Anders Behring Breivik and terrorism-Blog post 14


When I think back on my life and if I have to describe it one last time in this blog, then it has gone in this order. I was born healthy and whole in body and soul, but from the beginning I was short, anorexic anemic and sickly. As a kid, I used to struggle with adversity in life. I was extremely small and short from the start, and because of that I had less value complex even there. In high school, I was with 2 or three students as the shortest in several schools in my hometown of Prijedor in Bosnia. No one pointed at us, people were good, but we were insignificant and invisible. Therefore, I started training so that I could grow up physically. Thanks to this choice that I made in my life, I have won the battle over my destiny, where I managed to grow up and catch up with other normally grown people. I’ve been poor all my life. The only thing I have had since childhood was dreams of things and gadgets that I would like to have but I knew I had no money. I had nothing, but I had hope for the future where I will find a job somewhere in the future and then I will be able to buy everything I dream of. My childhood was pure shit. As a kid, I used to have only one goal and that was to become normal like everyone else. Due to my anorexic appearance, I was not attractive to beautiful girls nor to those who are not so beautiful. Not even them want me. That appearance made me have prejudices against myself and less value complex also on this level. I was useless, pathetic, was completely uninteresting to people and I could not achieve and succeed with anything in my life. In order for me to explain it in the best way, I was a completely useless freak. Because of that, it hurt my heart that gave me a lot of anxiety. Why am I so short and anorexic? While my friends were growing up to be teenagers, I myself looked like I was going to primary school. Because of the feeling that I am not like everyone else, I was extremely shy, and that shyness has been engraved deep in my mind as a trauma. I had big dreams for my future. From my childhood I was weak for all that is beautiful. When I was little, I looked at the world of that time USA photo models on TV and was absolutely amazed at how beautiful they are. Then I looked at people around me and saw people with bodies overweight. I did not understand the meaning of what overweight is for something? but I assumed that we in that part of the world look so physical. Therefore, in that moment, I thought that the photo models of the world are not humans, instead they must be aliens. Later I understood what being overweight is for something. I personally had difficulty eating food and getting neither body fat nor muscle mass, so it was something impossible for me to reach. Being slim, skinny, and anorexic was who I was. Then I had dreams. The first thing was that I would gain weight through strength training to become big and strong, so that I can hit back at those who hurt me and that I should look good to be able to find love and the last was to find a work to buy me everything I want but that job was not anywhere as usual in my country. I trained and had a dream to be happy very good looking and fit like the photo models. So, I admire and have admired the beauty of these photo models through all my life. I even had a dream of becoming a photo model myself, regardless of my reality where I had all the odds against me. For many thousands of nights, I have dreamed of a love where I will fall in love with a beautiful woman and that we will love each other and live happily ever after. I felt strong desire, but I was forever alone, and no love was in sight. My dreams were so vivid, that at night deep in my sleep, I dreamed that I am not alone, but have found a dream love where we are together, where we love each other and are happy. I dreamed that we were lying on the bed and hugging each other and kissing each other. So, I dream about it and feel an endless love, where I experience a gigantic indescribable happiness and when I wake up, I come back to reality where I am alone as usual. But I thought it will be arranged and I will find a love in the end. I put that hope in the future all the time forward in time, where I thought that, in 10 years I will realize my dreams and then when it has


past 10 years and the realization that I have not succeeded in anything, I get depressed and then get I distrust if I will ever succeed in anything, at all. But I did not give up my hope and struggle for my future, instead I set the same goal again and I said to myself again, in a decade I will achieve my goals in life, and it will be good in the end. That hope was what kept me alive. I became happy just because of my belief in the future and my belief in humanity, that we all have the same life’s chances to succeed in life, only if we work hard for it and then we will get it. I was happy and I experienced happiness all the time even though I had no reason to be happy. I always thought, it will be good. It will be fixed in the end. I will be normal in the end, like everyone else and I will have a family. Therefore, I hoped that through training, I will succeed in becoming big, strong, and also good-looking, and then in the end I may become attractive to any woman I fall in love with, who is usually a photo model. Crime and criminal behavior did not exist in my mind as I only had a dream to be normal like everyone else. It continued like this until war broke out, and I did not understand that such a thing was possible in my country. I did not understand the hatred that existed among people, so I was completely surprised. But at least that was when I got the first injury to my left leg. The cause of my injury was pure crime. That damage was barely noticeable and after that I came to Sweden as a war refugee with fabulous admiration for the advanced society and the blonde Swedish people. The image I got through the media was that we should not commit crimes, and everything will be fine. Therefore, I was extremely excited for the fight for the good in Swedish society as gratitude that Sweden has given us citizenship and freedom. Social Democrats were something I want to follow because of their struggle for the working class. They give us everything and if we cannot give support to this country that has given us everything including freedom, then I felt full of shame and guilt because then if I am to abuse the kindness that the Swedish state gave us immigrants, then I can just as happy to pack my stuff and return where I came from. So, I thought. The Swedish state with the entire state system was sacred to me. I did not understand why criminals commit crimes. Politicians, the Swedish royal family, the media face of the three Swedish legal entities, who lead the television programs called for, troll hunter, and the crime professor Leif GV Person, they were all sacred to me. Together, they have all strengthened the fine moral image of Sweden for me as a democratic state. I breathed struggle where we all fight together for Sweden. But of course, there was my wrong step in life, the crime that has caught up with me in the end. Everything I saw on TV I believed in completely blindly. Because of the fine image they have radiated in the media, I have felt extremely useless, and feelings of guilt have consumed me from the inside out. I have explained everything already in chapter 1. But to shorten the story, the state plays on our guilt feelings, where they point out to us our criminal mistakes in life, while they themselves commit crimes against humanity, genocide and they have no guilt, but we get a cold shower when we realize that they have succeeded in injuring us to death where we become disabled like me. The night when I went to the closed psychiatric clinic ward number 4 or 6, it could be, so the next day there on my visit it was a Swedish doctor, a foreign immigrant nurse and a guy who was big and strong. He was even perhaps Jujutsu martial arts knowledgeable; I think. They may have thought I was going to behave violently. So, there we have Swedes and immigrants as employees of the fucking psychiatric care. They are one and the same. They were welded together in their role as government employees, and I was one of the common people. What has happened to me there has made me sick of psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, and total nervous breakdown. But even in this part, I had full confidence in the Swedish state. I did not blame the police, as I was aware that I had committed a crime once in my life and it had caught up with me, but I just could not admit it. Then when I think and move further into the future so when I would operate on my groin hernia then I have already admitted crime to the police and psychiatric care. Those who talk to me at night have


already succeeded in convincing me that they are good and that I am doing the right thing in following them. Even there, I had full confidence and love and admiration for the Swedish state. I really had no choice. I went for surgery at a hospital in Uddevalla, with complete confidence in the Swedish state and the entire state system. Therefore, I felt safe, and I thought I was in safe hands, at the Uddevalla hospital. In there when I was going to have surgery, it was full of people. In there right in front of me among all the others, there was a nurse wearing a scarf, a veil over her head. They have wanted me to feel safe maybe, or she just works there, and it was just a coincidence that she was also present, although I do not care what people look like and what nationality they belong to. I see it this way that if you are kind to me, I will appreciate you no matter what race and nationality you belong to. But at least when I woke up, I had a kind of injury to my left leg ankle. I had pain in my chest where I know for sure that they have pushed me in the chest due to maybe heart stop or heart fibrillation, but when I asked the doctor, the next day, everything went right without any problems, he said? so he replied that everything went right and normal, without mentioning to me that I had a heart stop. I did not say anything. I had cutting pain on the left side of my stomach where it should not be present. At that very moment, I did not suspect anything. Later after a few days when I had no more medication as they have given me, then the kind of injury to the western leg ankle had swollen up. I had to walk due to the nerve damage that the Danish mass murderer on has given me in 15 minutes. That swelling was gigantic on my left ankle. After I have walked a few kilometers, that kind of injury swells up and it hurts so much that I could not move on, but I walked irregularly like a cripple on my left leg. But my left leg has started to show a pain from the knees and upwards, which was not like something I have felt and experienced ever before in my life. The pain in my legs I noticed immediately after surgery. It was many times worse than the damage I had from the beginning. It is something that spread to the left leg where it sticks like a knife inside the leg and hurts. It took a month after surgery until the pain had spread from the knee, all the way up to the left hip. Something has happened to me there, but I have no evidence. I have reported to the police the kind of injury to the ankle where I pointed out that I had a standing swelling, but the police have not even mentioned the swelling when I got my report from the police sent home. There you can see that even in this case when I was operated on in hospital, there were Swedes and immigrants who were welded together in their role as state employees in the state system, which in this case is healthcare. I’m an immigrant and an ordinary person, a patient who has never hurt a fly in my life. From the moment my left leg dies. The police silence me. Now I have pain in my left leg even inside the skeleton and left hip I have pain that is not the same as the pain I have from the damaged nerves. I lose feeling in my left leg, and I have lost feeling of the electrical damage in the rest of the injured part of the body where both injuries have been linked to each other and now torture me to death and madness. If I go forward in time again, then I have visited a company doctor and I have visited a general practitioner on another occasion who was an immigrant from the Middle East with a Muslim name. Both have told me that if I want to prove that I have damaged nerves due to the electrical device that has caused my body to die now, they both want me to go to the hospital on the alleged scan of damaged nerves with just electric current, which is in fact basically the same as the device that has damaged my nerves from the beginning. There we have it again. They are a Swedish doctor and an immigrant doctor who are welded together in their role as government employees while I am an ordinary person an immigrant without any human rights and human dignity. This is what I want to say to all ordinary people so that everyone realizes that there are no brothers and there are no friends or enemies, when it comes to class society. On the one hand, we have ordinary people who have been brainwashed by states and on the other hand, we have those in power who are in all state institutions and the rich elite. States share with us their values ​​that they use to manipulate us


