The cause of death of Bruce Lee and Nikola Tesla-Blog post 18


Europe boasts about how humanism and democracy are nurtured and respected in Europe. Europe brags about how the death penalty has been abolished in Europe, when in reality it is not true at all. Europe has camouflaged the death penalty into something hidden and harmless. What can give a person the death penalty? It is only when an ordinary person commits the murder of another human being. Only in this case one can be sentenced by the state to the death penalty and nothing else. In this way, we, and our children, we ordinary people, had lived our lives in safety and security. But in this way, the government only reaches a few individuals, because not many people have committed murder when you count the number of murders committed against the number of people among the population. but they want access to the whole population of the country. They want to be able to kill adults, young people, and children. They want control over crowds, and they have built a system where they can lead adults and young people into captivity by force. They have also built systems where they kill adults, young people, and children by force, and it is the death penalty that they have disguised during claims of care for mental illness. They have created the worst genocide system of annihilation on ordinary people worldwide, which human sick minds have been able to come up with and that is to let electric current into the body of ordinary people claiming that they cure the alleged deadly mental illness depression. They have camouflaged murder as the care of their own people. They commit this genocide and the crime against humanity while at the same time protecting the mass murder of all government institutions. Humanity in reality is divided into two class societies. The first includes the power that is politicians, media, police, general care combined with psychiatric care, school systems, social services, public figures, the film industry, all rich with media influence, researchers, and everything and everyone we have ever seen on television screen. Politicians from various political parties, publicly run theater performances where they are allegedly lecturing each other for mistakes made where they break the law, and they show this in the media as something terrible and unforgivable. They threaten political opponents with dismissal, for the wrong step they have committed, even if in fact it was not even a crime. In this way, they create a false image of society, in which they deceive the entire population of the country that ordinary people should believe that politicians protect them and that politicians fight against all kinds of politics that threaten the freedom of the civilian population and human rights. Then there are cases in which the state accesses our human nature of morality. That morality is the key that gives the state control over our mental minds on us ordinary people. Once we have accepted the state message as the worst crime, then we follow the state blindly with our support. They have tricked us into believing in them and in supporting them as noble personalities and authority, which we never question. They have control over us in the same way that snails become infected with parasitic larvae that lead the snail right into death. This is how the state builds in the eyes of the people the worst crime image through the media while in reality they keep quiet about the electric genocide which is 1000 times more serious crime and thanks to this we ordinary people are paralyzed to obedience, silence and passivity. All of them are hung out and criticized in the media and that is the state message of media propaganda to us ordinary people which brainwashes our minds and makes us stupid in the head so that the state can quite legally lead us into death in peacetime through civil society. It is one thing for the state to exercise power to get people convicted of crimes, but it is a completely different matter when they kill people. They are united against the other layer that we ordinary people are. Regardless of whether we are immigrants or Swedes, regardless of whether we are left, center or right politically oriented, we are all ordinary people who are deceived and murdered by those in


power and the rich elite. That they steal money, that they commit fraud for billions, that is not enough for them. On top of all this, they also kill us ordinary people by systematically manipulating our senses and simply they trick us into death. The state brainwashes the population through television, news, various television programs, entertainment, through the film industry, through state censorship propaganda, by abusing word research, to trick us into believing in the credibility of the murder frauds that those in power have built through human history to be able to deceive people into death. The state also uses athletes who have built their bodies by practicing sports. Here are some examples:

SIXPAD Official Cristiano Ronaldo EMS Benefits


I’m not a fan of watching sports on TV but I liked to train myself, all my life. But in any case, I have only had respect for this man. I thought he deserves everything he’s fought for. But now I think he deserves no respect because he is lying to all of humanity right in the face. He attracts young people who is his football fan into death by the electric nerve agent, in the service of government. Training with this device will result in a fatal disaster for the young person. In 10 minutes, the trojan will cause nerve damage and then nerve death has started. The alleged training will be the beginning of the end of life for the young, deceived individual. Here is another example:

Here it should be stated that even Mohammed Ali has built his body with the deadly apparatus which is a complete deadly fantasy and stupidity fraud.

This nerve-wracking deadly trojan is built in thick hard plastic and in a robustly expensive design, just to fool people that an elite athlete boxing star Muhammed Ali does not train with whatever, but it should be expensive electrical stimulation stuff. In this way, the credibility of the deadly Trojan is created as something harmless and attractive for home use, due to the high-quality prestigious product design and this is what the world power and rich elite want people to see, instead of people getting know about the fatal consequence of getting the electric death in people’s bodies. Here on the surface he advertises for a company that manufactures electrical alleged training stimulation apparatus, while in reality he advertises the annihilation of the world civilian population in the service of government, for it leads people into complete nerve death that spreads over time to the whole nervous system throughout the body, vascular collapse, internal organ damage and organ failure, body part loss where the body loses function completely, lost mental health forever with permanent suffering in agony and it leads people into madness, into suicide and into psychiatric care and lifelong dependence on pain relief medications that only psychiatric care has in its owner right. But the purpose is to make this death trap available for sale to people who the state investigates for crimes through the police so that they can be led to death and also the rest of the world’s civilian population so that the world’s population will be lowered. All innocent people who have not committed crimes and who have been unlucky due to their curiosity to test this death are acceptable loss of human life, just to be able to access those that the state has as a target in police investigations. There is no end to such an example, where our heroes are in fact no heroes at all in real life, because they have sold their soul for money and thanks to their name with strong media influence, they participate in the state genocide as aides to the state to attract and lure people into the mass murder genocide.



Elon Musk Reveals New Details About Neuralink, His Brain Implant Technology


Here is another death trap trojan where a respected personality Elon Musk uses his name with media influence over billions of people across the planet. Elon Musk is a predator who lies to humanity right in the eyes. You may call me crazy, but unlike him, I’m saving your and your child’s lives by telling you the truth about all the endlessly deadly various electrical stimulation devices. If you or your child come in contact with any of the electric trojans, you are dead in advance and if it is your child who has been tricked into that death, then you will see your child die like an animal in torment from hell. which are described only in religious biblical books. If you wish I should be murdered because of my language so you can be calm, because all of humanity together has taken my life in advance and maybe a billion people across the planet. Do not worry, I will die. Elon Musk announces this death in the service of the power rulers who sit in power and who have inherited all the various electric genocide mass murder tools from other presidents before him. None of them have ever questioned that death. So, people have been murdered in all ages and people will continue to be murdered. Even those who fight for power are also the same genocide criminals who will continue to murder people if they come to power. That is why I say that it does not matter if you are left-wing politically oriented, center or if you are on the right-wing political edge, so it does not matter for all politicians including with these Swedish politicians participate together in the crime against humanity, genocide on us ordinary people and our children. It is not enough for them to be rich. In addition to being rich, they also kill us and our children just so that the world’s population is constantly lowered. It seems that they enjoy knowing that they have caused the death of people all over the planet and that it is thanks to them, we get our bodies massacred. We cheer on those as on our Saviors where we belong to the same ideals of humanity and society. They are fighting for us and for the safety of us and our children. They are smart because they know about the electric genocide, and we see them happy because they are always undamaged. We get a picture of reality, that there is nothing dangerous in society because it is the picture that the state spreads to us ordinary people through the media, health care, the police, all famous personalities, through the film industry, through the music industry and so on, where the list never takes final. They are smart because they know about the electrical neurotoxin where they do not fall into the death trap while we ordinary people are stupid in the head where we and our children go into this electrical neurotoxin because they have withheld from us the information about their crime against humanity as they commit on us ordinary people and our children. Elon Musk advertises the electric holocaust genocide in the service of government in his country America. The garbage he calls science fiction Elon Musk Neuralink that sounds in the heads of us, and our children Influenced and filled with Hollywood’s ideal image of reality is misleading propaganda that America spreads like cancer all over the planet, while all other governments further promote the deadly propaganda to their own people where they give credibility to the deadly publicity because they also participate in it annihilation of its own common people. As I said, the power of the whole world and the rich elite commit genocide together and in the same way, because they want to lower their own population. Elon Musk neural ink is equivalent to electric foot detox. People are murdered through equivalent genocide electric tools, which state criminals call through health care for the relief of Parkinson’s disease. So, people are murdered by it and then they are blocked by the state, media, healthcare when they are dying because of such state Frankenstein Trojans. Elon Musk advertises it for Americans power and the rich elite including all public figures involved in the murder of us ordinary people and our children across the planet. Elon Musk is one of


the rich elites. While he and his family are protected by an army armed to the teeth. His deception assimilation Star Trek lethal trojan Neuralink is destined for the future because it is, according to him, in the embryonic development stage and with it he abdicates all responsibility for the killing of ordinary people, which he will commit by tricking people into operating the lethal debris in their own brain. His neural Link junk serves a purpose here and right now, as the support and legitimate existence of all the other electrically different death trojans. He fishes through time and space, adults, young people, and children which are affected and influenced by media propaganda technology development fraud word research, into death. Billions of people accept this death, because of withheld information truth about the state death trap they fall into. Angels and demons do not exist. It is easy to be human normal and Happy when you have been born in wealth, security, and prosperity, where you help vulnerable men, women, and children in poor countries. It is such people, from the power and rich elite, who react to hell violently when they see people who are violent and who commit crimes. It is easy to condemn boys and men, sometimes girls and women who engage in theft and usually violence. Everyone sees their mistakes as they commit now, while no one has witnessed the hell they grew up in. They too are born normal as angels. But when you are treated like a monster then you become a monster yourself. The police and the state harm such children so that they become bad and violent individuals in order for them to do what they do, so that the state could imprison them and harm them mentally even more and so they are taken out of society. Prison harms them and ultimately the good normal personal identity that the children were born with, no longer exists. The state has stolen their entire lives. It has died perhaps, billions and more than that of ordinary people across the planet throughout history and many more people across the planet will die if the genocide and crimes against humanity are not stopped. It is not just ordinary people who are tricked into death. There are also examples where superstars are tricked into death. Here is one for me solved mystery on the death of a celebrity “Bruce Lee”.

Bruce Lee: Electric Muscle Stimulation


Here is another web page about his life:



Here, the media babbles nonsense about the cause of his death. The media protects genocide from being exposed in his case so that mass murder of the population can continue in the future through human history. It has been going on at all times and it has also reached myself now. I too am being blocked so that the next generations can continue to be murdered after me. This is what they wrote about Bruce Lee’s death: One of the main causes of Lee’s death is that he seemed to have a serious mental problem. (He goes through his ongoing death both physically and mentally and his personal identity is dissolved and changed permanently) Sometimes he could not control himself. About two months before Lee’s death, his behavior began to be strange. (Look at how strange my behavior is) Lee was a kind and patient person but he changed at that time. He gets grumpy and always gets


angry at small things. (I also complain about my ongoing death) A famous scandal was that Lee put a knife to Wei Luo’s neck and threatened that he wanted to see what color his heart was. Although Luo did not get along well with Lee, he was never threatened like that. Luo was terrified and immediately called the police. Lee would never do that before. (Electrical damage causes hatred and anger through destroyed nervous system and it evokes the behavior of violence, where you want to kill those who have exposed you to the crime, the closer you get, to your own death) He also regretted that he threatened Luo so. He did not mean to do so but he could not control his behavior. (Electric damage means madness and violent behavior and it is the world’s governments’ intention to change people through the electric destruction so that they have a reason to lock people in prison or to just destroy people’s lives and that to death) In addition, his wife Linda Emery also said that Lee always carried a weapon when he hung out because he felt he was going to be attacked by someone. (He was aware that he has been the victim of crime. He has realized the truth that it is the governments of the world that murder the entire world’s population with the criminal death trap electric destruction. With that realization, it is normal to expect to be murdered, because if government murders people legally then murder is something completely normal in society.) It showed that Lee had a severe dysthymia that could cause his death. (Dystymia, yes, the body is damaged by electric current which ultimately causes necrosis and tissue death. Bruce Lee was a martial artist knowledgeable at the elite level, but he did not understand that no matter how strong you are, it’s all about physics and natural laws, where the human body has evolution not built for it to receive electric current in the body. Even weak electrical voltage is directly fatal over time.) Here they write further: Lee also used electrical muscle stimulation to train his muscle which damaged his muscle at the same time. This machine came from Japan and was later banned. (It was banned due to his death, while they only changed the design of the device with a different color, so that they can continue to murder further people) to Lee’s body. (it’s 100% lie. The electrical damage does not make the body stronger) At the time, an actor named Yuan Jie also used this machine and also died without a cause a year after Lee’s death. (Another murder by electric destruction committed by the government. He has died due to electrical damage. Everyone who is injured dies in the end, and I too will die soon. All this is the government’s lie to mislead people further and probably deceive people into death through even this story of Bruce Lee’s death. All these are lies uttered by those who have written that text. We do not know the truth because we have not witnessed it personally and since the world power and rich elite are lying about everything to 100% so this information, we should definitely be hesitant about. There is nothing here to believe in. The first electric shock so-called electrical stimulation leads to numbness without any pain and for each new electric shock, additional nerves are damaged in the skin and muscles for each new electrical current passage, but there is no pain yet no matter how many times he exposes himself to such electrical shocks, due to nerve death occur first from 8 months to one year. It only becomes more of the body area that he damages by exposing himself to the electrical nerve toxin in the beginning, when he started using the electrical device without pain and then he is not even aware that he is injuring his body to death because it does not hurt, it is not experienced as pain. Thanks to that, he is tricked into continuing to injure himself to death. Therefore, with larger area of ​​injured body when pain comes after one year, then the beginning of suffering is infinitely many times worse. Injuries only get bigger. His nerves collapse where microscopic holes occur in nerves, and this is what disturbs and distorts the signal to the brain. The microscopic holes on nerves occur after about 8 months to a year after being injured. The greater the damage, then the nerve collapse with pain comes earlier and if you are injured less than the damage comes with pain after about 1 year. But they always occur and there is no room where you can say that, in my case, maybe it will be good. If you have had numbness that is 1 cm in


