The following Tuesday, a new medical assessment was booked in, and Daniel was determined to tell how he felt. He called me and said he would tell them he did not trust psychiatry. That they have consumed his confidence completely by having fed him medication for eleven years that never worked, says Josef.

(Poor man, he was going to say that to them, while he is locked up and under their power over him. He should have read my blog so he would have known that one should never criticize the state hand psychiatric care while one is under their total power. Go from there and never get there again. It’s the state you have against you and there is no care.)

-In Daniel’s journal, which the newspaper has had access to through the family, it is stated that during the doctor’s assessment he is assessed as severely psychotic, and that inpatient psychiatric care is a great need. Daniel must have joined the closed ward voluntarily, but after


entering the ward, the anxiety must have taken over. There he is also said to have become violent, and police were called. When father Josef later calls the psychiatry in Motala, he receives a shocking message:

– It was a nurse who told me that they had chosen to belt Daniel and that it was not a good opportunity to visit him. When the family calls again the next morning, Daniel is still belted and has chosen to remain anonymous in the department, which meant that they could not talk to him. When a hidden number calls me on Thursday, I understand that it’s psychiatry. When they tell me that Daniel is dead, I just shout right out, says Josef.

-After being belted for 38 hours, hospital staff have released Daniel and let him go to the toilet and shower. Daniel has no more time than to sit on the toilet seat before the staff hears a thump. After falling face down, resuscitation attempts were made, but it soon became clear that Daniel had died.

(Here they lie just as the whole state lies about everything else. They have dragged him dead to the toilet so that they can blame an accident. This is how every state on this planet lies, because every state is built in the same system way, where employees of that madhouse have been given the right by the state to carry out the death penalty on patients whom the state wants to remove from the living world under the claim of care.There is no scenario where one can be exposed to crimes that cannot happen one, when locked They give strong medicines that make you sleep deeply. When you are anesthetized with the medicine then they can come later in the night and give muscle relaxing injection which paralyzes the body and then they can drive the patient unconscious to ECT treatment. They can also give the patient Rohypnol medicine so that the patient does not remember anything. Under the influence of Rohypnol medicine, rape is also committed on patients who are admitted to psychiatric clinics. Also, such testimonies where female patients have been exposed to rape, can be found on the internet. It is not just about perpetrators who are employed in the alleged care staff at psychiatric clinics, where they are classified as rapists once the truth has come out in the media. It is about people who are locked up as patients, where the state has deprived patients of all human rights as adult self-determined individuals over their lives. The fact that rapists are hung up in the media does not mean that other staff are any better. They are all the same, for psychiatric care is not care but it is human decay where people are legally executed to the state under the claim of care.)

– The autopsy protocol shows pulmonary embolism, blood clots in the pulmonary arteries, says Josef. (Pulmonary embolism is caused by physical damage with blows and tricks on his chest, while blood clots in the pulmonary arteries may have been caused partly by the physical damage and partly by the depot injection. They kill with ECT while the state lies and calls it care. I am tired of repeat this over and over again, but it is not about lack of routines, but about states that murder us ordinary people through civilian institutions under assertion of care, while power and the rich elite trick us ordinary people into believing the lies of states so that we ordinary people can be tricked into state death traps where we and our children are murdered. What we see in Daniel’s case while reading it, it immediately raises suspicions that it is an obvious crime and that it has not been investigated by the police as a possible crime, is a clear message from the state to us ordinary people that we are murdered in psychiatric clinics legally and that we should keep our mouths shut, because we can still do nothing about it. States in this way instill fear in the population so that people will respect power and the rich elite and that we will not question power and their criminal acts. We should look at all this as care that we should not question.)

Elin, 23, stuck in the psychiatric ward for several years – belted daily


Elin, 23, fast på psykavdelning i flera år – bältas dagligen



Another ruined young life of the state. These are snakes that take the lives of people and I wonder what kind of parents allow their children to end up in the hands of the state criminal hand closed psychiatric care. In the beginning, I moved my prescription for Seroquel from psychiatric care to general care, because I thought that general care has nothing to do with psychiatric care that injures people to death, but I was so wrong. Although I have already written that general care has sent my referral to the nerve clinic where it was urged that I should get a Neurography examination that will damage my nervous system for a second time, so I did not realize the truth until now. We ordinary people believe that when we see hospital staff in white uniforms that they are something that helps people. Sure, they help with everything, but they murder when it comes to being harmed by electrical stimulation devices and that is what makes them the criminal state mafia that murders people through their profession as care staff. Care is never seen as people who murder people intentionally and that because you can never blame only psychiatric care or general care because this genocide is more complicated than that. It is complicated in such a way that the majority of people will never realize that behind the crime are politicians who have built the system through laws where mass executions of the population are committed under allegations of care. When people are injured, they only differentiate between the institution that has caused injury to them or their children and it can be general care, psychiatric care, or the police. The genocide is possible only because it is committed together by politicians, the media, psychiatric care, general care, internet censor, propaganda led by film industry, propaganda as public celebrities help states deceive people in false image of reality and the only ones who do not help people murder are ordinary people on this planet who are the target of power and the rich elite. It is never revealed because each state commits the same crime on its own people and therefore has no place on the planet where one can access true information. The only true source where one can find out about the state abuse and genocide that states commit on ordinary people are people who have been harmed by this state genocide as in my case where I testify about that crime now by writing this blog. But states block people who have been injured to death from being allowed to speak in the media and they block us who are injured so that we can never get in touch with each other through internet censorship. Here’s another video where public health shows its true murderous criminal genocide face:

Asha: I was in a coma for eight days after giving birth

Asha: Jag låg i koma i åtta dagar efter förlossningen



Here they evoke septic shock through their actions. It is one thing to make racist comments but quite another thing to endanger her life. The idea was that she would die there. Asha can only thank her strong healthy body for still living at all but not to them. To me, this is a clear example of attempted murder of a patient during a claim of care. That it has not led to further


investigation into possible crime and that it is shown openly in the media is again a message from the state to us ordinary people, that we are being murdered by the state legally and that we can do nothing about this. We should be afraid of the state and healthcare. Inject fear into people so that power is respected. Perpetrators who commit crimes are all politicians in the Parliament, the media and healthcare who kill us adults, including our children. In this next video, we get ordinary people, proof that our children are not even safe in school:

Boy drowned while swimming in pool in Falsterbo

Pojke drunknade under bad i bassäng i Falsterbo



Now both the boy’s school and the municipality are closing in on the crisis.

– It has today been a deeply tragic accident, says Stefanie Sennevall, acting head of education in Vellinge municipality. We ask everyone to respect the family’s grief and trauma that has affected Tångvallaskolan’s students and staff, Sennevall says in a statement.

(State systems exist to always fight the population through the police, public care, psychiatric care, media, and internet censor. It always works that way. The state is always right, while people get the gag put on their mouths, where ordinary people know nothing and have always wrong. Here you see how the media through classic state theater disguise builds the defense of the school, the municipality and those who have taught children to swim. What I understand the swimming school is

compulsory. They are to teach children to swim so that children do not drown, and a boy drowned in the state compulsory swimming lessons. Ordinary people who murder another ordinary citizen are crimes punishable by imprisonment. But when state system causes the death of a citizen or child, then it is always an accident and accidents caused by power and rich elite are never ever investigated in reality. If the police investigate an accident with a fatal outcome that power and the rich elite have caused, then the police are there, not to solve suspected crime, but they are there to confirm it just as an accident and thus hide state crime. Other students say they do not understand how it could have happened. Well, that cannot happen if those who teach children to swim do everything right. How can it be that adult idiot at least one and a half meters tall do not see the boy lying on the boat by the pool, while a student can see him lying drowned on the bottom of the pool. This is what the media writes (- We ask everyone to respect the family’s grief and trauma that has affected Tångvallaskolan’s students and staff, Sennevall says in a statement.) This is blackout by the state. Tell that to the parents of that boy, I immediately thought. The state is constantly building gaps where they can harm us ordinary people. It is about getting children away from parents’ supervision of their child, where strangers who feel no emotional feelings for our children have power over life and death where they have our children in their hands. Now that I know what has happened to me and what is happening to me even now, so when I saw and read about this accident, I immediately suspected which child it was about, and I guessed right to 100%.

A little girl saw my son drown


En liten flicka såg att min son drunknat



First of all, the state should not have the right to be forced, under the guise of swimming lessons, to have the opportunity to have our children without parental supervision and present when it comes to swimming pool and children who cannot swim. Parents of that boy have told the staff that he cannot swim, and they knew it. Still, that boy drowned. It is parents who should be present when their children learn to swim. I think parents should teach their children to swim and no one else. This is always how people are murdered by power and the rich elite. Such death always calls the state an accident, lack of security, lack of routines and so on. They always say, we should review our routines so that it is not repeated again in the future. But it is repeated over and over again, and it has been repeated at all times. This is the deadly blow that the state gives to us ordinary people and then they laugh with each other behind closed doors about what they have succeeded in achieving. Here we have the truth about the” voice of good weapon technology” V2K and about microwave radiation that states want it to be revealed without a single spoken word about electric destruction but that does not mean they are lying. Everything that these experts reveal is true:

Bigger Than Snowden. Neuro Weapons. Directed Energy Weapons. Mind Control. Targeted Individuals.


