Must-Read Revelations: My Essential Insights – Blog Post 5


What has happened to me, I have not even in my wildest imagination imagined that Sweden is such an evil society. I was not prepared for such evil. I cannot get it in my head that I have been exposed to crime, that I have been injured to 100% disability and that by no one, but only the state and the entire state system. By the state deceiving us ordinary people with death traps that the state has laid out for us, I have time and time again been hurt by state death traps that no one utters a single word about, and I am also silenced by the state. I cannot believe that I will die because of the Swedish society that claims to fight crime and then it is precisely those who have injured me to death, injuries that lead right into death. It’s all about the state simply creating laws that they claim are created for all of us where no one is above laws. In fact, laws strike us ordinary people and laws do not apply to the state and all state institutions. The state has legalized death where they have deliberately allowed deadly products to be sold for false use and in this way, they get past the laws where they commit crimes, massacres in a legal way that leads people into death, madness, and dissolved families. One might think that they are investigating crimes and that they are out to imprison people who have committed crimes. But it’s not. This is best seen in my case, where they instead of imprisoning me so they have caused me to be injured to death, while they drive thousands of years power and the rich elite’s same agenda through the history of mankind, full of lies, censorship, deception in proxy war through state systems against us ordinary people, where they manipulate us through the media so that we do not become aware that they are killing us. While they kill us and our children, we ordinary people love them, we go to war for them, we sacrifice our lives and the lives of our children for them. One of their main weapons that they have used throughout human history to murder us ordinary people quite legally, is to brand us or declare us crazy, so that our voice does not become credible so that they can continue to kill civilians in the future, in the same way. In this Proxy war, they have been creating for a long-time established prejudices which comes from psychiatric care, where one is called for lost, you are delusional, that you hallucinate and that things that I have told you about are allegedly not possible in reality. The state looks at us ordinary people as if we are animals that they own and that they can do whatever they want with us. It takes so little media propaganda to trick us into believing in the power of the state and the rich elite. We believe in them and their lies, we feel like one of them, until the moment when they have hurt us to death and then we realize that reality does not correspond to the image that is spread in the media. It can be said that these are paranoid thoughts, where the state would never do that to us ordinary people. Most people will not believe in me precisely because of the constant bombardment of media that has a clear purpose, where through advertising they maintain the stability of our trust gullible image of power. They publish in the media news about crime so that we hear and that we record it in our subconscious, so that every time we think about our place in society we should always be misled into the image that the state spreads to us through the media for us to be deceived into believing that we live our lives with our children in a sense of security and safety, while in reality it is the exact opposite that is going on and that we do not see. We ordinary people obey power for two different reasons. The first is out of fear and then we are on our guard where anything negative can happen to us who come from power. The second is respect for authority, the state where we have our blind trust in the state. I blindly believed in the Swedish state that they are fair, that they are only looking to solve crimes, that they would never harm people on purpose. But they want to, and they have hurt people to death in all ages. The state punishes people who make threats against someone to prison and with that they close our mouths. They punish people who slap someone with


imprisonment for a few years and there they punish the violent individual with time in captivity. That individual will be tamed by psychological torture in solitary confinement in prison or mental hospital, where they teach a lesson to the imprisoned individual that they are forced to think about the crime the individual has committed, the kinds of injuries and the suffering he or she has caused to the other person. Body damage to the victim, the injury bruise will heal in a few days and the victim returns to a normal life. The media has distorted the image of deadly electrical products so that we see the death trap as something else and in this way, they can kill without needing explicit death threats against us. I only exist in torment without being able to feel joy for a single second the rest of my life. It should not be possible for people to be injured to such an extent that the nerve dies. This is the most evil, evilest sadistic criminal act, a terrorist crime that anyone can expose a human being to. The evil terrorist crime is committed by the Swedish state on its own citizens. They are not the only ones committing the crime, but every single state on this planet is committing crimes against its own citizens through the electric destruction, and they are all doing it together and in the same way. Then they protect their genocide through complete media censorship and media silence that they use to murder adults, young people, and children indefinitely through the history of that humanity. They have all kept quiet about it and it is because of the silence that the death trap has led millions of people, women, men, and young people all over the world right into the grave. As soon as you have come in contact with any of the 9-volt electrical appliances, you have been injured directly to death. The only way to end the suffering of ongoing death, where you are dying, is to commit suicide so that suffering will end. Returning to a normal life is completely impossible. With such damage, the power of the world and the rich elite has ruined your life, forever. The state can only deceive us once in a lifetime, like me for example with regular talk where they have intruded into my dream for 16 years now. But it’s not only that but they also use media, where I was fooled into a false sense of security and safety, where I thought the state would never harm people to death. They needed a little over 20 years to lead me into a permanent deathbed. Now I have realized the truth, that I have been deceived. I do not follow their words anymore but still they keep reminding me every night after night, that I am not even free in my dream and even now they are trying to influence and convince me where they strike every new night from a new angle where they want to convince me that I should follow them again. I do not follow them, but there you see the sadistic evil purpose with their constant talk to me there if I follow them then they can hurt me further where they mislead me to take certain paths in my life that they have planted in my mind, just like the fact that I have been in isolation for 13 years because they have convinced me that my life is in danger. Now I do not listen to them anymore, but they continue to talk to me because they know that I am dying of electrical injuries where I suffer like hell. Their words were not a big problem for me when I was not injured but now that I can do nothing because of the suffering, it is right now that their words are extremely harmful. Their words together with electrical damage form a whole of annihilation of the person they are investigating for crime. In order for them to get one to start making mistakes, they injure one to death. Then injuries cause suffering that turns you into everything you do not want to be. In other words, with such a damaged body they turn that person into a bloodthirsty monster. By exposing one to crime again and again, in the end one will want to administer justice on one’s own as the crime is committed on women men and young people even into this now, in complete silence. When one has made a wrong decision, then now they have a reason to put one in jail. Those injuries by their nature arouse anger for no real reason and insight into the extent of the injured body in turn arouses hatred against them and they talk to me only to hurt me further mentally. They do not want to sentence me to prison but see what they have done to me. I was the one who wanted to do everything right but still, I was punished to death. It is a psychological torture to death where all these words from day


one constantly open new paths that lead me into the abyss of death. It does not even end with my death, but they continue to lead new people to death just as they have done to me. They, too, are in turn led to death. The media is completely silent about the deadly products and when we who are investigated by the police with constant talk, where when we say we hear voices then we are classified as mentally ill and it is classified by the media almost as insanity, where they give the opportunity to a psychologist or doctor psychiatrist space where he conveys his words as credible and not only that but they are taken for granted as a basis for what the state wants to get people to believe in, what is true and false and what is sick and what is healthy and normal. They are the ones who lie and lie, until they have led one into death just like me. It is about constantly convincing the masses that the state is always right, while sick individuals imagine events that do not correspond to reality. In other words, we imagine events that have never happened in reality. We are not clear in our minds. We lie according to state mass murderer-psychiatric care. Power is constantly splitting us in new ways so that our eyes remain blinded away from the truth. Through the media, I have heard Swedish authorities say that the punishment in the Middle East where thieves get their hands amputated is a barbaric method of punishment. They talk about women’s rights and about democracy that those countries should get and that is the fine human image of Sweden that we see in the media. But Sweden has had amputations of hands and even worse of all body parts through a deadly electrically legalized lie that they are sending even in it now. Imagine that a person who has inflammation somewhere on the body looking for pain relief ends up on that advertisement of the electrical products. Of course, that person believes that the state would not allow people who are sick even more to be harmed. Therefore, people go into that death trap because of blind faith in the state and after stimulation with the electric pain relief devices once and immediately, that person has got their nerves dead. Then follows the same dying process of body decay as in my case. Only then does the person realize what the state is for something. This time after two years, that person wants to amputate his own arm with his own will because this is infinitely many times worse than having his hand amputated. To give the electric death legal credibility, they have put it everywhere in hospitals at the pain clinic and healing baths. Because the state has trained the entire population to never question government institutions such as police, politicians, healthcare professionals and the employees of such healthcare clinics where they relieve alleged pain. For example, the elderly has rheumatism that causes them constant suffering. There is no evidence that electric current has any healing effect on the human body. People with rheumatism seek pain relief and the alleged healthcare professionals give them a very weak current for a short time with the TENS device for a few minutes and then they put a heating pad in the place where they have let weak electric current flow through the body. That current has 50 times greater strength than what nerves produce naturally, although you do not experience it that way when electric current passes through nerves. It damages nerves but imperceptibly because they provide it at a very low electrical current. But it is still harmful because it burns nerves that cannot cope with the extent of electrical overvoltage. It does not hurt, and it is not about it because you can handle the current passage and you do not even experience it as pain, but it is about nerves going at a strength that the body uses to send impulses to the brain and here it comes across voltage through nerves that nerves cannot handle. Therefore, nerves are simply burned. People go to such clinics to seek pain relief. When staff at such clinics come in white hospital uniforms to the patients with the TENS electrical alleged stimulation devices then due to the patients’ blind respect for authority of state and state institutions, they do not question the staff and the electrical device. What they think is that they would not give it if it had been harmful. I thought so too. If they had known that that device has absolutely no healing effect on the body but that it is instead an electrically amputated knife that will burn nerves to death and


that is just the beginning of hell. So, the employees at that clinic are committing crimes because they are not telling the truth about what that device really is. When the clinic staff comes with the intention of misleading and deceiving patients with the TENS device in their hands that there is something that will help them, then patients take it for granted that it is true. In fact, clinic staff deserve to be spit in their face when they have the death in their hands that will cause permanent further damage in addition to those that patients have had from the beginning, despite the damage they receive from the TENS device. is a thousand times worse. If people had known the truth about the devastating harmful effects all different devices have on the human body and not only that without the harmful effects on all living organisms, then they would never in their lives allow anyone to connect the electrodes on their body and let electric current flow through the body and nerves where the slaughtered terrorist tool cuts with hundreds equivalent to razor blades along the entire nerve. Such alleged care is just a link in the chain and that chain is the state genocide fraud that states use so systematically on crowds as the main weapon of mass destruction that has a fantastic property where it is not spread through the air. Therefore, the state through all its state institutions tortures people over a period of a decade or even a lifetime so that people eventually become blind when they lose respect and attention and when they have reached the point where they hold the electric death in their hands, then they should not know that they are holding a weapon in their hands where they will cut their body into small pieces and that in turn will lead them to death. These are laws of nature where the human body is not made to receive shocks. All this is state fraud that gets people into permanent suffering where even nerves are destroyed forever. The next day they move it to another area and thanks to that the person with rheumatism does not notice damage to nerves. If they had let electric current flow through the body only in one place, then injury would occur and then that patient would notice a numbness on nerves and that is the beginning of hell that arises after a year. It is a Holocaust massacre campaign, similar to the ECT massacre of ordinary people around the world. In this case, there is a demand for care, where people have pain in muscles but it is not people with pain in the body who want to get in their body the TENS device electric current, but it is the fraud clinics who want and who have put it in their alleged care as an alternative to treatment of patients who have pain of various kinds and it uses the clinic fraudsters, as a justified reason for the permitted existence of this death. It is a crime, and it is murder that the state itself commits and allows as a genocide mass destruction weapon. The fact that they provide the alleged care to the patients as a legally accepted clinic that provides care to people is in fact cover in exactly the same way as ECT to the legally permitted sale of the 9 volts sex stimulating Estim devices, the 9-volt TENS muscle pain relief devices, the muscle training devices, body stimulation and the list never ends. The alleged care is the basis for the permissible possibility that people will be able to buy the devices while people are deprived of all true information, without a single warning, that they will be injured to death directly at once and it is the guaranteed death trap of world governments, which indirectly leads the elderly, adults, and young people to a guaranteed death. In healing baths, they use strictly controlled low electric current and a detail that is crucial is that they let electric current flow through people’s body for only 5 minutes, so that body damage does not occur. Their intention is that people should notice that it tingles in their body, that they should feel the electrical impulse, but that they should not feel pain and that they should not be injured. But the reason it is so easy to fool people into fatal electrical injuries, is that those impulses at low electrical current do not hurt at all. You do not experience those impulses as any pain at all. It does not hurt at all, but the weak impulses damage the nervous system where the electrodes are placed. This is a deadly deception where they deceive people into believing that they have received advanced care, care that is useful for their body’s pain. The deadly advertising deception suggestively encourages and creates in people


the idea that people have found a way out of their body’s suffering in pain, where they can get the pain relief in such healing baths through the electrical stimulation, which they have not experienced as a danger to their health, because they were not harmed by it once stimulation in 5 minutes. The government criminals at the healing bath have through the advertising demonstration through foot detox, where they let the weak electrical stimulation flow through the body of the poor old with rheumatism pains in the body, have created an idea in the old people that they should see it as something attractive, something that gives them a way out of their body suffering in rheumatism pains. When this has happened, then the old people have accepted it as care, and they have implemented unconscious suicide in their lives without being aware of it. Had the government criminals on the healing bath given the old the weak electrical allegedly harmless stimulation for 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes, then they would have had a fatal numbness without any pain. But they give it for 5 minutes so that the old people do not suspect the killers in healing baths. First of all, the government’s criminal deceivers in the healing bath, are seen with their own eyes by the people who received the alleged electric pain relief. If they had given it for 15 minutes instead, then numbness would have occurred immediately and then the people would have known immediately that it is they in the healing bath who have caused the injuries. When pain occurs after a year and when the poor people realize that in addition to the rheumatism pains they have also got pains due to electrical damage which is 1000 times worse than the pain they have had from rheumatism, then their children, when they see their parents die in agony in front of their eyes, they had definitely gone to the healing bath and they had either massacred them, beaten them beyond recognition, or killed them. Therefore, the government criminals on healing baths give the electric destruction for 5 minutes so that injuries do not occur and that the old people do not suspect them. In this case, they have already damaged the old ones, but this time they have done it in a subtle way, where they have delivered an advertisement of that death in the old subconscious mental senses. Now the old people see no danger in the electric destruction. In order for them to avoid going to healing baths to get the electric pain relief and pay for the healing point of view of treatment on such healing baths, then they have received advertising on the internet and so on. Now that they have knowledge that the electrical appliances can be bought on the internet, then they buy it for home use. This time, once they have had it sent home, it is a 9-volt device. The advertising is served by the governments of the world as something completely harmless and when they old people believe that it is completely harmless, then they automatically believe that they can use the device at regular intervals continuously. But it’s about minutes when numbness and will occur. Even if they buy it with 3 aaa batteries with much lower electrical voltage, so even with that device, there will be a numbness. It will only take a little longer for numbness to occur, due to the belief that they can use that device indefinitely. The governments of the world have implemented this death in their care system, and they have presented it to patients as care without the actual consent of the patient. It is the basis for having legal international global crime fraud where they can legally commit crimes against humanity on ordinary people. Here they say that there is a demand for treatment with electrical stimulation of nerves while patients have never even been asked if they want that treatment. This is the basis for the permitted sale of 9-volt appliances for various uses. People can buy it at home over the internet and now in this case, these devices have a much higher electrical current of 9-volts. Now people will claim electrical stimulation into their body, without considering the limit of low current, because there is no warning anywhere on this planet Earth, that the body will be damaged to death if you cross the limit as nerves produces naturally to send electrical impulses so that we humans can function as living organisms in this living world. It is in this way that they deceive people and then there is the dying process that one goes through depending on pain relief medications from


