Global Governments’ Role in the Oppression and torture of Citizens – Blog Post 17


Assange Update: Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood stages Protest & Psychological Torture Exposed


Torture and suffering by Julian Assange.

Torture is a psychological process. It is an instrument or tool to cause pain and suffering on state target to influence him in such a way as to force him to admit crime, to punish him for alleged crime, but in the end the state focuses its attack on his psychic mental senses and his emotions. The state can get it by causing physical pain and in this way the state manipulates its target or by causing mental suffering through psychological torture. The state uses psychological torture to destabilize and destroy the target’s personality to the point where victims get a nervous breakdown and where the target is totally manipulated. “First they isolate the target from the environment in total isolation and then the state exposes him to a random threatening environment where he feels threatened and, in this way, his nervous system is overstimulated to such a point where he gets a nervous breakdown, mental collapse.” That’s what happened to Julian Assange. This is how state machinery of judicial psychological torture and media Lynch propaganda on state targets works whether it is journalists or ordinary people. All existing media on this planet are state mafia that do not serve the interests of the people. It’s not about telling the truth because they are lying to ordinary people by filling people’s mental minds with misleading worthless information that will make people passive, blunt, unconscious, and ignorant, while consciously refraining from saying important information that will warn people. for real-life danger that is a threat to the lives of them and their children. According to those in power around the world and their media, there is no danger to people in civil society. But there is a danger to life that discreetly kills men, women and children, and the danger of that life is all government systems on this planet. They kill us through the police, psychiatric care, public care, pharmaceutical companies, through companies that manufacture the deadly products, media everything from news, television programs, entertainment and you do not see the danger before you have been injured. It’s the whole secret of what humanity is based on, and the word humanity is a big question mark. We believe that we ordinary people together with the state constitute humanity but there is no humanity. Power and the rich elite are humanity, while we ordinary people are some kind of slaves. In the media, it appears that politicians are fighting for the security and prosperity of us ordinary people and that it is we who have elected them through fair parliamentary elections. They deceive us with lies that we should vote for them. That word, democracy, freedom, and security do not exist anywhere on the planet. If democracy, freedom, human rights, all equal values ​​had existed in reality then what I have been exposed to would not be possible. Media lies to people right in the eye and media is just a puzzle in the state annihilation system of ordinary people in civil society. Refraining from telling the whole truth is tantamount to lying to people. The media propaganda is, in a way, a certain psychological torture not only of Julian Assange, but also of ordinary people who look harmless, until people have been injured to death. There we see what happens to a journalist who reveals the truth. State media do not support Julian Assange because they do not serve the people, instead they serve the state by actively participating in the murder of ordinary people by building a picture of reality where the media talks about dangers


such as alcohol, drugs, obesity, climate change, mobile radiation while not uttering a word about people dying due to deadly products that cause neurological damage to the entire nervous system in the body that are sold under false pretenses as something completely harmless. They also talk about positive topics such as actors, music stars, sports, and a sea of ​​worthless information of everyday events that really have no value and significance for us ordinary people. When I listen to the radio while I work, I want to listen to music, and everyone wants it. But, between each song, it is the radio program leader who washes us listeners with worthless information on completely innocent and insignificant subject from the everyday lives of their and ordinary people. It does not matter if I switch to another radio station. Even there it is the same. The difference between different radio stations is that in some radio programs, presenters laugh appropriately and in some radio programs they constantly laugh almost every second which is absolutely not normal. They laugh and tan like complete idiots, but if I had not been hurt by the state electric death trap, then their laughter would have convinced me that life in Swedish society is fun entertaining and I would have felt that I live in safety after the media shows a picture where no one talks about the fact that there are ordinary people who have been injured to such an extent that they are dying. Their laughter is intended to convince us ordinary people that there is no danger to life, which can cause us to be murdered. Young people are healthy and full of energy and the exaggerated laughter should fool them that life in Sweden is safe, entertaining, fun, and full of jokes and energetic Music. There is nothing dangerous in society that can kill them, due to such information, they have never heard of it either through schooling, through television, radio or learned through the internet. When advertising on the electrical nerve agent necrosis-inducing devices, plops in front their eyes, then they see the lie written by states about the Trojan electric death. They have never heard that what they see in front of them is a device that will cause their body to die and that it will mean the end of their lives. Whatever the purpose of use, all electrical appliances may be, so it’s based on a fatal scam, which should trick them into trying it once and that’s all that is needed for their lives to end. The media deceives people with a false sense of security of safety while refraining from telling the truth and informing people that the electrical products are the most harmful on the planet to the human body. It is the fatal state fraud that enables the mass murder of ordinary people across the planet in civil society in peacetime. It is a crime against humanity, a genocide on civilians in peacetime that is committed by every single state on this planet on its own people. Every single state on this planet intentionally wants to harm their entire population to death and they are harming young and old from the common people who have been tricked into testing any of all electrical appliances. The journalists who laugh are media propaganda that are supposed to deceive people into a false sense of security so that when they fall into the trap of the electric trojan, they should not become aware that it can be dangerous. Product that causes nerves to die in the body is not pronounced anywhere, neither on TV, radio or on the internet. People are not allowed to know the truth that the electrical devices have a single purpose and that is to damage the entire nervous system in the body which in turn always leads to physical and mental breakdown and eventually to death in one way or another. People are not allowed to know that it is deadly, and the media make sure to convince people that the danger of that life is something completely harmless by never uttering a word about it. Because people think that if it had been dangerous then they would have heard about it through the media. But this is how the mass murder of people is committed by states by never talking about it. This is how the fatal state fraud works and this is how it is made invisible to ordinary people. The program leaders who laugh and tan, deceive us by building an image of society where there is total harmony, joy, happiness, and life where program leaders talk about their insignificant worthless everyday experiences, so that we ordinary people can be calm, resting, relaxed so that we do not get our


