Ordinary People vs. The Divine Power of the Rich Elite – Blog Post 7


There is nothing more dangerous than large crowds that have realized that those in power are depriving them of basic human rights and their freedom. People easily realize the truth when the government violates their human rights by enacting laws where the government clearly violates the human rights of the people and their freedom, where they will imprison and take them far away for banal useless things. In such cases, one realizes that one probably does not come alive from there and then people rise up against state abuse united in a desperate struggle for their and their children’s freedom and that is how it should be. As far as I can see, when I see the Swedish powerful media propaganda, I see that every news item is angled in such a way that news directly benefits and only strengthens the image of the Swedish state as the just and fair. I do not believe in anything they claim has happened. When you see with your own eyes then you can believe that it is true, or if an ordinary person who is close to the scene says that it has happened. Only then can you believe it to some extent. That one can be murdered completely innocent by the Swedish state, I have never imagined that such a thing is possible, and it is precisely the criminal act that Sweden has exposed me to. Media are masters at transforming lies so that they look like the truth. In the media, they angle all the news in favor of the state that only strengthens the image of the state as just, just authority the law that judge’s people and distributes justice. Thanks to the media, the state is believed by ordinary people forever. In media on radio or television, they say that the Psychiatrist doctor has said, or that the Psychologist has said, about how to recognize and see that a child is mentally ill. They say that it is important to recognize the signs of symptoms of the children’s poor mental illness and to be able to talk to the child and seek the professional help, which happens to be the opposite of the police the state executioner psychiatric care. This is to manipulate parents so that they have confidence in the state, so that they can leave their child right in the clutches of the state, where children will slowly but surely be offered lifelong medication that will only ruin their children’s body and mental senses. The police can get into any home they want to get into, completely unnoticed right into their and their children’s dreams and in that way the police can get any child mentally ill. The state system and the rich elite like to point the finger at us ordinary people, as at the sick sinners who, for the most part, commit crimes and mistakes. They like to brand us as psychopaths and mentally ill people, to bind people’s prejudices against us, so that our voice is declared invalid or not credible so that we do not have any impact on other ordinary people who are not under police investigation. They have power, money and they look at us from the clouds as if we poor people had been in an anthill where they look at us through the small holes, we have built so that we could support ourselves and move from home to work, back and forth in our insignificant little insect lives. They have everything they want power, money, celebrity, luxury life and it is not enough for the divine power and rich rulers’ elite, so therefore they want to be able to deprive us ordinary people of everything from our freedom, our human rights and not only that but they take our lives, by depriving us of our own body and mental health. They have manufactured electrical damage problems that can never be fixed, and they have the solution to problems in our lives that are harmful medications from psychiatric care, if we happen to fall into their death trap. Electrical injuries can never be repaired and the lifelong medication with the pain relief from psychiatric care, shortens our lives more and more with time while we medicate ourselves with them. The idea is that we should not die right away. Instead, we should die a protracted death in the worst suffering of living hell, in torment because if people look at us that we are alive then we can not prove that we


are dying. We live, no one has hurt us. But what is happening in our body? The world governments through the state system, have never uttered a single word about electric and other death traps annihilation for the people, so that the massacres can continue indefinitely on new people, who are tricked by advertising into electric death. Electric annihilation meant that the whole Earth is a giant planetary extermination camp of adults, young people, and children of us ordinary people. The power of the world and the rich elite have earned billions by injuring people to death, all the way to the death of the people, through electric destruction that makes people directly dependent on medicines such as pain relief sold under false claims of mental illness. The governments of the world give people pain relief medicines under false pretenses, so that people do not suspect and realize that all the governments of the world commit and have committed this genocide on their own people, for the last 100 years. Therefore, they call it lifelong medication for care, so that people do not realize that it is slow poisoning and destruction of people’s body and soul or consciousness, and that to death. The pharmaceutical industry, which is the government’s extension arm, has made infinitely more money on medicines than on electrical appliances. Electrical appliances at 9 volts and less voltage, are just the door to hell, which makes people addicted to medications for