ordinary people. Right-wing extremists react with hatred when they see foreigners. I can tell you right-wing extremists that, as you can see, on one side you have me who is an immigrant. You might think that I’m a good target on the street when you walk next to me, as I look like an immigrant. You can immediately see that I am not Swedish. You can blame me without knowing who I am. You can blame immigrants, but I want you to understand that right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists if anything like that exist, criminals who have committed crimes, terrorists and people who have never committed crimes. All of us together are ordinary people. You can cheer on Sweden Democrats; you can cheer on your royal family which is a symbol of Scandinavian Swedish culture. But Sweden Democrats together with the royal family and those in power who are all the different political parties that govern in parliament, they all together lie to you and to all of us. The same rules apply to us immigrants. It does not matter that there is a left political edge and that there are foreign politicians among them. It does not matter to us immigrants that there are immigrants such as politicians, police, journalists, psychiatrists, psychologists we have no use for this. All the politicians, police officers, psychiatric care journalists, entrepreneurs who manufacture the deadly products among the Swedes and immigrants, they are all together the power that is at the service of the rich elite. If you, as right-wing extremists, decide to blame an immigrant, then you should know that I pose no danger to your life. I do not affect your life in any way. Of me as an immigrant, you have direct benefit because I tell you that the state kills all of us ordinary people, regardless of whether we are Swedes or immigrants. I’m not saying that you should now be friends with immigrants, but immigrants who are ordinary people do not affect you. They lack value and significance in this and every society on this planet. Your Sweden Democrats are lying to you, as they know about the electric genocide, and they are all keeping quiet about it. If you are going to aim and blame immigrants, then you should aim at immigrants who affect you to death. They are found among psychiatric care, and they lure you and your children into the death trap if you start to feel mentally ill and when you need medicine for anxiety. They will never warn you of that danger. You’ll be in trouble, as much as I have. They will send you for a nerve scan with electric current as they have done with myself. when you have been injured by any of the infinite electrical stimulation devices, regardless of whether they are an immigrant doctor or a Swedish doctor, it does not matter. It will make no difference to you if you try to prove the crime you have been subjected to. You have immigrants in politics where they lie to you together with Swedish politicians. You have immigrants in journalism who mislead you into a false sense of security so that you can be deceived in the electric death, and it is not the only death trap but there are many more others. Immigrants are among police officers who will come into your dreams for 20 years and more, where they will thus hurt you with suggestive words, but it does not end there but they will do the same to your children. They will stimulate you and your children to self-harm until death and for that they use psychiatric care that will lie to you and lure you further into the dark abyss where there is no return from. They all lie to you in such a way that they mislead you and all of us into a false sense of security and safety. Look at the Swedish page – no to ECT – and there you will see that it is your brothers’ Swedish patients who have been tricked into death by Swedish psychiatric care. There are no brothers in reality as it is only about money that is among the power and the rich elite. To us, politicians give God, religion, race, and ethnicity, and so on, so that they can incite us and manipulate us to give them our votes, when in reality we get nothing for it but lies. The only thing we get from them is the dagger a large knife in our back which is the electric Trojan death. Thus, they all participate together in international crime where people are massacred. That you are targeting Muslims in a mosque is a complete failure. The fact that Muslims are targeting Christians in the church is also a complete failure. The same goes for immigrants. Swedes ordinary people have nothing to do with what is


happening in their Muslim countries. Immigrants should also blame those who influence them, and it is Swedes who are among politicians, police, psychiatric care, journalists the companies that manufacture the deadly devices, but you should know that also immigrants in all state institutions will kill and they kill all of us immigrants and they will wipe you out as they did to me. It is Swedes and immigrants in the state system who kill us all ordinary people who are ordinary Swedes and ordinary people immigrants. The governments of the world are lying to us all right in our eyes 100%, through the media. 100% of the information that we ordinary people get through television programs, news, internet, and entertainment is nothing but misleading information and propaganda that should put us in a false sense of security, so that we could be lured into the death trap such as I have been deceived in. With the misleading suggestive propaganda, they direct weapons that some individuals, ordinary people have illegally in their hands, directed away from state employees in the state system, away from those in power and the rich elite and instead they direct this weapon straight on us ordinary people and our children with suggestive media campaign propaganda that we hear in television programs, news, radio, entertainment and especially through the police where we are bombarded with suggestive harmful torture with words and talk of cops who come into our dreams and leads us with words torture for over 20 years, night after night where we are going to kill each other, commit suicide or go crazy. They manipulate our mental senses, and that media propaganda is extremely effective. Therefore, we only hear how common people kill each other and when we hear the information repeated over and over, then the people behave just like that, because the image of criminals is ingrained in people’s subconscious by the state with suggestive messages through TV programs, radio, news, and entertainment. The state has engraved in the criminals’ subconscious laws and rules on how criminals should behave, and criminals accept it in their subconscious when they have gone into criminal custody. Politicians and the state are very smart. They have experts who are well trained in how to break people psychologically into mental and physical breakdown where people’s lives end in disaster. In order for the state to be able to influence ordinary people, the state uses policies where the state has legally allowed death traps in society. The state uses the media to manipulate people’s views by making the mistakes invisible in the eyes of ordinary people. The state uses pharmaceutical companies to degrade people’s mental ability to think clearly, chemically and through companies where the state builds deadly traps so that people are injured to death, for injuries to the body can only drive people to the brink of life and death and the brink of madness. Dying body is the strongest killer of self-esteem and self-confidence. In the end, ordinary people see, enemy in ordinary people but never in the state and the rich elite. People have nothing to do with their lives, which have ended in disaster and doom, when they have been injured because the state has concealed murder as a camouflaged and invisible crime. Not only that, but it is also not even classified as a crime. Both immigrants and Swedes in the state system, will hurt you and it is the same Swedes and immigrants who are in politics, police, psychiatric care, public care, journalists’ entertainment the rich elite and so on. We are ordinary people who are Swedes, immigrants, right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists, criminals, and law-abiding citizens together, who are murdered by those in power and the rich elite. That we are law-abiding, that we wish all the best for Sweden, that we do not want to harm people, that we do not want to commit crime and that we do not commit crime, it does not help us one bit. The state kills us regardless of whether we are guilty or innocent if we happen to be a target for the state for some reason and state political interest. Every state on this planet is a system for fighting ordinary people and having control over the population through the police along with psychiatric care when people are investigated for crimes and through the media when they lie to us so that we do not know what they want not that we should know about and that we should believe in what they want us to believe in, so that they


can pull us here and there to get us docile, compliant and passive. They all lie to us all as you see; they kill us. What I see, US court has sentenced (Harvey Weinstein to 23 years in prison for sexual exploitation of women. Sexual abuse of women and children is the main news that echoes in the media in Western states. They raise the crime in the media as something almost worse than murder. So, the state brags in the media about the women’s suffering as if they have lost everything, while Western states drives men, women and young people into neurotoxin which are all the devices of electric death. My body and my mental health are consumed, and I burn like a cigarette. I burn and the closer I have burned to the end, the more I have lost my mind where I go crazy from the suffering and anger that the pain produces. The more I have burned and the more my body has died the more I say extreme words because this is the time when I die. The Swedish state and every single state on this planet, know exactly that I am dying for this is the punishment that states hand out to their people instead of prison, or do they use this permanent method of torture to blame people who have not committed crimes, so that they will eventually have reason to imprison even the most peaceful man on the planet. I’m going crazy more and more, so they reject me as if I do not exist and it is a continuation of the system that states have built through electric death. Media that I have contacted as I said before, tell me that, unfortunately we cannot help you with this. So, this murder of ordinary people continues regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity. I get overwhelmed because of this suffering in a negatively fatal way. I have lost my body, as I am dying now and going crazy in the end, and I am not classified as a victim of Western democracy. All the rulers of the world together and the rich elite, including the popular celebrities, have together led me personally, just like all other ordinary people in America, Russia, China, Europe, Muslim part of the world and the whole world, into the grave with advertising on nerve agent as something completely harmless. They say that Harvey Weinstein has abused his position of power, to force those women into sex. But no one says that politicians have abused their position of power where they have by law-built systems where they injure people to death by making crimes legal and invisible where people get their nerves to die. No one says that the police and psychiatric care abuse their position of power, where the police together with psychiatric care lure people into this grave. No one says that the media abuses their position of power, by never uttering a word about people who have asked them for help like me, to get my testimony of the crime I have been subjected to heard in the media by the rest of the general population and crowds around the world, so that they know that their lives, and the lives of their children, are in danger of death worse than the Coronavirus. Instead, they block me, and they just reject me. No one says that the power of the whole world and the rich elite, uses its power position to lure people into the nerve of poisoned death through advertising, where great personalities with celebrity and giant mega-media authority power position and influence over the entire population on this planet , lies to crowds all over the planet such as Elon Mask with his embryo media propaganda advertising death trap, on electric chip so called Neuralink which will burn the brains of people and which is nothing but advertising that will give credibility to all the other electrical stimulation devices that already exist and that lead to the death of every human being who tests it for the first time and one is instantly dying. I can tell you, all ordinary people on this planet that, if you choose to operate it Neuralink in your head, then you will die. He reinforces the state power and the rich elite media genocide media campaign propaganda, on this genocide committed on the American people and on the rest of the common people across the planet. We have another example where our beloved actor and idol Brad Pitt advertises in his film “Ad Astra” the nerve death, muscle electrical stimulation device and with that advertising he has given his support and credibility to all the other electric death trojans who lead people only into ended life in disaster and death bed suffering in agony, where there is no room to be able to live your life ever again once one has been well injured. In other