diameter, then you are already injured to death. It spreads from 1 cm to 70% of one’s body and it does not stop there. In both cases where you are injured a lot and cases where you are slightly injured, injuries lead the injured individual to death. This is when nerves have become corrupt and are no longer compatible in interaction with the brain. This is when the damaged nerves bombard and exterminate the brain with all the signals and then the whole body is destroyed because nothing works normally. If our skin is exposed to heat, then we feel heat or depending on the situation if we get burned or if we get beaten then we feel the pain. When it is cold then we feel that we are freezing in the skin and the whole body. As healthy, we only feel it as long as we are exposed to cold, while when we are damaged by electric current then damaged nerves on the skin and also inside the body where we feel cold and heat at the same time even if you are in a normal warm room. Now we feel the damaged nerves inside the body that we have never done before in our lives, and it is completely unnatural. The damaged nerves bombard the brain with all the sensations at once. For example, I feel numbness, discomfort and pain that is worst, and it drives me to suicide. At the same time, I also feel cold, hot, wet feeling, pain in muscles that have come lately where I feel that there are parts inside muscles that have died, and it spreads further. In this way, the microscopic holes spread further from one cm to the whole body as time goes on. So, for anyone who gets injured by such electric death trojans that states have put out, it means that nerves continue to die until pain comes immediately after a year due to the microscopic holes. That’s what has led Bruce Lee into the deathbed suffering in agony and it is because of this that he was whining. Already after about a year came pain in the injured muscles and pain is hell described in biblical religious books. He could not sleep due to pain and damaged nerves affecting body and soul. Therefore, he has used a lot of different pain relief medications but at that time there was no Zyprexa and Seroquel, I think. That’s why he was so slim. It is the state that has invented this medicine through pharmaceutical companies to reduce and relieve pain for electrical injuries that the state deceives people in and at the same time the state murders the person who takes the medicine. In addition to giving an inhuman hunger for food, the medicine knocks out the metabolism so that the body stops burning food. For example, I have been laid off temporarily from work due to the Corona virus and I have trained 5 days a week in the same way as before I was injured and instead of losing weight, so I have only gained weight and now I weigh 99 kg and I look ridiculously grotesque at the waist. It does not stop there but continues to gain weight where I am beyond all control. It does not matter that I have eaten healthy food. I go straight to diabetes and then I’m dead. Bruce Lee’s injuries have driven him insane for electrical injuries meaning it’s the end of his life. It’s the same with me. My life is over. You have a feeling that time has stopped flowing. Instead, I find myself in a constant deathbed suffering in agony that multiplies with time and only gets worse and never better. The constant death of body tissue, which gets 8 times worse from month to month, consumes nerves, muscle tissue and even mental health. I swim in nerve death and pain. He has done the same. I get mad with anger while he was more hurt than I am. That is why he has contracted mental illness and that is why he has behaved in such a sick way, where he is not clear according to his own senses. Injuries he has sustained, means the death penalty executed on him and it is the state that has tricked him into. Electrical damage that the alleged stimulation devices cause to the body is the death penalty and the electrical damage has caused his death. He has died because of it. He could not sleep. He trained for 10 hours as far as I understand, and he did it because of pain. When you do not exercise, then you experience that your body dies, and pain becomes unbearable. When you train, in the moment as long as you train, you have a feeling that just in case it hurts less in the injured body parts, and you feel a bit like fairly normal at the moment. The area of ​​the injured body is, as it were, stunned by physical exercise. It feels a little better for the day, but already the next day you feel the body collapse and the pain has


become great again. Therefore, you have to train again to feel reasonably normal for the day. It is repeated day after day 7 days a week all year round and it only gets worse. This is what makes one completely crazy and leads one towards nervous breakdown. It is the state that has discovered the death penalty where one will commit suicide in the end, with one’s own hand in service to the state. This is what the media keeps quiet about so that crimes against humanity, genocide against ordinary people can continue and it has been going on at all times throughout human history. You feel that you have the upper hand over death for a short while, while you train. So, I can say for sure that Bruce Lee is murdered with the death trojan that is personally laid out by states by masking various companies under the pretext of training, pain relief, acupuncture, foot detox and so on. I think his son Brandon Lee is also murdered, the first thing you check when you plan to record on video, is to check what ammunition is used in this weapon. That the gun would be incorrectly loaded with real lethal ammunition, is state bullshit propaganda, I think. If the state says that there has been an accident with the wrong loaded pistol, then everyone blindly believes in the state bullshit propaganda as standard. But in any case, electric death has been discovered by the state as a weakness in which nerves in people are damaged to death, at the slightest slight electrical voltage. He has stumbled upon the electric trojan advertisement like millions of other people after him and a single wrong decision in life and one is beyond all rescues. He has been exposed to the electric nerve agent in the belief that it will harden him but being harmed by electric current means the death penalty and it is the secret that power, and the rich elite withhold from ordinary people. This genocide goes back a long way, and it has not started with the slaughter of pigs. Instead, it extends even further back in time all the way to Nikola Tesla. I have watched a number of documentary films about Nikola Tesla from “Amplify me” and others to make sure I know enough before I comment on him.

Teslafy me (2019) Trailer Nikola Tesla Documentary


There are many other documentaries about him. To me he is a man with the highest intelligence and therefore humanity, we all live on his legacy and inventions even today. It is winemakers who always write history. Here it has been told about him what the state at this time wants to be told about him. I do not think he was uninterested in money. He was probably interested in money. Finances for him are often more difficult problems to deal with than his inventions were. In order for him to do research with his inventions, he needed money and therefore money was important to him even though it was alleged that he was not interested in money. America wants to change criminal history so that today’s people will believe that there was justice at that time. They rewrite history with lies, by hiding the fact that they stole money from Nikola Tesla by preventing him from being able to get paid for his inventions. They have robbed and looted Nikola Tesla. That he should have financial means that were his own so that he does not have to ask others for funding in his research is the best freedom he can have. But every time he comes close to the possibility of wealth, there has always been a problem where his path to wealth is always stopped. It was almost like it’s better to get something than nothing. After all, they have told him that he is performing well to be an immigrant. This is how humanity has always worked and it still works that way today. What I want to know for sure is, has he received electric current through his body? And he has. He was an expert in physics and everything, but I think he too has misunderstood the danger of electric current. He has demonstrated in front of crowds how he gets electric current through his body and yet he is not physically injured. I think that according to him the harmless electric current has caused his nerves to


die, because that is the only possible thing that can happen if you let even the slightest electrical voltage flow through the body. In a documentary film about Nikola Tesla, they say that Nikola Tesla has chosen to castrate himself in order to dedicate his life to research, which is pure stupidity. Electrical damage deprives all human features of a human being. With that, you are also castrated. He could not sleep more than a few hours. In the beginning when pain came to me, I walked all day just to get pain reduced and then when I fell asleep, then I woke up from the suffering in agony after two hours and then I went again on the beach walk for 5 km and maybe more than so. In the beginning, over-the-counter painkillers were enough and nowadays not even Seroquel 450 mg helps with pain completely and it is only at night. This suffering angers the zombie dog rabies. I’m going crazy because this is getting worse and worse over time. Now I feel so bad that I start making threats publicly on this blog. Nikola Tesla has suffered in pain due to electrical damage throughout his life and especially at the end of his life. Therefore, he exhibited mental problems. Had he not been injured by electric current, then he would have been completely normal and healthy. In this picture I see a man suffering. He could not eat due to pain and suffering in agony and therefore he was emaciated and thin. It’s just that no one has talked about it, because to protect the genocide from being exposed to crowds so that states can murder people even today in a legal way with state bureaucracy that they call healthcare.


The US government at the time had a perfect experiment ahead of it, a famous person who is injured by electric current. This is where humanity has realized how harmful electric current on the human body is. That he also had severe mental problems is no wonder. It is a doomsday weapon that states came up with at the beginning of Nikola Tesla’s discovery of electric alternating current. They still murder us today with this neurotoxin electric death. His life has begun with talent and intelligence and his life ended in such a way, where they treated him like a criminal with power surveillance and perhaps power abuses. That American media propaganda gives him credit for his inventions today is not a just justice. Everything he has invented no one can ever take from him. That American power and the rich elite give him honor and recognition for his talent now, as a scientist, while with such gigantic talent and intelligence dog poor while feeding pigeons, is a way for the power and rich elite to wash their falsehood by painting the public eyes with a false image of themselves and the rulers of their former state as a fairly, democratically technologically progressive nation. But what happened to Nikola Tesla was that he was robbed of his money by being prevented from getting paid for his inventions through bureaucracy and he fell into his own death trap by allowing electric current to flow through his body so that he was also dying in the protracted ongoing death process of suffering in agony. That’s what I think, but I can have partly right, or I have dotted completely right to 100%. In translation, it means something like we are fair, compassionate, and humane. Everyone is treated fairly by us, and everyone is honored by us for their achievements and merits which served to advance the welfare of mankind, which is not at all true. This is what it’s about. The media pretends that there is no crime going on. To ordinary people the media propaganda looks appealing and entertaining where people relax and live in their fantasy world of false sense of security. But, for me to see and listen to the state media propaganda, where they pretend not to know anything about the electric genocide while uttering words about nonsense from their everyday lives and completely insignificant events and things that serve no benefit to people, while they do not talk about its electric genocide in which they participate, is for me a disaster insight into what power and the rich elite are for something. That I’m dying because of the whole world power and rich elite media propaganda lies and besides that I see how those lies continue to be served to civilian population on this planet so that even more people will be murdered by electric destruction, is psychological torture for me. I who am injured to death, I experience the state’s misleading media propaganda as an insult. Mentally and physically, I have aged like a 70-year-old man. All this that I have written, the whole blog is not written by me to appear as some kind of revolutionary individual or someone who wants to raise the whole ordinary people of the world on some fantasy revolution against the power of the world and the rich elite so that we will get them out of power and instead we will get any of the existing opposition political parties that are claimed to be our favorites. No, it’s not like that at all. The thing is that the power of the whole world and the rich elite have, in the same way, executed the death penalty on me and because of all of them, I am going through my ongoing death, and I will die soon because of them all together. I write about what kind of evil they all together are for something. There is none of them who are worthy of us, that we may vote for them, for all of them together is evil itself. I testify to the common people of the whole world about the crime I have been subjected to, by all of them together. I’m not a leader tip. I have a social phobia and in front of people I get a mental blockage to talk relaxed and freely. There are a lot of phobias that I have built because of the psychological torture for various reasons. What I am writing is a protest of me as an ordinary human being towards humanity because there is no difference between men, women and children who have walked in the Holocaust, sarin shower rooms in Auschwitz and in mass graves all over the planet through human history and me, who has been mutilated in the most cruel way by the Swedish state, but the thing is that states all over the world commit the genocide crime against their


