Beyond Criminals: Unveiling Government Influence on Society – Blog Post 9


The electrical damage I have is eating up my body. It also eats up my brain and mind. Every day I feel like I’m at the end of dying. It constantly feels like my time as a living has expired. There is and has never been a single human being or any living organism that has felt such a horrible hell ever since life arose on this planet Earth. Only those who are damaged by electric current feel the suffering. Even worse is the seriousness of the realization of the crime that states commit on their citizens. There is less and less of the body that I feel where I am injured. What I have lost is turned against my own body. The injuries are fatal in such a way that the pain eventually becomes so great that you can no longer cope with that life of pain and suffering. It always ends in suicide for anyone who has been injured by all the various electrical appliances. This is the secret that all states have used, and they are still using it to kill people without trial. I have realized that no matter what example in nature I take where you die in a horrible way, everything can be compared to the electrical damage. States kill people in the same way I would compare it to the next example. Imagine if the state had put parasite found in rivers, Amoeba into spray against colds. Then the State says through media advertising that it is the latest modern scientifically developed and most effective product that can be used for everything from pain relief, better body mood, to strengthen the body’s immunity and what they do is that they lie to people right in the eyes, and when the state lies and commits murder, then they can commit murder completely unpunished, since it is the State that is the law. There is no one who punishes and scrutinizes the State. They have created a system in which the entire State, with all state institutions, participates in the genocide. They have distributed guilt and responsibility in such a way that no specific person or institution can be blamed as it is the state’s way of abdicating all responsibility. In the worst case, if you prove damages then the state pays damages which is a mockery of individuals where people who have received damages from the disgusting state guillotine ECT with the sum of 40,000 kronor. That example is the only one I have read about, and that case was in Norway, I think. But they do not stop mass murder, massacre. Instead, they continue with it, and they protect it with censorship, media silence and with media advertising, they again attract other adults and young people who are not informed into the death trap that exists in psychiatric care which in turn are directly linked with the others electric death butcher knives on 9-volt. Once you have tested it once and over the course of a few years, you are dead. In the end, you lose a brain that is eaten from the inside and the body disappears from the inside out. It leads right into death. The electrical appliances are literally identical to the deadly parasite Amoeba. It is the state that has had the worst horrible weapon in its hands that enables the state to kill the population in such a way that people rot live, but discreetly where you look whole. If we start to question them, then we are branded as mentally ill where our voice does not count when questioning power. You can only commit suicide so that your suffering ends. All this protects the state with media silence. With the same media through advertising, they have built an image of the deadly products as something completely harmless that can be used for everything, and it is crimes that do not count as crimes because it is the state that kills people. States can have control over crowds by the state destroying people through the deadly electric slaughter knives before people have become a danger to power or before people have had time to unite with at least support for each other by sharing information the truth with each other. If one succeeds in opening the eyes of people to the truth of how the state murders them and their children without them even being aware of it, then it may finally happen that the image of the state as just and fair, will disappear and then they will lose the doomsday weapon that kills people on an industrial scale. Then people and their children will be more secure in


the minefield that the governments of the world, together and in the same way, have laid out for us all ordinary people and our children. States boast about how criminals commit crimes, murders, and frauds. They do it, while states commit frauds for billions, where they leave a false statement so that it looks legal, but physically there is room where fraud can be committed by states. The only thing that proves that it is not fraud, is the state media advertising propaganda that has made us believe blindly in the state and therefore we do not question that fraud. No one questions the state because of state media lie propaganda that they have engraved into our subconscious image of the state as fair and then we believe in them and then we follow the state blindly. Not only that, but we also defend them, and we give them our voice while the State hidden beneath the surface kills us and our children. Criminals commit crimes and even the state commits crimes, although the state creates for us a deadly suffering, where we ourselves will take our own lives because of their crimes that they have exposed us to. The state by exposing us to crime, thanks to that crime, they force us to commit suicide, due to suffering. Then they abdicate all responsibility for our extinguished life. Instead, we end up in statistics where we are alleged to have committed suicide due to mental illness Depression, and it is to the advantage of the state where the murder that the state has committed on us, instead turns into advertising to psychiatric care, where they are allegedly fighting and provides care to people who are mentally ill, so that the same thing does not happen to those who have happened to us who have committed suicide. When we write about it, then we are censored by the state, so that crowds do not have access to that information and then they can lead people into death again and again. Every young person who feels bad, comes for the first time to Psychiatric care depressed, broken, vulnerable and without a built strong character on their personality and then they come there vulnerable. There the state comes into the picture with excluded information, the truth about the state’s hidden intentions and there media propaganda plays the crucial role where the young people are outright deceived where they go through the same treatment as me and it is about