words, he suggestively encourages adults, young people and children to try out the sea of ​​all different electric destruction systems that will bring death to those children, young people and adults who decide to follow the deadly movie advertising propaganda. Because I suffer around the clock, it also strongly affects my child because I am dying and therefore my behavior is like someone who is dying of cancer, for example. For me, there is no joy. I make an effort to look happy in front of my son so that he does not notice that I am counting my last moments in my life before I have died. I admire Brad Pitt for his acting ability and his film was very good until I saw the electrodes connected to him where he allegedly gets stimulated muscles on the way to somewhere for Jupiter or titanium, what the hell was that now. I have developed post-traumatic stress disorder due to the electrical device that has caused my body to die. So, when I see that someone gets their muscles electrocuted with the devices then I get a strong feeling of death anxiety, because I know what is happening to the person who has connected the electrical nerve toxin to his body. Everything that happens in that movie is fantasy, but to connect the electrodes and drag the electrical alleged weak current in his body and show it visually in image through that movie is not fantasy but it is extremely real. People see it in advertising everywhere in the media and entertainment but what they do not know is that it is death that the state kills people with. He has let that current flow through his body in a very short film sequence for 3 or 4 seconds at most. Nothing bad will happen to him if he has connected it for 4 seconds. But in that film, his position of power as a super-famous and highly respected superstar is used and abused, an authority with influence over billions of people around the world to promote electric death. In other words, he uses his position of power to trick all of us and our children into pure crime, which are all the various electrical stimulation devices, where our body will be stolen from us forever. He uses his position of power to lead our children into death without the possibility of returning to a normal life again. When we and our children are injured once with this electric death then we and our children can never be healthy and normal again. Everyone on this planet who causes their child to be deceived once in a few minutes to be exposed to it is alleged stimulation with the weak electric current, the parent will see his own child, die like an injured animal in pain and agony unprecedented, which has ever been retold ever in human history. This is the worst thing that humanity has come up with and this is exactly what states use as a method where they kill people and make it look like something completely harmless. He’s not the only one advertising that death but the whole movie entertainment all over the world, advertises the electric death trojans in different shapes in movies as something completely harmless. They work for the state, to lure billions of ordinary people into the state genocide, while keeping quiet about that genocide. We and our children admire them as they proclaim the values ​​and propaganda that states want us to see. They protect their own children with true information about the products of the deadly crimes while withholding information about the deadly products from us ordinary people. Women who have been deceived into sex, see themselves as victims and what has happened to them, they mourn it with their crocodile tears as something terrible, while nerve damage that takes over one’s whole body is no problem and a crime when an ordinary person is exposed to it. Their pussies (Picke) are made of 24 carat gold. Not only do they keep quiet about the death trap, but they also advertise the deadly product for us ordinary people and our children, that we should be deceived into self-mutilation and self-harm to the complete handicap, of our bodies until we have committed suicide because of this. His film is seen by billions of people across the planet. I would dare to bet, that there are millions of young people and adults who have been deceived thanks to that film and the short film sequence into death and now they are banging their heads against the road, on what has happened to them. Young people who are healthy and who train and engage in sports, can get through the film advertising where they can think, “aha I can use it to train my muscles further, or some young people


can think that they can avoid training on gym and instead train only with that apparatus. When they buy the Electro Stimulation Muscle Apparatus at 9-volt that burns everything in its path through the body, then they will not plan to use it for 3 seconds and then throw it in the trash, instead they plan to use it many months. In reality they will use it for half an hour and already there they will notice numbness of nerves at the place where they have connected the electrodes and then it is already too late, because the damage has already occurred. They will realize that they have been the victims of crime, but it is too late. Now they are experiencing an end to their lives, and they are getting a cold shower after a cold shower from the injuries and a cold shower from the state that will treat them as if they are stupid in their heads, all the time. Then they go through the death process where their life is over and where they will end up in a mental hospital due to brain collapse due to nerves that have been damaged by electric current. Mr. Brad Pitt knows that it is fatal and therefore he has connected it for 3 seconds, so that he too will not be injured to death. There you see everything about his morals. It is such great personalities who in the media soil the men who have committed sexual abuse, while with their influence they attract people all over the planet into the grave. Could you imagine letting the electric death be connected to your own children. Of course, you would not allow that. The film is also about psychiatric care, which is allegedly being investigated in case he is clear according to his own mental senses, to carry out the journey to the solar system out edge at Jupiter and as an aid they have given him training of muscles with the electric death which in reality had made him completely handicapped where due to those injuries he would get the disease Hund rabies, an anger which is a direct characteristic of electrical damage to the body. He would be totally incapable of the task as an astronaut. By the way, instead of film as usual always being about mistakes and crimes that ordinary people commit or in the Film in this case where it is about him and his father, instead film should be about psychiatric care and the state that commits crime by exposing the astronaut to the electric death, which turns an astronaut into a disabled incompetent and incapable zombie, who is as crazy as the two crazy monkeys who have murdered the astronauts on the space station they had passed on their way to Jupiter. Psychiatric care that investigates whether he is mentally clear in the head according to his full mental senses, is just ridiculous but it’s like in real life. Psychiatric care does not care for people so that people do not go crazy, but they drive people crazy together with the police who work for the state. I think the Hollywood film industry has been inspired by its films from events that are taken directly from real life. For example, movies about Zombie, they have taken inspiration from the 9-volt electrical stimulation devices that are sold all over the world to people who are tricked into mental hospitals because of it, or who are led directly by the police with voice torture for 20 years until people have lost all common sense, where one eventually unconsciously falls into the trap of death. When you are injured like me then you lose all human in yourself, where you cannot adapt to what you have loved all your life. For example, I can no longer devote myself to playing the guitar. I have stopped exercising strength training because I have lost all the strength in the injured part of my body and due to pain and suffering. Before I liked to take a long walk to a Thai restaurant which is 5 kilometers away and I liked to eat there and now it is impossible for me due to suffering and that agony. It does not even occur to me, because I cannot bear to think about the food while I experience death anxiety and the feeling that I am dying around the clock. Every day I have the feeling that I am dying and because of that I hug my child constantly and I tell him that I love him all the time, as I feel that every day can be the last in my life. So, I’ve lost all that human in me and now I’m exactly like a zombie. I also have the character of a zombie, where I want to tear to pieces, with my own teeth, everyone who has led me in the wild path of this death, where my life is impossible to live because I am not a man anymore and I am not a human being. Inspiration for film SAW, they have taken directly from the state and the


state judiciary which are the police and psychiatric care together. The police build such rooms with torture tools where they turn the everyday life of ordinary people into dangerous lives through traps in society where they have dressed death as something else that is harmless. With words they crush us and through advertising propaganda they lure people into the grave where we are slaughtered with our own hands and our choices in life. They make people think that people are hurting themselves and each other. They make people kill each other. You do not see their face because you can never access their identity because they talk to you when you sleep deeply. They can distort voices and they can use voices of other people. They torture you until you are physically and mentally handicapped. Their ultimate goal is, that you commit suicide, murder, or go crazy so that they can create through injuries reason to be able to lock you in jail or mental hospital and then you are liquidated and demonized in the eyes of other ordinary people. Inspiration for the movie SKYLINE 1 part which is the best and most likely on how it would go if aliens had come to our planet Earth. There in that movie, people look up in blue light which is police blue light. The eyes darken, as the police come in your dream when you sleep. They pick up all the information and secrets from your life with their intruder talk, where they consume your brain, and you are literally no longer who you were once upon a time because they have been doing that for 20 or 30 years and they lead you with their words into traps that the state has put up for sale to us as trojan death traps. Those in power together with the rich elite lure us into the traps of death and they convince us of false security, where we believe we have the same human rights as them, when in fact, they consume our brains and they make us, to our body should injured to disability. Then only death can end the suffering that those in power and the rich elite have brought us ordinary people into. They sweep the entire population and entire families, where they kill our children in the same way, just like in the movie Skyline. These are mass executions of ordinary people, while through media propaganda they make the entire population completely unaware that they are becoming prey for the state. When people are harmed by something in society, then thanks to the fact that the state has camouflaged it as a product then people think that it is a coincidence and that it was their own fault because they have chosen to expose themselves to this while they are not aware that they have put it in advertising that is advanced in such a way that it is served by the state as a deadly Trojan horse. The film industry has taken inspiration from ordinary life, but I think it can be so because it fits perfectly with reality. The film industry is another Trojan horse that helps the state kill people in great numbers as men, women, and children all over the planet, just ordinary people. There is talk in the media all over the world about the rape of a crime, as something horrible, while they are committing a crime, which can only be classified as murder, and which cannot even be compared to rape. By raising the word rape in the media, they have automatically tricked people into believing that they are punishing people who commit crimes against women, so that people do not get hurt and get injured. They are said to be fighting for the safety of citizens. When the raped women and young people fall into a death trap of all the different electrical stimulation devices, then those in power become silent and those who are harmed by it, are blocked, and silenced by the same state. For example, they brag about Bill Clinton sex relationship with Monica Lewinsky as something terrible that violates the American Christian values ​​and morals that they use precisely to use the moral value as authority to show the American people that this is not how you should behave because you will all be punished while they do not mention a word about the electric genocide they commit on the same people. In fact, it only shows that such sexual relations, apart from marriage, are the standard of all mankind when it comes to sex for everyone likes sex, while they serve in the media a distorted false delusional image of society for us ordinary people so that they can scare us into the silence and obedience of those in power and the rich elite. I would recommend to Bill Clinton that what he has done is something good


