Neuralink Dangers Exposed: The Risks of Elon Musk’s Brain Tech – Blog Post 15


Peter Breggin is right when he says that Neuralink will have negative consequences for the person who connects it to his brain. If I understand correctly, he claims that there will be some kind of chaos in the brain that is not really true. What he does not state is that the weak electrical stimulation impulses will burn neurons and brain tissue and that is only the beginning of the end of life, for the person who has been tricked into connecting that device to his brain. Talking about injuries where electric current causes on the human body while you are not injured yourself by it, is not the same as when you are injured and when you suffer to death from the injury’s day and night. Dr. Peter Breggin is halfway out with the truth, out of 100% he has revealed the truth 50%. What Peter says is that electric current at such a low current has the same effect on the brain as the body’s own brain signals, although in this case you will get a reverse signal that is not compatible with the brain and then the brain will get some kind of chaos in the head, so it is not even close to the truth. It’s much worse than that. It sounds sensible, down you visualize it in your imagination, if the brain had been a machine or computer, then it would have worked that way. In reality it would have been true if it had not been for a small detail. First of all, it is not mentioned anywhere on the entire internet that low volume currents are harmful to the human body. That is the great secret that states keep quiet about. ECT is a legitimate reason for the permissible existence of the infinitely different devices with alleged different uses. All of this is a crime against humanity equivalent to all the extermination camps and mass graves, where people whole families have been mass murdered along with their children. All the existing electrical devices that allegedly stimulate the human body are just a tool that the state uses to wipe out a citizen from society and at the same time the living world. So-called electrical stimulation is the worst of the worst, Trojan horse tools that has ever existed in all of human history on the entire planet in the hands of the state for the liquidation of people physically and mentally at the same time. The damage that the devices cause to the body is so terrible that you go straight without returning to the grave. My blog is written because of the suffering that a 9-volt electrical appliance has caused on my body that is dying now and also deprives me of my sanity, which is consumed and disappears forever. My self disappears due to the loss of feeling and the constant pain that becomes and has become unbearable. I cannot live with this suffering that only gets stronger with time and here is the point where I clash with Dr Peter Breggin’s fight against ECT.

A Menace So Horrific, It Surpasses Psychiatry – The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – Jan 8, 2020


What Peter Breggin is talking about is that ECT is harmful and nothing else, while in reality all the different devices at low current are directly lethal in such a way that pain that comes after a year only gets worse with time, while the body dies, the pain consuming my psyche. It erases all human traits and qualities that have characterized me as an individual. I die physically and I die mentally too. I suffer more and more and eventually I may commit suicide. It’s not like I’m not in my right mind and I’m not a danger to other people. It’s kind of like someone hitting me day and night and the question is how long I can handle that torture. Usually states in this case if people are beaten classify it as criminal torture, because it is obvious even to anyone that it is a crime. But keep in mind that I have reported the device I bought to the police to and the police dropped my report, where they say that there is no evidence. I’ve told you all already if you’ve read other blog posts from the


