Exposing Government Crime: A Must-Read Analysis – Blog Post 11

12 October 2019


Psychiatric care is not healthcare. Psychiatric care is the government’s annihilation system institution of civilian population adults, young people, and children, where they murder people completely legally. Psychiatric care is a death trap, ending people’s lives by throwing their lives in the dark for the rest of their lives. They lie to people. Psychiatric care is a state slaughterhouse of people that the state sees as a threat. They can best be compared to scavengers who take care of people for the state who are to be punished with the death penalty. The extent of the destruction and annihilation of an individual that psychiatric care together with the police brings about depends on the vulnerability of that individual. The more you have suffered in your life, the more it will be used against you as a weapon that they use to drag you closer to the grave, while you expect to be treated humanely by the state. Because it is the image that the state spreads in the media, where they allegedly punish crimes and protect victims who are victims of crime. Outwardly in the first place, it is believed that all the government’s propaganda is based on complete lies, where we believe that it is mitigating circumstances for one, that is why there is psychiatric care for them to help people, we think. Wrong, the care you have received for decades was not care but it was the destruction of one’s psyche by the police and psychiatric care side by side. That’s how they kill someone, it just looks like they’re giving people care. These are secrets that you do not realize until it is too late, and it is only possible thanks to the fact that states, including all conceivable government agencies, keep quiet about the method of execution. The fact that more than half of the body has been killed due to the various electrically deadly Trojan devices, the state blames it on being mentally ill as you hear voices. It is in this way that the state obscures and conceals murder after murder that the state commits on ordinary people, adults, young people and even children. How do we know that all electrical appliances are deadly when there is no warning, no information anywhere on the planet that it will take the life of the person who tests it? It is actually very simple how the state murders people. They have legalized pornography, which is a deadly trap in itself for the human psyche, and there they have posted dangerous things that are deadly. Then they say that people are adults, and everyone has common sense. Then they come into your dreams by force and knock out your common sense by forcing you to take medication through psychological torture. They place all the responsibility on ordinary people aged 18 and over, who have the right to buy deadly products. Even though they are 18 years old, they are still children who have not had time to grow up in their mental psyche. I’ve seen in the media on TV and in newspapers surgeons who warn that people are hurt with a type of sex toys. They warn of a special product that can cause damage to nerves. In this case, you use your hands where you have control and you will not injure yourself because, if you hold a knife in your hand aimed at your own body and you press a little lightly, but you cannot cut the knife through the skin , because you do not use your hands to go over the pain threshold because it hurts and then you stop. That’s why we do not hurt ourselves. Men in this case, the surgeon warns of nerve damage so that people will be misled into seeing this as the only dangerous product that can damage nerves while he does not warn of electrical appliances that do nothing but burn nerves and body tissue to ashes and the whole body just as if one had been exposed to military nerve poison. It is conscious and it is that is the sole purpose of that warning, for he is advertising to the state, and he is one of the state systems, where he contributes with his doctorate authority to convince the population into the death trap of genocide. In this case, they have tricked you into believing that you are testing a stimulation device, nerve pain relief or that you should get muscle training through a 9-volt electric current. So, when you have connected it Trojans and when the current starts to flow through the


