My Visit to a Mental Hospital in Trollhättan-Clarification about on 2020-07-13 – Blog Post 13


In addition to everything I have told you about how bad I feel now, I can add that I generally feel physically chronically ill, in the same way as when you have a high fever and severe flu. I also feel chronically mentally ill because electrical damage destroys the psychological mental ability to think clearly and whole mental senses. My body and soul are in disarray. The body and senses are broken down into small components until it ceases to exist. It is the result of electrical damage. The damaged part of the body with electrical damage literally withers away and stops working completely and the hole. The physical and mental suffering in agony is my executed death sentence, where I do not live and where I can no longer experience life. This not only affects me but the constant deathbed suffering also affects my child. Here is an example of whiplash injured Elizabeth Portillo-Jansson, 50 who can be compared to the life I live now. It sounds as if Swedish health care does not acknowledge her injuries. Healthcare is a system that takes the lives of people and in the end labels people as crazy where people imagine everything. Healthcare is a state-owned hand that enables the state to control people and liquidate them from society, claiming that people have lost their mental ability to speak for themselves. That’s what’s going to happen to me later.

– The central nervous system is affected in her due to injuries in several segments of the spine, which control breathing, arm, hand, intestine, and bladder.

(Here you see how serious damage to nerves in the spine is, while the state causes damage to nerves through electric death Trojans and such nerve damage darkens the state, where they pretend it does not exist instead, they send one to the nerve clinic where you should get more electric current through nerves so that injuries become even worse.)

Elizabeth felt relatively well for many years after the German operation. But in 2018, ambulance personnel dropped her to the ground outside the home. – I hit my head on the asphalt. Then I felt that something was broken inside, says Elizabeth. Since then, she usually lies motionless in her bed at home. A magnetic X-ray in April 2019 showed that Elizabeth had the effect of nerve strain between vertebrae four and six in the spine, below the area that was operated on in Germany, vertebrae zero to three. Elizabeth cannot count on any operation in Sweden. Instead, she is often treated like a simulator, and receives no care at all.

(First of all, I do not believe in accidents. They dropped her on the ground with their own will. The state intentionally harms healthy people through electric death traps and then they pretend that it does not exist and that it is an accident.)

Last resort for back-injured Elizabeth – surgery in Spain

Sista utvägen för ryggskadade Elizabeth – operation i Spanien


Psychiatric care is the most cruel, evil, heartless, disgusting serial killer of ordinary people adults and children. People believe that state institution care would never harm patients intentionally, for them it has been claimed that health care workers follow the oath of Hippocrates, or doctors swear an oath to fight for the patient’s life. But the oath made is nothing more than state propaganda that has never been realized, followed, and used in reality. Here is some truth about psychiatric care:


Why I Quit Being a Therapist — Six Reasons by Daniel Mackler


Here is another link and behind the fraudster psychiatric care, stands the state that uses psychiatric care to murder ordinary people:

Psychiatry is a Fraud & is all about Control – MUST WATCH


The state always has deceived people so that people will have confidence in the state and that they will get people’s obedience from those in power as respected authority. They want to hurt people and they hurt people for the state. The patients who arouse empathy in surgeon Tim before surgery, are the patients who get a well-done job where surgeon Tim strives to do everything right. In such cases, they use their entire knowledge to help patients. The patients they want to help are politicians, popular public figures of all kinds of professions in the television industry Music singers, actors, presenters, politicians, super rich people, royalty and so on. By the way, I can explain what I said about Muslims employed in Swedish general care, who were present while I was most dependent on care where I came injured from hospital surgery table and the other was a pig who sent my referral to execution department at the nerve clinic, where I will get electric current let through my already damaged part of the body that takes my life day and night over 4 years now in many different ways at the same time. Then I can also explain the first traumatic event of my life in Sweden, which was the beginning of my downfall where my life is worth as much as a cigarette butt thrown on the street in the Swedish alleged democratic society. The first night when I visited a closed psychiatric clinic in Trollhättan without any knowledge of what they really are, I went there naive, scared, and depressed, believing that they are state care that is humane and helps people with problems in life. Read chapter 1 in my blog and there you will get everything explained in the smallest detail, but now I will tell you what I chose to refrain from saying openly. So, now it’s an event far back in time, but if I have to describe it again so when I came into their little office, I came in and I sat on a chair, where I was facing with my back to the door. Then I looked at them as honest people employed in healthcare and now, I look at them with complete insight into what they really are for something. On the left side sat the disgusting evil that I thought was human then and he was the doctor psychiatrist. On the right side sat a younger guy who was probably a security guard in case I was to be considered a security threat to them. In addition to the two, in the middle sat a foreign nurse. Now I can say who she was. She introduced herself to me as a Russian woman who has come to Sweden as an immigrant, for financial reasons, I guess. I was drunk on alcohol the night before because I want to confess to the crime, and I could not even handle it as a drunk.


