A Story from My Life: Memoirs and Biography – Blog Post 21


To begin with, I can say that I have come to my final stage in my life because my moment of death has arrived. My body, my mental health, my personal identity as an individual no longer exist. I am only aware that I exist without anything human in me, because the Swedish government together with the entire world’s power and rich elite have taken my life. This one – Blog post 21, I have already written and the Swedish government through the police in the IT sector who have had control over my computer all along, together with identical ones in the US government have deleted my Blog post 21. I have very limited ability to think clearly as my psyche has largely lost the capacity to string sentences together due to electrical damage. Eventually I won’t be able to write at all. The Western world publicly boasts in the media that people in the West have human rights, that people have freedom and that people have the right to express themselves freely in public, while according to them there is a dictator, human rights are violated and taken away from people outside the Western alliance in the rest of the world. Here you see how they have taken away from me Blog post 21 the story of my whole life in almost 100 pages and maybe more I can’t remember. This one is much shorter. Common people of the world, I have been tricked into believing the image of reality that I have seen in the media throughout my life just as you all have been tricked by the media that you have watched throughout your life and when I have become exposed to crime when I injured myself with the electric death, then I have realized that everything that I have believed in all my life was just pure lies. I have started writing this blog out of sheer desperation and from day one I have written this blog only for all of you common people and no one else. I myself am an ordinary person with no right to live and the same applies to all of you as well, even if you don’t think so. If I’m going to write about my life, then it’s about revealing my private life in public, but I’ve realized that it’s time for me to tell the truth that all of us common people have been deprived of throughout our lives. Western world power and the rich elite have taken my life in a torturous way through electric annihilation which in turn drives me through torture and suffering to force me to speak without any choice because this is inhumane and they along with the whole world’s power and the rich elite are committing this massacre on all of us common people on this planet. Now that I’ve written about my life, they’ve deleted the entire Blog Post 21. When I wrote it, I wrote it under human conditions,


believing that I have the right to express myself freely because no one has told me that I can’t talk like that. Because of this, I have written it freely without there being anything that affects my opinion so that I am manipulated to write different textual content. I have written it with my soul for you common people of the world and I always speak only the truth. While writing that blog post, I have been able to use all my human emotions even though my psyche is completely destroyed due to the crime I have been subjected to. The world’s power and rich elite know very well human psychology and use them as a weapon against us all. It is very important about the conditions under which I write my story. If I write freely with all my human emotions, then what I have told about my life is what reflects exactly who I am as an individual and that is exactly what will determine how you will see and experience me as an individual. That will determine whether you believe that I am telling the truth or that I am lying. That blog was the most important blog for me of all that I have written so far. I want to reveal the truth to you about the dangerous world we all live in together with our children. I can never ever write that blog again with my soul because I reveal my life once and then I show who I am, and I am not able to retell it again in the same as good way and then it is no longer me as an individual that you will to see. The power of the world and the rich elite do not allow us ordinary people to have influence on each other. The only thing they allow us to hear and see is their media propaganda lies that keep us in the ranks under their control while they kill us and our children through government systems. With the blog that I have written with all my heart for all of you, you have seen who I really am as an individual. You had seen exactly the true person that I am but now I am devastated because they have deleted my blog post 21. Now my words are gone forever. Take, for example, writers who write novels. If you delete their textual content that they have written into a finished book or novel before they have published their book, then their work and their talent is gone forever. They can never write that book in the same way as well and then their book that they write for the second time means something completely different to readers who will read their novels. The same goes for me, even though this is just a blog post. That they have deleted my blog post and much more than just that, they have now destroyed my ability to deliver you the same text content in the same equally good way. I will explain everything to you in this blog post what it is all about. They have pissed me off and made me insanely angry. They have induced hatred in me, and they want me to start spewing the worst words against the Western world, which in turn is directly connected to ordinary people who live in parts of the Western world. Western power and the wealthy elite influence ordinary people in the West through media propaganda lies, while I try to influence ordinary people in the Western world with the truth that directly conflicts with the information shown in the Western media. I love the common people of the whole world, regardless of race and religion, and thus I love common people in the West. Swedish and American power and the rich elite want me to swear all the worst and that way you ordinary people of the world will see a false image of me. You will see me as a madman and then you will not see what I have told you as the truth. Their goal is to disarm my personal intellect so that I look like an idiot that no one wants to listen to and believe. Since I cannot recount all that, I have written with my soul, now I write it without human emotions, and it will show a picture of me that does not exaggerate who I am as a person and an individual. Instead, I will appear as someone else and that is the purpose of their destruction of my blog posts and my computer. This is alternate version of me, and I didn’t know this is even possible the power and rich elite use this method by deleting people’s textual content and by pissing people off so they can forcefully make people look like idiots which no one wants to listen to and believe. Everything that you see in this blog, I have already written in the blog that they have deleted, but now I will add much more. I have put the pictures and all the text that you see now in the deleted blog post. It all looks like fun to you, I think, but maybe when you’ve read it all, it won’t


look like fun because it’s my way of fighting the power of the empire and the wealthy elite. I’m not a writer, so I don’t really know how to write a biography of my own life, but I’ll try to recount my life as best I can. There were words that I wrote in the deleted blog and now I will try to recreate the information about the deleted written blog post from my head as best as I can. They can erase my entire computer, but they can’t erase information from my brain yet anyway. They can do it with ECT, but I haven’t gotten the hang of the death penalty yet so I can still use my brain. I will try to describe exactly what I felt and what I believed in that moment of my life and how my beliefs and opinions have changed throughout my life. Here we go.

My childhood

I wish I had a childhood full of exciting adventures so I can write about them instead. But I think that in real life there is no one who has had any exciting adventures. What I think is that my childhood was ordinary and mundane, but I was still very happy. I was curious all the time and I always want to explore something new which is nothing strange because all of humanity is like that, I think. As a child, I was very thin and small. I also lagged behind in growth compared to other children, so quite a lot. I couldn’t eat food. It used to happen that when I was going to eat food, I ate food compulsively just because I was supposed to have eaten something and sometimes, I ate because I was hungry. Sometimes when I’m about to start eating, the ulterior motive comes into my head when I look at the food where I think, what’s the opposite of this food? Then the first thing that comes into my head is such a small white corpse worm that twists and then I get vomit reflex and can’t eat any more even though I haven’t eaten all day. I literally want to vomit. In my body I was just bones and skin. Sometimes when I ran on the dirt road, because I don’t weigh anything, I had problems with the Earth’s gravity. I ran fast but instead of landing on the ground with my foot, I fly a millisecond more and then I lose the rhythm of my steps. Then I trip with my face straight down on the ground. I had a constant bloody nose and sores all over my body and legs. Not even the Earth’s gravity could hold me to the ground. But life was fun, and Bosnia has such beautiful nature. When it’s night, then you see all the stars and nature, the forest everywhere and the mountains smelled so good. We then had beautiful forests everywhere and it was so beautiful that you almost felt like you were in a magical world. It always made me very happy. In terms of possessions, we didn’t have anything like for example a bicycle or a ball and even when we get the ball, we get a plastic ball that gets pierced through certain kinds of trees that have the nails but that’s how it is when poverty prevails so it’s completely normal that you get things in relation to financial opportunities. Although we had nothing, we still had the beautiful Bosnian nature, and the forest was our beloved playground. We used to climb trees. We climbed big and small trees. Such small trees that we could embrace with our hands were still 4 or 5 meters high so when you are at the top it feels like very high and when we are almost at the top, then we sway with our weight so the tree lets us down to the ground and then we release trees again. But there were felled tree stumps that had small trees growing from the side of the stump and it was a stupid idea to climb such trees. When I’m at the top and when I start to sway down, then the tree cracks at the root from the stump and then I’m paralyzed with fear when I hear that sound, because then it’s a free fall to the ground that applies to me. Then when I get scared, I’m paralyzed with fear that I don’t even have time to react or figure out what to do in those seconds and then I hold on to that tree while I fall to the ground right on my back and then I get the worst in the world blows to the body that make me writhe in pain. Then my friend laughs at me while I get mad at him and then I say, why are you laughing at me, stop laughing at me! When it happens to him then I laugh at him and then we both laugh about that event for weeks. When it happens that I fall from the tree like that, then I tell myself that I will never ever climb trees again, but after a long time I forget the pain that I have felt and then I climb again, and those accidents happened a few times and never again. I was not ready to climb tall trees. We had a giant tree, downhill near our house and I chose to climb it. So, while I was


climbing up, I didn’t even realize how high it is but when I have climbed all the way up on those branches where I almost sway on the thin branches and then when I looked down it looked unbelievably high up to me. At first, I wasn’t afraid but then discomfort came over time when that memory comes into my head and so I developed fear of heights. We in Bosnia also have terrible storms and strong winds. That too was both terrifying and exciting to experience at the same time. We used to play football, but we couldn’t actually do that at our house because when we hit the ball and if the other one doesn’t catch it, the ball rolls downhill all the way into the valley and then nobody wants to pick it up. If we’re going to play football, then we have to go to the valley and it’s about 100 meters away. But then we get tired and then it’s hard to get up again. We used to build handmade bows and in the bow as a tip we used steel wire that we have teased, and we also made it vase on the top with stones. Aiming at trees was fun when we all hit and when arrows stuck in trees we almost felt like experts in archery. We used to shoot arrows straight up in the air and we would compete whose bow will fly the highest, but the results are always almost even and identical, so no one ever wins. Once I shot the arrow into the air and I got to see it fly back in my direction. The more I tried to avoid being hit by it, the more it was heading straight for me. I tried to run to the side while looking at it but in the end, it hit me on the left cheek between the teeth, so I got the piercing way before it became a trend in the world. When I closed my mouth and when I blew, air came through that hole. It was extremely uncomfortable, and I thought I was disfigured for life. I said, how am I going to live my life with a hold on my cheek. No woman will want to marry me, and I will never have a family ever, so I cried hysterically. I didn’t know that the body can heal that damage. It healed quickly in a few weeks and then I was relieved that I am normal again. There is actually no scar from that arrow. All of us have been greatly influenced by Hollywood movies. So, we were going to build our military base in this kind of similar house that is used as a storage for hay so we tried to dig our way through the hay to have a tunnel, but it didn’t work so instead we dug a little bigger group on the surface by the way of it building with wooden planks and then we put wooden planks over us. Then our planned work was finished and then we felt like we are in our military base. We breathed that hay dam and coughed because of it. The construction and planning of that project took us a long time, but when we were finished and when we sat there looking out through the opening between the planks, we got tired of it in a few seconds and then it was time to come up with something new. We were at least two or three meters up and when we are going to climb down from that hay, I didn’t realize that I missed that wooden beam because my foot fell through the hay and then I fell on the wooden beam that was on the ground. There was some hay over it, but it didn’t help me. I fell straight down on my head. It felt like I hit my head on concrete. It was the worst blow to the head I have ever experienced in my life. The blood ran all over my body. For 10 seconds I lost my hearing completely, so I didn’t hear anything. I was completely deaf. I did not hear my voice that I cry. Then hearing came back but my head was cracked, and this is a good time to explain why my head looks a bit deformed. If you look at my picture, you will see that I also have a mark on my lower lip. We made a fire, and we collected plastic to see how it burns. We poked at the burning plastic with thin branches and one of the others stuck a stick in the plastic and lifted it up and then a piece of burning plastic came loose and flew into the air and landed right on my lip. So, it was bad luck that was always by my side throughout my life.


Time passed and soon there was discussion that it is time for us boys to be circumcised. At first, I wasn’t afraid when I had it explained to me that I can stand freely in front of the man who will circumcise me and that he will only cut off a small part of the unwanted part of my body as it has no body function and also hygiene will get better, they said. It is done with us Bosnians as standard and besides, I was promised a child’s bike and it was far too tempting so I almost wished it would be done as soon as possible so that I get that bike. It took a few months and


as time went by, I started to think about it. Getting a bike was pretty cool, but when I thought that the man, we call in Bosnia a Berber, about to cut off a part of my body, it suddenly became a nightmare for me. I was terrified and the more the time got closer to that moment, the more my fear grew. Then I sat down and thought it through very carefully. Then I decided I’m not going to do it at all, and I thought I had a choice. Then I said I’ve thought it through, and I’ve decided I don’t want to do it even for the bike. Then I got to experience persuasion the hard way. Then I was told, it is done to all children among us Muslims because it is a tradition with us. All the kids at school will laugh at you because you’re not circumcised, and you won’t be able to live that life. In addition, we as a family will be ostracized by other peoples. You will do it in a week, in a month or in a year but you will do it! You will get a bike and then I said. You are lying to me. You will do that and then you won’t buy me a bike. We promise you will get it. You will get money and it is your money. You are going to buy a bike for your money and then I was a little relieved because I will still get some benefit from all this. Then that man came after a few weeks and when I saw him approaching our house, I was terrified. I ran away up the road and the neighbor said, don’t worry, it’s not that dangerous. Then I was called by family who said, don’t be afraid. You better do it now so you get it finished for good and then no one will hunt you for it anymore. I plucked up the courage and thought if I have to do it, then I might as well fix it right now, so that I will be free from the fear of it waiting for me in the future. When I entered the house, everyone and the man said that I should not be afraid because it is nothing dangerous. So, when they are going to do it, I stood in front of him believing that I should just stand freely in front of him, but what happened was that someone closed my eyes with the flat of their hand. Some hole hard grip on my left leg and left arm and other hold hard grip on my right leg and arm. My family usually never hurt me, but all that I felt like they together with that man hurt me for the first time and I felt instinctively that they all posed a danger to my life. I felt the fear of death even though I knew I wasn’t going to die. Then anger and hatred exploded inside me. They have closed my eyes, but they didn’t close my mouth because they probably didn’t expect me to start talking. Then I said, berber jebem ti mat…. And then they also shut my mouth. I didn’t have time to say Berber I’m fucking your mother, so I didn’t pronounce the whole last word. Then he said, Oh ho hoooo, he barks well! That’s good, he’ll be good at speaking up when he grows up. He will defend himself well. Then he cut it and it hurt a little but not much. Then they said Jeeeeee, there you see it wasn’t dangerous and then everyone was happy. Then they put me on the bed and then I saw that it looks unnatural, but I had no opinion about it. But everyone gave me money as they promised me and there weren’t many in there at all, but it was enough for a bike. After that I was advised that I should wear a skirt for girls which I also got instead of pants because it won’t heal as well, they said. So, I walked around clothed but still there was a problem with touch, because there was touch all the time when I was sleeping. I want everyone to understand that I don’t blame my family and that man for that tradition. I blame the world’s power and rich elites who have massacred us common people throughout human history for thousands of years and this is just another way to mutilate our bodies among Bosniaks. Christians don’t do that to their children, but they aren’t any better either. Even their power and rich elite massacre adults, youth and children in the usual way through state systems just like the massacres committed by Bosniak power and rich elite against Bosniak people adults, youth and children through state systems and the same thing is committed by the whole world’s power and rich elite against each his own people. Honestly, when I looked at me down there, it looked abnormal and I’ve thought all my life that it looks too damn, abnormal, unnatural and ugly. The first week I couldn’t think about anything else because of pain to the touch but the second week it was better and then I could think undisturbed again. I thought about it, and I tried to find a logical explanation for what purpose it serves in my favor, even though I didn’t even know what logical


thinking was, but I thought so. I found no legitimate reason that it should be good for me in any way, except that I have only fulfilled the desire of my parents’ religious beliefs and I think it was the first disfigurement of my body in my life. As early as the second week, I said to myself. If I have a child that is a son when I grow up, I will never allow anyone to do that to my son. I got a bike the same day they circumcised me and now that the pain was gone, I had fun cycling around downhill. I learned to ride with that bike. But joy did not last long because already after a month when I was cycling downhill on the gravel road with those small stones, the bike frame cracked below the pedals and the bike split in two parts. There were no welders who could weld it together and the bike ended up in the dump. But life was still fun, and I quickly forgot that incident.

My prayer to God

Sooner or later, I was encouraged to try to start learning to pray to God in the Mosque. It was explained to me with a lot of joy, smiling and because of that it sounded very exciting to me. I love my people and I felt like one of all Bosnians. I was very happy to start praying to God and I want to show how smart I am so that everyone says I am smart. I had planned to learn everything that was presented to me. So, I went to class with everyone else and I was given little books of prayer lessons that I will memorize so that I will remember that prayer for the rest of my life. It went well so I learned it even though I didn’t understand what it means because it’s written in Arabic, but we also had a translation into my language. I experienced that as something very interesting. I liked it and I really made an effort to learn it too. So, after a few lessons in the lecture, I got to learn about our culture, our religion, our tradition. I listened carefully to the lecture and was completely relaxed and then he said, that was all about that part and now I want to come to something that may be a little difficult to receive. With us for a long time or something else I don’t really remember, family members married each other and then I felt like someone has stuck a knife in my chest because it was something new for me to hear about that I have never heard that even exists. Anger, hatred and discomfort exploded in me, and I started to hyperventilate but I tried to pretend I wasn’t concerned because I want to respond to it instinctively. Then he said, do you have any comments on that? Then I reacted instinctively without any control because it just slipped out of me. I didn’t feel comfortable with what I heard and then I said, jebi takvog boga onda. Fuck that God then. Then he got mad at me. He told me that you dare to swear and insult God in God’s house! Do you want me to give you a good beating so that you learn about morality and respect for your own religion and your own people! I was actually very scared that I will be beaten and then I replied, you can do it, but I will report it to the school. Then he got even more pissed off and then he said to me, mars odavde i nemoj da sam te vidio ovdje ikad vise, nevaspitani pas jedan. Get out of here and never let me see you here again, you ill-mannered dog. At that moment, the bond between me and the little books ceased to exist, and I left everything and went out quickly so that I don’t get beaten. I have never ever in my life gone there again to learn more about prayer to God. Besides, I’ll have enough schoolwork to learn about so it’s just as well I don’t strain my brain unnecessarily. What I learned in those few lessons I remember even now. At that time, it was one thing for me to pray to God and quite another thing when I come into contact with opinions that do not match what I was told up to that point. I continued to pray to god when it suits me in my way, while what he said does not surprise me at all now as I write this blog considering when you see what the world’s power and rich elite and especially personally the American power and rich elite allows their people and the people of the whole world to see through their pornography sites starting from Pornhub and so on about sex between family members. Sex between mother and son, sex between father and daughter, sex between brother and sister. They are poisoning the mind of the American common people; they are poisoning the mind of the entire civilian population of the world so what he said is not alien in the wonderful civilized world. It was also quickly forgotten and for me the only problem was a stranger yelling at me the same way


