My visit to the emergency room-Blog post 2


Everything is connected. They keep talking to me no matter how close to death I am, no matter how bad I feel and no matter what happens. All they do is just to mislead me so that I get confused, while the injuries and the medications I have to take now have had time to break down my body, my ability to think clearly, that I should not be able to express myself in words, that I will suffer in living hell in my ongoing death, that they will make me unable to explain the obedience due to destroyed body that dies gradually more and more and in the end I will die. The dying body in electrical damage, means and is also directly my destroyed mental health. The two physical and mental injuries also directly mean my destroyed personal identity, where my consciousness gradually ceases to exist and when it has happened, then my brain has completely lost the ability to function normally. I will eventually not know who I am, I will not be able to experience time and space, I will not be aware of my existence, I will not have control of my body’s motor skills, I will lose the ability to speak, I will not be able to answer questions , because I will not become aware that I exist and that someone at all talks to me and asks me questions. Then I will be branded as crazy by world power and rich elite, but in public they will never say that it is they who provoke that madness. In addition, I will eventually die. None of ordinary people on this planet will know that they and their children are murdered like cattle animals if they have not read my blog. If you have read my entire blog, then you know for what death traps the power of the world and the rich elite have added to you and all of us. We believe that our governments care about us ordinary people and our children, but they definitely do not. I write about the crime that Swedish power and the rich elite have exposed me to. The result of their police investigation is that I disappear as a person, where I am ashamed. I get devalued as an individual, where in the end I will not be mentally clear in my mental mind. When I have come to the physical and mental state, where I have lost my mind completely, it is then the day that my child will realize that I speak incoherently, that I do not understand anything, that I may not answer questions, that I have lost the brain’s mental speaking ability, that I scream from pain in the body and that I am not even aware that I scream in real life, that I might walk on the floor in the fetal position and mumble due to pain and then my child will be overwhelmed and sad at because of what happened to his dad. Then he will think that I may have just been poisoned by all the medications he knows I am taking, such as Seroquel. Then he will call the ambulance in the belief that they can help me in general care. Public care, which has only been waiting for the day when it will happen to me, drives me directly to a closed psychiatric prison execution place which is publicly called state psychiatric care clinic in state media propaganda. So, they will lock me in a mental hospital, where I will unknowingly wait for my physical death as well. In addition, they can do whatever they want with me in there, as they also usually do all the worst against locked people in there. They can beat me there, they can tie me up in a straitjacket and they can shock me further with ECT so that I will die as soon as possible, so that I do not take up space for the next citizen who is to be murdered there. Throughout the history of mankind, the world power and rich


elite have indoctrinated the entire world population on this planet, in the image and belief that people who become mentally ill have become ill for no logical reason. They have become mentally ill just so, because of a sick brain, that the madness is supposed to be inherited from parents, that it is due to the genetics of the body, that mentally ill people are usually bad people, who lack all morals, that they are also evil and that they are prone to murder and suicide and so on. The power of the world and the rich elite have done this to the entire population of the world who are ordinary people from childhood and on to adult life. They have committed the brainwashing throughout the history of mankind, and they continue to do so even now, and it will continue indefinitely, because that is the only way they can have control over ordinary people. This is the image that all the governments of the world have shown to their citizens through complete media propaganda about psychiatry, which is that people have had a nervous breakdown for no logical reason. People have only fallen ill with severe mental illness, but they do not say that it is the government that has started the death of people through electrical destruction with 9-volt devices and even less voltage. It does not matter for results will be the same. It only takes a little longer to die. That is why all governments have put electrical appliances up for sale as something completely harmless, so that we ordinary people, together with our children, will be tricked into the death trap of electric destruction, so that we will lose our minds and become mentally ill. Considering that electrical injuries mean that you get a totally nervous breakdown before you have even had time to die physically due to physical electrical injuries. The question is just about the time when it will happen? Thanks to the course of this ongoing death, our governments have silenced us by declaring ourselves mentally disturbed, because we are alleged to have imagined all that we have said about crimes that we have been subjected by them through state systems. They will not be guilty of murdering us when we have died. Finally, they convince the entire population of the country that they live their lives in safety with their children, so that governments can lead and deceive them and their children in the same way in certain death at a later time. All that we have told is supposedly just imaginary imagination of mentally disturbed individuals with mental illness. This is how we and our children are murdered and, moreover, our governments treat us like retarded idiots, as well as the fact that crimes they have exposed us to make them sound like it is supposed to be our fault, because we have imagined that they have exposed us to crime. When we talk for over 5 years that we are dying, we imagine that we are dying according to them and therefore it is not even a crime. Government does not stop with murder orgy only on parents. They are also looking for our children. Imagine, for example, the very possible reality event, where after a few days when they have driven me to a mental hospital for execution which they call under false claims of care, they may even call my son where they say, we know that what has happened your dad is very traumatic for you. We usually in such difficult times are there for children who have a seriously ill parent. We have well-trained psychologists who have helped thousands of children, just in this city Uddevalla. And, besides, I can recommend you a psychologist who is one of the best in this city. This is because he has helped me personally when I once had a difficult time in life. They can help you process that trauma. Of course, we do not force you if you do not want to. It is you who