attention to the danger of life activated. then we commit suicide in the short term of a number of years and only then do we realize the truth about the evil world we live in. They recruit listeners for radio listeners to call radio programs so that they can debate even more of innocent topics full of meaningless, boring debates about people’s lives, where words life-threatening for the population are banned as a topic in radio programs, television, entertainment and the internet. On the other hand, they talk about the danger that criminal gangs pose to the population, while words where people die due to products sold to people as something completely harmless are not uttered anywhere ever. Had I not been injured then I would never have known about this. That information is censored by states so that no one hears about it anywhere. When I hear program leaders talk then I realize that they use a calming language way full of joy, harmony and well-being on unimportant and insignificant topics that distract people’s attention from the truth so that people daydream and think about stupidities from the lives of journalists and people. Their job is to hide state abuses no matter what they look like and what Julian Assange has revealed is the only thing on the planet, information that serves the people’s interest in informing ordinary people about state abuses around the world who are independent of state censors. All the media that exist on that planet show information that the state has either allowed to be shown as it is if it does not violate state interest, or they have angled it in the state’s advantage to be able to mislead its population so that they can manipulate people. For the most part, they are lying to people. To deceive people means to lie to them. Another credible media source is ordinary people filming events with mobile phones. Unfortunately, state media is good at convincing people in their image of reality and when people are injured to death then you are left alone in isolation, damaged and censored by state systems. Information should be shown whole to people, without omitted parts because in that case it is a lie that will not show true picture of reality to people. Thanks to this, people will make false decisions and that is how states manipulate people and lead people into unintentional suicide through deception. This is exactly the picture I see in front of me now where parts of the truth are left out to be shown to people. The electrical multi-system of all sorts of different electrical devices where people are tricked by states with lies to get electric current released into their body is nothing but a system that the police around the world use to induce physical torture, which causes people to break into physical and mental breakdown. The state has put all this up for sale as harmless products, while the police through voice technology break down people through constant psychological torture every night, until they have managed to break one’s mental senses where you first become isolated from your surroundings so that you do not have access to information that can inform you of danger and with time in isolation you are easily brainwashed and manipulated, where you lose a stable ability to think clearly and in that way you become uninformed about the next state trap which is the sea of ​​all different electrical appliances that states do not say a word about and that because you should not know that it is deadly to the body before it is too late. Warning that it can be dangerous for the body is censored by states all over the planet. That information does not exist anywhere and that because the mass murder of ordinary people around the world can continue. Once you have been tricked into testing it and realize that you have been exposed to crime where your body dies, it is only then that you realize the truth that you have been subjected to state abuse. It is even then that one realizes that entire state systems are a criminal system. The police, psychiatric care, public care, schooling, social services, media, all of them are criminal genocide criminals. The brainwashing that the media fills people with day and night through TV, radio, newspapers, censored internet is in fact a crime. Misleading people so that people do not know about life dangers in society is criminal. The state shows a picture of reality where they investigate people for crimes in order to force a confession or have evidence to be able to convict one in court for the crime that has been committed. Then you


