How to lose weight: Vahid Redzic


Hello and welcome to my first blog post about weight loss. So, how can you lose weight and how can you get rid of belly fat and is it even possible to get slim again? Have you perhaps asked yourself at some point in your life when you look in the mirror, how thin you were once upon a time in comparison to your current body weight? Do you comfort yourself with words like, I’ve gotten old and that’s completely normal. It is not possible to remove all the fat that I have built up throughout my life. I’ve heard people make comments like that pretty much everywhere throughout my life, where people have reconciled with such false stereotypes claiming that it is impossible to lose weight once you have become very overweight and when you are older. Theoretically everyone knows that they can lose weight of course, but suggestively it happens to many people that they think they will not be able to do it especially if it is their first attempt in life where they do not have experience and lack the right information about how to lose weight. That’s how I was in the beginning a long time ago and there was a lack of information which meant I couldn’t make it at the time. Through the media, we are constantly exposed to marketing advertising which is nothing more than lowering the world’s population, and many of them target food products, including those rich in sugar. It can affect our consumption habits so that we buy food products filled with sugar which affects blood sugar level and results in insulin release but not all people buy into that advertisement. I think most people go for it. Excessive consumption of processed foods and sugary products contributes to ill health and weight gain, dependent total lifestyle including physical activity and other dietary habits. If you eat sugar, then you are addicted to drugs as sugar is in reality like a drug. A high sugar intake causes a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels, which leads to increased hunger and increased calorie intake, which in turn favors fat storage. It’s a vicious cycle that is very, very hard to break out of, in my opinion. A second overweight trap is carbohydrates prepared from Grains which contain both useful and unhealthy carbohydrates. Useful carbohydrates, found in whole grain products such as oats and brown rice, are broken down slowly in the body and provide stable energy. These are great because they keep you full longer and keep your blood sugar levels steady. Unhealthy carbohydrates are found in processed grain products such as white bread, pasta, macaroni, pizza, hamburger bread white and so on. They break down quickly and can lead to rapid blood sugar fluctuations that often give short-term satiety, while it has a lot of energy that


leads to quickly getting hungry again and then you eat again more times a day than if you had eaten slow carbohydrates that give a longer feeling of satiety where you don’t get hungry as much. Therefore it is better to choose whole grain products for a balanced diet which is absolutely right but I think even this is not true regarding carbohydrates in real life in my case at least but we will move on for now. Overweight and obesity are linked to serious diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. In addition, obesity can increase the risk of sleep apnea, depression, and joint problems, while certain cancers can also be linked to obesity. All of us humans on this planet know about this but still most of us are overweight most of the time. So, when we talk about obesity, then we should ask ourselves, should we have to reconcile with the fact that it is impossible to lose weight when we are overweight or when we are old? The problem with obesity and those diseases is that once we have become ill, then we can no longer do anything about it, after as if we have problems with the heart for example, we have to take medicines while those medicines give us obesity which damages the heart again and then it becomes a vicious circle that we can never get out of. I don’t have heart problems as far as I know but I was told that you gain weight because of that medicine. Take me as an example. I have medicated myself with the supposed medicine for bad mental health Seroquel which also makes me overweight, and which kills me under false claims that I should allegedly feel better mentally in some way. It doesn’t make me feel better and it hasn’t helped me in any way ever in my life. Instead, it has completely destroyed my health and all the time I took it was just a world power and rich elite death trojan horse which has kept me in a drugged state that I should lose my judgment which the nature of this Earth so unselfishly gave me when I was born. I was born normal in body and soul while people and the world’s power and rich elite have deprived me of all this through all the government’s death traps and one of those all-death traps is for example the medicine Seroquel. The process by which we are dying due to such death traps of the world’s power and wealthy elite is suffering from hell that cannot be compared even to the extermination camp I have been in Bosnia. I have been treated better there than I have been treated here in Sweden and there I received more human rights from Serbs than I received from the Swedish government through state institutions. If you are wondering if there is a hell where you should burn and obey, which is also used as a weapon by


threatening and blackmailing you through religions to build barriers and fear of some alleged threat and danger that does not even exist and never has existed in the real world that we all live in, I can tell you that the world’s power and rich elite’s indoctrinated fear on you that God will allegedly punish you for your sins, is nothing but the main world’s power and rich elite’s tool to be able to manipulate with you all the ordinary people of the world and hold you under control so that they can kill you and your children through government systems and through endless different death traps, while retaining your complete loyalty. War is just another death trap. The world’s power and wealthy elite lead you into all the death traps I have written about in while you see them as the only righteous authority you can trust. They have already led me into death and that is why I see everything. Being overweight is a death trap in itself. As you can see, obesity is something much more than just something that destroys our body and our self-esteem when we look in the mirror. It is the largest lee man which ultimately leads us all into diseases that we die from at the end of our lives. If you think you need to come to terms with your excess weight because you are overweight believing it is impossible to lose weight when you have already tried so many times and failed each time, I can tell you that I have worked out a lot and tested all different methods to lose weight throughout my life and now I know with the greatest probability what works well and what works less well. The fact is that such a thought has come into my head all the time regarding my excess weight and how terribly fat I have become. Excess weight creeps up slowly and we don’t think about it until we have a giant fat depot on our stomach and then we weigh close to and over 100 kg. Many people get to the point in life where they try to lose weight in different ways. We all know that it may be theoretically possible to lose weight but in real life most of us common people on this planet have failed in this attempt to become slimmer and healthier. What I want to achieve with my weight loss is that I should be just slim and normal just like all other normal people. I am neither beautiful, good looking or smart and I can’t compare myself to people on Instagram who train at inhuman levels. When you’re thin, it’s easier to walk too. It’s not something you don’t already know everything about, but you can be easily misled when you’ve seen and heard advice from all the different dieticians, exercise experts, doctors talking about food, about what’s useful and what’s not. It feels like there are so-called experts of thousands of different kinds who talk about their own version of how to eat, be


active or how to exercise in order to lose weight, that it only leads to we just get misled, so we don’t even know who to listen to. I have lost weight in the last year 15 kg in 5 or 6 months if not maybe less than that. I was 95 kg in September of the year 2022 when I started trying to lose weight, while now I have lost even more weight so that I currently weigh 77 kg and sometimes 76 kg. All of us who are overweight and fat, have gained excess weight due to various reasons. The only reason I was overweight is because I have been misled by the Swedish health care to start with medicine Seroquel for so-called bad mental health which I have mentioned so many times before that has destroyed my body in all possible ways and being overweight is one of the many ways that medicine destroys the body and health. The government’s criminal genocide serial killer hand called the healthcare system presents the poison of medicine, the death through media as a cure for mental illness that lowers anxiety, while that medicine destroys the body completely and because of the destroyed body one gets anxiety and mental problems from hell. Even though I have lost weight, my body is ruined because now without the excess weight, I have sagging skin left over by the medicine that has left its mark. Now the excess sagging skin is the reason that gives me anxiety even though I don’t have much. Add to this pain that affects my judgment negatively and drives me to insanity that has devastating consequences for my life and what choices and path I will take in the future; one thing is very clear to me and that is that I am heading towards death in one way or another. You only need to take medicine from psychiatry and no matter which one you take; they are designed only to destroy people in every possible way imaginable but never to cure. If I’m going to start talking about my obesity, my obesity gives me anxiety since I started medicating myself more than 20 years ago with the poison Seroquel with side effects such as: diabetes, suicide, obesity and so on, while that medication is and was all along the only reason, I’m overweight at all. That medicine has ruined my life, and it has stolen all the years while I was taking it because I was drugged most of the day in some kind of hellish dream filled with anxiety, pain, suffering, but numbed like that. At a certain time when I started taking such medicines, I was close to getting diabetes as well, and I have already written about that a long time ago. In reality, all of us the common people of the world regardless of what religion we may belong to, are given by our so called governments through our each society’s healthcare system only the helping hand of death, while they have manipulated and convinced us through our