own civilian population. That is why I am powerless because I cannot fight against the states of the whole world. The thing is, I die a prolonged death in cancer pain and body tissue death that dies systematically more and more. Everything I have written in that blog is not my own will. Before I was injured, I had not written a single word either in the blog or on Facebook. I was normal as my body was undamaged and functioning normally. Now I have no reason to feel bad but now I am driven by injuries to madness because my body dies, and it takes with it my mental mind. Psychiatric care lies right in the eyes of people when they give a diagnosis of mental illness. They place a complete lie to the patient. When psychiatric care has given to the patient any of all different diagnoses such as borderline, obsessive-compulsive disorder schizophrenia or whatever, according to them, the patient has the mental illness diagnosis for the rest of his life. It is the state that builds such prejudices through media of all kinds, so that they can lead the patient into the grave through entire state systems. Suppose you have committed a crime that could result in imprisonment. Then begins concern, feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety to consume one from the inside out. You get the fear that you will be exposed by the police. You get feelings of shame, worry and anxiety because of that crime. It is stress that you experience around the clock 7 days a week all year round. Feelings of guilt, shame, worry, anxiety, fear, spin and become stronger while one’s mental endurance for that stress becomes weaker because it hurts in one’s soul. Those thoughts eventually cause the brain to collapse in a nervous breakdown. Once you have had a nervous breakdown of your psyche, then disturbances arise in your thinking that breaks out in mental illness such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychosis, anxiety, depression and so on. That is when you are not normal. Your whole perception of reality falls apart. You get suicidal thoughts because of the crime you have committed but which you keep quiet about. In such a sick state, one can commit suicide in a pure accident. Psychiatric care is the opposite of the police and the two of them, are partners who destroy and torture people to death, in order for them to investigate and solve crimes. Psychiatry is just the other side of the police, where they do not force us to admit crime. Instead, they give us a choice where we can cover up our bad mood that we are mentally ill. Without medication, thoughts spin and because of this we cannot sleep at all and then without sleep we break into a nervous breakdown. If we fail to acknowledge our crime, then we prolong our suffering through medications that numb our brains so that we can sleep overnight. The drugs turn off our brains where we are anesthetized artificially so that we do not go crazy and end up in a mental hospital. Those medications are made to give us artificial relief in mental suffering while the police continue to torture us night after night and make us more mentally ill with this voice technology, in order for us to admit our crime. The drugs Seroquel and Zyprexa are made to relieve anxiety and mental suffering at the moment, while at the same time it kills us, by drugs knocking out our metabolism our body’s metabolism. In addition, the state, through pharmaceutical companies, has added a substance in Seroquel and Zyprexa that causes inhuman hunger. It gives us body fat and obesity; they knock out our metabolism and it in turn gives us diabetes which in turn forces us to amputate our legs later in our lives after a few years. So, it only causes more problems that lead to further mental suffering, and it is punishment for keeping quiet about that crime. The police know the truth about what crime we ourselves have committed, but they need proof to be able to solve crimes. When you have been so much mentally damaged then the police also start talking to you and then you can no longer continue to be silent. All that torture eventually forces one to either commit suicide or admit crime. The state has built benefits where they can kill people even if people admit crime. Even if you have confessed your crime, it does not matter. They know that in some cases like mine they do not have enough to give a long prison sentence. If they are not happy with the punishment they would give me, then instead the state has the death penalty through psychiatric care and all the 9-volt devices that lead people back to


psychiatric care and medication with lethal drugs Seroquel and Zyprexa that give diabetes and mutilation of one’s body. Before, I was unharmed and then I was a human being, who did not differ in any way from billions of other people. But now that I was injured, I cannot experience reality as a normal human being. Now it is the Swedish state that gives me pain relief for the crime they have exposed me to. It’s like they had a monopoly on the air we breathe. In order for me to be able to breathe, they sell me that air so that I do not die due to lack of oxygen. That way, they give me Seroquel so I can sleep through the night. All the different diagnoses of mental illness are not as permanent as psychiatric care claims. The false image of mental illness has been always placed in the media throughout human history in order to liquidate people physically and mentally out of society. As soon as you have admitted your crime and the first day when you have freed yourself from the anxiety, worry, depression, fear, and shame, you immediately feel for the first time in 20 years that you have recovered mentally, and you immediately become normal. For my part, I only have social phobia left. Even social phobia would disappear if I had a woman to live with. But since I’m alone, social phobia has gotten even worse over time. That’s the whole secret and truth about what depression is for something. The fact that psychiatric care advertises thousands of advertisements through videos on YouTube where they claim that ECT is the main method of care for depression while Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is for (blah, blah) depression, is advertising for crimes against humanity, genocide where the state executes death penalty on people whom the state wants to kill by tricking people into submitting with their own will during the state execution of the death penalty. It could end there, but when they are not satisfied with punishment through court, they have concealed the death penalty by electric current and now they have sentenced one to death that leads one into the grave through physical injuries, through suffering that drives one to commits suicide and to madness, for the suffering of electrical damage is anxiety taken from the grave and religious books where it is described how to burn in hell. The secret is only that the hell where you are allegedly judged by God to burn in hell, is here on Earth in society itself and we are not judged by God, but we are judged by power and the rich elite for us to burn alive until we have died. The hell for us ordinary poor people is in the state judiciary where the state condemns us to the hell, where we burn alive, while our body rots from within and out and stops functioning. The body loses its function while, one is still alive. It is the worst hellish punishment that a human being can be subjected to, and it is the state that drives it and at the same time protects from being exposed to ordinary people so that the state can continue to murder us and our children through human history as they have done in all time. The destroyed nerves now affect me mentally in such a way that I experience grief with 100 times stronger intensity. It hurts in the heart, and I feel a strong stress, tension in the chest. It’s a murderous anxiety. I have a terrible anxiety when I think about what this Swedish state has done to me, and they continue to torment me every night for many thousands of times. This state genocide against the population through all the infinite various apparatus of death is a struggle against the intellect of us ordinary people. They hurt us and when we start talking about it then they have built state bureaucracy which the state uses to brand us as mentally ill and thereby they have directly eliminated us in the eyes of other ordinary people who are not exposed to state abuse and torture. Our voice will not be credible and while we die then we will have no support from crowds. If anyone thinks of me with prejudice and back on my life as something that should characterize me as a person who has lived his own life in such a strange and odd way, as an outcast man as if I had a plague, then you should know that all choices which I have taken, are directly provoked by the Swedish state through the police since I came to Sweden. You cannot become normal when you have the police whispering into your dreams for over 30 years. They have forcibly pushed me into mental illness to crush me into a nervous breakdown so that I can admit crime.


When I have done that, then they have not allowed me to serve my sentence so that they can continue to destroy me to death, and they have succeeded in this in the end. They are out to hurt and drive people into a nervous breakdown. In reality, they want you to break into a totally mentally nervous collapse, where you become so very vulnerable that the only way out in life that you see in front of you is just to commit suicide. It is difficult to get people to commit suicide when you are healthy and unharmed in the body. You are relatively strong in your mental senses, but when the body is maimed with electric current then only damage in itself is a direct nervous breakdown. When one’s body is eaten as in comparison to carnivorous bacteria which in turn provokes zombie dog rabies insane anger, then it is very easy for the state to crush and push one through the voice technology to commit suicide in the end. Therefore, they drive and protect all deadly tools and make them invisible so that people will not see what in reality it is for something. They use everything around us against us. They harm our children in the same way they do to ourselves. Seeing your children get hurt and knowing that it’s because of them makes you insane with anger, but you can do nothing to save your child and yourself. They come into our dreams by force for over 20 years every night while we cannot access their identity. As long as you are unharmed whole and well-preserved, everything is fine, but therefore they have laid out a sea of ​​all the different electrical devices that make nerves die as if they had never existed. When they have succeeded in harming you through torture, then you are mentally ill. I would give everything I have, and I would have given all the money if I had them now, just to go back in time to the nervous breakdown where I had Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychosis, Panic Disorder, OCD / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That was in the beginning before I had confessed my crime. Then the police tortured me to this mental state where I was close to committing suicide. The mental suffering is a joke compared to this deathbed suffering I have now. I have recovered immediately when I released this stone on my heart when I admitted my crime but this that I have now is all this but a thousand times worse and now I can never go out of the dark. The death penalty on me is executed. This is the secret that states want us ordinary people to never know about, and it is because of this that the annihilation of adults and young people can continue. This is the real Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Panic Disorder, OCD / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Borderline (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder), bipolar disorder. All of the diagnoses are electrical injuries that have caused nerves to die. Psychiatric care drives people crazy with ECT. ECT is madness and guaranteed death. It is only the state that tricks us with media propaganda into believing in lies where we live in democracy, freedom, and security. Now it’s injuries that are nervous breakdown. I suffer so unbelievably much day and night with constant anxiety that only injuries produce without any real and meaningful reason in life. I breathe hard in the same way as Corona-infected people who are connected to a ventilator and respirator. I heavily breathe all day and all night, 7 days a week all year round and it is due to the pain, due to numbness and lost sensation in the body due to the nerves that have had time to partially die completely, due to it discomfort, feeling hot, cold, and due to some additional sensations that there is no word that I can use to describe the distorted feeling. What I feel are cold corpses rinsing and radiating through my body around the clock and I feel like I’m freezing even though it’s not cold in the room. It’s unbearable I cannot stand this suffering anymore. I begin to reconcile myself with the thought that I will die due to the electrical damage. The suffering in agony hits my brain brutally hard. In the lower part of the body, I feel pain and the pain from there strikes right into the brain and my psyche where it is transformed into physical and mental suffering in agony and death anxiety. Because of the anxiety of eternal death, I am not able to think a single positive thought. There is no light in my life because those injuries are spreading, and suffering is getting worse and worse. Those injuries cause my body to die. I’m really


dying. This process where the body dies are some kind of process that is identical to cancer, or rather as another example that fits even better, and it is meat eating bacteria that eat up the body. Due to the electrical damage the body disappears due to nerves that die and stop working, while I look whole when you look at me. The bodily injuries I have affect me mentally in such a way that I experience sadness and despair with 100 times stronger intensity. It hurts in the heart and it feels like I have a lump in my chest, a death anxiety, tension that interferes with my breathing and produces the anxiety of death. It’s a murderous anxiety. I have a terrible concern when I think about what this Swedish state has done to me and my child and what is worst is that they continue to torment me even though I am almost dead. They are looking for me to die, to commit suicide or to die from injuries. They’re out to lock me in a mental hospital. The more the body dies the more I go crazy because of the injuries and suffering in agony. They’ve talked about me going to court, but they’ve done everything to kill me. They do not want me alive in this court. They do not want me normal the day this court comes. I was an extremely calm person but now I am everything else without calm and normal. Now I’m totally crazy. They impose guilt on me by exposing me to brutal fatal crime. They have forced on me suffering that drives me insane and thanks to that insanity I utter the worst words I can utter now. I’m guilty now and I’m demonizing myself in the eyes of the judiciary and in the eyes of all humanity on this planet. I have told the police that I want them to tell the court that they will judge me so that I can fix that problem once and for all. I have reconciled myself with the fact that I will be punished to serve a prison sentence. But they did not allow me human rights and instead they have led me into the death trap. I was not guilty enough it seems, according to those for a prison sentence. Instead, they have given me the death trap that consumes my body and my mental health, my identity, and my soul. Look at this professor of criminology who is in fact himself a state genocide criminal who does not utter a word about the mass murder committed by power and the rich elite on us ordinary people and our children. See how he guesses and how he hands out possible punishment to Paulo Roberto for buying sex from a prostitute.

GW on Paolo Roberto: Can be sentenced to 4 years in prison

GW om Paolo Roberto: Kan dömas till 4 års fängelse


It’s like this, state criminal’s offender through suggestive media propaganda puts up through state genocide hand media a visible picture of crimes that ordinary people commit. On the surface this purchase of six is ​​placed in front of eyes on ordinary people as the worst crime except of course murder. The purchase of sex has been pointed out in the media for many thousands of times throughout history, while the electric genocide that mutilates the body is silenced by the state. Not even this genocide criminal Leif GW Persson mentions anywhere that people are murdered, and that genocide is taking place on their own people, including immigrants. This is state intimidation propaganda that suggestively scares people into silence. In such a way as standard media propaganda by using media, the state builds barriers in the psyche of ordinary people as moral rule instruction on activated passivity, obedience, and silence in gigantic crowds so that ordinary people will not pose a threat to those in power and the rich elite. They and their children must live in safety and security while we ordinary people and our children are murdered by electric death trojans laid out by those in power and the rich elite. See how genocide criminals view the purchase of sex and


look at these criminals on and crimes they commit are not seen anywhere. See how they continue to lead adults and young people into death and mutilated bodies. They have sold me the neurotoxin death trojan through their Swedish page. They have taken away my body and my life. They have murdered me in advance in the slightly longer term. See how they can continue to murder people, even though I have reported them to the police, the police have stopped me instead of stopping the crime they are committing. Buying sex, prostitution cannot even be compared to the crime committed by the government mass murderers.