chooses!!!!? If he goes on this and if he goes there, then they will recommend him medication for depression which is said to be able to help him process severe trauma and then they have also drawn my child closer to death. Then he is also on his way to the same death trap and against Swedish execution death penalty through state systems that are advertising of electric destruction, and execution of death sentence on civilian population through public care and in the end station death cell called a closed psychiatric clinic. If he begins to take the medication, then attention and ability for danger drops drastically and that is also the real purpose of medicines that psychiatric care gives to people for mental illness. I know you’re thinking now that it’s not true and that they would never do that. They would not even care. Yes, they would not do that to people which the government does not have as a target through the police, but they want to do it against people, which the government has as a target. When they have decided to wipe out a family member, then they attack the whole family, and their attack is committed through entire state systems. They use whole state systems through public and psychiatric care, through the media, through the school system, through the social where they deprive children of parents, through financial fraud to make life a hell where parents or children end up in debts they cannot pay, so that they end up on the streets as homeless. They make one’s life a living hell, in other words, for people to be led to a nervous breakdown, so that they can even imprison individuals they have under attack, either in prison or mental hospital. This is how the governments of the world wipe out entire families and in this case me and my child. If you think that general care would not try to drag my child into the Holocaust death camp called psychiatry, then all I can say is that they have already done so. Like I said I’m fixing this blog one last time and now it’s 2022-04-22. My son had some serious health issues. He suddenly becomes nauseous with difficulty breathing. It has happened several times, but once it became very serious. It happened when he was with me. His friends were also present when it happened. I was completely terrified. His hands begin to tremble and his whole body, he lost strength in his body, became nauseous and was about to faint. He lay down on the floor and said to me, Dad, I’m dying. It’s my last moment. I feel bad now when I write this and tears well up even now. In any case, he sought care at a health center in Uddevalla. After many blood tests, I thought they would find a reason why he suddenly feels so bad. But to my great surprise, they came to the conclusion that everything is just OK with his health. After one or two weeks, I sat in the sofa and watched TV, while my son was playing PC games and then his phone rang. It was a nurse from the same health center. I thought they had found the cause of his body’s collapse, but she started saying something completely different. He sat on the telephone speaker, so that I too can hear. She said, you know? we think what you had is probably symptoms of mental illness. Would you consider going to a psychologist? Then my blood started to boil. If anyone knows what mental illness is? then it is I, who have gone through all possible phases of bad mental state. I recognize immediate symptoms of mental illness when I look only at the behavior of an individual. Unfortunately for me, I show all the symptoms and that is why I know this. But my son is a happy man. He laughs constantly, he has no problem with socializing with people. He is very social. He’s already had more girls than I’ve ever had in my life. He has gotten lost because of today’s


