The Chernobyl accident, curator visits and lots more-Blog post 10


When you have injured yourself with one of the dozens of electric death devices, then the state acknowledges your injuries by giving all available, in fact ineffective pain relief medications, but when you say that you want the public health service to certify the injuries so that you can sue them in court, then it is suddenly stop. Then they say we will send you to scan your nerve damage with electric current. Do not worry it does not hurt, yes right, it does not hurt just like the device I was damaged by. I received from the general care a pile of different medicines, which I have already mentioned, and which have not helped me in any way, instead I feel even worse. They made pain and suffering many times worse. Seroquel and Zyprexa are the only medicines that relieve some pain from damaged nerves with electric current and there is no other medicine that can do that. I started taking Seroquel at a dose of 50 mg a year ago. Through months that passed I had to increase the dose as the pain got worse and now at the end, I have had to get up to the dose of 450 mg and that is what I am taking now. I did not take such a large dose when I started taking them 20 years ago, due to the police and police investigation. The dose of Seroquel numbs nerves and relieves pain so that it hurts less when I sleep and due to such a high dose, I fall asleep fairly deep with death anxiety in my dying body. Taking this Seroquel, and being influenced and drugged by it, is another torture in itself. This is what drug manufacturers have written in the package leaflet that they put in the packaging of Zyprexa tablets about what it is used for: 1. What is Zyprexa, and what is it used for? Zyprexa contains the active substance Olanzapine. Zyprexa belongs to the group of drugs neuroleptics and is used to treat the following conditions: Schizophrenia, a disease with symptoms such as hearing, seeing, or feeling something that does not exist, delusions, unusual suspicion, and withdrawal. (What I heard said to me “this is the police talking to you” and I have already told the rest. It started one night when I did not feel particularly mentally ill and therefore it is not my bad mental state that activated voices. What it would be alleged that my own morals and feelings of guilt have been activated which turned into voices which in turn forced me to either admit crime or take my life. I do not have such morals.) Pharmaceutical Companies-People with these conditions can also feel depressed, anxious, or tense. (Yes exactly, I got depressed after I knew I had the police over me because everyone knows everything about me then the police must know for sure. I thought so 20 years ago. Psychiatric care has almost convinced me that I have Depression which is just a mental illness that makes me feel mentally ill. I began to believe in this, instead of facing the truth, that it was shame, guilt, and fear that I would go to jail and lose my freedom that made me depressed. I felt anxious because of my vulnerability, and I was tense every time the police drove next to me. I was always afraid that they would start looking at me, because if they start looking at me, then it means that they know everything about me and there was a strong psychological tension where I was scared to death. So, there is natural explanation for the symptoms instead of state system lies that come through politicians, police, psychiatric care, public care, media, drug companies and so on. Moderate to severe manic episodes, a condition with symptoms such as arousal and euphoria. (“Manic episode” – what is it? Excitement was because of being singled out by society, because of my mistakes in my life that I have committed. People talked shit about me, in front of me even though they pretend to talk about someone else and then I got excited and angry, I guess it has been part of the police investigation to spread my secrets among people so that my everyday life will be turned into hell, and it was turned into hell on Earth for me. I got euphoria when I had people who showed me kindness and then I felt that some see me as a human being and then I got euphoria for short moments. That was 20 years ago. Pharmaceutical company-Zyprexa prevents recurrence of these


symptoms in patients with bipolar disorder and who have responded to Olanzapine treatment in the manic phase. (Shit talk, it does not prevent relapse, but as long as I continue to take that medicine, it will numb my brain so I kind of get indifferent, but I have a problem which I have not arranged, and it is a police investigation against me. As soon as I stop taking Zyprexa, my mind will wake up from the drug-induced condition and my attention and alertness will wake up again and then I can think clearly and what do I see in front of me? is that I will go to jail while when I am drugged with that junk medicine then my life goes into some kind of dream state. Years just whizzed by in a slightly unconscious way. Zyprexa was terrible with severe side effects. Therefore, I have sought something more gentle and then they gave me Seroquel which is awful but slightly more gentle with minor side effects. 1. What is Seroquel Depot and what is it used for? Seroquel Depot contains a substance called quetiapine. Quetiapine belongs to a group of medicines called antipsychotics. Seroquel Depot can be used to treat a variety of ailments, such as: Bipolar depression and depressive episodes in major depression: when you may feel depressed, debt burden, energy less, have poor appetite or sleep problems. (All it’s just a bunch of power authority expert words, which sound like they were written by an educated person and if it’s about highly educated and government employees in pharmaceutical companies, or in psychiatric care? then it must be true. Words like Research, Researcher, Professor, Doctor, Master’s, is something that is never questioned. These are the ones I see that have sent people into death for more than 100 years through ECT and for perhaps more than the last 50, years with all the deadly 9-volt devices. They and their greatness form a whole in the state system where the state uses their titles as a stamp that what they have come up with is the research method that is followed and becomes the law that will become a standard for treating mentally ill individuals. There are so many people who know that electric current kills through a protracted death process and it is politicians, the police, psychiatric care, public care, companies that manufacture the lethal devices, all the media that exist and that have existed, most public figures, researchers , professors, surgery or the whole care system that knows that it is mass murder committed on ordinary people, just by themselves and it is genocide, which is obscured, secret and hidden by the state side where none of the upper power elites who rule over ordinary people