Here is Barrie Trower a British physicist who almost describes the truth about the real picture of reality what we humans have against us when it comes to having the state against us. Of all the other experts, Barrie Trower is the only person closest to the truth when he says that all the weapons along with microwave radiation will take the lives of more people than have died in World War II, while not even he has mentioned electric Holocaust which is the worst invisible massacre perpetrated on civilian populations worldwide, through human history. I know the truth because I’m dying day and night and I say that together through” voice of good weapon technology” microwave radiation and through electric annihilation of ordinary people worldwide, states have already committed worse genocide on civilian population and in this way, have led more people to death than there have been murdered people in World War II and they continue to murder people further. Cathrine Nester testifies that she and her young children have been subjected to state electronic harassment that provokes psychological and physical torture of her and her young children at a distance through psychotronic weapons. That child can never grow up in a normal individual. Instead, the child will commit suicide in adolescence. But that’s not the worst. Look at the Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System and there you see the best evidence that the state intentionally in addition to us adults also murder our children. Not even children’s lives mean anything to power and the rich elite. In real life, killing a child is not a problem for states. The only problem is that states use the media to deceive us into a false image of reality where we ordinary people believe that we have human rights and that we and our children live our lives in security which is a lie that we do not realize before we have become injured to death by the fine righteous state. Everything that states serve us through the media is lies. The UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment 1985 / 86-17 is a lie. The state brags about people’s safety, which is a lie. The state brags about child safety and how children are protected and that too is a lie. the


Hippocratic oath is a lie that aims to deceive ordinary people into a false sense of security, so that people will not realize that healthcare and researchers are in fact murderers. States kill us and our children at the same time and states have no respect for human life:



Even more valuable information about microwave radiation and microwave stealth weapons. Barrie Trower also says that the state lies to people.

Effects of Microwaves – PART 1 OF 3



Effects of Microwaves – PART 2 OF 3



Effects of Microwaves – PART 3 OF 3



In the case of Julian Assange, we see how state falsity is going on in front of the eyes of all humanity while everyone is silent. It began with Julian Assange being hailed by the world media as an independent journalist, while it was not long before he was demonized by the entire Western power elite as a rapist and electronic terrorist. Independent media journalism does not exist anywhere on the planet in mainstream media state media. The only independent media journalism where the truth is revealed is Julian Assange’s Wikileaks. As long as he was not seen as a threat by the world’s rulers, as long as he has been hailed by the mainstream media and as soon as the powerful power elite saw him as a threat, then he was directly demonized by the media so he can be neutralized and eventually put in prison. In one of the previous blog posts, I wrote that Julian Assange was probably tortured with” The Voice of God Weapon” and I was right. Julian Assange psychiatrist says that Julian Assange hallucinates voices in his head, which is not at all strange because he is part of the state system, and his job is to protect the” V2K voice to skull” weapon technology. Julian Assange does not hallucinate. They mentally hurt him with that weapon to death. They dismantle his personal identity as an individual. What I think is that through state media is represented a delusion in which we citizens of every country on this planet are divided into law-abiding citizens who are said to belong to the group that states care about and the other group of people who commit crimes that are supposed to be a threat to the state and all of us law-abiding citizens. Thanks to that delusion, we fall into state death traps where we are murdered one by one, regardless of whether we are guilty or innocent. All of us who do not commit crimes believe that we are on the good side and thanks to this we believe that the state does not want to harm us. We are all aware that people who commit violent crimes are met by the police with weapons, where the police can even shoot individuals in direct confrontation in ongoing violent crimes. Throughout human history, the media has brainwashed us into seeing just that image in front of us while states execute us from a distance by stealing weapons psychotronic weapons, by lethal products sold under false


claims of use, by healthcare with pure lies that lead people into death, through pharmaceutical companies through drugs that are tailored to destroy a person to death with long medication and there are certainly more of roads where the state takes the lives of civilians. We do not see all that. Like everyone else, Julian Assange has seen himself as a good citizen where he too may have had the image where he does not commit crimes and that his intentions are only good where he contributes to free journalism. I think he too was not aware that the other mainstream media is in fact the state criminal mafia which is a tool that power and rich elite brainwash people with and thus control people’s actions to get people’s obedience to the state as authority. Since he believes that he is on the right side of the law, I think he thought it was ok for states to fight people who commit crimes with all available means that the state has in their hands. So, I have a hard time believing that he did not know that people are harmed by health care, that people are harmed by electric destruction, that people are tortured with psychotronic weapons in civil society in peacetime while through the same criminal media the existence of all this crime is protected by media silence as if none of it has ever existed and that is how the media participates in the genocide of civilians around the world. Psychotronic weapons have been talked about openly for a long time, you just had to look for it. The one who does not search for such information on the internet is the one who does not see the truth that states kill their people in civil society and the one who searches is the one who finds the truth. He is a data expert, he received classified documents from whistleblowers where states commit crimes, and he knows what is going on in the world. Just that evidence raises a lot of questions that lead directly to the realization that states intentionally harm people to death even in civil society. But he did not see it. He sees the war crimes while he did not see the crimes that states commit on ordinary people through state systems and I think it was not important to him because it is about ordinary people who either commit crimes, people who are mentally ill and people who mean nothing as people are not well educated and thus lack the importance of individuals in society. So, what he has revealed is war crimes in the Middle East while he does not reveal about the massacre of civilians in every single country on the planet in civil society. People who care about this are people in the Middle East while people in the rest of the world do not care what happens there. People in the rest of the world care about themselves and their children and what I write about in this blog, depends directly on them and their children’s lives and their safety. Had Julian Assange revealed about genocide committed on civilians worldwide in civil society, he would now have received enormous support from all of humanity. What I see is that those who represent Julian Assange are shocked by the state abuse, where the court turns words upside down, that it is so obvious that the court hearing against Julian Assange is a pure farce and theater performance of power and rich the elite, where they judge him whether he is guilty or innocent, he will still be guilty. Those who represent Julian Assange care about him, and it should be so. I think he should be set free for no other reason than he should be set free by power and the rich elite so that they can at least maintain the fantasy false image of reality, where there is goodness in humanity anyway and that justice always wins in the end. But those who represent Julian Assange, I do not think they care about ordinary people. Nils Melzer talks about torture by Julian Assange. I have read in the groups where targeted individuals write that Nils Melzer has spoken out against the torture of targeted individuals around the world, but from what I remember they say that Nils Melzer has also been prevented in the fight against that torture by psychotronic weapons. Targeted individuals call him Heer Nils Melzer after he fights for those in it should be UN. But you targeted individuals do not see that he has written that in translation the method of psychotronic weapons can abuse medical implants,” neurotechnical devices”, weapon-based psychology and bullying – all to achieve the complete destruction of any individual. It is” neurotechnical devices” electric annihilation fraud that causes the nervous system to die and the devices are removed after a short time when the patient does not feel better from this but feels worse. Then the individual is blocked on social platforms from telling the truth if the individual has realized that he has only become even more injured. In many cases, patients


are convinced by those who have operated on the device in their body with substandard explanations where injuries are due to an already ill body. By not questioning” neurotechnical devices”, he has spat in your face while his fight for you is just another theatrical performance of the world power and rich elite where they murder us ordinary people as if we were experimental rabbits.



They care about Fry press which does not really exist in the mainstream media, and I think they have also realized that now. Court negotiations against Julian Assange directly reveal state fraud where states commit state abuses quite openly and yet it is only silence in the world where people keep quiet, while what happens to Julian Assange is what happens to all of us ordinary people on this planet. But now it is he who is exposed to” voice of good weapon technology” where he is tortured with voices in his head. What if he becomes violent because of the psychological torture? They just need to shoot him with Taser and then he will be exposed too electric annihilation which neither the media worldwide nor WikiLeaks has ever said a word about, but in that case, he would realize the real suffering where he is being executed on the spot. If you do not reveal all the crimes that ordinary people are exposed to by states, then it can easily happen that you yourself are exposed to the same crime. If you do not care about what happens to ordinary people around the world, then you cannot expect any better treatment of states when you yourself end up in the mouths of power and the rich elite.

Julian Assange ’hears voices’, ’has suicidal impulses’, in prison, psychiatrist tells court



Not only with torture through voices in his head, but they also x-ray him with X-REY RADIATION underneath statement of security control. States always injure people to death under a claim that they have a legitimate reason so that there should be no doubt about the state hidden act where they are in fact injuring an individual to death. States always claim that it is harmless to the human body, but that is how they lie and hide their crime. Why should they x-ray Julian Assange when they keep him isolated in solitary confinement prison cell, where he cannot access deadly objects and also that he was never violent and never committed any crime, that makes the matter even more ironic. They say that radiation is harmless as it only scans clothes, but the X-Rey scanner can increase and decrease the intensity of X-Rey radiation even if they claim that it is set to low radiation intensity, so they lie just as they lie about everything else. They can have several programs programmed in the scanner where they have a button on the power that the device is intended to see through only clothing, and it can have a much higher radiation power just to damage and cause cancer on prisoners and that in very short time. Here it says:

Take a look at what Julian Assange has to go through twice a day on his way to court and back to prison, take a look at what this intellectual, this peaceful innocent man, was subjected to. They want to kill Julian Assange and they’re killing him every day. Even if he is released in the end, he may get cancer in a few years, and it is the goal that those in power have that


keeps him locked up in that prison. But, what about the other prisoners in that prison. They too are exposed to the same treatment. They are criminals and therefore no one cares about them as if they are not even human anymore. That’s what the truth is about is that the state kills people that the state investigates for crime. They kill people in civil society, and they kill people when the state has imprisoned people when they have evidence that people have committed crimes.

Julian #Assange was X-rayed in and out of HMP Belmarsh during September


Now I can tell you that states are killing civilians in the same way through X-ray scans at airports.