mental illness. It creates mental illness. Electrical injury is a mental illness that ends even in our physical death, where we eventually die due to electrical injury. Electrical damage meant destroyed people’s health, both destroyed body, destroyed mental senses, and destroyed personal identity, which means that the device destroys the very consciousness, or soul as people usually call it. The governments of the world harm people to death, so that they can make people addicted to dozens of different medicines and the government makes money on those medicines, while at the same time they have liquidated the man who has been deceived by the government into electric death, by advertising the deadly products. Regarding bodily injuries that the devices cause in 5 or 10 minutes is that when bodily injury has occurred, then the death process in the body has started, then there is a limited time of the life you have left to live. It’s like a clock ticking backwards towards zero. Due to electrical damage the body dies at the same time physically and mentally. Human body and animals, insects, marine life such as fish and so on are created to perfection. All living things have been born in one way or another in perfect body harmony, so that we can live our lives in this living world. In order for us to live as normal, we have a nervous system throughout our whole body that enables us for the body to function normally so that we have a normally long-life span determined by our genes, which have evolved through billions of years of life evolution. Nervous system is also important for us to be able to experience our existence in this living world, which we can experience through feeling so that when we accidentally hit ourselves, we are careful that it does not happen again. We have our vision through eyes, so that we do not go over a cliff edge because then we fall into the ravine and then we die, or that we do not go in front of a truck that will drive over us and then we are dead. We have a sense of smell so that we know how everything around us smells. If any food smells rotten, then even without our sight we know that it is something we are not allowed to eat. If we miss the two bodily senses as sight and smell and if we start eating the rotten food after all, then we have the last bodily defense human mechanism senses that are taste. If that food tastes bad, then we should not eat that food. Nervous systems connect all human senses together, so that our body functions flawlessly. In addition to this, the nervous system is the most important part of the body that keeps the entire body’s biological system alive, such as respiration, body organs, digestion and so on, to be able to function and that we should be able to continue living. It is thanks to our nervous system that we live primarily, and the nervous system is the most important part of our body, as you can see. Nervous system is extremely important and if you destroy the nervous system somewhere in the body, then that part of the body stops working. There are many different ways in which our nervous system can


be damaged and nerve damage leads to diseases which in turn leads us to our premature death. It is about whole lives that we are deprived of if our nerves are damaged by electric current. If a child receives electric current in the head, for example through the device of 9-volt for alleged ADHD diagnosis, then the child is already directly dying and imagine that they are advertising that death to people. Even though I write about it, no one reacts to it. People take it for granted, something that people should laugh at, just because the governments of the world have never said a word about it in the media, that it is death itself. That’s how they kill us and our children. We just need to fall into that death trap and then it’s our fault. A natural way where, by disease nerves can be damaged is for example diabetes. The governments of the world expose everything about diabetes, but they do not say a word about electric destruction. Their drug cartels give us pain relief for the problem that states have created through electrical damage. They may have made thousands of billions by selling the drugs and all that at the expense of the lives of us ordinary people regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. They hurt us and our children to death. The people that the state sees as a threat, are being annihilated from society in this electric genocide way. This is how the police investigate and solve crimes. They hurt us to death, so that we in the suffering of our death, will scream publicly openly like injured animals, so that everyone sees and notices us in addition to the police investigation, so now we will also make ourselves publicly known so that the whole world knows that we are dealing with the police. Even people who had a normal life, full of happiness and harmony without having anything to do with the police, end up in the same situation and they too experience their life as over. Even they are treated as if they were stupid in the head and even, they eventually die due to electrical damage, or are locked up in mental hospitals when they have finally suffered a nervous breakdown due to suffering. All of this can happen to your children, if they are tricked into testing any of the all 9-volt alleged Electrostimulation devices. Our governments, through 9-volt electrical damage, subjected us to genocide and coercion, by depriving us of all human emotions. They force us thanks to electrical damage, that we should scream like injured animals and with such injuries it would be better if we were dead. They want you to hate them, so that we should