society’s media propaganda, a little too group press and so on. But as I said in blog chapter 1, I am convinced that the police have also destroyed him with psychotronic weapons from his children’s age and, they have murdered me and when they murder parents? Then they also murder parents’ children and what the woman from the public care is doing is further destruction of me and my child. It is the destruction of the whole family that is committed throughout our lives and through the continued life of me and my son. This is how they do it to the people of the whole world and the power of the world and the rich elite do it in the same way and that destruction they all commit together against all of us ordinary people and in the same way. Anyway, (Swedish Bad Bitch) asked him if he wanted to visit a psychologist. My son answered her in a very diplomatic way that surprised me too. So, I’m proud of him for this, that he answers so civilly and calmly. He told her; I do not want to do it because I do not have such problems. When I feel bad, then I have a family member I talk to. The family member helps me with everything, so that I feel good. Otherwise, I’ve never been bad mentally in my life and what he said is also true. He has made very serious mistakes that he took, but he does not care about this which also means that he really has no mental problems. He shit in it. But about that I will write and explain in the any of the upcoming blogs, that I will write. Anyway, she asked him a question like that (Bitch way). For me, it was easy to read her intention and it would have been easy for the entire civilian population of the world. She said, heh, heh, heh, can you tell me, where did you get that kind of picture of psychologists? Did you get it from anyone? Has anyone told you that? I guess she’s read my blog. In this moment, I was shaking with anger. Swedish (bich) exercises government attack on my child. If I were to describe pictorially or suggestively what I could do to that woman in this moment, while she was attacking my child, I could cut off her head and attach it to a pole, so that everyone could see her fucking head, as an example of what will happen if you attack my child!!! Of course, it will never happen in reality, but you power and rich elite should know that there are limits to everything we ordinary people can tolerate. My son said, no I do not want such help, I feel perfectly fine and now we stop. That was the end of it and my son turned off his cell phone. I started commenting on her and my son exploded in anger at me, as he has never read a single blog I have written. He does not even know what I’m writing about. He said what the hell is wrong with you. I’m tired of your talk, where you’re talking about the state all the time. The state, the state only the state. Ok I said, because I do not want to push my child. I always treat him with peace and love, and I guess all parents on this planet do. But as you can see, they have done this, so if you think your government does not want to kill you or your children through state systems, you are wrong. They do it slowly and camouflaged, so that you do not realize that they are leading you and your children to the grave, through your whole life. That I should take the opportunity to say about something that has happened to me recently and here is the perfect opportunity to post it. One or two months ago, I ate a lot of different food dishes and then in the evening I drank beer 3.5% alcohol. Sweden is hard for alcohol sales so that real alcohol they only sell in Systembolaget, while these beers at 3.5% are sold in grocery stores. It’s not even real alcohol. My son played PC games and I sat on the couch and drank beer. I have drunk some of the beer, due to my ongoing death. I drink due to electrical damage. Anyway, I lay there


on the couch and watched TV. What I noticed was as if I had taken a whole pack of such barbiturates, which people use to commit suicide. I never wanted to take this because I want to live. I have never even seen such tablets with my own eyes. Such shit does not exist in my life. I want to live. So, what I felt while lying on the couch, was that some substance in my body was forcing me to sleep. I’m just falling asleep. And then I felt like I was losing consciousness. After that, I felt a sharp loss of strength in my body. Even though I was lying, I felt it. I felt like I was starting to tremble and finally I felt like I was starting to stop breathing. My lungs just stop working. In this moment, I felt clear that I’m dying. When I felt that I was stopping breathing and with the realization that I was dying, I reacted instinctively and then I got on my feet because I tried to save my own life. I went to the kitchen to drink water, but then it got even worse. I was shaking all over, fainting, falling asleep even though I was standing on my legs. I struggled to breathe. When I took a sip of water, then my throat started to hook up. I felt that I was suffocated by water that is only in my mouth and then I clearly realized that I was dying. I came back to ask my son for help. I told him I’m not feeling well. He said, are you kidding. I said I was not kidding and then he flew out of the chair and came up to me. I said how I felt and in order to feel better, I went to the Balcony. It was called at least – 10%. I could not stand on my feet, I rested on my knees, and I had my hands on the balcony floor. I told him, get cold water and pour it on my head and my whole back. He poured that water over me, and I trembled at how cold it was, but that’s the only thing that can pull a person who is nauseous and fainting, back to the living world. Even though it was extremely cold, so something slept me down even in the cold. My son called his friends, and they came to us. After that he called an ambulance, and two from ambulance personnel came and the first thing they did was they asked me to go to the kitchen and back to the living room. After that, they put electrodes on me that measure heart rate. Everything was OK with heart and even if they were present, I was about to lose consciousness and when panic broke out in me, that I will die even in front of them. In certain moments I looked at them and felt as if they were not there in front of me. In certain moments I felt as if there is no one and that all that does not even happen. But I regained consciousness back and forth. He asked me questions. How many fingers do you see? What is this and I correctly answered every time. I said, so many are fingers. That’s pencil if I remember right now. They said lift your hand up, first one then the other in case I got Stroke. I lift my arms up, but I did not have the strength in my body for me to be able to keep them up, so they fell slowly. All went well but, I slurred heavily when I spoke. They said that everything is OK with me, but that they think I should go to the emergency room in Trollhättan. I was driven there by car and from time to time the attacks came again and again, but with ever weaker force. Once we got there, my son and I went inside. First came a nurse. She put electrodes all over my body ECG and the thing they put on the finger, so she snapped it on my right hand, on the middle finger of the right hand.  She also put the long needle in my right arm in case I end on the operating table. She sat the blood pressure band on my left arm. She tightened it and instead of her seeing my values ​​and removing it, another nurse came and asked her that she was needed elsewhere. The band strangled my hand, and I was afraid that the arm would start to die due to blood flow in the arm is stopped, so I removed it myself. Then another