TSA pulls ALL X-ray body scanners from airports over privacy concerns… but claims they were never a health risk to fliers



The same applies in the case of airport X-Rey control of the civilian population. If they see someone they see as a possible suspected terrorist, even if they have no proof that this is the case, they can still irradiate the same individual with programmed lethal x-Rey radiation on another button, where the individual will get Cancer in a short time and all that under the assertion of legitimate security control. You are x-rayed in hospital when you have suspected cancer and when you have serious symptoms of illness. Why do you think people around the world die of cancer? Everyone I know who old dies is either of cancer, of vascular disease or diabetes. States induce cancer through psychotropic weapons that do not exist in public. Diabetes, for example, is caused by Zyprexa and Seroquel, which are obtained from psychiatric care, which is a counterpoint to the police, where people are investigated for crimes and show mental suffering due to police torture through psychotronic weapons. You also get vessels and heart disease due to those medications. Now you see that they irradiate people with radioactive radiation in prisons and airports under the claim of security checks through X-Rey scanners. It is an epidemic of cancer cases in the world that is blamed on air pollutants, pesticides, and toxins in food. Do not be so sure that it is the food and air pollutants that cause cancer. It is states that kill us and our children throughout entire state systems and for that they have their media that convince us of state lies, where we do not question state crime while we and our children are murdered while living in alleged democracy, where we have human rights to express ourselves freely and that we live our lives in safety. Everything is 100% a lie. There is no difference between people living in dictatorship and people living in democracy. They murder us in the same way, while the difference is that in democracy states make trouble to create the delusion through the media of a world where we ordinary people believe that we are safe. Once we have been convinced that we have all that a democracy has to give us, then we will never protest against the state because we think we have got all that already and then we will keep quiet. So, we are convinced that we have more human rights than people in dictators have, while it is precisely, we who are not aware that we live under the same conditions as people in dictators live in. The difference is that people in dictators know that the state is a danger to the lives of them and their children while we are not aware of the danger of that life and that is why we are


being murdered including our children in the democracy which is nothing but a lie. As far as the dictator is concerned, they are no greater dictator than all politicians in different political parties are in a democratically claimed society. See it from their perspective and you will realize that they are fighting for their people while also killing their people as they please. What it’s about is that we ordinary people are murdered regardless of race and religion. All the differences that we ordinary people around the world share are tools that the world power and the rich elite use to manipulate us, while they divide us from each other with hatred so that we do not see the true reality that they are all together ordinary people lie to us right in our eyes, while at the same time murdering us and using some of us in their armed forces to keep our actions under control. With the Active Denial System (ADS), they burn people with microwave radiation over long distances. They see people through roads, and they burn people through roads in people’s own homes, while they themselves are well camouflaged somewhere miles away. They call psychotronic weapons as non-lethal weapons that are pure lies. The weapons are not lethal immediately and it depends on the strength and how long they use that weapon on people. They damage the body and damage leather in further damage and even cancer in a few years. In addition, states torture people with psychotronic weapons to force people to commit suicide. If anyone thinks it is not fatal, then you should watch this video. Had this man been burned with fire or on a hot object then he would have received only superficial skin burns, while in this case the man is burned with microwave radiation that causes cancer:

V2K microwave frustration



All that these experts like Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Dr. Barrie Trower and all the other experts around the world describe, is proof to us ordinary people that reality is not what we ordinary people think it is. We believe that it is about crime and punishment. But it is about states committing crimes against people that they investigate through the police for crimes. All so far it is about what states can do to ordinary people, while in further YouTube videos there are testimonies of people who have been exposed to the” voice of good weapon technology V2K” and various psychotronic weapons that cause mental and physical torture wirelessly from a distance. If you want to know the truth, then you should listen very carefully to what victims of state abuse have to say:

As soon as I read in the news that Tim Bergling, known under the artist name Avicii, has committed suicide, I immediately suspected that he had been murdered. While his fans took it for granted that he committed suicide due to mental illness for no reason, I thought he had been driven to commit suicide. I just did not know why and here we have the answer to the question. Here we have the testimony of Patrick Alavi who is also subjected to the mental and physical torture of states through psychotronic weapons wirelessly at a distance. Musicians are also being targeted for state torture through psychotropic weapons.

Report #201: Musicians Under Neurotech Attack Worldwide|Patrick Alavi Reveals Neurotech/V2K Targeting



Another proof that it is the police around the world who have access to all psychotronic weapons and all that they have in their hands:


Voice to skull


Here is another suspicious and dubious video that I saw in the Facebook group posts targeted individuals. I can watch the video while I am logged in to Facebook, but when I copy the text address” Targeted individuals in UK” and try to find it on YouTube, it does not exist. Usually if you have written named text on video then you get in most cases directly this YouTube video. The same thing happens when I copy link address. Even there it says that video is not available. It is possible to load the video on a computer, but when I try to upload the video in a blog post then it says,” there has been a problem” something like error. But I saved it in my YouTube list and that’s the only way I can post that video in blog posts. It is because of this that you will be linked to my YouTube account. Here he has done it so that people can watch the video, but when you try to share it then it does not work, or it may be that only I am prevented from writing about it by the state criminals making it difficult it for me that I should be able to write about it. This is how targeted individuals around the world are tricked into electrical damage through just such” trojan” videos that are posted to targeted individuals Facebook groups. People who are tortured by psychotronic weapons are tortured to death and they are desperate for help. This is no help. This man claims to be a targeted individual and I think he’s lying. He talks about Coil which is not dangerous when touched with the hand while he does not talk about danger with a transformer or whatever it is at 48 volts, 40 amps. Only the electronics industry can put all this together. You have to have a box that will enclose all this so that you cannot touch it with your hand and ordinary people will never have a box. In addition, he shows suggestively how people can play with electric sparks and discharges. The first thought that can fall into people’s heads is, how does it feel to get an electric shock from the spark. I have been damaged by a 9-volt device that gives no spark and I will die because of it. States sell the device as something harmless with the intent to injure people to death. This is what this one suggests to humans is an electric shock of 48 volts. You will be injured by the spark, and you will be injured by touching the open components. He is not talking about the damage that electric current causes to the human body. According to him, there is no danger in his fraud video. This can be interpreted by the state for people who are targeted individuals to be harmed by electric current and it is just another way how people are led through fraud and lies in certain death. If you have put this together, then it is about hours before you have injured yourself and then you get numbness in your hand. The only way to prevent injury from spreading to the rest of the body so that you do not die or go crazy due to suffering is to amputate your arm. I’m not exaggerating, that’s what will happen to the person who gets an electric shock from that man’s device.

Targeted individuals in UK


Here is another example of how the state drives people to commit suicide. The important thing is to see how the state goes down the road they torture a person to suicide with psychotronic weapons that ordinary people do not think exist:

Sworn Testimony of Chris Burton – Targeted Individual and Victim of Neuroweapons Torture




State perpetrators are not pushing Chris Burton to the brink of a nervous breakdown as he believes. They are pushing him and everyone else to commit suicide. If they had said jump down and take your life, then he would have realized that they wanted to kill him. That’s why they say never take your life. They give him false hope that they do not intend to drive him to suicide. They drive him crazy for him to try to commit suicide over and over again, by Chris trying to prevent the torture they are subjecting him to. In the end, he will commit suicide in an accident and that is what they want. They want him to die. What happens to Chris Burton and millions of people in the United States happens to all people around the world. Here is an example of torture by Alex Szabo in Romania that has similarities to torture by Chris Burton. That it is not about states experimenting on people and that it is no longer about MK-ultra, or about the CIA, this is the case with Alex Szabo in Romania because there is no MK-ultra and no CIA in Romania in the same way as there is not here in Sweden where I have been tortured for 20 years by Swedish police through injected voices in my head and now at the end I am tortured to death by electrical damage that they have tricked me and led me in.

Europe’s torture secret


Here we have an example of a 23-year-old who died of thirst at the Swedish prison, which sounds completely crazy that it is hard to believe that it can be true, but it is our human rights that we immigrants have in real life here in Sweden. To me, it looks like this young man almost wants to be arrested and I know why. I think he heard voices and therefore he committed such a crime where he wants to be detained but he did not expect that he will be murdered in Swedish detention. This is the secret where most people do not believe that the state wants to intentionally kill people. But that’s what’s happening. They murder adults and young people all the time, of course hidden beneath the surface.

Prison chief sentenced after Rami died of thirst

Häkteschef dömd efter att Rami dog av törst



Now I will try to describe how the Swedish state has led me to the end of my life, where they have given me only one choice and that is to commit suicide so that I can put an end to my suffering. Now I will tell you about events that I have never mentioned in this blog before. The state uses all the psychotronic torture weapons as tools that allow them to enter into people’s mental senses in one’s thoughts. Then they use verbal suggestive torture techniques that have been used in traditional torture of prisoners around the world throughout human history. Torture has the purpose of extracting the truth from prisoners, but since prisoners are tortured in the waking state, they can use their whole brain and, in this way, they can choose what they want to say. States want access to the truth and that is why they have created the” voice of good weapon technology”, V2K where they inject voices into people’s heads. This is all that is needed for them to get the truth out of people’s heads by getting honest answers when you cannot lie down you sleep and that’s how they get to know everything about a person’s life and plans. They can also cause a heart attack if they stress the brain too much.


(An example: a man in this town where I live in Uddevalla, has complained to the acquaintance that the police torture him with voices in his head that no one hears. I have greeted that man, but I have never talked to him. Then he has died of a heart attack while he was sleeping and his acquaintances have told me so because they were interested in what I write about in my blog, so I found out about his fall, where he died strangely with a heart attack, while he slept. He was extremely overweight just on his stomach and I believe he was probably taking Zyprexa or Seroquel, for that kind of overweight only those medications can induce. While at the time he died in his sleep, I myself lived without medication for 13 years and I was very slim and fit, while now at the end due to electrical injuries and medication for 5 years with Seroquel, I now look identical in the same way with bizarre overweight on my stomach what he looked like then. I just need to have a heart attack in my sleep and the Swedish state has killed me in the same way they have killed him.)

