Blog post 21 – Biography of my life

1 To begin with, I can say that I have come to my final stage in my life because my moment of death has arrived. My body, my mental health, my personal identity as an individual no longer exist. I am only aware that I exist without anything human in me, because the Swedish government […]

Blog post 19-Mind control and advanced surveillance society

1 Books written by Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. John Hall are the first books I have found on the internet in my search for the cause of my ruined and ended lives through voice of God weapons technology V2K injected voices into my head. I have read Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and […]

Blog post 18-The cause of death of Bruce Lee and Nikola Tesla

1 Europe boasts about how humanism and democracy are nurtured and respected in Europe. Europe brags about how the death penalty has been abolished in Europe, when in reality it is not true at all. Europe has camouflaged the death penalty into something hidden and harmless. What can give a person the death penalty? It […]

Blog post 17- The torture of ordinary people to death by the governments of the world

1 Assange Update: Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood stages Protest & Psychological Torture Exposed ( Torture and suffering by Julian Assange. Torture is a psychological process. It is an instrument or tool to cause pain and suffering on state target to influence him in such a way as to force him to admit crime, to punish […]

Blog post 16-George Floyd protests: Police officers fired for excessive force in Atlanta

1 ( Do you know why the police use violence completely unprovoked? They provoke people so that they have the right to intervene by force. It’s not about violence where they beat people with batons and it’s not about police harassment. It’s about what no one says a word about. It’s about Taser. When they […]

Blog post 15-See Elon Musk’s Neuralink

1 Peter Breggin is right when he says that Neuralink will have negative consequences for the person who connects it to his brain. If I understand correctly, he claims that there will be some kind of chaos in the brain that is not really true. What he does not state is that the weak electrical […]

Blog post 14-Anders Behring Breivik and terrorism updated

1 When I think back on my life and if I have to describe it one last time in this blog, then it has gone in this order. I was born healthy and whole in body and soul, but from the beginning I was short, anorexic anemic and sickly. As a kid, I used to […]

Blog post 12-Revolutions -20 June, 2020

1 You can live as long as you are healthy, but when a deadly disease occurs then it is time to die, and people die in suffering like the terminally ill with cancer. That is what states talk about in the media. Humanity shares that information with the people, and everyone knows that cancer, leukemia, […]

Blog post 11-State crime-very important blog post to read -12 October 2019

1 Psychiatric care is not healthcare. Psychiatric care is the government’s annihilation system institution of civilian population adults, young people, and children, where they murder people completely legally. Psychiatric care is a death trap, ending people’s lives by throwing their lives in the dark for the rest of their lives. They lie to people. Psychiatric […]

Blog post 10- The Chernobyl accident, curator visits and lots more

1 When you have injured yourself with one of the dozens of electric death devices, then the state acknowledges your injuries by giving all available, in fact ineffective pain relief medications, but when you say that you want the public health service to certify the injuries so that you can sue them in court, then […]

Blog post 9 – Criminals

1 The electrical damage I have is eating up my body. It also eats up my brain and mind. Every day I feel like I’m at the end of dying. It constantly feels like my time as a living has expired. There is and has never been a single human being or any living organism […]

Blog post 8- Killer that I will die because of

1 Everyone on this planet up there in the affluent elite is aware of the genocide that has been going on throughout human history. Everyone from top politicians in all states to every single state institution and to all the people who have media influence on crowds. All of them knew all along about the […]

Blog posts 7-Swedish We ordinary people and the divine power and rich elite

1 There is nothing more dangerous than large crowds that have realized that those in power are depriving them of basic human rights and their freedom. People easily realize the truth when the government violates their human rights by enacting laws where the government clearly violates the human rights of the people and their freedom, […]

Blog post 6-The damage has worsened

1 This Swedish state harms an individual unnoticed in the same way as when you are eaten by Piranha. Getting bitten by a Piranha, that attack you can survive, but not when you are eaten by 100 Piranhas at the same time. Getting mortal blows from the state in a dozen different ways, one can […]

Blog post 4-We are murdered by the state

1 My deathbed obedience continues with more and more pain, more and more nerve collapse, more and more tissue death, and more and more mental suffering due to electrical damage. Before I was injured, I experienced the care as something positive. For the most part, they have met me in a respectful and normal way. […]

Blog post 3-Islam, Democracy and Freedom

1 Absolutely unbelievable, nowadays you can see best as an example of what democracy is for something. Once upon a time, Julian Assange was a hero when it suited political opinion and now, he is no longer. No matter what political edge you have been bitten by it does not matter. If it’s left, center, […]

Blog post 2-My visit to the emergency room

1 Everything is connected. They keep talking to me no matter how close to death I am, no matter how bad I feel and no matter what happens. All they do is just to mislead me so that I get confused, while the injuries and the medications I have to take now have had time […]

Blog post 1-Story of my life from the Bosnian war until now

1 Hi, it’s so I want my voice to be heard, before I die because of the life I live in suffering, living hell and all the misery that has happened to me here in Sweden. My life has absolutely no meaning anymore, it’s just pure raw suffering in a torn body. I come from […]

Blogginlägg 21 – Biografi av mitt liv

1 Att börja med så kan jag säga att jag har kommit till min slutskedet i mitt liv för min stund då jag dör har kommit in. Min kropp, min psykiska hälsa, min personliga identitet som individ existerar inte mer. Jag är bara medveten om att jag existerar utan något mänskligt i mig, för svensk […]