A Story from My Life: Memoirs and Biography – Blog Post 21

1 To begin with, I can say that I have come to my final stage in my life because my moment of death has arrived. My body, my mental health, my personal identity as an individual no longer exist. I am only aware that I exist without anything human in me, because the Swedish government […]

Mind control and advanced surveillance society-Blog post 19

1 Books written by Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. John Hall are the first books I have found on the internet in my search for the cause of my ruined and ended lives through voice of God weapons technology V2K injected voices into my head. I have read Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and […]

Story of My Life from the Bosnian War Until Now – Blog Post 1

1 Hi, it’s so I want my voice to be heard, before I die because of the life I live in suffering, living hell and all the misery that has happened to me here in Sweden. My life has absolutely no meaning anymore, it’s just pure raw suffering in a torn body. I come from […]