This is how innocent it looks rulers, media journalists, police, psychiatric staff, public health workers, film actors’ man and women from the first to the last who advertise the electric death in every fucking movie and thus they all participate personally in the state genocide against ordinary people. All the researchers who misuse word research where they warn about 5G mobile infrastructure and everything else, while never warning people about electric genocide that harms the body 100% and all the other celebrities with media influence that we have seen throughout history on television and who have written their books where they have only misled people into ignorance so that people can go into all different death trojans. We can start with psychiatrists. Most people who murder people for the state by tricking people into ECT do not write books. They are employed as psychiatrists and they fulfill their purpose in society as an executioner who leads, deceives, and injures people to death. But take someone who writes books such as Dr. Peter Breggin:

Exposé of Ancient & Modern Psychology & Psychiatry – The Dr Peter Breggin Hour


According to everything he talks about in this and all his other videos, he is only misleading people into the grave. For anyone to want to read his books at all, he must be different from other psychiatrists across the planet. He uses his name with media influence while claiming that he warns people about ECT and in this way he allegedly saves people’s lives. He talks about everything and if anyone is interested in his work, please watch his videos, and read his books because I am not interested in his books and his work because I know what he is really doing. To shorten it and describe what he really does in reality is like the first thing when it comes to state surveillance technology, so according to him, humanity is in that area in the development on the medieval scale of technological development.  According to him, if people hear voices, they are directly ill and there is no room where it can be a real person, a natural person who uses electronics to talk to the patient


who has been investigated by the police. There is not even an assumption where the state can have anything to do with the voices that the patient hears, according to him. He says that medications stimulate (blah, blah) the cortex somewhat and this in turn evokes voices that patients hear in their heads. He talks about harmful drugs and about ECT while he has never mentioned a single stimulation 9-volt device of allegedly a sea of ​​different uses that causes nerves to die and thus cause permanent mental illness where one is dying due to that those damages produce permanently death anxiety forever, down mood, concern, depression and so on. Not to even talk about the fact that it causes the body and nerves to die physically. He does not mention anywhere that nerves die due to electric current even at low 9-volt electric current. It is the secret that is protected by the state, and it is his purpose to lead people away from the truth so that it is never revealed by ordinary people. People never know. For ECT, millions of people have been exposed, while all the other 9-volt appliances and less electric current are billions of murdered people across the planet. He is the one who makes the death trap invisible to the eyes of ordinary people. If he does not say a word about the 9-volt stimulation genocide, it does not exist in reality, and he is the alleged man who warns people about the death trap ECT. Even though he pretends to be the people’s savior, this is where the scam, fraud for the state becomes advanced and at a higher level. That it is becoming more advanced is a reason for people to be convinced in a false sense of security and this in turn leads people into ignorance where people do not question the deadly product. When you buy it then you only see the advertisement for the alleged purpose of use where you expect the alleged acupuncture, foot detox, pain relief or sex stimulation. It does not hurt, and it is the worst of all. You are not aware of what you are exposing yourself to before it is too late. You feel absolutely nothing, except the electric weak shocks. The first symptom that is felt is numbness and the death penalty on one is already being executed. What people think is that he warns of ECT and when people end up on the other 9-volt stimulation devices then they think that if it had been dangerous, then Dr. Peter Breggin had warned people about this. He is directly involved by the government even though he does not want to admit it publicly. In addition, he does not mention a word about transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS, which causes epilepsy and brain tumors. He is a cheater who does not warn of the 9-volt electrical stimulation and TMS genocide. Dr. Peter Breggin who is alleged to provide psychiatric care to patients who hear voices and thanks to such prejudices they get the stamp of mentally ill, as he is alleged shows compassion for, by cynically ridiculing patients through angry YouTube video clips. All that they hear, alleged is not real. Peter Bregin himself points out in one of his videos that he is religious. On the one hand, he gives care to the depressed who hear voices that do not exist in reality, while he himself as a state-authorized psychiatry doctor who decides on the difference between people’s fantasy and reality, he himself believes in his fantasy imaginary friend, which does not exist in reality. He, his books and his YouTube video clip is an advanced misleading propaganda that misleads people into mass graves in the service of the state. He knows how it feels to send people into annihilation. He participates in this genocide by using his name with strong media influence over crowds to become a link in the chain of the state media campaign from fake news where the truth is hidden and transformed into something that is completely harmless. In addition, by watching his video, one gets a picture of him as a savior who saves the mentally ill from the abuse of psychiatry. It looks like people are going to flock around him, depending on his alleged care for the rest of their lives. But in reality, you do not need fucking psychiatrists, because psychiatric care has never been any medical care. Throughout human history, psychiatric care has been an executioner, a state institution that carries out the death penalty on ordinary people. The state has hidden it through the media so that it is impossible for people to ever discover the truth before it is too late when they are injured to death. Psychiatry was never


healthcare, and it is not healthcare now either. It is the standard template of all state media propaganda, where everyone uses the suggestive message where they look like helping saviors. Even politicians win people’s trust by lying to us right in our eyes where they pretend to be our saviors, where they win votes in parliamentary elections because they convince us that we should vote for them and in reality, they stab the dagger into our backs. The others are also claimed to be experts in mental illness where they give advice to people like: Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil McGraw, and all the other so-called mental health specialists, who do not happen to see this crime that I and perhaps billions of ordinary people across the planet have been exposed to. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That is why they are using their name and their celebrity as a weapon against us ordinary people to fulfill a purpose for the state in the Holocaust genocide, mass murder media campaign against us and our children. That Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and many others also take part in the apocalypse where ordinary people are murdered discreetly and completely unnoticed anonymously. All of them could use their name to tell in front of the cameras that there was a crime going on where people were injured to death. It is impossible that none of them know this truth. Instead, they build a false image of reality that convinces us ordinary people that we live our lives in security with our children, where everything is ok and their media influence propaganda deceives us ordinary people in false sense of security, where people only see their smile, day after day, year after year, decade after decade and thanks to this people are being tricked into electrical damage that ends in death. By the way, Dr. Oz has made a video about ECT and here it is so we can watch it:



He advertises that murder. Even Julian Asange has kept quiet about this which is the general secret mutilation of people who have been murdered by the state through the deadly Trojan traps that they have laid out to us ordinary people and our children. There are so many people who dig with their nails in the deathbed suffering, to be able to talk about crimes they have been exposed to in any of all possible media. But you get blocked wherever you turn. Julian Asangge could have let any of the people who have wanted to say it publicly in his Wikileaks because there is no difference between people being killed in war by bombs and machine guns from fighter jets and war helicopters or in peacetime by electric Trojans where truth on what they are for something in reality, is hidden by states so that people unaware of what it is for something, choose to harm themselves with their own will. The state has built prejudices for people who states kill through psychiatric care because most people know that it is people who have committed crimes in their lives and therefore everyone from the power and rich elite has accepted it as something normal. He could have revealed this a long time ago, but he did not either. The lives of us ordinary people are not worth anything to people who have been born and lived in safe childhood and therefore we are murdered and silenced. He was not interested in how people live their lives, while the state maimed us and dismembered our bodies, piece by piece. Now he himself has fallen victim to state abuse and thanks to the fact that he is still a journalist and a person with media power influence, there are a number of people from the journalist group who care about him. Had I revealed the video, with evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity committed by a military superpower, then no one would even mention my name because I am a zero and my life is considered by the power and rich elite as useless that it should even be mentioned in any context of significance in human history. I would be locked up in jail for life and the key to my jail cell would be thrown away. Had Julian Assange also revealed this crime against humanity which are the 9-volt stimulation trojans that I have been exposed to then he would have


had a much better starting point for his position that he is in now. States are brutal and they use crime to destroy a human being. The two women may have gone to Julian Assange with plans to demonize and soil him in the same rum. All that was needed was to get him to spend the night with them. Then there is the classic Western trap of rape against women that is used in the media to demonize him so that he loses all support in the media machinery. Reality is not what you thought it was, is it? If there is bullshit about whether rape happened or not, it does not matter. The state classifies rape as the worst while the decay of the human body by electric current which are the Trojans of all different deaths is not a crime. So, murder is not a crime when the state carries out murder or the death penalty on people without any court. This is a crime committed by the powerful and rich elite on ordinary people. They have done so throughout human history. People are injured and then people are blocked from talking on TV about this crime that they have been exposed to. If you try to prove your injuries to take it to court, then they send one more harmful treatment through Neurography on the nerve and pain clinic, for an hour and a half. After that, you will die or commit suicide. That’s why this state death trap is so evil. We become disabled corpses that die in agony the last time of our lives. This is the best description of what I’m going through and what’s happening to me. I suffer so much that my whole face and ears turn fiery red due to my mental tension which causes and evokes the highest possible mental stress that one can have. The suffering that is repeated many times a day, makes me feel that I am dying right here and now. There is a feeling that my time as a living has expired. The time for me as a living has stopped ticking. That’s the worst. All this provokes me every day after day, 7 days a week all year round. I blame it on the Swedish state because this is genocide that is protected from coming to the attention of ordinary people. The state is on the hunt and prey has been all along through human history only we who are ordinary people and our children. The state has hidden it so well through media and state propaganda by using our hatred and our prejudices against each other. A completely normal person who has never in his life been mentally ill becomes mentally ill immediately if he receives electric current from all the various electric death traps that states have put out in front of us and our children everywhere on the internet. The normal human being now gets a direct death spiral where the body destroys itself and at the same time destroys the brain and mental health that leads the normal human being straight into a mentally nervous breakdown. This in turn leads him to suicide, death due to injuries or mental hospitalization. Space does not exist for any continued life. The state provokes us by giving us electrical damage that drives us into madness, and they also provoke us and our children through that voice technology. They provoke criminals to kill each other. By the way, this is the post that journalists have written about me. I have written it to the Swedish Consumer Agency already the second day when I was injured. The Swedish Consumer Agency has spread it to the media. The same week they have written about this. Shame on me but now I know that it is genocide and that it is the state that murders people, adults, and young people. There is nothing to be ashamed of anymore. Even children can come in contact with such shit. I wrote it anonymously without naming my name. A year ago, I called so many media outlets and I called those who wrote about me. I told them that I want to be open in the media with my name so that the crime I have been exposed to will be revealed to humanity so that more adults and young people do not go into the grave as I have done. They just rejected me, and pigs told me that, unfortunately we cannot help you with this. The same thing said media that I have contacted in my home country Bosnia, pigs so called Dnevni Avaz. All the media I have contacted have just rejected me even though I am dying now. Therefore, it is clear that it is a massacre of ordinary people on this planet, that states are committing together and in the same way on all of us and on our children.