psychiatric care, which they present as something that is allegedly intended to have some other purpose, or mental diagnosis. All of them are just lying. If you report it to the police, then it is legal because it is in the nerve clinic, pain clinic and everywhere in the care system. All this is criminal fraud on an industrial scale where the state drives people by force right into the grave. Due to lack of information people injure themselves at home when they attach it to their body. The state then says that those in clinics are professionals who use it according to professional instructions and that it is we ourselves, which has damaged us, due to the fact that the appliance may have been broken. This meaning, that the apparatus may have been broken, the governments of the world have said perhaps half a billion times to all human beings around the world in the last 100 years and all have died in the end and all die in the end due to electrical damage, because it is the most deadly Holocaust system on this planet and one more thing. Electric annihilation is just one of many others that the governments of the world use to murder their own people, through their state system. That we have injured ourselves to death, we can only blame ourselves and then it’s our own fault. In reality, none of that should exist. All this is a genocide state fraud where they have built a lot of bureaucratic roads, where they have created an open way to kill people legally, without making threats and they abdicate all responsibility for the death trap that the state itself has caused. All of them, the state and all state institutions are involved in the genocide with the electrical appliances. Everything from politicians who have legalized murder, psychiatric care that deceives this alleged death treatment of people with ECT, general care that stops one from proving injuries by sending the injured person to further destruction of one’s body, by alleged scanning of nerves, where electric current will damage nerves to death for a second time again. In fact, when you think logically, you would go crazy if you went on this deadly deception to expose yourself again to the deadly crime. Of course, you do not go for it. In this way, it is completely impossible to prove the damage you have. They treat you like you’re stupid in your head and that’s their way of protecting the Holocaust system, so that no ordinary people can take the crime they have been subjected to, to court. If you are stupid in your head, then you should go for this. Then we have the media, which mislead people, where they warn the civilian population about other alleged dangers as they are not even a real danger and as we ourselves know it can be a danger to our health, while protecting the electric genocide with censorship and silence. Then it is the Police who lead people into death with words. All those devices are in fact tools for the police where the police injure you with words and when you have been injured with the 9-volt devices then the state police destruction of a person is completed. Now you have injuries that take the life of you through pain and at the same time it destroys your psyche when you have had the worst mental illness with a constant depressive state without the opportunity to feel joy ever more in your life. That the police talk to you when you sleep is impossible to prove and it is protected by prejudices where you are mentally ill and where one is not able to think clearly according to one’s own mental senses. So, you are mentally disturbed if you hear voices. Then, there is the company that manufactures all the electric death tools in consensus and interaction with pharmaceutical companies, where they have built problems ECT, which are electrical injuries and cure or pain relief that are medicines from the same psychiatric care. All the political parties in the Riksmal (Parliament) allow all this and they do everything possible to ensure that genocide has been committed so far in the last 100 years and that it will continue to be committed in silence by the media censor, in a legal way. Politicians influence us to such an extent where it means death for us, while thanks to their media, they appear completely innocent and as if they have nothing to do with the genocide. It is they all together who are responsible for killing us and our children. I think that Sweden is not better a bit of those who remove body parts in the Middle East on people because all of you who are part of the Swedish state and any of Swedish all institutions


commit exactly the same crime that is even worse that is many times more vicious, considering what suffering you inflict on us, which you have tricked us into this massacre death trap. Those hand mutilations of people in the square in the Muslim world, are counted as punishment, while you have got the electric mutilation here in your allegedly democratic society, to look like you have nothing to do with it. According to you, it is our own fault that we have gone into it. The difference between dictatorship and democracy is that in dictatorial power does not make an effort to convince people instead they destroy people openly and there people are much more aware and closer to the truth in what society they live in, while in democracy the power strives to pull the fog in front of the eyes of their citizens with media censor lies, to convince people to silence, obedience and false sense of security. I think that Sweden is not better a bit of those who chops off hands, in case of theft and chops off the head during execution on people in the Middle East, because all of you who are part of the Swedish state and any of the Swedish all institutions commit the exact same crime that is even worse that is many times more vicious given the suffering you inflict on us that you have tricked into are massacre death trap. Thanks to that effort, the people gain respect for the state as an authority that is not questioned by most citizens. At first, I thought when I see the constant image in the media where everything is punished when women are harassed with the slightest touch or verbally with words, it is stamped by the state as sexual harassment, sexual exploitation or violation that is severely punished with imprisonment. I used to think that Western democracy is good, that it cares about women and all its citizens, equal values in contrast to dictatorships where the rights of women and the general population as a whole are not respected very much. Now I’m looking at it as on the Swedish western cunning and rottenness, where they have come only in a new way to access certain individuals to be killed. I think that the amputation of hands and that the amputation of body parts in Sweden with electric current, are both evil and disgusting. To the other side, even the monsters of the evil the Middle East power and rich elite kill their people by the electric destruction. So, when I compare you to each other, they are worse shit than you are for shit, here in Sweden and the allegedly democratic western fucking world is. I think women should have the same rights as men. But you all government employees on one side care if someone has pawed at a woman, while you have hidden and placed death to us who massacre our body and then you laugh and look at us from the background with satisfaction that you have succeeded in killing another human being. Now at the end of my life, it is clear to me that the Swedish state is committing and has committed media information wars that are going on around the clock against its own population just to have and keep this opportunity open where they can kill people legally without a court. One can commit crimes in all possible ways where the state immediately discovers, investigates and fights all that crime and punishes severely with imprisonment for many years and all the convicted people they hang out in the media eventually as an example where they brag about the crime as a advertising lynching, in which they intimidate people into silence, obedience and submission, while the state have seized the worst of the worst crime that can be committed against a human being and they are the ones who commit the crime on us ordinary people around the world. This crime is exactly genocide, a crime against humanity, where our governments, regardless of which country we may live in on this planet, end the lives of us parents and our children forever. We just need to go into their psychological proxy’s war death traps in thousands of different creatures, which are advertised to us ordinary people as something completely harmless and thanks to this that they have deceived us into believing that it is completely harmless, we are deceived in deadly deceptions in society. The Electric Holocaust is the worst Holocaust that exists and has existed for the last 100 years worldwide. That annihilation is so terrible that humanity has never seen anything so deadly and so harmful to the human body. These are all the deadly electrical products, which they call stimulation with electric


current that are protected by all the state of the world with all their might from being revealed as something deadly, where they send us on to more of the destruction of our body through healthcare, for us to die as soon as possible and they call it medical care. In order for us to prove our injuries, the only choice that our governments have opened up to us is further destruction of our body through Neurography which will cause us to be injured to death by giving us continuous electric current passage through our body for an hour and a half on low electric current voltage, as the care lies right in our eyes that the low electric current voltage is completely harmless to human body. Then they have, employed actor fraudster alleged specialist doctor who is alleged is only he who is sufficiently well-trained, to read the diagrams on the device so-called Neurography in state-of-the-art hospitals. They draw for us a theatrical performance that ends in our death, so that we can see all that fraud circus as care, for us to accept and allow killers to harm us another time. Once we have accepted the lethal examination and once we have undergone the alleged scan of our nerves which are damaged with identical apparatus at the same low electrical current, but in a slightly different appearance, then the second destruction of our body and nervous system, will speed up our death so much, that the death that we rush towards in a few years, then with new injuries with the Neurography, we die already the same year when we have received examination with Neurography. Human rights that we are alleged to have, in real life give us more of death, even more of electric current in our body and thus, if we do not go on the obvious execution of the death penalty on us in hospital, they have prevented us from that we can prove that we have been injured to such an extent that we have had nerve death in half the body that spreads to the whole body. According to the Swedish state, this is not a crime, while everything else is a crime, where people have been sexually exploited, insulted, violated, bullied, threatened, beaten and so on. People who have committed crimes they reach, after which crime has already been committed and in this case, they have been given a reason to imprison those individuals. But when they know that a person never wants to commit a crime in their life and down they have no reason to punish one to a long prison sentence, then they have come up with a word “Depression” where they brag about that word in the media to deceive the rest of the world’s population believing that Depression is something so dangerous that people lose all understanding, where they cease to be human beings, where they are a danger to themselves and others, where they just want to take their own lives and then the state can intervene as a helping hand, through its extension arm psychiatric care to lure people into closed psychiatric clinic, where literally kill people with 450 to 700 volts ECT as they call, electro compulsive therapy, so that people believe it is something completely harmless. They call it therapy. If I die because of 9-volts, then imagine what happens to people who get 450 volts in their brains and this time in their heads, straight through the brain. and they call it (ECT which is the most effective cure for acute depression). With this death, all governments expose people to, and all of this is supposed to be a justified reason, due to the alleged dangerous disease Depression. When ordinary people know that someone has committed a crime and when they do not want to reveal the person to the police then the state sentences the person for crime to prison where they call it for the protection of criminals while when the state psychiatric care tricks people into getting ECT without to reveal that they will be exposed to crimes with ECT without saying what fatal permanent damage they will receive from the only first electric shock that occurs with hundreds of knives throughout the brain and it is not classified as crimes committed by the state on humans. All government agencies are silent about murders where they protect each other’s crimes and the protection of criminals who are they are all together, but now it is not crime. When they lie, it’s not a crime. The state spreads information in the media, that they give it to pregnant women and even to children at BUP – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, which can be compared with Corona vaccine now as they also give to pregnant women and children. Corona


pandemic is also the annihilation of the world population, while Corona vaccine is the deadly kind, a timed landmine that will explode at any time in the future, where people will die due to blood clots, cancer, stroke, and so on. They have felt the vaccines with poisons and everything else, but I’ll talk about that later. Back to ECT. In this way, they have diminished the seriousness of the image of the murderous electric knife ECT. The state shows how acceptable and common it is that they give it to children and women to help with the horribly alleged dangerous disease Depression where people are depressed because of some secret in their life that they do not want to reveal, so that secret does not come out to other people’s knowledge because it will mean imprisonment, bullying or humiliation for someone where you are exposed to in society. Therefore, they prefer to take their own life one that they are hung out in the media as a criminal who has committed a crime. Then the psychiatric care comes with a statement that they have broken routines, because they have not done enough to stop that person from committing suicide. It is the mental illness Depression that has led them to a completely illogical decision where they commit suicide without any justified motivated and logical reason. Not everyone has committed a crime, but crime and depression are linked. This is what the state calls suicide, due to depression, and it is a justified reason for the state to allow ECT to exist. Psychiatric care knows that people who come to them have a secret from their lives that has driven them to psychiatric care. They also know that it is the police who have tortured them with psychotronic weapons in order for them to seek care in Psychiatry, which is the police partner’s executioner who will kill the same people with ECT a little later. If that secret keeps patients quiet, but it does not matter, for all it is an ongoing mental and physical destruction of the individual. All that with psychiatry is just a charade to keep the patient unaware of the danger to his or her life and the deadly danger is psychiatric care.  As you can see, the police still get the truth by force, when you sleep and in addition, they kill you when they investigate you for a crime. You are almost less injured, when you admit crime and down you are sentenced to prison but when it is not appropriate for the state to sentence you to a short prison sentence, they kill you through psychological torture and even worse with all the electric death traps where they turn one to a disabled person forever physically and mentally. It is a negligible small number of people, who get ECT in relation to the entire population. If you start to distrust the state’s purpose of psychiatric good intentions with ECT and when looking for side effects of the horrific murder so-called treatment with ECT against Depression, we use the Google search engine that keeps the true information on the crime filtered out so we cannot get the truth about the deadly products instead we end up with DR Peter Breggin, doctor psychiatrist of very few who talk about how dangerous ECT is and how injured people become when they have received the ECT 450 to 700 volts directly in the brain. That he speaks against ECT, leads to people trusting him where people get all their attention focused on ECT as the only danger to life. Peter Breggin may have good intentions with his warnings and it cannot be proven that he intends to mislead people even more, but since he warns against ECT without mentioning in the same video 9-volt and less stimulating devices such as a danger that damages the human body to death and that it leads people precisely to ECT, so that people are misled and focused on ECT as the only danger while they do not even think of the devices 9-volt because they are never mentioned as a danger and then automatically people do not see it as a death trap. If you have been damaged by 9-volt appliances then you will get guaranteed even ECT, when electrical damage has had to cause nervous breakdown, due to damaged body, damaged mental health and destroyed personal identity. It only takes a number of years until you have been driven to death and insanity, due to electrical damage. So, 9-volt appliances are the open road to guaranteed ECT execution of the death penalty. I have not even seen anywhere in his video, that he warns people at all for the 9-volt and smaller devices as a danger, moreover, I have not even seen that there is a single video on the entire internet


and not a single case where people talk about what damage they have received from the 9-volt appliances. It’s because of internet censorship so we cannot find the truth anywhere on the internet. The fact that he does not warn people about 9-volt devices makes him a government fraudster and he is a fraudster who, by not saying a word about 9-volt devices, automatically deceives people into believing that those devices are something completely harmless. His alleged warnings for ECT, in fact, are a psychological weapon misleading media propaganda that tricks billions of civilians into the execution of the death penalty through ECT complete destruction of the brain and brain function. The only thing that is talked about is ECT and it is deliberate by the state so that they can continue to have the tool to murder people due to alleged existence of mental illness that the state has named Depression and when we in our search, look for harmful warning about the all 9-volt appliances, instead we only find advertisements, rather death advertisements on the all different electrical appliances with no warning information on the entire internet. This is exactly what his warnings lead people into, even greater confusion, where ECT is classified as a danger, while 9-volt devices are claimed to be no danger to people’s health. If he had assumed to warn of 9-volt stimulation devices that have harmed people where injuries lead one into necrosis and suicide then 9-volt devices have no legitimate reason for continued permitted sales to people instead of warning of ECT then it would become quite clear that the 9-volt appliances injure people to death and then such deadly appliances must be removed from sale and people must be warned of what danger it entails that one comes in contact with the electric knife appliances 9-volt. If 9-volt stimulation devices damage to death, then in this case there is no legally justified support and evidence that they should exist outside for sale to people. Then ECT of 450 to 700 volts must not exist either. You do not buy a 9-volt pain relief device so that in addition to the rheumatic pains you already have, you may be damaged 100 times more with the 9-volt electric current device. If you know that it is dangerous then you do not buy it. No one wants to hurt themselves consciously. When people know that 9-volt electrical appliances are harmful and that it means death and ended ruined life forever, for those who have been exposed to that crime then one can understand that ECT 700 volts is something that is 1000 times more harmful and something that must not exist and thus has no legal support or justified reason which will be as a basis for the state to continue with the so-called by the world state for ECT treatment for people who have Depression. Therefore, the state babbles through psychiatric care about Depression so that they have a reason to sell the other deadly 9-volt electrical products that are not mentioned a word about in the media ever. All this is a program that the state has as a tool where the state can continue and have the opportunity to commit state abuse of people and ethnic groups and have control over the population. The state is looking for people who are completely healthy who take no medication for mental illness at all and now it’s about millions of people and the state now has the entire population as a target through the allowed 9-volt devices that are never questioned, and it is part of the propaganda program where the state reaches all citizens through the murder orgies genocide with the all-electric death devices on 9-volt. If DR Peter Bregin had gone out and said what damage causes 9-volt devices that are installed by the state in Sex segments that are supposed to sexually stimulate nerves or as TENS pain relief then there is no legitimate reason for continued existence in society of ECT including all the 9-volt devices of a dozen different kinds. As for the end of the use of lobotomy, the state may have given him that merit, so that people believe even more in him because he has succeeded in something that goes in merit, benefits, and well-being for patients. The governments of the world have stopped using lobotomy, just to get rid of it with something even more deadly, which also creates 100 times worse damage and worse suffering, and it is ECT, electric current that cuts with thousands of knives per second, throughout the brain instead of a blunt tool that has damaged the brain in a limited area through lobotomy. Both involve brain loss, and both are


so horrible and disgusting that they should not exist. He has succeeded in stopping lobotomy but not stopping ECT and it is because the state, thanks to the alleged justified existence of ECT, they continue to have the option of having the 9-volt devices as a death trap where they can lead people through the police into death. People get hurt physically and at the same time mentally where they create suffering that is not of this world. In addition, he warns against the drug Prozac as something terrible that has destroyed people who have taken it against Depression for many years. I took Fluoxetine which is another name for Prozac in the beginning and I remember that I did not feel better about it instead as soon as I noticed that I felt bad about it, I stopped taking it. If it does not help, stop taking it then. In the case of just Depression, you are not damaged by electric current and if you continue to take Prozac even if you know you are feeling bad then I think that person is completely retarded. The Prozac cannot even be compared to the electrical damage caused by 9 volts. In addition, for me it is enough with Seroquel that makes me fall asleep and the rested time always made me feel better to some extent. He warns people about Prozac, while Lyrica which I have to take due to Estim 9-volt device damage for which there is no warning and where there is no warning for Lyrica which is directly life-threatening to take because it removes all common sense for me where I can hurt myself and even that I take my own life because of it and it completely unintentionally. Even in Sweden, we have heroes who call themselves “No to ECT” and they are also alleged to be fighting against ECT, while they have never mentioned harmful devices 9-volt. They too can be recruited by the Swedish state as a misleading source of information that should lead people indirectly in all 9-volt electrical appliances. Even the patients who are alleged to have received ECT where they say the worst thing is that they have had memories erased, can be just bullshit by state propaganda advertising on the deadly 9-volt devices. They should lose sensation on the skin of the forehead where they have had the electrodes inserted, then electric current damages the whole brain and damage occurs 20 times worse after a year that gives a permanent pain for the rest of life. Only that pain can make anyone take their own life and then they must take Seroquel or Zyprexa as a sedative that lowers pain and allows them to fall asleep at all. The patients can be the Psychiatric care employees themselves who have come and made the videos where they testify about alleged injuries that do not correspond to reality for ECT is 1000 times worse than getting 9 volts of electricity and I have many times worse suffering than what the patients describe which they have received from ECT 700 volts, and they have received it repeatedly over 20 such treatments. I have heard in the media that a patient has received ECT this morning and on the same day this afternoon, has had time to commit a crime on the same day. With this, they want to show the entire population through media propaganda that it is nothing to get 700 volts into the brain. Another time I read that patient has received 100 treatments with ECT which is a pure lie, a state advertising information a criminal false claim. If the state lies, it is not a crime. I think every country has its heroes who talk about ECT while they never mention the 9-volt devices so they can mislead and lead the people in the 9-volt death trap devices. Now at the end I realize what reality I live in. They never intended to sentence me to prison. They scared the life out of me, so that I could have a nervous breakdown and then I confessed to the crime. They evoked social phobia in me to keep me isolated. Their goal was to trick me into hoping for the future, while I pass the time of my life in loneliness and celibacy. But it was not enough for me to be mentally crushed. Therefore, the state has the deadly Trojan horse, electric death trap where now that I have been injured by the electric current, it is a constant suffering that I cannot continue to live with and be normal with without making the wrong decision, due to the loss of emotion and constant pain. Injuries evoke suffering and mental illness of the worst kind in me now. When you remember a memory, you also have a feeling that is part of that memory, but the damage erases the feeling and thanks to this, I have no anchor, which binds to that memory