utter a single word about that crime. But 95% of the world’s civilian population on this planet knows absolutely nothing about the devastating electrically damaging effects on the human body. This is what comes from the state and 99% of the population believe in every single word written by the world power and rich elite through no matter what media source it may be now. The most true description of the seriousness of the existence of the electrical appliances, can be compared exactly with the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. The TV series Chernobyl is a description of the exact same course of events in Chernobyl, I guess. When the reactor has exploded and when the ash foal reaches the ground, there you can see the difference between ordinary people and nuclear physicists trained scientists who know exactly what is going on there. Ordinary people see that the air over the reactor is glowing, and fine ash falls on them and their children, which is similar to snowflakes completely unaware that the ash is deadly radiation. I also did not know until now that the air glows over the reactor that it is due to a core melt that is completely open. The ashes fall on them while they do not react. That does not mean they are stupid in the head. If they had only been a little interested and looked for facts about nuclear power so that they would be prepared for a possible nuclear accident in the future, then they would have known about it and then they would have fled for life out of that city. Getting radiation from a nuclear reactor like ash on your body means that you can never go unharmed by that radiation. If you have been exposed to radioactive ash, then you will not come out of that disaster unscathed, but the question is how much you will be injured. The more radiation the more damage to the body. It’s the same with all electrical appliances and I’m talking about 9-volts.


The low 9-volt electric current, according to all the existing states of the world, which absolutely does not warn us anywhere, that our lives are in mortal danger when we hold the electric death in our hands, is just as deadly as the radiation in Chernobyl. I did not know that I was in danger of life, just as the people at Chernobyl did not know, after those in power keep quiet about the nuclear catastrophe they have caused. The damage I have received from 9-volts is just as devastating to me as it is to the population close to nuclear power that has received radiation in itself. The difference between me and them is that my body decay is not visible on me outside on the body. Everything that happens inside my body, and I feel the deformed image of my body and now also my deformed image of my personality that has changed completely as my body can no longer function normally. It is the only meaning of existence on all the electrical appliances that states operate and protect by all state means available. The low electrical voltage of 9 volts causes my body to die now for two or three years, just like the dying body of the Chernobyl radio actively irradiated population. See how their bodies fall apart where they die in the worst torments. That is a danger to all of humanity and living wildlife because it spreads through the air. This death reaches the power and the rich elite and their families as well. In my case, the same thing happens in my body, although this does not spread in any way, but I die in the worst possible torments. For me, life is impossible to live just like for them. Our bodies fall apart and into decay and it leads us right into death where there is no room for life. What I was exposed to is a state system that is part of the state annihilation of targets that the state sees as a danger. Check out what happened to me due to 9-volt voltage. Injury has spread from 1 cm in diameter all the way to the knees and up to the chest as I said earlier and then think what happens to people who have received 450 to 700 volts through ECT into the head repeatedly 20 times by so-called treatments such as Professors and researchers have said is scientific research. Think about what kind of infection or inflammation comes after a year because that is when the body begins to die. Think how small a brain is. With each electric shock, brain tissue dies more and more and what comes after a year causes the whole brain to progressively die. The brain’s function deteriorates, is permanently destroyed, and eventually stops functioning completely. Keep in mind that it evokes the suffering of hell and then one can understand that the governments of the world force their own people to commit suicide, by exposing them to the electric shock genocide crime. I have read about a case where a girl has received a single ECT treatment for so-called deep depression and the intention was that she should receive 19 more treatments. But in reality, she committed suicide only after the first harmful ECT electroshock and immediately after a week. It’s one thing when the state lies about genocide, but it’s a completely different thing to live with injuries to the body that are pure criminal execution, and no one cares about her when she has gone into the state genocide tool death trap. Then there are no politicians, media, public figures greats, royalty superstars who show their support and empathy for her. She dies alone just like I die now while everyone is silent and pretends, they do not see me and that these things are not even dangerous and that it is really fun if you get out in the media then you are treated with laughter. Everyone only cares when crimes are committed that states want to call crimes when it benefits the power that fights ordinary people such as sexual harassment, bullying, slander and so on. It is a crime, but genocide is not a crime committed by states on us and our children. The psychiatrists’ doctors’ public figures like Peter Breggin say that it causes injuries that make a patient feel euphoria and then they feel bad again and then they get more of such treatment. He warns of ECT while not warning of 9-volts that send people straight into death. And he too participates as a deceiver in the genocide with everyone else. That people die due to 450 to 700 volts through ECT, is wrong according to him but it is not wrong that people die due to 9-volt battery. Such a thing does not exist and that is what the massacres of the world’s civilian populations are based on. This proves that he is another fraudster