Used sex toy – lost sensation in genitals

Använde sexleksak –förlorade känseln i könsorganen


They have deprived me of the right to live. I have no right to exist. The injuries I have are equivalent to Alzheimer’s disease. All people who have not been exposed to that crime are normal because they have not been deprived of their bodies and therefore there is nothing that deprives them of their sanity. You can be maimed on your body parts, where amputated arms and legs do not deprive even mental mind, while electrical damage in addition to destroying the body and nerves, it damages and deprives one’s mental health and mind permanently forever. All of you who hopefully read what I have written about in that blog, so I guess you cannot understand that something so terrible is going on in the alleged world full of human rights, freedom, and alleged democracy. But I have been deprived of my body and my mind where my psychic senses disappear in the same way as if I had become senile. There is not a single person on this planet with power and media influence who is on the side of the common people. If it had existed, then one of the powerful and rich elite would warn billions of people that murders are being committed through electrical appliances that are being advertised as Trojans to the entire civilian population of the world for some other purpose. People who are investigated for crime, the state classifies as a danger to themselves and to others by creating prejudice through the media, psychiatric care, and entire state systems. The state builds advertising in the media of prejudice against such people. The government uses the police, public care together with psychiatric care, the media and also other government institutions at the same time so that they can destroy people physically, mentally and socially where they destroy social ties with people and acquaintances. Government uses everything against people as intimidation propaganda, while they do everything to make us lose our peace of mind. There is nothing better on this planet that can be used to turn a normal calm person into a violent and dangerous individual than electrical damage to the body. Usually when you are unharmed you feel mentally well. Government destroys one’s nervous system through the traps of electric death so that one feels inhuman pain and suffering instead. Government through state systems punishes people to death without having even been convicted in court for any crime, so that people will suffer to death and that they will die, while allegedly living as free citizens. When you have died, then your death looks as if you have only become ill, or that you have gone mad and because of this you have committed suicide, while the crime you have been subjected to by the government is not visible anywhere, because government does not reveal any of its abuses to the civilian population and it protects government through media censorship and complete media silence. They just show the media propaganda in the media that they want people to see, which is a picture of society where everything is peace and freedom everything is OK, everything is democracy, people live their lives with their children in freedom full of human rights, democracy and so on. The state takes the lives of people and replaces that life with the worst possible mental illness and dying body until its last breath and the crime that government exposes people to, classifies all the governments of the world as mental illness. That is why all the endless variety of electrical stimulation devices are out there for sale to us and our children. The sole purpose of the existence of all the various deadly products is to kill people, to get people out of natural balance and get people to start committing wrong steps in their daily lives, to make people lose common sense and commit violent physical or verbal anger outbreaks due


to electrical damage provoking anger around the clock and when you have committed any physical attack then the government has legitimate reason to lock you in jail or mental hospital where they kill the person they have exposed to crime through fraud devices on 9-volt . Even if you commit a verbal attack on someone, the government has enacted laws where they can use only those words as sufficient evidence that they can lock people in a mental hospital where they simply kill the individual claiming that the individual has acute depression and as a cure, they have an ECT electric shock of 450 volts that must be let straight into that individual’s head. In order for the government to have open hands to get people murdered through ECT, the world governments have created criminal false assumptions so that they can commit crimes, while at the same time making it look like something legal, by claiming people are not clear according to their full mental senses for people to be able to make their own decisions as an adult and therefore the government will decide instead as an adult over the individual to release electric current through the ECT of 450 to 700 volts into the individual’s head, which will destroy the brain completely while the individual will not die immediately. But the brain is completely destroyed and then it is a death process that you go through until even physical death occurs due to electrical damage. This is how the governments of the world murder adults, young people, and children of their own people. The purpose is to lock people in prison, mental hospital, that people should commit suicide or that people should be guilty in the eyes of state justice so that the state has a reason to sentence people to prison. The police lead us into this death trap where we injure ourselves and this in turn deprives us of our physical health where we literally become dying and at the same time, we lose our mental sanity and whole mind, where our mind is consumed by injuries and disappears. Our personality changes forever from a normal human being to a broken and shattered personality that is identically equivalent to millions of other injured people across the planet by electric-dead Trojans. Due to the catastrophic body tissue death and the mental collapse, we lose our sanity and because of this we have no control over our behavior because we suffer in death bed agony. Those injuries drive us to extreme acts because of the inhuman suffering. Physical and mental suffering in ongoing death process knocks us off balance and sooner or later we will commit an outburst of violent or verbal anger. You get abused by your body and because of that I write this blog, over and over again. These are the last desperate protest cries I utter in my deathbed before I die. This is what makes us demonize ourselves in the eyes of other ordinary people. We become dirt that other people despise and in such a way the state has picked us up and slaughtered us like a cattle animal, while other ordinary people watch passively without even thinking of protesting against this, even though they are aware that this is also committed on them and their own children on the day when government creates opportunity to do the same to them. As long as the crime is not committed on oneself, everything is perfectly OK. We humans do not react as long as it does not happen to ourselves and to our own children. It is a characteristic of us ordinary people that all the governments of the world, take full advantage of. This crime that the state has exposed me to by injuring my body to a handicap in suffering and those injuries have made me a thousand times more vulnerable than I was before I was injured. They have executed me. Nowadays, I cannot even take care of myself anymore. I’ve lost everything. I will also lose my job, as the day will come when I can no longer work due to suffering in agony, and it has already come. But I work all the time and I never take sick leave. This is how the Swedish state takes away everything from us, including our work. They make us disabled in the body so that we can no longer support ourselves. It is the purpose of existence for the sale to the people of all the various electric Trojans of 9-volts and less. It’s light years worse than just this I’ve described. It’s so bad that there are no words that you can use, to be able to explain the hell that I relive day and night. One must personally feel this pain and suffering in agony in the bed of one’s death, in order to believe that it is true and that it is possible in


reality. The death of this body that I have is a nervous breakdown where you are tortured again around the clock forever by the same thing and you know who is to blame for this. This crime is not a local annihilation, but it is the annihilation of the civilian population of the whole world, which every single government uses and has been using this doomsday slaughter tool for the past 100 years. This crime against humanity, this genocide has been going on before our eyes without us being able to see it and that is because the state drives this and at the same time protects with all available means in the state system. You will never have a life. If you become a threat to the state when you speak the truth, then the state labels us as mentally ill where we are allegedly imagining events that do not correspond to reality. Then it does not matter if you go to another country, or to my home country Bosnia because even there the state is structured in the same way. Even there, there is psychiatric care that murders people if people become a threat to power and the rich elite. On the surface in the media, we are brothers, while in reality when we ordinary people are treated unfairly by the state, we are investigated through the police and psychiatric care. Very quickly, we may be demonized and compared to police assassin Edin Gacic. What a wonderful man Edin Gacic was. A real hero for me. So, in Bosnia it’s the same thing. It’s just about other rulers in power. We humans can love religions as our cultural heritage, but following the blind is even life-threatening for us ordinary people and for our children. For religious people, if you are not with them and do not believe in religion, then you are directly an enemy who is against them. Here in Sweden and also there in my home country, it is the system of power authority that investigates people for crimes. Even there, there is psychiatric care and you also become a psychiatric case that does not tell the truth because you are not normal simply. Everything you tell is supposed to be imagination. On the surface, those in power may have the same name as oneself. They may have the same religion that is said to unite us as brotherly peoples. If they say that one should believe in God, then there is no other reason than for them to manipulate people. In religion, it is repeated forever about how one will burn in hell when one has died, because one does not pray to God and then at the end, they say how merciful God is. As soon as you surrender to the faith of your religion, you immediately stop questioning everything and that in turn will put us in a false sense of security. In Sweden, it is politicians who lure people into false security, while in my country, politicians on the Bosnian side, on the Serbian side and on the Croatian side use religion to manipulate people. On the surface, politicians through the media advertise religion as something sacred that politicians and people place at the top as their values. If you do not believe in God and if you do not pray to God, then you are an outcast traitor who has forgotten his roots. Then they say, may God forgive you? There is nothing that God will forgive me, because I will not forgive him because I have been treated by everyone from my birth until today as a Jew in Auschwitz. I have been so much unjustly treated by this evil humanity, that when the day comes if it would have been possible now, when I stand before God and if he would judge me for my mistakes in my life then I will spit in his face. Why was I born? Is it so that my life will be used by everything and everyone as a stationed example for other ordinary people how they and we all ordinary people should be silenced by different authorities all over the planet? Religious leaders get space in the media to practice their religion while I do not get space in any media on this planet to tell crowds about the crime that the Swedish state has exposed me to and which is equivalent only to crimes against humanity, genocide as committed on ordinary people all over the planet on believers and on people who are not religious it does not matter. What I think about a religion, I also think about the Swedish and every single one on this planet. All of us and our children are murdered by power and the rich elite. I have contacted media Huss in my home country Dnevni Avaz and they have rejected me in the same way as all media in Sweden have done. They too know about the electric genocide and they also silence it by becoming passive when a person from the common people tries to say


about it in the media. Before I had a better view of politicians but now, I have realized that all politicians no matter what political edge they come from and all media no matter what, they all participate together in the genocide of their own people and all other people from the poor strata of society. As for me, you politicians can continue to steal votes, because you do not serve the people anyway. Politicians use Religion as a tool to get people’s obedience where people will not question them. Through religious leaders, they get a picture in the media where religious leaders represent all of us ordinary people and thus me as well. But that is completely wrong because I think for myself. According to them, one has forgotten the Holocaust to which one has been subjected. But politics is much more complicated than that. You have to question everything and everyone in order to access the truth. Therefore, when war breaks out, we are murdered just because of our name. No one asks ordinary people what they think about in the reality we live in. Religious leaders and I mean in all different religions only attract people on people’s devotion to religion and that people should pray to God and that people should think a certain way. It is even dangerous to blindly follow religions and here is why? In their world, it is the devil who leads one into the wrong steps of one’s life. The police all over the planet use the voice technology to manipulate people as the Swedish police have done to me. They have so much power thanks to the surveillance equipment that their power is divine. They kill us ordinary people because of that advantage. How do religions explain this where people hear voices that obliterate one’s life in ruins? Is it the devil according to those who speak to me? Why have religious leaders not come up with something that we ordinary people can benefit from? Why have they not issued a warning for the deadly products. They warn us of dark forces in the world while there are states that are dark forces where they murder us openly but hidden beneath the surface. It’s impossible for anyone on this planet, did not know anything about the deadly various electrical products. They give us absolutely nothing. They give us empty air. They use our fear of our mortality to make us follow them and to believe in what they practice. As far as the state is concerned, according to them I am mentally ill. So according to the world’s governments and religions, we are not clear in our mental senses and then we are mentally ill (mi smo dusevni blesnici). In Bosnia my own parasite fascist power and rich elite it takes expression to a higher level. Instead of just saying that you are mentally ill, they say that your soul is sick. (Dusevni bolesnici) Please continue to blindly follow traditions, but when you are murdered or worse when your children are murdered by those in power and the rich elite like me, then you will realize what evil the ruling elite is for something. When you become dying like me, then you will question everything and everyone but then it will be too late. I have respect for all religions, and I am not an enemy to anyone. I do not have to be a believer to love people no matter what religion they belong to. We ordinary people, regardless of our cultural differences, should stand for each other as we and our children are equally useless to those in power and the rich elite. I promise you that those in power in Sweden have murdered me and they have harmed my child. You and your children can also be the next victim of your rulers, regardless of whether they come from your people. They are all the same. Advertising for the state murder fraud known as pain and nerve clinic is seen on TV. I have personally seen in TV news a case where there has been a monkey who claims to have lived abroad in Thailand as far as I remember. He said he had problems with rheumatism and now he has undergone an examination at a nerve clinic where he says that he has had electrodes connected in the area where he has had pain. The examination has been going on for an hour and a half and now they have found a good care program for him at the nerve clinic. He shows a constant smile in front of TV cameras. The monkey shows how happy he is, and he points out how healthy he is and how good he is now. He points out that the examination was pain-free and that it is standard in the care that is ongoing on the assembly line. The program leader and the monkey interacted very well with the advertising on


the nerve scanning examination. Had I been naive then I would have been deceived to death even more. This is what I wrote a few years ago. Today is 2022-05-15 and I have seen on the internet magazine Aftonbladet a news item where exactly the same man has committed suicide and it happened recently. He made a video while committing suicide so that everyone will know that he chose with his own will to commit suicide due to an illness from which he suffered and could not bear to suffer any more. But there is not a word about electrical damage that causes suffering. Swedish media Aftonbladet has chosen to censor this information, so that massacres can continue on the civilian population by people not knowing that electric current at low electric current voltage means death for the injured. And now further, the waiting time for surgery at the surgery is very long, sometimes up to a year and more. These are complicated procedures, and it is a matter of saving people’s lives thanks to this procedure. You will go there with confidence in the care. I have explained why I am disappointed even in this care where I had surgery, because I came from there with further injuries. But in general, all people believe in a Doctor of Surgery, because it is genuine and real care that makes the difference between life and death. This is where it begins to break with all logic and here state crime comes into the picture. The state has put the alleged nerve clinic and pain clinic together in the same hospital among surgeons and other advanced body examinations. Waiting times for nerve and pain clinic are as long as waiting time for surgery. When you have been injured by one of the all-out state deaths trojans if you are gullible in the state and thus the care then you believe in doctors who send referrals to pain and nerve clinics. You are deceived by the government to injuries in disability for the first time through advertising on the internet about 9-volt lethal devices and one is deceived by the state for the second time through health care under the claim of care where they scan damaged nerves with electric current. In that you know that you have waited a long time for that examination and that you go next to the surgery and other advanced departments for a physical examination, you get suggestive messages that even this nerve and pain clinic must be safely advanced. One can imagine a thought where one thinks, if I have waited so long to get an appointment with a neurologist who sounds in my head advanced, then I will take that examination because they are experts. After all, I see in front of me a large device with an LCD screen where everything looks futuristic and advanced. I see people in white hospital uniforms, and they wear rubber gloves on their hands while they connect the electrodes on my injured body. The only thing is, I’m not stupid in my head because I have seen through the state fraud already after a few seconds when I was injured. This is how I think it looks when you go on this fraudulent lethal investigation. I have gone to the doctor, and he has sent a referral to the nerve clinic already a year ago. I also forgot this time visiting. This week I got a call to a nerve clinic after a year. I was upset. Immediately that morning I called to cancel the fraud visit, where they would hurt me further and send me into the grave even faster. It said on the paper that I can cancel that time by leaving a message, but they will not reply to me back. So, I left a voicemail where I said, My name is Vahid Redzic and I want to cancel this time. From what I understand, you will be drawing electrical current through my body to scan my damaged nerves. To me you are murderers and state fraudsters. Delete my name in your database and that’s all I have to say to you. There was no hello and no goodbye. Examination of damaged nerves means that nerves are exposed to electrical current that destroys nerves and body tissue. Then, as fraudsters expose the patient to low electrical current means that you do not immediately notice damage, but therefore they last for an hour to an hour and a half, of this electrical current passage. Then they lie to the patient that it takes time to read this chart on the alleged advanced procedure. They called the intervention and the deception neurography and myography. If you expose yourself to this crime, then you will have your body mutilated with this procedure. In order for the state to deceive us through this care the state has come out of its