supposedly fine common religion, our fine god that protects us from-but I don’t know what?, our fine nation, our race, our country’s flag, our fine religious nationalist name that has put just a sniper board on our forehead, our ethnicity’s propaganda believing that they care about us and our children’s physical and mental health just because we pray to the same damn God, while all the governments on this planet in agreement together organized clean out of each people the broken people from society and make broken people out of healthy people through death traps and all that they protect with media silence. That’s how they all commit massacres of civilians, while when you say that they commit all this, then they say that you are mentally ill, that you suffer from delusions and that you need psychiatric care where ECT at 450 volts and more waiting for you, me, our children and all of us, when we have struck straight into the viper’s nest of the world’s power and wealthy elite and have explained to people their main means of killing us all. Our trust in them ends with only one guaranteed exit, and the exit is our ruined body, our ruined mental health, our poor self-confidence filled with constant anxiety due to being overweight and lots of other even worse government evil deeds against us common people of the world. All that together damages the body, brain and finally leads to premature death which can be about 20 and many more lost years of our life and all the massacre, the genocide they commit in endless different ways. I have realized that all our governments together in concert with each other organized lies to all of us the civil population of the world right in front of our eyes, so that they can kill us when it has become our turn to die, if they see us as a threat, if we no longer fit in society and simply because we have become old, after which we only cost society. Therefore, we must be eliminated so that we do not cost society and that we make room for new generations who will work and pay taxes until it is their turn. They have the right to purge us ordinary people from society but we ordinary people do not have the right to purge the world’s power and rich elite from society and we are not even allowed to question them, because at that point we are mentally ill. All the abuses on the civilian population they commit together completely legally by lying to the people right in their eyes for thousands of years throughout the history of the world’s power and wealthy elite, for human history has never existed. They punish us for crimes we commit, while they themselves are never punished for the crimes they have committed against us the common people of the world. They talk a thing in the media where they


imagine themselves as the only fair, infallible ones who speak the truth, while we common people are not allowed to even think of suspecting that they are lying to us right in our eyes at the expense of our and our children’s lives, while in reality they lie day and night and do something completely different in real life. The reason I have started working out again, is that I have reached the grave because of the medicine Seroquel combined with the electrical damage that I have. Both are just part of the arsenal of all the death traps through government systems served up to us common people and our children under false pretenses. We only need to be tricked into biting into the death trap and when we have been injured or when we have contracted a fatal disease, then our health is permanently damaged and death has moved into our body and into our life, where we have no life left and that is also the meaning of various government death traps that we should have no life, that we should die so that society will be cleansed of another broken human being. Then we can say goodbye to the normal life we’ve had and after that it’s only hell that you live through before you die. When we common people have fallen into the trap, then it is only media silence that prevails when we who have fallen into their death trap begin to speak. Anyway, I won’t talk more about them because this is a different kind of website, where everything should be beautiful and wonderful, but still, it is far from beautiful and wonderful. Instead, it’s horror and my impending death that mean welcome to reality. This was the last blog post I wrote (BLOG POST 21 – BIOGRAPHY OF MY LIFE). I don’t re-read blog posts I’ve written. When I think a little better, I should do it so that I know what I’ve already said, so that I don’t have to repeat it all over again, after my brain is seriously damaged by that medicine and the electrical damage together. I have started to forget things that have happened, and I never experienced anything like that in my life before I was injured. My emotional life no longer exists, my body is completely destroyed, and I am constantly on the edge between life and death, actually much closer than the day I blogged that blog post. Already there I noticed that I had a hard time writing, while it was very easy before the last blog compared to then and now. Now it’s even harder for me to write because my soul or consciousness has eroded to such an extent that I don’t even know if there’s anything left of me anymore. But I’ll go after my memories if there’s anything left. If we are talking now about how to lose weight, then I guess it is important to also mention the abuse of other harmful substances. When I wrote that blog post, I said that I drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, snuff, take


medicine if nothing else now. In the same week I have quit cigarettes after it was too expensive, and I know it harms my health too.

Have stopped smoking

I took the medicine Seroquel believing it would lower my pain without a single thought entering my head to try stopping taking it and testing if there is any change in the pain scale. On the pain scale, nothing has changed except that it is much bigger and worse whether I take Seroquel or not. The only difference is that the pain scale has become much greater because more of the nervous system has died. So it is really painful and I feel nothing but pain and suffering which distorts my perception of reality, but it is meant for us and that is the purpose of such death traps laid out for us civilians to drive us insane and when you are victimized by crimes where the body is permanently damaged and where you know you die because of this crime, you go crazy knowing that the guilty go free and are protected by the government through the police, while they lead new people and our children into the grave even now at that moment.

lowering of the world’s population

To see the guilty go free and to know that government through the police protects them, so even an idiot would understand that it is the governments of the world who are behind the lowering of us the world’s common people and our children through state systems and the purpose of that genocide is of course:

1- lower the world population,

2-this is how the governments of the world collectively lower the population of the world in peacetime through governmental systems so that we will be driven to speak publicly against our will before we are dead and so that we will draw attention to ourselves just like me do now, where I write about all this and just make my life more hell than it already is. The purpose is for me to get into trouble even in social contexts so that someone kills me because of what I write about, while with electrical damage you cannot keep quiet even if you know you will be murdered. This is yet another death trap that our governments have planned in minute detail, and it is experience built not through human history, but through the history of the world’s power and wealthy elite together and what I mean is torture of civilian populations to death by government through state institutions. Now the system of killing the civilian population is just


perfected. There are many people who don’t like what I write about and that I write anything at all. In Bosnia I would have been murdered a long time ago even without a single written blog post and this kind of blog would not be possible if I lived there in Bosnia. Already after the first blog post I would either be murdered or locked up probably in a mental hospital and there I would also be murdered by my own so-called Bosniak brothers through religion. Better question is if there is anyone there who does not want to kill me, because the others are exactly the same due to the fact that they commit massacres together on their own people and on each other’s people. The only thing is that if I start talking about Serbian and Croatian power and the rich elite, then it will have the opposite effect where it will be interpreted as an enemy from the opposite side talking against us and that is the basic way the whole world power and rich elite together control, manipulate and kill whoever they want from their own people and each other’s people by using religions as fuel to exploit people’s emotions as a weapon against people. Serbian, Croatian, Bosniak people, Swedish people, and the common people of the whole world on this planet must realize the truth themselves and such words as I utter must come from the civil population of the whole world when they have realized the truth. We must unite! for that is the only way we can free ourselves ordinary people from the common evil and that is the only way we can protect our children from certain death. I can say to you Serbian and Croatian common people that I am not your enemy, I am your best friend because there is no We and Them. It is about those who are the world’s power and rich elite and Serbian, Bosniak, and Croat power and rich elite are part of the world’s power and rich elite who together in agreement murder us ordinary people regardless of whether we are Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Swedes or any other people on this planet. This applies and these massacres are committed all over the world in the same way under the false pretense of justifiable reason of conflicts between different religions. People are murdered in Bosnia in exactly the same way that people are murdered here in Sweden through healthcare and the same thing is happening all over the world. Here in Sweden, the only difference is that I am allowed to write because of the fake Western democracy that has an interest in letting me speak so that I become like a stationed example that must tell all immigrants but especially Muslims, how people will be murdered if they come to Sweden as refugees, but the aim is still that I will die in the end and that is what is happening to me now. Also, I am now legally guilty of my