This is how psychological police torture goes when they want to force someone to admit a crime and I have no objection to this, just no one harms me physically, because then my life is threatened. No one hurt me physically in there, but later there would certainly be a memory from nowhere, which will give me a question mark for the rest of my life, where I reacted like anyone else and where I told it to acquaintances. It may be imagination but it made me a target and everything the Swedish state has its fingers involved in, where they are based on problems that keep and constantly complicate it further for me to live my life where it starts a chain event of deadly spiral that leads my life to fall free fall to the ground and now at the end free fall into the grave because I am already in the grave, after everything that has happened to me. I realized that I was in danger of losing my freedom and with all the fresh memories of the war in Bosnia, my visit to them was an extremely traumatic event, completely equivalent to my life as a prisoner of war in Bosnia. I have said everything possible the night before about the disaster I experienced in my everyday life in Sweden. Some things I said then may have sounded illogical, but there is no reason for them to respond to me with a condemning, to some extent threatening, voice, because after all, I come out of war with horrible and traumatic memories. It seems that they knew exactly how to arouse fear and trigger post-traumatic stress disorder in me that has similarities to the hell I experienced in the Bosnian war. I can say that she does not even look like Russians. She was short and weighed probably over 200 kg. I am not exaggerating. Seeing them have such power over me and seeing her so overweight reminded me of that in some horror movie, even though this was reality. I was terrified and I want to get out of this madhouse. I told the disgusting scum doctor psychiatrist that I was drunk the night before when I said that and now have sobered up from alcohol, just because they are going to drag me out of there, but she constantly questioned me. She said, you have said this and that while I froze to ice in fear. I punched myself and said I was remorseful, and they released me with a traumatic horror experience. I guess this is exactly what I was supposed to experience, because now I know that they and the police are one and the same shit that drives people to madness for people to admit crime by driving people to nervous breakdown and madness. I think she is an overweight pig employed in the Swedish state system as power scarecrow. After this, I had a nervous breakdown, due to the traumatic experience of that visit with them. The Swedish state justice system has exposed me to all this just for me to admit crime. It was close to that incident, when police pigs started talking to me and after not even a whole month, I admitted everything while they allowed me not to be convicted for it in court. They did not allow me human rights to serve my mistakes and end the dark chapter of my life forever. Instead, they said that my life was in danger and that they were allegedly saving my life. They told me that through torture in my dreams and they will never admit it. This is why the torture ordinary people can never prove, while killing people one by one. See how they have saved my life. When I think a little better, I know two Serbs relatively young, and both are employed in psychiatric care in Sweden. I say nothing negative about them and they have never said anything negative to me. On the street, we are people of equal value when we meet on the street. Even in Bosnia, we were people of equal value before war broke out. But when war broke out, the power system in Bosnia had also changed. Suddenly it turned out that we have absolutely not even close to the same human rights. Then I was young with almost no life experience. The insight I had then was that I have recently been born where I have not experienced anything special in my life. I just knew that there are different ethnic groups with different religious affiliations, and all this lacked for me remarkable significance. I accepted that my country has different cultural characteristics and I saw it as a positive advantage where I thought what fun that there are all kinds of people so that there is just more to experience in life. But instead, sudden war broke out and I got cold shower after cold shower, where reality never ceases to amaze me. In the end, I accepted that the place where I was born is a shitty disgusting crazy place, but I saw Western society as some just democratic and divine place where we all have equal value as human beings. After all, that is what the Swedish media conveys as a message, and I firmly believed what they said. But this incident in this madhouse in Trollhättan gave me another cold shower that turned out to ruin my life infinitely more than what war in Bosnia has done. The negative experience in Bosnia cannot even be compared with the disaster that the Swedish state has exposed me to. So, now that I draw similarities between the state in the Bosnian war and the Swedish state now, similarities are extremely striking and identical to each other. In Bosnia, we had apparently had equal rights and here in Sweden we also seem to have equal rights me and the two Serbian guys as free when we meet each other on the street. In Bosnia I was a civilian while Serbs were in positions of power. Again, I’m just a civilian while the two guys are in a position of power. If you are employed in psychiatric care, then you have greater power over people than the police have. Psychiatric care murders people through ECT for the state without any court. On the street, we have the same rights, but what will happen when I end up locked up in the Swedish psychiatric madhouse. All that Sweden has exposed me to is crime that leads me straight into suicide or locking up in a mental hospital because electrical damage is ultimately impossible to live with. The day when I start screaming due to pain and dead body is the day when general care will call for psychiatric care, where they will say that I, am not clear in my head according to my mental senses, when I behave illogically and irrationally there, I scream in pain due to electrical damage. The police, psychiatric care, media, and everyone who complains about the electric death genocide is a system that leads people into mental hospitals and captivity without any court. So, on the street I and the two Serbs have the same human rights, but what will happen when I am locked up because of the crime that the Swedish state has exposed me to. In there as locked up, I have no human rights and people only show their true face when they have complete power over others. The Swedish state is now an exact copy of the judiciary in Bosnia’s Serb power when there was war. In Bosnia I had no power and there was no room that I could ever have any power in my hands. I did not want it either. I’m just a human being and I expected to be treated as a human being. The same thing is here in Sweden. I have no power. The only thing I have wished for was that I should find a woman that I fall in love with and that I should live a normal life like everyone else. But the Swedish state has made an effort for me to be classified as abnormal with violence where they mutilate my body with an electrically rigged death trap that fascists in the Swedish parliament do not say a word about, as if it does not exist. Now they have deprived me of my body. They have castrated me by exposing me to the nerve agent that is now taking my life. That I’m castrated is not even the worst thing. The worst thing is that I die physically.