imagination to strand people who have been harmed by Trojans laid out by the state as a death trap for camouflaged false use purposes. When you have pain due to injuries that the electric death Trojans have caused to nerves, then it is run because there are only painkillers to get and that from killers in psychiatric care. But here the state commits a crime on a patient by sending it to a nerve clinic or pain clinic, where fraudsters will put an end to that patient by exposing the patient to electrical current for up to an hour and a half while claiming to scan damaged nerves by neurography or myography. At the nerve and pain clinic, the only task that the alleged experts have is that they should play doctor in front of patient. They take part in a theatrical performance, where they pretend to be knowledgeable and that they must convince the patient of their credibility so that people undergo this mutilation of their body. Then when the Frankenstein examination is finished, they say that you will get an answer after a week, in the same way when you have had an examination for general credible care where you are examined before surgery such as groin hernia and so on. Then they can lie, and it is quite certain that they will lie. They will say that they see no damage and then you cannot take the crime you have been subjected to in court. However, new fatal injuries have been received to already damaged nerves with electric current. The other nerve damage will accelerate this time much faster because the nerves are already damaged. Only the first injury I have received leads me already into madness and suicide or the death of body tissue. The other is that you die after one year immediately. This is so hard to believe that the state commits crime and murders us ordinary people. It’s so inconceivable that it’s true, but it’s my reality and it’s true. Like I said, the state is killing us instead of sentencing us to prison. It seems that the Swedish state does not want me normal and alive in the court as they have told me all along that I will not be able to escape even if I want to. Although they have told me this through advanced voice technology that enables them to get into my dreams and they can deny it by branding me as mentally ill. In psychiatric care, they call it Schizophrenia. To take the opportunity to show you what the state writes about Schizophrenia and what solution they have to remove the voices that the patient hears in his head and that do not exist in reality, here’s it:

Så skulle röster i huvudet kunna tystas

That way the voices in the head could be silenced


The researchers examined a group of 59 people who all have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. 26 of these received treatment with high-frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS. 35 percent of those who received the right treatment experienced an improvement. We can now say with some certainty that we have found a specific area in the brain that is linked to verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia. In addition, we have been able to show that treatment for high-frequency TMS makes a difference for at least some of those affected, “the researchers say in a statement. (Word research is misused by states to be able to murder people and induce epilepsy and brain tumors through the alleged new groundbreaking invention that the state calls Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TMS.) So, for the voice technology that police use to be able to talk to me, I have no evidence, but the state keeps quiet about it in the same way that the state keeps quiet about deadly genocide through electrical stimulation devices. That they are silent about it does not mean that they do not exist. The thing is every single state uses this genocide to kill people. What does Sweden want to say to me


through the torture since I came to Sweden as a refugee. What I see in front of me while I die is that they tell me through the state abuse of me and my child is that I can come to Sweden, and I will get all the benefits that all Swedes, but I will never be able to live freely in it this country. I will see others how they live their lives while I myself am deprived of my body, my life, my identity, my existence. All that has already happened. They have already taken everything away from me. I really feel death. Should they call this condition where I die due to damage to my body mental illness and insanity? A long time ago in the closed psychiatric ward at a hospital in Trollhättan, they told me that I can go home when they have investigated me for whether I pose a danger to myself and others. Then I only had mental symptoms of mental suffering and they call it mental illness. But now look at what that state has exposed me to. The state has committed crimes against me. The Swedish state has forced on me mental illness and violence where I have been deprived of my body, my common sense, and my mind. Now I have physical and mental suffering that makes me violent, and should they investigate me now, if I am a danger to myself and my surroundings? We go to killers who call themselves psychiatric care, where they lure us into the grave and instead of care for mental illness, they drive us crazy so that we become a danger to ourselves and others. State genocide is an art that man has refined and improved for thousands of years. When we are exposed to crime by the state then we are dealing with ancient evil that is as old as humanity itself.

ΙnterrΟgΑtiΟn tapes now show…Nick was a VΙctΙm of DΙrΕcted Energy WeΑpΟn!


Here In that video, it is clearly proven that the state uses voice technology to be able to intrude into people’s minds. Here they are lying about one thing and that is where they have recorded sentences and sent them to the person they want to talk to. The fact that it is pre-recorded sentences that are transmitted through that technology means that they do not want to admit that they can talk to one and get answers from the person who is their target, for the state abuse. In other words, the state does not want to acknowledge that they come into people’s minds by force. If they were to admit that crime, then in translation it means that democracy and freedom do not exist in reality and therefore instead they call their criminal abuse with that technology that people have Schizophrenia and for the alleged mental illness they give people transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS, where they take the lives of people who hear the police talk to them. But the state would never do that to adults and children, but here you see that they want it. States have always been evil. I die in agony, and I ask you, is my dying body my imagination? Is this what I hear, Schizophrenia? I do not think so. If my life had fulfilled a purpose and if I had a goal in my life, then I now know what I want to dedicate my life to. I dedicate my life to exposing the abuses that the state and the police commit on ordinary people with advanced voice technology, and I want to reveal to people the crime that is the endless variety of electrical nerve agent devices of 9-volt and less that drive people to suicide, murder of those who are guilty of one’s own annihilated life and locking up innocent people in prison or mental hospitals. If I get power in my hands, then the culprits will burn by electrical stimulation devices that they trick people into. On me they have not been able to provoke my bad behavior where they can lock me in jail or mental hospital. If I’m still peaceful in my mind, then they have exposed me to crimes where I cannot continue to behave normally, and it is the electrical appliances that cause the body and nerves to die. So, they needed to expose me to necrosis in order for me to lose control of my behavior so that they could lock me in jail, but in my case, it will be something much worse than jail and it’s a mental hospital. Am I imagining all this? This Dana Ashlie is more


credible and more of a human being than all the researchers, all the politicians, all the actors in the film industry, all the doctors and doctors in psychiatric care and general care, the Oprah Winfrey, the Ellen De Generes, the Dr. Phil, the Dr. Oz, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Kraus, scientists in biology and physics who could not realize that electric current is harmful to the human body. By the way, Lawrence Kraus has on several occasions pointed out how a woman heard a voice telling her to kill her child. And she did exactly that. She killed her child. He wants to prove I guess how good does not exist and that she imagined all this out of her imagination. But it does not have to be fantasy because she heard something real that I also hear. The thing is that she is crazy in such a way that she was not healthy in her mind where you logically know that you should never kill anyone and especially your own child. Also, Lawrence Krauss through his video on YouTube lectures and debate promotes psychiatric care by mentioning a woman who has murdered her children thanks to hearing voices in her head telling her to kill her child. He advertises the psychiatric care that are the main monsters behind the state crime against humanity on ordinary people. There you see, she is crazy and therefore psychiatric care is necessary. If she’s so crazy, then ECT should not be questioned, because they are crazy people after all. All of them power and rich elite look down on ordinary people who exhibit mental problems. They look at us as if we had plague with prejudice because they know that not everyone but most of the mentally ill are tortured by the police. If they hear the voices, then the ruler knows power and rich elite that there are criminal elements present in their lives and therefore they think it is just as well that the state burns their brains with ECT where we have got what we deserve. They know about this possibility that the state harms such ordinary people to death. They themselves help the state through their participation, where they advertise death as something harmless so that genocide and mass murder of ordinary people can continue. On the other hand, there is the real danger of blindly believing in God. If you believe in God blindly, then she does not question it and then she follows the word of God who in fact were state fascists who told her in America the same thing as they in that video have told people in the Middle East that it is Allah who speaks to them. We ordinary people are gullible in the state and therefore we are deceived like me, but they are trained scientists so they should have a moral obligation to warn people of that genocide, but they have not done so. Who the hell cares how the universe came into being and who cares how life on earth came into being while they do not reveal how states take the lives of people who are fully healthy to death by electric current? They do not want to warn people and I wonder how much money they have received from the state to keep their mouths shut so that people do not know the truth. Do you know in what way Auschwitz has been revealed? Well, it has been revealed because a foreign power has won over the local who committed the genocide, otherwise it would never have come to the knowledge of humanity. I know who’s guilty and I’m writing about it. It is the Swedish government that, together with all existing governments, is guilty. So, it is not amateurs who have taken my life, but the culprit is power and the rich Swedish elite and the power of the world and the rich elite. I have no chance of getting justice. I’m not so important that someone wants to help me. It’s just ordinary people who do not participate in the crime against humanity, genocide. When cops talk to you, they’ll steal all your attention. They do not allow you to think about anything other than them. Whether you want to or not to think about them or if you are trying to repress their words, you think about what they have told you because their words are real but are officially classified as Schizophrenia if you say you hear voices. Even if they talk to you all the best with encouraging words, you will eventually go crazy because evolution has not developed our brains that we should be able to receive information from alien thinking brain when we sleep. Getting sentences that you have not thought of yourself in your sleep in an unconscious state is a disturbance in your own thinking. There is conflict in one’s psychic view where the words of foreign intruders corrupt


and, degrade one’s whole brain system or rather one’s identity my self, our soul. States throughout history have perfected systems how they can exploit human weaknesses to crush a human psyche in such a way that one is destroyed even in a physical way, where one’s existence ends in suicide and that with one’s own hand. The state does not even have to come into physical contact with an individual that the state has as a target to be liquidated. In this way, through the human weakness down one sleeps where one is helpless, the state utilizes the technology that enables them to be able to talk to the unconscious person in a helpless state. You cannot get closer to a rape than that. The state through the media talks about women who have been overwhelmed by predators who are usually men and especially raised in the media cruel cases where rape has been committed against victims who are raping women in a helpless state in their sleep. That crime has been proclaimed through state media propaganda throughout history as an example of the peak of evil that are ordinary people who commit the act of evil where the red line is trampled on what is tolerated by noble royalty and those in power. That crime is synonymous with Western democracy, and I do not understand that the fascist Western state evil could conceal such a horrific massacre of ordinary people all the time through human history. Now I am in the same nervous breakdown as I was when the police tortured me 20 years ago to admit crime, but this time death is also included, and physical and mental suffering is a million times worse. They do not want me to be convicted. They want me to go crazy, so that my name is declared invalid as not credible for Swedish parasite writers and the media can write about me the gloomy picture of a Clown from Bosnia. With the crime that Western fascism has exposed me to, they have driven me to self-extinction. In addition to death due to suicide, locking up in a mental hospital where they will murder me with forced ECT, it is impossible for me to keep quiet because war in Bosnia is fading compared to what I am going through now. This is deathbed suffering that washes over me like a river of nerve agent. They have driven me crazy, and they drive me crazy every night as if my body dying is not enough. So now I utter words that will get me murdered. I’m sure of that. There will always be someone who does not like what I say. But I am murdered by the Western democratic society in front of the eyes of all mankind who claim to respect human rights, is justice, compassionate and humane. When I think a little better, you have fought against fascism right? How come you yourself use fascist methods where you mutilate people’s bodies and mental minds. Has fascism been defeated? So, war has never ended. It has only been transformed into covert massacres of billions of people across the planet, while in the media you spread propaganda about antifascism, you blind the eyes of people so that they can instead be tricked into committing suicide. Here you see how the state in a sophisticated way has driven me to suicide over 20 years through voice intrusion into my dreams and unnoticed since I came to Sweden in 1993 year. If I now commit suicide, then the Swedish media will say that I have committed suicide due to mental illness, because I received care in psychiatry. Think about how awful it sounds to me. It screams prejudice about me. If I try to commit suicide and fail with this, then they will lock me in a closed psychiatric clinic so-called alleged care. There I will be locked up for many years, where I will die screaming due to pain while my body dies. Therefore, there is closed psychiatric alleged care so that crowds will not hear my screams while I die in agony. No one sees what is hidden under the surface and what has driven me into the grave. As you can see, there is state abuse that is not visible. Now I understand a case where a man has been shot by the police in his garden. A psychotic patient has been shot by police because he came out with a knife in his hand. That was what newspapers wrote about him. The police have manipulated and tortured him through voice torture in his dreams just as they have done to me for 20 years now. I would bet that those who talk to him have told him, go out with a knife in your hand. When they see you holding a knife in your hand then they will take you seriously. They will help you then. So, he did, but the Swedish state had a plan to kill him through