blog and that is the last piece of the puzzle they need to lock me up permanently and kill me there. They’ve already killed me. Everyone wants me to be silent, but everyone laughs at me when they see me suffering, dying and perishing. I see that I am portrayed through various media sources as some kind of crazy, where they portray me as some type of demon who allegedly does what it wants without thinking of consequences by comparing me to dead skull who has lost his mind and wants to spread death a little everywhere, although I have explained everything through blog for so many years that I have been exposed to crime or better said have been exposed to fascism or Swedish apartheid. Why don’t you suggest skull with the world’s power and rich elite? Why don’t you suggest skulls with all healthcare on this planet because it’s a skull that should be at the entrance of every single hospital and medical center in the whole world, so people know what they’re getting into. It’s their way of getting me killed. They build an image of me as a dangerous person who should suggestively arouse emotions in people who are dangerous in reality to wonder if I am really that dangerous. I’m not dangerous at all. I am harmless and I am the only real honest friend of the dangerous people on this planet regardless of their race and religion. It is the world’s power and rich elite who have shaped them and who have created them by exposing them to government criminality from childhood until now and now when they have lost all respect for government the same way I have, so now the media demonizes them and me as if we were monsters, but the media keeps quiet about its massacre of industrial skulls through state systems. I am the only person on this planet who speaks openly in their favor and who stands by their side as we share the same fate. We are being murdered by government through government systems and in the end we will all die in one way or another, after which it is impossible to fight against such advanced death traps that have been developed over thousands of years of the world’s history of power and wealthy elite. You witness my death live. This is their way of discrediting my words and they are just tools of governments that neutralize every critical word against the government’s dictator and deadly assault on civilian population, even if I speak the truth. But we move on. After all, I am a monster according to the Swedish government who must be treated like a monster while they did not give me a fair trial in court even though I have demanded it. Everyone knows that I have written that I have confessed my crime and that I want to be punished and serve my sentence so that I will be free in the sense of the law. But I see that


the world’s power and wealthy elite, including my own ex-Bosniak power and wealthy elite, are trying to play on my feelings of guilt to make me feel guilty and rot from within. Imprisonment is not enough; confession and willingness are not enough to end that government’s cloud of blackmail and threats by blaming me for all eternity. They are trying to lead me into traps with suggestive media message propaganda in exactly the same way as the Swedish and the whole world’s government does. I see that they are identical to the governments of the entire world and the power and rich elite, which means that all of them together are the worst evil on this planet committing the most extensive mass murders of civilians old young and children together all over the planet through government systems. I have no guilt I can tell you, and mentally I am 100% free. As you can see because of suffering I have a very hard time controlling myself so that I don’t start talking about the culprits who have led me to death who are the world’s power and rich elite. Despite all this dying, I was acutely aware that if I didn’t lose weight, I would die for sure. Anyway, because of that medicine I have been constantly hungry so I always ate 2 big plates of food because I couldn’t eat less than that. The feeling of hunger was so unbearable that it was pure OCD impulses that drove me to eat constantly because I was so hungry. I felt strong cravings for alcohol just like I had for food like carbs, fat, and sugar. I felt exactly addicted to alcohol, so I drank beer 3.5% to reduce anxiety due to pain and ongoing death process and it is also the addictive craving that drives me to drink. With 3.5% beer, I retain some control over my behavior, while with stronger alcohol, I don’t become aware of what I’m doing. My brain is destroyed, so electrical damage along with medication is completely robbing me of my sanity. Electrical damage combined with medicine produces the most severe mental illness conditions and both physical and mental suffering that people cannot even imagine. I’ve noticed that both electrical damage and medicine hurt me, torture me, and drive me insane 50% + 50%. This hellish suffering and ongoing process of death is really madness that has robbed me of all control over my emotions and over my behavior and thanks to it I commit mistake after mistake, where I compulsively embarrass myself thanks to suffering that steals all my attention from its real life I live.

I embarrass myself.


My mental judgment is completely thrown off because my brain is damaged to such an extent that I embarrass myself all the time due to the deprived ability to manage to think normally due to electrical damage and that really much. I never commit any crime, but you know what happens to people who drink. People drink because of problems in life and it’s a vicious circle. You can say now stop drinking then. I couldn’t stop drinking alcohol until I stopped poisoning my body with that medicine. I only took that medicine because of government lies that have convinced me into believing that it is something that is still medicine. There you see that even this faith that I had, was nothing more than just one more trap of death that I have walked into without being aware that I was already in it all along. I knew it was a poison, but I thought it would at least reduce pain. I was tricked into believing that the pain will get much worse if I don’t take it, so throwing toxic garbage in the garbage never occurred to me. I can tell you that since I came to Sweden as a refugee and until now, I have only lived my life. I have never harmed anyone, either physically or verbally, while to me the worst imaginable things happen and have happened that you cannot even imagine. Ordinary people hurt me and no one on this planet has hurt me as much as the Swedish police, Swedish healthcare and the Swedish media have. Through the media and the internet, I have walked into death traps. I don’t know what the Swedish police have done after that no matter if I don’t even step on an ant, I still see that everyone wants to kill me thanks to the Swedish government through state systems that have made me a scapegoat, where they direct people’s attention to me so that crimes that have been committed against me are blamed on me as if it is my fault that people want to kill me, after which I am allegedly an individual who spews illogical accusations against the Swedish and the governments of the whole world who would never ever do anything such against civilian population because their values are so glorious that they can be compared to gift from God. But in reality, in that they have exposed me to crime through the electric death trap, they have forced me by force against my own will that I now accuse all the governments and religions of the world because I see the truth now and now I can no longer behave as I have behaved when I did not know anything before I was hurt. What they are doing is building up prejudice against me and demonizing and dehumanizing me as an individual, where they have already prepared the ground for some of the other ordinary people to kill me or it will make the healthcare service in the service of the Swedish government when I


have arrived in their hands next time, or they will disfigure me and hurt me even more to make me suffer even more psychologically and in that way be driven to a complete mental breakdown that will label me as crazy, after which I cannot control my behavior. This is exactly how they drive me crazy, and this is how all the governments of the world, and the rich elite are getting people to commit suicide, that people should kill each other, and that people should die because of the crime the governments of the world have subjected to the same people because that is what they have done to me so far. In this way, all the governments of the world make people either commit suicide, commit murder, or die due to bodily harm that the government has deceived people through the media and the Internet. Everything that I have done to myself, the Swedish government has induced through medications, by outlawed crime of electric death trap and through the police who talk to me every night even now, because that’s how people are led to the grave in the current modern era. The Swedish government wants to get rid of me now. Terrible things were going on in my life this past year. Of some evil deeds I was aware of while of some others, I did not expect, and which have happened and each time there is less and less of me left. I have been hurt more this past year, than I have been hurt in my entire life and all because of the Swedish government that has hurt me physically and mentally through the police who fill my head with constant words every night. In some strange way those words completely throw my psyche and that’s why they speak to me, otherwise they wouldn’t speak to me for the meaning is that I shall be wiped out and liquidated both physically and mentally, so that I shall appear untrustworthy when they are done with me. I felt like I was walking into trap after trap and honestly, I’ve walked into every trap there is so I don’t think there’s any more to walk into. It felt like I had the whole world against me but I’m not going to talk about that in this affiliate marketing site, although I have so much difficulty controlling myself because of all the abuse that has been committed against me and all the deadly violence, after which they will block money from companies that give me affiliate programs but on the other hand I think that I will not get a single penny from this affiliate marketing because it’s just another way how they destroy me financially as well. The Swedish government wants to take away my workplace also after they have automatically succeeded in this too by exposing me to crime through the electric death trap. Everything is more difficult for me now that I suffer during the day more just in a single day, than a person suffers in his


whole life who is not injured in any way. To my great surprise now as I write this, I have been given some affiliate marketing programs by companies for me to promote their products. I thought no one wants to give me this considering what I write. But I am so overjoyed that they gave me the affiliate program and I am endlessly grateful to them for this. You may have seen cases where famous successful influences have lost their contract with the fashion industry, for example, just because they dared to say something that violates the media propaganda norms that the world’s governments poison the minds of the entire world’s civilian population with. This is how the world’s governments and the wealthy elite commit state dictatorial abuses against the civilian population under false pretenses of democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Blog donations