parents can. When it comes to strangers yelling at you, then the golden rule is to avoid that individual for the rest of your life and problem is solved. I have gone from time to time a few times to the Mosque when there was prayer for those who have died because then we get juice and cookies. As a teenager, I have gone there to pray similar prayers because there were girls there hoping that I will have a love affair. So, praying to God and having girls around is always fun. But even that was short-lived as I realized that there won’t be a love relationship for me as usual. But back to childhood. From time to time, I have gone with family and relatives in the city of Prijedor and I experienced the life in the city as something very modern and interesting. There were cars, buses, high-rise buildings everywhere and there were a lot of people everywhere. I liked the modern life because I experienced it as freedom. I very much-loved watching science fiction films that were evocatively directly connected to that life in the city. I loved it. All the modern life was in the city, while in our village it was quiet with lots of boring folk music that people listened to at high volume. Time passed and I started to go to primary school. At school I was very small and invisible so when we go on daily outings my classmates who were bigger used to put me in the ranks as some authority, so I was somewhat below in hierarchy throughout my school days from elementary school until high school. But still, it was fun because I had classmates and got to learn new people. From that school you can see the highway a hundred meters down that leads to the city. When I saw that highway, I knew that it leads to the city and what I wanted was to go there because I want to experience new adventures. I want to see and experience the world. I longed to be older so that I would start middle school and then that day also came. Usually, we had long distances to walk to the primary school but now that I have started middle school we had twice as long distances to walk just to the bus station because the bus did not go to My village of Carakovo. Also, this time we had a steep hill to climb when we get home from school which made us very tired. I experienced that teaching is infinitely many times more difficult in middle school and then it was really difficult for me. But somehow it went well enough that I get through with school grades. Another thing that was nice was going out in the evenings to cafes and discos in my village and nearby villages like Ljubija, Hambarine and Rizvanovici which were about from 10 to 20 kilometers, so we walked there and that alone was fun for us. A very modern village or rather a small town was Kozarac which was populated with Bosniak population. It was fun to go out there in the evenings, but that town was on the other side of Prijedor, very far from my village, so I couldn’t visit it very often. In ljubija I’ve been with friends and then we got to meet Croatian girls who were really beautiful, but the problem for me was that I was shy so it’s almost like I just go with friends and then come back home without ever succeeding with having a relationship with a girl. Croatian girls were extraordinarily beautiful, and I really think Croatian women are very beautiful women. It was the same with girls in Hambarine and Rizvanovici, they were also extraordinarily beautiful. Even girls in Carakovo were extraordinarily beautiful, but we knew each other so there was no love romance for me as usual. However, we had friendly relations, so we hung out often and had a very good time. Of the population, we had Bosniaks who live homogeneously in their villages, Serbs who live homogeneously on the other side in their villages and Croats who live in Ljubija. In addition, it was mixed with Croats, Bosniaks and Serbs, I think. The closer you get to the city; it was mixed with all nationalities. Of the religions in Bosnia, we have Islam as practiced by Bosniaks, Catholic Christianity as practiced by Croats, Orthodox Christianity as practiced by Serbs and honestly, I experienced all three religions as primitive. I thought that religions will die out over time the more we people on this planet become developed. I thought that we people on this planet are going to fly into space, that we are going to colonize other planets and that we are going to have exciting adventures. I thought that we people on this planet should love each other and that we should be like brothers and one and the same people no matter what we look like


and no matter what name we have. At school, there were a lot of smart Bosnians who were my classmates, and they had the best grade which was 5. I was about 3 and 2. When we were asked by teachers what we want to devote our lives to in the future, it is usually the best people who talk and when I listened to them they said that they plan to go on to college, that they want to work as lawyers, judges, doctors, engineers while I didn’t have such dreams because my grades are not good enough for me to have such dreams, so I didn’t know what I could devote my life to. Seeing others succeed while I myself haven’t figured out what I could dedicate my life to hurt my heart, so I felt worthless and failed and it created panic in me. Somewhere around that time in middle school, my best friend of all asked me if I want to go to the cinema with him to watch the Terminator movie and it was the first one that I answered that I would love to do it because I loved science fiction films. It was my first time going to the cinema and I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew it would be fun. When the lights went down and when the movie started showing on the giant screen with the loud sound, I felt like I was in the future in another world. The first thing that impressed me was the music in that movie. But when I saw Terminator and when I saw how fit he is then I was completely overjoyed. I said to myself, now I know what to dedicate my life to. I’m going to be a Bodybuilder! That movie inspired me to start bodybuilding. There were no gyms in Carakovo so I had to build my own training equipment. In my family there are still such ancient pairs of wooden wheels from a horse cart. So, I had two wheels and the steel part in the myth that connects the two wheels. Those wheels were big and when I look at it, it looks like weights and training equipment for chest muscles. We put a blanket down on the ground and when I tried to lift it, I couldn’t lift it at all, not even an inch. I realized that it is too heavy to lift, so we removed the two wheels, and we would only lift the middle steel part. It was also very heavy for us, but we could lift it, so it was perfect. We trained chest muscles, and we trained abdominal muscles. For abdominal muscles, we did up to 100 sit-ups in a row after a longer period of training, so we got abs and good shape on the chest muscles. Seeing the results of training made us very happy. I love my family and relatives and I especially loved my mother and grandparents very much. My grandmother once said to me, why do you lift scraps in vain? I can give you a garden hoe so you will get better exercise and you will help us in the garden at the same time. I said, Grandma you don’t understand this. We build our muscles with this workout. This is something advanced that you old folks don’t understand. We, on the other hand, are modern and we know more than what you old people do. While I was living at that time, I did not feel that there was any nationalism. In the former Yugoslavia, we Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs were together in school for lessons, so it was wonderful. I felt that we are one and the same people and we also speak the same language. If we understand each other than that is our common language. Religions were there but I never heard people around me talk about religions. People have talked about life and everyday things. People have built their houses, and everyone strived to have a better life and to have it smooth. People joked so life was really fun. Once I was asked if I want to learn how to pray to God so that we can pray together. I said I’m not going to waste the time of my life praying to the air. I dedicate my life to training so that I will be beautiful so that probably a woman in the future will see me as attractive enough so that I will have a beautiful woman next to me that I will fall in love with and be happy with. Religions and history do not interest me. The only thing that interests me is my life. I want a beautiful woman and if she is a Serb, Croat or Bosniak it doesn’t matter to me as long as we love each other. Our God and our religion will become our children and the two of us who love each other. Besides, I’m already tired of seeing people who pray to God and are silent all the time and I thought it’s good that we have Christian Catholics and Christian Orthodox because if there were only us, then I would have gone crazy in the end to see one and the same thing all the time through my whole life. I personally don’t think I’m beautiful. Rather, I think I’m quite ugly, so it’s perhaps not


so strange that I haven’t succeeded in getting a beautiful woman ever in my life. My parents are building a new very beautiful house in Gomjenica which is closer to the city over the highway that I have mentioned before and next to that road the river Sana flows anyway on the part where we will move to. In that river Sana I could have drowned once when I was learning to swim but luckily a relative noticed and he pulled me out of water but once I learned to swim after that I think I am a good swimmer. I was happy to meet new people. So, I thought it will be fun to get to know Serbian people so that I also have Serbian friends. In Gomjenica I also had relatives on my mother’s side whom I always liked to visit, and I also had my best friends there. This time I would also live there. Living in a new house was wonderful in comparison to the house we lived in before. We used to play basketball and that was also where I got beat up as I have mentioned in previous blog posts. So, once I moved there, I noticed over time that the Serbian guys don’t really like me and I think it was because I come from Carakovo, which is a Muslim village. I noticed that they also use a lot of full words too. They used words like, tell your mom to wash her pussy and I’ll come over tonight to fuck her. My friends and they said that to each other and it was fun for them. You can’t say that to my mother. I didn’t use such words and they never said that to me either. But I have felt their hatred towards me and after that my hatred towards them also grew to an equal level. Then I also started strength training at a real gym in Prijedor and it was wonderful to train and socialize with like-minded people. There were also guys from my village Carakovo who trained there, so we trained together. There was a Serb who owned the gym, and he was always nice. He showed me how to train. It was easy to get a fit upper body, but the legs were much harder so he and everyone I’ve talked to said I should focus a lot on the legs too. I did but never got toned legs like a bodybuilder. But anyway, I started to grow when I started working out. If I hadn’t started training then, I would have been one and a half meters tall today and maybe less than that. Today I am 186 cm tall, so it’s not big, but it’s normal growth so I don’t also suffer from the complex that I’m too small compared to other people. Once at school during music class, a teacher or professor has brought an old record gramophone so that we can listen to classical music. When I listened to that music, I realized that I love classical music even though I have never listened to that music. Many others in the class also said that the music sounds beautiful. With us at that time if you listen to classical music then you are mentally disturbed. On another occasion I listened to Bulgarian music, and I thought that music sounded very beautiful. Music is infinitely many times older than any religion that has ever existed throughout human history. Music is not politics even if it is used as a weapon and manipulation tool by the world’s power and wealthy elite. Music exists in every person who is born. Creating musical tones or listening to music is a human talent that humans have begun to create that has further developed throughout human history. When you listen to music you either like it or not and it is individual from person to person what kind of music people like. As the hatred has grown between me and the Serbian neighbors who were friends of my cousins, so when they said that Bulgarian music is their Christian Orthodox people who created it, I don’t want to listen to it anymore because these guys bullied me to some extent. Besides, when they said that Russians are their brothers, then I don’t even want to look at the Orthodox part of the world anymore. For me, the Middle East was my people. I had no idea that there were Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims and that they see each other as enemies. I found out about that here in Sweden when the war in Syria started. I liked the USA because they talk nicely in the media about how they want to spread democracy and human rights around the world and about how they care about human rights and the right to express themselves freely. In addition, they were modern, and they had catwalk photo models that I thought were very beautiful.

Serving military service

Just when I have made myself at home in the new place so that I feel at home there, the time came for us to join the military. I had convictions that state laws must be respected and


followed to the letter. Also, if you commit a crime in the former Yugoslavia, then the police will beat you beyond recognition. Some have gone mad after being beaten by the police. So, I was very afraid of the police and the state at that time. Nor was I a person who commits crimes. Once in the bus on the way to the city of Prijedor, my classmate from Carakovo sat down and he was the guy who was one of the smart ones with grade 5. He told me, Vahid, you’re an idiot if you join the military. I myself will go to university so that I can avoid going to the military and I will move to Germany after he had parents who lived and worked there. But I thought no, I will go there so that I finish this duty. Moreover, in Bosnia at that time if one has not undergone military service, then there is something wrong with that person so there are strong prejudices that have spread among us average less intelligent common people. At the same time, there was talk of new political parties that present the three peoples, Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats, but I didn’t think about it at all. I’ve usually lived my whole life up to that point at home, so I wasn’t used to leaving my home where I feel safe. Once I went there and it was in Banjaluka where I became a driver of a T-72 tank. But screw the T-72 and military because I experienced the military army as a prison, and I don’t even want to be there.

The beginning of war in Yugoslavia

While I was in there, war broke out first in Slovenia and then in Croatia. I was transferred to Beograd and then there were conscript soldiers of all nationalities in the army. We were sent to Vukovar in Croatia, and I was in a Part called Ovcare where war crimes have been committed against the Croatian civilian population. I haven’t seen any of this. First, they don’t want me as a driver and then they put me in the kitchen and then when they want me as a driver then I don’t want to go there. I thought it was fun to drive that tank, but I never ever want to go into battle. I told them that I am afraid and that I am not capable of fulfilling this task. My captain who got a higher rank than captain while he was there said to me, Jebem ti mater. He said I’m fucking your mother and some other stuff. Luckily, they didn’t force me anyway. I have realized that my life is in danger there and I stick to that kitchen all the time. I want to get out of there but from there it was impossible to walk away. I believe they have murdered conscript soldiers there under the pretense that they have died in battle. I think they have caused the death of at least one nice Serbian guy from Serbia, and I think even some Bosniaks and Croats have met the same fate. It was so namely that we did a minor uprising when Vukovar fell, and that uprising was more like a protest than any serious uprising. This Serbian guy was one of them all who was loud, and I was one of them too. in that rebellion I, like the biggest idiot, got into a tank to drive back to Beograd. Then another officer who was the captain of my unit swore to me the same thing and said, I’m fucking your mother, you haven’t been in battle and now you want to drive back to Beograd in a victory parade and he even gave me a (Samar) hit my face with his palm. I crouched away so he didn’t really hit me. That I sat in that tank was because it was like a game to me. I did not realize the seriousness of all this and besides, I want to go home. Wars between Serbs and Croats do not interest me at all. Before we go to Vukovar, that captain kept asking me, will you join Alija’s army when you go home? That man hated me very much. He asked me if I have lost my way and that I have roots from another Christian Orthodox country because of how I look. I didn’t even know that I look different from other people. I thought I looked like everyone else. Even some Serbian teachers did not like me through my schooling. They told me, sjedi drvo na drvo bice veci panj, sit you tree on tree, because there will be a bigger stump which means I’m about stupid in the head. I want to go out into the world away from all that war, but I didn’t say that then because I was an inexperienced youngster where I didn’t even know what to answer him. While we were driving to Beograd, I had a very bad throat, so they moved me to the hospital and when I felt better and when I got back to the military unit, then most of the non-Serbs have already fled from there. So now it was time for me to escape from there too. There was a Serbian nice guy who played guitar and he had a music group that was on TV, so he inspired me to start playing guitar. So, before we went to Vukovar, my parents


sent me an acoustic guitar and I had it in there. That guy showed me how to practice playing the guitar and I really loved learning to play the guitar. My mother came to pick me up, and I had been there for a year, which is the entire conscription period. They had plans to go to other fronts in Croatia and I knew if I go there, I will be murdered there. I asked for leave for the day so I can receive visits from family, and they gave it to us soldiers as standard. I got it and when I was going out, I took my guitar with me too. Then my Serbian friend from Serbia asked me where am I going? Then I said that I intend to go on daily leave to spend a short time with my parents. He said to me, why are you taking your guitar with you if you come back? Then leave it here, we’ll fit it, so no one touches it. I don’t want to get rid of my guitar and besides, I’m really bad at lying so I said, you know I was going to give it to my parents so they can take it home. He told me, Vahid we were friends all along. Do not lie to me. If you intend to run away to your home, then tell me so that we part as friends because we were friends all along and it was true. I also have to go to my home on purpose but military police find us at home so we can’t even hide anywhere. This guy was an extremely good person, and he was my real friend at least while I was there. Don’t worry he said, we won’t report you to captain. He mentioned our friend from Macedonia who has also fled and with him too he has parted as a friend. I also loved the man from Macedonia as a friend, because he was extremely likeable and a good person. He said to me, we will be glad tomorrow to see the captain pissed off when he sees that you too have escaped. Then I said OK it’s true I’m running away to my home. Then we hugged each other like good friends, and I walked from there all the way to my home. I think they saw that I’m going to run away so they gave me permission to go out or not, so I don’t really know. But in any case, I experienced Serbs in Serbia as many times more civilized and less nationalist than the Serbs from Bosnia and I mean my comrades in the army. In there I had a Serbian comrade from my town Prijedor who at first seemed very nice but later he committed war crimes against Bosniaks and Croats, but I don’t remember his name. Something and other things happened there, but I won’t talk about that because I got out of there unscathed, but I have no problem talking about this too if I have to. I choose to talk only about what cost me my life where I was injured.

Back home there was no war

Back home there was no war. War was going on in Croatia, but with us it was business as usual. When I walked past the houses of both Serbs and Bosnians, I realized how beautifully they have arranged their yards in front of their houses with various tree seedlings. They also had a living fence around the house, so I thought that I also want it like that in front of our house. I have planted hedges in front of our house before I joined the army, but it was my parents’ idea. I also did that with joy because I want us to have a beautiful front of our house. So, this time I asked a father of my cousins ​​in my home village in Carakovo if he has some plants that I can plant around our house. He said he will give me several so he dug up some plum plants and gave them to me. I took the plants over my shoulder, and I walked around 20 kilometers with them to my home. So, I planted them. Then I came up with the idea to make it even more beautiful, so I built a triangle of soil in the yard in front of our house. I shipped lots of soil to form a triangle 15 cm high which is about 3 meters in diameter so that the triangle looks proportional well in front of our house. I didn’t have any building material to put around the triangle so instead I used the soil that will have grass growing on it, while in the middle I have finely chopped soil where flowers will grow. While I was working on fixing that triangle, my cousin and best friend came up to me and he laughed when he saw me working. We always laugh and joke about everything. He said to me, are you building that triangle so that the Serbs have an exact target where they will drop bombs? Why are you building it when all this is going to blow up? I said, I know but still I want to fix it and even I knew that there will be war with us too. It’s like when an asteroid is on its way to earth, and you keep doing your work before you die for fun just because you like to fix your insignificant chore work. We’ve laughed about it. Luckily my friend had ties to Germany where his parents lived and


worked so he went there at the last minute. If he had stayed, then I don’t know if he would have survived even if he had Serbs as friends. But I had no ties to any European country, so I had nowhere to run. I didn’t even have a passport. Time passed and not a long time at all and then I saw on that highway a column of extremely long Serbian military vehicles driving by. The war is coming, I thought. War also started in Bosnia but not in our town and then we fled to our home village of Carakovo. On Radio Prijedor, Serbs released such nationalist turbo-folk music that incited Serbian people to war. That music was absolutely disgusting, and I think all turbo folk music including Bosnian turbo folk music is disgusting. So, while we were in Carakovo, our neighbors Serbs started shelling Hambarine which was the first village to be attacked and with that war started in our town. After that from what I remember Rizvanovici was shelled and finally the modern small town of Kozarac. It went on for a few days and then shells started falling on us in Carakovo as well. I got to experience grenades falling on us both in the army and in my home village and I can tell you the common people of the world, believe me you don’t want to experience that ever in your life. It’s one thing to see it on TV, but it’s quite another when shells fall on you yourself. It’s terrifying to me anyway. War is something terrible. It’s pure horror. We took shelter in the basement, but shells fell next to the house and then some people came up with the idea that we should flee to the forest, so we did. Deep in the forest a little further away, we couldn’t live off mosquitoes. Fandom bit us all over. So, we came back home. I have also been to Kurovo and there I got to see the small resistance group that chose to fight against. It was a smaller group of guys led by a Croatian guy Slavko Ecimovic. They were just defending their lives. So, they made a not so well calculated attack on Serbian forces in Prijedor without being able to defend those lines so it was a bit of a fiasco. They haven’t asked for people to go to war either, or I don’t know. In any case, we were surrounded a long time ago and no one could escape from the Prijedor area. Then some people came up with the idea that it is not safe in Carakovo either, so the only thing is to go back to our house in the hands of Serbs. We tried to pretend that we live our lives as usual in the hope that they will spare our lives as we live among them.