Not only has the Swedish state deprived me of the human right to be convicted of the crime I have confessed, but they have also deprived me of my body and not even this is where the genocide ends, but I die physically and all this without any court. Here in the West public popular personalities like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Kraus, and all sorts of others, is lightning fast on condemning cases there in the Middle East in Muslim countries, rulers cut off the hands of people who have stolen private property from others and how they throw homosexuals from high-rise buildings while here in the western part of the world such things are not committed and how everyone has human rights and all equal values. But the statement of the two researchers, is a pure lie that they utter at regular intervals in their lectures. Here, the mutilation of body parts on people is camouflaged under false pretenses, like the Trojan electric death trap rigged directly by the alleged democratic Western imperialist democracies. Amputation of hands cannot even be compared to the all-electric nerve agent trojans that lead one to death. You die of electrical damage in the end, while with an amputated hand you do not die and even your psychological mental senses are not damaged in the same way. All this is done to people in the alleged democracy where we are claimed to all have equal value. Here you see how we do not have the same equal value. I write blogs and I am not allowed to speak in the media in the democratic free western part of the world. I only have the Muslim name that has sentenced me to annihilation for the Swedish state is a fascist system that has tormented me and tortured me to be convicted. But it turned out that they do not want to allow me the human right to serve my sentence like everyone else. Instead, they want to kill me, and they have killed me through the genocide that has existed in all ages. It is such Christians from my country who seek positions of power while I myself in Bosnia was a person of second class and it is the same here in Sweden. I am a person who has been subjected to genocide by the Swedish state throughout the state system. The same thing happens with all refugees from the Middle East who have Muslim names. If you think that I am exaggerating and that it does not correspond to reality, then I can tell you, wait, you will see how it will go for you and your children after 20 years and more. I wish I had never been born on European soil. Sweden has exposed me to such a crime against humanity where I wish I had never been born, because now I am dying and this electric destruction is used by all of humanity, as the main way to murder ordinary fully healthy people, without any court. These injuries lead me into death or into closed psychiatric captivity. When I think what an irony. Serbs have kept me locked up in the Keraterm extermination camp where I saw hundreds of men and young boys murdered. I also saw a man who was beaten so badly that his arm rotted and then he was driven away with the transport of the goods of death to mass graves. When my name was read by armed neighbors in front of our home, in order for me to be driven to the Keraterm extermination camp, I must admit that I was never so scared. The Swedish state has frightened me in that madhouse with the three so much that I was as terrified as when I would be locked up in prisoner of war in Bosnia. So, Serbs have kept me locked up in extermination camps and now I’m on my way to Serbs in captivity at Swedish fascist psychiatric alleged care. If you have come to Sweden with a Muslim name, then you will be treated like an animal to be slaughtered. It is said that with defeated Nazi Germany, fascism is defeated. But that is not true at all. There is only one side that has been defeated in that conflict in World War II, while fascism thrives in all states through rigged death traps that are claimed through all sorts of media sources and through every single occasion, by the popular personalities and the whole existing state system, just for to deceive people so that people would not see the truth. What I see is that there were many different sides of resistance in that conflict in World War II and it is the winemakers who have been writing the story that now turns out to be state lies after lies. If what has happened to me is not fascism, then I do not know what it is then.