and thanks to that I release all those memories and they cease to exist for me. Theoretically, I remember, but that I no longer have feelings that bind to that memory, it is equivalent to that memory being erased from my life. Their goal for over 16 years was that I should be in a false hope for the future all the way until I get a nervous breakdown and until I have abandoned what they have been talking to me all along. I’m finally aware that they have cheated on me and that I have lost 16 years of my life because of them. I realize that I have become a mentally disabled person where they have changed my behavior and my habits through isolation so that I have a behavior where I injure myself further completely unintentionally and where my life becomes increasingly impossible to live. The image of me as a human being evaporates and disappears slowly so that I realize that my life is completely meaningless and has no purpose for my continued existence among all living people who live a normal life. Through their laws, they have tricked me into the electric death trap where I because of it go against paralysis so that I become handicapped paralyzed so that I cannot take care of myself and that I cannot support myself anymore. Through their Police Investigation, they have created a vicious spiral which, through my changed habits, leads me only right into death where life for me is completely impossible to continue living. It seems that they want me to kill myself even if I do not want to. They keep talking to me while I’m dying of cancer pain and at the same time, they do not acknowledge my injuries that I am injured at all whiles blocking my blog so no one can read what I am writing about. They keep quiet when I do and with all that torture, they drive me crazy. Thanks to those injuries, I feel like someone has strangled me overnight with a bag over my head where they have strangled me to death and tomorrow, they have resurrected me from the dead. When I wake up to life again, it feels like I am revived and left in a desert completely confused where I do not know which way to go. Thanks to injuries, I feel abandoned crushed and sad that I have never felt before I was injured. Thanks to injuries, I feel a terrible loss and constant sadness. Their goal for 16 years was to get me to be aware of a false hope for the future while I pass the time in loneliness that makes my soul decay and that it breaks into small pieces where all the negative characteristics of mental illness as social phobia worsens and that I look less or less like a human being. I have lost 16 years of my life in prison in solitude completely in vain because of crimes for which they do not allow me to be convicted. Their goal was that I should hope until I have lost all hope and until I have reached the point where I abandon all that they have spoken to me. They have put conflict between me and my family and now that due to injuries I can no longer continue to be rooted in everything they have used to keep me isolated, I may want the life I once had in time back. They want me to be killed in one way or another. They want me to commit suicide and if I cannot do it then those injuries will eventually lead me into madness. They will never complete the criminal investigation they have subjected me to. I have the worst injuries a human being can have on this planet, and they do not even allow me to prove it. They do not allow it to even be classified as a crime as it is their most powerful weapon that they have used to kill perhaps a billion people over the planet in the last 100 years. They have driven me insane, and they have hurt me, given me fatal injuries that drive me in a 100 times worse way, to make me feel a hopelessness that will lead me to start making decisions that are not logical and normal and it’s what’s happening already where everything I write is completely abnormal but it’s because I’m dying and I’m suffering from cancer pain. What I’m doing now is what they have wanted to happen where I now market myself and where I make a fuss of myself which is a negative advertisement of me as crazy while they are nice where they do not say a word. No one will listen to me, instead everyone will listen to the democratic Swedish society, while they have obliterated me and everything around me. I’m in enemy territory. This is how it is, when you come up with a Muslim name, into the Christian purebred blonde Swedish Aryan society. For over 20 years, even ordinary Swedes have called me a nickname, rather they whisper it on the border so that I hear


them, but not enough that I should be sure that they have said it to me. They have pointed and even today point into it now with a finger where they show with subtle message that I am stupid in the head. As long as I was not injured, I thought that only certain individuals do. Not all Swedes do that, and I believed that Sweden is a good country with good kind-hearted people. I had gullible blind positive view of the Swedish state until I fell into this trap. Why do you think I’m stupid in my head? Am I stupid in my head because I have listened and believed in Swedish society where my only fault was that I kept quiet while I was spit on by passing Swedes? My fault is that I’m still alive. I have followed your rules and it was not enough for me to be convicted, instead I will be exposed to crime after crime. Human rights do not exist for me. Should I be less stupid in my head, if I keep silent while I die so that no one can hear of the crime that this country has subjected me to. The Swedish state is flooding our ears with propaganda where they fight against criminals who commit crimes but they through the police destroy and drive the same criminals to madness for them to commit a crime and then they have a good reason to imprison criminals for the crime they have committed. It is the image that is finally seen and will be seen in the media where the Police are always right. This is what they do when they want to liquidate someone from society. When you have committed a crime, then they have the right to strike with everything they can. In words, they can kill a human being in a record short time. They have done it to me, and I am sure they have done it to my child also just because he is my child and so they do to everyone. I cannot prove it but one fine day it will be proven that with that surveillance technology they lead crowds into death and then the words hallucinate will not be misused as it is done now. When people take hallucinogenic drug mushrooms, for me it is something that can be called because people hallucinate. That I hear voices when I sleep does not have to mean that I imagine it for 16 years and that it is not possible in reality. If someone thinks I’m hallucinating then, do I hallucinate injuries too? The state has legalized death that parasitizes itself and becomes camouflaged and hidden under the wings of Research. The state uses the media to distort, paint, make up, make it deadly attractive to people so that they can hide the criminal purpose of the product only to make people be deceived so that they agree to it and that they voluntarily unconsciously fall into that trap which involves suffering that leads one to death, madness, and ruined life forever. The state uses the media as a weapon against the people where they constantly pretend to be the righteous who never commit crime and wrong and the propaganda bombardment goes on around the clock and all that just to have control over crowds, gain people’s trust so they can continue to rule, to get people to feel safe and to let the guard down. That they should be negligent so that when they hold in their hands the electric death devices, then they should not be aware that they are holding in their hands a weapon that is equivalent and identical to the “Crocodile drug”, so that they kill themselves and says goodbye to the body parts where those electrodes have come in contact with the body. We all go on that propaganda and the worst thing is that we believe in it all the way down until they have hurt us. We hear advertising about psychiatric care around the clock and we believe that they help us with the medications until we have fallen into their final trap which is one of all different electrical devices. Then when you realize that not only are you dying, you realize that they are silencing you so that you cannot even prove the crime you have been subjected to and then you realize that the state has never been good, fair, and just, but the state is evil that has harmed me and everyone else they choose while constantly lying to all of us. Of course, they can handle crime and that’s what makes us believe in them. Some people who commit crimes put them in jail while they have built shortcuts where they can kill people they have as targets and who do not commit any crime. When the Police use Taser against people who give resistance, they have made it look in the eyes of all ordinary people as something acceptable instead of the use of batons and violence. The state has come up with a monstrous tool Taser. They like to use that tool


very much, because they know that after a while it causes fatal permanent damage to human body. When they use it on people, they do not wrestle with people on the ground, they do not have to use physical force that can be classified very easily as Police Brutality. Also, they can never damage near as much with batons and blows to the body as they can damage with Taser electric current that provides many times greater voltage than the 9-volt battery I have been tricked into. They call it weapons that do not kill and that it instead saves lives. By use with police violence and beatings, you can get a bruise or, in the worst case, a broken arm or leg, but the body can heal such injuries. It’s even better to be shot with a gun, in circumstances that one has not died, because when the body has healed the gunshot wound, then you feel no pain while the Taser causes electrical damage that destroys nerves permanently and 100 times worse damage occurs after one year. But when they use Taser, in people’s eyes they appear almost human, while in fact the electric current at high electrical voltage destroys nerves in the skin and everything in its path through the body in the area of ​​contact with the Taser. Then electric current goes straight through the body and destroys nerves in the inner part of the body. It damages blood vessels, internal organs, muscle tissue and everything in its path in very large area. Afterwards, when they have finished the Taser firing, you do not feel any damage except just a numbness, but the electric current exceeds the strength that nerves use naturally. It does not kill but due to natural laws as soon as the nerves have received the overwhelming current the nerves burn and strike immediately permanently forever because they are not created by nature to receive electrical current through the body. In the beginning you feel numbness in a centimeter in diameter and after a year, the microscopic hole appears on nerves that spread further to the entire body’s nervous system, which will die completely eventually and damage will be over 40 cm in diameter and more than that where you can say that half the body dies and it does not stop there but continues to spread in all directions, in the body. In addition, they strike damage to the brain as in my case. The injuries drive one to insanity where people are forced to take medication because of the injuries and that from the Psychiatric Care. The fact that Taser harms people permanently keep the state quiet and it is only part of the state’s campaign against the genocide that states commit on their citizens. They lie to people right in the eyes that Taser is harmless. If the person says that the police have injured them with the rubbish Taser, then they say that the person is a criminal who was violent and that he should be grateful that they did not shoot him instead. But I have tested what goes on infinitely many times lower current and I have been so much damaged that my life is counted as ended where I no longer live but exist in a hellish obedience that the Swedish state has exposed me to. I have not committed a crime. They silence me in such a way that they pretend to be completely unaware that it is harmful. They pretend that it does not exist in reality and that all the devices are completely invisible to them. They pretend, I’m the first person on this planet to have come up with such information that I’ve been hurt. They have drawn a play theater for me where they know nothing about it instead, they send me on where I will get even more of electric current so if I’m stupid I will go for it and if not then I will not try to prove it because it cannot be proven in words and the Swedish state can continue to murder people further person after person. It’s like a cycle. There are no warnings and no information that it harms the human body and everyone who reads this may believe that I am talking nonsense. But that’s because it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that manufactures the Taser and all other electrical appliances including ECT. All that is under direct government service and all the devices file a purpose and that is to injure people to death. You do not die but you suffer like hell which is told in religious books while the state keeps quiet about this where they use media criminals who keep quiet about it and internet censorship where you cannot find the truth anywhere on the internet. We believe, when we see Police officers that thanks to their uniform, we believe that they are something honest that protects people in


society from criminals, but in order to be a Police Officer, you must be a prepared killer who is prepared to shoot and kill down it is needed. Then in order to be motivated to deal with brutality where you use violence all the time, you have to have greatness madness where they use violence on people and feel like power, authority that stands above ordinary people. That opportunity where they can extinguish a human life is surely what attracts them to the Police Profession where they feel power and where it is they who decide. But they are not the worst. Do not commit a crime and they should not touch ones. Instead, it is the Police Investigators, personally those who have the power to come into our dreams regularly more or less as needed night after night for 20 years or in our entire lives. They are the ones who hurt the most of all. The state spreads advertising propaganda about itself and all state institutions, but when you are exposed to what I have become, then you realize how rooted and evil the Swedish state really is. In my case, the police have been manipulating me for decades. They destroyed me mentally where through psychological torture they have transformed me from a person who did not know what a mental illness is to someone who is mentally ill and that was not even what they were looking for. They were out to hurt me and now I’m injured to death. Through torture with words and disturbed sleep, they have made me in a record short time for me to admit crime. I realized that it is impossible to live with hell and as soon as I have confessed then I suddenly became a victim who was not even reported for crime while they have crushed me to admit that crime and now, they want to save me from alleged a danger to my life. I was looking forward to going to jail because that’s the only way it can end when you have committed a criminal offense. It will cost me time and money, but I will deserve freedom where I will be free from the police and courts and state persecution and retaliation forever. But they were looking for me to get something much worse than prison. I must be liquidated and eradicated from this humanity and society. I do not fit as a whole, unharmed, and healthy at the end of their story of criminal investigation. With those injuries, they have taken my body from me. I can never in my life be in a friendship with other people. I cannot form a friendship with anyone, and I can never create a relationship with a woman because of the terribly large extent of the harm and significance of what they mean to me. To tell me that I should go to a party with others and that I should look for a love with a woman, is equivalent to saying to a cancer patient who is linked to morphine that lowers pain, while dying. That patient experiences suffering only and nothing else, one cannot feel joy, hope or anything positive. I am completely unable to feel joy and be happy. I’m not looking forward to free days to have fun. Holidays have come and I’m not looking forward to the vacation after which I’m dying. I’m not whole and I feel like someone who will die soon. There is no life for me, and it will not be fixed, because it cannot be good with such injuries. The electrical appliances are in society precisely for people to be injured to death. Once you have gone through it, then you should be clear that your life no longer exists. You have stopped living. You are dead mentally. Time has stopped when the body dies while you are still alive and thanks to the fact that you look like you are alive, the state can say we have not done anything against you. You did it yourself. We look at you and you look whole; in addition, you live. If you want to prove your injuries, we have a scan of your damaged nerves with more of “electrically weak and harmless” current. I have no problem realizing what reality is when I meet new people, but it’s the woman they’ve let into my dream. They let her talk to me while I slept. She was the biggest trap and blow that has led me to death in the end. I would never follow their words and exhortations for decades, because it is impossible without something I should long for, a goal that I myself must follow to maintain and decisions that I must make to stay on the path that the Police want me in. Therefore, they gave me a fantasy, a woman who is some great and who wants to be with me. It was way too beautiful for me to say no to. Then I was pretty normal and unharmed physically and mentally. They have used her to take me away from all social contact with women so


that I can stay alone in isolation as a single and that in turn has made me disabled as a man in relation to women. They have legalized pornographic sites as the biggest and most damaging trap that causes people to make the worst mistakes of their lives. People even commit murder because they watch it. Marriage between men and women goes into ruins because of it. That’s why the state has come and legalized the electric death devices and they have put it in pornographic sites as a harmless product so that those who are overactive sexual sinners of various kinds should take their own lives once they have come in contact with it and that they will lose sexual ability and become disabled for the rest of their lives. Those people deserve death according to the Swedish state, but they also want to get people who are completely innocent who have social phobia who never want to commit a crime to go into this and that only because of evil intentions because they see you as a target as you are not Swedish, but you are an immigrant. To make everything even worse, you have a Muslim name and that is the main driving force for the Swedish state’s motivation to harm you. They lied to me so that I would fall into the trap and then they used the time as a weapon against me. Loneliness made me my social phobia 100 times worse in relation to other people including women where I am now at the end paralyzed in my social contact to create new social networks. Life as a single has massacred my self-image as a man. Not only that, according to them, everyone was a danger to me, and the best thing was that I should stay away from my family friends and without them, but my bond to my country is also cut off and now they have me as a brainwashed slave. Without social contact with everyone, they have also prevented me from having access to information about the dangerous products. The only information I had was voices and internet advertising propaganda and internet censorship of the dangerous products so that I and maybe a billion others on this planet, would go into death and become one in statistics on everyone who was exposed to state advanced crime. I had asked my friends what they think of all that has happened to me, as I have done now at the end where they have told me, how could you go on that fraud. But now it’s too late for me. The police have used all my emotions as a weapon against me to mislead and manipulate me. They used my fear to lead me away from my family and friends and in this way, they have isolated me. They have broken that bond to my family and time is the one that has caused that bond to die and disappear where it can never ever be repaired again for real. The broken ties to my family, relatives, friends, and my homeland for decades have made me socially handicapped where I feel a gigantic loss of my identity and the life I once had in life. Thanks to my blind trust in goodness and good intentions of the Swedish state, I went into the honey trap where the Police used my love for the woman as a weapon against me and in this way, they indirectly steered me in the wrong direction right into the bigger and greater isolation that damages one’s soul very seriously where one dives and goes right into disability that hurts the heart without social contact. You stop being a human being. The time without social contact feeds on social phobia where I have finally got it engraved into my brain by force where I simply stay away and preferably avoid socializing with others because I am too much mentally damaged by isolation and loneliness for decades. It is a systematic, well-proven program that the state uses to crush, eradicate, and drive people crazy with psychological torture. They have turned me into a mentally disabled person who fits less and less into society. Talking to other people and having good relationships with them is what heals the soul and mental state. We humans are social beings and when we become isolated then we go into our thoughts more and more and it hurts one mentally to such an extent that one loses one after another human trait and then one ends up in bad habits. It was not enough for them to sentence me to prison. All that isolation they have used for me to go after decades treated with their state psychological torture brainwashing into their next step which is the electric death trap. So mentally handicapped, I sought compensation for the lack of contact with women and therefore I fell into the