nurse came and removed the thing from the middle finger of my right hand. She fixed something else and put it instead on my left hand of middle finger. That was about how it went. They said I would wait a long time for an answer. By the way, they took a few bottles of blood to analyze it. We went there and were in there at 12:40. I was lying on the bed waiting. On top of all that, I feel these electrical injuries around the clock. Even that tortured me, among other things. The more time passed, the better I got. Hours passed and my son wants to sleep. After a number of hours, I recovered and regained strength in my body. So, I sat down on a chair and told my son to go to sleep on the bed in the same room I was lying on. I covered him with my jacket. He fell asleep and slept until morning while I sat on the chair and waited. We waited for a blood answer until the next day and when it was Over 14:00 then I told them that I would like to wait for a blood answer, because I want to see if there was any foreign substance in my blood that made me almost die. I asked them if I could pay for such a test with my money. She said that they do not take such samples and that it is the police who take such samples. By the way, the two who came by ambulance took blood samples from my finger and my son told me that the sample is for drug testing. Anyway, I told them, I would like to wait for a blood answer, but my son and I cannot cope with this long wait, because of what we can do physically. I said we want to go home because we cannot wait any longer. I asked if they could email me blood answers. They said if you are going home then you must sign that it is at your own request. They told me that they will not email blood answers to me and that my blood answers will still not show anything. Ok I said. I would like to believe in healthcare, but everything that has happened to me here in Sweden, makes me see them as a Holocaust institution industry. That night I looked at them from the room I was in, through the glass window on that door. There were many of them in there. There were Swedish doctors, Somalis with veils on their heads, there were doctors from the Middle East and when I looked at all of them, I thought of a thought. When you look at them all, so what you see is democracy, a multicultural care system. Such things make people believe in health care, but the thing is that health care, even in Somalia and the Middle East, murders its own people in the same way. When they come to a foreign country, they do the same thing and they know that they murder people no matter what race and religion people may belong to, it does not matter. They do this to government, when people have gone into any of the Holocaust methods, which are accepted by all the governments of the world as something perfectly OK. That there were all nationalities in there, gave me a sense of calm because I was still happy to see that there are also Muslims there. I thought that when I look at that picture, when I look at them so multicultural, I start to ask myself, what kind of picture of reality am I writing in that blog? But I’m telling the truth and I am entitled to 100% On the other hand, I am very grateful for the care they have given me at home and there in the emergency room in Trollhättan. I am grateful for that care with all my heart, and I really mean it. In any case, what happened to me was identical to what happened to my son. So, he does not imagine that he felt bad and there is no panic anxiety in either him or me. I know what panic disorder is. I also had this in the beginning a long time ago and it does not like what has happened to me. Panic anxiety does not even come close to the strength this was. This was death itself. I felt death. But one thing is for


sure, for me. Electrical destruction on 9-volts has led me to many new injuries and they have led me in this event as well. The electric holocaust is waiting for my child, it is waiting for your children, it is waiting for children of the entire civilian population of the world. The children and young people of the world only need to be deceived into testing that device once and then they are sentenced to death. Then they have received the death penalty and they will die in a long-protracted death process where they will also become mentally ill automatically. If my son had gone to a psychologist, then they would have recommended him medication for depression and then they have also drawn my child closer to death and then he is also on the way to the same death trap. If he starts with medication, then attention and respect for danger drops drastically and the police can lead him completely unnoticed with Psychotronic weapons straight into advertising about devices on 9-vol. He may be able to test the 9-volt device, which is intended for muscle training, but it does not matter. Injuries are the same, on what part of the body it can even be. When the damage has occurred in the body, then the death process that leads to death has begun. The only question is how long it will take. I have taken myself and my child as an example, but this is what is happening, how it is happening, and it has been like this all over the planet for the last 100 years. It happens to the civilian population of the whole world. You all ordinary people and your children live with this death trap waiting for your children. Our children, my children, your children are under attack by our governments. Our children are in danger of death. It’s easy to say that they should not test the devices. But life is a long process and people over time can change their minds about everything. They can be deceived in this death in 40 years. Many are deceived in all sorts of death traps set by our governments in front of our eyes as something completely harmless and even supposedly useful to us, just because we and our children will bite into their death trap, for us to be injured to death. When we have been injured to death, then we can whine and complain as much as we want. Then it’s too late for us. Then we will be censored, and our governments will only lead us to death by exposing us to even more crime, until we have died. All the psychological torture that the state has committed on me for more than a decade is for the state to have me as a mentally wiped-out individual in court, who cannot defend itself in the end, so that it is the state that is always right while I always will be wrong. They will say that I have made mistakes after mistakes throughout my life. I’m embarrassing myself over and over again, due to ruined body and my ruined psyche, but I have not committed crimes. It would have been better for me if the Swedish police, instead of injuring myself to death in such an advanced and protracted way, had instead taken their service weapon and shot me to death in the street. It would have been many times more humane for me, than that I now witness around the clock how my body dies while I am still alive. I die in the same way as when a Tarantula dies of paralysis that has been stung by the Tarantula Falcon, where I witness how my body is eaten from within, while I am still alive. The Swedish state does not give me the same type of humanism as they usually give their humanism to animals. They do not allow animals to suffer, because if they suffer, then they become killed by the state, while the state has treated me worse than animals. They have massacred my body and they have given me a suffering that is infinitely many times worse than the suffering that dying animals


