Exploring the Dynamics of Revolutions – Blog Post 12

20 June, 2020


You can live as long as you are healthy, but when a deadly disease occurs then it is time to die, and people die in suffering like the terminally ill with cancer. That is what states talk about in the media. Humanity shares that information with the people, and everyone knows that cancer, leukemia, MS and so on are the end of one’s life. What states obscure and withhold information from people is that the state causes identical conditions where people die in even worse suffering from agony due to electrical damage than with cases of cancer, leukemia, MS and so on. The state talks about depression where people are seriously mentally ill where people feel, concern, depression, anxiety, psychosis, PTSD, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and so on. Psychiatric care gives patients different diagnoses of mental illness which are in fact only prejudices that will fulfill a purpose later in life where the patient is labeled as a mentally ill individual, who are not clear according to their own full mental senses by building on prejudices against the patient, to get him or her broken down with not credible voice in court, which is the final station where the state criminal investigation ends with the patient’s end of life and removal from society and the living world. The state misleads patients through psychiatric care, through the media, through the police torturing the patient with voice monitoring equipment for 20 years, 30 years or even a lifetime, through the entire state system right to the death trap that is ECT, all different 9-volt electrical stimulation trojans and Taser if you happen to be violent in police intervention later in life. Psychiatric care tricks the patient into believing that the patient has a diagnosis of mental illness for the rest of his or her life and for that the patient will be treated with various lethal and extremely harmful antidepressant medications for the rest of the patient’s life, completely unnecessarily. As long as you keep quiet about the mistake you have made in your life, as long as you are mentally ill and as soon as you have admitted your crimes to the police and released this guilt, you recover mentally immediately. State punishment in reality is completely different, it is punishment that the state lies through the media and all state institutions. The state wants people who have committed crimes to be punished in such a way that people can never live and experience life ever again, after the wrong step they have committed in their lives. They want you to die for the crime you have committed, even if it does not even correspond in close proximity to the punishment the state imposes on you through state misleading lies and state death traps. Psychiatric care gives the patient a choice, where the patient can explain their mental suffering because of the crime which one has committed as a mental illness, which is a state death trap and is life threatening. The governments of the world have built the Proxy psychological warfare against the civilian population in such a way that we ordinary people should assume that we should believe that we can escape the state punishment for our wrong steps in our lives thanks to the fact that we are mentally ill despite everything and that the crime that has been committed can never be linked to one, because we are mentally ill and everything we say can never be taken seriously. But that is completely wrong. World governments do not need us to admit our crime. Instead, they hurt us to death, through various Holocaust scams that are sold to people around the world as something completely harmless and physical and psychological torture, forces us to acknowledge our crime, because we get nervous breakdown due to suffering in agony as we go through our ongoing death. As you can see, the governments of the world are committing crimes against their civilian population in order to solve crimes as they investigate people for their crimes. So, when ordinary people commit crimes then it is crimes, while when the governments of the world murder people, then it is not even crimes. But the fact that psychiatric care plays with the patient where they talk about being mentally ill, is a death trap that leads the patient right into death and


continued police torture where the police make a mentally ill through that voice technology. The police do not like people who admit crimes, I have realized. They like it best when they investigate one for crime and eventually obtain evidence that they use to lock one in jail or mental hospital that is worse than jail. When you admit a crime and when you want to be convicted in court, it is only when you realize how evil the state really is otherwise you would never realize the truth. If they want to kill one, then they do not allow you to be convicted in court even if you want to. Instead, they say that you are not reported for this crime as one has acknowledged and they continue to torture one mentally through the police who talk to one at night and everything they do leads one to what is invisible due to the state withholding information that ECT, Taser, 9-volt electrical stimulation neurotoxin sea of ​​all various electrical trojans cause nerves and the whole body to die. They keep quiet that Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS induces epilepsy and brain tumor and so on. The state through the entire state system, through the police, through psychiatric care, through public care, through the media, through researchers, through the film industry that advertises the electric destruction, through all known popular public figures who mislead people by painting a false picture of reality for us ordinary people and for our children, all of them together cause damage to the bodies of us ordinary people and also our children, so that we are deprived of life itself where we can never live our lives ever again. The state builds prejudices against the patient by deceiving the patient that they are the ones who can provide care for the alleged fatal condition of so-called depression, so that patients do not commit suicide. Patents fall apart mentally due to a nervous breakdown if it is a crime that is not talked about. According to the state, the intention is to damage the patents with electric current and for that all political parties, regardless of which political party they come from the left, center or right political edge, they have all agreed that electric current should be used to cause damage to the body of the whole country’s population for the whole country’s