death trap. In addition to not only being trapped in the electric device, but I was also not aware that the healthcare system had exposed me to a new danger to life with the medicine Lyrica. That doctor told me that he first thinks it was lowering the strength of Lyrica and in the end, he took it completely away from me and he says he is removing it because it is addictive. But he has not said a word that you are in an identical drunken state in the same way as with alcohol. I have discovered that medicine is a drug and nothing else. That medicine evokes everything that alcohol evokes. Under the influence of alcohol, I become aware that I am knocked out and I become increasingly immobile while Lyrica removes all common sense from me without me being aware of it. In addition, my body is completely unaffected as I can go and look sober. I am not a danger to others, but I have noticed that I can hurt myself completely unintentionally. Under the influence of Lyrica, I have a behavior where it is much like when I walk on a busy street and if I get run over and die it does not matter while when I am not affected by Lyrica, I always take care of myself before I cross a street so that I do not get run over by a vehicle. Therefore, I have to stop taking them altogether. Now that I have stopped taking them then there is nothing that lowers pain or anxiety and there you see how the state has built its advanced program where they continue to harm us more and more until they have committed suicide. They have hurt me with words. Then they injured me with the electric death trap. Then as pain relief, they give me a drug-classified medicine, a drug that knocks out my brain and common sense so that I can even take my own life and that completely unintentionally. If it had happened then they would say, he felt bad mentally. He had depression. But I have no depression and I have no reason to feel bad except the fact that I have been exposed to crimes that the state spreads and commits on us and our children. The suffering that those injuries cause me has never been seen in the history of mankind. This is not talked about. This is a shortcut where people disappear in genocide of epic proportions from the living and normal world right into death in a legal way. None of this would be possible without the cooperation of Parliament that has legalized murder, companies that manufacture the deadly products with excluded information about what fatal damage it means to come into contact with the products and what consequences lead to damage to the body that comes later in life that is even worse than the damage that one has received from the beginning. It would not be possible without Psychiatric care where it all kills madness has begun, where they have called depression as something that is life-threatening and deadly that it should be claimed to be a legitimate reason for them to commit murder with electric current ECT which is said to help one out of depression. Depression is not even comparable to the electrical damage sufferers that are virtually out of this world. Judgment Day mentioned in religious books is exactly what happens in the head of someone who is damaged by the electrical appliances. The difference between all the dozens of electrical appliances and their different purpose lies in where to get identical damage to the body somewhere. This in turn has banned and opened the way where ECT is branded as something dangerous and it is protected by the state with false delusional information where they are alleged to help people who are feeling bad, while dozens of all Estim devices are not branded as a danger. Because if ECT is allowed then they see 9-volt devices as a joke that should not even be mentioned in the media. In fact, I suffer a lot more than those who are allegedly injured by ECT. None of this would be possible without the main criminals known as media TV, newspapers, and radio, who put us ordinary people in a false sense of security while not mentioning a word about the deadly products and thanks to internet censorship we can never ever find the truth about the deadly products. It is thanks to this that we fall into the deadly trap. Who is it that warns of death? It is not the state with all its institutions, but it is I who have been harmed by this. In addition to fatalities, they block my blog. When I look at my statistics on the blog, hardly anyone reads it and it is impossible, as in reality is scandal and others death suffering the most


coveted topic to read about. I’m afraid that when I’m gone and when I’ve died of those injuries, they will lead my child to the same death I’ve been in. I warn him, but in 20 years’ time he will forget about it and then he can go into any of the all-electric death traps. If you get an electric shock from another person, I recommend that you look at the person who has exposed you to the electric death and I recommend you, make an effort and memorize that person’s face for in the future when you realize what is done against you, then you will realize that that person has killed you. Thanks to the fact that you remember that person’s face, you know to whom you can take revenge, in the same deadly way. Kill him or her because that’s what they did to you.  At least do so, so that you know who has ended your life. Never blame yourself because it is not your fault that you have gone into something that should not exist. Do not blame yourself for believing in politicians who pretend to be fair, that they fight for prosperity where we and our children are safe and secure while keeping quiet about the genocide, they have made invisible with total media silence. It is a well-proven method of killing crowds and it has been going on in this way throughout the history of all mankind. Swedish politicians just learn from that experience. So, it is not your fault, but it is the Swedish state that uses it as its main weapon in an advanced protracted program where they liquidate people simply at the same time in a dozen different ways. They can say that all countries do it and that everyone sells the products as an escape from responsibility. It is the case that all states use and have used it at all times, precisely because it is such an effective way to destroy and kill a person without them having come into contact with one physically in reality. They harm one with the electric current and then it is just a dying process going on in one’s body that leads into death and madness at the same time. In media propaganda, we constantly see a picture of Heroes fighting to save humanity, to save the climate and the planet, to save humanity from the doom of humanity, but in reality there was not a single real fucking hero who has knowledge of what danger and what risks those devices pose to people who come in contact with it and also with all the knowledge and information it has no one came out in the media and said, this is deadly, beware of this! Instead, it’s just them, who advertise the electric death in their films as something completely harmless and with that, they also participate in the extermination of the world’s civilian population adults, young people, and children. So, there is no hero who has come out in the media and said it openly, clear so that we ordinary people know what to look out for. It is always the others who are evil, and it is justified and just to kill them so that we can defend our freedom. That template can be used anywhere on this planet. How good Humanity is. The electrical appliances have thrown me on the brink of life and death. Just that pain, can make anyone go crazy and to commit suicide. The feeling on the amputated body parts that you have lost feeling in, drives you insane where you can never get used to this. Every time you feel it, it is experienced as the first time in life, and it is enough that anyone can commit suicide because of just this. The path that leads me from the brink into death is unknown to me because it is a dying process that I have no control over and there is no information because the state keeps it away from us. The path from the border between life and death and back to a normal life is completely impossible because those injuries send disturbed signals to the brain around the clock and that is why I have disturbed thought process around the clock which means I am going crazy slowly but surely. It’s so bad that when I sleep in the pain of chronic death that wakes me halfway between dream and waking state, it sends me a clear message on the cut away damaged body parts that reminds me that I am injured and because of that I cannot ever fall asleep in deep sleep and be rested. I have even started to get a strong feeling that I am not welcome in my apartment that I pay for myself and when I wake up then I feel normal again. It is not depression that causes all this, but it is the electrical damage that causes a complete feeling of loss of my body that dies, loss of my family, my identity, my country, my life, my existence and of everything that I once was. I have cramps and


pain in muscles that never heal. It feels like I am constantly tired in the injured parts of the body, and I have chronic fatigue now and I am moving towards getting burnt out due to the constant obedience that forces me to walk myself to death without ever resting and everything just so I can feel a little less of a pain when I walk. I feel a little more normal when I walk. Day after day I feel chronic fatigue where I am injured, and it feels like I can never recover. I have never experienced anything like this in my life before I was injured. I lose strength in my body and move towards states where I become increasingly paralyzed and where I cannot take care of myself. I can barely do anything these days. This is cancer where it feels like damage is spreading everywhere and eating me from the inside out. I cannot pursue the hobby of learning to play the guitar. It is obliterated when pain came and injuries have eradicated it from my brain where injuries convince me that I should not have even started playing that instrument or training as I could only two years ago, before I was injured. When I whistle, I feel that I do not even own it, so I feel a loss of this too and it is due to pain and disturbed nerve signals. I can barely walk now, while 2 years ago I trained a lot and was super slim. Now because of the Seroquel medication that I have to take, I am now overweight, and I cannot even control that overweight anymore, but I am becoming more and more overweight. All this sounds crazy, and it is precisely madness that you feel when you have electrical damage. I’m physically disabled where I can never in my life be with a woman again. In addition to this, I am a disabled person in a mental way, where my self-image as a man is cut into small pieces where I find myself in a physical and even worse mental collapse where my body dies, and my soul dies at the same time. All the suffering the Swedish state has done to me because of crimes they did not allow me to serve. Death feels to me like a liberation now and I begin to accept death as something that will save me from the unimaginable inhuman suffering that has never been recounted by anyone, ever in the history of mankind openly. I’m starting to look forward to die, so that I stop suffering. If I had continued to go to Psychiatric Care, they would receive me with longing open arms now, where they can seize all those symptoms, so that they can give me all possible diagnoses of mental illness. Given how I have been treated by health care so far and given the attitude of the state towards all the electrical appliances that they themselves have laid out for us as a death trap, Psychiatric care had probably treated me in exactly the same way as I have been treated so far by general care. Even they had probably intentionally treated me carelessly where they do not take me seriously as if I am imagining all the injuries and that everything, I have told is in fact a sign of mental illness that they cure with more medication that I am already taking. This is exactly how psychiatric care treats people they have cheated in the death trap ECT so that people receive the so-called treatment where part of their body is to be transformed into something that has a place only in the grave. They have the dead body part from the grave inside their body and it is death that people with electrical injuries feel in their body. You are not whole in the body, where it is missing body parts and parts of one’s soul and personality are dead with. You are literally half dead. The half of the dead body part that you have lost you can never get back and the only option for you is that after that you can still think and after that you can make decisions, you can use that opportunity to send the other remaining undamaged half of your body into death. We can take our own lives. We have one choice left and that is to commit suicide, to end our suffering. States claim that they care about people who are mentally ill but as you can see, they are the ones who use the alleged help to kill us and our children. It would not surprise me if they had offered me ECT now as help because I have already been offered 2 times measurement of nerve damage with electric current at low strength it is claimed. Now at the end, only one thing needs to be done by me and that is that I make a threat to the just, fair, humane Swedish kingdom so that they can lock me in. That’s why they’ve talked to me from the beginning because they know I’ll never commit a crime. They pissed me off and I did nothing and therefore they


have this as the last weapon that leads one to death or mental hospital. With these injuries, no one can be normal with. They want that stamp on me, where I am a danger to myself and others and then they are fine, and I am the full culprit just like we all criminals are. No matter what political party it is about, politicians always win that they will fight against organized crime and criminal gangs. But after over 20 years, I have realized that the state itself is the most organized criminal gang on the planet. They have infinitely more gang members there as soon as we are born, we are their property where they can do whatever they want with us. They clear traces after themselves, when they kill us and our children so that it looks like we have done it ourselves and that it is our own fault, in a legal way where we cannot even prove that we have been exposed for crime. Unlike criminal gangs that have no marketing source, however, the state has its state advertising propaganda media from the first to the last that spews huge amounts of useless junk information or misinformation, or misleading incomplete information in the news. In the news, the media often launches pure lies that lie together with true information so that we get a collage image of reality that the state wants us to see. Then we are tricked into believing in state propaganda, that we and our children live in safety where the state judges and punishes every person who has harmed others severely with imprisonment. When we believe in the state vomiting, then they have us in a false sense of security. When we have our blind faith in the state, that is when the state has the way open right into our minds where they have us as brainwashed slaves. If the state does not see us as a threat, then they let us sleep in peace where we remain ourselves. Our personality remains the same where we feel good mentally and then we do not notice anything bad. Then we and our children live together a life in harmony according to human rights. Down our and our children’s dreams are not interfered with by foreign voices and disturbing sounds then it is easy to be normal and to make the right decisions in life. But when the state has one as a target then the state over 20 years regularly intrudes night after night into our dreams and into our children’s dreams. When they have a family member as a target then they go after the whole family as that is where it hurts the most. On one hand the only thing we hear in the media year after year is about people who have committed all sorts of different kinds of crimes where they have been punished according to state propaganda norms that are hung out in the media as fair by the state while it has never been mentioned a one word about the crime I have been the victim of and billions of people across the planet before me. So, our mistakes are severely punished while when the state kills us then it is not a crime. It’s pure state murderous orgies going on beneath the surface where the media keeps quiet about it like closed shells. All the genocide of ordinary people individuals that the state sees as a threat, is going on hidden beneath the surface with the full support and permission of the state. To exclude facts about the products of dangerous death that make the difference between life and death, is equal to lying. Everything that the media broadcasts and writes about is taken for granted as truth because it is the state that speaks. Media supports with positive propaganda image and does advertising to the Parliament, the police, psychiatric care, general care. General care supports and backs up psychiatric care where they assume that the diagnoses that psychiatric care has given to people are a matter of course. For example, to take an event from my life, it has happened to me that I was at the pub and then I bought a cocktail without alcohol in a regular glass. As soon as I confessed to the crime to the Police, I became mentally free, and I stopped consuming alcohol. Without worries I got my life back, what I need is a relationship and then I would have been a normal person. A few times it has happened to me when I came back home from the pub and after a few hours of sleep I have woken up ready to vomit at dawn. Twice I was close to vomiting and fainting until once I vomited while fainting and then I lost consciousness and fell down. While I was on the toilet, I fainted and fell unconscious. I fell with my whole weight straight down and I hit my head in the paper holder made of steel. I had a large


bloody swelling in my forehead and a jack that is visible even now. When I regained consciousness, I was in a pool of blood. The whole toilet around me was bloody and looked like someone had just been murdered. I felt like a corpse. People vomit alcohol while I vomit and faint from a non-alcoholic cocktail juice. I was weak and could barely stand on my feet. I tried to stop the bleeding and was about to faint again and then I felt that if I faint again then I will die. I had a moment of death. I froze and trembled all over my body and with my knees bent I took my mobile in my hand and went out on the balcony to access cold air so that I would not faint and vomit again. I called the emergency room, and they came and drove me to the hospital in Trollhättan. I almost died that night. Once in the hospital, I had to stay there for two days where they monitored my heart, which turned out to work completely flawlessly. The other day just as I was about to go home, two nurses asked me, what medications are you taking? Then I mentioned Seroquel which I have failed to take, and I looked at them as if they have panicked and said that I should not miss taking my medicines as if I was born with the damn many billion-dollar industrial junk, and as if I will be crazy and violent if I do not take them. Then at that time I believed in the Swedish state but thought that they were exaggerating without a justified reason. Therefore, I say that their warning to me to take those medications is government advertising propaganda where general care and psychiatric care back each other up as if they are the ones who are always right. All this is a propaganda by the state to convince us ordinary people to submit to state institutions, where they always know best and, in this way, they get our blind trust and obedience to government and state systems, while they kill us completely legally. Since that happened, I bought a beer for the sake of visibility, which I kept throughout the night staying at the tavern without drinking a single sip and then I never fainted again when I got home. Their subtle suggestive state propaganda sounds something like this, take your medication because you feel bad and then everything will be fine, and you will feel good again! Because of our gullible belief in the state, the worst thing is when they convince us that we are sick and that we should take the medication. Thanks to state media propaganda, we believe what they say. The state knows best. But in the beginning, when I believed in them, for decades I took all kinds of different medications that they gave me for depression, discomfort, depression, anxiety, and worry, even though nothing ever really helped me. Now down this state Sweden has given me fatal electrical damage so now I have to take Seroquel for the rest of my life there if it had stopped being manufactured then I am directly sentenced to death within a week. Without anesthesia with Seroquel on the damaged nerves overnight, it would be completely impossible for me to fall asleep and then without sleep it would drive me to commit suicide. The Swedish state as you can see has made me addicted to Seroquel medicine. It is in this way that states drive people to insanity where one can never in his life remain normal under such suffering living conditions. When states are not happy to put a person in jail then they do this massacre death trap on one’s body where one suffers in agony that has never in human history been mentioned in the media, so people know that death is out there for sale to us all and to our children. The Swedish kingdom claims that Psychiatric care helps people who are feeling unwell. People go to those on the surface according to their own will, to get medicine relief for anxiety, depression, and concern, while beneath the surface all that I have told shows another picture in which the state drives us insane. When we have come out of mental suffering, when we have come out of anxiety, depression, and concern for a normal life, they have put the electric death that will take and pull us back into mental illness and suffering, but this time there is no return for me to a normal life. Now they have legally given me death that has removed all natural barriers when you are normal and when you are not injured. Then I had barriers where I had not written a single word of everything I wrote in this blog. I only started writing when pain came and that because of the suffering that tortures, me to madness and to death. This is not something you can live with for a