hit one of them and then they have reason to imprison us and then we are in the next phase of annihilation. They want you to die, for us to start making mistakes in life, to make yourself a clown so that you look crazy so that you yourself will not make your voice credible, because of suffering. You can feel nothing but anger and hatred, because of the suffering and crime you have been subjected to. Those in power and the industrial elite, the rich elite who make electrical appliances and the pharmaceutical industry who make medicines, are killing us ordinary people so that they can get their billions. They present themselves to us ordinary people, as shipowners of the world and the planet by showing their humanitarian side, where they donate money to humanitarian causes. They even give us advice on how we too can get rich, by investing our small change money sums, so that we also lose what we have, when they suddenly, have decided to sell all their shares or Bitcoin and then our change money has gone over to, into their cash coffee and what we have invested our money in, is worth zero. It goes this way, if I have not now understood it correctly, because I have never had a plan to invest that little money I have in such risky investments. All that the power of the world and the rich elite talk about is human rights. They fight for women who have been sexually abused. For the suffering of sexually exploited women, Western power democracy has great understanding, where they give their state empathy for their suffering and for the fear that those women have experienced, while from me the Swedish government through state systems, has taken my body, mentally health and consciousness and it is not crime. They’ve ruined my life. They have taken everything from me, and it is explained best through the whole blog that I have written. The evil, the crime that the Swedish state has exposed me to, is so advanced that I had to write almost


the whole fucking book in that blog, to show the whole truth of how badly the Swedish state has injured me to death and I am not even finished, because I die day after day over and over again. They pretended to be my savior, who has saved my life. They have deceived and manipulated me into believing that they want to help me to make sure that I do not make mistakes and that I do not embarrass myself in public, while that was exactly what they led me in. That was exactly what they want me to do. Thanks to electrical damage, I’m doing it now by force. This ongoing death is just too awful, so I’m screaming now and the final stage of that life’s screaming I’m turning into words instead. My deathbed screams are the whole blog. This is torture. All that I have been exposed to here in Sweden, since I came to this country is state psychological and physical Proxy warfare. Their psychological Proxy warfare death trap extends over time for over 13 years and in a protracted torture manner, they have built an image of me as a crazy clown. My only problem was that I did not look so far into the future, and it became my grave. They led me and they tricked me into the permanent electrical damage, where my body and soul die at the same time and now I am permanently mentally ill due to, electrical damage, damaging the body in such a way that damaged nerves send distorted signals to the brain, full of pain and suffering and it damages the brain, but I am still aware of what is happening to me and that is what I am writing to humanity on this planet who are ordinary people like me, regardless of race religion and so on. I only write to ordinary people and no one else, since this electric death has all the states of the world together laid out as a minefield where, power, and rich elite know the truth about the electric genocide annihilation, while they censor the truth for the entire world civilian population so that ordinary people, should never know, that that genocide is going on in real life. All of them do it together and in the same way so that people will unknowingly be deceived in the same death as myself, have been deceived. They keep quiet about it so that ordinary people can fall into that trap. We are all poor and we sit in the same boat that sinks, while the elite up there kill us and our children how it suits them. What psychopathically ill psychiatric cases could come up with the idea of ​​fooling people into believing that electric current can be used for positive bodily needs just to fool people into certain death. It is only states that come up with something so evil, who else would it be? They punish people who are convicted of murder in the electric chair. They evoke the worst suffering in the moment of death. Those people have committed murders, but even innocent people have probably been burned to death in such a way. Take the next, people who have committed crimes and who do not want or are unable to admit crimes. The police torture them to insanity for years, as intruders who come in their dreams and the completely unnoticed where people are not even aware, that their mental collapse depends on foreign physical and mental influences through a whole arsenal of different microwave psychotronic weapons that evoke various physical and mental ill states and that without them using injected voices in the head through psychotronic weapons V2K. In this case, one does not even know that the mental suffering is affected from the outside. When they have crushed an individual in this way for a long time, then they also start injecting toxic unnoticed corrupt messages in our thoughts, which we experience as our own and all that we experience as a dream, full of anxiety-provoking dreams. Police around the world, whispering and uttering thousands of sentences for decades where the police dismantle and damage people’s consciousness in small pieces. They mislead and cause such people all conceivable mental illnesses where they cause people to injure themselves in pure accidents that would otherwise never have happened if they were mentally healthy. They are looking to inflict damage on the body, so that the people the police investigate will feel only suffering and destruction of their body and soul. They deprive an individual of all human qualities, so that one cannot function as a normal human being and thanks to this, one continues to commit mistake after mistake and then one falls right into the grave. At the same time, they harm their children in the