The day I was put in an extermination camp

We lived as usual for a short time and then we heard people saying that armed Serbs are coming through our street on their way to us and that they are searching for every house. Then my mother said to me, run to the corn field we will say you are not at home. I fled to the corn field and after a short time she came back to me and she said to me, come back in the house because if they see you are not home, then they will say we are hiding you and then they will suspect you. They will then kill us all. I was terrified and then I said to mom, where do you want me to go? First you say hide in the corn field, then you say come back in the house. Where should I go? Haha. Shall I go here, or there, or over there. It was my panicky behavior. Blame those you can blame, blame your parent instead of monsters, which you can’t blame. So, I did so and I went in the house again because I don’t want my family to be murdered under any circumstances. I was in the house and then Serbs came in front of our house and then I went out pretending to be surprised. Then I saw the neighbor who was a Serb who was a friend of my cousin who fled to Germany. He said, gdje si Vaho, which roughly means how is it Vaho which is distorted version of my nickname Vaha. He was one of those people who didn’t like me because I come from Carakovo. Besides, they weren’t my friends either. At that moment I knew that it did not bode well. I said what is this and he replied that they are only after green berets and that means the resistance group or better said the heroes who have chosen to defend their life unlike me. He said everything will be fine. I was relieved when he said that. I went into the house again in the hope that they will continue to move on and then reservists came with a small piece of paper with a list of names of extremists or green Muslim berets that they want to detain. This man was infinitely bigger than I am, so he was terrifying to look at. He asked me and my brother’s name and then my mother said my little brother’s name first and he didn’t react and when


she mentioned my name then he reacted violently with hatred in his eyes and then he said you come, you will come with us. My mom started getting hysterical and she started saying, he’s not guilty, he just came from the army, and I realized if she keeps talking he’s going to kill her. I told her to stop talking. I’m coming with you. Luckily my mother told me, Vahid take this jacket you will need it. It was my winter jacket which was very warm. I was wearing a T-shirt; a lower part of tracksuit bottoms or tracksuit bottoms and I took that jacket with me. I took my jogging shoes that were recently bought when it happened. Once outside I looked at the Serbian neighbor who was never my friend and he just shrugged his shoulders as if he knew nothing about this. In front of our house on the road there was a van and they told me to go and sit in it. When I walked in it then, I saw my Bosniak friend who was a real friend of the one who was crouching with his shoulders so even they weren’t real friends. I saw my family in there and other neighbors who were Bosniaks. Two of those Bosniaks were richer than all the Serbs and Bosniaks together in the area where we lived around there because they had their own business. They had expensive motorcycles, construction machinery of all kinds, cars and so on. They had a large fortune, and they were the biggest target for our neighbors to raid their possessions. When I sat in that van, Serbs have left inside a more modern hand grenade launcher of a newer model that needs to be loaded with projectiles. These other people sitting in there told me, don’t even think about touching it. I replied, of course not, why would I? Serbs have left that grenade launcher inside on purpose in the belief that one of us will take it to try to defend ourselves with it so they can kill us all. They drove us to the bridge at Zeger where the bus stopped when I had to go to school. My cousin needed to pee, and he asked the armed Serb if he could go to the bathroom just a few meters away. Then he said, you can go but if you try to escape then I will cut you in half with full magazine of ammunition. It was madness to even think that he would be able to escape because it was impossible to escape. So, he was allowed to go to the toilet. Serbs picked more of my family in that place and when they have taken everyone they want to take, then they drove us to an unknown place, so we didn’t know where to end up. When they opened the door, we were in front of the police station in Prijedor. In that place they have beaten people to death, they have shot people to death in this place, but I did not know that then because I heard that later a little further after the war. Then came Serbs in police uniform who are not really police. Even the Swedish policemen are not policemen, the Bosnian policemen are not policemen, and all the world’s policemen are not policemen. All of them are monsters who serve under the world’s power and wealthy elite who murder us common people and keep us under control in the service of each their own power and wealthy elite. Then one of them said, jebo te Bog, dje ih nadjete vise ovolike. Fuck God, where do you find them all. So, there were many before us that they have brought there. The police knew my neighbors and they knew these rich guys. For some reason they chose not to hit us, so they continued to drive us on to the next location. When they opened the van, we got out and then we were in the Keraterm extermination camp, but I didn’t know what that place was for at that point. They had lists of names again and then an armed guard came to me and asked me if I had been in the army, so I answered that I had. Then he asked me why I fled from the army? I said that I have served my entire conscription time because I was there for almost a year. I said one of my relatives died in the army and I want to go to his funeral. He was talking normally, and he wasn’t yelling at me. Then he asked no more and went away. Then one of the other armed camp guards shouted at us. One of them said, come here everyone! Stand facing the van, raise your hands and spread your legs. Some of us have done it already so I did the same thing and I thought now I’m going to get punched between the legs. They checked our bodies and pockets in case we had any items on us. When they were finished then they told us to go to bedroom number 1 which was first on the left side while bedrooms number 2, 3 and 4 were on the right of that building. These bedrooms were not bedrooms


as they called them but were warehouses of different sizes in a ceramics factory. Here is a picture of the extermination camp that I have found on the internet:

When I walked in, there were industrial wooden pallets on concrete that were lined up in the same direction instead of beds. Then there was a distance to the next row of wooden pallets of about half a meter. On those industrial pallets there were people sitting and the room was overcrowded with people. When we entered, we got a seat on the far left in the local space and I sat down on industry pallets which were lined up towards the road of the building on the left side. Serbs chose the leaders of each dormitory probably when they opened the extermination camp before I got there, so I sat right next to the leader of the dormitory and his friends or maybe they knew each other. As soon as I sat down, one of the leader’s friends started staring at me and I felt it as something very unusual. Why is a stranger staring at me? I sat right next to this man and the dorm leader face to face. Then the man started asking me where am I from and who is my family? Then I felt that he had bad intentions towards me and then I don’t want to answer his question. He got pissed and told me in angry voice, answer me question! Where are you from, what kind of family are you from and what are your parents’ names? Even if you don’t tell me, I will still ask people around and they will give me answers! Then I explained which family I have, and I told him the names of my parents and then he said in an angry voice, So there, answer me the question when I put it to you! He said to me, mali ovdje nemas ni oca ni matere ni rodjaka ni prijatelja koji ce da te zastite ovdje si prepusten sam sebi. Ovdje moras da se brines sam o sebi. Boy, here you have neither mother nor father, relatives or friends who will protect you. Here you have to take care of yourself. But I didn’t think more about it at that moment. We got to know people sitting next to us and on my left, I had an older man who was very nice. I looked around the warehouse and the first thing I noticed when I looked up at the ceiling, then it was construction steel beams of slightly larger dimensions on which the roof rested. On that steel beam I saw a fired ammunition bullet jammed into the steel beam like a pancake


probably fired from an AK-47. There was a round bulge on the other side of the beam where the bullet hit. Looking at it gave me anxiety. Now I had the fired bullet in the ceiling as an ornament to look at in the future. When darkness fell, they started calling people’s names. When people have gone out, camp guards sometimes take them further away and sometimes closer so when they get closer than we hear the screams of people who are beaten beyond recognition and sometimes to death. That same night, I think after we just got there, they started calling our names. Then it was Predrag Banović who called my name and surname, and I was completely terrified, so I went to the grid die. He looked at me and asked for the last name of my friend and my uncle who had the same last name so I couldn’t choose between them, so I kept quiet and then he shouted at me. What are you looking at? Go there back in your seat what are you waiting for. Do you want me to take you out to beat you up? Then I went to my place. My friend was dragged out but luckily, he wasn’t hit. People around said that we were the first ones to be shouted at and not hit. Maybe it was because we just came from the army. There was no room for us on pallets so we had a place on concrete between them pallets where we are supposed to sleep but we could sit on pallets while we are awake. When we go to sleep, the jacket that mom gave me came in handy. I put the jacket on the concrete between the pallets and lay down on it. I couldn’t stretch my legs, because those on pallets had already stretched their legs in that space. I laid down on my back and could barely turn at all during the night, and it was a hard surface, so it hurt my body because I was lying on concrete. I checked the fired bullet in the ceiling while I’m going to sleep. I want to go away from that place so when I fell asleep all that world disappeared and I went to a safe place in my dreams. I forgot all this, and I even dreamed normal dreams as if I was never there. When I woke up the next morning, I was still on my back. Just when my consciousness began to awaken, I did not know that I was there. I thought, what a horrible nightmare I’ve been having and when I opened my eyes, I saw the fired bullet on the ceiling and then I realized I’m still in that horrible place and that’s my reality. Then after that I accepted it as my reality and after that, I knew all along that I was there. The next day we were allowed to go out and we were allowed to move only in front of the building in a restricted area. We drank water from the fire hose, and I don’t even know if the water was clean. Some said that the water comes unfiltered directly from the river Sana. Then I thought of all the corpses of adults, youths and children that floated from time to time on the river Sana and thought that we drink its water. The image of that place appeared more and more horrible in my eyes. At that time, we were very hungry and then we asked when will we get the food and how much of food will we get? Others said we get the food from 1pm to 2pm and sometimes later and we only get to eat once in 24 hours. When the food arrived, we had to stand in line. It was two Serbian women who shared the food that they probably cooked for us as well. The food that I received was a small plate of cooked food and in it there was a small change of meat in it of unknown origin so I could not identify what kind of meat it was. I’ve eaten pig meat all my life and it’s not a problem for me, but I’ve never eaten meat like we got at this place. In addition to the cooked food, we were given two or three thinly sliced ​​slices of white bread that were 1 cm thick so there wasn’t much to eat. I ate it quickly and barely felt like I ate anything. People who came to that place before us have already turned into living skeletons and now it was our turn. Days passed and every night people were shouted at and beaten. The first thing I noticed when camp guards started shooting was that the sound of gunshots echoed in an unpleasant delayed sound. The worst thing was that we expected every second that our name will be called and that we will be murdered. We felt hunger and starvation right from the first day and already after a short time, I had lost a lot of weight. I was usually very thin without the starvation and when the starvation started, I became emaciated like a skeleton in a very short time and after that I had a hard time getting up, I feel like I’m going to pass out when I get up straight away. So, I got up slowly


because I had no strength in my body and besides, it was like that for most of the people who didn’t have food. While we were sitting in there, camp guards told us loudly that minors should come out to eat the leftovers of the food that was left and then people around me said that I should go out to eat again. I explained to them that I am not a minor and then they said that I look like a minor and that I should take advantage of the opportunity while I can. So, I went out and got some more food and it happened a few times while I was there, but it helped a lot. I was a prisoner there for one to two months, but that time felt like a whole year because I was afraid that I could be murdered at any moment. We have also had visits from Serbs who personally come among us to beat us, so it wasn’t just that they beat people out at night. One day a man came who turned out to be Zoran Zigic and then he shouted, balije which is a nickname for Muslims, go towards the road. As soon as he said that most of them were already on their feet. So, I also hurried because it was better for me to be closer to the road than him so that he can reach me. I was facing the road while he was behind us. We were pressed hard together because people pressed hard. An elderly man among us passed out from the pressure. He hit some behind me, but I didn’t even dare to look back. He said, do you want me to drive the car in here, so I run over all of you? He has done that before before I got there, the others said. After that he left and then we were relieved. Another day another Serb came who people call Faca which means some kind of tough personality or maybe people called him that because he only uses the word Faca. He walked very slowly beside us, and he looked very carefully at each one of us for a few extra seconds. Being small and emaciated was my advantage. I was terrified so I didn’t have to pretend to be scared. This place was a slaughterhouse where people are murdered, and we all want to live just want to survive. I put on a scared face as best I could because that’s what he and they all want to see. They want to see us terrified, scared and defeated. A guy in front of me a meter or two away was a very big and strong young man my age and those are the ones that get hurt first. He said, you Faca stand up. That guy was also terrified and then he slapped him once as hard as he could and then one more time. He said something but I wasn’t even listening anymore because I started thinking that he’s going to start hitting us on this side. I thought he is going to kill us and kill me personally. Then he went on the other side a little further away and hit some there too, but I didn’t even look because we all looked down. If you look at him, he will come to you. Luckily, he didn’t kill anyone and then he went out. One day while camp guards were calling minors to come out to eat an extra meal, they beat people at the same time. I think the minors were also beaten who have gone out to eat the leftovers and then the man who asked me what family I have when I first got there started telling me, boy go out and eat, do you see that they are calling for your minors! But I’m not an idiot to go out to eat when they beat people outside. This man definitely had something against me even though I never met him in my life. Hunger and starvation are the worst things one can experience and hunger distorts the ability to think clearly. In there, we thought about the food around the clock. We used to talk about everything possible, actually the older people talked while I just listened most of the time. The Bosniak man who talked about the food was a lawyer from Ljubija I think. So, he was smart and he talked about politics, about court and everything. They talked about the food and different dishes, and it was just the thought in our head that we should eat. It wasn’t that everyone was starving. Some of them in there, had food sent to them from their families all the time. The leader of our so-called dorm and the man who doesn’t like me and a few others in their friendship circle had their food brought from their families all the time, so they ate the food as if they were at home while we watched. We tried not to look at them while they were eating. One night while I was sleeping in that passage between those wooden pallets, I was woken up by the leader and the man who doesn’t like me. They talked and ate. So, it was half dark and they were eating pie with potatoes and then a change of potato fell out of one of their hands right at me. He reached for


the change to pick it up, but he couldn’t find it and then after a minute or two while I turned around, I took the change from the potato and ate it quietly so they wouldn’t notice I was eating. I was shy all my life so that also determined my behavior in different situations throughout my life. I fantasized about the food every day and when I slept, I dreamed that I was eating the food. I didn’t know very well whether the population of my town Prijedor was Serbs, Bosniaks or Croats. Outside that area there were nearby neighborhoods with houses, and I assumed that it must be Serbs living there. I fantasized about my escape from there and I fantasized about the food. We had a small toilet further to the left that everyone used. In there the toilet got clogged so it was full of urine on the floor most of the time we were there because the opening on the floor was clogged or maybe there was no opening on the floor at all because I didn’t notice it. Maybe it was the toilet itself that you sit on, which was clogged from time to time. In any case, up there there is a ventilation pipe with a square lid on it, so when we are to be locked up at night, after that we are not allowed to go out at night, and they assume that we are all in there. Sometimes they asked leaders if we are all in and sometimes, they didn’t ask anything, I think. I planned my escape from there and I started following routines that guards follow. When they lock us then after that they start strong reflector lights that are aimed at us. My plan was that I will wait in the toilet so when everyone has left the toilet then I will remove the ventilation cover and then I will crawl into the ventilation pipe and then I will close the cover after me. I didn’t think about the fact that I didn’t have any tools and if I can take the cover off at all. My plan was that I will quietly crawl through ventilation pipes during the night and probably I will get to the other side of the building and then I will go out there somewhere and then I will escape home. I never dared to do it, but it helped me to fantasize about escape because that gave me hope that I will continue to live. Besides, I find it hard to believe that the leader wouldn’t notice that I’m gone because I’m sitting in front of him. The next fantasy was about the food. When I imagined that I had managed to escape and that I was outside at night, I assumed that the first blocks with houses were inhabited by Serbs. I couldn’t even imagine escaping on my legs because starvation has warped my thinking. I imagined myself crawling on my stomach because I was starving and could barely move normally without passing out. I imagined that it is night and that I have come to Serbian houses crawling on my belly and when I am in their garden then I pick vegetables and take a little pig to eat it. I didn’t think that it had to be cooked. What Serbs used to have pigs and that’s why I imagined that I take a smaller pig because I know that the big pigs could eat me instead. Before the wars I heard about cases where big pigs have eaten children, so they are dangerous. Among us there was a respected Bosniak who was somewhat before the war, so he had grilled meat and bread which he gave to me and some others, so I got to eat that food and it was indescribably wonderful to eat. He was transferred to Serbian extermination camp Omarska which was a thousand times worse than Keraterm is. I heard stories from people, that people in there who cleaned the so-called white house where people were murdered and tortured have picked body parts and cleared roads of human fragments and pieces of flesh of people who have been butchered with a chainsaw. In any case, the respected Bosniak was asked by a camp guard in Omarska who said, ima li bujruma? which means, am i welcome to eat with you Bujrum means a Turkish word that means welcome to eat food with us. Then this man replied, bujrum you are welcome and then this camp guard got pissed off and he tortured him and finally killed him. So, the man who gave us his food is murdered. He was a wonderful and smart person. I don’t remember what he was, or I would have written it now. Serbs also captured the Croatian guy Slavko Ecimovic who was the leader of the small resistance group and people said that Serbs gouged out his eyes so that people saw only two bloody holes instead of eyes and he too was murdered. Serbs have murdered his wife, his parents and there are only his children left who have been moved here and there and I don’t know if those children are alive today. I know


very well when it happened also because Serbs from my street participated in the slaughter of that family and the rumor has spread through my street. Many of the others in the resistance group have also been murdered while trying to escape to free territory, and my family was among those who were murdered. We want to escape to Bihac because there we had our people who were not similar to us who live in Prijedor in any way. The people were better at defending themselves. I am very proud of them even if they may perceive me as a bad person because I write the way I do, but I am Bosnian and I love my people with all my heart. In any case, the Serbs had a small truck that they used to drive dead bodies out of Keraterm. It was the size of a van but looked like a smaller truck and is a smaller truck with a trailer. As labor they used people who were prisoners in Keraterm. Those people dug mass graves and buried Bosniak and Croat civilians in those mass graves and often ended up in those mass graves themselves. Serbs obtained labor from Keraterm for this purpose or in surrounding villages. I saw the people come into Keraterm when Serbs pick them up from that work and then they had bags full of apples that they have picked, and Serbs allowed them to take the apples that they are supposed to have as extra food. Then one day all of us who lived in Gomjenica in my neighborhood were called to come out. Until this moment many people have already been, murdered, beaten and many have been transferred to Omarska extermination camps so I did not know what will happen to us. Then the leader of the camp guards took a machine gun with such a larger green ammunition magazine underneath while he aimed it at us. My legs were cut off immediately, so I lost all strength in them. He started talking to us bad things, but I didn’t even listen to him because I realized and was fully convinced that he will kill us all at that moment because in this way they have already killed many others before us. First, he stood in front of us while aiming at us and then he went behind us and then at this moment I just expected every second that he will start shooting at us and then I felt that my time as alive has reached its end. While I was expecting to be shot, I thought about the large caliber of those shotguns that will blow my body into small pieces and also it was a machine gun so there will be at least 10 to 20 that will hit me. Just thinking about how those colors cut everything in their path through my body gave me the world’s worst anxiety, which was pure anxiety of death. I imagined myself dead among all the other corpses in a mass grave that will be covered with earth by an excavator. I thought those were the last thoughts I thought in my life. Then after a while he came again before us and said to us, go back to your dorm and then I felt like I was born again. After that it got even worse because then I understood that we can be murdered at any time and then it seemed to me that there is no chance that we can survive that extermination camp. Serbs used to come with a van or sometimes with a smaller truck when they have to transfer prisoners from Keraterm to the hell and slaughterhouse called Omarska. So, once I looked at the smaller truck with armed Serbs and among them I saw Darko Mrdja and then without thinking I said I know that man. Then the Bosniak who doesn’t like me went crazy. He told me, go to him he will set you free so you can go to your home. If I had someone like that, I would have gone to him right now. Go, go, go and then I said to him, stop it because I’m not going to go to him. They murder people and this pig wants me to go to him. My intuition screamed at me that I must not go to anyone if I want to survive, and I did so. This is how I got to know Darko Mrdja? Long before the war when we had claimed Yugoslav brotherhood and unity, me and my best friends went to the dance school for girls and not to learn to dance but we learned to dance anyway. We would learn Walts and all classical dance styles. In addition, we will learn rock’n’roll and Acrobat rock’n’roll and modern dances. We didn’t go that far, so we didn’t learn those dances, but we did learn different classical dances. It was a Serb who was the leader of those dance lessons and Darko Mrdja was an experienced dancer and he danced very well. He could dance all the dances very well. When I saw how he dances, I want to be like him, so he was a role model for me. As we have gone there for the