We do not see crimes that states commit on civilian populations thanks to the media and complete state censorship throughout state systems. We as individuals from the civilian population only discover the genocide on our own when we have been injured to death where we are literally dying. For me, it was impossible for me to realize the genocide that the state commits on us ordinary people because of the censor where everything in society is extremely well hidden in such a way that everything looks like there is no danger in civil society where people injured to death. The state gained my trust by pretending to be the savior of my life and after that I did everything right. They made me believe that I’m on the right side of the law, as I know I’m not committing a crime. But they continued to disturb my sleep for 13 years only to be tricked into the electrical appliance that I am dying from now. They made me lose faith in entire state systems because when you are damaged through the devices that are sold legally then you realize the truth no matter how naive you are. Everyone in the state system is lying. When you have realized that they are lying and when they have injured someone to death, then it is natural to blame the state and when they have led us into such a situation where we die because of the state then it is part of state torture technique, where we make ourselves the enemy of the state by, for example, writing about all that in a blog. In the same way that criminals have the state against them, so when I look back in time, the state has only hurt me in an infinite number of different ways at the same time, even though I have never been violent, I have never insulted anyone, I have never committed some crime and yet I am now dying. So, crime is committed on me. I have been subjected to crime after crime and now I realize that I too have the state against me. It is the feeling that in cases where people are persecuted on the street by state gang’s stalker persecutors that they are looking for. They are looking for the feeling that you are threatened by the state, that the whole society is against you in order to weaken mental states in us such as paranoia, anxiety, anger, hatred, fear, in order for it to lead me in mental breakdown. We ordinary people are deceived by whole state systems that we should believe that the state through the police is out to pressure people psychologically to provoke mental suffering so that they can drive one to a recognition of crimes that have been committed. But what we must never see is that they are out to harm our bodies so that we will die, for it is only when one is dying in the body injuries, when one breaks in mental breakdown, seriously. I’m not guilty of anything more. I have demanded from the police that I be convicted in court for what I have admitted, and they did not allow me to do so and what am I guilty of now? Look at what has happened to me, see how the state commits crimes against all of us without it being classified as a crime when states commit crimes against ordinary people. It’s like some kind of Quiz. What states have made us believe about what the state is for is a mystery to us ordinary people. We believe that they care about us ordinary people and our children and when we have been injured to death by the same state then we have realized that the state kills us like cattle animals and then we have solved the mystery, but we die while we are treated of the whole state as if we do not exist. When we start talking about the crime we have been exposed to, then we appear as the enemy against the state and the system of torture that ends in death and at the same time


demonization of us as individuals is well thought out so that we who have been exposed to crime by the state are neutralized in all possible ways at the same time. When you realize that you are dying of bodily harm and when you know that you will never have a life ever again it is only when you fall into a mental breakdown, seriously. When the police started talking to me, I thought they were right, but when I admitted all that and then when they did not convict me for what I have admitted, then I did not know what they are looking for. They kept talking to me every night anyway. They pretended to be some kind of support. I have admitted everything, and they did not allow me to be convicted in court for it, even though I demanded it. They had other plans for me that I did not realize where they were leading me in. As soon as I admitted then they were extremely kind to me of course through injected voices in my head. With that technology, they have forced me to go to the police station and admit everything. I had a choice between confessing or dying, so I did not cope with the psychological torture, and I chose to admit everything and moreover, I have voluntarily wanted to do it so that I free myself from the weakness that others have over me. In the beginning, they only once led a Swedish policewoman to talk to me and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I said I did not want to talk to her if she was going to correct me in the same way that male voices do. It will ruin my bond with women because if she is going to treat me verbally then I will start to hate women. Then the male police said that I can choose whether I want to talk to a man or a woman. So, I said I feel ashamed when I talk to women after that I have a bond with women that will be destroyed if she continues to talk to me hard. He said ok and since then I have only heard male voices for 20 years. The police know that I’m telling the truth and that they should leave me alone or at least that they should stop shouting and barking at me while I sleep, that was a condition that I had to do to go there and admit everything and I did. When I did it then in the beginning, they treated me almost as if they were my own family because I did as they want me to do. I isolated myself from my surroundings according to their instructions as my life according to them is in alleged danger to life and they talk to me just so that I will not be murdered. Everyone was a danger to my life according to them. Read chapter 1 and there you will know everything but now I will say what I have not ever said in this blog. The police did their best to show me everything they can do with the V2K technology so that I know everything they can do. In the very first months, they have shown me everything. They have used events from my visit to Bosnia so that they can use the beautiful girl on the fucking mountain in such a way that they tricked me into believing that it was they who engaged her because she wants to meet me there who I now know it’s a lie. In any case, they let a woman talk to me who is not a police officer, but she should be claimed to be the girl from that mountain and that my whole life is a tragedy in such a way that they had to act and therefore they have picked her up in my dream to give me hope for life and hope for the future so that they do something humane in my case. She had the voice of an angel. I fell in love with her beautiful voice immediately, so I got life of love in me towards her so strong that that love blinded my eyes. Psychiatric care through the media represents patients who hear voices as individuals who are severely misguided and paranoid individuals who claim that voices control their actions. It sounds very crazy and that’s what they want people to think about people who hear voices. They want people to feel alienated and disgusted by such individuals and for people to see psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and psychotherapists as 100% healthy people who take care of the mentally ill who appear to be completely crazy people. The idea is that people should never listen to people who hear voices, so that people should never be told that psychiatric care is part of state crime committed on civilians. Voices do not control us literally. This is how they control us as in my case where they have aroused love in me towards that woman and now, they did not have to do anything for me to continue to keep myself isolated while waiting for me one day in the future to meet that woman and that I will live happily with her for the rest of my life. Now look what the hope I had then led me in now after 20 years. Now I am sexually mutilated in such a way that now I am neither a man nor a human being. I can never ever live with a woman because half my body is literally amputated. The only thing is that I look


whole. Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson says in the media that boys in Sweden are sexually mutilated while other politicians in other political parties do not utter such extreme words. They are supposed to be more democratic while in reality they are all equal no matter what party they belong to and they all together commit genocide on ordinary people, while at the same time pretending that it does not exist. What they do not say a word about is what does not exist. If boys sex circumcision here in Sweden is genital mutilation, then I can say that electrical stimulation that states sell through such state criminal genocide companies as Sinful is sex amputation. But it does not just stop at this, the whole other body dies and is amputated and that is what states do not say a word about. It’s not even a crime according to them. It does not matter under what statement the devices are sold under. The difference is only in which part of the body to connect those electrodes to, and that part of the body will be amputated. Due to the damaged part of the body, you will die through necrosis, suicide or you will eventually go crazy. I suspect that the day you stop getting sick due to necrosis that eventually occurs due to electrical damage, the care will lie to the injured dying person right in the eyes, by denying that you can be injured by those devices. They will probably explain it as having come in contact with carnivorous bacteria, even if that person knows they are lying. They tell the same lie in the media, and these are the cases we sometimes hear in the media. No one knows and no one will ever hear in the media what happened to that person later, while that person dies in the mouth of state criminal mafia care. See how much I have been mutilated by electrical appliances that are sold as something harmless, while all the politicians of the world together mutilate us ordinary people through the human slaughterhouse electric annihilation in the same way no matter what part of the planet we live on. The woman who is supposed to be my love, who has talked to me, has finally taken my life. When she spoke to me, I would dare to bet that she was a real woman sitting next to them. But then they started revealing what they can do with the V2K technology. He told me she wanted to be with me. They always say contradictory sentences that it is so and that it is not so, and I get to choose what I want to believe. When I have fallen in love with her, he said that it is not she who speaks to me, instead it is he who speaks to me with her female voice. Then he showed me how it works. What I heard was that I heard him talking and his voice turned into her voice, where her voice came with a delay of one or two seconds, and I heard echoes of both voices at the same time, and it sounded like both voices are heard on speakers in front of those who they further send to me through psychotronic weapon V2K technology. Even after this he tells me that she wants to be with me and a little later that night he says that she does not exist. But I still chose to believe that she is real because it was too beautiful for me to say no so, I believed in that trap. Also, when they talk later with her voice, it does not sound really real, it is thin in some way. When they started talking to me for the first time, I was not afraid that I had gone crazy because it was clear to me that someone was actually talking to me. But once in the beginning they used my own voice where they through my voice speak in a foreign language that I cannot utter a word in and then I was terrified. I thought and I said with a quick breath because of the fear that I have gone crazy. I said I was obsessed even though I did not believe in such rubbish. For how I can explain that I can speak a language where I do not know a single word. What I immediately became aware of was that I can become mentally blocked where I can commit acts that I am not aware of and that I do not remember. Everything happened for a few seconds while I slept. Had they not explained to me then I would have thought I was completely crazy. But he said, calm down, you’re not talking. We are the ones who speak to you through your voice. We just want to show you what we can do. Then I calmed down and then I knew that they could use foreign voices and talk through them to people, and I found out about that, 20 years ago. I did not read about it on the internet, but it was they who showed it to me. About psychotronic weapons, I got to know everything about this particular year 2020. For 20 years, they have talked to me constantly only at night, never during the day. Keep in mind that they could burn me alive at a distance in my home where I live, and I knew nothing about that. This is how you see the difference between my case and case in Crys Burton and all other targeted