same way. They mislead even children in the wrong direction, where you cannot even save your own child from the child making wrong decisions. If such individuals investigated by the police for crime do not admit their crime, then they are pressured into such a ruined state that their attention disappears completely where they want to do anything just to break out of the mental collapse full of death anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Of course, from the state system nothing else comes to us, but only lies and then psychiatric care can lie to them that they have cures that will take them out of the deep Depression and that is ECT. If they do that, they will be murdered, burned out of their own brains and bodies forever. They do not admit crime, but it does not matter, because the state has achieved what the state wants and that is to harm them permanently and deprive them of everything so that they only feel death anxiety that will paralyze them so that they can never ever function as normal people. and in this way, one is not able to feel happiness, joy, faith in the future. Instead, you feel death anxiety, a murderous pain in a state of shock that drives you to insanity and suicidal thoughts, because of the suffering darkness where you know that you will never see light and you will never be normal again, you will never feel good again after which one’s body dies. Not even cancer causes the body and nerves to die, while we are still alive. One’s life is ended until one has died. Thanks to ECT fatal injuries, they will lose everything in their path. Unlike those who do not want to admit their crimes, I have admitted everything very quickly, after which I realized that it is impossible for me to fight against their words because they awaken one almost to the limit of waking state so that one cannot sleep and its murderous psychic torture. Try not to sleep and you will see what will happen to you. I realized that the best thing for me is to serve my crimes mistakes in life and deserve my freedom, but I did not realize that humanity is so much evil. The Swedish state talks about human rights, while to me they have not allowed human rights to serve my crime in prison. Instead, they have tricked me into a false sense of security, just like the rest of the population who are deceived in the same way where we all believe in the Swedish media propaganda that we go safe, while the state executes the population through all the electrical appliances. For 13 years they have tricked me into hoping and I was hoping because I was not injured then with electric current. I thought normally. Depression was obliterated from my brain. I lived without the disgusting Seroquel completely healthy. I trained, was slim fit and good looking. Writing a single word about me and my life quite openly did not exist in my head. Even if I had tried to write something about anything, I would not have known what I was going to write about. I could not even write half of this page. I was happy but I was alone and isolated with the constant presence of police voices at night where they just overwhelmed my brain with sentences and information about everything. They boosted my self-esteem and they spoke positively for 13 years, but they also provoked me on a regular basis as well. They always had an opinion of every single thought I had, so in the end it was always their opinion that was the last word. To me, it always seemed like they were constantly trying to cast doubt on my thoughts and my decisions. They have warned me of everything, but they did not say a single word that there is a deadly trap that the state uses to push people into the grave. I thought maybe they have a hidden plan to lead me into a trap, because that’s how it usually is in life when strangers show their exaggerated attempts to pretend to be friendly, where they give their helping hand to us and who intrude on our lives with lots of warnings of danger. They replied to me, Vahid, what kind of ulterior motives should we have? We are the police; we do not set traps for people. We’re just investigating crimes. And that was when I thought there is no trap. Then I went into the www.Sinful.se Electric Death. The trap was that the state deceived me with words for decades that I should stay alone in isolation. The next trap after that was the 9-volt device that is never mentioned and that has never been mentioned by the states of the world. The state deceived me with words for decades that I should stay alone in isolation. They forcibly invade my dreams while at the same time