population is the target of the greatest people’s enemy which is its own government which will end their lives. Electrical damage causes the injured individual around the clock without interruption: concern for no real reason, deadly anxiety where one feels a terrible grief without any real reason, a constant depression for no real reason, depression for no real reason, anger without any real reason that you have never had before in life and now with electrical damage you get it, with PTSD here there is reason and the reason is that one suffers in agony in electrical damage day and night. It is not enough that you suffer during the day so you also suffer at night where you experience the pain that constantly wakes you from sleep so that you cannot forget even for a second that you are injured to death and that you suffer with a mutilated body around the clock. When I was not injured, even down I was locked in the Holocaust camp Keraterm in Bosnia war the moment I fall asleep, it happens that all fear, concern, suffering disappears for a short while, while I sleep and my brain is recovered with sleep, but now here in Sweden with the electrical damage I feel concern, anxiety to death, down mood, Depression, PTSD, even while I am dreaming and all this due to electrical injuries that make it impossible for me to fall asleep deep enough so that I can rest physically and mentally for me to be able to recover. The brain needs sleep to be able to process information from the previous day and it is impossible with disturbed sleep. Add to this that the police talk to me through that technology and destroy my mental health every night and then you can only admit how evil Swedish state is and it is clear that every single state murder people through the state annihilation system where they cause suffering to be able to drive one to commit suicide or die from injuries. Psychiatric care claims that they fight for the patient by giving medication to the patient in order to alleviate worries, tuned state, anxiety, Depression and electrical damage are exactly what causes even 1000 times worse anxiety, down mood, concern, fear depression and so on. So, on the one hand, psychiatric care claims that they care for people for depression through


medication while they injure people to death through ECT that causes the worst concern, down mood, anxiety, depression where after you have been injured with ECT then you get chronic mental suffering. But this time there is no medicine in the whole world that can make one feel good mentally ever again. Add to that the fact that you have a brain that is constantly dying, with pain and dementia due to neurons dying, brain tissue dying and thus memories disappear. That is why patients say that they have lost memories from their childhood immediately after ECT treatment and this is in line with everything I have written in this blog. It is not enough that they have lost memories directly with ECT treatment, but this brain damage triggers a neuron death that can only be compared to carnivorous bacteria that eat body in this case brain. One will continue to have memory loss over time because neurons never stop dying. What the patients testify about in the Swedish website that is alleged to be against ECT cannot even be compared to the suffering I am going through, and I am injured by the 9-volt trojan that did not even give me any pain down I tested the death that means that they are all lying about injuries they have received. I am convinced and absolutely certain that, since they do not mention a single person who has been harmed by 9-volt devices, they are directly recruited by the state as a misleading state propaganda that should give credibility for mass murder of the population by 9-volt devices and through Taser where it is about many millions of people killed all over the planet because it is every single state on this planet that uses this to kill people that states are investigating for crime. Damage from ECT must be 1000 times worse than damage I have received from 9-volt criminal fraud that the state has tricked me into. The brain dies with the whole body’s nervous system. It’s so unbelievable and incredible that the state intentionally harms people to death. But that is exactly what the state wants and the state murders people by electric annihilation because it is so harmful that once you are damaged by electric current, you are beyond all rescues. There is nothing you can do to get your life back. It’s too good a way to kill people. States do not want to lose it. The state is hiding the Holocaust, so that they can continue to have the opportunity to kill people who the police are investigating for crime. All innocent people who are deceived in electrical damage are acceptable people loss of life, just to be able to kill certain people that the state wants to kill legally. Now everyone can understand that psychiatric care murders people for the state together with the police and the entire state system. It is America that claims the electric mass murder and regardless of whether you are white and vote for Donald Trump, you are murdered by him through that annihilation through electric trojans and even where children can be murdered later in life. Even if you are black, Latin, or immigrant and if you vote for Joe Biden, you will also be murdered by him through the electric destruction that he pretends he does not see, you and your child can be murdered. The young black couple man and woman who have been shot by the police with Taser in their car explain Joe Biden as racism while Taser with whom they have been shot is invisible to him which he has not even mentioned. He fights for power and already now he is lying to people by not saying a word that people who have been shot with Taser have had their lives shortened by over 50 years and they will eventually die in a few years. We can vote for our politicians all over the planet for what they give us, but never forget that they give us, for example, as in America health insurance for the poor while Democrats participate in the genocide where they protect mass murder by electric destruction adults and young people. Donald Trump removes the health insurance for the poor to provide relief and benefits to the rich but he also participates in the electric genocide by keeping quiet about the electric genocide where he pretends it does not exist. Regardless of whether you vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, they both agree that people should be murdered through the electrical appliances while keeping quiet and pretending that it does not exist. Regardless of whether you are Bosnian and vote for Bakir Izetbegovic or Fahrudin Radoncic, it does not matter because they also agree that people should be