beginning. The state protects this worst of the worst weapons, by blocking me and all the other people who have been hurt like me. Throughout my life until the day I was injured, I was completely normal. I believed in humanity, felt hope for the future, I could laugh, feel joy and be happy. I could feel happiness. I was a human being, living present 100% in the reality we walk in when we are awake. I only felt worried, anxiety, sadness when I had a reason for this because of problems that arise in my life. It is normal to feel and react that way. That’s what characterizes us as human beings and that’s the case for every human being on this planet. Those feelings are used by psychiatric care to deceive us and give us ordinary people different diagnoses of mental illness. Before I was hurt, I never felt hatred or fear. The state, throughout society and through psychiatric care and all the various media, boasts that those feelings are mental illness. They build prejudices in us people and we accept our diagnoses as they have been imposed on us. But since I was injured now at the end, what I feel is lost feeling, unpleasant to death that spreads further in the body, the unimaginable unbearable pain that the damaged nerves bombard my brain with, which makes me turn in death pain day and night, every second without interruption. When I think about the life I had before I was injured, I had a healthy fully functioning normal body that anyone has. The healthy body has the universe and natures, and ecosystems give us all a living world on this planet, while the Swedish state has taken it all away from me in 15 minutes forever. For this universe, I am worth just as much as the richest popular personalities and greats on this planet are. I was a human being then. But now the damaged nerves around the clock cause a lost feeling in the body that I feel as an injury, deadly pain, sorrow, concern, horror, death anxiety, complete depression, fear, complete hopelessness, feeling of unreality, anger, and all that for no reason. The damaged nerves produce anger and hatred just because of its nature, although I have reason to also feel anger and hatred because it is a crime that I have been exposed to. This is what damaged nerves with electric current at low current evokes for me. The only thing I know is the loss of everything, body, and soul. Loss of all human traits, loss of me as a man, loss of me as a human being, and loss of me as a living being. I feel all that even when I sleep. Joy, laughter, hope, happiness is gone forever. Those injuries have changed my personality completely forever. Damaged nerves have deprived me of the respect with which every human being is born. That’s why I say everything openly because I’m already mentally dead. I’m not alive anymore. This is not a life; this is a deathbed. The state through the whole state system calls anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, when one is not damaged with all the electrical appliances on low current for mental illness, while they do not utter a word about this invisible world, the state when I am injured of the 9-volt device, as if this had never existed. Then you can understand that it is no coincidence that all the infinitely different electrical appliances with every possible purpose of use have existed and continue to exist for sale to all of us ordinary people on this planet, while there is no warning on what damage the devices cause to the body. They are sold completely as harmless products and when you are harmed then you are blocked by the state and the entire state system. While the state punishes ordinary people for the slightest criminal mistake, they themselves commit crimes against us and our children completely legally and the state protects all criminals who manufacture and sell the electric death to all of us as something completely harmless. Therefore, it is clear to me that states commit crimes against humanity on ordinary people through all the different devices, through the police and psychiatric care. If you, Dr Peter Breggin, want to strike against ECT, then I do not understand how it could have escaped you that you had never asked yourself, if ECT damages the brain how does electric current affect nerves at low electric current strength such as 9-volt. It seems that the brain is important and vulnerable while nerves are not important to you, that nerves are not even mentioned by anyone and not by you either. You have shot into nothingness through your fight against ECT and through your YouTube clips. You have not managed to stop ECT


from being used on people. Instead of criticizing ECT, you should instead criticize Electroneurography and Electromyography (EMG). I who have been injured by electric current on low current voltage, have been sent to the fraud Swedish healthcare, where they will scan my nerve damage with electric current. Do you acknowledge credibility of Electroneurography and Electromyography as true and credible medical examination that it really does scan the extent of nerve damage? No, you are not talking at all about this, which reveals you as a government hired internet troll cheater, who is fooling the common people of the whole world into electric destruction and death and all that you are doing to the government of the country you live in. Electroneurography and Electromyography is death itself which further injures us to death if we go on that deception and which shuts our mouth permanently, which has been damaged by all the 9-volt electric death trojan devices.

This is what they write about:


Neurography and EMG are neurophysiological methods for the investigation of injuries and diseases in the peripheral nervous system and for the investigation of muscle diseases. The testing cannot replace the anamnesis and clinical status, which are the most important parts of arriving at the correct diagnosis. Slightly simplified, neurography is a method of measuring the conductivity of the peripheral nerves, while EMG is used to assess the function of the motor unit. The examination time for neurography and EMG, respectively, varies between 15–60 minutes each and depends on the number of nerves and muscles to be examined.

(I have tested the 9-volt device for 15 minutes which is still legally sold and now I have injuries in large parts of the body. Nerves are integrated together with muscles, where there is no barrier that separates them from each other. What they claim is that electrical signals flow only through nerves, which is stupidity. Blood flows through blood veins and this can be seen on CT or magnetic resonance imaging. But electric current does not only flow through nerves, but it goes through the whole body, and when our nerves experience it, it is claimed that weak electrical impulses are felt in such a way that you feel those impulses. The worst thing is that you do not experience any pain and that is the real danger, where you do not understand that the nervous system is damaged by the low electrical current voltage which you do not experience as pain, and which does not hurt at all. The first symptom of electrical damage is that you feel numbness in the part of the body where you have contact with electrodes. Even that numbness hardly feels like any major injury. But then after a year, the injuries and pain spread completely disproportionately, where damage becomes 40 times larger than the point where numbness has occurred. 15 to 60 minutes of stimulation at low current is sufficient that damage to nerves is guaranteed. This damages the body. This alleged diagram, which will be assessed by an alleged doctor specialist, is the largest fraud in human history, which the state has built to give legal permission for the existence of all other devices that are intended only to harm the body to death of people who are deceived in this claim care examination. That device sends electrical impulses and what that device registers is its own impulses, so that the doctor can show the patient that here you see, this device has registered some kind of impulses. When the patient arrives at the hospital after one year and when the patient begins to blame the Neurography examination as the culprit for injuries, then hospital fraudsters will blame the patient’s injuries that the patient has already come with injuries to his nerves before examination with Neurography. They lie and have lied to people at all times because this is a crime that states commit on ordinary people.