can choose to end it yourself, by admitting the crime and ending the torture. It is the image that states through the media deceive us ordinary people that we should believe so that we do not see their hidden intentions, where they are not happy with prison sentences instead they want to ruin our lives forever by also damaging our body’s nervous system through the electrical devices and in this way we get a chronic neurological disease where the whole nervous system dies and it leads to physical and mental breakdown where one is driven to suicide due to the physical and psychological torture suffering. Healthcare takes neurological disease seriously when people fall ill and then they have an understanding of patients. Such patients are given space in the media to talk about their illness. Everyone has empathy for them and so do I. Here are the facts about neurological disease:

Neurological diseases

Neurologiska sjukdomar


– Common neurological symptoms are headache, muscle weakness, clumsiness, dizziness, tremors, and numbness. Neurological diseases can also cause disturbances in the ability to observe, the ability to think logically, the production or understanding of speech and the identification of things and memory disorders. The neurological symptoms also include seizure symptoms, such as certain visual disturbances and bouts of unconsciousness and seizures. Here you can see how serious it is to get neurological damage. Illness in that case causes damage to the nervous system and the brain. When the nervous system is damaged then it is neurological disease. It does not matter how the nervous system has been damaged. What states commit through electrical appliances is insanity and the culmination of evil. When you have suffered damage to nerves through electric current then it is the starting shot for neurological disease. Nerves dead due to electrical damage spread to the entire nervous system. Patients who have developed neurological disease have headaches, muscle weakness, clumsiness, dizziness, tremors, and numbness disorders in the ability to observe, the ability to think logically, the production or understanding of speech and the identification of things and memory disorders. Would anyone say that they are crazy because they have lost the ability to think logically. I have been injured by crime. I have damage to the nervous system in the same way that those patients have. Am I crazy about writing blogs about crimes I have been subjected to? I also have muscle weakness, clumsiness, dizziness, numbness where I have lost feeling in damaged parts, and I am losing more and more of feeling. Is this not sufficiently serious bodily harm for the governments of the world? I also have a weakened ability to observe, the ability to think logically when it hurts the most and now it hurts around the clock, due to the fact that damage has worsened. I have pain from hell while the neurologically ill patients have no pain. Even the damn Seroquel evokes a reduced ability to think logically. I cannot write a single word on this blog after taking that medicine. States induce neurological disease by deceiving people through the media, psychiatric care, public care, and even the police through voice monitoring technology and psychological torture. People who have contracted neurological disease are dying. Patients with MS severe cases die in 5 to 10 years. The average life expectancy in ALS is three years from the time the diagnosis is established. However, 10 percent live longer than ten years. I have read in the media a case where a young man in his 30s has chosen to take his own life at Dignita’s euthanasia, a clinic in Switzerland. He took his


life due to ongoing suffering in agony, where he does not live. He cannot experience life. It’s the same with me. I do not want to kill myself because I have no reason to. The problem is that suffering makes it impossible for me to stay alive. I want to commit suicide because I can no longer cope with the suffering. Those injuries kill me in about 20 different ways at the same time where my body dies, and my mental senses die with it. This is what death looks like. Keep in mind that I’m damaged by 9-volts. So that you only know, that when cops shoot people with Taser at 1000 volts then you should know that every human being who has been shot with the electric shock of Taser, will get this neurological disease that I have. They will die. But police do not say they are harming people in that way. They do not even say that it is dangerous. It’s murder with delay. You ordinary people on this planet must know that all existing states on this planet are criminals and they are committing crimes against us ordinary people around the clock year after year, decade after decade. States do not talk about this because it is the ultimate way to murder people where it only takes a little time and that is the best thing about it as the state can abdicate all responsibility. Do you want your child to be exposed to that crime in the future? All you see in the media around the world are government lies. It does not matter who you vote for, they are all the killers of us all ordinary people on the whole planet and I guarantee you that they do not shy away from killing our children as well. They always commit murder for some reason that should justify their police intervention. Swedes can feel disgust towards me because I speak the truth about the Swedish state, and it also applies to every single state on this planet. Swedes feel privileged where there is constant talk of immigrants committing crimes. But for a week or two I do not really remember because my memory is disturbed, I have seen a case where a Swedish boy died on a moped while the police chased them.