murdered through the international mass murder Holocaust system of civilian population, which is acceptable by states all over the world. and thus, also in Bosnia. The massacre is also committed by Serbian and Croatian politicians and that of their own people. They all talk about religions together while keeping quiet about the minefield that is laid out for the population, including children. They protect it with silence and to be clearer, they are involved in the crime against humanity through the electric genocide by pretending not to be aware that it is killing people. Even politicians in the European Union are mass murderers who take part in genocide by pretending that they do not see it and that they are not aware that it is going on. Even politicians in communist regimes murder their own people in the same way by pretending to be unaware of this genocide. All the media in America, Sweden, Bosnia, communist countries, the Middle East Muslim lands, all lands on this planet to the last, kill their own people, through the electric destruction and all they just keep quiet about it going on in real life by never uttering a word about it. What they are not talking about is what does not exist while the world’s civilian population is being murdered one by one on an industrial scale. So, it is the power of the world and the rich elite that is killing us ordinary people and our children together and in the same way and all over the planet, snakes are misleading us ordinary people and our children precisely for us to commit voluntary suicide due to withheld information and state blackouts of electric genocide, which is as old as alternating current. They manipulate our emotions so that they can arouse in us hatred, nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, prejudices so that they can divide us ordinary people from each other or that we should take up arms in our hands and become cannon fodder, or that we should give them our votes so that they can continue to parasitize on us ordinary people. List is endless. This is how politicians murder their population with legal method through electrical destruction system ECT, Taser, sea of ​​all different 9-volt devices, Electro neurography EMG and now through a new method TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation. According to states, the intention is to injure people to death and thereby cause the complete body to collapse in a physical way with electric current that damages the body and at the same time is directly nervous breakdown where one feels forever depressed state, worried, anxiety, Depression, nervous anger that you have never had before with electrical damage, you get all this and that due to damaged nerves that die without any reason that can have any problem out of your life. The only way for me to stop this agony suffering is to die. I am unable to experience life like other people who are not harmed by the state electric nerve agent trojans. States themselves steal the life of the injured person by damaging the body’s nervous system to death. Injuries spread from 1 cm, the first time when you are injured and then over time already after a few years, injuries have spread over 70% of the body and it does not stop at this. Injury spreads to the entire nervous system and that is when you die due to injury or commit suicide because you can no longer suffer. Without nerves the body stops functioning over time. My life is taken away from me and my life is extinguished forever. All other people are allowed to live who are not damaged by electric current but not me. Ordinary people have always been executed by their rulers through human history as a stationed example so that the rest of the common people should not pose a threat to the dominated power and rich elite. The exercise of the death penalty on ordinary people was very effective, as it arouses fear in the population which in turn paralyzes crowds to silence, obedience, and respect of the power and rich elite as an authority not to be questioned by the poor crowds. When you become interesting to the ruling elite for some reason, that’s when you get the whole state system against you. For me, it is about the fact that I have come to a foreign land, where I do not belong and can never become one of Swedish society. But, since I carry a Muslim name and since I come from Bosnia, I seem to be very interesting for the Swedish power elite, so that they can station an example and a lesson for all immigrants who have come to Sweden as war refugees. That I have never wanted to commit a crime


and that I have asked to be convicted of my mistakes has not helped me at all. Now I’m dying and everyone’s just keeping quiet. Here in Sweden and just like everywhere on the planet, what determines my future is my name. My name determines who I am. It seems to dominate my DNA and my name seems to distort my race and belonging, so I do not even know where I belong. In any case, my life does not seem to be worth anything at all in this country Sweden. I am a Muslim from Bosnia and the democratic power and rich elite in Sweden have decided to end my life in this way and it is in this way that they have already ended my and my child’s lives. But I have discovered to my horror that reality is much worse than I could have imagined. What is going on here in Sweden is also going on in my own country where I was born. What I see is that politicians, the police, psychiatric care, public care, media, researchers, seem to compete with each other in who should be able to utter as large and more convincing lies as possible, so that people will be convinced and deceived into being dominated and manipulated by power and the rich elite. So, we ordinary people have neither power nor money and the only thing we have left is our existence, our life, faith and hope for the future. What you have left of your values ​​that you think are worthy and important to an ordinary people in relation to other people, are religions that unite us. Usually, in reality, it is as if power and the rich elite have invented religions and it is as if they have a monopoly on our faith as our leaders. Thanks to race, religion, political affiliation and so on, politicians arouse different emotions in our mental minds of us ordinary people and in this way, they arouse racism, xenophobia, nationalism, various prejudices that only divide us ordinary people from each other in the belief that fantasies and fairytale worlds are more valuable than human life.