long time. I believe that everyone who has been injured by 9-volt devices has committed suicide. This is a crime against humanity that extends all the way up into the rich white power elite, all the way up where they all participate in that genocide. It is from evil that electric death has arisen. That power elite takes a photo together with dark-skinned poor people and in that way, they present themselves to the whole world civilian population on this planet as humane, where they have helped thousands of people with humanitarian money help and they brag about it in the media so that their humanism is visible all over the planet, while with the influence of their power they lead billions of ordinary people all over the world right into this electric death where they are doing it service to states and that because they are part of the power genocide campaign, where small insignificant individuals of the common people are as targets for the state for one reason or another. They look at us ordinary people as animals or as retarded ignorant stupid idiots, where our lives are not worth anything. It is in this way, all the existing governments, states and even the Swedish government, state, permanently lock people in mental hospitals and there they also carry out the death penalty through ECT. They gave me pain and suffering that is equivalent to MS, Cancer and military neurotoxin that causes death suffering into my body, and it is the suffering that drives me to inhuman pain that forces me to take an extreme act and that I commit suicide. States are the greatest evil on this planet, which divides us ordinary people with media propaganda manipulation, to hate each other and we hate each other because of race, ethnicity, religion, which is a purely useless bullshit that in reality has no value and meaning, where states have got the rubbish inserted into our subconscious as something valuable that we must fight for and for which we must give our lives. They themselves swim in the sea of ​​money, while 900 million ordinary people go to bed hungry with their children, where they slowly die of hunger. It’s the whole world power and the rich elite, who are armed to the teeth, while suffocating ordinary people with psychological proxy’s war, full of lies, deception, manipulation, lethal exercise of crimes against the common people of the whole world and they all do it together and in the same way. They use nationalism, racism, ethnicity, sexual orientation, state shit talk useless values ​​where states use shame, hatred, fear, greed and love feelings as a weapon against the same population to manipulate and control crowds while when it happens that people realize the truth and when people start to rise up against the power then the power takes up arms and kills a lot of people and then they use the people’s fear. No matter what happens, the power is always right where their steps are always justice while our steps that we ordinary people take are examined under a magnifying glass and we are punished for the slightest mistake. They are not gods, but they are ordinary people who carry on human emotions like hatred, prejudice, and so on and it is after human emotions they make decisions and not logic. Some claim that artificial intelligence is a danger to humanity. But if I had had an artificial intelligence that had spoken to me, that is programmed to cope with crime but not to harm myself then I would not have been dying now at the end, instead of people with human emotions judging me by human emotions like prejudice, hatred, xenophobia, racism, nationalism and then it is no wonder that I have reached the end of my life. As soon as war breaks out, all the genocide that has happened earlier in history will be repeated again, but this time I believe that entire ethnic groups will disappear from the face of the earth. That genocide in the past will fade in comparison to what will happen in the future. That they have hurt me so systematically, me who did everything just right without touching a human being once since I came to Sweden as a refugee shows the degree of the enormous evil in the Swedish judiciary. In the West who claims to be humane and compassionate it goes on to say that they are humane while below the surface they are killing people and they are just protecting all that with silence. Through my life, everyone has only hurt me, no one has really saved me in the end, so I have no reason to see anyone as the just, who is right towards others. Everyone just wants to kill ordinary people for one


reason or another, but what is really important, and the real reason is money that the rich power elite has, and it is about them and us who are poor. It’s us and them. I do not even want any fucking money, what I want is to get my body back so I can go to work and work a whole day without having to suffer from MS and cancer pain at the same time while I work. I cannot even work anymore all day, although I have to because I cannot manage financially without a full salary. This is how the Swedish state kills. They give me human rights on the surface for the sake of visibility, while below the surface they have taken my body from me where they have turned me into a handicapped cripple, who can do nothing more. Therefore, the words I write are not for the evil rich power elite, but these are for the ordinary people on this planet, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. I save the lives of all people on this planet, regardless of the same race, religion or ethnicity with the truth and a true testimony of my own death that the Swedish power has committed on me in an advanced and protracted way. I do not wish any harm to anyone; I am not a danger to anyone, and I never want to hurt anyone but see how they want to hurt me, and they have hurt me to death. I have social phobia of various kinds and because of that people experience me as an individual who has no friends. I have developed social phobia and everything else here in Sweden. I’ve had the state Swedish evil over me for over 20 years, so it’s not so strange that I’ve got a social phobia. I’m not running away from my guilt, but they did not want to punish me in prison and now I’m dying. You can choose not to believe in me as we are all trained to believe in our states. I give you something, I warn you of death, like that rich rubbish power and the scum of the rich elite have camouflaged and hidden beneath the surface. They have hidden death from the eyes of ordinary people. They have put it out to all of us as something completely harmless with all the state machinery and it is because of, and thanks to the state media silence adults, young people and children end their lives in suicide by hanging, cut off blood vessels, take overdose with drugs and overdose with sleep medications and so on. Through diseases such as pain relief, medications from psychiatric care have evoked due to obesity such as heart attack, stroke, vascular disease and so on. The list of how to be murdered by the state is unbelievably long and all the blame is placed on someone who has been the victim of a crime by the state. They remain pure as snow, while in fact they are murderers who have built systems to murder their own citizens in a covert way. So, I suffer like hell, and I take the medicine Seroquel that Sweden has finally forced on me, and I just feel bad about them. It is no coincidence that the only medication that lowers pain somewhat seriously is Seroquel. Pharmaceutical companies have tailored the medicine to the state so that it reduces pain where the state has injured people through state alleged care Psychiatric care that has caused injuries to patients with ECT or injuries where the state has injured people through companies that manufacture the 9-volt devices with all different false intentions like myself and now I see that without it I cannot sleep at all due to the 9-volt damage I got from the Estim device. That medicine puts me to sleep in exactly the same way as if I were lying on a surgical operating table. There you can see that they have tailored their medicine that will enable injured people with electric current an opportunity for sleep. They fix so that you can fall asleep in pain and suffering so that you are rested at least a little, where they keep us on the border between life and death, so that we do not break down and get a nervous breakdown. We manage to go to work the next day while their helping hand with electrical appliances disfigures our bodies and medicines keep us on the verge of life and death, even during the day. But outwardly, we look as if we are coping in society and every negative behavior from us is classified as mentally ill where we get the stamp of state prejudice. They brag in the media about their state struggle for their prevention of prejudices between, in fact, they are the ones who build prejudices through the media and the entire state system. They point out and highlight in the media a picture where as soon as we show the slightest symptom that we are not feeling well mentally, then directly they bind mental


illness picture of any of all mental disorder’s diagnosis, where we are not clear according to our senses. Everything is our fault. That we feel bad, which is explained by a picture where cause may lie in our past, in our lives that is wrong. In addition, we come to events from our imagination where it is not true and that it has never happened. In addition, it is not allegedly possible. We just imagine everything just the way I do now. My voice is silenced by the state, while it is the Swedish state that has taken my life and they have destroyed my child. They do it even now. They poison our psychic view, of us and our children through constant poisoning with suggestive words. To me they do it completely openly, while to my child they commit it unnoticed. We can never save ourselves and our children if we have the police over us. They are murderers and tools of the evil Swedish state that lies and pretends to be fair. This crime that I have been exposed to is Fascism. All guilt is put on our past. Here we have come to a country with human rights and if we cannot be happy and normal under such prosperous living conditions then it is our own fault where we have to be mentally ill. With the electrical damage I fall asleep in suffering then I wake up to hell where there are all kinds of medications that are said to reduce pain such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, Atarax, Cymbalta, Alvedon on prescription and so on. They all medications, hardly lower any pain instead they amplify and distort that pain further and I have realized that they are to the detriment of myself, my personality or my soul because it is literally what happens to me down, I take them. If you are not damaged by the electrical appliances then you do not need to take them, because you have a choice. As soon as you notice that you feel bad about them, you can refrain from taking them and then you notice that you feel better immediately. But when you are injured like me then I look for pain relief and I have realized that those medications have a single purpose and that is to harm one just like those devices. The 9-volt devices damage the body and medications induce and intensify the death anxiety. In addition, medications, along with the injuries, cause such suffering where only cancer patients and people lying in their deathbeds feel similar pains and anxiety. It is natural to feel that way, because you have cut off body parts and because of that you have pain from the moment of death around the clock. Doctors and patients really mean the state and citizens, us, and them. The immigrant doctor who is a Muslim from the Middle East, told me that I have anxiety and I look at him that he sees my anxiety as a separate general bad mental state, where it is instead of electrical damage mental illness. I told him that it is natural that I have anxiety due to pain and such extensive injuries, but he pretends to be careless, and it is their madness of greatness that they feel, after they have gone to college and also, they can treat us as they want. They are doctors with knowledge that they have studied for many years, and they know best while we are not well educated. Therefore, we know nothing, because we lack state superhuman level of knowledge and norms. Therefore, we are unable to come to a logical conclusion, in what state our body and psyche are in. Healthcare professionals with their diagnoses know best. Therefore, we are unable to see what is best for us because the state with human rights, knows best and we do not know it. Therefore, we must keep our mouths shut and familiarize ourselves with the path where we have our place. The state tricks us into believing in all the different diagnoses that Psychiatric care has come up with, but all of that is a bundle of a dozen different tools that the state has come up with and created through Psychiatric care to have control over the population and something that they can strike down, on one’s self-esteem and self-confidence when investigating one for crime so that they can commit state abuse on a human being and that legally. They use the media to divide us ordinary people in a dozen different ways, where it never ends. The state claims that they want everything well for all of us, which in reality is a pure lie. Media all to the last are at the service of the state where they speak positively and lift up Parliament, The police, Psychiatric care, General care, while spreading a negative image of ordinary people who have committed infinitely less serious crimes that they punish severely while their crimes that can be


classified as crimes against humanity protect them in such a way that they classify it as no crime, and these are the deadly legalized electrical appliances. They punish certain individuals in all the state institutions that commit obvious crimes such as the nurse who has killed over 70 people and that is because he poses a danger to everyone without any selective selection where those in power and their families can become potential targets. In this way, they spread the image in the media that they punish everyone, including government employees, but in reality, this is not the case. They will kill us and our children if we end up under state scrutiny with the police, as with words, leading us right into an evil deadly spiral in the mouth of Psychiatric Care, which is a state tool that destroys us in all possible ways at the same time. They spread an image where the state does not allow anyone to get hurt, not even in the slightest. They talk to one another and pretend to save one and one realizes after 16 years that they have in fact harmed one for over 20 years only in the beginning with violence and then when they have made one admit a crime then they harm one with kindness lying helping hand where they only mislead one into the death that they have laid out as a death trap. Then they continue to talk to one and what they show me for example is, if the state is so just then all people and all children, regardless of what class in society they come from, rich or poor, and regardless of race, religion or ethnicity belonging or ethnic groups be safe and secure so that they do not risk ending up in the state of death and ended life that I am in now. How difficult can it be if you are a politician and if you claim to be fighting for human rights where everyone has equal value. You just have to ask yourself a question, does it hurt people? if people say they have been injured to death and disability then it should disappear. No one should have to die; everyone should be safe and live in safety regardless of which class and which ethnic group you come from. All this I write about is completely in vain since there is no life for me anymore ever. Ordinary people have been under the abuse of the hostile state throughout history and even when they are aware that they will be murdered, they have still tried to record and gather evidence of the crime to which they have been subjected as in Auschwitz. They smuggled the evidence out of the captivity where it was taking place crimes against humanity. If nothing else, the majority of ordinary people around the world will be made aware of the inhuman treatment of the people as if they were animals where the state has taken the right to treat one as an animal to be slaughtered. That’s exactly what I’m doing now because I’m a dead man and this is not a life I live now. Also, I’m talking about this because I’m 100% sure they’ll lead my child into the trap in 20 years and then he’s gone dead. They have made me the most unhappy person on this planet I do not even have the right to live, to have a normal life, to have and own my own body. They took it from me. Even the poorest people on this planet own their bodies but not me. This was their goal. Only all the time have they saved me, they claim while they have regularly tortured me mentally so that I eventually lose respect and attention until I have died as states have outsourced to us and our children. They told me I would end up in court at the end, while they did not allow me to serve my sentence. They have hurt me with something that is literally as devastating as Novichok. With the electric death apparatus, they now force me to talk all the worst about them and the entire Swedish state. It was all the time in this way they intended to end the police investigation against me. I just could not know it in advance. They have injured me to death and now they are waiting until I make threats against the state system, so that they can label me as a danger to others and myself. Given the inhuman suffering and the constant anger due to the injuries, there is nothing else that can be expected of me except that I just make threats. Politicians say in the media that they must crack down on right-wing extremists, but they themselves pour left center and right are all right-wing extremists after as they keep quiet about the mass murder, genocide while spreading propaganda about how they punish violations, threats, sexual harassment, bullying, prejudices and so on. Christians can become religious, atheists, homosexuals, racists, and


fascists because they still have a Swedish Christian name. The power that rules over all of us is nationalism and racism. If you come to Sweden and your name is Vahid then you can never be anything. They have injured me to death, regardless of the fact that I have loved this country. I am a Muslim from Bosnia who must be annihilated, and, in the end, I have realized that I am going to be killed and period. They are blocking me so that what has happened to me will not come to the attention of all the people on this planet, so that humanity ordinary people can be warned of the death trap and that they are protecting themselves and their children. They do not allow me to prove the damages so that those who sell the deadly devices will not be convicted so that they have a continued right to sell that death to people out there. Mass murder Sinful criminals are not stopped but they are protected by their states Denmark and Sweden so that they can continue to sell the dead to people so that even more adults and young people can be injured and drawn into Psychiatric care and pharmaceutical companies where they will start lifelong medication with medication against mental illness that does not even help much for electrical injuries. On top of that, they will gain weight with all their supplements which will lead them over time right in one direction and that is towards “Death”. The unpleasant feeling that makes me lose my breath feels like when you are out in nature, where you get drenched wet by rain and down weather shifts directly from torrential rain to high solar heat and then it becomes extremely stuffy. You just want to bite if clothes for the unpleasant feeling drives one to insanity. It’s literally for me so with those injuries. The electrical damage evokes the identical unpleasant feeling and add to the cut body area and pain and a feeling of third degree burns that alternate between fire and bare ice and everything else and that is the right picture of what it is like when you have electrical damage which 9-volt battery legal device has caused on me. Add also that it affects the mental state and well-being to the same extent where you are on the brink of life and death, where a psyche is diligent and not firm and stable, day after day as when you are not injured, and you are for it mostly affected by the disgusting medications that I just feel bad about. But I have to take it, so I can fall asleep at all. The one who is wet can change clothes, but I cannot and with me that feeling drives me crazy now for almost two years around the clock. Every new day is a potential trigger where I am driven to madness and there may be a moment where I say that I can no longer live with the suffering and then I may want to take my own life, commit suicide, because I have no choice. It never stops hurting, instead it hurts more and more in the parts of the dead body. I do not live, but every day I tell myself that I have managed to live another day without having made a decision to take my own life. Who would say that there is something on this planet that can make a person out of common sense where you go crazy? It is the state that has seized, the worst way to kill a human being, the worst way to commit a crime on a human being and the worst torture on this planet to expose a human being. The state has murdered people for over 100 years with electric current and the state has protected it with media silence and ruled out facts in the most dangerous way where people are permanently harmed with the most horrific dying suffering. The media likes to mention that their media freedom of expression is threatened, and it is a misleading image where in other words they pretend to be the ones who speak the truth all the time. They pretend to be credible and that they are on the side of ordinary people. In this way, we blindly believe in them while excluding information, facts about deadly products that the state uses to liquidate certain individuals and entire ethnic groups that the state has chosen to destroy to death and that in total media silence. All media are the state’s tools to control what people get to know so that they can have control over the population. All the different political parties serve their policies to us where they claim to fight for our prosperity while they have built a space, where they wage war in peacetime against individuals they want to fight and kill. They claim that they are fighting for us and our children while at the same time harming us as they have