sake of girls, imagine me longing for contact with a girl and there we have close contact with girls when we dance classical dances. I had a beautiful Serbian girl as my partner and feeling a girl close to my body felt wonderful. I have to say and I’m not going to lie that I was sexually aroused by her. She showed me that she likes me, and I liked her too, but I was shy, so I danced like an idiot and just shut up because I don’t dare say a single word when I’m with girls. I get scared. Maybe my confidence was a pure dislike, and it was a problem that I never dared to get close to a beautiful girl that I longed for all my life. It was all that I wanted in my life which was a beautiful woman that I will fall in love with. My friends got tired of that dance school and without them I didn’t dare to go there alone because I was shy. But the next year I gathered courage and then I pushed my friends that we should go there again but no matter how hard I try, they don’t want to. OK you don’t have to go but I’ll go there myself. I hoped that all the good things will be repeated again. I went there late from the date dance school starts. When I went there then everyone already had their partners for dance and then I didn’t have a dance partner and also Darko Mrdja wasn’t there either because attention was directed at him and this time all attention was directed at me without any dance partner, so I left with feeling of humiliation and that was the end of my dancing career. We learned to dance all the classical dances, but we didn’t have anyone to dance with, so I forgot all the dance steps as if I never learned them. But luckily, I didn’t go to Darko Mrdja because a Bosnian girl here in Sweden told me that I made the right choice not to go to him because he has murdered all his friends who weren’t Serbs and besides, he wasn’t even my friend, so for me it hadn’t gone well either, so I survived this too. Feeling of hunger was constantly nerve wracking and I feel it even now as I write this even though I am not hungry because that memory has been embedded in my marrow so that I will never forget it ever in my life. The elderly man who sat next to me on the left side I really loved very much because he was kind to me. I saw him a bit like my grandfather. But when you’re hungry and when you’re starving, no ties mean anything. While we were sitting in there and it was the middle of the day, he was outside, and I was looking at his biscuits. I was so hungry that my mind was completely warped by starvation. I looked at everyone in front of me who usually looks at me. Already a few meters away, I don’t know people and they don’t know what I’m doing either, but those in front of me I’ve gotten to know, and I realized that there’s no chance I can take some biscuits without them noticing, so I started turning words around and started talking about his biscuits. This is about survival, so I said, what do you think if I took some biscuits from him? It wouldn’t be so dangerous after he had many left. He wouldn’t even notice because there are a lot of biscuits in that pack. Then some in our vicinity took his biscuit without thinking about it. I really never stole from anyone in my life, but that hunger drove me to get up and then I took 4 or 5 stabs and in a second all my dignity that I’ve had in my entire life disappeared. I ate those biscuits and I felt like I didn’t eat them at all. It would have been better not to eat them at all because the result is the same because I’m still starving and we’re all starving to death. Then I felt guilty. Vahid fucking idiot what have you done I said to myself. Feelings of shame I felt like knives going through my heart. I felt guilty as hell. Then he came back after a long time, and I just want to sink into the grave of shame. I hoped that he won’t notice and then he said, who has taken my biscuit, damn thieves. I don’t get any food delivered to me while you get food delivered to you all the time. Shame on you cursed thieves for stealing food from an old man. I’ve saved that biscuit to eat when I’m most hungry, so I don’t starve to death. Then he said, show me the damn thief who has stolen my biscuit and I will show you the man without any morals. The bastard sitting in front of me who saw me take his biscuit first looked at him straight in the eyes and then at me. The man whose biscuit I took was behind my back, so I was exposed, even though others also took his biscuit so this bastard in front of me still just pointed at me. He said nothing more because he probably doesn’t want to humiliate me any more than I am humiliated in all shame already and that


just shows how good a person he is. Another thing about him was that he had misjudged the reality we all find ourselves in. He said he doesn’t want to leave his home after he himself has built that house with his own hands. At the time I was young and inexperienced. I myself was extremely quiet and withdrawn so I always kept quiet. I was just listening to what others are saying. If I had this mind then, then I would have told him right to his face leave everything if you want to live. No one interfered with other people’s opinions in there because it was a slaughterhouse. After the war I was told that one of all those who came in to beat and kill people in that place has come to his home because he is still in it? Then he probably said that he was the one who built it and that he is not going to leave his own house. Then the Serb took a knife and cut his stomach completely so that all his entrails fell to the ground and so an innocent good man with a heart of gold died. Camp guards called out new names every night and then they called out the name of one of the friends from this leader and they took him out. I didn’t expect this because I thought that since he gets the food all the time, I thought that he will be spared by Serbs, but I was so wrong. After a few hours they picked him up and just threw him in and he just sat down on the first one’s wooden pallets without coming to his place. This leader and his friends called to him to come to his place, but he did not respond to their calls. So, they went to him, and they carried him to his place which was in front of me a little to the right. The man was completely confused, and he was delirious in his mental mind because Serbs have beaten him so much, moreover they had nails on the stick with which they beat him so that he bled from all over his body. Then the elderly man who I saw as my grandfather said that I can sleep on his wooden pallet so that was the first night I could sleep normally. When I woke up in the morning, the beaten man had died of his injuries. They all mourned his death because it turned out that they had known each other all their lives. The next day, Serbs drove him away with the smaller truck and the leader and his friends washed the sleeping bag to reuse it again. It was unimaginable for me to see so much blood running on asphalt in that sewer opening because it was so much blood that I have never seen blood in such a large amount. Days passed and one night while I was sleeping, I was awakened by a man talking to a prisoner in dormitory number 2. The camp guard was outside the door and there was a leader of the camp guards. I didn’t see them, but we all heard him talking. I thought it was just normal conversation but then a gunshot rang out. The next day we went there and there was a younger guy lying dead and bloody because he was shot in the stomach. They said that he said, my dear mother helped me and died immediately after a minute. It turned out that he was a waiter in a cafe before the war, a completely different guy that this camp guard might have been served by. He only murdered him because he got to know him from the coffee shop where the guy worked. Another day there was ethnic cleansing in Ljubija and then Croats and Bonjaks were picked in Ljubija and taken to the extermination camp in Keraterm. Then came a Croat from Ljubija who sat a meter away from me on the second row of those pallets and during the night Serbs called his name. They took him out and beat him very close to us, so we heard his screams of pain. They beat him for an hour two hours ago and then it was the first time I noticed the time when they beat people and I didn’t understand that they can beat the same person for so long. When he came back and when he took off his shirt to see his injuries, there wasn’t an inch where he wasn’t bruised. He started throwing up blood or his mouth was bloody in some way. He looked like he was going to die from his injuries, but he fought, he washed his wounds and after a few weeks he was better. I don’t know if he’s alive today but that’s what I remember. I was told that most Croats in Ljubija have been murdered and I was told by other people that Serbs have even cut off women’s breasts, that Serbs have beheaded both Bosniaks and Croats in Ljubija but they have done it everywhere around Prijedor . The fear took over all of us, so it just gets worse and worse. While I was sleeping one night, I had a terrible nightmare that people were lying on top of me, and I felt like I couldn’t move. The nightmare


became more and more painful because I felt pain in my body, so it felt very real. No matter how hard I try to pull myself out of that nightmare to dream of something better, I couldn’t, instead it just got worse. I sleep deeply when I sleep and when I woke up then I realized that the man who doesn’t like me has put his legs over my legs and his legs seemed to be infinitely many times heavier than they really are. To me it looked like he has concentrated all his weight for his legs to press against my legs. It seems that he has reached up for his legs to press against my legs as much as possible and the monster knew, it seems, how to cause damage to people’s body. So, I took his leg off me, and he mumbled something and pretended to be asleep. Then I noticed that I have numbness on my left leg where his leg was on, but I thought it will go away. The next day the numbness was still there, and my life was never the same after that. I told my uncle the next day and he asked him, what have you done to him and then he said, I know those guards do you want me to tell them that they drive him away and he meant to the nearest mass grave and then there was nothing i could do about it. In the beginning it was not so dangerous but now at the end it is the execution of my death sentence because my leg is slowly dying because of that injury. Another man who was beaten in there and whom everyone noticed because it was impossible to avoid noticing him was a butcher who sold meat in a meat shop in Prijedor. This man worked in the slaughterhouse and sold meat in the same slaughterhouse in Prijedor before the war. They called his name and then after a long time they picked him up completely bruised after a few hours. That man was a big man, a very strong man. He had wounds all over his body, but his arm was very badly damaged from all the abuse and then he got his arm infected. After a day or two he got corpse worms in his arm. There was a younger man who helped him pick those corpse worms out of his arm. The next day, when the younger man is going to take out and throw away the worms, he walked through my hallway, so I saw the worms in the glass jar. Every day for several days it was overflowing with worms in that glass jar, and I don’t understand how they all fit in his arm. After a few days he started to feel dizzy because his mind was completely gone because he probably went into some kind of psychosis because he was dying. Then at night when the younger guy was picking worms out of his arm then the man started calling camp guards. He said, guards help me these people are murdering me. The guy said shut up we’re not murdering you we’re helping you pick worms out of your hand. If you keep talking then they will kill both you and us. But he continued and then that guy doesn’t want to help him anymore because he’s putting his own life in danger. There was a strong smell of rot throughout the warehouse space so that it was unbearable to stay in there. The next day the man with worms in his hand said, people help me, but everyone keep quiet, and no one helped him anymore. No one looked into his eyes that I could tell. Everyone avoided his gaze, but I looked into his eyes and then he said to all of us while looking straight into my eyes. I wish you to rot alive, while no one helps you. It seems his curse was powerful because I’m rotting alive now in electrical injuries and no one is helping me now, besides it’s not even a crime according to the world’s power and rich elite. It is not even a crime according to Bosnian Muslim power and the pigs of the rich elite, the Swedish power and the pigs of the rich elite and the power and the pigs of the rich elite of the whole world. So, I say to you world’s power and wealthy elite that I wish you, your families and your children to rot alive in electrical damage and that no one helps you, your families and your children ever while you are dying so that you feel what I feel now while I am dying. Maybe even my curse will be as strong as his so that you will get the punishment you deserve you damn world power and rich elite fascist scumbags. People told the camp guards that the man needs care so they should drive him away because it was unbearable to smell the smell of rotten meat, so the Serbs drove him to the nearest mass grave and there was never ever any discussion about any care, and everyone knew that. So much happened in there but it really hurt my heart when Serbs started to ethnically cleanse my home village of Carakovo. From that


place I saw the whole village of Carakovo burning. Most of the classmates who have talked about their dreams who planned to go to university were either murdered in ethnic cleansing in their villages or they were taken to Keraterm and murdered there. Even large massacres have been committed in villages where Bosniaks and Croats lived. Both adults, young people and children up to 1 year old have been murdered. Most of the houses in the ethnic cleansing of my village Carakovo burned up and then I knew that my family and friends were being murdered there. It wasn’t even an hour before Serbs started transporting people from my village to the Keraterm extermination camp. They picked up people with the smaller truck over and over again and they were squeezed into the smallest room the building had. This day when we are going to get the food, the woman who shared the food to us was crying because it seems that someone from her family who has gone to my village to kill our adults, youths and children has been killed by our guys who were in the resistance group and Predrag Banovic who was our camp guard had a wooden baseball with him which he used to beat us who were waiting in line for the food. I was just waiting for him to hit me in the back on the kidneys because that’s where he hit people. He said, for one of us Serbs, we will kill 200 of you Muslims. At that point, I again had problems with my throat hurting so we had very little time to eat that food because he hit everyone with a baseball bat. But I was so hungry that I swallowed that food half-chewed, just so that I would be reasonably full although the food was extremely hot. It was important for me to eat because I want to eat and because I swallowed the food so hot, I recovered the same hour after I ate the hot food. I burned both my mouth and throat, but I survived and had no lasting damage from the hot food. In addition, I heard people whispering that someone found a human finger in the food, but I didn’t understand at that moment if they meant just at that moment or earlier and besides, I’ve already eaten everything so terrible things happened in this place. When I was on my way to my so-called dormitory, I saw people from my home village going towards part of the purple room where they will be locked up and I saw the father of my cousins ​​who gave me the plum plants that I have planted around our house. We looked at each other but yelling at each other would have been a death sentence for both me and him. Later after the war I found out that he has voluntarily surrendered into the hands of Serbs because his minor son has been captured by Serbs when they did ethnic cleansing in Carakovo so they captured his son and murdered him immediately and after that they threw him in some of all the mass graves, but his father didn’t know about it. He surrendered himself voluntarily believing that he will be led by Serbs to his son who was already dead, but he did not know about it. So now he too has ended up in an extermination camp. Long before the ethnic cleansing, Serbs came to our village Carakovo and they burned houses on the top of our village and probably Serbs came from the forest in an individual attack on our home village. Then they burned some houses, and his older son thought it was just an accident that set fire to those houses. He tried to put out the fire and then he was caught by Serbs. Other people saw everything from the forest that seemed to escape, and they have said that Serbs murdered his older son who worked and lived in Slovenia but came to Bosnia and got caught so he couldn’t go back again. They said his arm was whole cut off by the bullets from the AK-47 and that it was only the skin that prevented his arm from being completely separated from his body. Then the guys who were in the forest buried him and a few others. No one in Prijedor who was not Serb, was guilty of anything. All were completely innocent people who just want to live. The man who gave me his plants also has a daughter who was married to a Serb who was the best person that could be born. He was very kind and yet it doesn’t matter to Serbs because he has Serbs in his family. Long after the war, I was visiting Germany with my cousin and best friend and then the Serb who was in our family was also there and they asked me to help him translate in a matter with my poor English skills, so I went along him in his car. When we are about to go out on the highway, he said that he got lost and then he stopped in the


middle of the road on the fast German highway where some people drive over 200 km. He turned off all the car lights and just turned on the lights inside the car and he would look at the map. At that moment my instinct told me to get out of the car. I said, why did you turn off the car lights because someone might run us over? Then he said he sees a better map then, but I thought he knows what he’s doing and then I didn’t think about anything and then I noticed lights behind us approaching fast and then heard the screeching tires of a truck carrying goods. The man braked and the truck stopped very close to the car we were in. Then the truck driver honked at us many times phonetically and then I realized that we were allowed to continue living only thanks to the talented truck driver. Later I told my friend that this man will not live long because he will die in a car accident and that is exactly what happened because he died in a single car accident. There you see what life all is about. He has the most beautiful children so you can see how something beautiful is born when Bosniak and Serbian blood are mixed together and what I want to say and what I think is that the best way to overcome the madness in Bosnia where Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats hate each other because of religion is that we common people create mixed marriages so after a few generations we will be so much mixed that we will have all religions in our family that no one will want to start a war because no one wants to raise their hand on their own family. We will not see results after a single generation, but results will not be announced after several generations because then we will be mixed and that is the cure for the eternal hatred in former Yugoslavia and the eternal slaughter of innocent common people adults, youth and children on all three sides.

Massacres in extermination camps

That day Serbs picked up a lot of people, so I saw my childhood friends, relatives and lots of people I knew. Then they started beating people outside in the middle of the day. They took one of my friends from Carakovo with whom I used to hang out and they also took out the man who gave me those plants. They were beaten for a very long time both with fists, legs and with rifles. When the Serbs finished beating them, after one or two hours, other Serbs come and they also take them both out and beat them again, so at least twice I have seen them being beaten. There were many others who were beaten as well. It was pure chaos going on that day. One guy was either red-haired or he had a yellowish tint to his hair and skin and from his appearance, a camp guard noticed him and then he came to that guy. He said to that guy, ti zuti digni tvoj dlan u vis i ispruzi dlan which means you yellow lift your hand up in the air and stretch your palm. That guy did that and then camp guard shot his palm with rifle and that guy’s hand got completely cracked and then he said to him, now you can go in and that guy ran crying in pain. We were told that by survivors who saw it happen. Guards were very angry, but they were almost all the time. Then at night one of the camp guards has thrown either a pepper spray grenade or some kind of chemical warfare agent so people suffocated in there and then people tried to beat the door to get out. Camp guards shouted and severe and then they started shooting both from machine gun and AK-47 and there were many camp guards who shot at the same time at the door of the purple room and through the road. That road didn’t stop gunshots, so people were shot to death inside. A few who survived this lay on their stomachs instead, while others who were shot to death stood on their feet. That guy told them to lie down but people panicked so they got confused. The man said that the level of the blood on the floor was a few centimeters high, maybe 5 cm because there were many people who were trapped in a small room. While the shooting was going on, we heard screams from all the people and many people nearby started crying because many heard screams from their family members, relatives and friends. When the shooting stopped, we heard no more screams and then there was only silence. The next day there were corpses everywhere on the asphalt in front of that building and especially in the warehouse where people were shot, but I was closer to the myth of the dormitory I was in, and all the other warehouses were on the left side, so I didn’t see the corpses. Then the Serbs told some guys they also knew, and it was


three friends who lived in the city that they should come out to collect dead bodies and load them on trucks. A big truck came with a trailer and when the guys went out to lift bodies onto the truck, they came back in because one of them started to feel bad. That guy was completely terrified, his face was pale, and he was close to throwing up so he pulled over while the other guy pretended to be unaffected so he too wouldn’t end up dead on that truck. There were also many others that Serbs have chosen to lift dead people onto trucks. Individual shots were heard from time to time because there were probably some who were still alive. After a long time, that truck slowly started driving beside our space and turning left in the direction of the gate of the nearest mass grave. While I was looking at that truck, so the blood ran down onto the ground from the truck trailer. Human blood smelled throughout the area, and it was an extremely unpleasant smell. That night, 200 people were murdered, and among them there were underage boys as well. Both the man who gave me those plants and the childhood friend I was hanging out with were murdered that same night and loaded onto that truck. They have also brought women before this to Keraterm, whom they have raped and tortured. Everything possible happened there and after a few days we saw a UN car driving on that road outside and we waved to them phonetically and they drove very slowly because they probably noticed us. Shortly after that, some among us said that the camp guards had said that we should be moved to Trnopolje where the civilian population was and it was much better there, so we were very happy. Then there was a rumor that the UN is going to come in to visit us and then the Serbs brought a nurse one floor above us and then people got care for minor wounds, so people got plastered so it looks like we get care there inside and that the place is a reception center for refugees. But given what I know now about surveillance, I believe that the UN and the whole world knew all along what was going on in that extermination camp. The smaller truck came and picked up more people to be driven away where they were probably murdered or were they driven to the Omarska extermination camp where they were guaranteed to be murdered. Then the camp guard came with a piece of paper and called my name. He had a rifle on his shoulder and told me to go in front of him. I was just waiting for him to stick that top of the rifle in my back because even then they used to beat prisoners and the injuries are terrible and I was terrified because I thought they were going to kill me. So, he told me to get up, turn this way and that and finally we got to an interrogation room, and he said go in. I went in while he was standing outside looking at us. I started crying and then the man said Vahid, stop crying right now and then I did. It was more acting crying, but it was also partly real crying. So, he asked me where I was all the time that there was that attack on Serbian forces. So, I said I was at home in Gomjenica where I also live, and I was there the whole time. He asked me if I was in Kurovo? If I had said I was in the forest of Kurovo then he would have killed me for sure. So, I said I’ve never been there, and he doesn’t know about it, and he doesn’t need to know about it. Then he asked me, why do you have flu from arme? I said I was there almost a whole year and a cousin died in the army and I want to go to his funeral and this relative died there as a reservist from a shell. He too was sent there by force, but I did not tell him that. I tell you that. He asked me nothing more and he gave me a fistful of such round biscuits. Then I was relieved and then he told me that I may return to my seat. I had a headache from all the stress. When I came into that room where we sleep, some people thought I was betraying people because it looks like I’ve been crying. Then they said, what have they asked you? I explained everything and then they called my friend and he also got biscuits so maybe in the end they believed me. The fact that they call out to people and that people come back without people being beaten and murdered lightened the mood among the people inside. So, we really started to believe that we will be released from there. As the situation looked a little safer, a relative who lived in Gomjenica was also relieved and he was involved in territorial defense in the Yugoslav system so it was legal, and he had a dilemma as I remember if he should go there to