Violent protesters

The vandals in Gothenburg destroy the Black lives matter movement



Here we see a seemingly innocent journalist snake, who looks peaceful and harmless while her media influence over crowds’ mental minds is paralyzing with state media misleading propaganda that plays on the protesters’ feelings of guilt. Here you see how the media divides protesters into two different groups. One is the peaceful protesters and they have even been hailed by police for their peaceful demonstration while the same police officers themselves are cold-blooded killers. Criminals are branded as bad violent criminal groups that have hijacked the peaceful demonstration. They are demonized as if they have nothing to do with the “Black Lives Matters” demonstration. It’s not just about this demonstration, it’s about violent protests in America, France with yellow vests and everywhere on the planet throughout human history. When police strangle George Floyd to death through violence, then violence is something that should not be questioned. How many blacks have been murdered by force and how many whites, Latinos, Asians, and everyone else who have been murdered in one way or another by violence by white police and no one is talking about them? How many Muslims in the Middle East have been murdered in the same way by their power and rich elite through their country’s police? It’s the same thing going on all over the planet where politicians give us empty air that is religion and race affiliation and as thanks to us for our blind faith in our power and rich elite, they stab the dagger in the back of all of us ordinary people and our children, through silence about genocide that goes on completely invisibly, through lies and annihilation of us and our children in a peaceful way, so that mass murder of ordinary people, does not arouse people’s anger. Historical events of change that have led to freedom for ordinary people, it was always the merit of ordinary people who have paid with their lives by resorting to violence. Take, for example, the French Revolution where ordinary people have stormed the Bastille. None of the powerful and rich elites today question the French Revolution masses of violence because they have brought freedom and it is they who have led in the direction of today’s state system of democracy that we have today. Now that they have power in their hands, if we ordinary people commit violent protests because we are murdered by those in power, then power and the rich elite call us: terrorists, left extremists, right extremists, wild animals, cattle, robbers of private property and so on. These are ordinary people who have had enough of power abuses where their children lived in poverty, were murdered, imprisoned, tortured to death, executed so that those people would be intimidated into silence, obedience, passivity, and respect by the then and current power. and rich elite. The French Revolution would never have brought about a change in society if people did not resort to violence. But since then, much has changed. Ordinary people are still in the same situation now as then. Ordinary people lack any weapons at all, while power has developed in many different areas. The media is the state’s foremost tool that enables power and the rich elite to manipulate crowds without having to resort to force. The media plays on people’s emotions through a constant media propaganda that brainwashes the minds of ordinary people day and night, 7 days a week all year round. In order for them to have control over millions and billions of people in certain parts of the world, for this purpose they use media where they give people Carrot and Whip. The carrot from the beginning were religions where those in power give people a thumbs up and it is claimed that brotherhood belongs to the same ethnic group, and it is still so today, just to direct people’s attention away from the important topic that is about people’s survival. States lead people’s attention to religion and racial affiliation where people get a distorted suggestive false image where people are tricked into believing that politicians are allegedly fighting for the people. It is such a misleading suggestive message of state propaganda where people imagine that politicians are one of the people, that politicians are fighting for them and therefore they should not be questioned, while Whip was imprisoned and the most frightening method of punishment to be able to silence people, was the death penalty. It is in America the electric chair has been used as the death penalty method as far as I understand. Democrats and Republicans left, and right political edge have legalized the electric chair as an acceptable method of punishment. In order to murder the entire population who are ordinary people, the electric chair was a one-way street, where the executioner’s hands were symbolically tied, because those in power could carry out the death penalty only on individuals who have committed murder and thanks to this, were the rest of the population safe through their lives. But those in power want access to the entire population of the country so that they can kill anyone, which means that they were