over 20 years into the future of their lives , where they will be killed by the state and the world campaign where each state uses the same template, to kill their people and at that level all states are united in one and the same giant power and rich elite, in the area where they kill individuals in their respective countries. We all ordinary people all over the planet happen to go to death in the same way where the police and psychiatric care form a whole that cannot be separated from each other. The police give us voices in our heads, while psychiatric care calls them voices Schizophrenia and as a cure, they give us all electric shocks of 450 to 700 volts with so-called ECT. So, the police make us sick by force through psychological torture, while psychiatric care executes the death penalty on us in closed psychiatric alleged care, with ECT. Are not the police the ones who protect us and do not make us sick? Is not psychiatric care that gives us psychologist care when we feel bad and why do they kill us instead? The Media should also be deployed together with the police and psychiatric care as they trick us into ignorance where we cannot defend ourselves against something that we do not know exists. It is a cycle of genocide on an industrial scale that the state commits on us ordinary people throughout the history of all mankind. Media all over the world are pure criminals involved in the mass murder while serving the state where they utter news that is nothing but an advertising propaganda and brainwashing of us ordinary people, to the state where they say that depression has exploded among the population but they do not say that they are the ones who are involved in the genocide of the same population by lying and excluding important information, which for us is about life or our death. They mislead and deceive people into the false sense of security and safety, where the media talk about things that people already know about, but never about what people do not know about, and it is genocide where people commit suicide due to damage caused by the state through advanced mass murder on an industrial scale. All the media, regardless of relations with the


left wing or the right-wing political wing, are criminals and mass murderers because they have never wanted to expose the worst terrorist tool on the planet that harvests people into mass death. The media is a state tool that protects the annihilation of individuals that the state tortures and investigates for crime. If I had been a journalist and if I had heard about people who have been injured to death, then I would not keep quiet about it, but I would say it openly so that everyone knows about it. The word Depression is a word invented from the human imagination, where the state uses that word to put a stamp on our sick behavior when they torture us with words for over 20 years. Their final deadly blow that they inflict on us is with the main weapon of genocide they have, the electric butcher knife, electric annihilation of the world’s civilian population. Out there on the internet, there is a total censorship where we can find just what states want us to see. States divide us ordinary people by dividing us apart by race, religion, sexual orientation and further by dividing us into criminal groups and law-abiding citizens. With state media propaganda, the state has throughout history-built state morality norms and ethical guidelines that we ordinary people must follow. In the norms on the surface, the behavior of the population is promoted where we treat each other with respect, where we live in harmony with each other and if we break the moral code, then we end up in the second group of the population that poses a danger to power and such people are outcast freaks, who are a disgrace to themselves and society. There we do not live in harmony, but we behave illogically, violently, where our behavior lacks culture with lots of swear words. We simply behave crazy, and our voice loses credibility in society. It is the state that kills us so that we fall out of the harmony line of ethical behavior. They take us to slaughter, and they convince the rest of the population who have lived a normal life all their lives and who have never felt the state abuse and the crime against humanity that we are the ones who have ruined our lives ourselves. No one has forced us and that the state could do that to us is impossible, it must be mental illness. In this way, they build prejudices in the eyes of the rest of the population towards us that are led into death by the Swedish state. Those prejudices have been built by society for thousands of years and they exist to have control over large crowds who do not realize that there are hidden intentions beneath the surface, where power aims to use and manipulate crowds for its own purposes. If we violate the state value, then we are hung out in the media as criminals of various kinds and with that they arouse resentment, reluctance, and disgust among the population, towards individuals who have happened to make a mistake in their lives. It punishes the state by arousing our fear, guilt and shame that should make us sit in the state ranks where we should behave as the state wants. As long as no one hurts us ordinary people, we are happy. In addition, we receive no reward if we stand up to power and therefore, we do not react when certain individuals are subjected to state lethal abuse. That is why we ordinary people do not stand for each other while the state picks us individuals as animals that they will slaughter, one by one. The state harms and hits hard on the people that the state has as a target. In my case, it seems that prison is not enough for me. Problem is the end of their police investigation against me, where they want me not to have any qualities that should characterize me as a human being, instead I demonize myself now because of the crime that the Swedish state has exposed me to. Through the injuries I now talk all the worst and they just wait until I have made a threat to the Swedish kingdom, that I have died because of the injuries or the most likely thing that can and will happen to me is that they will lock me in mental hospital because of my breakdown that I will get because of suffering, or that I will commit suicide because of the suffering, from hell. If none of that happens, then I will die the moment my body fails and stops functioning. When it’s stopped working, I’ll die from injuries. It is just a choice that Sweden has given me as a possible alternative that I can take so that it will stop hurting. In addition, we are too many people on this planet and that people commit suicide, enables survival and continued existence of humanity.