from the state system who convinces and misleads people thanks to the very fact that he warns against ECT. But other psychiatrists who execute people through ECT, where they lie right in people’s eyes and call it care without telling the truth to the individuals, that they will be murdered by that guillotine, are the ones who carry out the death penalty on people and they are included in the second class of power and rich elites fraud death media propaganda, which drives another type of media propaganda by convincing people who have ended up in psychiatry with their full confidence in government that it is care that they will receive from psychiatry. Peter Breggin is included in the part of media propaganda that is intended for people who have begun to distrust psychiatry and his task is to deceive people into believing that only ECT is harmful and nothing else. His task is to convince people in the belief that devices on 9-vol are something completely harmless. Since Peter Breggin and none of the power and rich elite, have ever uttered a single word that those 9-volt devices mean death and ended life for anyone who comes in contact with the 9-volt electric current, is this is exactly what deceives people in fatal injuries with the 9-volt devices. If no one on this planet has mentioned 9-volt devices as something deadly, then it means that they are completely harmless, and it is the whole secret of the electric massacre of the world’s civilian population that has been going on for the last 100 years. This ECT, 9-volt devices of 100 varieties, Taser, all it starts inflammation and infection in the body that leads one into mortal body decay that eventually leads one to death by suicide or heart attack, blood clot, stroke due to Zyprexa or Seroquel which one is addicted to because there is nothing else that can relieve the pain of the injuries like ECT, TASER and the 9-volt devices or less voltage that has caused permanent fatal damage to one’s body. To return to what pharmaceutical companies write about what Seroquel is for Mani syndrome: As you may feel very upset, elated, upset, enthusiastic, hyperactive or has bad judgment with elements of aggressive and fragmented behavior. (Yes exactly, Divided behavior due to the psychological crime and police investigation strain on one’s psyche and then one gets upset because one has no peace in one’s mind and that is because of the constant tension where you wonder, will you get stuck in prison? You sometimes get elated when people treat you with respect. You get upset when others insult you for the mistake made in your life and it is normal to feel that after which, if one had not felt so then one would be classified as a psychopath who has no empathy for others and feelings of guilt for what is wrong. You may become hyperactive if you drink a lot of coffee, which further aggravates your condition when you are otherwise mentally tense around the clock year after year. Bad judgment with elements of aggressive and fragmented behavior is obtained when the police talk to a completely unnoticed and when they poison and change one’s behavior so that one goes in the wrong direction where one makes decisions according to the strange corrupt subconscious police suggestions words. Schizophrenia: when you may see, hear or feel things that do not exist, believe in things that are not real or feel unusually suspicious, anxious, confused, tense or depressed (I have never seen anything that does not exist and I have never felt something is said to be foreign fucking being present and invisible in my environment that does not exist but I have heard voices when I sleep and when I am completely helpless. The police investigate crimes in this way otherwise they would never know the truth. The fact that the state has built stupidities that are linked to people who hear voices is just another tool to separate that method from being revealed to the population. If it cannot be proven, then it does not exist. The surveillance equipment they have is not that remarkable. It’s advanced but they do not talk about it. They protect it secretly through media silence and media information and pure lies that they print out in the news constantly. It is invisible due to media silence but what is worse is also the electric death devices are also completely invisible precisely due to media silence. People are literally being murdered, including children, by the Swedish state and every single state on this planet Earth. They turn news and information upside


down in such a way that it benefits the state around the clock. Pharmaceutical Companies- Your doctor may want you to continue taking Seroquel Depot even when you feel better. (Of course if you continue to take your medicine as Doctor executioner has said even when you feel good which means you are medicated with the rubbish with lifelong medication until one day due to the medication and police voices you make a mistake where you test electrical stimulation at 9-volts and then you have fallen into the death trap and now has the state turned you into addicted to that medicine, and this time it is not because you feel mentally ill, instead you are forced to medicate yourself with those medicines, just so that pain in the ongoing death suffering can be relieved as drives one to commit suicide. It is in this way; the governments of the world make their population dependent on the ultimately deadly medicines in the long run. Pharmaceutical companies write that Seroquel can be used as an aid when people cannot eat food, then I guess they mean Anorexia. They say that Seroquel can be used for while they do not mention that Zyprexa can also be used for when people cannot eat food. That they firmly exclude that Zyprexa can be used for when people cannot eat food is tantamount to lying. They lie exactly because Zyprexa is 100 times even worse than Seroquel because it drives a person to eat food that is exactly the same size as for people who weigh 400 kg and who cannot stop eating. It is not wrong for them, but it is wrong for their body where they have disturbed food cravings. I understand exactly how they feel because I felt exactly the same way when I was on medication with Zyprexa. The food hunger gluttony for me was out of control and only when I decided that I had had enough of Zyprexa, then I told the vultures on open psychiatric care that I have had enough of it and then they gave me Seroquel. They should have started first with Seroquel instead of Zyprexa because it is a little gentler. But they started from the beginning with the worst where I was close to getting diabetes. Zyprexa and Seroquel knock out the natural food cravings in a person who takes them. The medications strengthen hunger cravings, where you continue to eat, even if you are crammed with food, you still continue to eat because food hunger demands feeling does not decrease. With Zyprexa, an Anorexic person weighing 40 kg can gain weight to over 150 kg in a year, because it takes the life of one. Diabetes, blood fats, vascular diseases, strokes are guaranteed with use with Zyprexa while Seroquel is slightly more gentle and even with Seroquel you go against all those diseases to a lesser extent, but in the end in a few years you will meet the same fate. I believe that pharmaceutical companies know exactly what substance they add to the medicine that activates the sick craving and cravings for food, in