Alexander, 16, died in a serious accident – chased by police

Alexander, 16, dog i svår olycka – jagades av polis


Why would they chase the Swedish children on mopeds? They are not big criminals. They chased them because they wanted to cause a fatal accident. This is awful and it’s a cold shower for that family. There you see that regardless of whether we are immigrants or Swedes, we are murdered by the state system. States discreetly murder people on an industrial scale, and crimes committed by the world power and rich elite on ordinary people around the world are not considered crimes at all. The important thing is that all humanity around the world understands and I mean only ordinary people should understand and realize that it does not matter who we ordinary people vote for for states do not want to give us the basic human right that we should live our lives in security and that we should have the right to live. As you can see, there is no security. What I write in the blog must come out so that the entire population of this planet knows that they and their children are being murdered by the state. It is the power of the world and the rich elite that rules over us as if we are livestock animals that they can slaughter however they want. You can hate me because I do not care. I’m just trying to get redress for my extinguished life, and they have psychologically harmed my child in the same way, because I see that in him. Remember that the murderers at Sinful who sold me the electric death go free. Not only do they go free, but they also continue to harm more people to death. They are selling it even now as if nothing has happened. The injury I have is leading me


straight into physical and mental breakdown. This week when I went to work, I forgot to take medicine with me. So, I thought it would be a good time to try to lower the dose from 450 mg to just 50, for the obesity that is only growing because of the medicine is literally taking my life, as I am on my way to getting diabetes. Without nerve anesthesia, that pain has tortured me to the point of rupture. In two days, I have almost had a mental breakdown due to physical suffering without Seroquel anesthesia. I was almost ready to commit suicide because this is death. In such great despair where my existence ceases to exist, I would take even poison only suffering is lowered a little. It’s the constant feeling that I’m dying for real and the hopelessness that drives me to alcohol consumption. I extinguish and numb death anxiety with wine. This is the end of my life. As I even do, I go straight to the grave. If I do not take Seroquel to lose weight, then it is pain and loss of feeling that crushes me to physical and mental breakdown and that in just two days. If I take Seroquel, then the medicine kills me while I am dying when I am awake. I have been injured around 07/2015. Then it was just a numbness that I felt without pain that came after a year. Now I am on the border between life and death, and I am very close to mental breakdown. But the nerves that were not damaged in the beginning are now damaged. Everything I have compared the damage with is 100% correct. The previously uninjured nerves that are damaged now make the sufferer 100 times worse. I feel like I’m at the same time in fire and in extreme cold. I feel at the same time the terrible pain, I feel that my body is burning and because of that heat I sweat, and I feel like my fat melts and flows over the body, at the same time I feel that frizz even if it is normal temperature in my environment. Along with all this, I feel like I’m shivering from the cold and because of what I’m freezing to death. It feels like the fat is fluid on the skin, while the skin is actually dry. This hell is death itself. The damage is physical and mental breakdown. Sooner or later not even Seroquel will be able to keep me alive as normal. This damage causes anger chemically. Keep in mind that I have reported the Sinful killers to the police and instead of them being stopped, I have been stopped by the entire Swedish state system to take it to court. There are many millions of people around the world who are going through the same thing as I am now, and I cannot find a single one of them. We are censored by states through the media and the internet. The fact that I write about it and the media silence as if I do not exist, is another psychological torture of me. All states treat their people in the same way. This is international cooperation between states where they drive people to physical and mental breakdown that ends in our death. The Electric Holocaust are tools for the police so that they can drive us to mental breakdown so that they can lock us up in mental hospital without any court. This has been accepted by all existing states around the world as a method where you literally liquidate a citizen and, in this way, you are eliminated and removed from civil society and even the living world. This is how the governments of the world look at us ordinary people and this is how they treat us. They talk about human rights while executing the death penalty on people. This is how we ordinary people are treated by our governments through state systems, regardless of whether we ordinary people have committed or have not committed a mistake in our lives. This massacre of civilian population has been accepted by the whole world power and rich elite worldwide as something acceptable. What I see in front of me the information that has been withheld from being displayed and revealed to people, even by Wikileaks. All existing media on this planet, including Wikileaks, have never mentioned a word about people being injured to death by electrical products sold to people around the world as something completely harmless. This is because they all together, including power and the rich elite, think that people who have committed crimes deserve such punishment. Therefore, even Wikileaks does not reveal a word about the electric destruction on ordinary people in civil society. It seems that people who happen to have made a mistake in life are not even human. Wikileaks reveals blatant war crimes where states kill civilians through war, while Wikileaks does not