looking for both adults, young people, and children so that they could be murdered. This is the change introduced by those in power that opened the way for them to be able to reach the entire population of adults, young people and even children, criminals, and law-abiding people. They have abolished the death penalty through the electric chair so that people would believe that execution by electric current is banished to history. The state has researched electrical damage through people they have executed and people who were injured by electric current. Power and the rich elite know how deadly electric current at low current is, but those in power and the rich elite have kept it a secret from ordinary people precisely so that they can lead ordinary people into voluntary suicide due to hidden truth where those in power lie to people right in people’s eyes. They have replaced the electric chair with a poisonous cocktail that they inject into the death row inmate. Unlike the electric chair, poison spray looks much more comfortable, as the death row inmate becomes paralyzed and therefore spectators do not get nightmares and mental ailments afterwards. To be able to murder the entire population has power and the rich elite has come to ECT, where they murder people in the same way by connecting both electrodes on the head instead of in the case of the electric chair where they connect one electrode on the head and the other on one of the legs. In the electric chair, they release 2450 volts in the doomed for 20 seconds where the body gets so hot afterwards that you cannot even touch it with your hand, while through ECT they release electric current in the head 450 to 700 volts for a few seconds. Even with ECT 450 volts, heat develops, and the body is damaged in this way as well. The brain is so damaged that it stops working completely. The heart also stops beating and therefore psychiatric care is prepared to give electric heart starters, to be able to bring the patient to life and they never talk about that to ordinary people. Some of the care the general care strives to prevent epileptic seizures while psychiatric care induces epileptic seizures by giving the patient an electric shock with 700 volts and they call it help against depression. This is the secret and change that powerful Republicans and Democrats have introduced. They know they’re hurting people to death and they’re all in it together. The rest of the world has just taken over the way and idea of ​​murdering people from the United States. So, all the governments of the world kill their own people in this way. The ECT has been accepted all over the planet as a death penalty method, under the false claim that it should be claimed as a treatment for depression. But the ECT is in fact a foundation, which opens the way for power and the rich elite to be able to reach and murder healthy adults, young people, and children billions of ordinary people. ECT is an excuse for the permissible existence of an infinitely worse and greater mass murder of population through Taser, 9-volt electrical stimulation sea of ​​alleged electrical appliances with all possible uses. Those devices are the greatest genocide and crime against humanity since human race has emerged on this planet. So, whether you vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, whether you vote for the left, center, or right wing of the political party, they are all lying to us ordinary people, right in our eyes. Ordinary people, you have to understand that you have no one to vote for, because they all murder us ordinary people and our children completely legally. Politicians lie to whites and blacks, Latinos and Asians. Even politicians in Bosnia lie to people about the electric genocide by keeping quiet about it and pretending it does not exist while grinding images in front of people about religions and nationalism where they play on people’s feelings where they arouse hatred and prejudice because they should be able to remain in power. I used to think that Bosnian SBB are democratic and that journalists in Dnevni Avaz are real democratic fighters, but now I see clearly that all politicians commit mass murder together with ordinary people by obscuring and hiding the electric genocide through censors where they never say a single word about it and thanks to this they drive the mass murder of ordinary people and at the same time they protect it in silence from being revealed. How to start from the beginning. Execution by electric current is an annihilation system where every single electrical device that is connected to a human lead into death, regardless of the electric current strength. That electric current at low electric current causes nerves to die lightning fast the first time, is state blackmail on the seriousness of this crime against humanity. That nerves die of low electrical voltage are words that are forbidden to be uttered anywhere by the state and state system on this planet through all kinds of media, in order to precisely protect it from being revealed and that they should be able to mislead ordinary people into the unconscious voluntarily suicide. Check here how state media scare propaganda works.