and that he should repeat it again. Another example is the British prince Andrew, 59, who is reportedly withdrawn in the tangle directed at it now deceased friend Jeffrey Epstein. British Prince Andrew is said to have been seen receiving a foot massage of a well-dressed young Russian woman together with sex offender Epstein. Here we see how he has been criticized by the media and the Royal Family of Great Britain, where they show him in the media how he walks alone. There, the media has shown a picture to the common people through suggestive media propaganda that he has received his punishment, by being hung out in the media in a corner of shame. They want to show in the media, the people here you see that we have punished him. If you are so damn fair in your laws and your morals you in Western powers and the rich elite, why have you not imprisoned him behind locked doors. Instead, you want to show ordinary people through suggestive manipulative media propaganda that you have punished even the greats and royal nobles, while you murder children, young people, and adults by electric destruction and for that you have no morals at all. You want to show us ordinary people that laws apply to everyone, including those in power and the rich elite, which is a complete lie. You do not utter a word about the electric death in which you drag ordinary people, us, and our children straight into the grave without the opportunity to return to ordinary life. You keep quiet about this crime. With that, you are committing crimes against us ordinary people on an industrial scale through genocide. Royals, such as the Swedish royal family, brag in the media about how they are for the people, while you all in power and the rich elite are criminals yourself, where you use your name and authority to lure people into a false sense of security, so that people can have their lives and the lives of their children ruined forever. You should not have accepted us immigrants as refugees when you intend to kill us as you have done with myself. The power and the rich elite use the media to constantly build the popular authority of those in power royalty and the rich elite in the eyes of ordinary people because only when people see you up there on your fucking pedestal power position, only thanks to this you can manipulate people’s mental senses. As for me, such royalty should be banished to the fairytale world and past history, because that’s where you have your place. I do not understand that people can see you as something worthy and noble for something like that does not exist in real life. The image of you is raised as credible through media, television, and entertainment. You are murderers all together of us ordinary people. You all brag about women being sexually exploited, while I rather believe that in Western democracies, states use the law as a sledgehammer where they can very easily punish people and put them in prison. Women can use the law as it sees fit for them just to access money and damages. Those women are gold diggers. It seems that those women start a relationship with rich men and then provoke those men just to have a reason to break up marriage, so that they can get riches from those men in their own bank account. Snakes pretend to be victims and they are always sexually exploited. Why do they not say it directly, but everyone comes after 20 years and is believed by the state. This is because the state is happy to give it tools to women, so that the state can access those men in this way. I’m on the side of women, but it seems that women are taking advantage of it at the expense of men. In the media, there is constant talk of women’s rights being abused as a witch hunt by the fucking Mito-movement, while it seems to me that men’s rights are being abused. It echoes through media about sexually exploited women, where those women leak crocodile tears where they have allegedly lost something valuable, where power and the rich elite like to show compassion for those women, while as you can see, I have lost my body physically where I die now, even mentally and what I have been exposed to is not even crime. Superstars participate in the advertising campaign propaganda together with the state where they raise in the media and programs the sexual crime against women as the worst that exists while thanks to this, they get people’s attention directed away from the real danger of death where people are injured to death, and it is the electrical appliances. They make


deadly products completely invisible to ordinary people. They themselves know about it and they protect their own children while leading children of ordinary people into death. Where is their morality then? They have no morals just as those in power have no morals either. Those in power kill people in the Middle East with bombs and machine guns as soon as people leave their homes. Then when people strike back, then they are directly Al Qaeda and Isis terrorists. So, the rulers of the world like to kill people who are different. They have money and they enjoy it, it seems like bragging about their riches. They donate some money and then they swim in the light where they pretend to be humane shipowners of ordinary people and it is extremely effective because people really believe that they are humane. The state can come into our dreams and the state is inside our computers around the clock. They know what we are thinking in our heads, but have you thought about it, can we come into their minds, and can we know what the rulers and the rich elite are really thinking about in reality? Yes, we can. It is not enough for them to kill people in war-torn areas. They want and they can kill anyone on this planet in peacetime and it is through the electrical appliances that they advertise for all of us. They brag about crimes that Harvey Weinstein has committed where they have punished him to 23 years in prison, while they have freed a mass murderer and war criminals in the US military. He has come home in his fine white soldier’s festive clothes. He hugs his child and his wife in front of TV cameras, while he has killed similar women and children in another part of the world that looks different, where he has spotted those with snipers like pigeons. I think the same about other superpowers that commit the same crime, where they also poke people in sniping, like dove pigeons. All that is possible as long as there are things that come as values ​​from those in power inserted into our subconscious as our values. When we begin to shit in the sacred that politicians have engraved into our subconscious of us ordinary people, then we will liberate ourselves for real and it is only then that we will be truly free in reality. The only thing that is sacred in reality is us ordinary people and our children. Everything else is a tool that those in power and the rich elite use to manipulate us and thanks to this, they lead us into war, where we are ordinary people who go to the front lines, if there is a war. What about your terrorism that has reached me, that has never harmed anyone? You talk about Novitjok and about Russians who kill people with Novitjok while all the states on this planet together with the Swedish state, kill with electric Novitjok. Anders Behring Breivik is the only one on the planet who has done the same thing to the state as the state has done to us ordinary people at all times. To me, Breivik has appeared like a madman, a mass murderer, while the state fights for people’s safety and people’s prosperity. That he committed the massacres, on the political aspirants who will work for the people, was insane. It is insane even now for me that he has killed those young people, but reality is not what I would have thought it was. Politicians are not the people and politicians do not work for the people. Politicians regardless of political party are lying to us ordinary people. They keep quiet about their terrorist crime where they are literally murdering us. The thing is that Anders Behring Breivik is an ordinary person, and he has done the same thing to those in power as those in power commit on us ordinary people at all times. So, Anders Behring Breivik has in fact involuntarily become a fighter for the common people. Those in power and the rich elite have murdered the common people at all times and in this case, an ordinary human being has struck right into the snake’s nest that murders ordinary people regardless of race, religion, political commitment and so on. So, he has fought back on the power and rich elite for all of us who are ordinary people. Reality is so terrible and false that Anders Behring Breivik is in fact a hero who stands for the common people. It is not just about Norway, but each state is built on the same principle. It is standard for all countries on this planet. The state with all state institutions is a system for combating and controlling its own people. They all lie to us ordinary people and they murder us and our children. Breivik was right about one thing and that is that politicians influence us


ordinary people to such an extent that it is a matter of life and death. But he was wrong that it is a single political party that he sees as guilty. All of them are involved in the genocide, regardless of which party they belong to. Even politicians in my country are equally evil mass murderers and liars who keep quiet about this genocide. All those from Malexander police assassins, Anna Maria Lind’s assassins Miailo Miailovic, Olof Palme’s assassins and even Gavrilo Princip, are all ordinary people, who have fought back against the power and rich elite who have violated the human rights of ordinary people. That is why revolution is taking place because people have lost their freedom and their human rights. But now the state has become refined, and the state uses advanced technology and psychological covert warfare where they, through deadly products and media censorship, violate the human rights and security of ordinary people. What is not visible is what does not exist. People have nothing to link their lives that have gone into disaster, to state abuse. I’m sorry to say, but politicians are no better than all the terrorists around the world. States have murdered ordinary people all the time without interruption. Men, women, and children are being murdered legally by all the states of the world, through state systems. So, here the people have struck back at the mouths of those in power and the rich elite. It is ugly and horrible that these men have committed, but those in power and the rich elite commit crimes that are a million times worse, and they kill far more people than these men have done. I’m not inspired by the murders these men have committed. I would never commit that crime, as I abide by laws. How would it feel, if the children of those in power and the rich elite, get connected Electro stimulation neurotoxin devices on their body? How would it feel for those in power and the rich elite to see their own children die like animals, in front their own eyes day and night? Now I can say something about criminals as well. While you criminals kill each other with weapons, states kill us all with electric current, by tricking ordinary people into a simple street where you suffer until you have taken your own life, until you have committed suicide, so that it will stop hurting in your body that you lose as time goes on. In Sweden, ECT is legally allowed as it is the state that kills patients that the police have driven insane if they do not want to admit crime. Sometimes it seems that the state considers that imprisonment is not a severe enough punishment. Therefore, they have built this side road that leads a person to extinction and death where life is impossible to live ever again. It’s the death penalty they give to people because they know it’s worse than being sentenced to prison. From prison you can come back to life when you are free again while from that body necrosis you can never go out and be free again. The state has legalized all electrical appliances as it is common people who fall into the death trap. There is only one thing that is not legal in Sweden. Ordinary people cannot get a license for Teaser. People in Sweden can get a license for weapons but not for teasers. Teaser is the only thing that ordinary people can use as a weapon where ordinary people can kill people in the same way as the state does. Ordinary people can shoot with it a ruler and a murderer who belongs to the rich elite and then his life ends in the same hell that I am in. Therefore, the state does not allow ordinary people to have the opportunity to kill one of this power and rich elite on legally. They want to be sure that hell does not happen to themselves and their children. Only ordinary people and their children will go into electric death and no one else. Those in power, royalty, famous people, the rich elite and their children must be safe and secure. They know about the electric genocide and therefore they protect themselves and they protect their own children while they all together deny this important information from it reaching us ordinary people. Instead, they advertise death to us by abusing their position of power and influence over billions of people, and they laugh at this when they know that people’s lives end in disaster. You criminals use firearms, which have been advertised in all times by states through constant publicity that the state shit out to us ordinary people via the internet, media, news, arms sales and entertainment, as suggestive media propaganda where weapons are taken up as the main tool for