As you know I have posted that donation in asking you common people for help so that I can pay bills because I was close to ending up on the street because of all the bills that I have to pay. I have a good salary and I am happy with my income, but I have bigger bills, so it has pushed me into financial collapse. It’s a constant battle with bills. I have tested those donations myself through (Stripe payment processing platform) and it has always worked flawlessly when I donate to myself and even when I tell other people to donate to me it works fine the same way, so I pay the money for them to donate with their own card and that works too. I get direct confirmation of their name, that they have donated. Even Swish works flawlessly in the same way and even there I have not received a single penny from unknown people. So, all that is blocked. I am constantly monitored by the police day and night, so they know that I am donating to myself and that is why they allow me to donate as well so that I will never know if it works or not. I have received an F tax certificate legally from the Swedish government, which means that I have registered a company so that I can receive donations and the only thing that I need to pay is tax, which I would of course pay regularly as well. I was very surprised that they let me get an F tax bill, considering what I have written. I became suspicious, thinking that this has been going way too well to be true considering that everything throughout my life has gone to hell and all doors were always closed to me throughout my life. But now I understand why they allowed me to get F tax bill because they still block all this, so I won’t get anything. Publicly they are


giving me F skate tickets legally, while under the surface they are blocking donations so to me it looks like they are committing a crime, and they are. Why should they give me the F tax bill when they intend to block donations. What they want it to look like is: according to our Scandinavian Western democracy, our Western freedom, our white race, culture, our civilized Western values that no one else on this planet has and the equal worth of all people, according to the law and your human rights that we have given you Vahid, here you get the F tax bill completely legally and that you have not received a single crown, means that no one on this planet wants to give you a single crown. Everything you write is your imagination according to the opinion of our well-educated specialists who are always right and our racist researchers in the Swedish health care and especially the genocidal serial killer psychiatric care because it is one and the same thing, while everything that we Scandinavian Vikings publish in the media is true as – TV said so! It is only us who are the finest white race while you yourself look a little dark. It’s time I start calling it what it really is and what it’s all about. One day I will tell you how I plan to use your donations but not for now while I am working on affiliate marketing. It is impossible that not even a single human being on this planet would not want to donate me at least one pizza’s worth of donation. One of my friends on Facebook would donate me a pizza I guess, because there I see that they are also going through the same process of ongoing death on the other side of this planet. If you have noticed when the donation process starts, it scrolls around and for you I think it scrolls endlessly without you being able to donate, while for me it scrolls for a few seconds and then it clicks when it identifies me and me lets it continue to being able to donate. You know the truth if it works or not and you knew it all along, but I didn’t. No one wants to tell me if it works either. It’s like that blog doesn’t even exist. Swish is under the control of the Swedish government while Stripe is under the control of the US government. I googled Stripe. It is the Irish and US government that have the company in their countries and all companies are controlled by the governments of the country where the company is located. So, the US government together with the Swedish government is doing all this together against me and individually against all of us ordinary people on this plane through government systems and they together have also taken my life and I will explain that in the future. Irish power and wealthy elite are not better one bit because it is not about Irish, USA and Swedish ordinary people but it is about the world’s power and rich elite and they are all the same together. They


have killed me together. This is what all the governments of the world are doing together against all of us including my own so called Bosniak power and rich elite. They too are in on this 100% and they too have killed me. They also probably cooperate with the Swedish government when it comes to me. There in Bosnia we have further division where Serb, Croat and Bosnjak power and rich elite together do such things against each their own people and at the same time against each other’s people, while publicly pretending to care for their own people with nationalist religious propaganda on all three sides. But anyway, now I’m going to say a few words about email in my blog. Email works flawlessly but I have never ever, except once, received a single message from you regular folk regarding your comment and opinion on the blog I have written. I have only received offers to purchase more services for WordPress that are intended for that blog. What I have received by mail is what the Swedish government has allowed to reach me. The only time I got a message from an actual human was as recently as one to two months ago. That message was short and cryptic and not good at all. In the beginning when I started writing the first blog post in the first blog on Word while this is Word press ORG, I had a Hotmail address linked to the blog and then I got positive comments even from Swedes, but then when I have written a little more has government through its hand the police change the password on that Hotmail so I won’t be able to read people’s comments, so I couldn’t log in to see what people write. I guess even comments have become less good. I am aware that it is something very good that I write that exposes the massacre that the world’s power and rich elite are committing on billions of people worldwide and I understand that they do not like what I write. But at the same time, I also expect the worst from brainwashed people too, but that is the truth of the real world we live in and I only have one life and they have taken it away from me. If I have to choose between dying in silence like billions of people have already done and who have been similarly murdered by the history of that world’s power and wealthy elite while they have remained silent and that I will choose to speak as almost no one on this planet has done so far, I choose to speak even if I were the first in its kind on this planet. Before I got injured while trying to lose weight, I stopped medicating myself with Seroquel and it was a permanent decision where I never in my life wanted to start taking them again. The reason I started medicating again with Seroquel was because I was injured by the electrical death trap trojan horse. So, when I was trying to lose weight before I


got injured, I went off meds and at most I’ve gone down to 81kg from 105kg overweight, I think. Back then I knew how to eat right but not nearly as well as I know now. Now back to the last year of my life. Since that blog post 21 as injured, time went by and disaster after disaster happened, and I was so overweight on my stomach that I looked like a hippopotamus or a pear fruit. I looked forward to weekends to buy beer and when I drank then anxiety was temporarily lowered but in that I am so destroyed and my mental psyche is so gone vaporized so with all the inbuilt compulsion learned monster behavior due to conditions I have lived under for more than 20 years of psychological and physical torture through pain in the body and through the mental torture of unwelcome words from the police every night, I am insanely angry because of electrical damage it provokes anger but even now I have every reason in the world to be angry after I die because I have been a victim of crime. I was constantly tired because of that medicine so it prevented me from being able to even get up on my feet at all. But I had to function in society, and I have functioned 100% all the time until one day something happened when I had difficulty breathing. I gradually got a horrible rash on my body, and I mean it took months for that rash to creep up. There wasn’t a centimeter of my body that didn’t itch, and I had sores all over my body as if I had been bitten by scabies or bedbugs. I couldn’t bear to continue living anymore even though I want to live so badly and then I realized that I am dying at that moment because the body is starting to fail. I thought I will die the same day and I was waiting every moment for death to happen. Despite all the evidence through my ongoing death trial, I still believed that governments give us medicine to make us feel better and I thought it would at least reduce pain. When I got impulses from my body feeling like I’m going to pass out where my heart is beating fast and with all that rash on my body, I had the Eureka experience for the first time in my life where I realized that I’m going to die if I keep taking that medicine. At that moment I decided to stop taking it forever, because at that moment I finally realized that it is killing me. It was about choosing between life or death and then when I stopped taking medicine, even greater hell began. Usually, I could only sleep while taking that medication and never without it, so it has completely destroyed my body’s ability to fall asleep on its own. Before that I thought you die if you don’t sleep for a few days so now without the medicine I couldn’t sleep at night and the next day I was exhausted. Then the next day I sleep around 4:00 PM and sleep for an hour or two. After that I


couldn’t sleep for two days and this time it was unbearable then I sleep again only for 3 to 4 hours. Over time it got better and now without medication I fall asleep easily. I actually now have a problem that I fall asleep far too easily. It’s a bit like narcolepsy, but it’s not. In any case, I decided to start training then again. The day I got injured and up to this point I’m talking about; I haven’t trained a single day because with that medicine it’s impossible. The poison of medicine erases even the smallest thought of wanting to start exercising or being physically active. It destroys the will for everything positive while it creates impulses for everything negative such as cravings for alcohol, sugar, unhealthy carbohydrates, fats and just sitting and doing nothing. While you are affected by it, it also causes severe psychological problems. It destroys the will for life itself. As for walking, I could walk back and forth to work even with that medication, but I have never walked to lose weight while on it because it wipes out all desire for anything. So, now without medicine I started walking longer distances sometimes 10 km where I walk that distance forward and I go back home by bus and the next day I walked 20 km where I also walk back instead of going home by bus, which means about 19 to 20 km walking distance a few times a week and the medicine slowly went out of my body. Then after a short time I decided to start training. At gyms, there are two different memberships. One is with a commitment period of one full year and then once you have committed then you cannot cancel membership before the year has expired. The other one is more expensive, but you can cancel membership after one month if I remember correctly. So, I bought the short more expensive one because I didn’t know if I could ever train again in my life. I thought if I see that I can’t train and that’s what I believed, then I will cancel the membership so that I don’t have to pay further because I don’t have any money anyway. I bought it and on the first day when I’m going to train the thought came into my head that I should take a picture of how fat, disgusting as usual and overweight I am so that I can see progress later. But while I was so overweight and weak in body, that drug still had all the control over my brain by wiping out all the hope and all the positivity, so honestly, I thought I’ll just go home because I thought I won’t even be able to train the way I once could before I got injured. I regret so much that I did not take at least one picture that day so that I can show it to you now. Usually, I don’t like to have my photo taken when I’m overweight because it knocks my self-confidence to the bottom, to see myself looking that overweight and ugly. This picture was taken many years ago and here I


considered myself slimmer after losing weight. Before I started working out in September, I was five times more overweight, and I also had a stomach on the side and front, so I was like a Peron fruit.