explaining to camp guards that he was only in the lawful territorial defense. No one called his name and then others said what I remember, you should go there, here you see they have released them here too. They even got biscuits here. So, he got happy, and he went out to camp guards and said he wants to talk too so he can explain, and he never came back, or he was picked and driven to unknown direction later. He too was murdered. After that, even more people were murdered and driven away with the smaller truck and at that moment I no longer believed that they would drag us free and that the buses that are supposed to drive us to Trnopolje will never, ever get there. The next day we saw some buses driving into camp and we were overjoyed. Camp guards told us to stand in line to go on buses and I entered the bus and sat down on a chair completely overjoyed and then I saw the friend from the army who lived next door to Darko Mrdja. They were probably even relatives and then I said, shit, this man I have been with in the army and if he sees me then he will kill me. I walked quickly on the floor between the chair I was sitting on and while I was on my way when someone behind knocked loudly on my window so that the Serb would see that it was from my window that it was being knocked on. I was pissed off and I waited a minute down there on the floor in complete silence and then I got up and checked out but luckily, he wasn’t checking windows, so he was heading in the direction of the building we were locked in, so he kept going there instead. Then I turned around and said what are you doing? Do you want him to kill me, is that why you knocked on my window? Then they said to me, why are you afraid? He is your friend. Then I thought that there are more people in here who want to see me dead besides the Bosnian pig that hurt my leg. But I didn’t think about that, and I was happy that we were moved to Trnopolje in a camp that was actually a school. When we got there, there was a less common fence that would keep us separated from other people for a short time and then we found a place where we will sleep in that part of the school. As soon as we were released from the bus, some flew on a pile of apples that were half rotten, while some could be eaten. The UN was also in that place. Outside, I saw my neighbor who was a Serb married to a Bosniak wife. I asked him if he had any food, and he gave me a quarter of bread and a pate or was it salami. I thanked him profusely and went to eat it, so I ate it and wasn’t full at all. I was very hungry. I went to the fence again to see if I can see someone I know and then I saw my relative. I asked if he has any food and then he said that I will come up to him when we are released so I will get the food from him. Shortly after that they removed that fence and then I went to him and there were many of them cooking that food. He gave me boiled food of beans and a hand baked round bread. I just ate in silence while they watched me eat. I asked if I could have some more so he gave me another equal portion of the food and I ate that too and only then was I full. Then I started talking and explained how things were in Keraterm and the information they were told was wrong while they told the same horrible experiences they have experienced in this place. Even people from Omarska who are not to be murdered were moved to that school so there were a lot of people there. After a week or two we want to go home, and people were allowed to go home but no one dared to walk alone through the city because it was dangerous for us to walk alone. So there came another Serbian neighbor who was armed, and he is to be our security guard so that we get home safely. There were a few of us that went with him so when we walked through the town of Prijedor, my new leather sports shoes had time to fall apart because of the urine in that toilet on the floor in Keraterm that we went in and out of while we were there. My toes were sticking out and showing so much that I almost felt like I wasn’t wearing any shoes. We were unshaven and dirty so when we were walking through our town Prijedor I saw a Serbian girl who was friends with my friends, and she knew me because we sat together quite a few times. She looked at me and my tattered shoes and said nothing and instead looked away. She’s not obligated to say anything either because we weren’t friends, but I turned in my direction. I looked up, looked forward and felt pride


because this is what you Serbs have done to me. I continued home and when I got home there was a lot of good food, so I just ate again and again and even though I’m full my eyes were still hungry. That hunger and starvation has settled in the marrow of me so that I have never forgotten it ever. We were at home for a short part of a few weeks and then we heard a rumor that the UN sends camp prisoners to other countries that receive people who have been in those extermination camps. When we got there, the UN or the UN Red Cross had already registered everyone who was in there, even those who were not in the Serbian extermination camps, but who were in that place when they were registered, received asylum in one of the western countries of the world while I, who was in Serbian extermination, did not get it right because I was not there when they registered people. So, I lost it right because I went home and now, I had to stay there. We were in there for months and there we got lunch packages from the Red Cross, sometimes we got bread and so on. We walked around the nearest area where we collected vegetables that were left and there were none left. We cooked in handmade tents outside that school where people have already brought stoves from nearby houses and life there was marked by hunger again because we didn’t have enough food. But now the whole school was overcrowded with people. There were many of us and we used to play cards on days, and it was fun. There I got to know a beautiful Bosniak girl who was also very smart who lived in the city, so she said that she plans to go to university when she is able to go abroad. Then she asked what kind of education I have and then I had nothing to brag about, so I said I am a central heating installer. Then she said, well, it’s still a job. So, after some time we got closer to each other, so I finally got to kiss the beautiful girl. I was so overjoyed to be with her that I wanted the time in there to last as long as possible. There wasn’t even any talk of a relationship, but it was a romance that meant everything to me. While we were lying under the covers her father who was a little further away called her, come to your place and then she said I am coming. It was repeated a few times and then he got pissed off and smoothed the cover from us but not from me because I punched it hard and then she went to her place. We didn’t do anything abnormal we just kissed each other. The next day she came to me and said that she intends to go to college after she has gone abroad and that we cannot have a relationship. OK I understand. After that she never came to me and shortly after that they disappeared from that place. Just when I was sad because I missed her, there were many of us sitting together and an older girl told me that she wants to be with me but only for one night. Then I said, OK I’m fine so she said where she is, so I went there to her. Then when I started hugging her under the covers she told me, you have to satisfy me and not me you. We can’t have sex here among people. This is also good for you so you can brag about something. By the way, this is your first time with a girl, isn’t it? This will also work for you. As she said, it also works for me, who is in eternal search for a woman. But she seemed worried because she told me that her relative who is a Serb from a mixed marriage who is half Serb and half Muslim and has chosen to become an extreme Serb has told her that he will come in there with armed camp guards. He’s also a camp guard if I’m not mistaken now. But I thought there’s a one in a million chance he’ll get there when she’s with me. So, while we were kissing each other and there was only caress between us, then we heard camp guards coming in the night in the dark. While they were inside, they took the ammunition magazine out of the AK-47 and back inside so that we would be scared. Then her Serbian relative went looking for her with a small lamp and came straight to us. What’s worse is what I remember, I took off my shirt, so I was naked in the upper part of my body. All of us in the room were terrified and we pretended to be asleep. Then he removed the covers from us and saw me naked in the upper part of the body lying next to her. At that moment I was hyperventilating with fear inside my lungs, but I was hardly breathing at all. I hold my breath so that I appear unaffected so that he will leave me alone. He said to her, wake up what are you doing with this one next to you? Then they woke up a guy on the other


side and said you should come with us. Then the guy said he shouldn’t do that because their captain has told him to tell him if armed soldiers come among civilians. Then they swore to us all balija mother and went out. From what I remember, they didn’t hit anyone, and the romance ended before it even started. I apologize to both of you girls for saying this, but it was something completely normal in an abnormal world. After that, the romances ended, and we continued to be there with less and less access to food. In the end Serbs want to close that place and then we had to leave and on the last day we all who were there decided to walk to Croatia so when we were leaving the city and when we were on the highway then our neighbor who was police and told us that Chetniks in machine gun nests are waiting for us with machine guns and that they will kill us all together with our children. He advised us that we should go in organized convoys and not like this on our own because we will be murdered then he said. Ask your relatives abroad to send you a letter of guarantee that you will live there and then you will travel safely. So, people realized that there is no point in trying to walk to Croatia if we are going to be murdered on the way there and then we returned home again. Back home, the Serbs came at night and shot around our houses to scare us into abandoning our homes and disappearing from there. Finally, relatives from Germany sent many of us guarantee letters so that we can only go out of Bosnia to Croatia so in this way we got to travel out of Bosnia and my friend’s family has saved all our lives with that guarantee letter. When we were in Croatia then, we were overjoyed.

Going to Sweden as a refugee

Then it was Sweden and Finland that accepted refugees from Bosnia, so we decided to come to Sweden, but if I had only known what awaited me here in Sweden and what crime I would be exposed to here, then I would have chosen instead to go to Finland. I lived a normal life in Sweden, and I experienced Sweden as the best country to live in. In the media I saw and heard constant discussions about human rights, freedom, democracy, women’s rights, children’s rights, working class rights so I was convinced, and I was absolutely certain that I had arrived at the most humane country on the planet. I even felt patriotism towards the Swedish government and the Swedish people. I have gotten used to living with the Swedish people and Swedish women are extremely beautiful women. If I had moved to another country where people are not blonde, then I would have really missed seeing the blonde people. All my life I was an eternal searcher for a beautiful woman. I always get confused when I see in the media cases that are repeated over and over again, where men who have found a beautiful woman then after a few years they start to abuse that woman. I personally am not violent in my nature. I never swear without reason and hitting any human but especially hitting a woman is something that would shatter my psyche into a thousand pieces so I could never put it back together. But someone who abuses women has no problem finding a beautiful woman while me who would never lay my hands on a woman has never in my life liked creating a relationship with such a woman that I would fall in love with. I want a life with a beautiful woman where there is a lot of love between us so that love between the two of us would be like love between Romeo and Juliet, although on the other hand it’s not a good comparison because it didn’t go well for them either, but on the other hand it fits comparison with me perfect because there is always something that comes between me and the beautiful woman that I meet for the first time. In the beginning, when I had a normal life in Sweden, we had a smaller party at home. Just when I have liked to approach a beautiful Swedish girl and when I was about to make it work at least on a flirting level while we were kissing, it was a girl from the former Yugoslavia who was her friend who interrupted us and then she whispered something in her ear and then the beautiful Swedish girl interrupted the romance before it had even begun. I am very used to failure in love life because long ago I had my heart broken and then I could not eat for several weeks because I was rejected by a beautiful girl whom I kissed only once. It was so bad that I want to kill myself, but over time it passed and now in retrospect I laugh at myself and my crush. In the end I got into a


relationship, and I was very happy and then I had a wonderful son that I have wanted all my life. I traveled a few times to visit Bosnia while I was on vacation while at the end when my son was born, I traveled with my son once and that was the last time I traveled there, I think. It was wonderful while we were there visiting because we really had fun. I had written about that in blog post 1. While we were living here in Sweden, it finally came what I have been expecting all along and it was talk about my son being circumcised. It was the same story, it’s not that dangerous. They only cut off the purple part of the foreskin. Then I said that it must not be done to my child under any circumstances because I do not allow it. Here in Sweden, children are not allowed to be circumcised without the permission of both parents, as I understand it, and then there was talk about my son traveling to the former Yugoslavia area for a visit, and then I said, if my son comes from there mutilated, then I will report everything and all that I can and then we will be in court. Then thankfully that plan was canceled, and his visit was also canceled for some strange reason. I want to point out again that it is no one’s fault. No one has committed any wrongdoing. I’m just differentiating the world’s power and the wealthy elite again. The only thing is that we have different opinions about what we accept, and I no longer want to be part of the brainwashing, manipulation and madness of the world’s power and rich elite while they kill us and our children. Somewhere hell started with the police and then I became so worthless that everyone wants to get rid of me, so I became single. Anyway, my dark past caught up with me and then even the police started talking to me while I’m sleeping. Since I received the same information through all the existing media, just as the ordinary people of the whole world receive, where they only talk about what they allow us to see, I believed everything I saw in the Swedish media and I knew that I had committed wrong and that I was guilty so I accepted Swedish police as the justice that I expected all my life that the day will come when I will be confronted and convicted. It was a hell that surpasses even the Keraterm extermination camp. The fact is that the Keraterm extermination camp cannot even be compared to this type of psychological torture with psychotronic weapons where they inject voices into my head while I sleep. At first, they shouted at me, and it was terrible because when I’m asleep I’m completely helpless but then they started talking nicely without shouting and then they said they’ll talk to me like that all the time if I go to the police station and confess everything. After the war, when I came to Sweden, I had no psychological traumas after what I have experienced in war, but pretty soon I started to develop PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder and then my fears from the war turned into fears and nightmares, so I started to experience it again and again in my dreams while I sleep. So, when they started talking to me, I already had a well-developed nightmare from war. I have never dreamed that I am in Keraterm and that I am experiencing this trauma again. Instead, my nightmare was that I am in my home village and that Serbs are in full swing with ethnic cleansing where they are murdering men, women and children. That they murder adults, young people and children is a clear realization for me that I too have nothing to hope for and that is what makes the nightmare so powerful where I see death approaching me. The nightmare always starts with Serbs looking for us civilians while they burn everything in front of them and murder everything and everyone they happen to see with their eyes. In the dream, I’m lying on my stomach because I’m trying to hide so they won’t see me while they get closer and closer to me. I have nowhere to run so I try to dig the earth with my hands to make a dugout where I will hide but I don’t have time to do even this because it breaks logic because if I am going to build a pit in the earth that is camouflaged with a cover over it the hideout then I needed to have built it months before the ethnic cleansing. Many of us have thought about building such a hiding place in reality. In any case, when they are a few meters away from me, sometimes I wake up in the moment before they have had time to see me, and sometimes other times when I dream the same nightmare, then they have had time to see me and then they shoot me to death and then I feel


all those rifle bullets digging into my body. At that moment I feel the agony of death and then I wake up with rapid breathing where I think, how lucky it is just a nightmare. In order for my brain to create a defense mechanism because it is something that cuts automatically because we are all only human and our brains work instinctively in the same way, I have built a defense mechanism against that nightmare. I dreamed that I am on top of a giant mountain where people and tanks cannot even climb. That whole forest is magical with supernatural powers. The trees are gigantic where each tree is unnaturally wide and large so that they reach almost up to the clouds. There was a small river with the purest water imaginable that you could drink. I suggested that people haven’t gotten there and polluted it, or I was just thirsty while dreaming it. While I dreamed that I was in this place, I experienced an indescribable happiness and I felt safe in this world. Then I began to see silhouettes of everyone who has been murdered walking slowly towards me. At first, they were invisible but then they became real because I was sad that they are dead, and I want to recreate them in this realm so that they live again. I saw them smile at me and I wanted to talk to them and then I felt an indescribable happiness. But then reality sets in where I know Serbs have murdered them all and then I go back in the direction of nightmare again. Even my hatred towards Serbs is resurfacing because they have murdered us just like that as if we are not even human.

Voice of God Weapons Technology – V2K

When I dream all this, the police talk to me through psychotronic weapon V2K and this is very real because there are people all over the planet of targeted individuals who describe the same thing as me, so the police ask me questions while I dream all this, so I reveal everything without the possibility of lying because I am asleep and experience it only as a dream. They let me talk about the nightmare and the nicer version for a few nights and then they told me. Vahid, stop it. That forest is stupid. Now you have to come back into reality. Stop thinking about Serbs and war because you have worse things to think about now because your life is in danger. You experience those dreams again and it is you who causes that fear to grow up and spin. Forget that forest and that nightmare and don’t think about it anymore because now you are in Sweden. No one will kill you here. Here you are safe. The next day already while I was waking up, I woke up with the realization that they have told me and after that I never dreamed any nightmares from the war in Bosnia in my life. That’s what I wrote in the blog post at the beginning about how they can cure trauma with psychotronic weapons, but they can kill people by talking to people too. In the end their help was just something to trick me into trusting them so that I will follow their instructions so that they achieve their moles and now I’m dying because of them. But even without them and long before they have started talking to me, I have realized that I do not feel well while I have that hatred for Serbs in me because then I felt that I am exactly the same as them. Now that the police have started talking to me, they have already seemed to instill in me a distrust of everything and everyone that otherwise would never have been possible without their manipulation of words that they inject with the psychotronic weapon that they place among my own memories or in my brain. They were like convincing me to isolate myself. While I was going to commit suicide with sleep medicine, I thought, if Serbs are such that they have no problem killing adults, young people and children, then it does not mean that all Christian orthodox common people in eastern states are like that, because they could have come all to kill all of us in Bosnia who are not Serbs, but they didn’t. Furthermore, it wasn’t the entire Serbian population that murdered us, because if they all did it, not a single one of us would have lived. Given that they had their loud power and the rich elite who committed genocide against everyone who is not a Serb and the genocide is already far too great that they have left us in the dark. They have ruined our life and I think they have also ruined their lives because I don’t think anyone can feel good with hatred in their heart, in any case I can’t live with it. So, I remembered the beautiful Bulgarian music that I have heard once when I was young and the very next day, I googled Bulgarian music, and I found a lot of music to listen to that touched


my heart and I think that with Bulgarian music there is no one to compete with. So, while I was hovering between life and death, that music helped me stay alive. It was a short time like that because I went to the police station pretty soon and confessed everything. If you want to judge me then judge me but after that I want to have a life because you must not blackmail me forever. I am ready to atone for my mistakes in life. I have already explained all that in blog post 1. Now the police had convinced me that I should listen and believe only in them, and it became an isolation for me for decades that I was tricked into holed up with my own will. They gave me the fantasy that the beautiful rich music superstar was waiting for me, so I huddled and waited for the wonderful life with her in wealth and glamour. Right after I went to the police station and discharged my guilt, I just kept listening to Bulgarian music and that music made me happy every day. I also like hard rock, heavy metal, classical music, Bosnian music, I learned to play the guitar and slowly without prejudice and hatred in my heart I immediately started looking for beautiful music in all parts of eastern states where I also found music that I like and slowly began to approach Russia and the music of the Russian people. There too I found beautiful music to listen to and for the first time in my life I realized how beautiful Russian women are. Russian women are so beautiful that I fall in love with them just looking at them in music videos and I also think that people in Russia are a modern and kindhearted people who are heavily manipulated with religion as much as we Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats are. All women on this planet are beautiful. But Russian people according to the media propaganda that we see in the world are allegedly enemies of us in Bosnia who are not Serbs and the Serbian power and rich elite through media propaganda use the most primitive media propaganda methods where they selfishly appropriate the Russian people as their brothers. But I think that Russian people are a modern independent people with strong culture who think independently with their own heads who can perhaps see even us who are not Serbs in Bosnia as their own people. I would love to have Russian women near me, and I would be happy to have Russian mafia as my friends. I would also like to be close to Ukrainian women and I would also be happy to have Ukrainian mafia as my friends. The same goes for the whole planet because I only love ordinary people because we share the same fates, we are murdered. The same thing is done by the Bosnian power and rich elite where Turkish people and the Muslim people of the Middle East are our Bosniak brothers’ people and also Croatian power, and rich elite do the same thing where Catholics and the Western world are their people and brothers. All of these are tools that the world’s power and wealthy elite have used to manipulate us common people on all the sides that I have already mentioned, while they have collectively slaughtered all of us common people and our children through the government system for thousands of years through the the history of mankind so in real life when it comes to interest that should serve in favor of us ordinary people who are Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, Russians, Turkish people, Catholic people and so on ordinary people on the whole planet, then I think that life of us and our children is of greater interest to all of us together than our religions and our national identities because what is the use of religion and national identity when your own power and rich elite are murdering you and your children through state systems and then say that you have not even been the victim of a crime. Instead, they say that you are imagining this, that you are mentally ill and so on. Believe me, it hurts just as much when you die because of war and when you are injured to death by government systems, and this is what the world’s power and rich elites keep quiet about. Through music I gained love for people in eastern countries, and you can say now that music is not something you can use to learn about other cultures and people in another country, but then I ask if there is a better way to learn about other cultures and people in other countries through media propaganda lies and is perhaps a better way to learn about people in other countries through religion and religious priests? I do not think so. The most common thing that brainwashed people say about people in other


countries is, it’s not my religion. After everything that has happened to me through my life, I say, no religion is my religion. Now that I was isolated, I didn’t get foreign opinions, so I learned about the image of reality and the image of the world on my terms and at my pace. The more time passed, the more I had to discover the truth, but when I was exposed to crimes that were not recognized as crimes by the Swedish government through state systems and that’s when I started writing a blog. Then the whole picture of the world fell apart into small pieces and then all the puzzles began to fall into place for me at breakneck speed. Then it was easy for me to understand what the world’s power and the rich elite mean in relation to us ordinary people. Then I realized that even ordinary Serbs, Bosniaks, Croats, Swedes, and the ordinary people of the whole world are living beings who have no human rights, no right to live, and now at the end I have realized that all of us ordinary people on this the planet does not even have the right to express ourselves freely not even here in the supposedly democratic part of the world when we have fully realized the truth about the world’s power and rich elite and when we begin to reveal to the common people of the world what is really going on in this world. The power of the world and the rich elite do not allow us ordinary people who belong to different religions to create any bond between us, because if we do then they lose all power over us and they also lose their position of power in their armchairs in government and then their high salary out of their pockets too. Without the hatred and nationalism, we will start looking instead at what they have to offer us in their political program instead of the eternal talk about God, religion and the national identity.