order for it to cause fatal obesity. That’s the point of those tablets. They cause obesity and lead one right into various deadly diseases, which in turn leads one to medication with medications for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, knocked out metabolism and so on. All this is a camouflaged death trap that the state uses to take the lives of people in a discreet way without media exposure where even death will be stamped as death caused due to obesity. That you were originally a thin man who could not even eat food will not be mentioned anywhere. There are other medications from psychiatric care, and they do not give the effect of uncontrolled food cravings. Seroquel and Zyprexa are painkillers for electrical injuries, and you must take them when you have been injured to death. Therefore, one is punished by the state further. Electric current kills one and pain relief Zyprexa and Seroquel hunger for food which in turn causes deadly diseases that accelerate the path of a human right into the grave. In addition, you become overweight and then you are no longer attractive to women. This alone can make anyone depressed. I do not think so now because I stopped taking those medications a long time ago. I trained and was slim but now I know I take them because of the crime I was exposed to. To think of women is meaningless, because now I am not even a man and not even a human being either because parts of my body and soul no longer exist and I am constantly dying more and more. All my attention is focused only on the realization that I die around the clock and


that I suffer to death in many different ways at the same time. All of it is an advanced state system of annihilation of a self-feeling, self-confidence and so on. Death is only the one that can bring an end and peace to the suffering that states have caused one. The worst thing now is that I have to take Seroquel for the rest of my short life, regularly every night and that just to relieve pain overnight to be able to sleep. It’s completely scary when I think about what if a disaster happens so that Seroquel cannot be bought anywhere. It would be a death sentence for me because this medicine is tailored for electrical damage and there is no medicine on this planet that can numb damaged nerves with electric current to such an extent. To seize and take morphine from cancer patients in the final stages of their death is the same now as taking Seroquel from me because I suffer exactly as much as they do. They are in bed in their deathbed where everyone accepts the reality that they are dying, while I am dying, and no one accepts it. Instead, I am expected to be normal because I do not get any recognition from the state after the state does not allow me to take it to court. I would not be able to fall asleep for a minute and pain would push me in a few days to commit suicide. It’s my reality that I’m in now. The crime that states commit with the legal electric death is the most vicious crime in the history of mankind. Pharmaceutical companies do not write a single word that Seroquel and Zyprexa reduce and relieve pain where electrical devices cause damage to the body. The fact that the two medicines can be used as pain relief is nowhere stated and it is nowhere stated that electrical stimulation devices harm the body to death, it is also nowhere stated. Then you can understand that states use it to drive people to suicide. No one on this planet has helped me and sat on my side and said that it hurts the body. Not even in my own homeland does anyone warn of the deadly irreversible death. Even there, they are murdering ordinary people thanks to their silence. Everyone comes up with manipulative suggestions on allegedly something that should be important to me. Why does no one come up with such vital and useful information that is easy to understand where one can say beware of electrical appliances because it is death that states kill ordinary people with. Nobody says that. Ok, I’m injured to death and I’m warning you all now. I’m telling the truth to all of you ordinary people on this planet, so that you can save the lives of you and your children. We should tell the truth to each other, we who are poor slaves. Shit in our differences which is race and religion it is about survival to live or be murdered by our respective governments. To hell with all those in power and the psychopathic rich elite and the worthless public figures. They all just lie and it’s a crime but not when they commit that crime. I have been tricked into the death trap that states have camouflaged and directed in every conceivable direction of interest. In other words, all people can go into death depending on their needs. It’s only about a single time in people’s lives when they have happened to see advertisements about all the different electrical appliances. The idea is to lure people into it only once in a lifetime and down you have gone into it and injured yourself, then there is nothing on this planet that can save you. I can only take Seroquel when I go to bed. There I have the opportunity to fall asleep by force like the rest of the population so that I do not collapse and commit suicide. Without Seroquel I cannot sleep at all, and it is Seroquek who keeps me alive now. As long as I continue to take it then I can sleep and get pain relief and, in that way, they have made me addicted to it. A pain that is of such a nature that it is extremely strong where I in pain feel in my breasts a tension that disturbs my breathing, and that nature is that it radiates and produces anxiety around the clock. Anxiety is felt by people who feel mentally ill due to problems in life and who take medication from psychiatric care for their depression. But with me pain is physical, it is not mental depression. This death anxiety, suffering, psychological torture due to pain and nerve death provokes the destruction of my psyche. Injuries to the body keep my psyche in a dead grip around the clock but it starts to get bad at 10:00 on the day down Seroquel nerve anesthesia releases and becomes difficult to handle at 14.00 and when it’s time to go home 15:30 then I have had to go through