Minolta DSC

I took these new pictures yesterday, otherwise I never take pictures of myself. For the first time I really realized how ugly I really am. So, I’m fuller than I realized. On the other hand, my skin color doesn’t look like that. It’s the damn useless camera that I can’t get good focus on, or I don’t really know how to fix it properly. I may appear to you as someone who is angry, and very serious because of my appearance. Also, that I don’t laugh and smile in pictures is even worse, almost like abnormal considering that all people smile all the time in their pictures. I like humor very much and I laugh at my jokes that pop into my head out of nowhere. I have tried laughing so that I take a picture where I smile but when the camera starts counting down for 10 seconds and then when it should take a picture, then I get social phobia in front of the camera and my face becomes paralyzed. I would never take these pictures and post them in a blog. But in this case if I’m going to talk about how to lose weight to the common people of the world, then I have to provide proof that I myself have succeeded in losing weight and I have. It’s no problem for me.

Minolta DSC


So back to that story about first attempts to start working out at the gym. Once at the gym when I came in as overweight as a hippopotamus and with all those rashes on my body I thought about my time when I have worked out how strong and durable I was before the electrical injury in comparison to the moment where I feel like a disabled person 100 year old who is dying. When I was about to start lifting weights, I realized how weak my muscles had become. I couldn’t lift light weights more than 4 or 5 times. But after a week I regained some strength. That rash was killing me so I decided I have to go to the health center even though I don’t expect anything good from them. I didn’t know what is causing the rash, if it could be scabies, bedbugs or if it could be maybe the body reacting to something. They looked at that rash and of course took a blood test to see blood levels. There was a problem with the liver where there was a slightly elevated value of something but can’t remember what now. That’s what they told me and it seems more like they toned down the seriousness a little bit to me, while for me it felt like it was a matter of life or death. So, in September I stopped taking medications and I also sought treatment for the rash on my body and then I was given Histamine tablets. As long as I take Histamine tablets everything is fine, but the very next night it starts to itch again and then I take it again and then it gets better again. I didn’t know that skin disease can cause such hell of suffering. In addition to electrical damage, now I got that too and then it looked like pure horror to me. I thought I will have that rash for the rest of my life. For maybe two months I have been taking Histamine tablets and then I was told by the health care to stop taking Histamine and test if the skin rash will come back. I did so and the rash never came back. So after about two months I was completely free of that rash. In December, New Year’s Eve came. I’ve been alone for so many years on New Year’s Eve that I get traumatized when I see people in groups while I was always alone outside when it’s time for fireworks. I’m always alone and I’m tired of it so much that I think I’ll never ever be able to spend New Years either alone or with someone, after which now I have a trauma of loneliness that I associate with New Years. It means absolutely nothing to me anymore and I don’t think it means anything to anyone who is old. Not to start talking about holidays because I have only stayed in Sweden for decade after decade, because of the police and their persuasiveness with words through the cursed weapon V2K-Voice of Good Weapons Technology all these years and it’s even worse. I was


looking forward to the end of the firework sound so that it will be quiet and instead I thought about exercise because I have decided that I will lose weight and now it is starting to go a little better with my weight loss. I worked out and quickly regained strength in my body. I have been training 5 days a week. I used to train two days in a row while resting one and then two days again and rest one. When I rest then I walk 10 km or 20 km. This is how I trained at the gym:

Day 1Back and biceps + legs
Day 2Chest and triceps
Day 3I rest with a walk and sometimes I really rested and did nothing because I needed to rest too

Sometimes instead of exercise I have been walking, because I want to burn fat and be thin after more than 20 to 30 years of being overweight. You can’t get rid of fat with just exercise. I quickly regained endurance, but this way of training is too much, and it will go to hell later. This thing where I train my back and triceps along with legs is too much and it wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t started looking on YouTube about how to lose weight because I want to see fat disappear in a week, even if I know it won’t go that fast. If you can understand me, the only problem for me is my stomach. Seeing that big fat lump on my body gave me so much anxiety all the time I was taking that medicine. I am so madly pissed off when I look at it and now that I have started training again and have full strength in my body, my blood is boiling with anger. I don’t have the time, patience or desire to waste any more time of my life being overweight, so I was willing to do anything to speed up that weight loss by any means available. I have pulled or suctioned my stomach when I go out on the street for 20 years trying to mask it to make it look smaller, but I can’t hide it overweight and my body, stores all fat mostly precisely on the stomach. Of course, I looked too damned everywhere. I gained really good muscle very quickly but when I look in the mirror, I have gained some muscle, but the fat is still there. I looked at all that belly fat and thought I need to speed up this weight loss. I lost weight from 95 kg when I started in September 2022 to 83 kg in March 2023 and it stayed there so I plateaued. No matter how much I’ve walked and exercised, it doesn’t matter because it says 83 kg and fat doesn’t


disappear anymore. It just didn’t go down any more regardless of whether I walk 20 km, if I exercised, if I have eaten healthy food with completely excluded carbohydrates, so nothing helps. But if I had been a little more patient than I would have realized that it is going in the right direction. I thought I needed to learn more about how to burn fat, so I checked out YouTube and first stumbled upon the fasting diet. According to them, you fast for 18 hours and then eat for 6 hours. For 18 hours you only drink water and a lot of water. I have heard before about such diets and then I thought that these people are deceiving people that people will kill themselves through starvation but this time I see that my weight loss is stuck, and I want to speed it up a bit. Also, now I’ve watched these videos that I otherwise never wanted to do before. They sound convincing because I would like to believe that it is true, but I thought how I can starve myself for 18 hours and I have never done this in my life with my own will. Also, I know from experience when I ate junk carbs like bread, pasta and so on, if I’m hungry then I start shaking and then I’m about to pass out if I don’t eat. One more small detail. Since I have started with healthy food right away in September, my body’s health has improved where the food I eat now makes me feel fuller than when I ate a lot of carbohydrates and was still hungry all the time. When you eat the way I do, blood sugar or insulin stays stable around the clock. My blood sugar has completely improved and is normal all the time. What they said, I have already noticed myself and they also said that you can fast if you eat in the way that I do. What they show is what I knew all along without their diet program. I didn’t even know that my way of eating is called a diet. For me, that’s the only logical conclusion I could come up with. So, what is it that I eat and why have I managed to lose weight without any risk of gaining weight ever again in my life?

The food that I eat.

Now finally we also get to the secret of why people fail with their weight loss, which the entire world’s population has been tricked into seeing as something obvious and normal and that secret is fast useless and useful carbohydrates!