killing people and being able to have power and control over people. It’s a delusion and illusion. The important thing for the state is that you take up arms in your hands because then they have reason to imprison you. Those weapons are advertised through everything. Throw those weapons and take instead Taser in your hands, do not aim at each other and at ordinary innocent people because it is power and rich elite that is the real evil that murders you, me, and all of us and besides, then you will be able to kill without going into imprisonment for many years. Do not be fooled into thinking that the person you are hurting with Teaser is alive because the person is already dead. It’s worse than death. Everything that people have in their hands the state uses against them, such as when people take drugs then they can stimulate people with suggestive words to take a higher drug dose, because higher drug dose gives better enjoyment and well-being. When people are under the influence of drugs, then they have that thought in their subconscious and then they take a higher dose and then people die due to overdose. Therefore, they have acted on a strange thought engraved in their subconscious by the police. This is how it works with police, word torture over 20 years and more. That’s what it meant to hear voices. You do not hear voices because you are ill. Voices are heard because the state commits crimes against people through the police. Of course, they will deny, that they do. They protect their tool from mass murder of ordinary people, from being exposed. They also deny the damaging effect of the deadly electrical appliances. That they deny it does not mean that people are not murdered by the electric nerve agent. It is highly real and deadly. This is the crime that states use to commit state abuses against ordinary people. All you criminals who kill each other, no matter what group you belong to, including myself, we all belong to the floor class of ordinary people who are poor. You have had the police in your dreams all along without being aware of it. It is not the devil who has led you on the wrong path in life, for the devil does not exist and has never existed. The state has deceived you through propaganda advertising about money and wealth that are of greater value than human life. It is one of all the qualities of our human traits, a weakness that the state uses as a weapon against us in a sophisticated and advanced psychological Proxy warfare, so that we ourselves are tricked into biting into that trap. The state lays out pure death traps and the intention is that we should be seriously injured, because just so injured, we are permanently annihilated and murdered. They take our lives from us so that we cannot function and because of that our lives collapse and perish in small pieces. The state has given companies open hands while punishing every step ordinary people take. They fight ordinary people as if we were livestock for them. Unconsciously, our lives end in disaster in one way or another. Take for example the program where Robert Aschberg has confronted people who have pretended to be fake doctors in television programs 200 seconds, where they have given people Botox. People have had their bodies mutilated and turned into disabilities. The fact that he comes there with a decidedly serious face expression, where he radiates justice is just state misleading propaganda. The state has been able to legislate such a crime 50 years ago, in the same way as they have legislated when children steal some candy in the store. They want to show that people should see that people can be hurt and that people should accept the possibility that they may be hurt. The state claims that they are fighting such a crime while I have contacted them all and to me all the doors are closed. That is a crime, while what has happened to me is not a crime, regardless of the fact that this is the worst crime on the entire planet. But when the state kills then it’s ok. They are in power together with the rich elite who are killing us ordinary people. The media and media propaganda are that we should not realize this truth until we have been exposed to crimes like me. Then we get to know about it in the worst way and that is when we feel on our skin the state abuse of power. Here we have a spectacle where politicians smear the image of themselves as people with humanism and morality.

Victoria hedrade förintelsens offer i Auschwitz



They are said to show compassion for the victims of Auschwitz, while they sit there with the knowledge of the genocide in which they lead people into bodily harm that not even the people of Auschwitz have been subjected to and I mean those who have survived that Holocaust. They are all rather equal to war criminals themselves because they keep quiet about genocide that is going on right now. No one on this planet has voted for such a society where politicians lie. They kill people. People have not voted for it. I’m having a nervous breakdown and that because of crimes that have been committed against me, by the state. This crime is being committed by states and they are using everything to protect and conceal that mass murder. This thing that has happened to me is so deadly that there is too much suffering. You cannot live and be normal at the same time. The dead nerves and the nerves that are dying along with the inhuman pain and discomfort do not let go of me for a second. Instead of paying attention to what is outside my body, what I see with my eyes and what I hear, all my attention is deprived of the damaged nerves. There is no human being on this planet who has a sense of his body parts inside the body, but I do. Everyone can concentrate on their surroundings with the calm that characterizes us all as human beings, but I who am damaged by the electric Sinful device, am tortured by my disfigured body and those injuries provoke an eternal zombie rage and dog Rabies, where there is nothing space for peace in my body and soul. I first feel the damaged nerves instead of my surroundings. My whole body is a torture prison. Pain together with the unimaginable discomfort and what is worst of all is the part of the body that has had time to die and in which I have lost feeling, makes me lose my breath. I cannot breathe because of all the suffering and so it is for me all day and all night. Only before I go to bed when I take the Seroquel, I know it will lower that agony for a short while. Seroquel hijacks my brain and then I fall asleep, by force in a chemical way. But first I get an inhuman hunger as I have no control over my hunger and then I eat completely uncontrolled. It takes 4 to 5 hours before the harmful medicine starts to work, and then the pain is reduced to 30%. The other 70% continue to torture me to death, even when I sleep. It gives me death anxiety and because of it, I have nightmares all night, every night after night. I get the feeling of missing that people only feel when someone dear to them has died. I miss it during the day and at night now for several years and for no real reason. Feeling that anxiety during the day is one thing, as I know what causes the anxiety of death and all the suffering for me, but at night I am not aware and so drugged with that medicine, I dream nightmares all night. Night after night, I dream that the doomsday of the world is taking place, where I am fighting for my life so that I will survive and that I will not die. When I start waking up from that nightmare, the first thing I feel is the inhuman pain how it evokes and gives me this anxiety. It is the physical suffering of damaged nerves that is anxiety, and the thing is that when I have fallen asleep then I become unaware of what is causing anxiety that has taken over my life and my vision completely and the hole, but I feel it constantly around the clock. The hell of suffering, the anxiety of death, never rests for me. It distorts my perception of reality, and it drives me crazy, day and night. That, with death anxiety that I have on the day, has gotten much worse now. It has changed and instead of the anxiety of death, I feel that the moment when I die natural death, has struck. I feel like I’m dying right now. Even though I know theoretically that I will not die from this suffering, suffering is so inhuman that all that torture convinces me that I believe I will die in that moment. The injuries affect my judgment where I become convinced that I will die in a few minutes. I breathe hard and all the suffering, makes me feel a dizziness in my head and a feeling of unreality about knowing that I have no more time to live. It feels like my life as a living has ended. Because of this, I feel that suffering is my deathbed, the last


thing I feel before I die. That’s why I do not see myself as a man, who lives his life. I see myself and physically I feel as if I am already dead. Mentally, emotionally, I have already died. I’m dead because I’m unable to experience life itself. Life itself does not exist in my body. I am unable to feel joy, laughter, hope and so on. When you are healthy and unharmed, then there are times when you are in a good mood, where you laugh and feel joy and happiness, but in my case now for over 3 years, not a single day has happened when I felt that feeling of joy, laughter, and happiness. Human brain is not compatible with nerves that are damaged and altered by electric current. There is a way for me where I can regain all human abilities, to feel joy, happiness and be able to laugh. The only way out of this hell is to go to the state killers in hospitals and ask them to cut the spinal nerve higher up over the injured part of the back, so that contact between the brain and the lower part of the body is broken. I will then be like all other people mentally, but I will be paralyzed and sit in a wheelchair. The same thing happens with people who have bought the Foot Detox or Foot Bath in neurotoxin that I have written about. It is only necessary for them to use it until they notice damage to the legs. They are guaranteed to be damaged in a little more than half an hour and after a year they will feel the same as me. Even they will lose all human traits. They will not be able to feel joy, happiness, hope for the future and they will never be able to laugh. Even they will dream nightmares like me. But they can amputate their legs to become normal again, while I cannot amputate half my body. You get the same result if you get damaged by all the other electrical stimulation devices that I have written about. This is a punishment that states commit on all of us. You cannot believe it’s true until you find out when you are harmed by any of the Trojan electrical stimulation devices. This is not a mental conclusion that every human being can come to due to circumstances in which they find themselves, but what I have is what my dying body radiates to my brain chemically. I have no control over it, as my dying body now dictates to me what, I should feel. I have no reason to be depressed and have anxiety, but damaged nerves produce the deepest dark abyss the deepest depression and the worst death anxiety and the addition that I have physical pain, handicapped paralyzed body that I have lost feeling in, then you understand that it here, is the worst punishment that a living organism can be subjected to and to be subjected to the crime of a human being, then one realizes that the punishment is inhuman and equal to the extermination of vulnerable people groups across this planet. This is worse than staying in extermination camp. The numb half body that dies and the nerves that continue to die, the inhuman pain, tears myself apart. My mind is torn and erased. I no longer exist in the living world. I really want to live but my body is no longer a human body, but it is a living corpse. I cannot function as a living organism while I have thousands of altered and dead nerves in half of my body, which spread to other healthy parts of my body. I cannot survive the collapse of this body. I no longer work as a man. I have been sterilized in 15 minutes by the Danish mass murderers at To be sterilized chemically and with surgery, cannot even be compared to what has happened to me. This is 20 times worse, as I have had my body become disabled, after which I have also lost feeling in a large part of the body, and I continue to lose feeling further. I’m getting closer to death with each passing day. I can never be with a Woman ever again in my life, because I’m unable to have sex. I have lost that ability in 15 minutes in the long run. The first time I was injured, there was hardly anything noticeable and it was just the start of decay and death of my body. The image that my body mediates to me now, is disgustingly unpleasant and depressing to hell. I’m disgusted with myself now. The dying process that every human being experiences only once in a lifetime, I now experience 8 to 10 times a day. This which I experience is like sham drowning as inmates at Guantanamo Bay experience. My perception of reality is totally distorted. This mental and physical abuse that goes on around the clock evokes the instinct of nature, defend you or escape. Body injuries that I have cause it, although I have nowhere to flee. Only when you are