There are fewer mouths to feed. The only question is who is going to commit suicide. Yes, it is the outcasts and the unwanted individuals that the state sees as a threat. It is ordinary people that the state chooses, and the state reaches us all. I have been on the side of the law all my life. But when they are ready to kill me, then I realize that democracy, freedom, human rights are a lie, an illusion that does not exist in reality. I have realized that whole society participates in the mass murder and then I can no longer like the state or the power. They were sacred to me, but now that I’m dying for the crime, they’ve exposed me to, I realize they’re the most vicious mass murderers on the planet. They have taken my life. Criminals are people who have had enough of abuse of power, I think. They may have had bad experiences through life, and they organize themselves in groups so that they become stronger together. I’m one who has blindly followed state laws and seen how they have massacred me. It’s about community and I can never be one with Swedish society because I am a refugee from Bosnia. I am not Swedish and therefore I have been slaughtered by the Swedish state. I am a stranger who must be sacrificed, slaughtered to station an example an advertisement that will reduce and hopefully stop immigration to Sweden. You criminals are powerful together, but the state comes into your home and into your dreams. Walls and distances are not a stop barrier or a problem for the police. You can never notice that they are inside your mind. You only notice them when they want you to know and then they have started talking to you openly. The words they speak to you will lead you to death. They lie and mislead. You cannot defend yourself. I think there are instruments that can scan and detect the microwave waves or infrasound waves of all the invisible psychotronic weapons and maybe it is possible to trace the source from which they send it. If you should get it surveillance technological equipment that the police have, then it would be possible for you to access the people who torture you and perhaps who torture your children to death. With that technology in your hands, you would become the most powerful individuals on the planet and then you can reach the entire population that is power and rich elite. Not even the president is safe, by your hand. Then you are a real danger that can kill anyone while you can never be connected that you have anything to do with the death of the people you have had as a target. Now you can understand how powerful the state is. They know that you have illegal stuff in your possession, and they let you be, for the moment after they have another plan that is a thousand times worse for you. They will harm you permanently in one way or another. They will hurt and punish you in many times worse destruction of your body, destruction of your family and your life, than they could have punished you for possessing the illegal object that you have in your hands. As you can see, you must have knowledge of technology, computers, and politics, just so that you are aware of what the state can do to you and how close they can get to you without you being aware of it. Politicians with lies disarm us and not only that but they recruit us as their tools. They turn us into their tool, which they throw in the trash when they’ve used us. Criminals use weapons as their tool and the state has planted this as an advertisement in their subconscious, where we constantly see and hear in the news that criminals have shot each other. It is an advertisement that should stimulate and get criminals and people on their guard, where in their subconscious a threatening image is created against them, where they risk being shot with a weapon. Then they arm themselves and so the state propaganda works. If they say that shootings have doubled then it works like reverse psychology where criminals think they are in danger and then they shoot because they believe in state media propaganda news information, instead of getting friends’ ties with all existing criminal gangs on this planet and then they have no enemies. They have one that is the biggest and it is the government and the state system that is killing us all and our children. The media never say that criminals have shot Psychiatrists or have shot a psychologist, who executes the entire population through ECT and harmful drugs. Media never say that criminals have shot Police who kill people with psychotronic weapons and shoot people in the


street. The media never says that criminals have shot journalists who lie to the entire population and censor the existence of deadly products that are sold as something harmless to people, in order for people to commit suicide through the state death trap. According to the same media, the person who has died is branded as mentally ill who has died due to depression, or has died from carnivorous bacteria, while in fact necrosis has arisen due to electrical damage of 9-volts and so on. The media never say that criminals have shot politicians who have legalized genocide and mass murder on the entire civilian population, while keeping quiet that the genocide is going on in real life. They get people to vote for them, while they kill the same people who voted for them, if they went to any of the government annihilation system. The media never says that criminals have shot teachers, professors to death, in the school system who do not teach children and young people about death traps that the government has imposed on them and that are just waiting for them later in their lives and in that way, prepares children and young people through school for their final death, simply because the school has not taught them about this genocide dangerous Holocaust system through schooling, about this state genocide. That kind of teaching program does not even exist in school teaching. Media never say that criminals have shot to death, social service workers who deprive children of parents just because parents have their own culture and their own values, and when children are deprived of parents, then sometimes the children commit suicide in such children home and so on. Media never say that criminals have shot to death, film industry major producers and film actors, who teach children first through cartoons on how cool it is to