chosen to lead into the abyss, where one cannot exist as a living organism. The state has provided space and a shortcut where they have the entire population as a target. As long as we obey the state, we are one with the state, but as soon as we do not fit into the state interest, they use it warfare against one where judging one is not enough for them, but they use the whole state system against individuals of ordinary people. We are completely helpless in relation to the state after which we do not expect the state can, wants and that the state harms people to death and it is because of state media that builds a nice positive image of the state while at the same time they exclude facts about the state killer tool where all state agencies cooperate with each other to operate and protect the electric way to commit genocide in such a way that they can harm us to death while at the same time driving us crazy. Apart from the fact that they have harmed us with the electric death device, they make, a picture of us where we also look crazy so that no other people will believe in us and see us as credible. They prevent us from proving the crime we have been subjected to. They have injured me to death, and they continue to talk to me, so that I will have a nervous breakdown where I will either take my own life or I will end up in a mental hospital. All those from Parliament, the police, psychiatric care, general care, media, internet censorship and companies that manufacture the deadly products cooperate with each other and they have it as the most powerful tool that kills people that the state has chosen to kill. It is literally death you are in, while you are still half alive in the living world. My life is marked by embarrassing events that are the original reason why I have felt mentally ill from the beginning. They told me Vahid you are a victim; everything will be fine. People will understand you. Then I felt bad mentally but now I do not feel bad mentally and I have no reason to feel bad mentally but it is injuries that cause the worst of the worst on the planet mental illness and now they use all the embarrassing events of my life, against me as a weapon and they now threaten me that if I continue to write that blog and if people start talking openly about me in the media then everyone will laugh at me. In addition, they threaten me that they will lock me in a cell in a mental hospital. They do not want to judge me at the same time, they continue to talk to me even if it serves no purpose anymore, they do it just to hurt me. In the beginning when they pressured me to admit crime, I remember that then I worked as a welder, and I used to cry with a helmet on my head so that no one sees that I am crying and then it was 16 or 17 years ago. They pressured me and I fell ill with a severe nervous breakdown with all the different diagnoses and signs of mental illness. And then I sought anxiety relief medication from psychiatric care. They documented each of my words as a signature of my insanity, while I believed that they help me with depression. I knew why I feel bad because there is a secret that I keep quiet about, but all the mental illnesses were something I have never experienced in my life before and this is what has confused me. The Psychologists and psychiatrists convinced me that it is depression that I have instead of the guilt feelings about my mistakes made in my life that I did not talk about and that they have a cure for what are different drugs for anxiety, depression, and concern. The state gives us who have committed crimes an alternative where if we are not able to admit crime directly at once then we can blame that we have Depression which is a fictitious word from human imagination. I did so that I blamed depression for my bad mental state and was not aware that it has a terrible price to try to withdraw from responsibility in this way now at the end I realize. But that we do not admit it does not matter to the Police because we are not aware that we are in state machinery of degradation of mental health, and it leads us to many years of medication which in turn breaks us down chemically. I thought I could blame mental illness so that in that way I could withdraw from responsibility and guilt. They use words to kill someone, then there are medicines that destroy one chemically. When I read my patient record, it is clear to me that they have branded me as mentally ill, someone who has lost control, where I go against a picture of me as erratic where I, am not clear in my own senses. But it is State


knowledge in criminology that has been refined since humanity created society. The state has mapped the human psyche in the same way they have mapped the human genome, and, in this way, they know how to destroy and crush, lead into the mental collapse of individuals they are exposed to with the state’s advanced degradation system of one’s psyche. I understood that I was on the wrong side of the law and then I did not separate the blame on the state and even less on psychiatric care. Therefore, I had blind trust in the whole of Swedish society and institutions. Eventually, I confessed my crime to the Police and it’s there, everything starts to go to hell. That they stamp me and all of us as mentally ill has a purpose that I did not see then. I did not see that it is part of their plan, and I did not even know that there is a plan that they have towards me. Now that I have confessed to the crime and that they did not allow me to serve my sentence, I had no mistrust that the state could have any hidden intentions. That was it, they forced me to confess to the crime and I confessed. I saw no reason why I should have anything more to do with the Swedish legal system, I thought. Now I see why all the mental torture for 16 years every night is for something. It is death that is meant for me.  In the state, one only believes in and if I follow state norms and laws, I will be acceptable to society and that distrust of the state and of psychiatric care was not even in any thought. I assumed that I was not important in any way. I am not a rich person; I am poor and completely uninteresting in every possible way. As a person, I lack significance and value completely and therefore it did not even occur to me that the Swedish state would have any hidden interest in destroying me and even less in killing me. I listened to the media and believed in everything I hear and read about. I believed that the ECT is something advanced that can help people out of Depression. It never occurred to me that what I am reading about is in fact state-of-the-art weapons propaganda where in fact it is internet censorship that is the cover for the existence of the 9-volt deadly electric knives that transform one’s body into an eternal to death’s last breath torture tool where the body tortures itself with the anxiety of death that does not stop eating one from within when one has fallen asleep but it continues until one has exploded and done some illogical act which is the whole purpose of the existence of the electrical appliances. That the Police and Psychiatric Care kill us was not on the map for me. I did not even know that they can kill a person and legally. I was gullible in the Swedish state while they had proved to be right through the evil. While pretending to be my alleged savior from day one when they started talking to me, they have in fact affected my psyche so that I hurt myself and felt ashamed, completely unintentionally and in that way, they built a clown, a picture of me and a circus of my life. The constant bombardment of their constant talk to me night after night, year after year, caused me to be mentally damaged by their words because words are instructions for actions or rather their brainwashing of my psyche. Their words made me make a decision where I followed their path. They warned me of alleged danger and it was they who pretended to be justice and thanks to the fact that from the beginning I have had blind faith in the Swedish state as a just and holy, state that judges everyone who harms others, therefore had I never realized that it is the state that commits the worst of the worst crimes on the planet and that against hundreds of thousands of people in Sweden, where they make no difference between adults and children. Their words overwhelm your brain so that you do not think independently but you lose control in such a way that your attention is knocked out where you lose caution and with words, they distort my image of my surroundings, so I do not know what a danger is and what is not that. In addition, I took medications that further affect my brain in a chemical way and that is precisely the reason why they are so tailored by the state to the purpose where they do not help me to be cured but they just numb my psyche just for the day. It’s like when you get stressed and then you get clumsy where you happen to hurt yourself. I got life-threatening injury after injury and that in turn made my psyche fall apart. I was ashamed, more and more. So, I have a gigantic reason to be ashamed of being hung out


in the media. I do not commit any crimes after which I am not interested in it. My interest has always been that I should be normal and accepted by society and that is precisely why they have hurt me in all possible ways so that I hurt myself and that I am ashamed because they have nothing else that they can use to imprison me for many years. Right now, I am writing a blog while the state through the media keeps total media silence while I die and disappear as if I had never existed in my life. I get blocked so I do not know if people can read everything I have written or not. Not only have I been injured, but they also block me so that I cannot even prove that I have been the victim of a crime where I was injured to death. They do not allow me to prove the damages, so I sue the Sinful Massacre in court sex pages. They admit I’m hurt, so they give me lots of different drugs and harmful drugs that only destroy me even more, and it’s just a theatrical performance that they pull for me that claimed care while when I said I want to prove the harm so that I can sue it Sinful then they send me on to alleged experts that the state has come up with a name, the pain clinic and nerve clinic where you are forwarded into a one-way street. They give me even more of electric current into my body which of course I do not go on because I am not stupid in my head when I know that I was injured to death precisely because of such a device that sends impulses at low current. There is no information when I bought it that it harms the body. It is the same with the expert pain clinic and the nerve clinic where they say that it does not harm the body which is a pure criminal lie. The state evil electrical crime beats everything they convict people for alleged crime to such an extent that you lose your breath and you are amazed when you realize that they do it so openly and the worst thing is that you do not realize it, because state all media keep quiet about it and in that way, the genocide of state crime does not exist in reality while you only realize it when you have been injured to death and because of the state as you see, I can never get the crime I was subjected to , be tried in court. In this way, the Swedish state and all other states have terrorist tools, all the electrical appliances that have only one purpose and that is to permanently harm a person who comes into contact with it at once. With all the hell I’m exposed to it media silence and blocking of my blog has a purpose where they make me crazy and angry because of my ruined body’s soul and life. They have killed me where I am dying and because of the obedience I utter the worst words that I would never otherwise utter if I was not injured. They use time against me as a weapon because the electrical damage is literally hell that is recounted in religious books, where you will suffer in hell until you die. The injuries are identical to “multiple sclerosis (MS)” where my body does not decay twice as fast but at least 15 times from month to month where my nerves die and turn into a torture tool where pain only grows in strength more and more. The purpose of the state has outsourced the electrical appliances is that once you have been injured a single time then if you were a person who does not want to hurt anyone, where you do not want to commit crime then with the injuries and the pain you cannot remain normal. You are tortured every second of your life and sooner or later you will make a mistake because of the inhuman suffering and then you will be guilty. The state wants to make law-abiding individuals guilty so that they create a reason to imprison one they have chosen and to thin out society and the living world. That is the purpose of their police investigation over 20 years of me, where I will be branded as a danger to myself and others, because I am not Swedish, I am a Muslim from Bosnia who will be a disgrace to the Muslim people. But Muslims and my people have nothing to do with me. I take the bill myself for everything that has happened to me, and I only blame fate that I was born from the beginning. Even all the embarrassment that has happened to me and that they have gotten me into, they have done it planned and systematic and their purpose with all the embarrassment that has marked me as an individual is that if everything about me comes out in the media and court so the media will shift from total silence to a devastating media campaign against me where they will say, he has done this and that and that. It will be ha ha ha ha ha and I will be


overwhelmed like a sick person who will not be believed. The intention for the Swedish state through the media is to create an alternative truth of me and my life, an alternative truth that will fit into the Swedish mold of justice, so that it becomes presentable to the Swedish public and masses. I am the one who should be negative, and the Swedish state is the one who should be positive, who is right and who is fair where they defend human rights and freedom of every citizen where we live in prosperity in security and all equal values ​​with each other. The Swedish politicians can show their Swedes through subtle hidden messages that, here you see that we on the left edge of politics treat immigrants in the same way as Sweden Democrats want to treat, while they continue to talk about that they fight for human rights and all equal value and so on way, they will get sympathy from Swedes and including immigrants. That is why the Social Democrats have won in Denmark precisely because of hostility towards immigrants. The Swedish Politicians are more diplomatic with lying propaganda. I do not take it badly that you want to throw us immigrants out of Sweden. I too have realized that you are right because you have human rights, and you are treated as a human being only by your own. If I had been convicted in my country, they would have punished me with imprisonment. They had not wanted to bother for over a decade just to kill me. I do not say that they should see me through fingers for my mistakes, but they had put me in prison, and they had not been out to destroy me systematically as the Swedish state through the police and psychiatric care has done for over 20 years against me. There I would be convicted and end point without them having underlain hidden intentions and plans to use me as an example where my extinguished life will serve a purpose to spread a negative publicity of Muslim immigrants. So, you should not have received me from the beginning, and I do not mind that you want to throw me out, but you have mutilated me and turned me into a cripple, you have made a mutilated cripple of me who will die because of you. I have never harmed anyone in this country ever in a physical or verbal way, while I myself have been mocked for decades where people point the finger that I am stupid in the head and why because I listened to the Police and followed Swedish laws to the point where I kept quiet about all the fuss that you yourself have built around me. You have made me a target for decades. People spat at me for decades while I thought that only a few individuals do it, not everyone is like the Swedish state is humane good and humane and then I would have had the same positive image of Swedes and the whole of Sweden. I had blind faith in the Swedish state until I was injured. It opened my eyes but too late. I did not know, I was not conscious, and I was not prepared for evil of such magnitude, but now on my deathbed I am conscious, and I see the truth how I have been tricked into death by the Swedish state with all its institutions. Even if I had an ass licked your Swedish Christian vest ass, still I would not have been good enough for you as a human being. All the propaganda in the media is a template that they use to blind people away from the truth that it is they themselves who commit the worst of the worst crimes against humanity against hundreds of thousands of people in Sweden alone who are already gone and who have disappeared on one or another way. Millions of people have already gone into death and now it is I who are going through the same process as they have done before me. Politicians appear to be innocent because they wear civilian clothes and speak what they know we want to hear. But it is precisely they who are the main culprits for the mass murder because they are the ones who have legislated and allowed the death of electrical appliances and it is they who have made it possible for the continued existence of the murder tool. It is politicians who have blood on their hands. They spread their words with their main killer tool media that keep total silence about the genocide, murder orgies that are going on while they do not utter a single word about the danger that poses death if one has come in contact with those devices. Instead, they shower us with misleading misinformation propaganda media campaigns where our attention should be focused on things that are not even an immediate danger such as alcohol. Even


heroin and cocaine, marijuana that I have not even seen with my eyes are less dangerous than the electrical appliances. It is still drugs that the media talk about as dangerous and it is they while keeping quiet about the electrical devices that when you have come in contact with means the same destruction of the human body as when you have come in contact with a crocodile drug or a military chemical weapon neurotoxin. All the radio programs that you listen to during working hours have blood on your hands. All the TV channels that for decades after decades have never mentioned the 9-volt appliances, they all have blood on their hands. Sure, I’ve seen alleged review where patients talk about injuries, they have received from ECT, but ECT is the cover for the sale of the 9-volt devices where the state now has access to the entire population. It is not ECT that is important it is millions of the sold 9 volts and smaller devices with all different uses alleged area. All the TV different media sources have blood on their hands where they have misled adults, old and young even children right into death while blabbering on about the fucking human rights and freedoms that do not even exist in reality. The police and Psychiatric alleged care are a whole that cannot be separated from each other. The police have blood on their hands where they can kill with words through technology tools and they in turn lead people into psychiatric care. Psychiatric care is the main executioner and murderer where they use lies that are allowed by the state to mislead people into the ECT murder and all the medicines that are silent killers for a legitimate reason called care. Psychiatric care with permission from Parliament through laws has committed the biggest disguised covert crimes against small ordinary people. Their hands are so bloody that a butcher is best to compare them with. Then there are the companies that manufacture the electrical appliances. They have as much blood on their hands because they are the ones who have come on the device where they have taken a torture tool and disguised it as something else with false information to deceive people into permanently mutilated crippling body where one dies and obeys day and night. Thanks to the fact that the state uses all state institutions against an individual that they have chosen to destroy, there is not much that can be done as an individual. One has no chance against the state and all its machinery state institutions where they intend to harm one. Problem for me now with the electrical damage I have is that there is no return to a normal life, instead I will even die because of the damage. It’s getting worse and worse with each passing day. The electrical appliances are a terrorist tool for torture and that all the different dozen electrical appliances are allowed for sale to us, and our children is literally “state terrorism that states commit on their respective populations for more than 100 years”. They kill as you see for pure evil intentions only to lead some into death for no reason justified to us ordinary people. But for them it is justified because they are evil, and they have hidden intentions. They want the opportunity where they can kill certain entire ethnic groups and individuals without a court. This is how they reach people who never want to commit crimes in their lives, therefore they must have an opportunity to reach such people. That is why states start wars, not because there is any reason, but problem is that we are too many on this planet and war is a way to reduce the number of people to acceptable levels. They all claim that the others are doing wrong and that they themselves are the ones who are fair but as you can see the electric killer tool is just one of different ways to kill people. I believe that the purpose of those devices is to kill oneself because of the suffering that is repeated in the same identical way over and over again for each day after day. States start wars of pure evil intentions only to kill those who are different without any real justified reason as you see even now in peacetime there is genocide going on and it is the state that commits it disguised and hidden under the surface of purely evil intentions where they have obtained themselves a shortcut where they can kill us without any court trial. That I believed in the vomit that humanity is good has cost me my life in the end. They have killed me only because of my gullible blind faith in humanity. But it’s the evil one power and rich elite of the whole state system


that manipulates our emotions to divide us ordinary people through prejudice because of race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, different ethnicity and lots of crappy values ​​where sexual exploitation rings in our ears when the media rings with it as with a ringing bell so that we see it as something terrible while a torture instrument, equivalent to a milliliter of chemical weapons is not even a crime. They have made it look like it was fun and no danger when you have half your body dying and totally massacred. In addition to being destroyed by electrical damage so the Seroquel gives me overweight in a very short time. All night I sleep like in a coma and nowadays I am far too tired of it all night and the whole next day. It kills me in silence. I eat too much so it is tailored because when I take it continuously, then I gain further weight. I’m just going overweight to meet and eventually I will get diabetes and because of diabetes I will get my legs amputated. Due to the overweight and fatigue that Seroquel causes, I will get vascular disease because I am not physically active enough which in turn causes elevated blood fats, blood clots which in turn give me a heart attack and possible stroke. It certainly damages kidneys and lives with. Before I was injured, I was born again after which for a number of years I stopped taking medication because I was free from guilt and automatically, I felt good mentally and lived a free life completely without medication. I felt good and was super slim before I got injured. During the day I cannot take Seroquel because I fall asleep then whether I want to or not. The only pain relief I have now is prescription strong Alvedon which helps hardly anything. The pain I have, and it numb damaged part of my body gives me anxiety and depression around the clock without interruption. Electrical injuries result in death anxiety that drives one to suicide without a real problem one can have in life. It is the chemical process in the brain that is disrupted by damaged nerves with electric current. Electrical damage also causes neurosis, anger, pain, and dead nerves that provoke anger without any real reason or problem in life. This also provokes damaged and dead nerves that manifest themselves by striking straight into the brain. As long as the nerves send the distorted impulses to the brain as long as I get angry and insane because of the suffering. If it had only stopped hurting for a minute, I would be normal right away. I can never laugh or be happy, not even for a second. That is why I am forever depressed and unhappy to such an extent that I think of suicide every day and night, due to suffering. But because damaged nerves are connected to the brain around the clock because of this, I am insanely angry and depressed to death also around the clock. Then you can understand that all the devices are only there to drag the person who has tested it once in eternal hell full of suffering to death. Sooner or later, you will explode and then you can make a mistake. If you now add to the state’s silence about something so terrible, then you understand that politicians, police, psychiatric care, public care, media, royalty, public figures and even celebrities participate together in genocide committed only on ordinary people. All of them are involved in the genocide of ordinary people across the planet, by fooling us where we are blinded by their theatrical performance propaganda that will take all our attention directed at people who commit crimes of various kinds and who threaten the society hierarchy of poor and rich. They warn us of extremists and terrorists of various kinds while not uttering a word about genocide that they have made completely invisible with all the electrical appliances where the list never ends. All that theatrical spectacle they all use together against us ordinary people just to keep us in ignorance, to mislead, so that we do not know that the state commits crimes against humanity, while they brag in the media about infinitely lesser crimes as some major crime that they fight with years in prison. All the constant state media propaganda for danger, which other states constitute for Sweden and Western democracy, is a misleading state advertisement which should make us believe that the just Swedish state fights against all threats, while the Swedish state conducts, Proxy war media propaganda at all times against its own population where they have set their goal on poor ordinary people where they make no difference