in a life’s danger then you choose whether to fight for life or escape. But in my case I get hurt and abused around the clock and when the death anxiety comes where I get a feeling that I will die in that moment because of that abuse, then I get a natural instinct to fight back and fight back while I have no one to beat who stands in front of me, but the one who beats me is in Denmark in safety far away where they commit the crime even now completely legally, while the Swedish government has prevented me from suing them in court. So, instead, the Swedish government protects them. With a lie, they have engraved inside my body abuse that will be repeated to me forever, until my last day of life when I die. Only then will the abuse cease, but I too will cease to exist. All this they have given me by pure crime. I get a rage that drives me crazy with hatred for those who have committed that crime against me. If I take revenge, the police are waiting for me. So, I have to control my anger and hatred towards the state killer police parasites that have been in my dreams for 20 years now, where they have tortured me with their suggestive talk that has led me into self-harm in pure accidents and camouflaged death traps. I must control my anger and hatred against the mass murderers in Denmark, who commit the crime even now and no one will stop them, but they will be directly protected by the state because it is the state that has recruited them to spread that nerve agent to their population. The suffering I have, drives me crazy every day, all the way to the limit that no human can handle and I cannot handle it either. I cannot kill myself. I still exist. That’s why I wrote that blog about the crime that states are committing against all of us and our children. This suffering drives the injured person crazy in the end, or forces one to commit suicide. If you have been damaged by one of the 9-volt Estim devices, then you always die in one way or another. That is the purpose and that is the purpose of all electrical appliance’s existence. If there had been only a small glimmer of light for me, at the end of the deadly tunnel for continued life, then it would have been fine. But there is no light for me. There is no way out of this hellish problem. There is no hope, for me. I’ve had hoped all my life but now I see no hope. It will not end well for me when I know I’m dying. The only thing I have left as a choice is to die in an infinite number of different ways. I get to choose how I am going to die, but there is no choice for me to continue living, as life is not worth being called life because I suffer in my deathbed suffering. This drives one into madness and into the grave. It is no wonder that Seroquel causes obesity without any control, which in turn causes diabetes. When you think a little better, electrical damage damages and distorts the body so that the body loses its function over time, with progressive collapse and the use of Seroquel later gives diabetes over time which causes the damaged part of the body to die out completely in the end. So, if you have purchased Electro foot detox that damages nerves, legs muscle tissue, blood vessels, marrow in bones, then in such damaged condition with pain that occurs after a year you have to take Seroquel as pain relief, which gives later diabetes and then the damaged part of the body dies in case bones die in necrosis so as it usually goes with the disease diabetes. A person who dies in this way will never be classified as a person who has been the victim of a crime. Such cases will be classified as death due to diabetes. As you can see, the state is killing millions across the planet legally and in total media silence. In my case it is even worse since it is not possible to amputate half the body. I have gained a lot of weight, from 83 kg which I have built with regular exercise before I was injured, until now at the end where I weigh 98 kg and it does not stop there, but I continue to gain weight. Diabetes for me is guaranteed due to pain where I have to take 450 mg of Seroquel, to numb the dying and dead nerves that torture me to death. The only thing I see is that I have been injured in an infinite number of different ways at the same time and all the way to death where life for me is completely impossible to live. But all that suffering, is not the only way my life goes to hell, but there is another that gives me the final blow, the last nail in the coffin of my death. The state has changed my body through crime, where I have to medicate Seroquel in order to reduce pain. But the time I’m


awake, there’s nothing that can. Suffering drives me to commit suicide. I suffer so much that I would take a poison just to get a little break in the suffering. I stopped drinking alcohol as soon as I admitted my crime to the police, because I had no reason to worry about anything more. That’s when the police started talking to me every night. For 13 years I have not taken a drop of alcohol and had never in my life wanted to drink alcohol again. But after 13 years when I was exposed to crime and when I injured myself with the electric 9-volt death, now with this deadly suffering due to pain, I have started drinking alcohol again. Alcohol has absolutely no positive health effect on humans. It leads people into decay, where people make wrong decisions and where people are just ashamed. But in my case, it’s so bad that alcohol lowers my pain even better than Seroquel. So even in what is negative alcohol, there is something positive and then you understand what the hell, I am in. This is inhuman. But because of alcohol I lose my footing where I’m ashamed, more than ever before in my life. Everything I have feared in the beginning 25 years ago where I thought, what if it happened to me? If that happened to me then I would commit suicide. But now it all happens to me and more than that when I’m drunk on alcohol. When I drink alcohol then I experience my body as reasonably normal. The more I become sober without the influence of alcohol, the more the damaged nerves come to life and then I suffer to such an extent that pain and that discomfort affect my ability to think, where I get disturbed while I think and then, I feel crazy with anger and hatred. As you can see, the governments of the world are transforming us normal ordinary people through the electrical damage to alcoholics and that by force, where we have no other choice than to alleviate our ongoing death in chronic pain with alcohol. So, my body has changed in such a way that I cannot be normal without medication and alcohol. But with alcohol, I lose all control over my behavior and then I make mistakes where I am ashamed. As you can see, this is another way in which the state causes you to lose control of your behavior where you have lost all control when you suffer to death. Through that they have expose me to crime, the state has forced me to demonize myself involuntarily now in front of all humanity while the state blocks me and does not allow me to speak in the media about the crime I have been exposed to. They have investigated me for crimes, while at the same time they have exposed me to infinitely worse crimes. They punish me while protecting crimes that Sinful mass murderers commit on the entire population even now. Thanks to injuries, you have a behavior like crazy person, and I now commit wrong after mistake, and it will put a stamp on me as crazy and that I am not clear according to my mental senses. Now I lose all control over my behavior. Now I understand that everything that the Swedish legal system has done to me through the entire state system was for this hell to come to me where I will lose control and where I demonize myself in the end. They want me to be guilty and this is the way they have hurt me so badly physically that I can no longer be normal and that was their plan from the beginning, all the time. They had no reason to imprison me for many years, therefore they have created reason by injuring me to death and giving me suffering from hell that is repeated over and over again, where I now in the end make mistakes that they so desperately want as a reason to be able to put me in prison or rather mental hospital, where they can carry out the death penalty on me through ECT. So, what they have wanted to give me all along, was mental hospitals, where they can even kill me by imposing ECT on me. Maybe it’s their final plan if all the torture they’ve subjected me to is not enough for me to commit suicide. Now I demonize myself, by embarrassing myself. People will just feel reluctant and stupid towards me, while the state is silent and thanks to that silence, they appear as those who are good. I have contacted all conceivable media in Sweden. I have also contacted Tv program – Assignment review and I have told them about what has happened to me, but they say that, unfortunately we cannot help you with this. Even the media silence and all the media that notifies me while I die are a continuation of the state annihilation of me and everyone else that the state investigates for crime. I


go crazy after my time as a living has expired and the fact that everyone is locked up that I do not exist and that crimes I have been subjected to are not classified as crimes and that they ignore me now while I die, is such an obvious elimination system where states kill people on an industrial scale, where they make us be branded as crazy. If they are not happy with the punishment that can give us imprisonment after a crime has been confessed, then they have created this deadly execution by electric current which they have laid out as a minefield where people end up in mass graves in silence equivalent to war annihilation, which is protected by the state as something legal and harmless. Instead of imprisonment, they give us a punishment that is worse than Auschwitz. They did not want to sentence me to prison when I confessed to the crime. Instead, they have tortured me mentally. The pussy, the fucking vagina they got in my dream, was just a honey trap where I should have something to hope for. Thanks to her, I have chosen to live in loneliness and celibacy until my mental breakdown and decay for 13 years has caused me to be deceived in the electric death. It was just a way for them to keep me isolated while time eats up my personality as isolation takes apart one’s personality and makes one a mentally handicapped broken nerve wreck. You cannot create new acquaintances and relationships in the end with women and then thanks to life in that celibacy you look for compensation for loneliness and lack of sexual contact with women and you find it in pornography, where the state has outsourced the harmful devices and everything other harmful shit that is direct instruction to self-destruction. So insecure with shattered self-confidence for 20 years, you only make more of decisions that lead you into decay and annihilation, where you get dirty as a person in the eyes of other ordinary people who have never had the police over them and because of that they do not think it what has happened to me is possible in reality. Instead, they see me as weird and crazy. I am not believed in and that is how the state picks one out of society and slaughters one in that case me as a chicken where they have demonized me and at the same time liquidated and neutralized me so that I will not pose a danger and threat to them. I die while everyone is silent. I talk about electric destruction and the rest of the people even when they know that it is deadly and that it is waiting for them and their children, everyone is silent because the state is silent about its genocide crime and thus people choose to be silent because it is learning behavior that the state has engraved on people’s minds through suggestive words and visual messages through television. People are unconsciously doing what the state wants them to do. If the state does not say a word about it killing an orgy, then people follow blindly without protesting, but that is why there is media warfare for it. They have made me sexually impotent and sterilized and so devastated physically and mentally now at the end I am totally unable to be and live with a woman. Now they have taken me even further away from women. They have taken and deprived me of all that is human in me. I’m a cripple now, who’s only dreamed of having a woman I could fall in love with and live life with and be like all other people. Now I am not a man, and I am no longer a human being. Now I’m doomed for real to eternal loneliness until my last breath when I die. The worse the pain for me, the worse and more violent I react to it. It’s like I was beaten in front of a mass grave by a war criminal who has only one goal and that is to kill me and that he has hurt me so badly that I will still die, because of those injuries even if he stops the abuse. It cannot be expected and demanded of me that I should not react to the deadly violence, that I should not complain about the terror, that I should not utter any incitement against ethnic groups which means that I should not pose a threat to the murderer or war criminal which is the Swedish state with its entire state system. The war criminal is the Swedish state and every single state on this planet. That’s exactly what’s happened to me now. Had it happened in war, then I had every right in the world to defend myself and strike back. Then no one would have any objections, due to censorship of silence of the electric annihilation and they present it as something completely harmless. But the governments of the world, hide the electric destruction as