reveal that states kill civilians in peacetime in civil society through state systems. Nobody cares about the suffering that state fatal abuse causes on ordinary people who have happened to commit a criminal act, or have not committed anything, it does not matter. Even if you want to be convicted, they do not allow it. Now I understand why. They want to lock me in no matter what. They’re waiting for my mental breakdown. Electrical damage eventually always ends in mental breakdown. Anyone who has been injured with the devices or Taser gets locked up or they die. But you, ordinary people around the world should be aware that even your children may make a mistake in life that will lead them to disaster. You all look at criminal children as evil itself. But you do not see the evil that the state constitutes for all of us ordinary people. Not even Julian Assange and the journalists who support him have ever uttered a word about the mass murder of civilians in peacetime by the electric death Trojans that cause such permanent pain, suffering in agony and mental illness that literally drives the injured to insanity and suicide. The suffering that Julian Assange goes through in isolation in a prison cell cannot even be compared to the suffering that I go through. All the torture he is subjected to is psychological torture that he can get out of if he is released, and I wish him that with all my heart. He has not done anything wrong. He has suffered enough, and he should be released. If Julian Assange is released, then he can continue to live like a normal human being, while in my case, no matter what happens in my life, I am dying day and night and I will die one way or another. Even if I get redress, so it does not matter because I go through a process where my body dies physically more and more, and the electrical damage destroys my mental mind. We ordinary people support Julian Assange to tell the truth to people, while no such crime committed on ordinary people has ever been mentioned by any journalist on this planet. Not even he has ever revealed a word about people dying in ruined bodies and nerve damage due to electrical appliances being sold to people as something completely harmless. It seems that everyone from the power and rich elite, including Wikileaks, has agreed that this genocide crime against ordinary people in civil society is something that is perfectly OK. It only takes one person on the whole planet with media influence to say in front of TV cameras that people are injured to death by electric current and automatically ordinary people would raise the defense guard up and then people would start talking about the mass murder committed on them. But the thing is, it has never happened, which means that this is an acceptable way for states to murder people. Those who do not take part in the massacre of civilians on this planet are ordinary people who are being murdered. I do not write this blog because I want attention. I do not write this blog because I like to write. It is physical suffering that drives me to write. I am physically and mentally tortured by my destroyed nervous system, day and night and the fact that I write about it is my way of striking back at the power and rich elite for the crime they have subjected me to and the crime they commit on all of us commonly people and our children on this planet. I write this blog because I have been the victim of a crime that no one says a word about. My body is damaged beyond recognition, and I am going through a dying process. According to states, it’s all about crimes that people have committed and punishments that states hand out to people. States keep quiet about having technology that provides the benefits where they can get into people’s mental minds when they sleep and thus access people’s most intimate secrets. States are keeping quiet about the technology so that they can continue to have an advantage over ordinary people, where states through the police are hundreds of steps ahead of ordinary people. Everyone who commits a crime goes straight into the trap while they are not aware of it. Thanks to the silence people believe they have a private life while states intrude on their private lives with advanced technology where in many cases, they murder them and their children. If you say you hear the police talking to you, then it is linked through media with government-created prejudices directly to psychiatric care and schizophrenia, which is nothing but prejudices that the state has built up over a