get an electric shock in the body. Later, growing up, they continue to bombard children and young people with electric shocks, which they present as something completely harmless. Media never say that criminals have shot to death, The great religious parasite leader, and the army of religious priest parasites, who teach people in the belief of the magical world, which has only place in fairy tale books, while they do not utter a word about the electric annihilation that will lead the religiously brainwashed people to death. What should you expect from them? After all, they bury people in the yard. Media never say that criminals have shot to death, rich creators of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry, which are presented to people as cures, while the same medicines, shorten by tens of years of people’s lives and so on. One can go on to name all the murderers who are billion times worse than what criminals are in all infinity, for the humanity of the whole world, is built on lies and all that just so that the world power and rich elite will be able to murder adults, young people, and children completely unpunished. It is not even a crime when power and the rich elite murder ordinary people. Thanks to their lies power and rich elite always go safe, while as you can see, they all together kill us and our children. There comes politics that use the media as a weapon where they deceive us in a dozen different ways where we eventually become apathetic, calm, and unaware that the state is killing us while we do not react, and we are not even aware of it. We do not defend ourselves, because we believe that the state would never harm people to death while we, our family, our children, and our lives go into death. All that state nonsense about spreading democracy is a lie. In order for them to spread democracy and freedom around the world then they must be politicians who fight for human rights, freedom, equality all equal values ​​and most importantly for the safety of us and our children. We ordinary people should be safe, but this is not the case. They are lying and lying and therefore the vomiting of state propaganda does not work to spread human rights when they themselves have never fought for all that they claim to be fighting for. They use all that to kill us ordinary people. They convince us that we should believe that they have given us the human rights and when we believe in it, then they deceive us into death traps. They do all this so that we do not even think about suspecting that they are lying, just because we are going to go on deadly deception and down, we have gone to death then we realize that they are lying. They have always killed us as


animals through the electric death traps. If you do not believe in me how serious crime the electrical appliances are, then test them and you will see if I tell the truth. Criminals are constantly exposed in the media where they are demonized while the state fights for humanity against criminals and everyone who poses a threat to society and law-abiding people. Criminals are not the state, but they are ordinary people. All of us ordinary people are criminals. Do we make the slightest criminal mistake in our lives and then you are a criminal directly and then we are investigated by the police for crimes? We see that advertising through news, through films where criminals are evil who do not even have a soul. Half a fucking movie is about us seeing criminals kill people illogically where they have to be evil programmed by the devil himself and where at the end we see cops how they kill the evil criminal demons or well-trained commandos who kill terrorists, who have weapons in their hands in their own country, on the other side of the planet where they have been born and lived their whole lives and when we see them die then we say jessssssss. It is state propaganda that uses our emotions as a weapon against ourselves and in a way, they can make us do everything for them and that we also go right into death. They deceive us and we destroy ourselves and our surroundings ourselves and all guilt is blamed on us while the rich hierarchy of power runs clean as snow where they have nothing to do with this. The state, on the other hand, uses policies where they spread lies and with lies, they take control of our lives. They manipulate us in the same way that the parasite manipulates snails. I am not interested in money, but I want my body back which the Swedish state has taken from me. They killed me. I like the community in the big gangs. They protect each other and they do justice. The state is so evil that I see goodness and comfort in criminal organized community. In the media, it rings in bells about criminals as a danger. But no criminals have ever touched me or injured me since I came to Sweden. If they want then they can kill me whenever they want because I walk to work every morning because of the crime that Sweden has exposed me to and I do it just so that it will hurt a little less, for the occasion. The one who has harmed me is the state that claims to be righteous and all state institutions. That is why ordinary people, must not be armed and ordinary, people must not have access to such an advanced psychotronic weapon in their hands, which gives them the opportunity to enter the home of those in power and the rich into dreams of them and their children. Such a weapon, ordinary people must not have, while they do all that against us and our children that gives them the right and motivation that the police investigate us for crimes and then it is fair and legal to do so against us. For the state, we are less valuable than animals that will be slaughtered. The state with all its institutions is for the rich. We ordinary people only take up space and the limited resources available on this planet from it power and rich elite’s mouth. When the state harms people then you can never recover ever again. The whole society is built in such a way that the state can fool people into death. They can take revenge on you by destroying your child in front of your eyes right into death, mental hospital or in prison. Through the monitoring technological equipment, they have access to our children’s mind and psyche and in this way, they can make our children make devastating wrong decisions after decisions, which will cost them their lives.