That 70’s show” star is charged with rape



Danny Masterson is charged with raping three women. Now the “That 70’s show” star risks life imprisonment if he is convicted. (This state intimidation propaganda where the media arouses people’s fear of state authority paralyzes ordinary people into silence, obedience, fear, shame, and respect for state freaks scum. Rape cannot even be compared to electrical damage. Still, it is the rape of women that rings in the media like a bell in the media, so that it can be heard and heard far across the planet as a stationed example of an example where a man has committed an unforgivable crime and his crime will be punished with life imprisonment. The idea is that we, the rest of the population on this planet, should find out about those in power and we should be afraid of the dirty rich elite so that they would not hang us out in the media by using their enormous media influence as people’s idols so that we ordinary people should be ashamed to death and that we should commit suicide because of their criticism of us. Even idiots who are friends of one of all sinners add fuel to the fire by showing how shocked they are to realize that he could do such a thing to commit the heinous crime. With this media Lynch on the person is completely built. You see vaginas that have been fucked but you do not see murders of people by electric current. ECT is linked to mental illness. ECT is bound to madness. The damage that ECT causes to the human brain is inconceivable, but it is about people who are alleged to have mental problems due to feelings of guilt for the crime that they are unable to admit. I believed in the state as in something divine and just. I thought that laws apply to us ordinary people and power and the rich elite. But now I have realized that power and the rich elite together lead us ordinary people into death. Every mistake that we ordinary people take is severely punished with imprisonment, while when government murderers commit murders of ordinary people through false claims, then murderers who murder people for the state are free to continue committing that crime. That the state would commit such a huge crime on me, is inconceivable to me. Now I know the truth about all of humanity. Racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism, anti-everything is just an excuse for those in power and the rich elite to give credibility for a legitimate reason where a person has been murdered by the state. Murder by electric current is accepted by ordinary people because the mass murder began with Nikola Tesla. So, it’s old and ECT is given to the mentally ill. No one cares about mentally ill people as people feel repulsed against such individuals because the state has built prejudices in people towards individuals who feel mentally ill where the state demonizes such people so that no one will believe what they say. This in turn enables the state to murder such individuals without arousing the anger of the population. None of ordinary people react when the state slaughters one of them. People think that they should never get ECT, and neither should their children get it as they are normal and they have no mental problems. But no ordinary people know that states have put ECT death to the common healthy population and to their children through Trojans where power and the rich elite use people’s needs such as sex, pain relief, foot baths, acupuncture, muscle training, examination of nerve damage due to illness where they injure patient to death through nerve and pain clinic in hospital. You are punished to death by the state through the police where they execute the death penalty through Taser and Taser of 1000 volts in the media is presented as something completely harmless. So, every politician on this planet knows that all the electrical appliances that release electrical current into the human body kill by a few years. They know that they shorten people’s lives by 40 years and more. By saying that electrical appliances are sold from the age of 18, they have thereby abdicated all responsibility for any damage to the young individuals. Instead of the young people having to live for at least another 50 years, they are dying immediately after a year when pain comes. You are an adult and it is your fault that you bought this! That the entire state system is used to, through advertising marketing of the deadly products and by obscuring the dangers of all the electrical products, they have tricked adults and young people into unknowingly voluntary suicide. In this way, power and the rich elite reduce the amount of population. Coronavirus is also used by the Swedish state as a tool to kill the elderly in older homes where the state does not provide care with a respirator, instead they only provide palliative care morphine while the elderly die. It is the fascist social democratic garbage pig Stefan Löven who participates together with all other political parties including Sweden Democrats and pig Jimmy Okeson along with all other pigs who lead the other political parties in the Swedish parliament (Riksdag) in the genocide through electric Trojans, Transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS in psychiatric institutions and through sales to home use TMS kits commit suicide with your own hand and Coronavirus is also a question mark. When they do not care about ethnic Swedes who are old and who can be sorted out if they receive care in certain cases, why would the Swedish state care about me. I am relatively healthy and lucky for me that I managed this infection Coronavirus relatively mildly, but if I had needed care then they would strangle me with their own hands and my death they would blame Coronavirus. I came to this country healthy and unharmed while now I am devastated in my body to death, due to crimes I have been subjected to by the Swedish state, over and over again. Sweden has tortured me mentally through the police since I came to this country just because I will be mentally broken down where I lose my attention for a short while and that is all that is needed, so that I will see the electric trojan as www.sinful.se mass murderer has sold me