They will black deny everything, moreover, they will treat this patient as if he or she were stupid in the head. Psychiatric care has told a female patient, when she complained about injuries, she received from ECT at 450 to 700 volts, where they said that ECT does not damage the brain and how could you then be injured. This is the state that commits crime, and they protect it with the whole state system.) -Most patients, including children, tolerate the examinations well. Children are often given painkillers, premedication and / or patches that numb the skin. (Children are the most important tool of the state uses to convince and deceive people into the grave. World Governments suggestive messages in the worldwide massacre of the world’s civilian population by electric destruction, the most vicious claim is used where our governments use the lives of our children to convince us all ordinary people in the belief that that investigation should be said not to be dangerous. -Most patients, including children, tolerate the examinations well. (This is the biggest ultimate power and rich elite evil on this planet. Here they mislead us ordinary people by saying that most patients tolerate that examination and that they then also include children, as it is alleged that there are some children who tolerate that examination and, in this way, they present the electric death as something completely harmless. They want to show us all ordinary people that electrical death is something completely harmless that is used as standard in all hospitals on this planet, on an industrial scale of body scanning of damaged nervous systems. First and foremost, children are born healthy. Children are not born with a damaged nervous system and even if they have diabetes, they will live for twenty years without nervous system damage, which means that children have no place in this discussion, but they take children, our children so that they can advertising the electric death. The hidden message that they give us ordinary people who know that it is crimes that the health service commits against the civilian population sounds like this, here you see we are killing you and we are also killing your children. We will give this death to your children too. If they get pain from the deadly electrical impulses, then we will numb their body in the place where electrodes are put on, so that your child does not feel pain while we destroy the body of your child. We destroy your child’s nervous system and give your child the starting shot for your child’s ongoing death process. Here you see that your ordinary people, can never prove that we kill you all together. If you want to rebel against the state and attack us power and rich elite, us who are power system hierarchy, then we will do the same to your children. Your ordinary people can never blame us who are well-educated government officials, and you have no human right to whine and complain about us, because we do this to children too, so you should see this as care, and you should keep your mouth closed. That is their message to us ordinary people. Governments advertise Electroneurography and Electromyography as something completely harmless, so that they can in this way deceive people into new nerve injuries through these alleged hospital examination devices. All that is needed, for the government to murder people through health care, is that people should have confidence in care, so that people accept to undergo the lethal examination with their own will. In this way, the governments of the world want to manipulate people whom they kill by electric death by making people feel that it is their own fault that they have been injured to death because they have gone on that investigation with their own will and that it was their own choice that they have made as adults. But here you see that it cannot be people’s own fault because people have become convinced of the care, into execution of the death penalty on the patient. -Children are often given painkillers, premedication and / or patches that numb the skin. If they give it to children, then it is not harmful to adults. This is the suggestive state fraud. The state cares about our children. Politicians take pictures of themselves with children, when it’s time for parliamentary elections, so that we ordinary people can be convinced in the belief that they care about our children. But as you can see, politicians murder us and our children through healthcare, while the murder they commit on us and our


children present them to us as care, so that we can never prove that they are instead killing us and our children. Here they point out that children will receive patches for pain, so that we will accept that even pain is something normal that we ordinary people should expect and that we should accept it. I felt no pain and now after a few years I am dying. If the patient should feel pain due to electric current through that examination, then it is at least 9-volts and more that will burn the body to death.