body, then there is no pain threshold or pain threshold that could warn us that we are just about to injure ourselves to death, after which we experience the electrical voltage of 9-volts, not as pain. It does not hurt at all. You would be able to handle many times stronger electrical voltage because it feels like weak electrical impulses. But this does not stay on the skin but cuts straight through the body. We can handle many times higher currents, but our nerves cannot, because our nervous system generates infinitely less, natural currents that the body produces naturally and sends electrical signals to the brain for our human body to function normally. Those who sell the devices say that the body uses electrical impulses and that the devices send electrical impulses at low current that do not harm the body. And with that, they lie to people right in the eyes and they use it to deceive people into a permanently eternally dying state which in the end will lead people even into physical death. Nerves are thin wires burned by the alleged weak apparatus electrical impulse of 9-volts, which is in comparison with the body’s own current a thousand times greater than the body’s production of electrical impulses, while in the case of ECT from 450 to 700 volts, is a million times greater electrical current compared to the body’s natural production of electrical nerve signals. Therefore, all the governments of the existing world have found the limit of 9 volts, which will burn everything in its path through the body, while one will not die at once. Instead, one should die a prolonged death for years with medication from psychiatric care. It’s a starting shot for the end of one’s life. It is the sole purpose of the existence of all electrical appliances. The state uses it as a supplement, which is the second half of their police talk to us with words through V2K Psychotronic weapons, injected voices in the head. The drugs that are taken for mental strain, which the police expose one to through violent intrusion with words for decades, are a whole of psychological Proxy War’s government of civilians and the damage that those devices caused is a permanent body death on physical and mental way, where you also get permanent mental illness due to electrical injuries. All this together the police use as a tool for the annihilation of a human being and all that together ultimately deprives the intellect of a human being. In this way, they normally transform people who were physically and mentally healthy, to people who are physically and mentally ill at the same time. When, due to suffering, one begins to make every day small mistakes with outbursts of anger, where one shames oneself due to suffering in the ongoing death process, then you appear as mentally ill, because you are literally mentally ill because the whole body’s nervous system dies progressively more and the nervous system ongoing death, provokes all kinds of psychological torture around the clock that makes us commit wrong steps over and over again. So, it is the government that has exposed us to deadly crime. It is government that has made us mentally ill and because we behave crazy, the governments of the world call our nervous breakdown and us as individuals mentally ill, but they do not say a single word that our madness depends on because of crimes that our government has exposed us to through state systems. Instead, they have built prejudices for mentally ill people, in such a way that when we defend ourselves by telling the people of the world about the crime we have been exposed to, such as me through this blog, then no ordinary people will on this planet believe in us or me. As you can see, it is an idiotically well-thought-out Holocaust system of the world’s entire planet’s population, where each government murders its own population of adults, young people and children and all the world’s governments do it together and in the same way. All of them together do not utter a single word through all kinds of media about the ongoing electric massacres of ordinary people around the world, instead they advertise it as something completely harmless, so that new generations of young people will die the same death as I have gone in and so the genocide or crime against humanity perpetrated on ordinary people around the world continues, completely legally. Now I’m mentally ill but I’m still clear in my mind. This torture is torture to death. It has driven me so far to write this whole blog. Now I have no control


over myself as my body is blown to pieces, in the same way as when soldiers have been blown up by a mine where they have lost body parts. The difference between them and me, is that they lack limbs while I look whole. Once their body has healed, then I assume they have no pain affecting their brain in such a way that it evokes mental suffering to death, while with me is it exactly the opposite, where injuries torture me to death and which will cause my body to die even physically and then I also literally die and be buried in one of Swedish cemeteries. The people who have war injuries with amputated arms and legs, can sleep normally, while I cannot. They’re normal while I’m not now. I breathe death physically and mentally. It was always the murderous plan, by the Swedish government through state systems that they want to give to me. They have killed me through the police, psychiatric care, public care, through the media and so on. Through the media, they have deceived me into death thanks to their complete eternal silence and censorship that 9-volt electrical appliances are death itself if you are deceived into testing them only once in your life and I have been deceived. In order for me not to repeat the same thing over and over again, it is of course clear that the tool of genocide is possible only because politicians allow it, and they pretend that it does not exist. Then they have camouflaged the entire electric destruction under a dozen different claims of use purpose and made it available even in the form of a deadly weapon a tool to the police that they have named for Taser. They have provided the tool for psychiatric care that they call ECT, which claimed care. Then if you do not commit a crime and if you do not feel bad enough mentally, so that you avoid Taser and ECT, then they have put it in sex segment and there I went into the death trap and now I’m dying. They have manipulated me with words, so that I will stay in isolation and thanks to the loneliness and the brainwashing that they have exposed me to for 13 years night after night, year after year, I lost all human traits. That’s why I’ve tested it. I was fooled like everyone else. If you do not fall into that trap, then there is under the claim of muscle training, there is under the claim of pain relief 9-volt that burns the nerves that people have pain in and then they get nerve and body tissue death and everything else that I have talked about. The worst thing is that they are blocking me now while I am dying. They do not stop www.Sinful.se mass murderer, but they stop me from my testimony of my ongoing death, should not come out to know the world civilian population on this planet Earth. I cannot feel joy for a single second. I can never laugh again, because that nerve death, body tissue death, the eternal pain, breaks my brain because I die physically and mentally. I cannot live but I cannot commit suicide either. I want to live, but for any life there is no room for me. Have I really deserved this punishment of Swedish power and rich elite, for crimes they did not allow me to serve in prison? They claim and they pretend to be a democracy that fights for human rights. Look what they have done to me. They do it to my son. They do this to you and your children too. This was a short blog post that has been driven out of me with suffering due to my ongoing death process. All these words are forced out of me. Thank you for reading my blog.