the police. Police through the psychotronic weapon V2K injected voices into the head, voice monitoring equipment at night whispering sentences in the microwave frequency sound that no other person hears except himself. They tell him how to behave and what to do so that the same police officers can physically kill him the next day when they are called for allegedly violently mentally unstable man holding a knife in his hand. This is exactly how the state annihilation of people takes place through the media, the police and psychiatric care. They could have shot him in the legs instead of killing him. They needed a reason to kill him, and they got it by creating and provoking a reason. That’s how the police kill people and that’s nothing new. Those who talk about nights to the shot man, are very good at convincing one so that one should believe in them. I had cursed them, and I said the worst words I could think of before I was tricked into electric death. I told them not to talk to me. But they come into my dreams, night after night 7 days a week year after year. Even though I said the ugliest words to them, they still treated my anger with extreme kindness, where they pretended to me as if they understood me, but they must continue with the abuse with words because I am in alleged danger to my life. They were extremely kind to me until I tested the deadly device and since that happened, they were never so kind again. They do not speak in a hostile way, but neither do they speak in a friendly manner. They come in and they comment on events I’ve had during the day. They have been doing this for over 20 years now and they continue to do so. It is torture to listen to their opinion on how I experience my everyday life. They see everything in our homes. I would like to say something to all of you, ordinary people. I recommend you and especially to young people. Do not kill each other. The state through the police drives you to murder each other and to injure yourself through laid out death traps that the state has put up for sale so that you stumble across the state information flow on TV and the internet. They do not want to imprison you. They want to push you to commit suicide instead. When you are injured to death, they wait until you commit a crime due to the state abuse, they have subjected you to in a disguised and hidden way. Even if you do not hear voices, they may already be in full swing to harm you mentally. Even if you have an arsenal of heavy weapons, it does not matter. If you have a weapon in your home, then the police will see that you have it. With illegal weapons, you are even more vulnerable because they will come into your home when you least expect them. That people should have illegal weapons in their homes is state propaganda that is propagated through the film industry in Hollywood. You are a victim of state propaganda, and you are easy prey for the state and the state hand police. If the state says through its media that there has been a shooting, then it is a suggestive message from the state that aims to stimulate a good innocent person who has been manipulated by the propaganda to take up arms in his hands and that he or she would kill another person the state wants to see dead. In this way, the state mobilizes ordinary people to kill each other. When you have killed someone then they know it because they see everything, and they ask you and then you answer the truth that you have killed a human being because you cannot lie in your sleep. They can drive you to commit suicide in a few days by injecting voices into your head. Then you have two choices. You can choose between committing suicide or going to the police station and confessing your crime. You will not have any life. Another piece of advice from me is, do not kill anyone, do not kill women. We do not own women. They are not one thing, and it is impossible to have them next to us if they do not love us. If they do not love us, then it is the worst idiocy to try to keep them next to us. We make idiots of ourselves and in this way, we humiliate ourselves by trying to keep them with us by force. I am not an expert who should give advice to people but so much I see what is happening around us. Seeing ordinary people murder men, women, old and young is useless crime that will cost only ordinary people who commit the crime murder and victims of its unnecessary crimes and victims’ families. Your life is valuable. Do not commit murder partly because it is inhumane, partly because you are


guaranteed to be 100% imprisoned. Think very carefully before you decide on something so terrible. I say this for your sake because your life is worth much more than you can imagine. But for the state, your life and my life are not worth anything, neither our lives nor the lives of our children. If you want to kill someone, then you must see how states murder people. Why is it not heard in the media where they say, a man has been shocked with an electric shock gun by another civilian ordinary person. They do not want to say it even if it is going on. What they are saying is directly an advertisement that will remind young people that they too can commit the crime by using electric shock Stun Gun. Should they say that someone has been shocked by electric shocker Stun Gun or Taser, then people will start taking revenge on people by doing exactly this. They may think aha it’s dangerous then I should do the same. But the state never says that Taser gets, the body and nerves to die. They never say that Taser means death, for those who are exposed to the electric shock for a few seconds. This is because states have murdered billions of people across the planet, and they are using it to murder people now and in the future. That nerves die of very low current that does not even cause pain is forbidden to be pronounced by state the whole system. It is a crime against humanity that power and the rich elite participate in where we ordinary people and our children are murdered with the doomsday weapon of electric destruction. All those from the power and rich elite laugh, grin, tan and lie to us right in our eyes. They talk about disgusting pussies, which have been pawed by men’s hands over their crotch or genitals, while the evil of states lures us into death, where in the end we have had our genitals completely mutilated and destroyed and it is not even a crime. Then we ordinary people have been exposed to genocide crimes after crime. They mutilate us through deadly products of all shapes and sizes. They kill us through the police. They also kill us through general care. They kill us through psychiatric care. When you start to feel mentally ill and when you visit a psychologist, then he will book an appointment for you with a psychiatrist, and he will give you medication. They will be extremely kind to you, and they will behave logically so that the picture of them for you will be convincing. They will give you medication and you will get an anxiety relief, but you should know that it is no help. It is death that is behind all their help to you. When a psychiatrist looks at you, he or she thinks about how they should kill you. With medicines, they can harm you in that way, while to give you electric current that is equivalent to the death penalty, time is needed for this. If you are easily manipulated, they can lead you to ECT. All the weaknesses that we have use the psychiatric care and the police together against us and they lead us to suicide where in the end we become insane due to what it means to be injured by electric current. It is of course that ECT is murder that the state commits on ordinary people under the claim that people receive care through their hand psychiatric care. We believe that the state is fair while committing crimes against humanity, genocide on us ordinary people and our children. I’m just telling the truth about what no one is talking about and what’s going on in real life. The state has killed animals and they have executed criminals who were sentenced to death just to prove how dangerous Nikola Tesla’s electric current is. State media propaganda has written that ECT has been invented thanks to the stunning of pigs before slaughter. But it seems that instead they have come up with anesthesia of pigs and humans already at the very beginning of electric alternating current. Here you see that states were evil in all times. They have been lying about the harmful effects of electric current on the human body and they have been secretly protecting it with all government institutions all the time until today and it continues to do so. Murders of ordinary people continue as usual. Nikola Tesla has invented alternating current for peaceful purposes so that it serves humanity and not for people to be murdered by electric current. What a sick mind, what a fascist evil could come up with the idea of ​​executing people with electric current. Even the fact that they claim that ECT is taken from examples of slaughter of pigs, can be a subtle message where states look at people who have mental problems


as people who are worthless pigs, or what they do not state openly. People who do not talk about their crime and therefore they will be murdered as useless pigs. That thought never came to my mind before because of my blind belief that the state would never have intended to kill ordinary people on purpose until now, when I know, they have intended to kill me, and they have already killed me on state covert way. This state genocide against the people that the state commits against us ordinary people is a struggle against our intellect. Also, that the Swedish state now gives electric shocks ECT to the same extent as never before to children, pregnant women, the elderly and under duress, means in the translation as a message from the Swedish state to us citizens. If you break our laws and if you commit crimes against our kingdom, we will murder your children. We will kill your mother with the children in her womb. Not even the unborn life means anything to us. Even if you are old, we will not show consideration for you and if you have committed a crime, we will kill you. If you are violent, we will force death ECT on you and we will call this slaughter treatment as help that we have given to you. Believe it or not, this is exactly what is going on and has been going on at all times. In this way, they deceive us adults into a false sense of security, and they also deceive our children through cartoon children’s programs where there is always light in the end. All problems are fixed in the end, and everyone is full of happiness. Goodness always wins in the end, while in reality states have built a death penalty where it ends in death for the one who has been tricked into one of the all-electric trojans. In this way, they deceive us into false security, and they also deceive our children into a false image of reality. They prepare us and our children for an end to life in disaster. It is the purpose of people to believe in the state so that people do not question when they see the sea of ​​all different electric death trojans, when people see the transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS and there are certainly more ways to kill people, which I have not discovered yet. Now that I know what evil the power and rich elite are, so when I think of new ways in which people can be killed, I think the food we buy in stores is a new way of killing people, of them all. A family usually has at least two children and usually three or more than that. An ordinary family has a standard basic salary. Of the standard basic salary, one can buy only junk food. This poor class includes all of us ordinary people. We have to buy food and clothes and in addition we have to pay all the bills. In order for us to be able to manage financially, we must perform spells with money. If we buy healthy food, then we usually have no money to buy clothes for our children. Buying clothes for ourselves at the same time is not even something to think about. The state punishes problem children who usually come from poor families. They show us no mercy. We do not have enough money to buy healthy food because it is expensive. It is those in the rich class who can indulge in wholesome food. In any case, the most vulnerable are poor people and with the only thing that people can buy is junk food. That food causes obesity which in turn causes diabetes and vascular and heart diseases. Junk food kills people. When you add that the state fights us and our children through the police and psychiatric care, then we have no chance to survive and to live a normal life. If it is OK for ordinary people to get electric current in their body, then it is OK for psychiatrists and psychologists to get electric shock in their body as well. It is impossible to give them ECT, but it is very possible to give them electric shock with electric shocks Stun Gun and that is what they deserve. It’s the new ordinary people justice that should begin to be distributed to mass murderers around the world, on industrial scale out on the street. Here is an example of what I say the police see everything. Here they stopped a man who had the electric gun Stun Gun on him in his car:

Convicted of possession of a stun gun

Dömd för innehav av elpistol



A 33-year-old man from Östersund is fined SEK 2,000 for violating the Knife Act and the Weapons Act. The Östersund District Court has ruled in this regard. It was January 10 this year that the man was stopped. When the police looked through the car, they seized a combined baton and flashlight and a combined flashlight and electric pistol. The possession of the baton flashlight was counted by Östersund District Court as a violation of the law banning knives and other dangerous objects. Possession of the flashlight pistol was classified as a weapon offense because it can temporarily numb people and cause pain. (The fact that it can temporarily numb people and cause pain is the biggest lie that states allow should not be revealed to ordinary people. That electric pistol causes the body to die as I have described in that blog. Instead of you killing each other with firearms that use lethal ammunition, you should stop aiming at each other and start aiming at those who are to blame for your ruined lives. If your child has been harmed or died in any way, then you should know that the state has its fingers involved in your child’s death. Throw weapons and take the -estim- devices in your hands. In itself it is difficult and almost impossible to force this neurotoxin on scum when they know it will slaughter their body. Therefore, electric shock Stun Gun is perfect weapon for this purpose and that it is illegal, so can the government and the state system together with the rich elite, go to hell. On us ordinary people, it commits nothing but illegal crime massacres. So, we are at war with power and the rich elite and it is time for us to realize that and to start a war against power and the rich elite.

Give the electric shock to the scum and aim at the thighs because from there it will spread down to the feet and up to the chest. Give it a shock for 15 seconds to be sure that you have executed the


death penalty on evil and pull yourself away from it and disappear into darkness, because you have just executed the death penalty on the scum of the power and rich elite. Make sure that pig does not see your face so that your identity will not be revealed, otherwise that pig will be after you for the rest of its life. When pain comes and ongoing death begins, the question of, who is the one who executed the death penalty on them, will circulate around the clock in their mind as torture? Not knowing the identity of the person who did it will drive them to hell. As you can see penalties are very mild for possession of the electric gun Stun Gun while injuries are fatal in a few years for the one you shock with the electric nerve agent butcher knife. I too have taken it into my own hands but have not got it in reality because I have a problem. They have told me, if you get the electric Stun Gun, the police will come to your home with the police house search, and we will find it no matter where you hide it and then you will shake bars in captivity. If you go out with the Electric Stun Gun, you will be shot to death by the police. We will not ask you anything because we know your intentions. Should you decide to carry out your plans and go out with that weapon in your hand, then you will not even have time to leave this city Uddevalla. Whatever you try to do, we will stop you. They have taken my life and now they fit so that I do not pose a threat to murderers who have murdered me and that I will not be able to take revenge on them. If my life is not worthy of being treated as human, then the life of that power and the rich elite is not worthy of anything either. As you can see, they themselves say in the video no to ECT that psychiatric care has never given so much of electric shocks to old, young, pregnant women and children as they give nowadays. This means that they murder young adults, our children and pregnant women who may be just one of us ordinary people. They murder us and they murder our children. They have been doing this for all time since Nikola Tesla came on electric AC. It is politicians who have enacted the laws so that ordinary people can be murdered by the police through psychiatric care, and they murder people through public care, through neurography, myography and on the operating table they injure people until death.