-In some cases, both neurography and EMG are performed, while in other cases, one examination is sufficient. If you already have a strong diagnostic suspicion during a clinical examination, a narrower and more targeted neurophysiological examination may suffice, while in other, more unclear cases, you may investigate more broadly to exclude differential diagnoses. The scope of the investigation may differ somewhat between different neurophysiological clinics around the country.



In neurography, which is usually performed by a biomedical analyst (BMA), weak electrical impulses are given over the nerve to be examined. In most cases, the measurement is made through electrodes that are placed on the skin. In motor neurography, electrodes are placed for registration over a muscle that the nerve in question innervates. The conduction velocity in the nerve, as well as the conductivity in the most terminal section of the nerve are measured, distal latency. To also get a picture of the conductivity in proximal parts of the nerve, so-called F-responses are measured, which reflect the conductivity in the full length of the nerve, from the front horn cell to the muscle (eg important in suspected Guillain-Barré syndrome). In sensory neurography, a sensory nerve is stimulated electrically, and the registration takes place over the nerve some distance away. The response amplitude reflects the number of working axons, and the conduction velocity reflects myelin function. The interpretation of the neurography is usually done by a doctor. Indications Polyneuropathy Neurography can provide guidance regarding the type of polyneuropathy: – Demyelinating, – Axonal, – Mixed, – Motor, – Sensory, Presence of conduction blockages

– Acute Poly radiculitis A pure thin fiber polyneuropathy cannot be detected with neurography, but then supplementation with other tests is required, for example quantitative sensory examination (CT).

 (Just a bunch of expert words, which should convince people that there is research behind this treatment. According to them, electric current does not pass through the body at the same rate when nerves are damaged and when nerves are not damaged. Stupidity, electric current develops heat that damages everything through the body and electric current feels no barrier between muscle tissue and nerves. If it had been as they claim, then I would not be hurt now. Neurography and Myography are one of all methods, for the world governments to be able to carry out the death penalty on people completely legally under the claim of care. The Neurography and Myography is a scam that is the basis for the permissible existence of all electrical appliances and to stop people from proving that all this together is an international crime that states use to drive people to madness, suicide or demonization of themselves, where people due to suffering are forced to speak as I do now.) -History During the Renaissance, people began to take an interest in the science of muscles, the first advances in muscle-generated electrical engineering were made in 1666 by Francesco Redi. Electrical signals through muscles are a method that was first tested on frogs, it was found that the muscles and electricity have a great connection with each other – this was discovered


in 1791. The muscles from a frog’s thigh were depolarized by touching them with metal shovels, the discovery is now called the birth of neurophysiology. In 1849, the first experiments were performed with electrical signals through muscles in humans. It was not until 1907 that it was decided to use a metal-surface electrode. The use of EMG with needle electrodes was introduced in 1950. (First advances in 1666 Electrical signals through muscles is a method that was first tested on frogs and in 1791 they realized and discovered that electricity has a great connection with each other by seeing when electric current gets muscles to contractions. – Did you depolarize the muscles of a frog’s thighs by touching them with metal spades? It says it all about it Neurography and whether it is research or not. It is rather that they have discovered the harmful effect on the body, where people go crazy in the end due to pain and destroyed nerves, muscle tissue and blood vessels. In 1849, the first experiments were performed with electrical signals through muscles in humans. Year 1849? Then one can understand the seriousness and credibility of that care. It’s identical primitive technology now. The difference is that they manufacture devices with constantly new design and appearance, and they have come up with lots of new expert words, knowledgeable words. With those words, they protect themselves from being held accountable for the deaths of people because of this crime against humanity.)

Hm, this model dude is supposed to represent researchers and research?

This is quackery and it damages this man’s nerves in his legs.

This is even drawn with two dots to represent the exact measurement of alleged damaged nerves. The only thing that happens here is electric current flowing through the body in two places. Patient will literally feel two spots with lost sensation. If patient does not get pain too, then he can consider himself a happy man, for then even his mind dies along with lost feeling. This scam looks