they never want to judge me. Now that I have been hurt by the death trap, they have laid on all of us, now because of it, I fall apart as a human being. My personality has changed completely since the pain came two years ago. The natural barrier that we all humans have where we control our behavior so that I do not make mistakes is completely erased from my head. Due to injuries, I have started to make illogical decisions after which I feel that I am dying, and my psychic consciousness does not exist at certain moments. Therefore, I am sometimes unable to think clearly due to injuries and because of that I cannot think clearly after that in certain moments I am literally mentally dead, while in reality only my body as one should remain. The suffering causes a fear of death that drives me to take alcohol and that is when I make illogical mistakes when I am home alone. I have no control over myself. I think illogical, I like certain things illogical, I do things I do not like. They have turned me through their words torture for 17 years now, into something ugly and disgusting that I do not want to be because the Swedish police have tortured me for over 20 years. Now these are electrical damage, the last nail that Sweden has nailed in my death’s coffin. The injuries convince me that all that Sweden has deprived me of, is confirmed as accepted permanently irrevocable and impossible to repair, deformed self-image of my body and soul. It is so obvious to me now, that the electrical damage forms a whole with their words. It is only now when I am injured to death that it happens that I have insight that I am dying and that it is their words that have led me in the path of death and with that pain I get several times a day a feeling of panic where I realize that their words and injuries together are too much for me and then I realize that I am dead. Then comes death anxiety where you see only one way out and it is only death that can end suffering. Of course, I see that it is the Swedish state that has killed me in the advanced way. It is the most advanced physical and psychological state annihilation of citizens where the state leads one in a one-way life path, without return where one can only take one’s own life. I’m beyond all rescues. There is no life for either me or my child. Sweden kills us immigrants through the most advanced psychic warfare in human history. The inhuman suffering when pain is at its greatest during the day, I get a feeling of unreality. I end up in a state of painful shock and then it is the suffering that erases all hope in life and all hope in the future, without me having thought that thought myself. At times, I feel like I do not exist in the living world, while I suffer in that pain, followed in turn by anger because of the suffering and anger because of the crime I have been subjected to of the Swedish state and the entire state system, aware in the knowledge that it is states that use it worst of the worst on the planet’s genocide tool against us ordinary people. The realization that they have not wanted to sentence me and instead they have taken my life and that they continue to intrude into my dreams, that they talk about ordinary people’s crimes, while they let the Sinful Danish mass murderers, resell that death to all of us and realized that even if our children had been tricked into it, then we would lose our children forever, is just too much for me to take in my head. This is the worst torture on the planet, and it is well thought out by all the governments of the world and even by my own Bosnian government. They also use that torture in the same way. This is because they do it together with the Swedish government through the police. If I had gone there, the torture would have just continued. So do the Bosnians. They also murder people with electric destruction. Our children are in danger of death as the tool of genocide is still there, and it is sold without any warning. States protect it dead, so it does not matter what I write. Now I gained further insight and now I realize that the police have harmed my child in the same way they have harmed me. My child is misled in bad behavior where he gets caught up in the wrong stuff just like most of the immigrant youth. I’m talking to him about everything, but I can ‘t do anything to get him out of the clutches of the police. So do the police to all of us. Collectively on the surface, it is important which political party is the one that will win. If the state has never harmed us, then we have no reason to question them and then we believe in them blindly. But if they have violated and


totally deprived us of human rights and even worse if they have also exposed us to crime and injured us to death, then one realizes that the state is a fraud lie, a factory that stamps in the media lie after lie on an industrial scale, just to be able to manipulate and maintain control over crowds. When one realizes that all political parties back in time use deadly traps where they through industry manufacture the electric death which they then launch as a Trojan horse to us and our children, just to fool us into death, then I now realize as dying that it does not matter to me which of them wins after they are all evil psychopathic mass murderers who seem to be enjoying the result of police investigation over 20 years, which has ultimately turned me into a disabled, a living corpse that is dying around the clock. They all no matter what they stand for left, right or center, all of them participate and have participated in all times in that genocide. Now I know that if my child had fallen into the trap, I have fallen into then I know in advance that joy, happiness, smile and life itself would disappear from my child’s face. It would disappear forever. I would see my child die in front of my own eyes. There would not be a single thing I could do to help my child feel good again. Even if I had a mountain of money to be able to buy everything, he wishes he wanted, it would not help him one bit. All