Power and rich elites lies

Dear common people of the world, everything that we have seen and heard in all existing media on this planet including our own media throughout our lives from the first day we were born until now, are all just pure lies. The media propaganda lies that you believe to be truth are psychological weapons of mass destruction where our media regardless of whether we are now Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews and so on, serve us a false picture of reality that they supposedly care about us and our children while we ordinary people on this planet are supposedly a little bit like enemies to each other because we belong to different religions and it’s our politicians who supposedly save us from each other. I needed to pay with my life for me to realize the truth so now I explain it to you so that you will not pay with your life and your children’s life and also if you too are deceived in death by the world’s power and the rich elite, then you will come to the same conclusion I have come to. But then you will be alone and isolated while you die. All that I have written so far in this blog is enough for you to realize the truth that reality is not what we ordinary people think it is. The only question is whether you are capable of accepting the truth as it is because it is no more complicated than the way I explain it. The world’s power and wealthy elite have made an art of misleading people when it comes to human psychology. You see that best in psychiatry where our governments give us alleged care for mental illness so they have invented a dozen different diagnoses of mental illness and they use the professional language of the profession where they use expert speech so that it will sound in your ears as something advanced and that they know more than you do. Thanks to this you will automatically believe them, and I also believed them due to the fact that I did not get any evidence that contradicts what they claim to be experts in. I realized that it is not only that they are lying to us. I realized that they are murdering us and our children. In order for me to explain it as briefly as possible then I will start with the first question that the world’s power and rich elite have hidden from us common people throughout the entire history of mankind, what are government systems for something? Governmental systems begin with all existing various political parties that are directly connected with the wealthy elite because it is money that runs a society. After that we have monsters in government systems where everyone deserves the same first or second place after the guiltiest monsters who kill us common people who are politicians. But I have to share them one by one because it is impossible to have them in the same place. Then we


have the most important deception which is religions which are the basis on which politicians sit and which hypnotize their own people into obedience and devotion to politicians just because politicians pray to the same god. Moreover, people sacrifice both their lives and their children’s lives for politicians in the name of the same religion and God without any problem.

Religious parasite leaders and army of parasite priests in all religions

In religion we have workers who will have a secure salary forever who are religious parasite leaders with an army of religious parasite priests, because religion is the biggest fraud that deceives us common people into seeing religion and the supposedly important national identity as people and all this is OK if they hadn’t murdered us and our children through government systems that are their own people. After them, we have psychiatric and general care, which has the legal right to murder both adults, young people and children under the false claim that they are providing us with care. They give us care as long as we have not entered any of their extermination systems and when we have done this, then they murder us, and they silence us by not admitting that we have been victims of crime and in the media they do not allow us even that we should speak about the crime we have been exposed to as if it is not even a crime. After them we have monsters called the police. They are the most dangerous because they not only beat people in the street, but they also murder people with psychotronic weapons through psychological manipulation. Rather, it is the case that the police and psychiatric care endlessly manipulate, torture mentally and physically people both adults, young people and children of their own people. It’s not only that they torture people, but they also murder people to injure people with electric current means directly executed death penalty on people who have been deceived by their own government through media propaganda lies that serve their people false information that is better told lies. It is not out of the question that those who work in the police who use psychotronic weapons to talk to people where they get into the very minds of people are Psychiatrists because as you yourselves know people have been tortured throughout the history of mankind physically to break people psychologically and down people are broken psychologically, then they seem like crazy and then their voice is not credible in other people’s eyes. Psychiatry is the government’s executioner, a slaughterhouse of the civilian population that murders people under the pretense that they are providing ordinary people with care for mental illnesses so that the government will not be guilty of murdering the civilian population. Thanks to that, the government can also demonize the people so that the government even appears as good while the individual appears as a monster and when other people feel safe in the embrace of their own power and rich elite until it is their and their children’s turn to be slaughter in the same way by the own government through state systems. Torture has been developed throughout human history to perfection and now it is fully developed through electrical annihilation, and I am only talking about 9-volt devices that have destroyed my mental health, my body, and my personal identity as an individual. In order for us ordinary people to be able to fight against problems and setbacks in our lives, we must feel good both physically and reasonably well mentally. By harming people with just a 9-volt device, they take away both our body and our mental health, and they destroy our personal identity. By taking away from us the basic right to live, they have taken away from us what makes us human and now we have no body and psyche to fight against our problems in life because now our psyche, our body and our personal identity fighting itself in the service of our government and the wealthy elite. You become shocked and bewildered at the extent to which you are injured to death while you watch even your own power and rich elite lie to their own people right in their eyes about how they care about their people and children of their own people, while they together with the rich elite of the supposedly enemy people together each tricking their own people into death through the state system and that they all together lie while they participate in the massacre of all of us common people, is what makes one pissed off and insanely angry when you have realized the truth that all of


them together are lying to us ordinary people right in front of our eyes while we and our children are murdered one by one through our lives. The next monsters in government systems are school systems and armies of parasite teachers, professors and so on who teach our children everything politicians want our children to know about, while they exclude teaching our children what government systems are for, who death traps await our children later in their lives through the government system so they can be tricked into death and that is the only job of the parasites who work in the school system. They educate our children how to be loyal to politicians and the national supposedly important identity, that they should feel like one of that system until they are cheated in death and when they die then it will sound like they deserved to die because they have chosen to test a product that they have judged to be harmless. But how can they judge death as dangerous when the governments of the world advertise it as something that is useful for people’s health and this is where we are divided on the power and rich elite, the smart and those who are less intelligent that the various extermination systems are intended for which are we ordinary people. After those monsters, we have monsters who work in social services. The task of the state institution is to attack families with problem children that the police have already destroyed with psychotronic weapons from the first day our children are born and sometimes they come to families with a justified reason when children are abused and exposed to crime in one way or another. So, they both help children, and they destroy the whole family and so it is with all the different government institutions. Finally, we come to the biggest patterns that I should put first, but they all deserve first place, and they are so-called media, an army of parasites and mass murderers so-called media journalists. The more they preach that they are independent media, the more they are a fraud, because independent media does not exist on this planet because none of them tell the common people of the world that the governments of the world are killing people through state systems and they do not allow people that people should state that they have been victimized by crimes through lethal products that they have purchased through the legal sale of products under false claims of purpose of use, which means that those products are sold under criminal claims and it is pure crime. Media protect the ongoing crime of genocide by advertising those products as something harmless and with that they participate in this massacre of the common people of the whole world together and in the same way. Entire governmental systems are complicit in this crime of genocide and massacre of the entire civilian population both adults, youth and children on this planet. We common people feel the community with each other because of the religious and national identity with our power and rich elite that we think they care about us and our children, but list those who are complicit in murdering us common people and our children extends even further so this rabbit hole is deeper than we think so we can’t even imagine how deep it is. Then we have our beloved musicians who use their music to make beautiful videos where our religion, our ancestors in power at the time and the rich elite are used by our musicians as advertising which will parasitize on our human emotions and thus awaken in us our patriotism towards our religion and national identity so that we will feel even more of that community with our politicians so that we will be even more faithful to our politicians while they kill us and our children through government systems, so even musicians participate in the massacre of us ordinary people and our children. After them, we have our actors who create a product for our natural human hunger for us humans to be entertained, for us to experience something fun and exciting for the moment that will become an inspiration in our lives. It is human natural endowment that makes us human and because of this we humans are curious about us. Thanks to this we have evolved as well as we have, and we only have wars because of our human emotions where we humans are the only species on this planet that enjoys seeing someone suffer. Predators do not kill their prey because they hate their prey. They kill their prey because they are hungry, while we kill for


pure pleasure. Our actors promote death of all kinds in their films to us and our children as completely harmless. Through their films they suggestively encourage us and our children to consume and test all deadly products and we only need to do it once in our life and then we are already dead. Our actors promote the police, mental health care, public health, journalists, politicians, school systems, religion and the wealthy elite as people with sincere intentions to help us ordinary people and in this way they build our trust in our religion and our supposedly important national identity so that we should be passive while we and our children are murdered by our governments through state systems, through lies that are nothing but genocide and crimes against humanity, a massacre of civilian populations through state systems on an industrial scale. It doesn’t matter if it’s about Hollywood film industry or if it’s about the Bosnian film industry in my case as it’s me who writes this blog and I’m Bosniak or just Bosnian. All the actors on this planet work in the film industry and every state spreads the propaganda through films to its every people that governments want their own people to believe, while how people are killed is presented by the world’s film industry as something beneficial to the health and well-being of the people on one way or another. Throughout the history of humanity, we have had the first clowns who were people who entertained kings and rulers, so they have evolved into today’s actors who lead us adults and our children to death without us being aware of it. We become aware of this only when we have been tricked into executing the death sentence on ourselves with our own hands and down we are dying, but then it is too late for us because then we can never get our life back like in my case. Both musicians and actors are the respected elite who have enjoyed life and we love them because of their talent to create music and pretend to be someone they are not like actors in the film industry who make our everyday life more interesting but we don’t see that they both lead us into the hands of our power and the rich elite who murder us with their lies, so they also participate in the massacre of us ordinary people and our children by advertising death for us as something useful for us and for our health. Us common people are impressed when we see their success in their lives where they have made tons of money that we common people have paid for their music and their movies, so we pay them to trick us into killing ourselves, on one way or another and that we must also be eternally faithful to our religion, our national identity and our politicians. We common people see their success; their riches and we think that we too can be equal in life but as you see we only get death from them all together and it is not even meant that we common people should be equal with anything in our lives for everyone paths to success are locked for us common folk. After our beloved music stars and acting stars, we have our beloved intellectual elite. They must be smart if they are called the intellectual elite. They write verses and words that rhyme well and then they get space in the media to talk about politics and everything possible and they are considered competent to talk about everything, while none of them all that I have mentioned is competent at anything. Instead, the world’s power and wealthy elite are a large gang of criminal mafia systems that mislead us ordinary people of the world and our children into death. Everything and everyone that you see on TV and that you have ever seen in your life in all existing media has lied to you and also to me and all of them until they have murdered us common people all the time throughout our entire lives. It is not about religions and our national identity as different peoples living in different countries. It’s about the world’s power and the rich elite who murder us ordinary people and end. The killing of us common people has been going on for thousands of years from the first day civil society was created until now. The world’s power and wealthy elite use our human qualities as a weapon against us. We the people are afraid of our mortality and want so badly to continue living even after we have died, and it was all our various prophets who were good at exploiting that people’s fear of their mortality and that is how the first religions arose. So religious books were written under the claim that there


was contact between God and the man who heard God’s words and then instructions were created on how rulers should rule over people with laws and rules in that society through governmental systems. But in those laws, there is nowhere mentioned a single word that the civilian population will be murdered both adults, young people and children through state systems. The only thing that is great there is how God is to be loved, worshiped and glorified so that the own power and rich elite will rule over their own people thanks to the fact that they, along with religious leaders and the army of religious priests, hold keys to God and heaven. This is the universal template used across the planet and this is how the world’s power and wealth elite have started and led all wars throughout human history, while ordinary people have sacrificed their lives and their children’s lives for their power and wealth elite in the name of religion, thanks to the love for one’s religion and for one’s God which automatically also implies the same national identity. Like I said, all that is good, and I also want to believe in them, but why are we being cheated in death where we die because of the power and rich elite of that world if they now care about us and our children so much? They only talk about how we should pray to God, so that we don’t go down the wrong path in life. We pray to God that we don’t get sick, that we get healthy, that we don’t get hurt but while we listen to them and while we pray to God, while we love and are faithful to our religion and our national identity, they don’t utter a word that all this just distracts us so that we don’t notice various systems of annihilation that have led billions of human years to death in the last 100 years. Even I talk to someone while I sleep. Would you consider following me. Maybe I’m a prophet too. No, I’m not a prophet. I am just an ordinary person who has been the victim of crime and I am telling you the truth. I am not giving you religion, instead I am giving you a chance to save your life because the only thing you get from your politicians through your government system is lies and death. Your religion and your national identity bring you and your children only death and the same applies to me because I have already received death. Through my blog, I save the lives of you and your children. All the death traps that I have walked into, you will be aware that they are also waiting for you and your children and in this way, you will be aware of the death that is hidden by the governments of the world from you and all of us ordinary people. Thanks to my testimony, you will warn your children of their guaranteed death, so that you will not have to see your children die in front of your eyes like an animal in the same way that I am dying now. All of them, starting with politicians, the rich, the religious leaders, the police, health care, the media, social services, the school system, the music and film industry, the intellectual elite participate in the mass murder of us ordinary people in peacetime through state systems. All of them together are murdering their own people by talking only about what is part of their profession, while none of them are talking about how people are murdered through state systems. The governments of the world have served a wrong, completely false picture of what human psychology is and how it works for the common people of the world. The governments of the world only build prejudices in people through their established media propaganda lies about human psychology through the media and psychiatry who have invented many complicated diagnoses of mental illness so that people will experience human psychology so complicated that people will not even try to understand and give their own opinions about people who are allegedly mentally ill. People must experience human psychology so complicated that it is best to abandon people who are not well mentally in the hands of psychiatry and government after they know what they are doing. People should also see people who are not well as people who do not think logically according to their full ability to think clearly and logically and thanks to this people are passive while the governments of the world murder people through psychiatry until it is their turn to be murdered if the government sees them as their target for elimination or obliteration from society and the living world. People should not question religion, the national identity and the government system because of all the prejudices against


people who have committed wrong in their lives while the same people do not realize that governments provoke the bad sides in people through advanced systems of government bureaucracy, advanced weapons, media propaganda lies and so on. Governments get people to kill each other, to commit suicide, and they also kill ordinary people in many different ways. It’s not just that the governments of the world along with the wealthy elite lock up and sometimes kill criminals or people who are guilty because they have committed crimes. They are murdering the entire world’s civilian population and the reason they are doing it is to constantly lower the world’s population down and they have been doing that all the time since the first civil society was created and until now. It is not the world’s power and rich elite who have created life on this planet, and it is not they who give us life. They kill us and our children and they are nothing more than ordinary parasites, people with money and power who use their intelligence and all the collective technological development throughout human history to their advantage to gain profit at the expense of the rest of us ordinary people and our children. This planet’s ecosystem does not divide us humans according to race and religion. Every human life on this planet is equally valuable, which means it is worth nothing when you see predators eating their prey. It is the real God who has created all living things and thus us humans. Everything that determines our future plans and how we will react and what decisions we will make comes through our eyes and ears. No matter how much we try to be unaffected by the media propaganda lies that we see throughout the world’s media, we are still all being manipulated and that by force without us even being able to do anything about it and furthermore we are not even aware that we have been brainwashed against our will. All that is needed is for the same information to be shown to people over and over again and then even a lie becomes pure truth and that is what has been going on way back in time before we were born, that is throughout the entire history of mankind. What we experience over a period of a number of years or decades is what is written as a program in our long-term memory and that is where the whole secret of human psychology lies. All our human emotions that we have experienced like hate, love, hope, fear is written in our brain, and it becomes a part of our personality by us as individuals. Therefore through media we hear one and the same media propaganda that is repeated over and over throughout our life which is about our religion, about our national identity, about our politicians who care about us, about the other peoples that our politicians protect us from and all that hate, that love, that hope for the future, all those fears that we have had during our lives means that we cannot accept when someone comes for the first time with the truth that conflicts with everything we believe in, such as what I tell you now. When all the emotions for decades have been written in our long-term memory and programmed in our brain, then they become our instinct and that’s why people feel like one of their own people and even when people receive information that conflicts with one’s beliefs, you can’t see critical of everything you have heard throughout your life because of all the engraved good and bad feelings you have experienced throughout your life. Now when I tell you all that your own government is killing you and your children by cheating you into death all your life you cannot accept that information as truth for what I am telling you is hearing for the first time, while you have heard information about how your government cares about you and your children thousands of times throughout your life and that is how it works with human psychology but you will believe me one day you will be dying because of your government but then you will become isolated and alone just like I am now. The world’s power and the wealthy elite do not allow the world’s ordinary people to know the truth about what is really going on in real life. When people do not know the truth, then people also cannot react and protect themselves against the death that has already led billions of people to their deaths both adults and their children from the first day civil society was created until now. From the first day when civil society was created and through the


entire history of mankind until now, it has always been about one and the same thing and that is to lower the world’s population down and at the same time deceive people into believing that the world’s power and rich elite care about their own people while people are being murdered along with their children without protesting and without even being aware that people have been murdered. As I said the world’s power and wealthy elite are, religions, politicians along with the wealthy elite, media, mental health along with public health, the police, the school system, social services and it’s in that order roughly as the common people of the world are murdered through every one of them through the state system. The world’s power and the rich elite are just looking for ways to divide us ordinary people because the more we are divided, the less dangerous we become. Humanity is about the world’s power and the wealthy elite who have manipulated the common people from the first day when civil society was created for thousands of years back in time to gain power and influence over the common people, to have better lives at the expense of the common people and to fulfill their ego that they are allegedly more worthy than the ordinary people, that they are valuable, appreciated and loved by their own people even if they kill both adults, young people and children from the same people. The important thing is to convince the own common people to believe that it is so, because when people believe that it is so, then the power and rich elite can parasitize on their own people indefinitely. They themselves suck the life out of people while people become grateful for the crime and abuse of them, and their children and people become loyal to their rulers and the rich elite. People are even willing to sacrifice their lives and their children’s lives for their power and rich elite, without the same people ever realizing what a fraud the world’s power and rich elite are, what fraud governmental systems are and what a fraud the national and the religious identity is. The world’s power and wealthy elite know human psychology in the smallest detail. From the first day that civil society has been created by those individuals who want profit at the expense of the common people, they have been looking for ways to break the mental mind of the people so that the common people will be defeated and put under their control. Killing people and their children and then scaring the common people that are left into obedience was the simple method that was not so effective for the people that are not killed and I mean the common people of the whole world throughout the entire history of mankind, begin to think with their heads once they have been subjected to massacres and then they themselves become the dangerous power that has usually overthrown such power and wealthy elite monsters throughout human history who chose to oppress and murder the common people. Even the heads of power and the rich ended up on stakes in the golden age of justice where ordinary people could do something because then there was no technological progress, and everything was simple. Throughout human history, ordinary people have risen up and then they have lynched the power and rich elite but as I said before the world’s power and rich elite have learned how to use every human characteristic in people, every human physical and psychological need, every human feeling against the same own people for people to kill themselves with their own energy in their mental mind in the service of the world’s power and rich elite. I feel so bad, and I have been subjected to such terrible crimes that all that I have experienced in war cannot even be compared to the ongoing death that I am going through now. By injuring me with the 9-volt electrical device, they have destroyed my body, my psyche and my personal identity at the same time. My body is cut off from me and my brain and besides, my body is a torture chamber where I am tortured every second of my life. Besides the fact that my body is destroyed, I’m not even a man anymore. While the world’s power and wealthy elite brag about women who have been sexually abused, I have had my genitalia amputated. According to the world’s power and the rich elite, those women suffer so much psychologically that they want to commit suicide because they have had sex without consent or because they have been pawed with just a light movement of