between adults and children. They do not care that we are told the truth that they openly murder us. They only care that we do not know the truth until we have fallen into their death trap. When we have been murdered then they do not care that we have discovered the truth at our expense where we have been punished in the worst possible way to death. They have sentenced us to death, and it is the worst punishment equivalent to the death penalty in countries where they murder people through electric current in the electric chair, hanging and death poison injection. In this case, Sweden has retained the beautiful humane democratic face out there in the world, while beneath the surface they are no better than dictatorship because they are really killing us. They use the whole of society and every conceivable source of media just so we do not know the truth, until it is too late when we have been harmed by the electric death that they have laid out for all of us. When we get hurt, they do not care that we know and that we have just discovered what evil the Swedish state is. Then they have already taken our lives and they do not stay there but they also attack our children, and they also kill them in this way where it is our children who have done it of their own free will, just like ourselves. No one has forced either our children or us. We have done it ourselves according to our own will. The lack of information about the danger that we will just commit suicide with the terrorist state tool is the whole theatrical spectacle of the altogether who are above us ordinary people in the hierarchy of poor and rich. All of them together have committed crimes all the time, while they advertise themselves as good, fair, humane through advertising in the media. They have made us believe in them blindly. We see them as our heroes who want to save the planet Earth and humanity. Therefore, because of their media campaign, we become involved in such a way that we also take to the streets protesting to save the planet in the belief that our lives are in danger, while they stab a knife or dagger in the back at us by not utter a single word about the genocide of 9-volt electrical appliances. With their popularity and authority, they put us in false security by talking about everything but never about genocide through 9-volt Estim devices. If they have never mentioned a single word about it, then in reality it does not exist for us ordinary people. Instead, we are afraid that our and our children’s lives will be endangered in the future due to climate change, while no one is saying anything that our lives are now endangered by the crime that is going on and has been going on all the time genocide electric 9-volt appliances. We are injured to death and our lives are endangered as soon as we have been injured by this terrorist equipment. Climate change is a danger to all of us, including the power, the rich elite and their families, while electric death destroys people who have no way of accessing the truth about the deadly danger that electrical appliances pose to their and their children’s lives. The state drives, protects, sustains, and tricks all of us ordinary people into death and ruined lives. Through the media, they have all together changed an image of society where there is humanism, humanity, struggle for all equal value, struggle for democracy, freedom, the struggle to speak freely while silencing me and my blog, etc. In other words, for comparison, they have served the media a picture of reality as a stable society where we and our children live in safety in the real society was evil all the time, like a freight train running down a hill. Politicians want us to vote for them. That is why I have voted for the Social Democrats because of their beautiful and wonderful speeches where we live in security and that the right wing is a danger to the future for us ordinary people where it becomes noticeable especially for us immigrants. But now that I have been injured to death and when I see how the left political edge does not utter a single word about the crime that I and hundreds of thousands in Sweden have been exposed to and in that way, they obscure that crime into it now. It is precisely they all together who commit this genocide, while all of us who have been injured die, then I realized that society, or the freight train, may as well, go to hell and the brakes should be released so that the ugly evil and disgusting reality comes to the surface so that all ordinary people will realize that they are being manipulated and murdered by others and


their own states. It is we and our children, we ordinary people on this planet who are being murdered on an industrial scale. Incredibly more people die due to 9-volt appliances than people die due to climate change. All deaths that occur through the electric genocide are blamed on suicide due to depression, stroke, heart attack, vascular disease and so on. The deaths of us ordinary people through that genocide are invisible. None of them up there have said a single word about what a terrible crime it is. They all just talk about sexual harassment and sexual exploitation of women and minors while keeping their mouths shut about genocide that kills old and young ordinary people. The state has murdered adults and children all the time, but due to silence in the media, the truth never reaches ordinary people. We first realize the truth when we are injured to death and then it is too late. If your child puts a 9-volt stimulation device on their body, then I guarantee that your child will die. In normal cases, you become depressed due to problems that you have in life and down you have corrected problems, then there is no reason to feel mentally ill, then you feel good again. Everything can make one feel good. But these electrical injuries are anxiety from the moment of death and depression that do not leave room to be normal and in a good mood. While the injuries have worsened since I injured myself with the criminal electric butcher knife apparatus, I have noticed that I fall right to death in every conceivable way at the same time. That nerve death spreads and then pain grows. Pain in turn breaks my brain where my self-personality breaks and then I get a kind of weak feeling of dizziness that makes me feel partially unreal where my vision is also affected in such a way that I see worse and worse. It is as if I feel that I am dying and where I exist halfway as living and present in my body and then automatically in my environment. Pain produces depression and deadly anxiety that makes me realize that my life is over. I am unable to feel joy and happiness because of those injuries. The electrical damage is like a key to the fool of a rum in a mental hospital who has locked me in a rum where pain, severed body parts, depression, anxiety, anger, hatred due to the crime I was exposed to, nervousness due to injuries , wanting to end my life due to suffering, a loss that you feel due to anxiety and depression where you feel sad as if you have lost the most loved one you have while in reality I am aware that it is myself personally the one who is lost and dying. Different paths that I can take in my life are literally erased where I have got stuck in the one-way street, I am in. It feels like I have lost my soul and that it is only the body and traces of the memory of the person I am once was before I was cut with the electric terror, knife tool. I am unable to laugh because I have the constant depression and anxiety due to pain and therefore, I feel unhappy at the same time around the clock. As you can see the injuries affect all conceivable senses in my body and all the emotions where I have no reason to feel bad except those injuries and due to injuries and suffering, I am dying physically and mentally. People who are in mental hospitals and in prison when they have served their sentences and when they are released then they can return to a normal life. But if you are injured with any of the electric death traps, then you get permanent electrical damage that locks you into a room where mental hospital laws apply and from there is no return. Injuries are the key to a mental hospital room that locks you in your body. My body is my prison. So fitting, when I look back on all my visits to psychologists, where when they show me the room we should sit down to talk in, the first thing that got my attention was their rattling sound with a whole bunch of lots of different keys that they use to unlock all the locked doors in the hall all the different contours and so on. It is a subtle message from those to influence us ordinary people who feel bad in a way they want. Or are they afraid that those they have led in electrical damage before me long back in time, will come and kill them. They would deny what I am saying now because I have no proof. But their key rattle fits perfectly in the key electrical damage that has locked me in a mental hospital, a torture chamber that is my own body. It is the Police, Psychiatric Care, companies that manufacture the deadly devices, media that keep silent about genocide through the electrical devices, the censorship


poop Google and the state that has allowed and legalized the Auswitch electric genocide on individuals that states see as a threat. All of them together is the key that has locked me in a room completely isolated where human rights do not exist for me. They have locked me in, and the door is sealed with permanent insulation, without the possibility that it can ever be opened again for me until I have died. Now it is only death that will stop the fear and suffering that is going on in the room where I am now. To hear the constant fucking advertising on radio channels about psychologists and sometimes psychiatrists who come with their so-called according to the state authority professional statement where their diagnosis weighs heavily as lead, and which is taken for granted. In addition, it is the media house that interviews are the one who puts their stamp where they put credibility on the doctor’s statement. Psychologists and psychiatrists are not even doctors. Psychiatry is not even healthcare for real. They are state drug cartels. They are medicines, drug dealers for many billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. They hand over the junk medicine to patients who are convinced they are in hospital while in reality they are in dying houses. You only hear one side of the truth, and it is precisely they who drive people to make people feel bad mentally, to madness and even in the end to death. Now that I listen to the radio, I get a clear picture of how false the state is with all its institutions. I just want to vomit when I hear talk of mental illness, talk of trivial small crimes that are punished and magnified hyped and hung out in the media as something that must not happen while they themselves commit the worst crime on the plane and which they do not say a word about and that due to having the continued ability to sentence people to death in peacetime without it even coming to court and a trial. It is a legalized shortcut for the state to kill people in total silence. Here you see that the Swedish state has not wanted to judge me. Instead, they have wanted to give me the suffering in my own body where they have crucified me, where I suffer to death. Instead of prison, they gave me body suffering from hell where I can never get back to a normal life and where I suffer until my last breath. In my whole life and until the day I injured myself and when pain came, I have never in my life had a need to write down sentences on paper or computer, it does not matter. I have never written down my thoughts on paper and I have never written a private diary in my life. But now the worse I feel, the more I feel a need to record and document the hell I am in. I’m writing now because it’s a dying process that’s progressing that I’m going through, and the new stuff is in fact new symptoms of additional injuries that occur and that are added into the dozen of all the different injuries that give me suffering at one and the same time. Pain has been aroused to such a level that when I go to sleep, I suffer so much that I want to jump out of bed and scream for everything I can, due to pain and the Seroquel is to the injuries, where it lowers and numbs the damaged nerves so that I fall asleep whether I want to or not, because it is a sedative that is made for electrical damage. The state has given me as you see indirect injuries and pain relief at the same time, and they also give this to you and your children as well. The only thing that stands in between, in the way between you, your children and your death, is me with my testimony of my own deathbed so that you know the truth and that you do not fall into the same death trap as I have done. The police around the world encourage young people with suggestive opinions and they trigger young people to commit crimes. If young people do not want to commit crimes, then they always find some weakness that they use against young people. Weakness as the young people is manipulated and withdrawn by the state through the police. Everyone has a weakness; you can look at me who absolutely does not want to commit crime. They tricked me into death which they themselves have allowed to be sold for false use which is a pure crime. But when the state kills, it is not a crime. This is an evil sadistic crime, which has a single purpose and that is to damage the body permanently where one suffers from cancer pain. Rheumatism pales in comparison to electrical damage caused by the 9-volt electrical appliances permanently, where it is impossible to continue with life as a human and not even a living


organism because one lives with injuries that cause the body to die literally as Multiple Sclerosis – MS. The damaged nerves die continuously, blood vessels wither away which are important for the supply of blood to nerves and tissue, so even in muscle cells tissue dies. It’s about necrosis at a snail’s speed or slow speed, but slowly and surely, I face death. I think everyone who has been injured by ECT and the 9-volt appliances, is dead now. Either they have taken their own lives, or they have died due to necrosis that eventually arises. This is a state secret that they keep quiet about in front of billions of people. You only get to know the truth about it when it’s too late when you’re injured. And down we write blog about our own deathbed, then they block us, and they even show it to us to drive us insane even more so that because of that anger we commit some criminal mistake and then they will silence us forever, in a cell where we can die in solitude, far away from human eyes. They themselves at Efterlyst TV complain that family members of the Police make sure that their heroes, the police, go to police work the next day. They go to work and then at night they come into our dreams and our children’s dreams where they poison, corrupt, hurt, confuse, soil, hurt, changes for the worse and misleads us and our children into mental disability where they evoke all mental illness conditions to be able to manipulate us and then they lead us and our children right into death over 20 years of regular every night torture. They do it to us, perhaps because of our ethnicity or because of our skin color. They make us break into a disability which in turn leads us into death while their children sleep safely in peace and quiet, completely undisturbed and thanks to that they can become themselves and then they feel good. Our children entice them with suggestive sentences which in turn trigger a bad behavior that leads them into the wrong path, slowly but surely for them to commit a crime so that they can imprison our children and then they have hit where it hurts the most where they take our children away from us. If children are small, then the state uses school and social, where they will break up the whole family including children, with words against us while against children I would believe that they use disturbing noise that they use to disturb children’s sleep and scare it small children who cannot talk. It’s putting in the backs of our children by the police, which leads our children in a direction where they can do nothing, and which makes it easier for them to end up in crime later in life and where the Police have monitored and led them from birth all the way to prison later in life. Prejudice for people who hear voices is that no one should question even the possibility of the existence of the technology police surveillance equipment where they can talk to us in our dreams. The state can destroy and even kill the one they have chosen and even entire families and entire ethnic groups. They torture and insanely stress a self and even the whole family through the tool they investigate a suspect for crime including children where they go to their police work to protect the rich “mythomaniac power elite” from us where they by pure lies mislead, deceive, and leads us into death. They brainwash us to believe in them and to see pure delusions that they may see as the truth, while they themselves talk about people who see delusions where their picture of reality does not correspond to reality. Whether I took medication or not, it never mattered because I heard them talk to me just as much. I hear them in the same way as I had heard someone who had sat next to me and who had whispered sentences to me and even that I had remembered. It sounds like a fantasy, but they can do it and they protect it with prejudice, in case you say you hear voices, then you are classified as crazy and then people never question the possibility of the existence of the police surveillance equipment Psychotronic weapons V2K. In addition to prejudice, they further protect it with total media silence. What is not talked about and what no one has heard of, is that it does not exist either. While the state including all its state all institutions know if it is over 50 years so the only ones who do not know about it and will not ever know because everyone keeps quiet about it, are those who are isolated, poor, immigrants, and ordinary people in generally where it is precisely those who go into that death one by one. The only


one who has stood up for you and your children, is myself, because I want to save the lives of all ordinary people on this planet. It pisses me off when I now realize how evil and false the world’s all power and rich elite is. That they have killed me with violence and state lies in peacetime without any common sense and that the only way out of hell and obedience they have left me as a possible alternative is that I should take my own life so that obedience ends and that everything they have done so legally. Power lies to us. They lie so much that one can classify the state and all state institutions as pathological liar mythomaniacs. Thanks to that, they can continue to murder people, but worst of all, they do it to our children. People think they would never harm children. You believe in it and when war breaks out, then it does not matter where on this planet it starts, adults, the elderly, men, women, and children go straight into mass graves or in shower rooms with Sarin nerve gas. They are all in the Swedish Parliament are mythomaniacs, start with the Social Democrats, the Green Party, the Left Party, the Center Party, the Moderates, and the Sweden Democrats who are the only ones who are honest about what they are for something. But those on the left are much worse because with their kindness they make us believe in human rights bullshit while all of them including those who had power in the past on one side have claimed that they are fighting for all of us while under the surface they keep quiet about a weapon that damages in the same way as a chemical weapon, even though this weapon is supremely amazingly devastatingly lethal that has an advantage over Sarin and Novichok because it is not spread through air, without it injuring to death only when you have come in contact with it. They behave towards electrical death as if it were fun to get nerves dead. I had a fairytale worldview of Sweden as fair. Sweden has had its hero Olof Palme. Sweden is remembered by him and known as a humane country that is fair. I felt sorry for him. When I thought of him, I wondered, why are it always the good ones who get killed? I felt sorry for him but now I realize that these electric destruction stuff along with ECT, has existed in his time and it has never been questioned. Now I realize that he fought for the rights of ordinary people in the world and in dictatorial countries while he also has not questioned the mass murder in his own country through ECT, which means that he has also participated in the extermination of the world civilian population, including ethnic Swedes. Now I think he has got what he deserves. He is exactly as good as the mythomaniacs and criminals in parliament who are in power now. They kill us and I’m equal to, dead. My life is over. The only ones I feel sorry for are young people who have been involved in the eternal propaganda that a lot of money is equal to happiness that is spread through the media such as advertising and traps with missing information that the police manage to get into people’s minds, where they get all secrets revealed. And where are the smart scientists who are so happy to brag about scientific advances where they can handle advanced mathematical problems and who they are happy to brag about while not a single one has figured out for over 50 years the difference in strength of electric current that the human body produces and sends as electric signal through nerves and difference in strength in Electro stimulation device that runs on 9-volt. If you take a thin copper wire that is still thicker than a nerve and if the thin copper wire melts and burns up, then it is certain that a nerve has no chance of going unharmed from the electrical voltage current passage. We ordinary people go at it precisely because of the power and state authority where we, thanks to our blind faith in the state and state all institutions, we are tricked into the death trap because we have never heard of where we are warned of danger with the 9- volt harmful products and where we think it would not exist for sale, if it had been harmful because the state would not allow it to be sold otherwise. We ordinary people have a small network of the acquaintances we meet, while I myself have been isolated from human contact and precisely for that purpose so that I do not have access to acquaintances for the electric death. But you all famous and public personalities, with media power influence, have a gigantic network of big crowds of people and thanks to that, you share huge