long period of time and throughout state systems and media. Is Electrical Damage Disease Schizophrenia? where the entire nervous system dies including the body itself, while you are still alive. States keep quiet about it because it is part of police torture where they harm people physically so that people will have a nervous mental breakdown even mentally. If psychological torture is not enough to break a person into a mental nervous breakdown, then they are physically harming people with electric current. But the problem is that they do not break down psychologically one, for breaking in mental breakdown, for acknowledging crime. They manage to force people to acknowledge their crime through the voice technology and it goes so fast that it does not even take a month. They can also drive one to suicide if they want in this way. They can kill one in a few days by disturbing sleep. But they are not even looking for people to admit their crime, for they attain it with ease. They are looking to make people disabled so that people die due to physical injuries. They cause physical damage in order to die physically and at the end of one’s life due to the physical suffering such as electrical damage means one collapses even in mental breakdown and thanks to these states can blame one’s death on mental illness. In other words, the murder that states commit on ordinary people states blames on mentally ill-minded depression. States make it look like people have contracted a deadly mental illness called Depression and that it is a disease that drives people to commit suicide and not physical injuries where electrical injuries cause physical and at the same time psychological torture that eventually ended in mental breakdown due to injuries. The governments of the world deliberately allow the media to talk about people who have been harmed by ECT through psychiatric care. This is how states control people and instill fear in people by writing, for example through the website no to ECT, that the Swedish state also imposes ECT alleged treatment on people. The whole page no to ECT including all the psychologists and psychiatrists who talk about brain damage that ECT causes is the biggest fraud in human history because they talk about ECT brain damage while they never mention that people are injured at nerve clinic, pain clinic, by Taser In the case of police intervention and the sea of ​​all different 9-volts, stimulation devices are alleged to cause damage to the body, which in turn causes physical and mental suffering that is infinitely many times worse than the suffering caused by those affected by ECT. Someone is lying and it seems that everyone is lying just so that mass murder of the entire population is not revealed. Most of the psychiatric care on this planet deceives people that ECT treatment is something completely harmless and that it helps against depression when nothing else does. People have problems in life that they have not fixed. That problem eats them from the inside out and causes mental breakdown. Read my blog and you will know how to get well again, but if the state through psychiatric care and media propaganda has managed to trick you into seeing the necrosis-inducing electrical neurotoxin ECT treatment as care, then you are beyond all rescues. When you are injured by this electric shock, then the brain dies there immediately and after a year, neuron, decomposition, and nerve death that progressively worsens not twice but 8 times worse from month to month. Even after the first treatment, parts of your brain die and with it your memories cease to exist. So, the work that gives you food on the table will also cease to exist which means that you will with 100% certainty lose your workplace there because that knowledge and your many years of schooling no longer exist. I too am heading for the same fate. Instead of a normally fully functioning brain with ECT brain damage, you get parts of the brain that have died. With the ECT treatment you turn into a 100% disabled and without full brain capacity you are mentally handicapped, not to mention that after a year there is pain that is present day and night, 7 days a week year after year, which provokes insane anger without for any reason other than electrical damage. Electrical damage is death anxiety, concern, down mood, physical and mental suffering from the grave. Your soul also dies due to electrical damage, so that you are no longer among the living world. Outwardly your body exists and


looks whole and that is what enables states to commit that deceptive genocide on people because when people look at you, then in their eyes you are whole, while you are not in that body. States know very well what is happening to you and me. This is meant to happen to us. That is the punishment they want to give us. They know that your life is over forever. But that’s why the crime is so perfect, censored hidden death without return. Even if you have had something to say against the state and psychiatric care, with brain damage, the criticism also ceases to exist so that you will not even complain anymore because you are no longer aware of what has happened to you. You will lose sensation in the face, and no one says a word about it, because it is censored by states, and it is the worst thing with electrical damage to lose sensation in the body. If pain is not enough to drive a person to suicide, then there is a lost feeling in the body that will drive one to suicide. Lost sensation causes discomfort in the body that is even worse than pain. A single ECT electric shock is enough for you to die over time, and they repeat the electric shocks many times during the claim of care. Every time they expose you to the electric shock, there is less and less of that body in life. It is the state that executes you through lies and through state executioner psychiatric care. ECT is the cornerstone of states’ fraudulent electric destruction of civilians in peacetime. Write the words ECT in YouTube and you will see video after video full of lies and advertisements where the lethal treatment is represented as care. I’m disgusted to watch all the videos and therefore I do not want to share any of the state advertising death penalty method of murdering people on in this blog. It is this video about ECT that shows the true face of what states are for something.

