Government-Caused Deaths: Our Painful Reality- Blog Post 4


My deathbed obedience continues with more and more pain, more and more nerve collapse, more and more tissue death, and more and more mental suffering due to electrical damage. Before I was injured, I experienced the care as something positive. For the most part, they have met me in a respectful and normal way. Thanks to the positive image of healthcare, I have had the same positive image directly of the entire Swedish society and the state. You get the best picture of someone when you need help when you are sick and then I got help where they were at least kind to me. But when I was injured with the electric stimulation butcher knife and when I told them then I went into a parallel universe, (twilight zone). Now a completely different picture began to emerge for me of the whole care system where they began to treat me directly from that moment until now in a completely shady nonchalant way without any respect, as if I were stupid in my head as if I had invented injuries from my imagination, almost as if it is not possible and that it was the first time in their lives they hear about the kind of injuries. After I visited the first doctor regarding the injuries that are Swedish, I told him that when I had surgery I woke up with an injury to the ankle of the left leg. I also had sore pain on the left part of my stomach, which should not be there, and I had chest pain that was not mentioned to me after the operation. To my surprise, I saw that he was a little pissed off because of what I said. It was clear to me that he does not like that I blame the Swedish healthcare. The next visit I got a younger foreign doctor who I still have. I visited him once, then we heard over the phone about medication, and it was time again. Once there, I have explained that the damage has been many times worse. Injuries have spread everywhere and now it is large pieces of my body that are like cut away from me. It feels like I have a cold and my body is dying while I am still alive. I do not feel the body parts and pain have become unbearable. Those injuries affect my mental state, where pain drives me insane. Then I have to take Seroquel which numbs my body and pain a little and then I can finally fall asleep. I take Lyrica for anxiety that drives me into the grave. I also said that sometimes I get pain inside the internal body organs and then it goes under general care that should be examined by a specialist. In addition, I have said that the specialist doctor has looked at the visible burns and that he said that everything looks completely normal.  Because of that, I cannot prove to the police that I have been the victim of a crime. I cannot take the case to court after the police said there was no evidence. He excluded all that I have said, by saying that I have damaged nerves and neuropathic pain. He told me; I want to send you to the nerve clinic. In order for him to help you and know what medications he can give you; he must stimulate your nerves with a special electrical device called a Neurography. He will stimulate your body’s nervous system in the damaged area with weak electrical current, so he can see to what extent your nerves have been damaged by this sex toy device at low electrical current that you have been damaged with and then he will know how he can help you further. Then you can get evidence in your hand that you can show to the Police and then you can take it to court. Here you see that there is real damage. I’m already taking the strongest drugs classified medicines, I said to him and what is it that they can give me more? In addition, I have been damaged by a similar device that emits weak electrical current. It is also called stimulation with weak electrical impulses and now you want me to get that current into me again, so that I hurt myself even more. He started explaining and comparing it to when a car mechanic troubleshoots a problem in a broken car, then he has to turn the key and start that car for him to find fault in the car and so it is with this as well. He needs to scan the damage with electric current, so he can help you further. He said he would try a new sedative called Atarax. That was all with that visit. When they see sensual burns, they pretend not to see injuries. Now, the only choice I have left for


me to be able to obtain evidence of damages I have received, to be able to take it to court, I have to go to the so-called alleged nerve specialist who will let alleged weak electric current strength which will definitely hurt me further and now instead of the 15 minutes it took for me to be injured to death, they will let the same electrical current pass through my already damaged nerves and the alleged Neurography examination, which will damage my body and all nerves for a second time. But in this case, they will harm me with allegedly harmless weak electrical current for one to one and a half hours which is even many times worse. In reality if I feel the slightest of the electric shocks? they are infinitely many times stronger than what my own nerves use to send natural impulses to the brain and therefore my nerves will be damaged again. He said it is not harmful to nerves, because it emits electrical impulses at low electrical current. Those vultures on so-called psychiatric care gives people ECT electric shocks of 450 volts and more than that into the brains of people, which they have tricked into the so-called treatment, and they also say and claim that it is completely harmless, which is a pure lie. So, world governments murder people through censorship, where they choose to hide the truth, or exclude telling the truth to people that it actually harms people to death. To lie to people and promise people that it’s just about care and that it’s just about harmless body examination, while people will be injured to death, it is the most obvious criminal behavior, which surpasses all the crimes that ordinary people have ever committed and that the governments of the world are deceiving each its own civilian population through the media and entire state systems in the false image of reality where they convince ordinary