moments of death many times where the pain pushes me to what a human being cannot handle, without screaming due to pain right beyond all understanding, but I have to be normal, and I have to work. Pain strikes in the brain where I come to such moments full of anger, hatred and nerve collapse that I want to commit suicide after which it is impossible to live with the suffering. I’ve been thinking about it around the clock for 2 years now and it’s the worst physical and at the same time psychological torture that cannot be compared to any torture on this planet. If you are locked up in prison in solitary confinement for months and years by someone then you only think of one thing and that is that you are deprived of your freedom, and you eventually become mentally ill and disabled due to loneliness. You get hurt for life where you can make any mistake where those in power want you to make mistakes so that you become guilty so that they can spend more time in prison. They provoke people and criminals to lose common sense. This is what Sweden does to young immigrants who they lock in cages fenced with bars. Not only with the prison bars around the small room, but they have also placed bars in the balcony space outside on the roof, so they provoke and psychologize young people to madness. Expect them to use the opportunity to get inside their dreams where the worst damage is done to them. That is why young people commit suicide in Swedish prisons, prisons, and care wards. But in my case it is my own body that is fatally injured and it is my own body that has been transformed by the electric criminal state crime that has with injuries turned my own body into a torture tool that tortures my brain to death around the clock for the rest of my short life and that is the purpose of the existence of ECT, Taser, and the all different, 9-volt devices. My body is my prison. They exist only to drive people insane so that they behave unnaturally and violently because then it is time to lock them behind bars. They have driven me insane so that I commit a crime so that Sweden can end that chapter of my life nothing else. If you have been damaged in the slightest, with 9-volts and less than that, even a 3 aa battery with a TENS device, it is still fatal, as it is only about causing the inflammation that will cause infection and tissue death in the body and late injuries always lead the injured person right into death. Either you have to commit suicide, or you will die due to injuries that Sinful mass murderers have caused with their death trap electrical stimulating devices, or medicines Seroquel that harm the body in many different ways, but for some life, for me there is no room for. The question is not whether I will die, in one way or another but, the question is how long I can live with the ongoing tissue death, the nerve death, brain collapse, body parts that have died and that I do not feel, the pain that makes me that I want to vomit pour the day because it is physical and mental suffering at the same time. The pain drives me to insanity and suicide but the body parts that I do not feel are worse than the actual pain for the body parts that I do not feel I experience as spots inserted into my body that are extremely unpleasant that spread and get bigger and it is less and less of me left in life. The pain and the dead body parts together strike right into the brain and where it all together causes all the mental disorders that drug companies and psychiatric care lie about people having the different diagnoses without being even harmed by electric current. From electrical damage they have picked it up and then they blame ordinary people who they lie right into the eyes where they hand out to people different diagnoses and people because of their belief in the state, they accept it as true. I think if you have injured animals with an electric current of 9 volts then animals would also behave as if they had rabies. They would be replaced and then people would kill them. Think about what the state is doing to us ordinary people and see what crime they are committing against us and our children. I’m aware of what’s happening to me. Therefore, I explain so that people should know that I have existed once in a while, and it is now. You should know that Sweden has exposed me to a fatal crime. I’m murdered completely innocent, as they did not allow me to be judged fairly in court like everyone else. Instead, they did not let me be at peace, just so they could kill me like this. I have asked the


doctor I go to with the question, why do they, as general care, not warn the population of this danger to life? He said to me, what would be expected of me, what should I do? I told him, warn people not to fall into the trap of death. He just rejected it and what’s worse he said he wants to send me for further nerve scanning with electric current so I can push it on to court. He stands up for himself and repeats that it is completely normal because they do this to all people. I said it will never happen in my life that I will allow anyone to release even micro voltage of electric current into my body again. Who will judge Sinful genocide mass murderer? Is it the state court criminal and the whole state system who drive this genocide and at the same time protect it, so that they can continue indefinitely to kill people for they have been doing it for over 100 years and one cannot hear a single case where there is talk of injured people to death? Google censors that information, it also censors people who have been harmed and who talk and write about it. It happened a few months ago, but I have realized that I lose control because suffering drives me to alcohol consumption sometimes and then I make mistakes and it scares me. I want this to come out after they block my blog while I’m dying. I die of pain and suffering and a clear realization that I have been the victim of crime, so while he gave me various medications such as Gabapentin, Lyrica that made pain and mental suffering and agony even worse, he also began to behave nonchalantly towards me. He began to treat me verbally as if what had happened to me was not even a crime and as if it was my own fault that I was injured to death. He provoked me verbally by angling facts upside down so that I could start swearing at him and behave violently irrationally and illogically, so that I give him a reason for him to report me to the police and then I will be arrested by the police. and then they would drive me to a closed mental hospital which is in reality the house of madness, where Sweden executes the death penalty on people. The electrical damage provokes rabies and zombie behavior, hatred and anger due to the eternal suffering and insight into the extent and severity of the damage one has received. It is the result of what it means to live with electrical damage. It transforms the most peaceful man into a wreck of nerves who loses control because of suffering. First, the police talked to me for 13 years and they add medication that, together with their psychological torture with constant intruders in my dreams for so long, has knocked out my common sense just for me to go into the electric slaughter knife. Now it is injuries that blow up my mental senses, in a thousand pieces. Because of suffering, I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown around the clock. Now the slightest spark is needed where someone provokes me verbally and then I can also start behaving violently due to injuries that have erased my natural barrier that we all have which enables us to master and control our behavior so that we do not make mistakes that we will regret for the rest of our lives. The state