amounts of true information between each other and most of you have heard about the deadly impact of the electrical appliances on the human body and yet not a single one has come out in the media and said, people listen to it here is deadly, beware of it. It would have been a truly humane guest of yours where you save the lives of millions of human lives and yet there was not a single hero in reality. This is the true image of humanity where there is constant talk of human rights in the world while humanity kills millions of people across the planet. Humanity is false and evil so evil it can only become. Instead, many are advertising for death. To claim that 9-volts can be used as stimulation for various purposes violates the mathematical nature and laws of physics. No one has come out on TV and said, hey this is hurting the body. They are lying about the 9-volt death and in addition they are lying even more about 450 to 700 volts ECT, which makes people cure depression which is a diagnosis that the state has only come up with out of its fucking imagination. It is not elite children and adults who should get it, but it is people who are state target and ethnic groups of minorities and poor who are not welcome at the top among rich evil power elite. I think researchers get money from the state if they do not question such dead products and if they also give one scientific explanation of the electrical help properties, where they claim, that “electrical appliances with electric shock kick nerves to life” which is a fantasy taken from Frankenstein film, then with the appearance in the science research name, people Electro stimulation accept deadly debris as credible, because it is scientists who have said it and then down people have tested it and when they have been injured for the rest of their lives, then they realize that all this is a scam where the state uses it for a dozen different reasons where we ordinary people and our children are as targets to be liquidated for one reason or another. Electroshock does not kick nerves to life, but instead it destroys those nerves permanently and forever, where there is no return. The only way to heal nerves is stem cells that have built the whole body. This is how we are created, where research is at the start of knowledge about research with Stem Cells where everything can go wrong. Electric power has not built a human body and the fact that states have implemented it in all possible segments of society only shows the state evil how they commit such a horrific crime of the worst kind on millions and millions of people, and everything is about deceiving people in death. When we’re tricked into it then it’s ok. Who should inform young people that there is a death trap waiting for them when they have gone into it, they are equal to dead just like me? Every slightest mistake of the young people will be severely punished with imprisonment where they will be destroyed by the state, while the 9-volt that burns everything in its path in the body is launched by the state as low electric current which is completely harmless which is a lie, secret protected late the discovery of the harmful effects of electric current on the human body by the scum of evil who saw it in the slaughter of pigs as an implemented opportunity to harm people through psychiatric care where they have named death as ECT as an excuse for the possibility of states killing people during pretext for treating disease depression. Psychiatric care has never in reality been caring, but it has always been a madhouse where people fail in nervous breakdowns due to secrets and traumatic events in people’s lives. The state only advertises psychiatric care to attract people to a place, where they can probably reveal secrets so that crimes can be solved while they themselves injure the same individuals to death and it is not even classified as a crime. Laws do not apply to the state because the state are laws and with that, they prove to us that they can kill individuals, entire families and even entire ethnic groups and it completely undisturbed in peacetime. The Swedish state through the Police has really made an effort to deceive me night after night for 13 years just to get me into the deadly trap. They want so badly to cause permanent damage to my body where I will suffer for the rest of my life. I can give advice to all of you who have illegal weapons. Believe me, the police come into your dreams, and you are not aware of it. You reveal that you have an illegal weapon, and they know about it. They know


down you are armed, and they know when you are going to strike but it depends on who you are going to strike at. They let you be, as long as they know that you do not intend to pose a danger to life power and all institutions of power and only then do they intervene. It is only then, they take you by surprise, where you have weapons in your hands or some drug, then they blame that they have monitored your cell phones and e-mail which is pure state bullshit propaganda. That you kill each other is something that they stimulate you with words of subconscious suggestions, which they speak to you. Never allow the police to catch you with weapons in your hands. They murder with lying laws where they use an electrically legalized weapon to kill us with, while they judge us all harshly if they find weapons on us when we pose a danger to them. Never met the police with force from near holes. Give no resistance because you are in an unjust position, where you have the whole state against you, because that is exactly what they want. They want resistance from you so that they can use force against you and not only that, but they want to shoot you even to death. You see that as soon as you have the wrong ethnicity or the wrong skin color, people die from the police. Even if you do not commit a crime, you will be killed if they choose you as in my case. When they corrupt and invade our children’s brains when they sleep, they are exactly the same as the ones who raise our children. We give advice to our children that they do not receive as they should, while their words go into our children’s subconscious whether they want to or not. In addition, they are not even aware that their dream is being invaded by foreign voices that they receive through technology that only the state has access to. We cannot do anything to protect our children or ourselves, nor can we prove that it is happening in reality. The only thing we get is the memory of the guy who talks to one and life that goes systematically to hell. They have no good intentions. Their intent is to harm with suggestive, subconscious words that stimulate kids to misbehavior on a regular basis, and over a decade of such police restraint, they eventually cause children to make a fatal and dangerous decision that costs them their lives. This is what they do to our children of their choice while Swedish children live in harmony without anyone interfering with their dreams. My continued existence is completely meaningless with such extensive damage. That is exactly their purpose with over twenty years of psychological torture with police investigation. They want me to be clear that my life is over as I do not live, I just die of cancer and pain. The electrical appliances are not something that you can hold on to and use for a long time. As soon as you have come in contact with the electrical appliances for the first time and then everything happens at once where you are permanently injured so badly that you get nerve death and loss of that body area. Therefore, it is a death trap that has only one purpose to harm permanently immediately and then over time it leads to death or insanity due to suffering. That advertising is only for you to test it once and then you are stuck and dying. Once you have injured yourself, then you are treated carelessly by the entire healthcare system as if you were stupid in the head. They do this because once you have been injured once with the state crime then they have one as a slave or a dog on a leash. They know that you will come to them, crawling on your knees and you will seek help for pain relief. As you can see, they make us dependent on their help and medication. Help against those injuries does not exist, but they keep us with medication from psychiatric care on the border between life and death. But over time, it is death that always wins. Abuse over and over again will trigger suicide sooner or later. In addition, pain gets worse, and, in the end, you cannot cope with suffering. If you say something, then they silence us. The media only rejects us when we mention the deadly devices. While the police tortured me with words, I’m sure they did the same thing to my child at the same time. I suspect that he had outbursts of anger due to disturbing noise which in turn gave him difficulty concentrating which led to him having difficulty coping with his schooling. They have done this on purpose so that everything around me will just go to hell. I cannot prove it, but I suspect it had a clear purpose to create an image of us as a


dysfunctional family which will confirm that it is I who is the one who was ill and that it could not have ended better than that. What a father, such a son. They have not only harmed me but also my son has suffered and is suffering because of me, just because he is my son without him being aware of this. The state strikes where it hurts the most, on our children, on our family and on our body. They remove all the important things in one’s life so that one ceases to be a human being. According to the Swedish state, you must be someone who suffers and who cannot function and exist in society and the living world. When I try to warn my son about the electrical device dangers out there, I see that it is difficult and almost impossible to describe in words and create the real picture of the real extent and seriousness of the damage that those devices have done to me in a single walk. My son does not want to hear a word about the deadly devices and so it is with all the people on this planet who are not harmed by that death. Nobody wants to hear a word about that death. I understand it as before I was hurt I could never in my wildest imagination imagine that such a thing is possible in reality and even worse that it is even allowed in a legal way to exist for sale to all mankind, but now I realize that it can only be compared to mass murder and war crimes. What I speak to him only creates anxiety and worry in him for me. They do not hesitate to kill our children too, and they do so because that is the true reality in which we live. If I cannot convince him, how can I then convince someone else, down everything I’m talking about is like taken from a science fiction movie. This week has happened what I have feared all along. The police have arrested him on the street and taken him to the police station, because he has been next to people who smoked Marijuana joint and it is called passive smoking of drugs, because he smelled like that. I got to know, that my son’s friend told the police that my son had not done anything, so why did they take him in? Police replied to him that, it is we who are the power, and it is we who decide. There were two policemen who took him to the police station and there were two nurses who first tried to take blood from my son’s left arm, and it was not possible to take blood there and then they took blood from the right arm where they managed to take out four small bottles of blood that they sent for analysis for traces of drugs. After a short time, the penalty came home to us in our letter box in the form of a fine from the Swedish kingdom, where it was written:

– (You have illegally used hashish or other cannabis preparations, which are drugs. It happened on June 4, 2019, or a few days before that on Tureborgsvägen, Uddevalla, Uddevalla municipality or elsewhere in the country. You committed the act with intent. To pay SEK 3,215.) Whether he has taken it or not, it does not matter. No one should have to take drugs down there are alcohols that are just as devastating and that lead one right into the abyss and the end of one’s life. But it is still legal, and you do not have to deal with the police and court. The Swedish kingdom, does it call intent? Our children are punished for intent. In me they have without intent forced drugs through state drug cartels pharmaceutical companies. I take drugs, and when they fulfill a state purpose where I am murdered then it is not intent, and it will not be a problem. They intrude on me as I said and they intrude on my child, from the age of his infant. This was their goal for 16 years to hit where it hurts the most, on me where they have taken my body from me and on my child. Not only this, but ethnic Swedish young people also who are only acquainted with my son, have provoked my child and thanks to the police, where they have destroyed my child since birth, he has some ADHD symptoms and such boys can vomit words as they think not seriously and the Swedish purebred young blonde people, have humiliated my son and all that happened over snapshots. There they first provoked him and then prepared a mobile camera and they filmed it with a mobile phone so that they would have evidence against my child. I asked him what they told him, and he did not want to answer for me, but they just need to mention that I am his father and that would have been enough. Therefore, I say that because of me, my son has paid and continues to pay an expensive price. You might think I’m


stupid in my head because I’m revealing such private intimate things. It may seem so to you, because you are not hurt like me and then everything, I have written for you sees as a wrong path that I have taken now. But I have realized and for me it is clear that the Swedish state through all its institutions has led me into death. They have wiped us out as a family. Behavior of my son and his development from when he was a small child until now gives me a clear picture, when I compare it with my life when I came to Sweden as a refugee and until now. I know and I always knew that they come into his dreams night after night where they poison, corrupt, and change the habits and behavior of him and so they do against most immigrant youth. Nothing good is waiting for him and as for myself, I am already almost dead. I’m dying and I’ll die because of those injuries. When you are dealing with the Swedish state, then it is equivalent to dealing with poisonous snakes. They have provoked my child in the same way as when I was ridiculed for almost 20 years and precisely because I listened to the police and that I believed in good intentions of the Swedish state. It has happened from time to time that Swedes who are strangers to me, have shown me subtle suggestive messages by holding their finger on the left or right temple, while we walk out on the street next to each other. According to them, I’m stupid in my head. Am I stupid in my head, because I write about how criminal the Swedish government is together with the entire state system? They provoke me to get pissed. They want me to attack them verbally, because that’s what they think I should do so that they can report me to the police, so that I can end up in prison and then my life is ruined here in Sweden. For most people who do not think enough about consequences and especially for immigrants, the suggestive gesture would be enough for them to shatter the individual and it is such thoughtless acts that cause the same individuals to be physically abused, but nowadays also murdered. So, it is the most common subtle attack that show of the Swedish people with a bad mood who are probably not happy with their lives, attack people they do not like. Such hateful subtle messages are unbelievably dangerous to anyone who opposes the negative subtle attack. This is one of all the psychological torture proxy warfare that the world governments use in torturing ordinary people through the police. So, as you can see, ordinary people are just as good at using it against people they hate. When you are exposed to such attacks a few times a year, then it is not so dangerous. But if you are exposed to it at regular intervals continuously year after year, then it is deadly. Such attacks directly provoke anxiety, depression, hatred and so on. With such attacks, problems have been created in one’s life, because it is a problem that affects our mental health. It has not happened to me often, but I just say that it happens to me, sometimes now and then. I do not get angry at such people, because they want to tell me that I’m stupid in my head, while I write blogs that they do not like. So, it’s me who’s given them greater anxiety than they’ve given me. I simply do not care. I’m at war with the whole world power and rich elite and I know I have the truth and justice on my side. This is how some Swedes do. They’re just ordinary people and they can change their minds about me because I’m saving their lives, so maybe in the end, they’ll think I’m not that bad a human being, despite everything. But these government powers do not think like ordinary people. All the governments of the world together with whole stately systems, think and act as one and the same and their action consists of a single goal. The goal is to constantly keep on, lowering the world’s population. The Swedish authorities are good at fighting, and they are probably also war criminals, like soldiers in Afghanistan or were somewhere now that they were deployed. Even they probably shoot women and children, only as long as it cannot be proven, and everything is OK. But here in Sweden they use laws to ruin the lives of us immigrants and they do the same to Swedish when they become targets for the Swedish state. I do not go for it, but my son is not prepared for such advanced evil. They can provoke him very easily and when our children make threats that they do not even think in reality then the Swedish state has harsh criminal laws just against threats so that the Swedish state rich power elite sits safely and lives


in harmony according to human rights with their children completely undisturbed where they sleep in peace and quiet while watching what happens to us immigrants. Do not forget that I am a human being who has followed laws blindly to the point. My son did not want to vote in the election because he does not understand politics and then have, I scolded my son. I have explained to him how important it is that we vote for the left-wing Social Democrats, so that the right people in power should be in power. They are important to us. I was enchanted by their fine politics message, where I live in a dream country in safety with human rights while they kept quiet about the murderer trap that they have laid out for all of us. I voted for fascists who have taken my life. After an hour of bickering with my son, so I convinced him to vote for the Social Democrats and then we went to vote with joy. That I was so brainwashed that I raised my voice at my child, felt already then in that moment wrong. I had a feeling that I was doing something wrong. But I want so gladly that the Social Democrats will win the election and they won it. But now I have realized that my child has been right from the beginning, and I did not. Now in retrospect, I realize what an idiot I was but on the other hand how could I know that the world’s governments murder civilians completely legally? I will never in my life vote for any political party when I am outside my own country Bosnia. It is only there that I have every right in the world to vote for because that country is my own country where I would be judged according to human rights precisely because I was born there. Here we are treated like animals. Before, I watched the police TV show Wanted and the other TV shows Assignment-Review and troll hunters. I looked at them with respect and strong faith in the Swedish state. But now I have realized that it is a state fraud advertising propaganda. Right now, there is a program called “In the head of a killer”. They lack all honor. They are even murderers after that by never uttering a single word about the crime I have been subjected to that is fatal while ringing the bell about criminal gangs and about crimes that ordinary people commit and that cannot even be compared with the electric genocide, they keep quiet about. There they have experienced criminology professors who give their professional statements about criminal individuals. He is the state criminology media Police advertising personality outward where the state through him influences crowds. They make it look like his description where he maps the mind of a murderer where ordinary people are unable to think in such sophisticated complicated ways of thinking and as if ordinary people could never come to such a conclusion themselves. They make it look like all the human criminology knowledge is gathered in the brains of these men. When I look at that program, I see guidelines that are subtle messages from the state to us ordinary people where there are guidelines that I and every ordinary person should follow and there is no problem with that. If I had not been exposed to crime by the Swedish state, then I would have believed it the man, talking about. Can you tell people how it looks into your heads and brains when you know that people are injured in the same way as if they had gone to Novichok or Sarin. You keep quiet about it and have kept quiet about it at all times. You are a fraud together with the whole state and state all institutions. I have thought before that humanity is good. I thought that the Swedish state is all that they claim to be. I thought it would be good to pour humanity united in a giant superstate. But considering that you are a problem for Sweden if you are an Islamist, fundamentalist, terrorist and in the end, you are not good enough for Sweden as someone who does not even go a fly too close, someone who does not hurt anyone. I think it would be better and more humane of Sweden if you had said stop to me when I came to Sweden as a refugee. You have received me, and you have treated me in such a way that now at the end I wish I had not even been born because of you. You have used me to station an example, of how you deal with immigrants. You in power are very, very evil people where you have violated all the fucking values ​​you stand for in my case. Before, I was worried about nuclear weapons and climate change, but now, considering how you have treated me and how you have injured me to death, I think that is


exactly what evil humanity deserves and the nuclear weapons and the climate change. is justice over which you have no control. Thanks to the justice, that evil, so called power and the rich elite, will follow the same fate as all of us who have been subjected to the abuse of power by the state genocide crimes of the same evil power and rich elite. As you treat me as an individual who does not want to make a fly too close in the same way you treat states towards each other. It is no wonder that there will be war. With that, I think I’ve said everything I had to say to Humanity and I’m just saying this to ordinary people on this planet. I’m not saying that parliamentary government criminals and criminals employed in the state system that commits crimes against ordinary people. But my suffering continues, and it will drive me crazy where I continue to write dying in pain from hell until my last breath, where death will silence me in the end.