Anders Behring Breivik is almost the only one who has fought back against the power and rich elite. He is the one who has committed the same crime that the state has committed on the population all the time through human history. The only thing that separates state genocide from crimes that Breivik has committed is that the state commits mass murder in a covert way and they use the voice


technology through the police where they literally hurt people to death through voice torture for over 30 years and they hurt people through death traps which the government has laid before the eyes of the people under false pretense of use, so that people are deceived in fatal injuries. The one who the police torture with that technology, is only the one who hears those words and no one else. Therefore, one can never prove the crime that government exposes us all to through the police. The state commits criminal orgies on its population while the state remains pure in the media as the savior of the people. Anders Behring Breivik has not attacked ordinary people, even though he might have intended to do so. He has struck directly at the power elite, right into this snake nest. Breivik is now in prison while power and the rich elite genocide criminals are always free and murders they commit on adults, young people, and children quite legally in the service of government, are not even considered a crime. There are many who should learn from Breivik. Breivik has committed the crime in the name of right-wing extremism where he has directed his attack on the left political edge. But, in reality politicians on the left political edge, center, and right political edge, participate together in the genocide by pretending that the mass murder does not exist. They do not see it and they withhold information about the genocide crime so that people can continue to be murdered. Anders Breivik could have committed that mass murder by attacking one by one with electro shocker Stun Gun and at the same time avoid getting a long prison sentence if he had chased them all at night. Anyone who is exposed to any of the various electric Trojans is sentenced to death in advance. Everyone will die eventually, and I too will die. They all murder us: politicians, police, psychiatric care, public care, media that lures us into death, the film industry, public figures, and every single one of those I have mentioned in this blog. If you want revenge on the state, then you should take electro shocks Stun Gun and aim at them and their family members. If it’s OK for our children to be murdered, then it’s OK for them to see their own family members die in front of their eyes. If it is OK that ECT from 450 to 700 volts is given to adults, young people, children, pregnant women with the baby in their womb who can become just one of us ordinary people, then it is OK that even power and rich elite adults, young people, children , pregnant women with the baby in the womb receive electro shocks Stun Gun for 15 to 20 seconds and believe me it’s enough for them to die. But in real life power and rich elite never get ECT, while we ordinary people get. We can give them the electro stimulation with electro shocks Stun Gun with a clear conscience and without any guilt feeling because they kill us and our children through electric destruction. If you give an electric shock with Stun Gun to one of their family members, then you have drawn darkness into their lives, forever. Aim for psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, because they are the evil that lies to people, and they are the ones who murder people in the service of government through ECT in psychiatry where they hide the truth from people about what it is for something in reality. They lie about medications; they lie to people about mental diagnoses where they trick people into accepting their diagnosis that will mislead people into medication with harmful medications for life. Psychiatric care has death traps for patients they do not talk about. It’s not just the ECT they have but all the 9-volts that are claimed for all possible uses are in fact the death trap that will harm the patient and lead the patient back to the killer, the state executioner which is psychiatric care. When people are injured and if you direct your anger towards psychiatric care then they kill the patient with ECT by imposing ECT on the patient through so-called alleged treatment for acute depression. Psychiatric care is not care and has never been any care. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors are the greatest evil on this planet. Aim at them and aim at their family members with an electric pistol and have no mercy. When they start seeing their family members see die like animals’ day and night, 7 days a week all year round, then this world will be a better place to live on. The other is the police who have murdered so many people in the service of the state. Do not aim at police officers, as they go armed day and night.


Instead, focus on their family members. Wonder how they will feel when they see their children die as young people from ordinary people, they have murdered by shooting them, murders in captivity in various closed prisons, through torture with words while people sleep and so on. Scientists are also involved in the crime against humanity where they warn us of dangers that we already know are dangerous. They warn of 5 G which can have a detrimental effect on people’s health over time, while not saying a word about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS, which causes epilepsy and causes brain tumors in people’s brains. Even researchers are direct criminals who do not say a word about that genocide even though they know about it. They are tools that serve the state to deceive people into deadly traps. They abuse their media power over crowds where word research weighs more than anything credible on this planet, which can convince people in a sense of false security so that people do not see nerve poison that scientists keep quiet about and thus withhold information from people. The most guilty are media journalists. They look so innocent while they are real criminals who lie 100% about just about everything. Everything they say is angled in such a way that all this serves the state in the fight against ordinary people. Journalists go to work cocky, full of self-confidence completely free, while their only task is to deceive people into a false image of security, where they laugh and talk about stupidity. They lie to us on TV radio with complete misinformation where they laugh at jokes that are not even funny while not talking about the genocide that has been going on for all time. It’s the purpose of their laughter where they tan HA HA HA HA, so that people turn their attention to their deadly misleading propaganda, so that people do not see the danger of death as states have law out in front of people’s noses through death advertisements on electric Trojans of all sorts. They are not talking about electrical appliances that have catastrophic consequences where the body dies and injuries that lead to a nervous breakdown, where you also lose your mental health. But it does not just stay there, you end up dying in one way or another. Journalists keep quiet about it. They are the ones who trick us into feeling false security. They keep quiet about the electric genocide. Aim for all the journalists, because there is not a single media outlet anywhere on this planet that does not take part in the genocide of us ordinary people and our children. They keep the truth away from us ordinary people. Give them an electric shock with an electric gun, and we’ll see if they’re still capable of continuing to laugh. Will they continue to remain silent when they see their children die in agony because of state death trojans they are not talking about? They are the ones who deserve to feel how it feels to witness how your body dies while you are still alive. Aim for all politicians, no matter what political party they belong to, because it is those who are evil who have carried out the massacre and have always protected this annihilation of ordinary people. Aim for their family members for the massacre will never cease until they begin to see their own family members die in agony. They have no mercy for ordinary people. They have no pity for us ordinary people and our children. They even think that we deserve the death penalty where our body dies in necrosis. Even when we have confessed our crime and even when we want to be convicted, if they are not happy with the prison sentence then they have this death penalty that they think we deserve. Have no mercy on those in power and on the rich elite, for they have no mercy on us. Politicians are the greatest evil. On the surface the Left Party, the Green Party, the Social Democrats, the Center Party, the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats claim to fight for us ordinary people and their voters, but in reality they participate together in the crime against humanity, genocide against us ordinary people through the electric seas of the various electric deaths Trojans, through the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS and there are certainly more of such deaths that I have not discovered yet. Before, I loved Stefan Löfven, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, western democracy, film actor, while now I think that Anders Behring Breivik is the only one who deserves most of the praise. Not all angels have wings, some hold swords in their hands. If you


think I’m a monster who has written all this against the beautiful and humane power and rich elite, then all I can say is that you must go to hell. It is I who am dying now, and it is humanity all the power and rich elite that has taken the life of me together. If you think I’m wrong, then you have not listened to me and what I have said. Read my entire blog and then you will understand what evil power and the rich elite are for something. Regarding Anders Behring Breivik and right-wing extremism, there has been a recent incident here in Sweden where Rasmus Paludan burned the Koran in Västerås 13 May 2022.

Paludan burns the Koran in Västerås 13 May 2022

Paludan bränner koranen i Västerås 13 maj 2022


Right-wing extremism, Muslim fundamentalism, Christian nationalism and similar groups around the world are, in fact, one and the same identical thing. None of them serve to the benefit of their common people, which they claim to be fighting for through such provocative symbolic acts. What do I see when I watch the video where Paludan burns the Koran? Why is he burning the Koran? He shows no explanation as to why he does it. He just does it and it is the most classic primitive trick that fascists, nationalists, right-wing extremists and so on, have used throughout human history to start wars, to start ethnic cleansing and to demonize certain ethnic minorities in society through to provoke them into street riots as in this case. Rasmus Paludan should have written a long summary and explained why he is burning the Koran and what is it that he is protesting against in the Muslim part of the world? Is it because Muslim power and the rich elite are cutting off the hands and heads of innocent civilians? Is it because there is a complete dictator there or is it just because of Muslim culture and values ​​that he feels rejected, that is different from Christian culture and values? If he thinks that the Muslim part of the world and Islam is brutally murderous and bad ideology, while the Western world is humane, democratically full of human rights and especially that he is referring to Denmark and Sweden which is supposed to be the embodiment of all goodness, freedom, democracy, human rights, because it is in Denmark and Sweden that he burns the Koran as far as I know. Rasmus Paludan is just a caricature of a symbol of right-wing extremism that will provoke Muslims in Denmark and Sweden. An image is automatically presented through the media that Rasmus Paludan is a man with strong patriotic feelings for the Scandinavian white population towards the foreign culture that he does not want in Scandinavia. According to media propaganda, human rights are not respected in the Muslim world, while in Denmark and Sweden human rights are respected. If he thinks so, why does he not say how the ethnic population of Denmark and Sweden are murdered through state systems, while I tell you exactly about it. He does not fight for the Danish and Swedish white ethnic population, while I do. It is I who save the lives of Denmark’s and Sweden’s ethnic population through my testimony of the crime I have been subjected to by the whole world’s power and rich elite. What he does when he burns the Koran is not a symbolic act of an individual or right-wing extremist. I am convinced that politicians in Denmark and Sweden are behind him, in the same way that politicians are behind all nationalists in Bosnia who wave nationalist symbols while demonstrating in the streets of cities. This is how war and ethnic cleansing of the civilian population is started. Rasmus Paludan is a tool that Denmark’s and Sweden’s politicians use for future political purposes. They are provoking Muslims because they know that protesters will react to this. Now that they have reacted in strong street riots, it can be used as a legitimate reason for Sweden to perhaps enact laws so that they can be expelled from Sweden and Denmark more easily. In addition, Jimi Okeson from Sweden Democrats right-wing political wing, talks about whole families should be


expelled from Sweden because only one family member has participated in street riots, which that family has no control over because their son is mature and grown up. Expulsion from Scandinavia is what this is all about. He calls such people anti-social, and he wants such anti-social people to be expelled from Sweden because they protest against the Swedish government in one way or another. Am I anti-social because I write a blog about what evil Sweden’s power and rich elite together with the whole world’s power and rich elite are? Are you going to expel me too? to a country Bosnia where the Swedish government through state systems has destroyed all ties to. It is about people being forced into silence and obedience through pure dictatorship, which the media transforms into alleged democracy. In the Swedish media, they have published that there were strong religious Muslim forces who have incited Muslim people up here in Sweden if I am not wrong now. There it is the same thing. The religiously strong forces in the Middle East are also equivalent to Rasmus Paludan. Both create conflict and that conflict only serves the service of the Middle East power and rich elite and in the service of the western Sweden and Denmark power and the rich elite and also the power of the whole western world and the rich elite, so that they can all strengthen their power and their political armchair so that they may continue to rule in all infinity over their own populations. All the world’s media show such nationalist symbols where right-wing extremists, nationalists, left-wing extremists, if any, now exist, commits such provocative symbol acts and it is shown through media as the only existing reality in the history of our time that we live in, while no one utters a single word that the ordinary people of the world are murdered by various Holocaust systems through the state system and that on an industrial scale, although I write this blog in now perhaps close 8 years. I write about unimaginable crimes against humanity that the world power and rich elite commit on ordinary people, while the world power and rich elite pretend that I do not exist, while Rasmus Paludan exists, and he is welcome to be shown in the media on how he burns the Koran. All that with such extremist symbolic acts is used by politicians as a weapon against ordinary people. Rasmus Paludan does not fight for the Danish and for the Swedish population. The Muslim radical forces that incite Muslims in Denmark and Sweden are not fighting for Muslim ordinary people, neither in the Middle East nor in Denmark or Sweden. All of them are power and the rich elite who use all existing means to manipulate people, to direct people to actions that suit them by playing on people’s feelings through religion, racial affiliation and so on. The demonstrations were violent and hard and I’m really proud of those protesters. What should have happened at the demonstrations with street riots is that it should have also been right-wing extremists, and ordinary people, Swedes and immigrants who participate in the street riots, for the world power and rich elite murder us ordinary people and our children. The common people of the world must understand that. That’s what I had to say in this blog post.