sophisticated. The needles send electric current, and the plates register the same electric shocks that the device sends into the body, or vice versa it does not matter. The device does not read the speed of electric current, which goes through nerves as it also flows through muscle tissue, and it does not matter for electric current whether it is nerves or muscles. The device only reads electric shocks that it itself sends out into the body and it registers itself. It’s fraud, and they’re lying to people. They claim that ECT does not hurt, even if people go openly and talk about their injuries on TV. It’s the same thing here. This is a crime unparalleled, and it is the state that kills people.) That’s why it’s you Dr Peter Breggin who does not say a word about all the devices and including the Neurography is the detail that makes me sure that you are 100% a government employee fraudster who tricks the world’s civilian population into death. I’m dying and I’m trying to understand, how the hell is it possible that I was exposed to crime and that it is the state that is blocking me from being able to prove that I have been exposed to crime and that, crime is going on committed by government against ordinary people. Injuries and pain drive one to insanity, it tortures one where one fights for life from not committing suicide. The state knows about it. This is the way the state punishes people to death, where you will commit suicide just to make the pain go away. The state investigates and hunts people for crime. They punish people severely for the slightest mistake, while leading people to this electric death that causes nerves to die in large parts of the body. You suffer so much that nothing on this planet can be compared to it. Here you have got your nerves in the body to die, and the state behaves as if it is not a crime. They torture one and provoke in such a way that they want one to go on a scan with electric current where they lie straight out to one that it is not harmful. If you go for it, then you have accepted your injuries as legal. Even if you go for it then they can say we see no damage. That scan is a crime equivalent to everything else. The state uses this to liquidate ordinary people. Psychiatric care is not the care that protects people from people not going crazy. THEY make people crazy and that’s the whole truth about them all together.

MK Ultra brainwashing program: Former patients fight for settlement (1985) – The Fifth Estate

This video is very important to watch carefully!

The police and psychiatric care are one and the same, a whole that cannot be separated from each other, even if the state in the media suggestively tricks people into believing that they have nothing to do with each other. If you lose your temper where you become violent, then the police and murderer psychiatric care come home to one. In my case, it has never happened to me, but I hear on the news that it happens to people. In that video, they drug the patient, and they use tape recorders to influence, change and brainwash the man’s subconscious. It is the most harmful thing for the human psyche to talk to people when they are asleep. You are not awake and then you are extremely easy to manipulate as you experience the words as your own. Even being awake to hear the words of a stranger over and over again is harmful. What they did in this video was research on how to crush a person to death and to a nervous breakdown. To destroy a human being forever, they use drugs, words through audio tapes heard in the room and electric shocks. All this cuts the body and soul into small pieces and all this is extremely harmful. You can crush a human being best when you have damaged this human’s body. They want to cause permanent suffering that will end one’s life forever. They want to be able to punish people who do not commit crimes. In this way, they can reach the entire population. They no longer need to use drugs on us. They have tailored medicines to


the state in such a way that they take the life of the person who takes them. The audio tape recorder, they have replaced with more advanced technology V2K psychotronic weapons that allow them to transmit the audio through different microwave frequencies, perhaps through infrasound frequency, by psychiatrists or caregivers while the patient sleeps deeply anesthetized with medication giving the patient injection with various metallic nanoparticles that receive microwave signals sent by the police through psychotronic weapon V2K injected voices in the head and thus convert it to acoustic sound, or that government through the police sends signal wirelessly through the usual wireless router where nanoparticles convert the signal into acoustic sound that only the targeted individual hears and no one else. It is in such ways that government through the police speaks to people. In addition, they can also target people with psychotronic weapons at long distances and in this way, they can talk people to death. There are many different ways. Hearing people talk to you is extreme harmful and troublesome, since it is not even one’s own brain that has produced those thoughts. Those words are foreign to you and therefore they are harmful, because you have your own thoughts and foreign at the same time and then there is conflict where you do not feel good because of it. It is the start of mental illness. This is how they make a person mentally ill. With this, they can kill anyone in a very short time. Lastly, they use electric shocks to inflict brain damage, which in turn will inflict suffering for the rest of one’s life. They are looking to make one’s life impossible to live and they have succeeded. Electric current is the last nail that has pulled one into the grave, where one lives as a corpse wandering in society among all living people. What was your normal life before you got injured, where it was your everyday life such as parties, holidays, dating, friendship, socializing, marriage, hobbies such as training, football, playing a musical instrument and not only that, but even you cannot devote yourself to education, further education and no matter what it may be, you are disabled due to a body that falls apart and dies. So, now as damaged by the alleged stimulation devices, one can suddenly not integrate into all the social contexts and be one with all the other people. Everything you can think of you are handicapped in a physical way and mentally where your whole life, around the clock is all about injuries and suffering and medication with painkillers. They literally deprive us of our lives, where we become mentally dead. They are out to kill one and at the same time abdicate all responsibility for the crime they have exposed us to. Electric current is natural power that occurs in nature. See what radioactive radiation does to the human body and then you will understand that the universe, physics and the forces of nature have created us and it is precisely nature that can destroy and harm us humans, like no other. It is the same with electric current. Electrical current flow through the body causes permanent damage to nerves, muscle tissue, blood vessels and cells, in the same way as radioactive radiation but in this case, damage is not visible to the eye. That is why states have invented electrical appliances of various kinds, which injure one to death even though one has not died. Suffering drives one to suicide and that is why it is so effective for states to kill us, where we ourselves must do the job for the government so that we can injure ourselves to death. It is we ourselves who commit suicide with our own hands to the government. All that government needed to do to kill us is to get into our mental senses. We will commit suicide and it will end up in statistics where we have committed suicide due to alleged dangerous disease depression and that for no reason. Then the state gets additional tools and an open wall to come and intervene on the ordinary rights of our ordinary people and our freedom, completely unnoticed and discreetly. They create a chain reaction where they always have new ways to fight us ordinary people with prejudices, demonization of us and so on. They injure us to death and then they lean back in a relaxed position in their police chairs and enjoy the show. They abdicate all responsibility for the crime they have exposed us to. They punish ordinary people for petty crimes while committing crimes and murders that they hide under