provokes criminals and young people in custody and imprisonment to insanity, only to make them lose their composure and control over their behavior so that they strike guards and thanks to that they lock young people and criminals in isolation, and they add more of the punishment time in prison. They build a vicious spiral where they eventually drive inmates that they commit suicide and there are many who have committed and who commit suicide criminals, young people, and locked children. I am the most peaceful human being born on this planet and violent behavior has never existed in my nature. But that is why the state has this electric tool of genocide that turns me into an insane wreck of nerves, which becomes more driven to insanity than the inexperienced young people are in custody. Injuries provoke me around the clock and therefore the doctor has started to treat me carelessly, as if I am stupid in my head, where he indirectly claims that the electrical appliances are not a crime and that it is my own fault that I have been injured to death. He did not say it directly, but he did say it by angling on the meaning of words. He managed to provoke me, but even though I am deprived of my mental health and my mind, so the old me is still inside my head, at least theoretically I am still inside my head and my body. Do you understand now? He works for health


care, and he does it for the state because he is a loop in the state system chain. The purpose of the existence of the Electric Grail Holy Grail is to transform us peaceful ordinary people into violent individuals who are branded as a danger in society to be locked behind bars. They want to make me guilty, even if I’m not. From the beginning, he treats me carelessly and provocatively. When he said that and that insight when I think back in time on how the Swedish authorities have treated me and how they punish me for crimes that they still allowed me not to serve in prison while on me there have been crimes against humanity and that they protect this crime then it is clear that they want to create reason to classify me as a mentally disturbed person who is a danger to himself and others. They have no real reason to lock me in jail or closed psychiatric care and therefore there are and are all electrical devices that torture and provoke me to madness that will drive me to make mistakes. I just needed to tell him that he was going to hell and then he would convey my verbally unpredictable violent behavior towards him or as they now call it “violence against an official”, on to the state and the police. There he gives me the vicious spiral by committing crimes that will lead me straight to the wall behind locked doors into mental hospitals. The criminals and young people who feel bad get their vicious spiral in custody and prison after they have committed a violent crime instead the Swedish state provokes me by injuring me to death and due to injuries in that I have been deprived of half my mental understanding so in the vulnerable state I will eventually commit crime due to anger and hatred for the crime I have been exposed to. I got pissed and I said to him (stop it, I’ve been the victim of a crime. This is a crime). Then he backed away because he probably sees that the injury has not had time to break me and break me mentally yet and that I still behave fairly normally, after common sense. At the moment I still have control over myself. But electrical damage only gets worse with time and sooner or later I think everyone is probably committing suicide due to physical suffering or committing some violent outcome that gets them locked up in jail or mental hospital. Think about what the state is for something. They mention mistakes that people have made as crimes, where they hang people in the media, while they themselves kill us, they do not give us fair justice in court when we have confessed our crime. Instead, they kill us, to put us in jail, while pretending that this genocide does not even exist. It’s all about control over ordinary people. They judge us and our children, while protecting mass murderers who sell theirs mass murder power tools. It is the irony of everything that has happened to me that drives me into the grave. To begin with irony, they have tortured me with psychologically lethal torture with words for decades for me to admit crime. I admitted the crime more or less, right away. When I have admitted, they do not want to punish me instead they have continued to hurt me with misleading false sentences for me to follow their challenges and for me to continue living my life alone in isolation. I believed in them and all that they have done for decades just to go into the electric death that the state with all conceivable state institutions drives and protects it with laws and silence as something that is completely harmless while in reality it is murder and execution. If I now say that they have spoken to me, then I am branded by the same state system as the mentally ill and that it is impossible in reality. If you add all the media that do not utter a word and that keep quiet that the police can intrude in people’s homes and into people’s dreams that sleep, then it is not possible, because no one says a word about such a thing and that is why it is not exists. The people who say that, are the ones who are exposed to it, like me for example. Who should people believe in? Is it on me who is a single individual, or should people believe in politicians who have never mentioned that such a thing is possible? The police, who have never said they talk to people in their dreams. Psychiatric care that stamps people who hear voices as sick and that imagines it all and classifies it as a diagnosis of mental illness, for the state. General care that protects the electrical appliances by ignoring the seriousness of one’s injuries where nerve death is not dangerous enough to go out in the media and