people by lying to people through the media in the belief that people live their lives with their children in security, democracy, freedom and human rights by never mentioning to the world civilian population that the electric destruction is something deadly that sweeps hundreds of millions of people to death, is the worst crime imaginable which can only be compared to genocide and war crimes. All existing media on this planet, it protects the truth from being revealed to its own people. The media lies to people and the media tricks adults, young people, and children to death in such a way with a media censor. all existing media on this planet are murdering the world’s civilian population through media censorship, where they keep quiet about this electric holocaust by never mentioning a single word about the electric holocaust. What the media never mentions is what does not exist in real life. In doing so, they are directly committing the worst possible crime against humanity, and they do it together for each their own government. So, media are not innocent. They are very guilty. It is a crime against humanity. They are the ones who deceive people into death together with all the other state institutions and all the massacres of civilians they commit together and in the same way on an industrial scale. The world governments have legalized death and the Holocaust massacre on an industrial scale, is the entire electric annihilation of the world population in thousands of different shapes and forms. When you have fallen into the deadly trap of any of the various devices, you have received visible burns, damaged nerves, damaged blood vessels, damaged body tissue and damaged internal body organs. But they only focus on damaged nerves and nothing else and they do it consciously so that you can never prove the injuries you have received and then they call it neuropathic pain. When you have neuropathic pain, instead of sending the patient to specialists who will examine all the other injuries I have mentioned, they send the patient to the pain clinic or nerve clinic that the state has come up with out of their criminal imagination. which is in fact a one-way street, leading nowhere so that you get stuck, and I have got stuck now. For me to prove the crime I have been subjected to, so I have to be stupid in the head, there despite my injuries which are more than sufficient for me as evidence that I have been injured to death. I would be completely crazy and stupid in the head if I would still have confidence in the criminal Swedish state, considering the suffering in my ongoing death due to electrical damage I have received so that I will be injured to death, again. What this doctor has said


to me looks so innocent, but in reality, he wants to put me in to death, for a second time. Then when I said that there will be none of this and that I do not intend under any circumstances to expose my body to deadly legalized violence then he said, I will not force you! But he has already done so, through false and excluded important information that he does not want to tell me, and it just lacked my confidence in his lie and then I will be immediately injured again to death. Every time someone has tried or harmed me, because he has harmed me with information based on false and untrue grounds, I will write about it so that everyone knows how it goes here in Sweden. This is how states protect the murder trap that is equivalent to the Auschwitz shower room, while they take and lift the word Rape out in the media as something that is the worst of all and that they cannot stand to hear about the suffering that a raped person has become exposed to. They do not classify all the multi-billion industry lethal electrical products that are in government service as crime. It does not even occur to me that I will allow someone to give me electric current into my body, now that I know how harmful it is down, I lie in my deathbed. I cannot prove that I am a victim of crime and I am sure that they will not condemn the harmful products as something criminal, because it is precisely the Swedish state together with all other states on this planet who has laid out the electric destruction, so that we all ordinary people and our children, who are not enlightened with the true information about the deadly death traps which the state has despised as something completely harmless, will go into certain death. Whatever a man looks at, so you see the state that gives electric current to people in their body, for one reason or another, death in other words. With the slightest bad judgment and you can make the biggest wrong decision of your life, which will cost you your life and this is exactly what has happened to me. They treat me like a retarded idiot, which is stupid in the head. They clearly show me that they do not take me seriously, as if I am wrong and they are right. It is not something that just happens like that, but it is a conscious way of how I should be treated by the state or society as it is an extension of the state’s deadly trap. First, they hurt me then they deny that it is going on in reality so that it will not be stopped and that they have it for further use where they can kill new people and our children. It is too good and too effective a death trap for them to lose access to such a dangerous deadly fraud, where they can kill a human being in a legal way. They have come into my dreams by force for 16 years now and they talk to me when I should not hear them and as soon as I wake up, they do not say a word when it is natural that I should get information from another person. They kill us and our children with words where they lead one in a certain direction and if we say that they talk to us then they are waiting for us with psychiatric care, which calls it mental illness, where such a thing is impossible and in such a way, ordinary people never question it as something that is possible in reality. When I told the doctor last time this week that what the Swedish state has exposed me to is crime and he replied, I’m sorry Redzic that you have got such a picture of us, the Swedish healthcare and about Sweden. He said it