9 the surface with the entire state system and all state institutions. You become a walking wound, where you suffer in the same way as people who have been exposed to deadly radioactive radiation. You really want to live, but you can only commit suicide so that it stops hurting your body. Mentally you are dead, and it is difficult for people to understand that you can be dead even if you are still alive. The state knows about it, while ordinary people cannot imagine that it is possible. It is an extremely small proportion of people who have received ECT, while it is about billions that have been damaged by the devices that are applied to the whole body that are alleged for various reasons and all are blocked by the state when they start talking about their injuries in public. All the suffering that the patients in that video talk about, I also have, even though I have not received ECT. It is the secret that states have discovered, that nerves cause suffering from hell where one dies in all possible ways, and it protects them with whole state systems. Damage that all those devices cause to the body is not talked about because it is not the rulers and the rich elite who will get it on themselves and their children, but it is we and our children, we ordinary people who will get our body and our lives ruined forever, where we die in one way or another. They simply do not care that we will die. Human life is not worth anything to states. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is nothing new but it’s old crap of alleged technology. Electric current will burn the brain’s neurons to ash and everything in its path through the brain. Operate Neuralink in your brain and I guarantee you that your life is over forever. You’re going to die. Because it gives alleged electrical impulses to the brain at extremely low electrical currents, it will take a few days, until you have started to notice the damage to the brain. That’s how state criminals call word stimulation of the brain that they use to draw the fog in front of ordinary people. What do we see in the advertising video for Neuralink? We see the manufacture of computer components, a robot that is accurate, when it sticks electrodes into the brain. I was surprised when I saw how it sticks its brain with that needle. It sticks straight into the brain and to me it does not look advanced at all. Here, his celebrity is used as a weapon to be able to manipulate people. As he leans allegedly to the futuristic development of technology, so strangely enough, he has taken the worst of the worst electric current appliances that have taken the lives of millions of people across the planet. His Neuralink is just another device from a variety of alleged Electro stimulation devices that I have mentioned in the blog. His neuro Link is identical to a vagal nerve stimulator (VNS) implant, which is an alleged device can control seizures for some people with epilepsy or another device designed to stimulate the Vagus nerve at the ear which is said to reduce depression.