warn people so that they and their children are not harmed. They look at my injuries almost as if it was fun according to them and so on and so forth. Now I write about injuries that are no imagination and no mental illness and they block my blog because no one can follow me or comment on my posts that I have written. In blog statistics, almost no one sees it. Only those I tell it to are shown in my statistics, but no strangers have come in to read it. I have contacted certain media and public figures, and no one has answered me. The messages may have been blocked in the same way as the blog by the police. So, I die, and I am silenced by the state while the state harms me and my child. I’m sure of that because I see how life has become for me and my child. All that has been done to the two of us, states also commit against all of you other ordinary peoples and your children, regardless of racial religion, political commitment or orientation you may have now, it does not matter. On the surface, states are left, center and right where they are fighting for us who have voted for them while below the surface in reality politicians are lying to us right in our eyes where they have electric death as a weapon that they have aimed and that they use against us all and our children, if we become a target for the state for one reason or another. They are united to all politicians and all states when it comes to the existence of something so dangerous that kills the person who has come in contact with. All politicians pretend that it does not exist. They all participate in the genocide including with all government agencies, all but ordinary people. If you want to see what a serial mass murderer looks like, then you should watch TV, newspapers, radio, parliament, the police, psychiatric care, general care and so on, there you have killers. Everything is a crime punishable by many years in prison, only the worst is not a crime that annihilates us and our children on an industrial scale. Do you also understand the irony in the fact that the electrical damage with only 9-volt current drives one to commit suicide? Then you can understand that ECT shock of 450 to 700 volts and more than that repeated over 20 times is murder and pure execution. Electrical injuries are mental illness where you cannot feel joy, happiness, laughter, hope for the future after which you cannot feel hope until the next day because you die constantly. Man is not a man and not a human being either. The electrical damage caused by 9-volts causes depression, death anxiety, neurosis, anger, fear, panic disorder anxiety and hatred due to physical pain suffering and the body parts that one has lost feeling in, feelings of unreality due to disturbed and distorted signals that damaged nerves send to the brain and much more than that. All of this together drives one to commit suicide just so that it will stop hurting and that one will stop suffering. All this you get from electrical damage without any real reason as a problem in life usually that you can have. Usually, people feel mentally ill due to adversity and problems in life while when one is injured by electric current and I am talking about 9-volts only, then it is injuries that crush one’s mental health to destruction until there is nothing left of one. The only reason I feel bad mentally, more than ever before in my life is physical injuries that produce mental illness and suffering and worst of all, you can never in your life feel good again because instead you just feel worse and worse until you have died, and it is only when you stop suffering. Think then of the irony where the state lies to people through psychiatric care where they lie and pick it out of their human imagination and they distort facts where they say that ECT through electric shock cause some kind of state lying authority professional expert word title that they call (electro compulsive therapy), and this is what they have written about what ECT is for: ECT – electrical therapy. -Treatment can help with certain mental illnesses. The treatment means that the brain is stimulated by several short current pulses. You who have depression can receive treatment if you have severe symptoms or if other treatments do not help. Electrical treatment often makes you feel better quickly. (It is due to brain damage “brain tissue death) -In addition to depression, for example, the following mental illnesses can be treated with electrical therapy: mania in bipolar disorder, certain types of psychoses, including obstetric psychosis, schizophrenia severe postpartum


depression. (It is the state that lies through psychiatric care If I die due to 9-volt battery that has damaged nerves in the lower part of my body which in turn causes the worst mental suffering and mental illness on my brain then you can imagine is what mental suffering damage causes that are directly applied on brain through ECT. I cannot even imagine the suffering that those people have been subjected to It is a permanent hell in their psyche where they do not exist in their brain. The pain that arises after 1 year takes the life of them. Word Electro shock, you can hear in the media but that Electro shock causes nerves to die, not a single word is heard about. In the news I have heard a man say that they have been tortured in different ways, but he says that Electroshock was the worst. There he was stopped and that was the last word on his comment in the video clip from the war-affected area. He may have also said that he has got nerves dead all over his body and that he is just dying now but that information censors the media for their respective states so that ECT, Taser, 9-volt stimulation devices with infinite number of different alleged uses intended to be protected from exposure to the eyes and ears of ordinary people. States must have it for continued annihilation of criminals through Taser, mentally ill as psychiatric care should carry out the death penalty with ECT on patients for the state because when you have been subjected to the electric shock, butcher knife then you are dead then it is a dying process that you go through and you are treated as if you are imagining everything because it goes under the cover of mental health care. All the 9-volt devices also kill and that is the whole secret on which humanity is based. It is not about God and religions, but it is about access to natural resources and money. I believe that all ECT patients have committed suicide or have died due to brain damage. Police have posed as my rescuers, preventing me from making fun of myself and insulting myself. All that works well until they have tricked me into this electric death that I did not know existed. Now it is injuries that have destroyed my mind which in turn has made me commit mistake after mistake where I just insult myself and embarrass myself because of my mental disability that causes damage to my behavior, around the clock. That I write a blog is not my free will. All the decisions I have made since I was injured are not my personal qualities and my own will. Had I not been the victim of crime then I would not have made the choices in my life that I have made now. It is the Swedish state that has driven me by inflicting fatal injuries on me and by treating me as if I were a Jew in Auschwitz without any human rights at all to the point that I am writing a blog now. At the time when I admitted my mistakes from my life to the police and especially to psychiatric care, I thought I was in front of a just state and that it was the only right thing I could do after that I had no choice. But now I realize that I confessed my mistakes to the mortal enemy. I talked about crimes I have committed, while they keep quiet about the fact that they themselves are personally the Holocaust Josef Mengele genocide camp camouflaged under the cover of healthcare title, democracy, and human rights shit. They protect their own children while committing