the rapist’s fingers from the woman’s knee to her hip and it ended on TV as rape. It was the host who lost his career in TV because of just that slight movement. Look what has happened to me and its silence all I hear even though I’m screaming in agony of death. Is this rape that has happened to me? I wonder if that woman wants to kill herself because a man has made that slight movement from her knee to her hip? Does she have pain in her body because of it? But maybe she is pleased with the compensation money she has received from the program leader for the terrible crime he has committed against her. I hope she doesn’t kill herself because of that horrible crime. Those women live without any pain in their bodies, moreover, they can continue to have undisturbed sex with their next partner and the crime they have been exposed to is recognized by the world’s power and the rich elite as a crime because the world’s power and the rich elite want to punish anyone who gives hit them and their families hard. It’s not even about the women who are ordinary people who have been raped, it’s about the world’s power and the rich elite who protect themselves and their families so that those who attack them will be severely punished with prison for the rest of their lives. In addition, there will also be a public lynching and demonization in the media that is more like the burning of a Witch so that other people will keep the guilty people in isolation even when they come out after decades in captivity where they have been completely destroyed. What those women have been exposed to is a crime, while what I have been exposed to through the electric annihilation device of 9 volts is not even a crime. I have fallen into that trap but also many women all over the planet have also fallen into the same trap of death. How many men and women both old and young and how many youths on this planet have been cheated into death by such 9-volt electric death trojans. For those women who have been cheated into death by that 9-volt device, that device has amputated their genitals and their sexual ability is destroyed forever. So here we have rape punishable by imprisonment while amputation of people’s genitalia when people have been tricked into the electric annihilation system is not even a crime and also the whole body eventually dies and then you die, and it is not a crime according to the world’s powerful and rich the elite. What’s worse is that even the Bosnian power and rich elite are part of this annihilation of ordinary people on this planet. Even they together with the Swedish government, the Serbian government, the Croatian government, all the governments of the world, all of them together are deceiving both Swedish, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and the common people of the whole world in the worst way to die in suffering and agony that surpasses all the world’s traditional torture gathered in one place. Why is there electrical annihilation in every country on this planet? Because it’s such an effective way to kill people slowly but surely, because once you’ve been hurt, you’re beyond rescue. Not even God can save you from death. I’ve wanted a beautiful woman all my life and I never got to know what it feels like to fall in love with a woman you live with. I haven’t even had sex with a woman I’ve fallen in love with, so I don’t even know how it feels. Now it’s not just that I will never experience this, I can never ever in my life have sex at all ever again in my short life with any woman. So don’t talk to me about how God is merciful and kind regardless of whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or whatever you may be now because your world’s power and rich elite are talking this very thing to us common people until your religious leaders who you too hold keys to your supposedly merciful God. Through the electrical annihilation, you take away from us ordinary people the right to live. Your world power and wealthy elite brag about how marriage between a man and a woman is sacred to you according to your religions and your traditions, while at the same time you have taken away my right to be able to marry a woman. You have taken away from me the natural right this planet has given me to be able to make love with a woman. You have taken away my right to have a relationship with a woman so now I am condemned to live the rest of my short life alone. You have also taken away from me the right that I should be able to have a family, because you have also taken this away


from me. You have killed me and billions of other people before me all over the planet and you talk about damned religions and the damned evil God so that we common people will continue to hate each other so that you can wage your wars that are only about accessing nature resources of this planet that we ordinary people have no use for anyway, because all the money goes into the pockets of your power and rich elite anyway. The only evil that I realize has been all the time throughout the history of humanity is precisely all those different Gods and those different religions, together with your power and rich elite, because all of you together are the only and the greatest evil, a swarm of parasites that live in lix at the expense of us common people and our children where you extinguish the lives of us common people and our children as if our lives are worth nothing. This bodily injury has completely destroyed my brain and my psyche, so I am writing all of this from the angle where I am limited to the ability to think with a destroyed brain and psyche. Because my psyche is so destroyed and I just feel like I’m dying, I don’t even know for a long time what’s important as I write and what’s not, because I’m constantly on the verge of dying right here and now in that moment. It is because of that limitation that my words sound dark and crazy even to me. I am acutely aware that when I accuse the world’s power and the wealthy elite of killing us ordinary people and our children through state systems, that it sounds like something completely impossible to people who are healthy and who are not yet injured, who also believe that it here that I am writing about cannot be true. People think I’m lying. Even when I explain this to people, I have not experienced a single person understand the terrible crime I have been subjected to. It seems that people cannot accept that the governments of the world are murdering their own civilian population through state systems in peacetime. People look for enemies in people who belong to other religions and that applies to all religions because that is what religions are created for. But when people see what I’ve written, I notice their hatred for some reason. The only thing I have experienced in my life is deadly hostility from every side I come in contact with, so I feel like I am fighting the whole world all alone, but this is how all the common people on this planet are treated because of the fact that the world’s power and rich elite are criminal mafias who murder us ordinary people completely legally through government systems. My personal identity as an individual is completely destroyed and changed during the over 5 years of torture that injuries induce around the clock. So, my ability to think clearly is damaged as all I feel is pain and suffering. Those people who are beaten in war get damage to their body, but their brain is not damaged, whereas with me it is the brain that gets damaged as much as the body. The more time passes, the less I can explain correctly after death has taken control of my body and psyche. In addition, they have deleted the blog post 21 that I have written so well that they had to delete it so that it will not have the impact on you ordinary people on this planet that it would have otherwise. Also, they knew I can never write it again as well, so this isn’t even close to what I’ve written, because that blog post was perfect and that’s exactly how I want to say it. This doesn’t even resemble the blog post I’ve written but still it’s all true and I’m trying to write it anyway because I want to. Now I’ve put that blog in my past together with all the other blog posts, so I don’t really know what I wrote in the last blog post 21. It’s some kind of psychological block and they knew very well that’s how human psychology works for it included in their world’s power and rich elite physical and psychological torture. This suffering in electrical injuries produces pain and suffering that only the greatest evil can inflict on a human being. This is such an inhumane and evil crime that this surpasses even Auschwitz because the people who have survived can continue to live their lives with trauma, but they will function normally in the body. They have created families with whom they have lived their lives normally, while with me I partially do not feel large parts of my body. In addition to this, the damaged part of the body is like an animal that eats me from the inside like cancer and it is worse than a cancer. This drives me crazy because even in my thoughts I feel a constant tension and


pain from various unpleasant sensations. I just want to say to you common people of the world how every word is redundant that I write and that I have been subjected to the worst crime on this planet while there is complete silence prevailing in the world media about civilian population being murdered by state system is just something that will drive me crazy and that is the intention of that world’s power and rich elite with the electric annihilation for us to be subjected to such a terrible crime that we will turn on one of them out of power and rich elite and then they arrest me and kill me with the final execution of the death penalty which is ECT. Also, everyone Tasered by the police is dead too and their lives are also ended in the same way. The world’s power and rich elite are murdering us common people and our children as if we are retarded stupid idiots who do not react to any of the crimes the world’s power and rich elite commit through government systems. Since they have deleted my blog, they have silenced me. They have silenced my voice while at the same time boasting about democracy, freedom and human rights. Democracy, freedom, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights are words that the world’s governments use to brainwash the world’s population with, where they repeat those words over and over again and then people have no choice but to believe that it is so but all those who repeat those words in the media know very well that all that is a lie and that the only one the world’s governments are waging war against is us ordinary people of the world. It is not only about criminals and people who have committed crimes that the governments of the world are fighting. They are fighting the entire world’s civilian population through the entire government system and the media is their main weapon because there is no power on this planet that can bring people under control the way the media can. In the media, the governments of the world hang only crimes that ordinary people have committed, while the media gives credibility to the police, psychiatric care, public wards, politicians where only certain political parties are allegedly bad while others are good which in real life is not true at all for them are all the same. Results of their policies are murdered people through state systems. Media give credibility to each other, they give credibility to film industry, to music industry which is perfectly OK as long as they don’t manipulate people by taking religion and national symbols into the picture, so they all give credibility to each other while ordinary people are pure demons. Democracy, freedom and human rights is a lie that all governments use through the media to constantly deceive their own people into believing that they have all this when in fact people are killed all the time perfectly legally by torture, while people believe that torture is thrown in history and the past and that it is not used today. The world’s power and rich elite have really convinced us ordinary people that we and our children live our lives in democracy, freedom and safety with our children.

Torture people by burning people alive

The Brazen Bull. Worst Punishment In Human History


In this video this commentator talks about torture in the past while he starts the video with today’s police arresting a man to be tortured and it fits perfectly in that reality because that torture is still going on today but now that torture is 1000 times worse than at that time. If you question religion in those days, then torture awaits you and the same thing applies even today while they talk about how God is merciful. Through religion they use people who are supposed to keep each other under control because if you start to speak against then it is others who want to kill you in the amazing


community of religious people full of love. Human life is worth nothing so if you die then you die but don’t question God and religion for God is merciful. He is nice. (Iron sarcophagus) iron sarcophagus where people have been sentenced to that torture because they have said something that violates the laws of those religious madmen so even if what the person has said is logical, they have still been murdered by that torture and it is what the power and rich elite are for. This man talks about that torture as if it were some kind of joke and not about real real ordinary people who have lived their lives once upon a time struggling to put food on the table for their children. Think then how much food the children received from the father who has been murdered in the torture device because who is left to work for the food that the children will receive. One can understand that children’s rights did not mean anything even at that time just as children’s rights do not mean anything now. Also, people trapped in that iron sarcophagus have to stand still if they want to avoid being pierced with those iron nails and what torture is about in this case is that people should have problems with their own mobility so that people start thinking about this. In that man’s case he has to stand still while I can’t stand still due to electrical damage. After 20 hours that man loses consciousness or he finally stitches and then he is woken up by the worst pain that wakes him up because he has stuck himself on those iron nails while for me it is even worse because I feel the same pain 24 hours a day around which the electrical damage induces in me. I am woken up every morning by that pain and I only have nightmares because I feel that pain even when I sleep. Even while I sleep, I am woken up again and again and again so it is psychological torture that will eventually lead to my death. Am I ready to admit my crime? I have admitted it without the electric extermination torture, but it was not enough for Sweden and the world’s power and rich elite because I have to die too. Even the other tortures cannot be compared to the bodily injury I have because this is worse. The next torture is (The Brazen Bull) the iron bull where they close in man and sit fire under the iron bull torture captivity. So, they have tortured people with fire by burning people alive. Now the world’s power and rich elite want to claim that burning people alive is banished to history and that people are no longer tortured by burning people alive. It cannot be a bigger lie than that, because torture is now being committed on the entire world’s civilian population, both adults, young people and children. Electrical damage to the body means you burn alive 24/7. I feel like I’m burning alive 24/7 in the part of my body that is damaged by that 9-volt device. Sometimes when I’m working, I go into shock with pain and then at that moment I feel like I’m dying at that moment while I’m burning alive in addition I also have pain in my body in a dozen different ways as if I’ve been blown up by a garnet. Then my psyche becomes so affected that I think I’m going to die, and all my emotions become a burial ground so if it’s not enough that I’m going to commit suicide, I don’t know what is. It is repeated over and over again. Even when I sleep, I often dream that I am burning alive on fire. The more I move the more it gets worse. The less I move then it still hurts but a little less. By harming me with the electric annihilation, they have made me disabled immobile because I am tortured when I move and feel the harm much more. Furthermore, he claims that there are no documented cases of that type of torture being used and who is documenting that torture? It is the power and rich elite and it is the winemakers who write history so of course many people have been murdered in this way. He doesn’t mention the next torture, but I will mention it. In psychiatry, the world’s power and rich elite have tortured people with ice baths. People get trapped in ice baths and locked in it so they can’t escape from it. Heat is not so dangerous if people are not burned alive but exposing the body to cold is directly life-threatening because the body gets cold injuries. This was pure torture but that type of torture has been presented to the common people of the world as a cure for various mental illness diagnoses and people have accepted it as something completely normal. The world’s power and the wealthy elite have not stopped torturing people with cold and ice baths for electrical injuries, causing


both the feeling of burning and freezing to death at the same time. While I feel like I’m on fire at the same time I feel like I’m freezing to death so I’m sweating because of the heat even though it’s cool in the room I’m in and at the same time I’m freezing so I sometimes shiver with cold even though it’s not even cold in the room I’m in. That’s how I feel around the clock. Because in the past the world’s power and the rich elite first needed to detain people so that they would have the opportunity to torture and injure people to death, but now they have started selling electric death to people under false pretenses and now they are selling that death to us and our children under the claim that it is something useful for our health that we can use to make us feel better. I mean, what is more evil than this. Now you understand what stands between our children and that death electrical annihilation. Now they are attacking our children and there is no chance that our children can experience deep old age because electrical annihilation is not the only annihilation that the world’s power and rich elite are using to bring the world’s population down. The next extermination system of the world’s population is Pornography. The American power and wealthy elite are the biggest exporters of death to their own American common people and the common people of the entire world through pornography. The problem is that we ordinary people see pornography just as pornography but not as weapons of mass destruction that destroy people from the ground up in people’s mental minds. Many marriages on this planet have broken up because of pornography. Once recently I have seen an American power and rich elite pig who was something like an FBI agent or some similar crap who said, we are monitoring all those who visit pornographic sites. It is you who have legalized pornography and with it you are poisoning the minds of the entire world’s population. This is how the world’s power and rich elite use all human qualities and they also use people’s bodily needs as a weapon against people. America’s power and rich elite are poisoning the minds of the entire world’s civilian population, while the other governments on this planet participate in the poisoning of their own population by not censoring the pornography, so they all participate in the annihilation of the world’s common people. Do you see how well the world’s power and wealthy elite are censoring people who have been harmed by electrical holocaust from revealing that electrical holocaust is the death that people are dying of. The problem with pornography is that it is a lifelong psychological deception of the civilian population through pornography in death because pornography is always there available throughout people’s lives. That there are always new people who indulge in sex videos only shows that new generations have been drawn into death. You can refrain from looking at pornography for a number of years, but every time you look at it, you are affected psychologically. We people don’t walk the streets naked; we don’t even walk naked in our homes. We have dressed way back in time. The first thing that we humans have invented is clothes so we have lived with clothes on throughout our entire human history and that we should now see people naked bodies is not normal even though the world’s power and the rich elite have made pornography look like something legal and normal. I have seen pornography as just pornography but now I realize that it is a weapon of mass destruction that has made me kill myself. I’m dying just because I’ve been watching pornography. Even this internet has caused people to become infected with each other’s bad habits. How people are murdered on one side of the planet now people are murdered all over the planet in the same way. Internet and pornography where people think they can look at it in their most private moment is wrong because there they have also put electrical annihilation on 9-volt and when you are injured to death by the electrical annihilation then you are murdered and then you reveal yourself by talking about the terrible crime you have been subjected to as I am doing now. So, it is a death trap that goes beyond human understanding. Pornography creates rapists who murder women. The power of the world and the rich elite make people kill each other and commit suicide. Through pornography, they create rapists because people who have


committed rape have first looked at pornography, I think, and people who are not injured become sexually aroused by pornography. If they have also lived in a society where murder is common, then they kill the raped woman as well because even in a society where murder is common then it is also psychological manipulation that is transferred to the entire population. The world’s power and wealthy elite care neither about the man nor the woman who has been raped or murdered because they are constantly lowering the world’s population. Problems only arise when one of them is exposed to that crime. It is pornography that creates homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians. In addition, in pornography sex between family members is also depicted and this also happens because people have watched pornography. Pornography should not be allowed to exist. Pornography has ruined the lives of billions of people all over the planet. In Iran I have seen two homosexuals executed who probably first viewed pornography. Why Iran doesn’t censor pornography if they don’t want that to happen in their country. Why the whole world doesn’t censor pornography. It was many times better for the time when pornography was strictly controlled so that the governments of the world take responsibility for what can be shown in pornography. Is there anyone on this planet who is responsible for what is allowed to be shown in pornography? There isn’t. The shit is set free because people are meant to be destroyed with pornography because people have to die, and the world’s population has to be lowered. Even the sex toys are directly constructed according to the instructions of the healthcare system and that of the world’s surgeons so that people will kill themselves with them. The world’s power and rich elite play on our feelings of guilt and shame so people don’t even dare to say that people have watched pornography, but I have killed myself because of pornography and with the fact that I will die soon so shaming me is my least problem because I’m dying. The next weapon of mass destruction is the Covid-19 pandemic. Right at the beginning, I said that the coronavirus is a biological weapon and also the corona vaccine is the solution to the problem, which is also an even worse biological weapon than the virus itself. The coronavirus is here to stay, and it has been created by the world’s power and wealthy elite to bring the world’s population down. While some of the successful doctors and researchers in infectious diseases have talked about corona vaccines coming harvesting civilian lives on an industrial scale across the planet, people have called them conspiracy theorists. Those of us who have shared their video have been called anti-vaxxers. The power and rich elite have claimed that we are talking nonsense. I have chosen not to vaccinate myself and my child is also not vaccinated so I was in a dilemma if I am doing the right thing but no matter how much I doubted and even questioned my decision so when I saw how people fall dead in the middle of the day for unknown reasons I chose I wanted to explore it so I checked everything there was to check on the internet and I learned a lot. Here were people who were vaccinated with three doses of Pfizer gene vaccines and who were still as sick as me and they were even sicker, so how much do those vaccines protect people from the corona virus then? I got to see garbage heaped up by people who work for the government while pretending to be whistleblowers. These are found all over the world. They are famous for some reason, and they speak the exact truth that exposes the criminality of the world’s governments and when you just start to believe them, then they say pure stupidity that has no basis in real life. The meaning is that we other people should share their video and if we have done this then we have automatically lost all credibility in the eyes of other people. This way we make our vote worthless and such idiots get guaranteed money from the superpowers of the world to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories that will disarm the credibility of those of us who speak the truth. I see through such idiots very quickly, so I have not yet disarmed my voice. In Bosnia we have a lawyer Mirnes Ajanovic who has done something that no human being on this planet has done. He has demanded from the Bosnian government public documents from the manufacturers of all the


vaccines for coronavirus and he got them. So, he has not downloaded those documents from the internet. He got the documentaries from the manufacturers of all the vaccines. He was on Face tv where he talked about those vaccines and that’s how I found out that the man exists. What he said was that gene vaccines must be mixed with light circular movements 10 times and if vaccine is shaken violently then it must be thrown away immediately while Chinese vaccines must be shaken violently before it is given to people because otherwise it must be thrown away if there is cloudy material in vaccine bottle. All that is not so strange but the question is whether all the gene vaccines have not been shaken hard considering Bosnian roads with potholes everywhere on the road and yet no one has seen vaccines being thrown away. The next instructions from the manufacturers of gene vaccines are that with Pfizer younger people should not be vaccinated who are under 16 years old while all other types of corona vaccines should not be given to people younger than 18 years old and what is it that the governments of the world want is to vaccinate even children from 5 year. Old people with chronic diseases may be vaccinated with caution. Caution with vaccination which means that people may be vaccinated with caution in liver and kidney diseases, acute coroner syndrome, myocarditis, endocarditis, pericarditis and more than just this due to a lack of research data which means that it was better not to vaccinate the old at all. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, corona gene vaccines must not be given to women and here in Sweden, the media has spread information that the child in the womb will receive extra strong resident immunity that will be transferred from mother to child in the womb through gene vaccines. Because back in the day there were natural epidemics then it was recommended that pregnant women should not be vaccinated, while now when it comes to annihilation systems that will lower the world’s population down then it is recommended. It is a massacre committed on the world’s ordinary people quite openly. So, they want to vaccinate children from 5 years old, pregnant women, while manufacturers of vaccines do not allow this, and it is precisely manufacturers of corona vaccines who have paid lobbyists to force the entire world’s population to vaccinate while manufacturers of vaccines call everyone who has been vaccinated with their vaccines for volunteers. Only in all this you see all the crimes that the governments of the world commit on the common people of the world and people still believe in that vaccination. We have all seen what is happening in China in the last month or a little more where people are locked in quarantine and people are tested on the street several times a day. People are dying from the coronavirus and people are fleeing to the countryside away from the city because the corona epidemic has exploded in China. Here in Sweden, we have never been forced to wear face masks and we have not been forced to be vaccinated. We have been heavily manipulated into being vaccinated but we could choose not to. How is it that here in Sweden we don’t have an epidemic even though we have never worn those face masks and we have never had any social lockdown (Lockdown) while in China the corona pandemic has exploded. Chinese government is infecting people with the test sticks that the Communist Party has chosen to clean out of society and the living world, and I believe that Chinese ordinary people are aware of this. In addition, people are also infected with Morgellon’s parasites in the corona test sticks and the method of infecting people with deadly parasites has been used all over the planet. It is only death that we ordinary people on this planet get from our governments. Here, we unvaccinated people have had criticism from people who have been vaccinated when the public lynching campaign of people who have not been vaccinated has been going on in the Swedish media. Vaccinated have attacked us unvaccinated with comments on how we pose a mortal danger to them because we have not protected ourselves with the deadly gene vaccines. Tell me how I who have not been vaccinated can be a danger to you who is vaccinated and who is allegedly protected against coronavirus? If I have not protected myself by vaccination, then I am only putting my own life at risk and never people who are vaccinated.