can have. If they do not succeed in eliminating us and driving us crazy through torture for 13 years with words, then the state has created the 9-volt electric Genocide annihilation of us ordinary people and our children, on this planet Earth. To make it acceptable as something harmless and attractive to people, they market electric destruction as something that can be used for positive purposes for people’s health. I do not know what could be eviler than telling people who have an ADHD fraud diagnosis, to use a 9-volt device that releases electrical current in this case in the child’s head and that they should get that device credible to trick the world’s population ordinary people into killing their own child, so they have given it lethal device also a professional government care system name that sounds advanced. They call it death: (Monarch external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation System) at maybe 9 volts and they encourage and deceive parents that they should kill their own child with their own hands. Or another example on world power and rich elites’ evil as that people who have rheumatism, you can use this 9-volt electrical device to relieve your pain from rheumatism. When they have tested it for a few minutes, then they realize that they have been numb on that part of the body. Of course, they throw that device away, while they are not even aware of what is coming in about a year. Through a blog that I have written, you see what will happen to them. It is the ultimate evil. When you look at me, you only see scandal and my only fault is that I’m still alive. You can actually feel money on such scandals. For the Swedish power, I am a simple scandal refugee from Bosnia, who will be an inspiration for Swedish parasite writers who have lived their lives in harmony with real human rights, where everything I have been exposed to by this Swedish society to start from the Police and so on, will look like (science fiction). There they back each other up and they protect each other, so that we ordinary people should not have a chance against them. We cannot even prove that we have been the victims of crime. This is how the government’s murder of its citizens works. All of them together win on this story of my ended life and everything at my expense. That’s why I have to disappear first, that’s why they ended my life. I have believed blindly in the Swedish state to the fullest to 100% and now in the end I have realized that even this most democratic society on Earth Sweden, is a simple criminal dictator genocide fraud society. They talk in the media about criminals who commit fraud, where they go to jail for small sums of money earned through criminal fraud. Sure, it’s wrong to rob and commit crimes. But the state requires ordinary people not to commit fraud, crime, and murder. For this purpose, they use all instances in society against individuals and they brag about it in the media. They threaten people who commit crimes with life imprisonment, while they themselves commit even worse crimes than crimes committed by ordinary people. They make sure that we ordinary people cannot prove a single word about the crime we have been subjected to. They kill us all and we ordinary people do not stand up for each other, because for most people, the most important thing is just that they themselves have not been harmed. People are not aware that they themselves may end up in the same situation later in life. It is assumed that you have not done anything. Therefore, you think they will never give a damn about you, but it does not matter to the state. They can pick anyone who is guilty or not guilty. They can choose even children who are not experienced and lead the child indirectly into the wrong path of crime or lead them into the grave. They manage to


drive a person to suicide in just one week with (voice of good weapon technology) V2K injected voices into their heads. The young people who commit suicide in Swedish youth homes, such locked youth institutions, in mental hospitals and perhaps also in prison, they have driven young people in that they commit suicide, with the technology that the police use V2K. They drive children, young people, and adults to commit suicide and that is why people commit suicide most of the time.

This was a testimony of my visit to the emergency room.

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Chapter 2 Fraud 27 October 2019

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