mass murder with all available means from ECT, medicines that they lie about and that you see they have put electric death everywhere. They come to us anyway, when we are injured only once and then we will end up in their psychiatric claws for they are state executioners who carry out the death penalty on us ordinary people discreetly, so that other ordinary people do not get upset. So last week I called general care and searched for the pain medication I can take during the day even though I know no one exists. He never called and it does not matter as I know there is no other medicine besides Seroquel and Zyprexa. I told the receptionist after I called by phone to make an appointment, that I want to talk to someone and it became a counselor, because I never in my life want to see the mass murderers psychiatric care again. So far, I’ve written a blog, and everyone pretends to be invisible. My intention was to get information and a possible opening where I can get out in the media so that my story of my death will reach ordinary people all over the planet. Then came the day when I went to a woman who was a counselor. I explained everything and said that she


can read my blog because it is almost too complicated to be able to explain on a visit with words. I told her that I have Swedish police over me for an act I committed once a long time ago. I said that they came as voices, and I said about the special Princess my unknown great love waiting for me who has spoken to me in my dream and in this way I was tricked into dying alone in 13 years that resulted in fatal injuries and I showed her the device I bought from I also told her about this. I expected her to say that I could do this and that to reach the masses. I was aware that she will behave like the whole Swedish system, and I was right. She said, “Is it so that you did not expect life to be like that?” It was the typical shit talk, vomiting vomit that comes from psychiatric alleged care where she tries to play on my feelings and use it against me. Another thing she said was, is it the feelings of guilt that weigh you down on the crime you have committed? I said I have absolutely no guilt anymore because, why should I have feelings of guilt, when I have confessed my crime to the police, so that I would serve my sentence and deserve my freedom? In addition, I said that the crime I was exposed to has made me addicted to Seroquel just to now get pain relief. Then she said “no, Seroquel is not addictive in this way. I said that the electrical appliances have made me addicted and that due to pain I have to take them otherwise I will commit suicide because of the suffering. So, they’ve made me addicted to it. She said yes but it is not addictive in this way. It is a crime that has been committed against me and the rest of the population that is worse and more serious a billion times and it is the state that is committing it. I have no more feelings because I am dying and for feelings there is no room for in my life now. She wants to provoke the anxious pathetic man who is going to start crying in front of her. I said this is not about it having shit for me in life where I had problems, but I have been exposed to crime. I said that I want to sue the mass murderers and then the care sends me to additional electrical stimulation that will hurt me even more to allegedly see my injuries to the body and nerves through electrical current. She said, (nyjee he he), you do not trust them. I said I was injured to death, with a 9-volt battery and then she asked me, where did I buy it? Is it in a store or on the internet? As if laws do not apply to the sale of products on the internet but barra in business. Another person who was a company doctor also told me, have you bought it in a store or on the internet. According to how they describe what you can then also sell weapons on the internet or an atomic bomb for who cares, it’s only on the internet. These are established companies that pay tax on the sale of them Sex junk stuff and they make money on it. Therefore, they are also obliged to warn people if it is dangerous. Because no one wants to be hurt. She said there should be a warning about this as there is for all electrical appliances. In addition, she said that I can get damages even though it is not that big, maybe up to 30 thousand kroner. She asked if I have tried to contact Sinful and if I have said that I have been hurt by it so that they can see how they can get better as a company on their products and that they prevent such cases in the future. You can also report it to the Swedish Consumer Agency. I then said “-ooooooo ne ne ne, they should not abdicate responsibility for the crime they have committed against me. If I were to tell them that I had been injured to death by their product, then they could say ‘Wow, that’s hurting the body. OK, we will remove it from sale so no one else will be harmed. We apologize for your injuries and then they are relieved of all responsibility for injuring me to death. Keep killing people because I will not release you from your crime. I told her that I had reported it to the Swedish Consumer Agency and was almost close to giving my name, but I decided to report it anonymously and they put it in newspapers. The ones at Sinful have removed the 9-volt device that I bought from them while they have continued to sell the others and one that is the same as the one that I bought but it is only with a different color. I told her that I prefer that they get the electrical stimulation in themselves over money. I’m not interested in money because they killed me and it’s legal even. She said -nje hehe- I understand that you think so after it has happened to you. Then I


tried to explain from another angle and told her that I was injured by 9-volt voltage and psychiatric care gives voltage of 450 to 700 volts electric shock to people into the brain and they repeat it over 20 times. They also say that it is not harmful. She said that the devices may not have been tested and that there is no research behind them. I said there is research behind ECT, and she said, yes there is research behind ECT. I told her ECT is execution and there is no care. It is the State that commits mass murder of people through all the electrical appliances, all it is genocide, and it is the State that drives it while at the same time they silence us when we write a blog about it. There, that time of one hour has ended and she said that unfortunately the time is over. I said that my intention was to be public so that people could hear about it, you cannot help me in any way because it’s not about me being depressed, it’s about me being injured to death and because of that I feel bad. I said I will never go there again because it is not the kind of help, I need. She said if you decide you want to talk then you are welcome here you have the number. I said I would do it thank you and goodbye. I’ll never do that.