individuals. They only used V2K technology to influence my mental senses and in that way, they influenced my decisions that I made. Decisions I made are not my own decisions, but decisions they have forced on me by manipulating me to do as they want me to do just so they can lead me to the grave now. Long before all this, I was afraid I would get caught. Feelings of guilt have caused me to fall ill with mental illness with all sorts of symptoms. But I did not understand why I am so much sicker where my mental mood makes my mind fall apart. I’m not very worried but I still feel like my brain is falling apart in severe psychoses. I’m just going crazy. Now I know why. I would dare to bet that they have bombarded my brain with the different microwave frequencies that evoke different mental moods and diagnoses of mental illness. The way I felt mentally does not correspond to the degree of anxiety I had. In any case, when they started talking to me for 13 years, I lived with their constant talking every night. They raised my ego with words of encouragement as an example that the woman wants to be with me and they lowered my ego, with derogatory comments that are directly linked to events that I experienced during the day. This is not about insults because they have never insulted me in 20 years. It’s about sentences where they extinguish my hope for the future and the negative meaning of words made me depressed every time. It was the torture where they comment on everything I experience for the day. In the end, I felt like my own mind is a prison where I decide nothing and that they question every thought I take. It’s like my mind is theirs and not mine. They use voices and they use electronics in my home to lead me to answers to what they want to say to me. They can increase that radiation and then I experience it as if they have increased volume and then in that way, I remember it immediately when I have woken up. But they do not want to do so but they lower it radiation sometimes so that I can sleep and the memories of the words they have uttered under such circumstances I remember later in the day. For example, on how they use a computer. When they want to warn me about something, I get an update warning either on a mobile phone or on a computer. Then what is written on the update that will be installed is the word that shows me in the bay trap I am about to go in. I know that someone wants to put me there, but I do not know who and how. My attention is running at high speed and when I have come to the dangerous situation then I get to know immediately what it is about. What is a trap? aha this is a trap and I pull myself out of that trap through my own decision and action. Everything they do can never be connected to them. States organize pranks on targeted individuals around the world and they have done the same to me. It should have some significance in that torture. Maybe because of suffering they also say this and in that way, I guess I should not sound credible because it can be about pure coincidences. Several nights when I walked on the beach walk in the middle of the night in pain and suffering, it happened that when I was on my way into the darkness out of city lighting and on the way to the beach walk where the street ends, it has many times stood a car with lights on while the car engine was off. When I have come right next to the probably state gang stalker pursuer’s car, then the individual in that car starts the engine and drives into town. What does he mean by that, I do not know? Was it meant to week in me paranoia thoughts for me to feel even more mentally ill, so probably it is? But one last night when I went for a beach walk, I saw far in front of me, lit candles shining on the ground. When I got closer than I saw a larger powerful probably younger man standing in front and looking down at the lit candles. It was like a horror movie where I happen to be a secondary character. He was maybe 8 meters away from the walkway, so I did not see what he was doing. I walked by and continued all the way on the promenade and when I came back, that man was no longer there. I went to see what kind of candles were lit and there was a satanic pentagram, built with earth and inside there were several candles lit. I immediately thought that I would become a sacrificial gift at that place and therefore it was the last time I walked in the middle of the night on a beach walk. But what happened the next day is that I flipped through the media, and I came across a news item in the media about a football club playing abroad and, in their picture, there is a skull with a pentagram symbol with lit candles next to it. It is what I call state prank that can be a pure coincidence, for who am I that there should be symbols in the media that have to do


with me. Even if it’s not about me, that event is completely unbelievable, because it still happened to me in reality. I’m not that important. Instead of a beach walk, I went to the gym and ran 30 minutes on a treadmill, and I took long walks of several kilometers to” Torp shopping center” where I used to eat in a” Thai restaurant”. Now I can neither walk nor run because my body has decayed so much that I can barely stay alive. Another example of state pranks. As I said, police comment on everything that happens to me during the day. On the news, it was the eternal bullshit about Russians who are supposed to be a threat to Gotland that they are supposed to attack Gotland in war. I’m dying. My whole life has been shattered where there is no life for me anymore. So, they started commenting on what I read about Russians and Gotland, and I told them. You are supposed to have given me a place to live in peace away from war. You claim that you give me human rights and it is you who have taken my life. It’s not Russians who have hurt me, it’s you. I said that Russians should put the whole world on fire because the world is no better than that. That’s what the world deserves. I said that Russians should dig graves and they can start with me. You and the Western world have committed the worst crime against me where the war in Bosnia cannot even be compared to what you have exposed me to. You have taken my life and Russians can finish what you have started. Then he said, you would see what it is like when there is a war. There is no water, there is no food. I mean who cares what I think but the next day around 17:00 it was road work downhill where I live, in the middle of the road. They have dug a hole in asphalt with an excavator that was at least deep, over two meters. The workers have been lighting a flashlight in that hole all night until the next morning. They turned off the water right in the rental house where I live. I had to go down there to fill bottles with water, so we have something to drink. But the next day when I woke up, they released water at the last minute, so I had time to shower. In any case, these are the kind of pranks they arrange where I can never say that it has anything to do with me. And it may be that it was really just a coincidence, but I do not know if it is so. The idea is perhaps that in the future, which is the present, I should be classified as someone who imagines it and since I have told it now because of suffering, then everything I have said is not true. It is their torture technique and intent with the torture that I did not realize then what is the point of all this and now I see. That is why they arrange such pranks because they know that we targeted individuals will say so further into the future, when we are dying. The idea is that other peoples should not believe in us so that they too do not expect states to intend to kill them and eventually declare the crazy so that even their voice is not made credible. This is just how the genocide that states commit on their respective populations can continue even today and it will not be stopped with me and my testimony. In the beginning, when I was injured, it was an obvious realization to me that I had been the victim of a terrible crime. I have written an email where I described what has happened to me and that email, I have sent for assignment review to at least 8 journalists. I have sent that email to every existing media in Sweden, and I received no response. I have also called them on the phone where I said that I have been damaged by the electrical appliance while all the different journalists that I have called repeatedly, avoided using and pronouncing the words” electric current damages the body”. What I have noticed while they were answering me is that I heard them tapping loudly on the data keyboard, while they were talking to me. They answered me, unfortunately we cannot help you with that. Since none of the Swedish journalists want to answer me, I have talked to an acquaintance from the former Yugoslavia who has a compatriot, who is a journalist in this city where we live in Uddevalla. By then, I have already written Chapter 1. I thought it was enough for the truth to be revealed so that people know that crimes are being committed against the civilian population through products that disfigure the body into disabilities. Then I knew nothing about the reality we live in. I believed in everything and everyone. So, I called him and explained that I have been seriously injured by the electrical appliance. I told him I wanted to meet him so I could explain to him in person in an interview about the horrific crime I had been subjected to. I told him that I think it is not normal for me to be deprived of my life by product that sells to people as something harmless. I explained that I


had nerve damage and that I immediately lost feeling in the body part where electrodes were in contact with and when he started responding to me in a nonchalant and incomprehensible way. He said to me, can you explain all this to me one more time because I do not understand how it can be that you have been so much injured. Then I said that I have written a blog and I have explained everything there and also, I can explain further, when we have met so that he can understand it better. He said, today I’m busy but you can call me on Wednesday, do not remember now what day it was. So, I called him again and again and the day he should be free to answer me, then he had the answering machine all day. I also called him other days and the answering machine was on. It was such an obvious insight for me that I am prevented by all the Swedish media I have contacted, from being able to get an interview with them at all. Now in that moment I live a life in agony with indescribable pain and discomfort, which tortures and obliterates my mind and mental health, where my perception of reality is crushed and falls apart into small pieces. That was just the beginning of hell. Aware that I will not have the opportunity to talk about the crime I have been exposed to in the Swedish media, my hopes have automatically been directed to the last safe place that I thought I belonged to, which is Bosnia. I have not migrated to Sweden from Bosnia due to economic reasons. I have been driven away from my home to come to Sweden due to war and therefore in this moment I still felt like a Bosnian, who has a bond to his country. At that point, I thought I had a legitimate right to seek help from the media in Bosnia. No matter what people or religion we belong to, we are all affected and influenced by our media that represent us as a people. I’m not Swedish, I was born in Bosnia, and I cannot forget my roots just like that. Therefore, I thought I had a place to turn to and that place was Dnevni Avaz. So, I wrote an email describing everything that has happened to me and that email I sent to Dnevni Avaz. I waited and got no answer. In the beginning, walking helped to relieve a little pain in the body. One day as I was walking on the beach walking determined to tell humanity about the crime, I have been the victim of, I called Dnevni Avaz. While I walked in hopelessness, despair and suffering in agony as by its natures as electrical damage, that body decay drives me to such a verbal outcome where I instinctively try to find the solution to the problem even though I am fully aware that there is no solution to the problem. Electrical damage drives me to illogical actions that I would never have taken if I had not been damaged by the dead Trojan electrical device. In this moment on the beach walk, the outcome of my suffering was to have my voice heard, while the torture suffering for years that multiplied many times worse, will surely drive me to the outcome where I finally decide to commit suicide when it is no longer possible to live with pains that distort my perception of reality where I constantly feel that I am dying. It is repeated over and over again, and I commit verbal outbursts over and over again. This harm to civilians worldwide with electrical appliances is the ultimate dream torture tool that the world power and rich elite could ever come up with. The day I called Dnevni Avaz, a younger female journalist answered me. I introduced myself with my name and last name where I tried to explain the same thing to her. The first time while I was explaining to her the call was broken. She, too, tapped loudly on the keyboard. Then I called again, and I explained everything from the beginning, and she told me that I should write all that in an email and send to Dnevni Avaz and when they have read it then they will decide if it is appropriate to be published in the media. I said that I have already sent such an email but that I did not receive a reply. She said, send it again because maybe our employees did not receive it because it may have ended up in spam. Ok I said. I wrote email again and sent it again and I never got a response. In addition to Dnevni Avaz, I have sent such emails to RT, CNN, and all sorts of media in the world, but I never received a response. Being prevented by the whole world’s media as damaged by the electrical appliances from telling the truth about the crime I have been subjected to, was a cold shower for me and it raised many questions about reality that we ordinary people live in. Now at the end of more than 5 years of torture that cannot be lived with, I have realized the lies on which humanity is built. Now as I write this blog post, I know that I exist in this world as a living human being for just a short while longer. I am so overwhelmed with evidence through my