to me with sarcasm, where he behaved precisely in the way they do not take me seriously and it is with such words, he draws my anger forward that I should behave in a violent way and then I will be branded as a danger to others or myself. This is psychological warfare against us ordinary people, from the government side. It is an extension of the state death trap of the electrical appliances where I also behave in a crazy way. In other words, they are provoking anger out of me and that is the next phase in the system of torture of civilians which has gone into any of the government’s Holocaust systems. This is the next phase that aims to make me guilty where they provoke all the worst side of me as an individual, so that they can create a reason to lock me in, either in prison or mental hospital. In the beginning, for decades, I have received medicine from alleged psychiatric care where they said that this is a modern medicine, the latest, which was Zyprexa and Seroquel that will make me tired and then I will think less. That way, I will feel better mentally. Then for decades, I just took Ziprexa and at the end


Seroquel due to crime I have been subjected to and the police but now that I have injured myself with the legal Estim death trap, so my body got to taste Gabapentin, Lyrica, Atarax and now finally strong Alvedon on prescription and nothing helps with pain, I just die. Now, at the end, I have death anxiety that is constantly repeated in increasingly frequent intervals, where I feel that my nerves are dying and where my soul is also dying. The only thing I feel is death, while they continue to come with force into my dreams and put their Swedish shit moral stamp on me, where they spit me right in the face so that I have clear to me that they have led me over 20 years into the grave in the end because of crimes they did not allow me to serve in prison so that I could become a free human being like everyone else. What’s worst, not only is the state killing us and our children with the deadly products, but they have also given that weapon into the hands of ordinary people. A person who knows how deadly it is, ‘can put it visibly on the shelf for guests that that person has welcomed into their home. He does not have to tell you, connect it to your body. Instead, will people who do not know what it really is, out of sheer curiosity, wonder? How does it feel to get the electrical impulses in your body especially if it is about young people? They can take that device directly or buy their own and, in this way, they get it in their hands and then they will be injured to death. For it is precisely in this way that the Swedish state and every single state spreads it to masses, who out of sheer curiosity will be harmed by it and who will take their own lives in the end as a result of the eternal permanent obedience until they have died. The rich powerful political power holders, use all the various electrically stimulating devices with their respective uses, as a giant global, all over the planet death fishing net, with which they fish all unwanted gullible people with bad judgment. If it was a political opponent instead of me who had a negative political message towards the state, that state only needed to trick the person into one of all electrical so-called stimulation devices and that person would have been eliminated. Then that state does not have to kill that person, does not imprison and does not make an effort to gain political points over him after that. It is the injuries that give such obedience that the person gets all the political program and idea completely erased from his head. Everything dies even his personality and instead of politics it is now injuries that dictate every minute of his life where you die physically where the body dies and even worse in a mental way where he is now mentally ill and now it is just an empty shell that looks like the person he or she once was. The injuries can be compared to when you fall to the ground from the seventh floor, and you get large cracks in the body several centimeters deep and then you go with the open wounds. Imagine that you do not take care of the wounds and then you have the right picture of what it is like to be damaged with an Estim 9-volt battery and then think what it is like to get an ECT of 450 volts in your head. Then one realizes that it is murder that the state commits on the population. People can say it’s obviously dangerous how could those people go on that blowing fraud, but that fraud, is about words where the state is constantly lying. In addition, if you have taken medication from psychiatric care for many years then you can lose the common sense that you had naturally throughout your life. The state has been crushing you for over 20 years, so in the end you can be deceived and moreover, they have already deceived billions of us ordinary people for over 50 years now and no one has ever managed to get their words spread to the public. If you look at me, I am not a political opponent of the Swedish state. I am not Sweden’s enemy. It’s about the damn crime they did not allow me to serve in prison and instead, they just hurt me, and they continue to hurt me even more. I have no human rights. They have decided that I will not be allowed to live and end of discussion. Why have they not just sentenced me to prison. Why do I have to be harmed to such an extent that death now feels to me like liberation. Now I understand what Psychiatric care means when they say, we want to see if you are a danger to yourself or others. When you are not injured with the electric body’s mutilation butcher knives then you are obviously not a danger to yourself or