that he desires now would not mean anything to him if he had been injured by the Swedish state’s electric death trap, because one literally dies in death suffering in a physical and mental way. I repeat from time to time to warn him of the state crime that the state uses to kill us so that he does not forget what the electric Trojans are. Electric death starts an inflammation that causes the body to turn on itself like leukemia. My whole-body collapses because of the injuries and all the suffering hits right in the brain, so I can say that I feel terribly bad mentally, because electrical injuries are suffering and mental illness from hell. It is the suffering of death that psychiatric care calls for all the imagination imposed by the state diagnoses of mental illness, because you can never feel well again and then they label you as mentally ill after talking about allegedly paranoid thoughts, where the state is involved in someone claimed conspiracy against someone like me for example. I have heard this for an eternity since such things have happened to people, but I was young and healthy then. Now the state has also led me over 20 years of police investigation into the death without return. To me, it feels like my body is drying out and it is withering away with an ongoing tissue death, and it is accelerating and getting worse. My body loses function, while pain is similar to cancer, LS, MS, leukemia and so on. I’m like a zombie and the Swedish state has given it to me completely legally. That a person can be harmed to such an extent as I have become, should not be possible in a society in peacetime. If a citizen can be so badly injured to death, then no one is safe on this planet. If one can be deprived of his human rights, then it can be everyone. Human rights and freedoms do not exist in reality. It is only Western political propaganda, which politicians use in their political program, to deceive ordinary people in a false sense of security, that people should feel safe, while all politicians, regardless of their differences, secretly participates beneath the surface in the genocide together. So, they can choose any of the common people, us and our children and they keep going until they have killed us and as you can see, they are killing us. The Swedish state plays on our emotions through their main public source of information, which is the powerful Swedish media propaganda. The media is happy to make claims that their freedom of the press is under threat, which is a pure propaganda lie served by the political top, the rich elite and states to convince us masses of people that the media is said to be prevented from telling the truth anywhere on this planet Earth while it is precisely the media that misleads us ordinary people in the false sense of security, so that we believe that the media has said and warned us of all possible threats. They have not warned us of anything at all. They like to show crimes that criminal gangs have committed and for such crimes, they advertise in television news and various programs, while not mentioning a single word about the mass murder that I and millions of others around the world have gone through


that those very media are tricking us into. When the state fights a criminal gang, then they use their media propaganda by saying this criminal gang is a danger to the whole society. Not only do they have all the weapons through the armed police and military army, but they also incite the entire population against the criminal gangs, so that they are isolated and marked as a target for the entire ordinary population. Criminals are a danger to society, while this electric mass murder that states commit discreetly on the population without uttering a single word about it, is not a danger to the population. It’s the same as in the past when those in power have pointed the finger at innocent people, this woman is a witch and then they burn an innocent person alive in a big fire, while it is precisely the psychopathic rulers themselves who are the greatest evil. Thanks to their abuse of power through the media on the population, they can continue with the genocide crime completely undisturbed just as those in power now hang criminals while they mutilate and massacre us ordinary people to death, through pure poison harmful traps that they have laid out to us and our children. Criminals’ crimes are the only ones shown on television and this is how the states of the world fight criminal gangs, where they hang out criminals, while keeping quiet about their own mass slaughter criminal crimes. But what is not visible is what does not exist. The secret of what the Swedish state and states in general are for something in reality, and how they commit murder while investigating crime, is the secret that all the world’s existing governments protect at all costs, so that they can continue to kill their own people further. Swedish media do not show the secret that the police have had their claws in the minds of criminal young people since the age of their infants, every night after night and all the way up to their adult age with disturbing harmful parasite police words that intrude on young people’s dreams, where the police harms and leads those with subconscious suggestive messages, in which harmful behavior direction that the police want to mislead them in. That the police can do that to all of us, the media keeps quiet about, all the way back in time over 100 years at least. The media talk about what the state wants them to talk about and they keep quiet about genocide that the state wants to censor so that the state can murder the population easily and simply. Media freedom was never