something legal and harmless. The Swedish state has exposed me to crime and since they advocate the electric destruction of ordinary people as something legal and completely harmless, then if I hit one of them now, then they will call me as for, a mentally ill man has completely unprovoked attacked a person and it is alleged for no reason. That’s how they will present me to the people through their criminal executioner so-called media, and I say media propaganda. They are always right even when they murder us, while we ordinary people are always wrong even when we defend ourselves against government lethal abuses. We ordinary people believe that such war crimes only take place in war and that in peacetime in society such crimes do not take place. We believe that the state would not commit crimes against humanity in civil society. But that’s wrong. They kill us in mass executions on an industrial scale. They have just hidden it through whole state systems, where they use all state institutions to kill us in such a way that we will fall into their death traps and then we will cut ourselves into small pieces with our own hand, while they protect themselves with enacted laws, which should punish every step that we ordinary people could take by posing a threat to those in power and the rich elite. We all humans on this planet are just humans’ ordinary people, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political orientation. That we cheer on our politicians and glorify each political party to which we ultimately give our vote is no wonder. It is a trait that we humans have called herd behavior because we are social beings and because of that we are extremely easy to manipulate and every politician on this planet knows that no matter what political party they come from. They use that herd behavior as a weapon against us. If you think about politicians dragging us into war then someone may think it is a legitimate reason, but when you think about when football fans sometimes kill each other after a football match, then you realize that it is an insane murder and that no one is justified reason to kill someone for. It’s just a game. It is the same with war. We are going to war because of the powerful media brainwashing that we have been subjected to by the state for decades. Once one has cleared one’s head of state propaganda and constant state misleading lies, then one realizes that there is almost no worthy reason to die for. The truth cannot be realized until it is too late as for me. Now that I know that they have injured me to death and that I will die, then I know that the Swedish state is a criminal state, which pretends to be a democratic society. All the lies, all the propaganda about women’s rights and all equal values ​​and the infinite number of different positive political messages that politicians lie to us about, to deceive us into false sense of security, so that we give them our votes on false grounds. They give us nothing back. They reward us for our blind faith in them, with the death of us and our children. They give us lies and we are tricked into giving our voice to them. They lie to us that we are safe while concealing genocide, which they protect with the media and the entire state system. They push it on us and our children in such a way that we stop at the cemetery in peacetime. They keep us in delusional state for us to believe that we live our lives in security democracy and freedom as normal people, while they blame and stamp individuals who violate state norms, that it should be alleged precisely those who have delusions. This reality is not about the right and the left. It is not about right-wing extremists, terrorists, criminal gangs, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and so on. This is not about nationalism. It is about the evil that is the rulers of the kingdoms, and the rich elite together against us ordinary people. We ordinary people are slaughtered by those up there. Right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists, criminals, the sick and people who have never committed crime, all of us together are ordinary people and all of us share the same fate. We ordinary people have been murdered through the whole human history of the world power and rich elite, just to reduce the earth’s population on this planet forever, in all infinity for all future. Our state harms us to death, regardless of whether we are Swedes or immigrants, Muslims or Christians, right-wing extremists or left-wing extremists or Muslim terrorists. What divides us is the powerful media propaganda that has brainwashed us at all


times without interruption. Politicians Exercise their power over us through media where they manipulate us mentally. They make us docile compliant, soft, weak, apathetic, indifferent so that we see them as our saviors. We only hear what politicians want us to hear, so that we can see that we fit into the ethnic and political group of nationalist animals, or herd with the same interest and then we follow our politicians completely blindly. This is important to be aware of. Politicians show us one thing in the media through their political program. They show us what they want us to see, while in reality they do not show anywhere that they want to deliberately harm people to death. They have built an idiot safe system where they kill people with all the different electrical appliances I have written about. They are lying to us right in our eyes by keeping quiet about the horrible as you see deadly impact that ends in suicide due to the electrical stimulation devices. We humans have not voted for this. No one on this planet has voted for such a society where politicians lie about just about everything. They are lying about our security, where every family can be wiped out by the state through all the state institutions that we expect to help us when we have a problem. They kill people. I’m having a nervous breakdown because of crimes that have been committed against me directly by the state. This crime is committed by states, and they use everything to protect and conceal the mass murder of ordinary people, as if it does not exist. The media is directly involved in the genocide. Every news every program and entertainment, leads people into the death trap grave. Politicians were alleged to be fighting for the working class and for the politics they stand for. They are said to fight for our children. The only thing they fight against is what they say out loud and early, we will never give up! We will fight criminal gangs! They may sound like they are fighting for the population together with ordinary people, against criminals and people who commit crimes at all. But they are lying to 100%. Every single one of us ordinary people believes that the state is not against ourselves because we never want to commit crime. Wrong, every single one of us the state kills through lies. Politicians usually call ordinary people traitors or sick and criminals, but in reality, politicians were traitors all the time. Some of them say that the law and the court are the last red line that when we cross it then we are punished while they themselves keep quiet about the electric genocide. Are politician’s innocent just because they pretend, not knowing that people billions across the planet go into death in infinite number of different ways. No matter who you vote for, you can never win. The state markets psychiatric care in the media by giving psychiatric care credibility in order to trick its population into believing that they are the care. You hear over and over in the media where psychiatrists and psychologists comment on such innocent things as, for example, they talk about, – how can you avoid stress and in that you see nothing dangerous. There are hundreds of thousands of such sentences we hear on television, newspapers, programs, entertainment news and on the web. It is deliberate state media warfare for us to see psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and psychotherapists, where names they come up with never end. This is how propaganda in the media sounds: -The psychologist gives advice on fatigue depression – Can you terminate contact with a parent? The psychologist gives advice. -When can you get psychological help online? Tired but hard to sleep? -How does an online meeting with a psychologist work? -The psychologist explains: How to make your child want to clean and wash-The psychologist’s best advice for new parents. -Psychologist’s best tips for dealing with climate anxiety -Psychologist: Let the children dance to Corona songs on Tik tok. -11 common advice that therapists give their patients – I cannot stand to get criticism”- the psychologist gives advice -Take a psychologist today. 100 Swedish kronor per visit without waiting time, and so it continues, day after day year after year, decade after decade in all times it has gone like this. Now I give you the truth and I give you advice on how we can kill them all. Yes, it’s with electric destruction, because they do not deserve to be shot with AK-47, because that death is far too quick and far too merciful for their genocide crimes, considering which terror torture


suffering, they give to us all ordinary people and to our children by exposing ourselves to the electric genocide crime. for that is what they deserve, for they kill us and our children. This is the state propaganda where the state is looking for new generations to be drawn into eternal darkness and it is our children, and their children will be the next victims of the state and state death propaganda. Thanks to such innocent words and sentences, they are seen as something harmless, while when we come to the unaware of what life danger they pose to our lives in the long run, our downfall will be guaranteed without us being aware of it. Regardless of whether you sit face to face in front of a psychotherapist, counselor, psychologist, and psychiatrist, you should beware of special psychologists, and psychiatrists, because they are the ones who will kill you and drag you into a deadly dark abyss that cannot even compared to the classic depression that they use to brag about it in the media as the main reason for them to practice their work on alleged psychotherapist help. You will go to them for decades, but they will never warn you of the deadly ECT they have in their hands and especially the 9-volt death Trojans, which are one-way street, which paves the way for our execution of the death penalty with ECT. It is against ECT that they are tricking you closer and closer. Also, all the other alleged electrical stimulation devices are directly connected to them, and they own this in their hands. If you injure yourself with them, you will go straight to psychiatric care so that you will get pain relief that will kill you even more and that is Seroquel and Zyprexa. They show a picture of nursing while killers have in their hands ECT that destroys brain permanently, where patient loses brain function and becomes increasingly disabled over time as the electro shock only starts a process of brain tissue death, which gets worse after a year , where necrosis of the brain never stops but accelerates with time and gets 20 times worse with each passing year, where the patient dies physically, due to injuries, when parts of the brain have died and thus part of one’s personality dies with. In the brain, our memories from our life are stored and as parts of the brain have died then the memories have ceased to exist. Because the brain continues to die, then you will lose even more of the memories over time from your life and you will die more mentally where you lose parts of your personality, and this is forbidden information to be uttered in the media just like the information that nerves dies at low 9-volt current. A person who has received ECT needs several days to process a sentence. For example, if an ECT injured person receives a question today, then that person needs several days to think about what to answer that question. I have read about it on the internet where a genuinely injured patient with ECT has written about it. Those patients can never fight against psychiatrists verbally, when they try to prove their injuries because they have lost all their ability to think with their whole brain capacity that they have had before they were deceived by psychiatric care in the deadly disability injury with ECT. It is the punishment that the state uses instead of prison and then they just keep quiet so that they can kill more people in the future and those people are our children. If we are innocent or if we are guilty people, then it does not matter and it has no significance for the state. Have they decided that we should be guilty then as in my case, they make me guilty by depriving me of my personal qualities that characterize me as a person and all my human traits? All that they have lacked as a reason to sentence me to prison as I have never wanted to commit a crime, now with these injuries that drive me to inhuman hell of suffering, now they get the reason because those injuries cause me to be crucified and I am beaten around the clock. Now it is the suffering that creates the anger that gives me no choice but to make threats against them and possibly to slaughter one of them all. That’s what electrical damage is for something. Government provokes murderers in us, by disfiguring our bodies so that we want to take revenge on them all. That’s how they make us guilty and that by force. They punish us for crimes we commit while they themselves provoke us by committing even worse crimes against us. They give us fatal injuries with electric trojans that turn the injured into a crazy dog ​​with rabies disease, where the madness of