like a trojan sex toys. It involves hundreds of millions of ordinary people who are murdered by the state through electrical injuries that lead to suicide, and death through diabetes because the electrical injuries make a person directly dependent on pain relief medication Seroquel that one gets just from state executioners, psychiatric alleged care. Therefore, you do not end up in any statistics that should indicate death caused by crime. Instead, our death is due to illness. We humans are too many on this planet Earth and power and the rich elite see us ordinary crowds as a danger to the continued existence of humanity. The population must be reduced due to limited natural resources. Someone must die and the one who is to die is us ordinary people, while power and the rich elite must live in security. There is genocide going on by ordinary people quite openly in front of the noses of billions of people and people do not question Taser, ECT, and all other 9-volt lethal devices that harm the body beyond recognition, disability of the body and mental health. It is the media power that paralyzes ordinary people so that people do not see mass murder and danger that states use human needs and in this way the people sell devices that can be used as physical needs while in reality every device is in fact a nerve agent butcher razor blades and it protects media with silence. What they never mention is what does not exist. Media journalists market themselves as completely innocent while in reality they are murderers who deceive people and even children into voluntary suicide by withholding that truth from ordinary people. The way to kill people by damaging the whole body’s nervous system is the ultimate and the worst torture to death that ends in death. In this way, states murder people throughout the state system. The state through the media influences mental states on the population, where they build a false image of reality so that people are deceived into a false sense of security. Now people are looking at the electric chair as being cared for by ECT and the police along with psychiatric care, media journalists and researchers are tricking people into voluntary suicide. The state lies 100% where nothing is true, and everything is angled in such a way that ordinary people are led into death. So, politicians Democrats and Republicans are in agreement no matter which of them comes to power, so they all lie to people about the covert execution of the death penalty by the electric annihilation. All of Europe, uses the method of punishment where they, through psychiatric care and the police together and with the help of the media by deceiving people, they execute and murder ordinary people. The police, through the surveillance equipment where only the target hears their voice, make people mentally ill in no time and through the death toll of psychiatric care, they trick people into voluntary suicide through ECT. It was an extremely small group of people who are injured to death with ECT and therefore power and the rich elite have come on all the different 9-volt stimulation devices. They have made devices of all kinds of creatures claiming to be used as sex toys, acupuncturist electric pen, muscle training, pain relief of the body, foot detox by electric current, Taser tools for the police used to neutralize violent individuals, electro neurography that is said to be able to scan damage to nerves as the same device in a slightly different form has caused injuries from the beginning and so on. List never ends. This is the secret that states deceive people with. Even the Swedish nurses who are allegedly talking against ECT on the no to ECT Swedish website are in fact fraudsters who are recruited directly by the Swedish state, which is to mislead people further. They warn of how harmful ECT is to people’s brains while they do not utter a word about how harmful and deadly with delay are 9-volt alleged stimulation devices. If they do not say a word about nerves dying on the assembly line, throughout the body due to 9-volt electric shock, then it is equivalent as if the danger of that life does not exist in reality. People do not know about it while politicians know about it.

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ECT – no thanks! – Elchocker.se


No to ECT are all fraudsters. That people can get from 450 to 700 volts through ECT repeated over 20 times, is a pure crime to say it in the media. I once read in the Swedish media that a man has had ECT in the morning and already after dinner he has committed a crime. It should be said that the ECT has hardly affected him and that it is care that is harmless. Another time, the Swedish media writes that a man has received over 100 repeated treatments with ECT, and it is a crime that the state commits through media where they mislead people into death so that people voluntarily expose themselves to the death penalty with their own will. Even after the first treatment the person is sentenced to death and beyond all rescue and the murder is not a crime. I once read in the media where they talk about the so-called harmless and invisible examination of damaged nerves with electric current that no one utters a word about “electroneurography”. It read like this:

“Electro-scanning of nerve damage is abused by hundreds of people for fraudulent purposes in order for people to receive insurance and sickness benefits.” That it is alleged to be abused by hundreds of people is a directly suggestive reassuring sentence where people only see an opportunity to get money in an illegal and lazy way. But what they do not know is that it is a trap where they will cause their body to die due to electro neurography and that their life is ended forever. They will lie that they have problems with the body with severe pain and the executioner doctor will scan the healthy body and with the released electric current that part of the body will be permanently damaged with conditions equivalent to cancer and carnivorous bacteria that eat the skin muscles vessels and the most sensitive which are nerves, which never cease to die. With that investigation, the clock stopwatch of one’s death is started. This is how the state puts fish bait in front of the noses of millions of ordinary people and some criminal will bite into the death trap. This is where the media and the state together lure people into state mass murder Holocaust death trap. Electroneurography is a state 100% complete fatal fraud for ordinary people. Exposing people to electric current for over an hour is nothing more than mutilation of the body which in turn leads one into mental illness and dying deathbed suffering in agony the little life one has left to live injured in electrical damage. This is how the state through the media attracts people to the sight in a possible open way to a lot of money in an easy way that is in fact a death trap where people cheated commit voluntary suicide. When people start complaining about injuries that they have received in hospital through electroneurography then the doctor pretends to lie that it does not harm the body and how could it harm you then. Strange we have never received a complaint on our electro neurography examination. The same thing is said by psychiatric executioners where when people complain about 450 to 700 volts ECT alleged treatment they also say the same thing that it is harmless and fully accepted by the whole world as the most effective aid against acute depression. Apparently, all states use electric current to murder people hidden in silence. What the state does not mention anywhere is what is going on and does not exist. How do you even, if you are one of the common people, you can never come up among powerful rulers and you cannot come among the rich elite. As an ordinary person, you can only receive the death penalty. You are safe as long as you are insignificant and uninteresting to the power elite. As a poor person, you are not interested in that power elite and therefore you can live in peace with your family and your children, while you are dragged with poverty and problems to get food on the table for yourself and your children. Majority of ordinary people believe in media propaganda where the state respects their human rights and their lives, precisely because they have not been harmed and therefore, they believe that the state would never harm them intentionally. As you can see whether you are black, white, Latin, Asian, Indian or anyone else so it is power and the rich elite that murder us ordinary people, not because of racism, xenophobia or antisemitic but they murder us because we humans are too many on this planet and that is something acceptable and good for the future of humanity. Humanity benefits from our death. There are fewer of us who consume natural resources. Problem is that the person who is murdered Are we ordinary people and I am one of everyone who has been murdered. It only takes a few years before I die in one way or another. I can tell you it hurts like hell. I do not want to die but I am unable to live. When power and the rich elite murder ordinary people, then it is not crime and violence that they, in addition to us ordinary people, should not be questioned. I think it is very natural that they should be punished in the same way as they punish us ordinary people. If we shoot them and if they do not die, then their body will heal wounds and they will have a life as if nothing has happened to them while we will go to prison. If they only find that weapon in our home, we can get 2 years in prison for it. If we beat them, we go to jail and injuries will heal in no time. If we stab them and if they do not die, then their body will heal as if nothing has happened to them while we will be released in prison or mental hospital for many years. But if we take electric gun and if we give them electric shock for 20 seconds then they will die after a few years while we will go free from debt. Let them prove their injuries if they can. Electro neurography exists to kill people and not prove people’s injuries. However, doctors allegedly will lie about their injuries, but it does not matter as possession of Taser is almost not punishable. If we damage those with electric shock gun, punishment will be ridiculous because electric razor blades of various kinds are aimed only at ordinary people and the power and rich elite do not even acknowledge that it can harm the body. The Electric Holocaust is a razor blade with two sides. So far, it has only cut in one direction towards us ordinary people and towards our children. Now it’s time for us to take the right path and take the right weapon in our hands and start slaughtering the guilty evil who are police and their Gremlin’s family members, psychiatric care psychiatrists psychologists, counselors, psychotherapists and their family members, journalists all from the first to the last and their family members, politicians all from the first to the actual president bastard if you can access him and his family members for this is legal way. Do not hit any of them with a baton or baseball bat or fists, because it is a crime. Electric current as a death penalty method is legal and then it is not a serious crime, while they will die in real life. Blacks say George Floyd has changed history forever. I tell you all that he has not changed anything. Blacks, whites, Latinos, Asians, Indians, and all other common people will be murdered because it is the standard that has been going on throughout human history to be able to control the population. All that mass murder of ordinary people blames power and the rich elite for racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism and so on but that’s not it. It’s about the power and rich elite that are at the top and they are against us ordinary people. Everything they show in the media is a theatrical performance for us ordinary people so that we are deceived in a false sense of security so that we and our children are deceived in death in the same way as I have been deceived. The great historical change is that we ordinary people must realize the truth of what world we live in and that we give the power and rich elite the punishment they have given us since AC has been invented. I will die anyway so that’s why I openly say what humanity deserves to hear.