threatened. They are a hundred times bigger and more evil, Swedish state criminal’s offender, than what criminals themselves are and it is not just them but all the media on this planet that misleads ordinary people into that death and all of them do so in the same way. They are the ones who are primarily responsible for the genocide that leads us ordinary people and our children right into the cemetery. Politicians, media, public figures greats and royalty, incites people about climate change, on how it is a danger to us and our children, while millions die due to the electric death of various kinds and there are greats silent about our downfall and the end of our lives. There, they all lead us together through politicians, the police, psychiatric care, public care, and the media right into suffering that only death can stop. That climate change is a danger to us ordinary people and our children is not really a problem, but what is a problem is that even power and the rich elite and their children are threatened. They and their children are threatened, by a major climate catastrophe that will not be reversed once it has tipped over. It is not a problem that we ordinary people die together with our children. The problem is that they too will die with their children. Nobody cares about us ordinary people when the state kills us ordinary people. There is no royalty, public figure, media, or politician no matter what political parties they belong to, all of them together are involved in the genocide of us ordinary people. There are none of them that are worth mentioning because all of them are so fake, they can only be. I also think that it is wrong and the most stupid thing that ordinary people, regardless of whether they are young people, criminal gangs and citizens in general who work only for their survival, should raise our hand against each other. What I see and what I have seen so far, is that we ordinary mortals never talk and have never talked with each other and for each other. If you want to do that, then it always goes through the State,


political parties. It is always the word of the state that we ordinary people hear in the end as the last. I have voted for one political party, and you have voted for another and then we are a bit like an enemy to each other. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, crime, so power manipulates us as if we were kindergarten children with their pure cheap shapes, where they play on our emotions, and we fall into the trap. Criminals do not kill and do not shoot each other. Do not aim weapons at each other. See what they have done to me who has never committed a crime in Sweden. Then think about what they do to you who commit crimes. The other people you kill are like your family that you have not met yet. Never point a weapon at ordinary people. My life, your life, and their lives, are worth as much as a sack of food waste thrown in the trash, as we are ordinary poor people. Those in power and the rich elite manipulate us to direct our hatred and our weapons at each other, either because of religion, race, criminal and law-abiding citizens, and so on through media television, radio, various television programs, movies, and so on. You who kill each other make a fatal mistake. You assume because of the state propaganda that it is standard for criminals to kill each other as it just has to be, in order to get rich on criminal crime. But see how the state gives the right to Sinful, mass murderers to kill and they do not stop mass murderers. You see their smile and they continue to kill us and our children. You shoot each other and then you end up in prison for the rest of your life and from there you come out partially mentally injured for life, while in this blog you see how states kill us. You can commit all crimes without firing a single shot with a pistol. Go and make peace with all opposing gangs, as the state is many times more criminal than you are. States kill me and my child. States kill you and your children. Believe me it’s the truth. It is Politicians and their children, police officers and their children, psychiatric care and their children, public care employees and their children the rich billionaires who manufacture death and their children who are society while we regardless of race, religion, or any hell of a difference it can become now, are slaves who are murdered by the power and the rich elite. You come into conflict with each other, which leads you to kill each other, due to the perpetual ongoing media power propaganda full of lies, that you have to be tough MMA fighter who will instill fear in your opponents in order to show that you are worthy criminals so that you will be respected. But no one is afraid, believe me. When you meet people by force, then you get the reason for the other that he kills you. See how the state kills us with a death trap that they keep quiet about. They smile on your face and that’s all it takes to kill you and your children. If you are going to blame someone then you should aim at politicians, police officers, psychiatric mass murderers, public health care that protects death from going to court, all the media that exist regardless of who keeps quiet about genocide. It is they and their families who live in freedom and democracy, while they all together, kill us ordinary people and our children. It is they and their families who live in freedom and democracy, while killing all of us ordinary people in one way or another. If you are going to blame someone, then you should aim at them all together, because it is about us ordinary people as poor and the powerful power and the rich elite as rich. To hell with them all.