Vaccinated people cannot see people who go against the government because vaccinated people are people who think independently with their brains and therefore they follow the advice and recommendations of the power and rich elite to vaccinate themselves, while we unvaccinated people are irresponsible people because we do not want to be vaccinated because we have seen lots of people die who have fallen to the ground in the middle of the day who have been vaccinated with gene vaccines. The Covid-19 pandemic is a weapon of mass destruction produced by the world’s power and wealthy elite to lower the world’s population. Corona virus and corona gene vaccines are both biologically produced weapons. People who are not vaccinated with corona gene vaccines are at risk of contracting the coronavirus at a later date and dying. People who are vaccinated are also at risk of contracting a coronavirus infection at a later date and also dying as unvaccinated people. In Croatia, 10,000 people have died prematurely and the media is silent about it. Mirnes Ajanovic has also mentioned that recently, while in Bosnia people who have died prematurely are not even talked about. People are dying from corona gene vaccines but there is complete silence about it. Even this crime that the Swedish government has subjected me to by tricking me into death through the electrical device is an identical extermination system to the Covid-19 pandemic. All of it is the same template that the governments of the world use to reduce the world’s population. People ponder over those who are vaccinated and those who are not, while how we even do it, we all die one by one, whether we are vaccinated or not. We have all seen large protests worldwide due to corona restrictions and lockdowns. In a European country, ordinary people protesting in the city streets have been doused with water from police water cannons in freezing temperatures and people did not back down because their freedom has been taken away from them because people must be vaccinated at all costs. Even Bosnian lawyer Mirnes Ajanovic has talked about this protest and there has been talk about that event. In another European country, people have had protests due to corona restrictions, but these protests were a bit violent and then I saw police cars run over people. What happened to those people. Are they dead? Are they still alive? No one has uttered a single word about that protest. When the demonstration is violent then it is perfectly OK for the police to kill people with their police car by running over people. It is something completely legal when ordinary people are to be murdered. In Canada there were gigantic protests (Canada convoy protest) where people have protested against demands for corona restrictions and corona vaccination because people want to be vaccinated with those vaccines just like me. I saw the demonization of that people through Canadian media and it’s nothing new to me because that’s how the world’s power and rich elite work when it comes to dragging ordinary people to their deaths and we ordinary people are treated the same regardless of what race and religion we may belong to . Now to my own Bosnian power and rich elite. There is a media propaganda war going on between Bosniak, Serbian and Croat power and the rich elite and the only thing they all do is to play on the feelings of each of their own people in order to get people to follow them blindly while they lie to each of their own people right in their eyes by excluding telling the truth to their people, that the media does not reveal to people about how people are deceived into death by electric annihilation for example. The massacre of civilian population is committed in the same way all over the planet which means that our Bosniak power and rich elite not only that they lie to us Bosniaks. They also kill us Bosniaks and our children. The same thing Serbian, Croatian, Swedish power and rich elites due to their own people and the same thing is done to the common people of the whole world through government systems. The power and rich elite of us Bosniaks claim how they care about people who have been murdered in the Srebrenica genocidal massacre through all Bosniak media including Face TV and the popular Senad Hadzifejzovic. In the beginning when I was injured by the electrical annihilation, I have contacted Dnevni Avaz and their journalist or someone who works there that I have spoken to has


rejected me in exactly the same way as the Swedish media has rejected me. They told me that they cannot publish anything that is not suitable to publish in the media which means that my body is fatally damaged, that my mental psyche has been destroyed, that my personal identity as an individual is completely erased is not suitable to publish in the media. You don’t have to mention me, but you could at least warn Bosniak people that there is a sea of ​​electrical devices that are sold to Bosniak people and the common people of the whole world as something completely harmless, but when people have tested it, then you are beyond all rescues. Then one has executed the death penalty on oneself with one’s own hands. So, when Bosniak media talk about people who have been murdered in Srebrenica and when they claim that they care about all murdered Bosniak adults, youth and children, they are lying to Bosniak people. As they keep quiet about electric holocaust, children of murdered Srebrenica people will die maybe in the future because how will they know they will die from this electric holocaust when the media has never uttered a single word that it is deadly. Face TV also talks about us Bosniaks in Krajina the part where I live. They also brag about victims of the Serbian genocide, people among us who have been murdered in Serbian extermination camps and with this Serbian and Bosniak power and rich elite leading a media war where they both manipulate the emotions of each of their own people in order to get each of their own people under control, obedience, fidelity and loyalty. If I had been murdered in the Serbian extermination camp, the Bosniak media would have parasitized even on my extinguished life. That I have been locked up in a Serbian extermination camp, the Bosniak power and rich elite admit that I have been subjected to crime and then it is appropriate that it should be talked about in meder, but now that I have been subjected to even worse crimes through the electric holocaust, it is not appropriate that it should be talked about in the media at all and why is that? It is therefore because the world’s power and wealthy elite are murdering their own people through governmental systems. The people who are deceived through any of the annihilation systems in the state system are considered to be the group of people who are destined to be purged from society and the living world. If you have gone into electrical annihilation, then it seems that they think we are not intelligent enough because we have gone into that death trap and then we are purged so that only the smart ones remain. But people have gone through all the annihilation systems. Covid-19 pandemic is annihilation system, people have gone into religious belief which is also an annihilation system that deceives people that people should be faithful to their religion, to their national identity and to their politicians so that people become faithful to all this while the only thing that people get of their politicians is death and when you have gone to death then you are alone and isolated and then what you have to say is not suitable to publish in the media. In short there is no difference between Radko Mladic and the entire Bosniak power and rich elite because our own Bosniaks are killing us through state systems along with the entire world’s power and rich elite. I have no country to call my country now that I die. Bosniak common people are my own people, but Bosniak power and rich elite are not my people because they cheat all of us common people in death and even our children cheat them in death by never saying a word about people being murdered by government systems. My people are the ordinary people of the whole world, regardless of what race and religion people may belong to. We common people on this planet believe that we belong to a religion and that we belong to our national identity but every people on this planet is a gigantic fraud because we are all being murdered together in the same way by being cheated in death. The governments of the world commit crimes, massacres, murders, they lie, they torture ordinary people to death, they torture people psychologically and they execute dictators over their people in some parts of the world in one way and in other parts of the world in another, but the result is the same where people end up dying. I was born as a living being as a healthy human being and after we were all born then we were all


decorated with all our different religious and national identities, that we are supposed to be who they decided we are and that they supposedly care about us and about our life, but now that I have entered the extermination system that they have all together put before us all ordinary people, now I belong to no one. So, I have been born as a human being without religion and now I am dying as a semi-living organism without religion because now I am not even a human anymore and now when I say all this I even appear as an enemy. I am not an enemy to anyone on this planet. I am the best friend to the common people of the whole world because I tell you all the truth. All those in power are the same because they murder us all and now, I move on to my life here in Sweden. Now I will say what a wrong decision my son has made, and that Swedish power and the rich elite have given him with open hands so that even more darkness will be induced in my life so that my life becomes even more unbearable to live. My son didn’t finish school, but I was still happy because he still had no debt either to the bank or CSN, which are loans that students take here in Sweden while they study. I thought that he will receive vocational training for a year and then he will be able to work anywhere. So, one day the bill of CSN came to my son and I looked at it but I didn’t see anything because the amount of money that has to be paid was huge so I thought there must be something wrong. I asked him what this is and then he said that he has not taken any loan from CSN. I couldn’t believe my eyes that it could be real, so I didn’t look at the bill any better, instead I threw it away. The next month there was a reminder of over SEK 1,000 and then I checked it better. He was obliged to pay CSN 125,000 kroner. Then I called them, and they said that he has taken out a loan to study for a Bachelor in Australia while the Covid-19 pandemic was going on and when no one could travel anywhere. They said we want all the money paid out and then I said how could you give so much money to someone who has dropped out of school and isn’t it the case that you check if people who take loans from you are also studying? They said, we have paid out large sums of money quickly. Sometimes we have paid out 20,000 and sometimes we have paid out 30,000 kroner. Now we want all the money paid into our account because he has said he is going to study, and he hasn’t so it’s fraud. Then I said, can we pay it every month because I want to pay his debt every month. I asked them nicely and then they said, something like, OK you can pay but then we want every month either 6,000 or was it 10,000 kroner and then I said, not even rich people can pay that much money every month, can you go down a little and then they said that I have to pay SEK 3,645 every month. But I already have my own bank loan of SEK 2100. Add to this rent for the apartment and all other bills and now also my son’s debt of 3645 kroner, and I can hardly cope. Also, I’m single so the only money we have is what I’ve earned through my work as a welder. I asked, can you go a little lower and then they said no. We cannot go lower that is our final amount of money to be paid each month. Then I said OK I will pay it and now I have paid my son’s debt for 5 months and then I will have to pay that debt for about 3 years. Me and my son are basically poor, and I realize that our lives don’t matter. We are a burden to Swedish society so it is better that we should be murdered so that we do not cost society anything. The Swedish government has ruined both me and my child for him to take this wrong step in his life. Destroy children when they are developing and then their lives will end in disaster later in their lives. What’s worse, my son has wanted to hide this bill, so I won’t know about it. Luckily, he is written to my address, so I found out about the debt. I called the lawyer, and he wants 2000 kroner just to talk to me and with all the debts I don’t have that much money. Then I found a lawyer who charges around SEK 500 for advice over the phone for 15 minutes. I explained everything to the female lawyer, and I said that CSN has strict controls on students if students are studying or not. In addition, I have talked to people and a student girl has studied abroad and every month she had to send her grade to CSN that she passes the studies. So they check if students are really studying and in addition they have to show their grades that they pass studies and after that


they get money every month and to my son they have handed over a gigantic sum of money without any control. When I told people this, people started to believe that I was lying because this is something that cannot happen in Sweden, but as you can see when it comes to me and my child then anything is possible. All that I said that lawyer and I told her that it is CSN who has committed a crime because they have not checked if he is also studying. Then she started to defend the Central study support board – CSN. She said, you know it’s been known for a long time that CSN is not that good at controls that they should improve. But your son has committed fraud and I don’t think you can do anything about it. The best thing is that you pay that debt and then I said OK when I realized she can’t help me. She says they should improve the work they are required to do and which they have not done. They had 100 years to improve their work to check if people study and they don’t criminal government shit. When people are going to be dragged into financial ruin then they are willing to give money to anyone. As you can see even lawyers are a fraud because they are only part of government systems and government systems are a theater performance to deceive people that people live in a healthy society where laws and rules are followed. But the only ones who have to follow laws and rules are us ordinary people, while the world’s power and rich elite break all laws and rules. They’re killing us. They commit crime after crime around the clock and they call their crime the law. My son doesn’t want to tell me what he spent all that money on. He might have spent them on parties, he might have spent them on clearing some sort of debt necessary for survival in society, and he might have spent them on anything. Money is gone. He has not bought expensive clothes because the only expensive clothes he has are clothes that I have saved to buy for him, and of course other people have bought clothes for him too. Events like this are very common among us poor people and when something like this happens, it’s parents who clean up debts. If that debt is not paid, then CSN wants all the money immediately and if it happens that a bill is not paid for just one month, then they want all the money at once and after that they remove the possibility to pay every month. If it had gone to the Bailiff with the full amount of SEK 120,000, then it would have grown to millions that he had never been able to pay in his life. My child would end up on the streets for the rest of his life. Then no friends would want him around. No one came forward to help pay the debt my son has now, so I’m paying it alone because I have to because it’s my child. I have helped my son look for work and we have applied for over 100 jobs, and everyone is just thankful that he has applied for that job and that they have gone with others who are more suitable for that workplace. Even the others who got that job are no more competent than my son because all these are simple jobs. It seems that this blog that I am writing has ruined even my child’s opportunity to get a job. Here you see how I only destroy myself and my child and the fact that I have been the victim of crime is now blamed on me. The world’s power and the rich elite kill us ordinary people and then they claim that it is our own fault. I can’t see my child going into financial disaster because it’s my child. Here you see how the Swedish government has taken my life by tricking me into death through government systems. Now they have also led my child into disaster and later it will be a chain reaction that leads to other disasters in the lives of us ordinary people. This is how the common people of the world are destroyed by the governments of the world on this planet through governmental systems where they open loopholes so that people can walk into their death trap for people to finally be completely destroyed. I was looking for a miracle so that I can pay all the debts. I was thinking of betting on horses so maybe I’ll win something but I’m bad at this. Playing the Lotto is pointless because I have realized many years ago that it is a pure government scam to cheat ordinary people out of money. I couldn’t sleep for weeks and then while browsing YouTube, I found a video where people who write blogs can ask people for donations for what they have written. I feel ashamed when I ask you ordinary people of the world for donations. I did not start writing this blog with that intention. I


didn’t even know that was possible. But now I’m in desperate need of help. I am asking you if you could imagine donating me as much as a Hollywood movie costs. I also buy their movies without even thinking about it, so renting a movie costs 50 kroner, and buying a movie cost about 150 kroner. I am asking you if you can help me because I cannot survive this situation that I am in. I do not want you to feel that you have spent a lot of money on me. I am asking you if you can donate me 50 kroner because only 40 kroner costs a transaction with all fees, 100 kroner or 150 how much does a movie cost, no more than this. This blog is the truth about the world we ordinary people live in, while movies are a beautiful fantasy that makes our life a little more exciting and at the same time those movies lead our children and ourselves into death and right into the hands of the world’s power and rich elite. About here I have finished my blog post 21 and I have finished it by starting to say a prayer, but now I will pray a little later after I have explained what happened after I finished writing that blog post. After that I would build a website. I’ve looked at all possible platforms and it just crashed so I decided to go back to WordPress because it’s still the best platform because even the other old blog I’ve written is a cheaper version of hosting provider while this one is Kinsta for business. I asked IT knowledgeable companies that build websites and then it turned out that it will cost me 20,000 kroner which I did not have. So, I had to learn how to quickly build a website in a short time. I bought many different programs and here you can see how I have built it with the help of intelligent people all over the world on Youtube, I learned this and just when I have built it and when I have connected Stripe with the donation plugin in WordPress then I started notice that I can’t get into my paid more secure emails that I will use for this website from this computer. In addition, I was thinking of connecting Paypal as well and for that I must have a phone number that is switched on and active all the time. So, I went and bought a cell phone with a subscription that had a phone number on the subscription that I will use for Paypal. I got into debt with that mobile, so everything cost around SEK 10,000. When I would register a business account on Paypal, then Paypal does not allow me to register the SNI code for blog or any similar word so that Paypal knows what my business is about. I got help from Swedish Paypal support and even for them it was strange that it doesn’t work because they told me everything that I can write so that I can register the account, but it still didn’t work. Now I have a useless phone that I have to pay for every month. I have never bought phones with a subscription precisely so that I don’t get into such a situation where I don’t have money while I have debts. Also, later Paypal support said to message seller and I did. They gave me a phone number to call them. When I called them, the answering machine said that there is no subscription with that phone number or that it does not exist. Then things started happening with the computer. First there was an email that I couldn’t get into even though I typed the correct password, then the second and finally I couldn’t even get into my own WordPress website even though I typed the password correctly. I was devastated. Then I had a Windows 10 without a Microsoft account and the computer worked perfectly until the moment I connected Stripe with the donation plugin in WordPress. Swedish and American power and the rich elite have hacked my entire network in an apartment. Even the TV began to lose sound. After all, I talk to the police every night and it is nothing unknown to me that the police are on the other side of the computer screen. I couldn’t access any account from computer but from mobile phone it works fine. Since the computer is completely useless to me now, I thought that maybe it’s just someone hacked in or that I got a virus and then I tried to reinstall Windows 10 with my original USB Windows 10 installation. When I was going to install it then it said that Windows has been updated 10 days ago and that’s when I connected Stripe with the plugin for donation and that I have to load Windows 10 from the Microsoft cloud instead. Also, it said that the version I had that I bought with the computer is allegedly corrupt, while this one I’m downloading from Microsoft is not corrupt. Then I installed Windows from the cloud and when I had to set all the


settings then I had to have a Microsoft account. There were fucking passwords everywhere. They connected all my mobile phones and all my emails, and it was extremely misleading. Long before this started happening when I finished writing this blog post 21, it was the most important to me, so I saved it on a USB stick where I also have all our pictures from when my son was little until now. So, once it occurred to me to triple check if I have the blog post 21 saved because I know I have saved it on several USB sticks. When I checked the USB stick all the blogs that I have teased and attributed even more text in were there while the blog post 21 was gone. I saved it again from the computer on all those USB sticks and I saw with my own eyes that blog post 21 is in there. So, after all that when I have installed Windows 10, then I got a bad feeling in my head. Please just don’t delete that blog post 21 and when I plugged it into computer all the blog posts were there but blog post 21 was gone. Also, all the pictures that I had were deleted as well. So Swedish and American power and the rich elite have erased my entire life here in Sweden. They threaten me through all this so that I know they will destroy me even more. They’re going to finish me off, but they’ve already done that. I am destroyed already and my ability to think and to live at all is completely non-existent. This was the biggest setback of my life. They have thrown me back 100 steps. But I wrote it anyway so if there are people on this planet who are on my side, I’m asking you to help me. Now I’m going to end this blog and I’m going to say a prayer.


My dear Father, I don’t feel so good.

Look at what they and their evil Gods have done to me Father!

  They have taken my body from me, Father.

They have taken away my mental senses Father.

They along with their evil Gods have taken away my soul Father.

My dear Father they have taken my life.

I burn alive and I hover between life and death around the clock, Father.

My dear Father, help me because I want to harvest fucking souls.