Most of the so-called experts will give you a program on how to eat and in their program, there are whole grains, and such allegedly useful carbohydrates, which is a trap that they usually brag about to people such as: you can eat


everything, but you must count calories so that you eat in smaller quantities so that there is a calorie deficit. I think that as long as you eat food products made from grains, you will not be able to burn all the fat on your stomach. The secret lies in our decision not to eat carbohydrates at all as I have done although the advice, they give may suit you, but in my case, it does not work after I have tried eating supposedly healthy carbohydrates and I did not lose any weight. This is the secret of how you can get back to being as thin as you were when you were younger. Of course, intake of all sugar must be removed as well.

carbohydrates that are useful and which are not useful, I do not eat at all such as:

pasta, whole wheat pasta, macaroni, whole wheat macaroni, spaghetti, whole wheat spaghetti, pizza, bread, dark bread, rye bread, hamburger especially junk food like hamburger from McDonalds and even the others are not a bit better and so on. Fast carbohydrates are directly linked with sugar and pull together when you eat both and act in such a way that you overeat both carbohydrates and sugar. It applies to me after I experienced it that way, although on the other hand I have medicated myself with that poison, so maybe it doesn’t apply to you that way. Take what I say with a grain of salt, as with me there is nothing normal in my life but one thing I know for sure and that is that this works a little too well, but it will become more extreme a little further on. Why do we eat food products made from Cereals as a basic source of carbohydrates? and I mean empty carbohydrates that are not useful. We eat them only because we got those habits from our parents when we were children and now because of the learned habit we have accepted that kind of food as something normal. Now we are poisoning our children with that type of harmful food and actually seriously harming our children’s health. We shorten their lives and push them down a side path that leads them through a life of anxiety until they realize on their own that they have to change their eating habits and then it may already be too late if they have diabetes, blood and vascular diseases or other deadly diseases. Fast carbohydrates are a weapon that is lowering the world’s civilian population. I have heard some say, I only live once in my life and therefore I will eat sugar, meat with fat in it, ice cream and so on. Yes, you eat it but when you get sick then you have to go through hell before you die. All that should be abandoned forever!


What to avoid?

In fact, sugar is the number 1 harmful substance that led me in any case to overeating carbohydrates and only sugar makes my excess weight go up without any limits and very quickly. You should stop eating sugar completely, for example: cookies, carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola both with sugar and Coca-Cola Lyte and the same applies to all other drinks, yogurt with sugar in it, ice cream, all such supposedly healthy candy protein bars full of sugar, cornflakes with sugar and cornflakes without sugar I think are not so good because I have been eating all this for a long time, skim milk with sugar in it, granola with sugar in it and so on. All such food you should not eat at all ever in your life not to even start talking about Nutella spread which is full of sugar. Sugar is a deadly drug that is highly addictive. This is how I stopped eating sugar. More than 20 years ago, I have seen that diabetics use sweeteners instead of sugar, so I bought it and added such pieces 5 to 8 pieces in coffee while I drank coffee with sugar otherwise. But then I learned that even that sweetener is harmful, so I gradually stopped using it completely and since then I never use either sugar or sweeteners in food or coffee. It was a good way to get rid of sugar addiction because it is a hard fight. You must throw sugar out of your life.

Now on to how much and what do I eat most often?

Of meat, I mostly eat chicken breast because it’s the cheapest and I’ve found one that’s good but it’s only in 700-gram bags. I eat one such bag per day, while I should eat two such bags because I need so much protein as a person who exercises and is very physically active for muscles to really grow. It’s too expensive for me and I couldn’t afford to buy two bags of chicken breast so I’m eating one bag at the moment. Furthermore, I eat beef such as beef steak with the smallest percentage of fat but not so much because it is expensive, fish such as salmon in smaller portions otherwise I would have eaten the whole Salmon because it is also very expensive, turkey breast which is extremely healthy and tastes actually very good. The whole turkey is good with healthy fats, but some say that the rest of the turkey contains a lot of fat, which makes you gain weight even though it is healthy. Turkey breast is a very good source of lean protein needed to build muscle. I think turkey drumstick tastes great and I


will continue to eat it every day as I do now but otherwise turkey is very expensive. In the skin of turkey drumsticks there is saturated fat if I’m not mistaken now and that fat makes you gain weight, but it’s what tastes best.

So, I eat two turkey drumsticks on a meal per day, but I think that skin means I don’t burn belly fat very well because of it. Fish and shellfish are all good to eat and anything from the sea I can and like to eat depending on if it is more organic without toxins. When I’m really hungry and when it’s about delicacy to sit down and eat my fill, then I buy a whole hot smoked salmon and eat it all in one day usually in two meals in a row or I buy hot smoked mackerel for that kind of food I think, is very good. For oil, I only use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For salt, I use mineral salt because I still have no idea which salt is good. On to a dish from home country. We from the Balkans usually cook beans in a larger pot so there are proteins in beans, and I add beef steak with the smallest percentage of fat weighing about a kilogram or close to a kilogram and then it turns out quite well with proteins despite the lack of money. I never add butter and margarine to my food, and I don’t eat it at all. Instead, I always use just a little olive oil. I don’t eat cheese either. So, during the day I eat chicken and the roast beef that I cook together with beans, while when I don’t eat beans, I eat fish salmon portions that weigh about 200 to 300 grams frozen in plastic packaging because there are several different kinds. With that fish I eat salad and it’s breakfast for me or I eat it before I sleep. As for salad, I eat all salad. I can eat a lot of food if I want to, and I can go a long time without eating food just because I don’t eat carbs and sugar which keeps my insulin stable 24/7. Of carbohydrates, I eat 60 grams of oatmeal sport, only in the morning as breakfast together with blueberries or a mix of blueberries, strawberries, and halon in frozen bags together with a little milk or sometimes I eat a banana with oatmeal with a little milk instead.Sometimes I also take protein powder with the food before I go to training and here, I am not sure about these nutritional supplement products. I see that the governments of the world are poisoning us with everything that they manufacture artificially, so I wonder if they do not add harmful products to such protein powders that they do not write a word about on the ingredient label on that package. Because there you see on TV that bodybuilders die like flies, and it is because they poison themselves with various food supplements and other dangerous preparations. Bodybuilders have the shortest life of all athletes and that only because of artificially produced junk as dietary supplements. It’s the only thing I’ve taken and not


much at all. On the other hand, protein powder is fine for me to take before training and right after training. I get strength in my body if I take it before training. But I thought that even the sons and daughters of the power and rich elite probably use such products, so I hope that at least it is spared from the intentional poisoning of the civilian population. My muscles grow best when I have eaten meat like steak, turkey and fish but it is too expensive otherwise I would have eaten a lot of it every day and I would have had results. Furthermore, I don’t drink milk at all, but I add a little milk to oatmeal. I don’t drink milk because I have noticed that I gain weight from milk, even skim milk. I drink water instead. For carbohydrates, I eat sweet potatoes that are quite large, and a sweet potato divided into three portions together with chicken breast, which means a whole sweet potato per day after which it is useful with slow carbohydrates in it and gives almost no excess weight. I never eat white potatoes and other potatoes. Even beans contain carbohydrates, so I eat beans without any bread. I never eat bread. Of vegetables, I always eat broccoli with chicken day after day and it’s the best recipe that works for me to get rid of belly fat. Turkey breast would have been much better with broccoli as it tastes much better and it is the best and healthiest source of protein available. Chicken breast tastes damned like I’m eating paper. It has no taste. But turkey breast is too expensive for me. I have to say things like this too that I can’t afford good food if we are to be fair so that people understand that we common people cannot eat healthy food even though we know how to eat healthy food and be healthy. Of eggs if I eat eggs then I eat two or at most 3 eggs per day but now I don’t eat eggs at all. I don’t like eggs because I feel exactly that my body does not give me a good feeling that I have eaten something healthy. I don’t get energy from eggs, and I also feel negative vibes in my body. I don’t have a stomachache, but egg is useless, and it has cholesterol. I know that many people say that eggs are useful and that they contain all sorts of useful things in them, but I don’t believe this. I listen to my body and also on TV they openly warn about cholesterol in eggs. Sometimes I buy eggs so that I have something if I don’t have any and often, I throw them away because they have been in the fridge too long and the best-before date has passed. I can say that I have stopped eating eggs forever, while this is just weaning from eggs as well as from useless carbohydrates.