Vagal nerve stimulator (VNS):

A vagal nerve stimulator (VNS) implant is a device that can control seizures for some people with epilepsy. The Vagus nerve controls the pharynx (along with the tongue and pharyngeal nerve), the soft palate / palate (along with the trigeminal nerve), the vocal cord muscles and the impact and transmits impulses from the lungs, heart, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and spleen. (Here they connect the device to the most important nerves and when you get injured then you will have problems with breathing, heart rhythm, problems with the tongue and swallowing reflex where you can suffocate to death. As injuries get worse with time therefore problems will be only worse until one dies in any of all symptoms. In addition to ECT and medications that psychiatric care uses against Depression, they have come up with devices that psychiatric care uses to stimulate the Vagus nerve at the ear, and it is said to reduce depression. It is such a big and obvious scam that they have not even put a picture on that device. You just need to see it and compare it with this picture on VNS that prevents epilepsy and then you will understand that it is identical to the one in the picture. They lie and lie. If you are injured, the worst thing is that you do not die, but you become a severely disabled person with pain and a failing body to death. For it to stop hurting you have only one way out and that is to commit suicide. That’s what the state does to ordinary people. Now we come to Neuralink:

Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation


what he does is that by advertising his Neuralink with such great enthusiasm, he is in fact giving credibility to all the other devices at low current. His Neuralink is a weapon used to kill people legally. He advertises death. He claims that Neuralink is the new technological breakthrough, while in reality it is nothing but old shit that differs from VNS, (vagal nerve stimulator) in the placement of electrodes. While the VNS is placed on the Vagus Nerve, it places its Neuralink device, directly on the brain. Hans Neuralink is equivalent to Foot Detox fraud, so advanced is it. It will only cause damage. It’s nothing but murder. It’s even a crime. The Neuralink, will never work in reality. He uses his popular celebrity authority to deceive people into death. It may just as well be the state that is behind it Neuralink. He connects it, directly to the brain and because of this, a high current is not needed to damage the brain to death. It will cause damage and then the damage will spread throughout the brain with such consequences that the person will lose brain and mind due to pain


that will come after one year. Neuralink is a crime equivalent to an identical to ECT. For that person, it will be even worse than it is for me. Neuralink the old shit he says it is in the embryo technological development stage, although there is no advanced in it except that needle are microscopically small. He should not drive a nail with a hammer in people’s brains, because then it would look to anyone like some primitive deception. But when it comes to word needles that are microscopically as small as neurons themselves and then it sounds advanced suddenly. He does not mention a word about nerves dying from low current, which means that he uses his name as an advertisement, to lure people into the grave. And check out who he intended this death Neuralink. He has intended it for people who are ill with Parkinson’s disease. Such people suffer like me, and they are desperate. It is not difficult to persuade and deceive them into death. The all sorts of miserable murder devices are equivalent to fraud with each other. You get tricked into them and then you get a cold shower from injuries and later from the state and the entire state system, when you realize that it is crime on an industrial scale that is behind it. It is the state and the rich elite that kill ordinary people, including our children. If he wants to help people who are sick, then he should invest money stem cell research. Stem cells have built us humans from embryos to adults. He is a man who draws humanity in the high-tech era when it comes to space and Tesla car. But Neuralink is a crime against humanity because this device is nothing new, but it is the same shit that will drag people into suicide and death due to medication that you have to take for pain relief overnight and that from psychiatric care. Neuralink where you are assimilated with machines in this fall computer, is picked from Star Trik or from matrix where Neo connects his brain to matrix. Science fiction is a honey trap in this case. It will deceive young people from poor middle-class families, and it will literally lead them to the grave if they go on that scam. He allegedly browns for science where Neuralink will draw us into the future and assimilation with artificial intelligence. I have been the victim of crime and I will die sooner or later. I see the truth now when it’s too late for me. But I have my son who I think of, and it is for his sake I write this blog so that when I am dead, he should not forget how the state murders ordinary people and that with electric current. It is a crime against humanity and the crime that has been going on for all time. By the way he says that Neuralink is in the embryo development stage. With the, he has abdicated all responsibility for when people begin to die. It may be that it is just an advertisement that will give credibility to all the other devices. If you advertise your Neuralink with such enthusiasm, why not connect it to yourself. You will pick someone’s children from families and straight out into the cemetery. If it is harmless, test it on your own children. By the way, I may not be so familiar and educated to talk about Neuralink, but here are some people who are educated and who know what they’re talking about when it comes to Neuralink.


As long as he daydreams, why not just explain that Neuralink will utilize some form of portable fMRI technology with ultra-weak magnetic fields blah blah blah blah SQUID arrays blah blah blah blah blah micrometer width voxels blah blah blah blah blah? Safe, non-invasive and no more imaginative than the interface he already proposes.