dying body, that we ordinary people of all races and religions around the world have been subjected to systematic genocide committed on an industrial scale by the world power and rich elite including our own politicians who claim to be fighting for the best. of us ordinary people and our children. The system of electric annihilation on civilians worldwide is hidden by states at all costs. In addition to the fact that Swedish state systems have exposed me to crime after crime and that they shut me up throughout entire state systems, a cold shower was not enough. Now I have done something I have never done before in my life. Usually, I have been looking for information in Swedish and English, about the human body can be damaged by electrical stimulation devices and there is not a word written about it. It never occurred to me to search for the same information in my own language. So, I searched in my language and the exact same death advertisement spread about electrical stimulating devices in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia as something positive during the claim in treating all traumas, neuralgia, in all degenerative tissue diseases, regeneration of damaged nerves, which is an irony for the sea of ​​all different electrical devices just damages the whole body’s nervous system to death and it leads to death or madness if one fails to commit suicide. It is advertised through healthcare there as well and there are advertisements for various stimulation devices through internet companies that sell such deadly Trojans for home use, where they advertise it through alleged posts by satisfied customers in Bosnia Serbia and Croatia, where customers only praise those products. They write, “This device is amazing. It is used by all household members for various health problems”. I have searched for the same information in Arabic and even there it is the same death advertisement written without a single word that it can harm the human body. So, it is sold all over the planet as something completely harmless while in reality it is the most dangerous to the human body that has ever existed in human history. How many devices are sold so many people are injured to death? There may be hundreds of thousands of injured people in Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia, while worldwide there may be hundreds of millions of young people and adults who have been forced to commit suicide through the inhuman suffering caused by the electrical damage to the human body. Everyone who has been injured is treated in the same way as I have been treated so far here in Sweden. The electrical products are advertised in such a positive way that it is crazy to even come up with the idea and claim that it can harm the human body. But you appear really crazy when you have been injured by the devices to death and when you try to prove your injuries through the police, media, health care and everything else. Then you are blocked in the same way, regardless of which country you live in from talking about the crime throughout the entire state system. This is genocide that every state commits against its own people. In the media, there is talk of the Srebrenica genocide, of the Jasenovac genocide as they trick their people into a new genocide where people are tricked into carrying out the death penalty or suicide on themselves with their own hands in their own home. Recently, I read that the Croatian President is insulting Bosnjak’s political leadership and the entire people because everyone should shower as everyone is alleged to be dirty. He allegedly insulted Bosnjak’s people while Bosnjak’s politicians and Bosnjak’s journalist allegedly got their feelings hurt and the terrible insult they defend against arguments where both sides use nationalist rubbish media propaganda that plays on people’s feelings. Do not be so sure that the Croatian president really means it. It may be that they have hatched together the crap of hate words language to strengthen people’s confidence in each of them. It benefits the Croatian president’s political armchair. It benefits the Bosnian political armchair where they are said to be fighting and defending the feelings of their wounded people. It also benefits the journalist, so that his viewing figures will also be greater. If the Croatian president really means it, then it shows what shit all three sides have for state systems. They talk about such nonsense where someone’s hurt feelings are more important than people being murdered in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia with electrical products that all three sides sell as something harmless to each of their people and then when people have been tricked into death then they pretend as if they know nothing about this. The Bosnjak journalist instead of defending the hurt feelings of Bosnjak people, he should tell people that people who will buy the products


will die, and he does not warn people of this death that makes him a lying killer because it is all the world media that does its genocide possible. The same goes for the Bosnian political leadership, for the Croatian president and the entire political leadership of Croatia and the Serbian media and political leadership, for they all participate in the genocide of their people and then they pretend to know nothing about that it exists and is going on in society. All of them together through media propaganda incite their own people by using people’s feelings as a weapon against the same people, so that they can control people’s actions. They have built an image in the civilian population where people should adore the special way in which people are to be buried by power and the rich elite. It’s important, but that people die through the world’s largest genocide fraud in human history is not important. All those who have spoken out in this case are murderers and even those who have not spoken out are also murderers of their own people. The power of the whole world and the rich elite are murderers of their own people. When you have been injured by this, then you will be alone while you die. Then there are no more brothers. Then you do not belong to any ethnic group or any religion because then not even good can help you to ever feel good again. It is only death that one falls into. One has been born alone and one dies alone as an animal. That is the freedom we have all gained through the war in the former Yugoslavia. It is the freedom that people in the Western world have democracy and it is the freedom that the entire civilian population of the world has on the whole planet. You are born healthy and powerful, and the rich elite only take away from you while you have, while you have your health. As you can see, genocide is invisible and all the states on this planet pretend it does not exist. It is the same with psychotronic weapons that inject voices into people’s heads. Those in power publicly say that people who hear voices are mentally ill, while in reality through the police they inject voices into people’s heads and in this way investigate people for crimes. By invading people’s homes day and night by torturing people with voices in their heads, people are driven to the limit of madness in their own homes where some people break out in mental breakdown and end up in mental hospitals. Some people commit suicide because of the torture, and some are driven, deceived, and manipulated to kill others in the belief that innocent people have some connection with state police perpetrators who torture those with injected voices in their heads. They talk people to death for twenty years and in many cases throughout one’s life. Sooner or later there will be too much of the torture where one is completely helpless, while they destroy all the human in us and everything that makes us human, so that we become mentally and socially handicapped so that they can deceive us into something very worse and that is the electric annihilation. With psychotronic weapons they torture us mentally while electrical damage tortures us physically and mentally and then you experience the voice torture many times worse because you have realized that it is the state that has caused the damage to us through pure criminal lies, where states sell it as something completely harmless, while witnessing one’s own death because of the apparatus and when one has realized that the state protects that crime, then it is like a slap in the face where one has realized that it is the power of the world and the rich elite who kills us ordinary people no matter what race and religion we may belong to. It is so hard to believe that all electrical products are tools for states to cause harm to the body that tortures the injured person to mental breakdown and to death in one way or another. People who are not exposed to” voice of good weapon technology” will probably never buy the electrical appliances. But people who are exposed to the” voice of good weapon technology” through voices are manipulated through torture committed on those through, twenty years. And when the state, through the police, has achieved the goal of tricking one into electrical damage, then one is beyond all rescues. So, psychotronic weapons including” voice of God weapon technology” do not exist in public and the danger to life that electrical devices pose to the human body does not exist in public either, while they are both weapons of mass destruction and they are directly connected to each other. That states do not care about the genocide is due to the fact that each state individually destroys its own people. All I am writing is exposing the crimes that power and the rich elite on this planet are committing against us ordinary people. Swedish


power machinery will use my blog as a weapon against me. They will classify me as a danger to the Swedish kingdom. I expose the crimes of the state, genocide committed on ordinary people while they will lock me up in captivity for this. Finally, because of the torture that I go through around the clock for 5 years now, I have finally made threats against the whole world’s power and rich elite and now the Swedish state and the whole Swedish society have all evidence documented openly on the internet with my own hand written in that blog, that I am lost, paranoid, delusional, psychotic, as I have built in my head a world where the state speaks to me through advanced electronic monitoring technology that does not exist in reality. I will be declared delusional, misguided, psychotic, paranoid and very seriously mentally ill after I have started making threats against the whole state and all state institutions. Now I understand why the police have prevented me from getting in my hands proof of the recognition of my crime when I went to the police station 20 years ago. They will say that I have never been to the police station and that I have never admitted any crime. I will be explained as a famous mentally ill patient who has imagined all those events in his head. Injuries that I am talking about are dangerous disease depression that causes pain in the body. None of these devices harm the body of people. ECT is a cure for severe cases of depression where people are so severely mentally ill where when medications no longer help then they have ECT treatment as the last treatment for severe acute depression condition after which it has been shown in clinical studies, be the most effective help funds for seriously ill patients with depression. I am a typical case of a mentally ill patient with severe delusions where I accuse the entire Swedish state, the states of the entire world and I even accuse my own Bosnian state. It cannot be that the states of the whole world are wrong while I alone mentally ill patient is right. The whole blog that I have written is proof to all states that I am a danger to myself and to my surroundings. If you are a criminal in a country, then you are a criminal in every single country on this planet. If you are mentally ill in a country, then you are mentally ill in every single one. States kill their people by psychotronic weapons, by electric destruction, by drugs that we believe will help us while in reality they are taking our lives slowly but surely. The reason we ordinary people can never realize the truth is that states cooperate with each other. That is why there is ”INTERPOL” for ordinary people, who are murdered by states as criminals and the mentally ill, to never make their voice look credible. All the states you see protect the electric genocide from being revealed and that is why it can go on indefinitely, while young adults and children of us ordinary people go to the grave. States talk people to death through the police and in this way, drive people to insanity where people eventually explode and make a mistake. When people have made a mistake, then they are classified by states as murderers, criminals, mentally ill and so on and states show their crimes in the media because then such individuals are locked up in prison or mental hospital and with that the state has created prejudice, monster image of the individual in the eyes of the rest of the population where people think that person has got what he deserves. If people do not commit a crime, then the state tortures the individual throughout one’s life through all psychotronic weapons until that individual commit suicide and then states show it as suicide due to mental illness and then states are again good and humane as states strive to help people through psychiatric care and drug companies through medications to prevent such tragic cases of suicide. That I have also accused the general care that they together with psychiatric care injure people to death and that the devices how I claim damage the body’s nervous system so that it should in my opinion be reason that I go crazy instead indicate severe trauma that I have experienced in former Yugoslavia war. That I claim that the police torture me with weapons that are supposed to be so advanced that the police come into my head and speak to me with words that no one else hears indicates a severe schizophrenia condition and that I claim that public care together with psychiatric care kills civilians indicates severe paranoia and psychotic state. That I claim that the Swedish state, including all existing states on this planet, has enacted laws where they hide genocide and thus kill people through devices that only help people with various bodily needs where civilians are instead murdered through the devices, are fantasies that I has built on


through the time my mental health has worsened. States would never kill their own people. Maybe in a state of war against an opponent but the state would never kill its own people and everything I have written in the blog just shows how seriously mentally ill I am. Healthcare never harms people; they only provide care to people. Police do not torture people with alleged weapons that can radiate through roads and that the advanced magic ray is not stopped and reduced by thick roads sounds highly unreal and unlikely. That it finally reaches my brain where all the magic happens in my head where I hear the police talk to me and in this way, they are alleged to control me and affect my decisions and actions in a negative way where my life ends in disaster and rushes right into the grave, suggests that I blame the state instead of taking responsibility for my own actions. I openly admit in the blog that voices have manipulated me into making different decisions in life that voices in my head have led and controlled me in. That I blame guilt on voices for my own actions indicates that I cannot take care of myself longer and that I openly threaten the care staff, the police, journalists, politicians make me a danger to myself and to my surroundings. This is how states lock us ordinary people into captivity, who do not commit any crime without us being convicted in court. When states have no evidence that we commit crimes, then they create evidence by harming us ordinary people to death by electric annihilation so that suffering drives us to make threats or even try to take revenge for the inhuman state abuse that states have subjected us to. This is a perfect system where state system is built in such a way that states can kill civilian population adults and children through civil society, while the state deprives us ordinary people of the opportunity to defend ourselves where the state is always right while ordinary people are always wrong, and states can always lock ordinary people in captivity whether they are guilty or innocent. When states want people to be locked in then states make people guilty in the way I have witnessed in my blog. I saw this woman grin and smile like this when I bought the electric death from them. I thought because she grins and smiles like that, I thought they have nothing to hide, and I was so wrong. Look at this (Danska drzavna kriminalna drolja) Denmark state criminal slut, who has led me to death:

Not only with everything I go through, they advertise ”Sinful” calendar on TV in Swedish media. It can be a direct message to me and everyone else that this state mafia Sinfu has led to death, that we have before us another year of suffering that they have caused us, while they can continue to murder people completely freely, without them will ever be convicted of that crime. When you look at her, you would never believe that she causes death to people all over the world. That the Swedish state allows the Sinful calendar, advertised in the Swedish media is a message from the Swedish state to us who are dying and who have been deprived of our lives, that this is the state that exposes us ordinary people to this crime, which is nothing else than crimes against humanity, a pure genocide committed on civilians by civil society worldwide. It is enough that young people see the advertisement on this calendar and then they are further linked directly to the Trojans of electric death and if any of the young people decide to buy it, then they will die exactly as I die so far. See how power and the rich elite


commit crimes and are never punished and I mean look at everything I have written about in this blog about. When I bought it the death of the state criminal Sinful internet sex company and was injured then my son was a minor. The disgusting (Danska drölja) Danish slut sells it even now just like then. Now it is only necessary that my son would be deceived by the Sinful calendar advertisement and then my son is also dead, and, in this way, we have both died and stopped at one of the Swedish cemeteries, much earlier in life than we would normally live. This also applies to all your ordinary people on this planet and your children who read this blog. Now that I think back to the time when I was operated on at Uddevalla hospital for inguinal hernia, then they have had a nurse in the surgeon’s department at my operation who is either herself personally or someone who is very similar to her. It was the last time when I had 100% confidence in the entire state Swedish system, including confidence in the care and then I did not question anything, but I left my life in their hands with full confidence in them. That the nurse resembles her may be pure coincidence, but it may also be a mockery of me where they suggestively convey a message to me: She has injured you to death and now she and we surgeon staff will hurt you a second time. I had injuries to my left leg ankle that I do not remember having before, or could it be that I was so scared of the operation that I forgot that I had accidentally injured myself. It is the police who manipulate me through voices and put me in different situations where they raise question marks where I can never be sure whether it is so or not. But on the other hand, a few days after I had surgery, I saw the nurse in the grocery store Willis and ten meters away I saw psychiatrists who I was prescribed medication for a long time when I took Zyprexa for a bad mental state, which in fact was my fear that the police would take me for the crime I keep quiet about. That day in the grocery store she first stared at me and of course what should I do, nothing. Then when I turned to other holes then I saw the scum psychiatrist who was also staring at me. They may have assumed that I should react in the classic way that some patients usually react who are damaged in some way by electrical appliances. Maybe they were hoping that I would make a verbal attack on her so that they would have a reason to lock me in a mental hospital and this was shortly after when I was injured. It is the Swedish state that has harmed me through the police who use different psychotronic weapons by irradiating me and my child with microwave radiation on different frequencies that cause severe mental suffering that is manifested in different mental illness and different mental states that affect behavior and decisions. of me and my child. Personally, all of this slowly led me over time to mental breakdown and wrong decisions in life while my son showed constant mood swings where he is angry and for that, Swedish health care has given him a diagnosis of ADHD. Thank goodness I did not allow him to be given medication for this. But it affected my son in such a way that he could not concentrate in school and the symptoms of concentration difficulties started right at the beginning of school, so he cogged in school and eventually jumped out of school. Because of that, he now gets no job anywhere. Police who talk to me have never said a word about themselves and they have never talked about my son. While I had confidence in them for 13 years, I never suspected that they would do the same to my son. I simply did not know that states can harm the children of us ordinary people. The torture and psychological manipulation that states commit on the civilian population through psychotronic weapons is so advanced that when one realizes the knowledge of it, even the mental senses are completely amazed. It is the smartest most well-educated individuals who have been born through human history who have refined the torture technique where an ordinary human being and even worse a young inexperienced child has no chance against them. They take one apart physically and mentally and there is nothing you can do about it. They did all this without me being aware of it. They do this to the entire civilian population. People feel bad mentally in many cases for no reason. Whole families wake up the next day depressed, angry for no reason and the negative mental mood is repeated, decade after decade. Thanks to this, relations between family members are negatively affected in such a way that family ties are split between family members, and this is the intention of the state. I’m not talking about my case; I’m talking about the entire civilian population on this planet. This is how states destroy


civilians unnoticed through psychotronic weapons to weaken family ties between family members so they can isolate an individual and isolation is just the beginning of police psychological torture of individuals they investigate for crime. You do not feel microwave radiation in the same way that you do not feel X Ray radiation when you are examined in hospital. What you feel is bad mental state. It is also not known whether one is exposed to psychotronic weapons or whether the mental mood is due to pure chance and that is what makes psychotronic rigid weapons so perfect that states can destroy entire families without them being aware of their destroyed mental health and their ruined lives are not their fault, but it is the state that destroys them without them being aware of it. I would dare to bet that my son has been injured with the different frequencies so that he will not be able to concentrate in school. While I was halfway through writing this blog, suddenly my son also became interesting to hang out with. I did not know what was happening to him. With this blog, I have made myself and him a target. It is the Swedish state that has driven me to the fact that I have no choice but to write about the crime I was exposed to, or I may commit suicide in order for the suffering to end. The Swedish state has endangered my and my child’s lives, and they do not even care. This is how the state creates new problems indirectly for both of us. I can be murdered for everything I write about. I know so much but I can not transfer that experience to my child because he does not want to listen to me and so it is in most families around the world. I do not think I like criminals because they commit crimes. I like all people and thus I like criminals because I know that they have been subjected to state abuse through psychotronic weapons, without being aware of this and in this way, they have been manipulated into many times wrong decisions in life. We are all murdered whether we commit crimes or not. What I have explained about how they warn me of dangers now comes into the picture. One day when I was at work, my son called me, and he said that power cable with several sockets for computer causes computer to break. It immediately aroused my suspicion that it has to do with my son, but I could not connect in my head how come my son is the target for someone when I talk all the best about ordinary people. When I got home, I realized that the power to the computer is too low. The next day when I was going to go and buy a new cable, I tested again in case it works so that I do not have to buy a new one. Then I noticed that it works completely flawless. I turned it off and sat on again and no matter how many times I do it, it works all the time. They did not say a word about it, but they showed me clue in this way. Now I was absolutely sure it was a warning of my voices, but I could not figure out what my son has to do with this. After a day or two my son went somewhere and since I am so worried about him, I usually call him at regular intervals, and he did not answer. I called and called while he was not answering. I called him fifty times and eventually I was told by others that he has been taken by the police for drug possession. He was given speedy cocaine which gives twice as long a prison sentence in his hands. Had he brought that shit home to me; he would have been in prison in solitude. But after that, as I say the police see everything, they have not taken him to my house. They have chosen to do so. For two weeks he has been locked up in jail and that was the worst thing that has happened to me in my life. He has made a mistake and it is clear that he has done it. Check what mistakes I have made I do not commit crimes. Check out what mistakes they’ve driven me into that I’m dying of now. I called the police and they said that they are not allowed to comment on whether he is in custody or not, but they said if he is in custody then he is fine. Hundreds of thoughts flew through my head. When I found out that he has been taken by the police, I immediately want to see what date it was, because my whole blog is about a device of 9 volts. When I saw the date, then it was September 9 and then I understood everything. Now my son is waiting in court, and he does not experience it so horrible while I, as a dying person because of the Swedish state, I realize the danger the state poses to him and all young people who make a mistake in life. The state is life threatening. Young people make mistakes because of populism and media propaganda. I hoped it was not so dangerous because then in that moment I did not know what it was about. After two days, I drank two liters of wine pack and thus lowered the pain, anxiety and worry that take my life. Then I hear someone open the


door with a key. I hoped it was my son but at the same time I expected the police. When I got up on my feet to see then I saw many policemen with dog bastards. The first one said, you know why we’re here. I answered, I know, so you have taken him in the end, and I meant the torture they have subjected me to so, I knew right away that they have done the same thing to my child right from the day he was little and until now. These are the concentration difficulties that have led my child in now. It was four or five policemen, and they also had a police immigrant with them, maybe so that I can see how the Swedish state has good ties to immigrants who are good citizens while myself and my son are the bad ones in the fine Swedish society with human rights. I smoked cigarettes and I was just about to smoke another one, so the immigrant told me, you have already smoked two cigarettes and the one you want to smoke is your third. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to smoke anymore. I said, may I not decide in my home? and he said this is our workplace now. Then they told me that we should go to the kitchen so that the dog can look for drugs in everyday rum. One of them said, you play the guitar, and I was pissed where I replied with, no comment. Why should I have to answer that question to those who represent the Swedish state who have taken my life and who have locked my son in captivity. Then I said to them considering that I am dying and with insight into what this country has led me to in the final stages of my life where my whole life ends in disaster. I asked them if I could say what I think about them, but I asked if they should not hit me for this. They said, of course you can say what you think of us. I said, you cops are the biggest criminals out there and you are the biggest killers on this planet. You murder adults and young people. They said, that’s your view of us. Then we went again to everyday rum. I said, how good it is that you are here so that I can tell you about what crime I have been exposed to and according to the Swedish state, it is not a crime while I die because of it now. I showed them the pictures of all the devices I have posted on my Facebook, and they said, what is it? I explained that I had bought it at Sinful and that I had reported it to the police, but that the police had stopped me from taking it to court. Instead of stopping them so that they do not kill more people, they have stopped me. He asked me with a mocking question, Vahid are you electrically allergic. I said my whole nervous system is dying and I will die because of it but for them it is invisible where they do not even want to comment on this. According to them, it is nothing serious. Then I looked at them and I saw them for what they really are for something. I saw them, their uniform representing the Swedish state and behind their backs I see the state crime, the genocide that the state commits on the civilian population. I said, there you see when power and the rich elite murder ordinary people then it is not crime, while ordinary people are punished for everything. I was shocked by the whole event and, I was strongly influenced by alcohol, so I was not so quick with answers. One of them spoke in a kind voice so it confused me a little for the moment. He asked if I play guitar? and then I replied that I had stopped playing guitar right when the pain came. He asked me if I know a Swedish man who has been in a mental hospital for 30 years and when he went out, he started playing an instrument. I was too shocked and strongly influenced by alcohol and that he spoke in a kind voice I was not quick to answer him, otherwise I would have answered him that I will never be in a mental hospital for 30 years, because I will die within very short time, maybe already this year. Instead, I honestly replied that as a victim of the electrical trojan, I can no longer relate to Music because that ability has died of electrical damage. They found no drugs other than my medications but that’s not even important. For two weeks I was dying of anxiety. And when I was finally awakened by my son, it was another shock of joy. My son told me about strange dreams he has had in there. He said he was awakened in the middle of the night by chest pains. A long time ago when my son was not even born when I had guilt feelings but was not particularly worried even, I was awakened by severe pain in the breasts. I thought I was having a heart attack even though it later turned out that my heart was working well. Psychiatric care has all the answers to police torture through psychotronic weapons. They explain that pain as pain in the breasts due to anxiety and stress, which is a pure lie. I was neither deeply depressed nor had any major worries but still I got it. They can kill people in