These are vegetables that I eat:


broccoli, sweet potato, legumes such as beans, green beans, carrot, chili pepper, regular pepper, cabbage, yellow onion, white onion both added to food and eaten raw because in onion there are anti-oxidants and it is very useful, ginger before exercise for better performance while some say that it is also harmful, tomatoes as they are body fluids driving, cucumber, avocado, mushrooms, kale, spinach and everything else just like you, but I eat these things most of the time. Regardless of what vegetables you choose all of them are useful and in vegetables there is everything that our body needs for us to be healthy, strong and achieve results in weight loss. Regarding green beans, on TV they advertise green beans as the number 1 healthy food. I have been eating green beans for a few weeks in a row and I ended up with such terrible pain in my stomach that I don’t think I will ever eat them again, though I ate it again yesterday. Maybe it’s not that useful after all. From other foods that I have mentioned, I never get a stomachache. I’m not good at cooking while you guys are probably better but that’s about what I eat. Everything that I haven’t mentioned, I don’t eat, while I’ve also probably forgotten to mention something. Yes, exactly, I don’t eat pork and lamb because that type of meat is full of unsaturated, useless fat. This way of eating is enough to get you far in a healthy diet so that you become healthy and strong, and you will also lose weight. The pounds will plummet and disappear until you reach a plateau, but when you plateau, you’re already thin with less fat of course.

Regarding spinach, green cabbage, and avocado. I have eaten spinach all my life as cooked. But I don’t have the nerve to stand at the stove and cook it every day. But I’ve never eaten green cabbage and avocado even though I know it’s healthy. So, I came up with a great idea.

Useful blueberry shake

I take half a bag of organic green cabbage fresh in a bag of 200 grams, together with some blueberries, or instead a mixture of frozen blueberries with halon, strawberries, and blueberries, and always with an avocado, 4 grams of raw ginger, some kefir that promotes good bacteria in the stomach, which in turn leads to a reduced risk of diseases such as cancer and other fatal diseases. I mean that it is the bad bacteria that cause the diseases, while kefir makes the intestinal bacterial flora favorable for the good bacteria and unfavorable for the bad. It makes the stomach feel good. I mix all that in a blender and from that I


get a portion of healthy drink. Later I started with a whole bag of organic green cabbage 200 grams, a whole bag of organic spinach also with the same amount, identical bag packaging, an avocado, blueberries and some kefir and now instead I get two portions where I drink one during the day and the other, I keep in the fridge and drink it before I go to sleep. I feel good about it, and I have noticed that I have more strength in my body and maybe it is due to the spinach or something else. At the moment I can’t use both kale and spinach whole packs due to lack of money, so I use half a bag of both spinach and kale, until I have more money and then it will be both kale and spinach together in whole packs. A very important detail. I rinse both spinach and green cabbage with boiling water and then rinse with cold water before blending it all to kill bacteria. Vegetables can become contaminated with the EHEC bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms, so you should always rinse very carefully everything that has green leaves. I explain all this in a simple way and if you want to know more about processes in the body, there are many videos on YouTube that explain in detail about vitamins and minerals, and I have watched most of the videos. We only need to know what is useful and what works. Per day I eat 5 or 6 times and I should eat more food when it comes to quantity, than just what I already eat because you don’t get overweight from proteins, vegetables, and fruit. My body burns everything I eat right now when I exercise. Belly fat that we have accumulated throughout our lives is another matter entirely. That’s what I eat and now back to plateau at 83 kg and those dietitians on YouTube who advocate fasting.

Fasting 18:6

If I had continued like this then everything would have been fine, but I want to get rid of fat, so I decided to try a water fast where you only drink water instead of food. According to them you should fast for 18 hours, and you should eat for 6 hours as I said before. I thought I would never be able to go hungry for 18 hours, so I intended to try fasting for 12 hours first. I ate for the last time in the day at 18:00 and then from 22:00 it started to be difficult and later it became unbearable with the feeling of hunger, but I drank water, and it suppressed hunger and finally I fell asleep. Before I started it, I thought I would be ravenously hungry in the morning. But when I woke up, to my great surprise, I wasn’t hungry at all. So, I thought I’d see if I can go a little longer without food. I


went for a walk, and it took me some time and when I got home, then I realized that it’s already past 12:00 and then I’ve managed to fast for 18 hours. Then I ate a lot for 6 hours. I managed to fast like that for two or three days in that kind of fast the first week. Then the kilos started to drop from 83 kg to 82 kg and then down to 81 kg. I was slimmer quickly and it made me overjoyed. I took a short break from fasting and the next week I managed to fast for a few days, and I really saw that I am losing fat, but I also saw that I am also losing muscle a little too.

Diet 5X2

Then while I was looking at all the diets, I ended up on the 5×2 diet where you eat 5 days of food and fast two days in a row. When I searched for fasting for several days then I ended up on long YouTube videos about Autophagy. According to them, after 24 hours the body goes into Ketosis and starts repairing damaged cells through a process called Autophagy from what I understand, while after the second day it repairs more and the third day it repairs the brain. I’ve forgotten about it and don’t feel like digging for all those videos since I’ve removed all of them from my YouTube playlists. At first I was very engrossed in it and now weight decline I didn’t even think about it anymore. I thought a thought: what if the Autophagy can repair my electrical damage that I have? That is why I have decided to try fasting several days in a row. So two weeks after the fixed 18:6 I started the new one to see how much I can handle. Some of those who fast make videos where they have fasted for 7 days. It looks like that on computer screen and TV, but now we’ll see how it looks in real life when I try it. They have fasted for 7 days but they have lost less weight than I have lost in two days combined with me eating healthy food and exercising. I started fasting and managed to fast for 32 hours. The dietitians and doctors talk about growth hormone which allegedly means that you don’t lose muscle when you exercise. I also worked out and it looked like muscles are not going away at the moment, but they are going away. Then I rested for two weeks and decided to try again. This time I was able to fast for two days, and I was planning to do the third because I thought, what if Autophagy can repair my psychological well-being? I ate because I could no longer fast, so I only fasted for two days. While fasting, I hit the gym so hungry and had such strength in my body that I felt like I was on steroids. I thought it must feel like this down on steroids when you go on those Ketones without food. I didn’t


understand where I got all my strength if I haven’t eaten any food for two days. The second day I felt like drugged where it feels very nice somehow calming. Testosterone is skyrocketing, I think. If you want to test being drugged for days, you can try a drug called starve yourself to death and you will experience something that you have never experienced in your life. Everything lasts as long as you are starving and as soon as you have taken a few bites of food, everything disappears in a second when the body has noticed that the food has entered. You notice those ketones after 18 hours without food and you can’t miss that. I knew exactly when the body has switched to using the Ketone as energy. I don’t recommend that you try it. I think it’s dangerous stuff. Anyway, then my stomach fat has almost disappeared because I looked so skinny. Fluid has disappeared from the body and that’s why I looked thin; I think. It’s only happiness that I felt when I looked at my stomach. I was constantly looking at my stomach in front of the mirror. I saw that my arms have gotten thinner, but I didn’t think about it at the time. After a few days passed and when the euphoria subsided, then when I looked at my arms and when I realized that I have lost half a mass of all the muscles then I panicked and then I thought, what have I done? That’s when I abandoned the idea of fasting forever for several days in a row, because I looked like a skeleton. Then I was angry at the dieticians. Now I’ve walked into another death trap, I thought. Fasting is kit called for, kill yourself or commit suicide. They say you don’t lose muscle if you exercise, and I’ve done exactly everything they said you should do. I’ve been working out, but muscle has been disappearing just faster. They claim that muscles use fat from the stomach but that is not true. The body first eats muscle, even if you exercise while fasting for several days, and then it takes some of the fat from the stomach, as I have learned from my own body. For example, when I’ve worked out everything is fine but when I get home and until the next day the body doesn’t get any food with which it can build muscle and that’s when the body quickly eats a lot of muscle mass and only a little fat so it’s completely illogical like they talk about. I have done everything as they said to do, and I have realized that the best way to lose weight is the way I am doing now, and I knew this even without them. They also claim that intestines and digestive system need to rest and is it really true that intestines need to rest? Maybe it doesn’t matter to intestines. Healthcare knows the truth about these diets, but they keep quiet because this is the world’s power and rich elite’s way of lowering the world’s civilian population. They claim that Autophagy kills