suffering drives one to the wrong decision where one cannot, live without making mistakes. States are not what they claim to be. It’s like this. The Left Party, the Green Party, the Social Democrats, the Center Party, the Moderates, and the Sweden Democrats are all together under the direct service of the rich elite. All of them together use the media as under the service of politicians to trick us into giving them our votes. Every single one of all the political parties claims to be fighting for us who have voted for them. They talk about crime that people commit while none of the different political parties mention this crime where you get nerves dead in half the body. They talk about NOVICHOK which they blame on Russia while they have Auschwitz in their country which they pretend not to know that it exists which are all the electrical appliances I have written about. They talk about sexual harassment against women. They talk about rape of women where they have been classified as victims. Men are imprisoned for many years for sexually abusing them, but what have they lost? It is wrong for women to be raped, I admit it too, but look at what I have been exposed to and this is not even a crime. It is not a crime that I have a dying body with nerve damage in half my body. The rape of women who have had sex without consent is a crime, while the Swedish government, through state systems, has completely destroyed my sexual ability for reproduction, so that I have had my genitals completely cut off by my body, through the electric death trojan that they have laid out for me and for all of us ordinary people and it is not even a crime. I think we ordinary people should go to the Swedish Parliament and massacre all politicians from the first to the last. The whole power and rich elite in Sweden, in government and the whole state system should be murdered, because we ordinary people have throughout the history of mankind been at war where power and the rich elite have constantly murdered us ordinary people and our children. We should kill all politicians, we should kill everyone in public care together with psychiatric care, we should kill all police officers, we should kill all journalists regardless of what TV program it is about so all of them kill us and our children, we should kill everyone who works in social services for them deprives children of parents that the police have mentally destroyed through psychotronic weapons and through proxy warfare through state systems, we should murder all fucking movie producers and all fucking movie actors, who cheat us and our kids for the sake of all of us committing suicide through the 9-volt electric destruction as they advertise to us, we should kill all the power of that world and the rich elite and we must commit that murder with electric destruction, so that they and their own damn children suffer in the same way that we and our children suffer. The same thing I think against my own Bosnjak power and rich elite who are psychopathic fanatical Muslim freak killer of their own Bosnjak people and thus myself. How come it’s ok that the media does not give me the right to tell humanity about the crime I was exposed to. Even worse is that crime is going on even now on all of humanity, ordinary people. It is you, ordinary people and your children who are the next target who are next in line to be annihilated from the living world. Not even the sexual exploitation of children can be compared to this crime that I have been exposed to. All that fraud is used by the state as if they are smart while we ordinary people are stupid in the head. It is as if I have stood in front of nuclear detonation and that heat has melted my skin together with muscles and the radioactive radiation has caused my nerves in my body to die and now in retrospect, I experience how my body transforms and dies. This pretends, the power of the world and the rich elite that it does not exist. To be able to flow prescriptions for Seroquel from psychiatric care to regular care, I think it is not a standard. In my case they have allowed it but all over the world I think it is not standard. When people have been injured with 9-volt electrical stimulation devices, I believe that psychiatric care provokes injured patients to lure them into permanent lockdown on closed psychiatric alleged care and into further harm to those people with ECT. As soon as I was injured on the first day, I understood that psychiatric care was behind the crime together with the police and the entire state. The first visit I


have had to regular doctors, they immediately said that medicines for pain relief are available at psychiatric care. Then even an idiot would understand that it is psychiatric care that harms people and at the same time provides pain relief for those injuries at the same time. Immediately after the day when the pain came, I got the crazy anger. Psychiatric care knows exactly what I went through. The electrical appliances are driving people crazy. I called and said I wanted to move prescriptions for Seroquel to regular care, because I knew they had led me to this death. Then they started provoking me. They said that there is no free time with a psychiatrist, since he is so booked with a lot of patients. They want to show that there are more people who are mentally ill than there are people who are physically ill, which is a pure lie and a misleading false state advertising propaganda that gives them credibility as care. They told me that I had to talk to the doctor psychiatrist first, because only he could allow me to move prescriptions for Seroquel from psychiatric care to regular general care. I do not want to talk to the murderous freak who was part of the death trap that states have led me into. I called again and again to make an appointment for a visit with him. They said there is no time. It was a month, two months since the third and then I had my first outburst of anger due to injuries and the inhuman suffering. Then I wrote something for the first time on Facebook, where I showed my outlet for my anger. Then the same week I got an appointment with the doctor psychiatrist. They use or rather the state uses the devices as a tool to make people literally crazy and they use it to lock one in a mental hospital. He probably thought that injuries had deprived me of my sanity and that I would commit any violent or verbal assault on him. I foresaw it right away and then I went there and then he said, can it be that there are events in your life that do not correspond to reality? Then I said that I have damaged nerves in my body and said, is it imagination? He just stared at me. Send my prescription to regular care I do not want anything to do with you, I said. I knew that visit is a continuation of that trap. Injuries are just the first step. I paid close attention to what I said in front of him. That is why I said everything culturally and in a calm voice. Then he told me that doctors in general care are not so picky (willing) to write prescriptions for such medicines. I told him they told me it’s ok. Just send that recipe there because I never want to come here again in my life. Then he finally accepted it. When to go out and when to tell him bye, he made himself ridiculous and silly in front of me, by taking a step back and he blinked his eyes as if he felt threatened and attacked. I just looked at him and I told him. “Thank you so much and have a good time”. Bye, and he told me bye. It was the last contact with state mass murderers I had. After that I started writing a blog. I immediately understood what the state is for something when I was injured. But patients who have not understood that the state is criminal and when they are treated by psychiatric care carelessly as if they are stupid in the head, then poor patients are trying to prove to people on the side no to ECT, how they are treated by psychiatric care. But they do not understand that it is the state that is behind their ended lives and that this is how the state treats people who have been deceived in nerve damage. That’s the point and intended by the state, that they should be injured and equal to dead, when their brain is burned to death. They go through a process where the brain dies more and more. I too have been treated carelessly by the public health service, just because I should not be able to prove my injuries and take it to court. It is the state that kills people with all the different devices. When you are injured one of the all electrical devices, then later if you start talking angrily, due to the electrical damage then you go into the continuation of the state trap, where psychiatric care provokes you to raise your voice and then they have proof of being violent, due to the fact that psychiatric care records and saves telephone conversations with patients and they also save the conversation on visits when going to visit psychiatrists. When you raise your voice then they have been given the reason they want, to be able to lock one behind the locked door. Such patients have lost everything their body and their mental health, their life and thanks to this they also lose their


freedom in the end, forever. When you have raised your voice, then they can call the police and they will then come to your home together with the police to lead you to a mental hospital, as has happened with Laura Delano’s cases and also there the state has succeeded in its plan to demonize a human being and eventually lock one behind locked doors. There we have it. They have investigated us ordinary people for crimes, where they say we cannot escape court and through the system that they protect and that they make invisible to us, they have succeeded instead of imprisonment, they have injured us to death, and they have succeeded to lock ourselves behind locked doors without us even getting to a court. If we do not make a mistake, the state will block our blog. The media does not allow us to speak, so we cannot comment in the media on the crime we have been subjected to by the state. At the same time, we are dying and in one way or another we will disappear from the society where people believe that they live in freedom and democracy, while the state aims at them and their children where they too will end up like me. Such is the reality we live in. It is no wonder that there will be wars and that people will kill each other all the time. These are states that suggestively torture people with subconscious state propaganda where ordinary people stand in the way, after which we only take space and resources out of the mouths of those in power and the rich elite. That’s what I want to tell you ordinary people on this planet in this blog, so I hope you will understand that we are at war and now we must become brutal warriors. We must be united and transformed into the world’s largest army on this planet Earth, which is the army of ordinary people. We will fight for our own interests. We will fight for our children and in our army, everyone is welcome from criminals to terrorists and right-wing extremists, so that we wipe out the wicked world power and rich elite, once and for all. We will pick them up on the street one after another, slowly and continuously with electric destruction and I mean by Stun Gun, so that they get the death that they give to us and our children. Ordinary people of the world, I love you with all my heart.