their sleep, and they kill people they want to kill in their sleep. In recent years, I have been the victim of attempted murder. Of all the possible days, I just that day ended up at the police checkpoint where they stop cars for fast driving. I looked at them and they looked at me. It was not warning, it was a pure distraction that has the effect that I should think about them and nothing else, because it is an unusual event. The night before, voices had not uttered a single word. Warning of real-life danger I used to get from them while I slept. I got the real warning from voices when I was in Bosnia and then they told me that I should go back to Sweden as I did. I have explained this in chapter 1. The day I was driving, they told me like a fucking GPS, turn the next exit to the right and where further away will you find? How big a chance is there that it will be true, one in a million. There is no chance that it will be true in real life. Not even in the lottery would I score straight. While they said it to me, I clearly experienced the words they have uttered but I was not sure if they have said it the night before or if they say it in this moment and then you can understand how advanced the psychotronic weapons are. But what they told me was 100% true. When it came to tricking me into returning to Sweden, they warn me of danger that does not even exist, and when there is real danger here in Sweden, they do not warn me at all. No one would ever know the real cause of my death and what it’s about. If there is anyone who follows me and who reads my blog posts, then they would know that I have died of my son who would surely post comments and tributes to his dad on his Facebook profile. But I’m still alive and that’s why I’m writing this in this blog post so the whole world knows the truth. On that day, there were no police immigrants in the police control. All were ethnic Swedes. The call was that the police in police control should be the last thing I should see in my life and the last thing I should think about before I die. They’ve been torturing me for 20 years; they’ve made me hurt over and over again and now because of what I write in the blog they wanted to kill me for it in the end. Of course, they do it in such a way that you can never have proof that the state has anything to do with what is happening to me. I had either been murdered or I had ended up in hospital and there I am in their state hands. With all the suffering and all the injuries, I would vomit so disfigured and say to them everything in their face, where I have a hard time believing that I could have controlled myself after all the injuries that this Swedish state has caused me so far. Then they would say that I am delusional, psychotic and confused because how could I believe that the Swedish state would want to hurt me. Then they would drive me to a mental hospital, which is why I started to feel bad mentally at all. There they would end my life, through forced ECT. I would be murdered there. Maybe they had tied me up and said I died on the toilet just like Daniel. That’s what their goal is to kill me or lock me in a mental hospital. The intention was never for me to be convicted of the crime I have confessed to. They want me to die. They want me not to exist at the end of their police investigation against me. Here you see how they build on new catastrophic events in my and my son’s lives. If I had died, my son would have gone to prison with anxiety where his father has died and there you see how they create severe traumatic events for my son where mental destruction of him continues with full force. But now, as a dying man, I will see my son go to prison. I will forget the day we lived together. When he is locked in there, then no phone calls are allowed, and no letters are allowed. I think I will die because of my injuries, while he is locked up in a Swedish prison. These injuries I have are so terrible that I’m already dead and mad with pain. If you think I’ve written this blog to keep you entertained and that this is some fun, I can tell you this is no fun. I was a real person who has lived, and I have been exposed to crime by the Swedish state and this is the reality and danger to life that we all ordinary people live on this planet. I’m now taking my own life with cigarettes and alcohol because these injuries are murders committed in reality and I will die very soon. To me, only the path to death is open, I have no life and will never have. Even if I do not die, this is not a life as I can not experience that I am alive. Cigarettes kill me and obesity developed by the chemical weapon Seroquel also kills me. I am stuck now dying of severe injuries and suffering in agony. Every day that I live and be with my son I see as a potential last day of my life. We as a family are ceasing to exist. This is how the power of the world and the rich elite murder


ordinary people around the world. This is how we are annihilated from a society that is claimed to be democratic. We have no human rights and we have never had any human rights here in Sweden. Our life here in Sweden, is identical with life as locked in Auschwitz has had in World War II. I’m dying. I have been deprived of everything I could be deprived of. I will also be deprived of my workplace, even though I work well and never take sick leave, I will be fired from my workplace precisely because of the blog I have written. The Swedish state has exposed me to crime and by force they have forced me to write that blog due to suffering and now they will take the job away from me due to the crime they have exposed me to. All targeted individuals around the world are losing their jobs and this is how Sweden takes the last thing you have from one. The Swedish state has exposed me to the world’s worst possible public humiliation, and general shame Lynch mob with coercion by genocide that has destroyed my body and nervous system so that I by force, without any choice say it all openly to the whole of humanity. The power of the world and the rich elite talk about everything else while they do not talk about electric destruction where one can only die and can never return to any life. They have laid the electric Trojan death as something completely harmless while new generations are tricked into the grave. That trap works because people will never look at those Trojans while they are feeling bad. The day when people are in a good mental mood is when you look at this and that is why people can be deceived in death. It is always the same death trap that can be seen on the internet without any warning. The power of the world and the rich elite together deceive all mankind that people should not see death as what it really is. They are too powerful in relation to us ordinary people. If we try to strike back at power and the rich elite, then they are armed to the teeth. We have no chance against them. Now they will chase us like rabbits through 5 G mobile infra structure. This is where they will install psychotronic weapons, where every part of the planet is guarded. You will not be able to hide anywhere. They kill us through electric seas by all the various Trojans of death, but they too have a weakness. Power and the rich elite do not live on another planet. They live among us ordinary people. We have them in our hands. Nor can they hide anywhere from us ordinary people. We ordinary people are many more than those who are power and rich elite. If every one of us takes electric shock gun and gives them electric shock, then they would be wiped out very quickly. We can destroy them. It is in this way that we ordinary people can overthrow empires. What could be better than watching them die in electrical damage. It is politicians, the police, the media, health care, both public health care and psychiatric care who carry out the death penalty on ordinary people. Aim at them all and give them an electric shock out on the street at some point in your life and then we would all see how power and the rich elite behave like a wasp’s nest, which has been burned with fire. We’re going to see them live how they’re losing their minds in front of TV cameras and that’s what they deserve. Do not do it now just because I have told you to do it. I have explained to you what they can do to you and your children. You should only recognize when your children and you die, for strange reasons. You should recognize symptoms when you are subjected to state abuse and torture through psychotronic weapons. Do it at some point in your life in 40 years when you have lost everything that is dear to you. They have posted the electric holocaust on the internet for generations after generations so that people when they are in a good mental mood will eventually be deceived into death. Do the same, give one of the electric shocks in 10, 20, 30, or 40 years and aim high at those who are most well educated because they use their knowledge to deceive us ordinary people into death and it works perfectly. Targeted individuals, criminals, and the peoples of the world as states torture to death I tell you that it is the police who are killing you, but not only are they also harming your children without using V2K weapons injected voices in your head. They damage the body of your children with the various microwave radiation frequencies and also with X-Rey radiation. It may happen that your children show ADHD symptoms or some other bad mental mood and then you can be sure that they are also targeted individuals without you and your children being aware of this. Torture is unlikely to be committed through satellites. It is more likely that everything is installed around us. You so want to access your state persecutors, who torture and injure you


until you, me and all of us targeted individuals around the world have died. They are cops living in the same city who are doing this to you. It is unlikely that they are in another city because they still never reveal themselves, so even if they live in the same city, you can never access their identity. You walk past them on the street and what you see is a civilian person who does not even look at you. You do not know him while he knows you. He goes to work, and he takes over the torture of you from his colleague and when you hear him talk to you, then you recognize his voice and then you know that he is the one who will lead you into death in the end. Aim for their family members because there is a good chance that you will kill a family member of just your perps, state persecutors who torture you with V2K psychotronic weapons and have no mercy. Do not worry. Giving them electric shocks according to states is not a crime. The state gangs of stalker who follow you on the street, and who break into your home, you should give them the electric shock. He will have no proof of his injuries while his life is permanently ended, and he will eventually die. The worst weapon on the planet is not psychotronic weapons, it is electric annihilation therefore you have the worst weapon on the planet in your hands. It’s just about you realizing the truth and I’m telling you the truth. How power and the rich elite kill us ordinary people and our children, we should kill them in the same way. Give them electric shock and darkness will fail in their lives. That’s what they give us ordinary people. So, if it is not as dangerous as power and the rich elite claim, then they have nothing to fear. If the electric shock does not harm the human body, how can it harm them? Have a good time with your life, my life is over because I am already dead.