damaged cells that can cause cancer and builds new healthy stem cells and allegedly thanks to that, you reduce the risk of cancer but in my case where I have large areas of electrical damage that have damaged the nervous system and Autophagy now kills my damaged cells which is damaged nervous system including with all other damaged cells around so my damage is aggravated by the Autophagy process with fasting when you think a little more logically. How does the body know the difference between naturally damaged cells and damaged cells by electric current? Here you see that it is another very dangerous and deadly death trap. First, the governments of the world injure people with electrical products under the false pretense of harmless use and then when people have been injured, they suggestively advise such injured people to fast so that the body damages through Autophagy the already injured part of the body. All that death trap is the health care that has cooked for us ordinary people in the service of the government, and it is the health care that kills the civilian population among other things. It is healthcare that knows about this, and they are keeping quiet. Instead, they also advertise such types of fasting. All information is hidden from the internet. Media keeps quiet about it and that’s how they all together lead us common people to kill ourselves and we do too. We kill ourselves because we have been tricked into death by our governments thanks to all the true information, they hide from us but at the same time they advertise all that death as completely harmless. All that is very advanced psychological weapon arsenal set of death traps, I can say. This is lowering the world’s population through healthcare. When these dietitians encourage people to starve themselves for even up to 30 days in a row, that means killing people. When they promote death, then they are not conspiracy theorists and then government keeps quiet through media, while when doctor says that covid 19 vaccines kill people, then they are direct conspiracy theorists when they oppose government to save people’s lives. Some of the people who have fasted allegedly for a week or something, haven’t even lost much weight. If I had fasted for a whole week then I would have weighed 40 kg and less. I would have died, I think. I’ve lost more muscle in two days than they lost in a week and now I need a year to build them back, but my muscles haven’t gotten overly big either. I’ve lost them obviously but I’m recovering. Furthermore, they say that you should not eat before you go to sleep, while the experienced fitness personal trainers say that you should take, for example, a protein powder like Casein so that the breakdown of muscles during the night is


prevented, so their advice diverges. So, it is important to eat before you sleep! If protein powders are as good as they claim, why can’t one eat proteins as regular food instead of that dietary supplement. Why does it have to be protein powder? So, I eat a piece of salmon and any salad before I sleep, and it feels great. Sometimes I make a salad of cabbage, a little salt, olive oil and a Limon and I feel very good about it. In addition, I get better results than when I have been drinking Casein powder which I have tested for a week or two. I just get a swollen stomach from casein powder and fat growing on my stomach. That’s why I threw away the whole jar, almost full of casein. What got on my nerves when I listened to them was to hear, for example, an American doctor who said:

first, he talked about how to fast and then he talks about vitamins and minerals about how they are important and how you need them and then he starts. Those of us who are older have reduced production or we lack this vitamin or mineral and I take this supplement, then I take this supplement for this, then I take this supplement also for the other and he claims almost as if he had eaten whole food supplement business. He went up to at least 8 different dietary supplements prepared with vitamins and minerals that he allegedly takes. He gets paid by the companies that sell the poisons. Listen to me very carefully! This is the lowering of us ordinary people of the world and our children. These are death traps for example I have seen repeatedly in Swedish news, year after year where they talk about cases where people have regularly taken vitamin c from the pharmacy, and they have got cancer and even doctors admit that vitamin c from the pharmacy was what caused it cancer. They also say that vitamin C helps cancer grow. They got cancer because it is vitamin c that human hands have made and they add poisons inside that are supposed to induce cancer and that is why you get cancer from artificially produced vitamin c but in public you are crazy if you dare to say that government induces fatal diseases intentionally on people by lying to people right in front of people’s eyes, where they put harmful substances in products so that people will get fatal diseases. If you want vitamin C, you have it in Limon, kale, spinach, I think, and so on. Eat varied vegetables and a lot of vegetables and your body will get everything it needs from vitamins, minerals and so on. Now you can tell me what are you going to teach us, while you are so ruined? Why aren’t you healthy if you eat such healthy food? The food hasn’t killed me. These are crimes that I have been subjected to over and over again. Regarding the food, I can tell you that it is a good side that I have. If you are going too fast, then it is for 12 hours maximum


where you start before you go to sleep because then you get all the benefits of fasting, and it does not harm the body.


So, if you want to lose weight and if you are going to follow my advice then I recommend you to eat properly so that you feel full and never be hungry but eat the right food. It is like this, all this that I have written I wrote a month or two ago, so this blog post was not finished. After that I have started affiliate marketing blog post and have been busy with it all that time and now, I am finishing writing it. It has changed since then with my attitude as I have gained new insight into how I can lose weight. My goal is to get rid of belly fat and I’ve been exercising, I’ve eaten all the foods I’ve mentioned, but the belly fat won’t go away. So, I have started again with fasting for 12 hours and I have lost weight to 77 kg and even 76 kg. It varies depending on when I have eaten or not. But to the most important thing, fat is slowly disappearing, and it has disappeared quite a lot although still there is a lot left. Muscle mass has also been lost to a fairly large extent. So, it worked well for me to get rid of belly fat but as I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass, I’ve started eating oatmeal again and I’ve also started eating for the first-time whole grain protein bread with 20 grams of protein in a few smaller pieces of bread. So, for a whole year I haven’t eaten carbs but now I see I need to get my muscle mass back and it seems we need carbs. But I’m testing myself and if I see that I’m gaining weight then I’ll eat the way I’ve explained that I’ve been eating for a whole year, I’ll see. I think fasting is not good at all, not even for 12 hours. The best thing is to eat regularly, but you must eat healthy food. I have weaned myself off carbs. For myself, the thought of eating useless white bread, pasta, spaghetti, pizza and so on sounds like madness. Here’s what I’m eating now. We start with the day I woke up. I eat oatmeal with raspberries or a mix of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries and sometimes a banana instead, always with a little milk. At lunch I eat two turkey sticks at 1:00 pm and at the same time I drink a healthy drink with spinach, kale, blueberries, ginger, Kefir and Avocado that I have mixed in a blender. Then I eat chicken breast with broccoli three times during the evening while I work and when I get home, I drink the healthy drink again before I go to sleep. Sometimes if I’m hungry I eat small portions of fish like salmon too and that’s what I eat. Then the next day I eat again in the same way and then it’s


food, sometimes beans, among other things vegetables and that’s what I eat but never useless carbohydrates. I know this may not be perfect, but I have a goal that I want to achieve and because my insulin level is stable all the time, I don’t feel excessively hungry. I’m not starving, it’s what my body has now gotten used to and I experience that as something completely normal. I feel much better than when I was overweight. Now I will have more time in the future and then I will train more. I had to finish building this affiliate marketing website. As I said, I’m no expert, but I mostly believe in myself when it comes to how to lose weight. I don’t listen to those dietitians. This is how we should eat by default. Add to all this that I am really dying day and night so this is the best I can do. Somehow, I still exist in this world, but not for long. If you would choose to try my way of losing weight, then the time when you start trying this way of losing weight starts from the moment when you have managed to get free from sugar addiction and fast useless carbohydrates. Only after this, when you have managed this, does this method of losing weight apply. You can exercise, walk, and drive yourself to death with physical activity, but all that is in vain if you eat sugar and carbs that are not healthy like pizza, pasta, macaroni, bread and so on. Regarding training, it’s up to you. Many people have never gone to the gym, and you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but you can go for a brisk walk, so you feel out of breath or where you breathe a little faster. You will become thinner, but if you want a reasonably nice body and better muscles, you should start working out at the gym or engage in some sport. It is also very good. If you succeed in losing weight and if you are satisfied with your results, then you should thank yourself for the result that you have achieved. I will write from time to time if I discover any new idea because together, we can see if this works or not and I am also interested to see if I can really burn all the fat from the stomach. Maybe it’s impossible, who knows. I think you should decide for yourself how you want to eat and exercise and listen to your body. Maybe the way I’ve lost weight isn’t for everyone, but it’s worked for me. I just thought I’d tell you how I’ve been doing to lose weight. Remember that food is important 80%, while exercise and walking are no more than 20%. What you eat will determine how fast you will lose weight. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. That’s all for this time, hang on and fight for your life to lose weight you who think it’s important to you just like I think it’s important to me. Thanks, and good bye.

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