anyone else. But when one has been injured to death and the closer to death you approach, the more you want to kill those who have exposed you to this crime or you want to end your life just to end suffering. You are not dangerous to others, but you can become a danger, with all right and with a clear conscience against the culprits who have exposed you to that crime, which has caused the injuries and the suffering for one. The Swedish state through the media spreads a picture of sexual abuse as a terrible crime while they kill us through lies and they mislead us through deadly advertising about the invisible deadly devices. They talk about rape of children who are punished with 8 years in prison and more and at the same time they kill children at BUP – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry who are chosen according to ethnicity and racial affiliation with an electric current of 450 to 700 volts. I do not believe that Swedes are treated in the same way as immigrants, although they like to mention a Swede who has had a bad time because of the state, I think it is more of an advertisement where they can be tough, here you see we treat everyone in the same way. We Swedish society treat people according to our values ​​according to human rights where everyone has equal value. Even the Swedish online site called “no to ECT” which is alleged to be against ECT can be an extension of the state ECT kills orgies trap where they warn against ECT while not uttering a single word about 9-volt devices, which literally drive an injured person in death mentally and physically. After everything that has happened to me in this country, I do not believe in anyone anymore and I question everything now. For example, the patients who have had the electric ECT shock in their head, say that they have had their childhood memories erased and that they no longer remember some of their family members and friends. They on the other hand say that patients get those treatments then after a while they feel bad again and then they get more ECT treatments again. That’s bullshit. When they have received the first treatment so now, they have injuries that produce mental illness with the whole number of symptoms of mental illness. Where is the eternal pain that drives them insane? Where is the eternal restlessness that drives them to long walks to get pain relief in this way? First, they took the medication due to the depression and now they have to take medication due to electrical damage. How is it that, that there is not a single registered person who is damaged with a battery 9 volts or less. Is it perhaps, because people are being deceived into false beliefs in a picture of reality, where ECT 700 volts is harmful to people, while 9-volt devices are something completely harmless so that world governments can continue to murder adults, young people and children completely legally and in all future? it hurts people but since there is not a word about people who have been damaged by a 9 volt battery, it is still a misleading image of the State that should mislead and make the population believe that all the different electrical appliances at low electrical current damage not people so that we and even worse our children can go into this death. If you compare what the patients talk about what obedience they have, I suffer infinitely much more than what they themselves do. It must be 100 times worse than what they describe in their testimonies. Those on the website say we collect signatures from people for no to ECT. We think that the Swedish state should do something to stop the treatment of people and that it is not ok for people to be harmed in this way. Oooouuuuuuuuu, what should we do? Should we go on our knees, and should we ass lick those politicians perhaps? Say it out loud and clear, in the Swedish Parliament you have the greatest equivalents of war criminals who commit crimes against humanity in peacetime with lies and false news. They murder us and they murder our children. Cursed be the day I came to this land. I have seen prominent people in my homeland say that they have not and would never move out of my homeland. Maybe it’s because they know how evil humanity is and that it goes the way where in reality human rights exist only on paper. Smart people stay in their own country for this very reason where they are treated in an inhuman way that I myself have been treated in this country. Now finally when I look back on my life here in Sweden, I realize that you can


compare me best and in the middle of nowhere as a Jew who lives with his family inside the Jude ghetto and the Jude ghetto is this fucking city Uddevalla. I have received treatment from Dr. Josef Mengele, who is the Swedish state who has injured me through his extension arms. The police, psychiatric care, and general care. Ordinary people can hurt each other to death. But if you are wondering how the state can harm and kill you if you have the state against you, then you should not think of the Police which is the first way that comes as a thought of possible alternatives in the minds of people. Instead, put as a first option Psychiatric care and the multi-billion-dollar companies that manufacture the lethal electric death products and all of them together, are one and the same annihilation system of civilian population. They will kill you with ECT and they will hurt you with medications that never cure anyone. It is the Police who lead you to them. The other person who can kill you is the police. Politicians in the Parliament appear as if they do not even have anything to do with all the killing, but it is precisely they who have legislated and allowed all that and they protect all that with excluded information on the real purpose of all the deadly products. All this they protect through propaganda and false information that their extension arm media spreads to all of us. If you think now that I am an immigrant and that I should go to my home country if I am not happy with life in this country, I can tell you that it is perfectly ok for me that you think I should be expelled from here, but then I want to be thrown out as a healthy immigrant, because that way I can take care of myself, but not in this condition where I am mutilated, massacred mentally and dying now at the end in the physical way. I do not believe in justice. Human rights are a fairy-tale lie, served out in the media and freedom does not exist for the state through words can steer the population in any direction even into death where they kill the one, they choose. It is our life in our reality we live in that we do not see, until we have been injured to death.