ECT ElectroShock Therapy, Torture, Psychiatry & Mind Control


It’s all about deceiving people because that’s how states murder people. Talking about ECT and not saying a word about Taser, and the sea of ​​all the 9-volt death Trojans served to us ordinary people and to our children as something harmless, is the greatest state fraud genocide that has ever existed in human history. They are the ones who murder people in the service of the state, claiming that they give people psychiatric care, while those who speak against ECT, while they do not say a word about the rest electric annihilation are those who deceive people who are normal and now it’s about the whole population who have never come into contact with psychiatric care, that they should believe that ECT is the only electrical device that harms people while they never utter a word that 9- Volt devices and even devices with lower current strength will destroy their entire nervous system in their body which will turn them into invalids and make them physically permanently chronically ill and at the same time mentally permanently chronically ill, where they will suffer in pain and agony to their last breath before they die, if they come in contact with any of the sea of ​​various so-called stimulation devices. States are after your ordinary people, and they are also out to harm your children to death as well. If your child comes into contact once in their life with the allegedly harmless electrical products and they will die in one way or another or they will end up in a mental hospital. Keep in mind that people who are locked up there are never released before they have recovered. With electrical damage, you can never get well again. On the other hand, you feel worse and worse. You’ll die in there. Therefore, there is electric destruction of ordinary people about which no one utters a word. Once you have been injured, death is impossible to avoid. It is a well-built system of state lies and state silence about the electric massacre of civilians committed together by politicians who makes all this legal, the police who damage people’s nervous system through Taser during police intervention and torture people psychologically through the psychotronic weapons


surveillance technology V2K injected voices in the head and other such weapons used to cause physical harm to the body and to change people’s mental state, where, through psychological torture, they manipulate and provoke people to commit a crime so that the police have a reason to detain people, psychiatric care that misleads people and deceives people into bodily injuries through medication and electrical injuries through ECT, and seas of various 9- volt stimulation devices that are nothing but their tools to get people to break into physical and mental breakdowns that end in death, general care that gives psychiatric care credibility and at the same time they also use electrical neurography EMG that harms the body in the same way while general healthcare allegedly scans damaged nerves. Companies manufacture the deadly products while other companies sell the products under false pretenses and together, they are protected by states so that people will not attack them and that they will live their lives in safety, while they murder ordinary people. They sell it over the internet so that people who have been harmed by their electrical products, cannot find them so easily and access them to knock out their teeth. But I have an infinitely worse suggestion of what punishment they deserve and that is exposing them to their electrostimulation product that will turn their lives into hell and death into agony. Media to 100% consciously deceive people by not uttering a word that the body dies from the electrical products and in this way the media makes it invisible to people so that people can be deceived into coming into contact with the necrosis-inducing electrical annihilation. The media deceives people by participating in the genocide in such a way that they constantly talk about psychologists and psychiatrists who are constantly given space to express themselves in the media where they are represented by the media as credible trained experts on psychological illness and various diagnoses of mental illness. There is talk of how they have studied in college for them to become psychiatrists and psychologists and it is a suggestive message that convinces ordinary people to believe in psychiatric care and believe in medicines that psychiatric care gives them to claim to feel better mentally. They have gone to college to become psychiatrists just for one reason and that is because they have to learn to pronounce lots of professional expert words and sentences that will convince people that they are smart and knowledgeable in their work in psychiatric care and thanks to this, people gain confidence in psychiatric care. The same is with politicians, they also learn a lot of professional expert words to make them appear smart, credible, and more competent than ordinary people are and thanks to that people are deceived into believing that they have their politicians who know what they are talking about and that they deserve to be leaders ate the same incompetent ordinary people. Thanks to the blind people’s trust in the highly competent politicians, the politicians manage to murder adults, young people, and children of the same people covertly and discreetly, while people never even suspect their beautiful competent smart politicians, because they are in fact murderers of them and their children. Politicians use authoritative language which ordinary people do not usually use. Those words just confuse people, where people in many cases do not even know what they mean. People get the impression from politicians that they are well educated for their job, and it makes people believe in politicians. This is how they want to appear smart and being smart means that politicians know what they are talking about. They know more than we ordinary people know. Therefore, they work with it because they are well qualified for their fucking criminal task. You can use simple language so that people understand you, but on the other hand you appear as primitive, and primitive arouses disgust and doubt in people, and it is another area condemned by states and when such people speak then what they say is not considered as credible even if one speaks the truth. The important thing is that you only speak the truth and what I am talking about is the truth about states that murder their populations completely legally through state systems hidden and discreet. Entire state systems and all the states of the world, elevate psychiatric care as something credible because


psychiatric care is a tool that enables states to demonize people, to make their voice not to be credible and to liquidate people without any court. It is about people who have become mentally ill and there is a picture built by states full of prejudices that are linked to madness where people feel disgust, discomfort, and fear so that they themselves do not lose control and end in the same way, by fall ill with mental illness. Thanks to this people that the state has taken out of society for liquidation and slaughter are not believed by the rest of the population. The majority of the population does not react while the state abuses certain individuals from the common people. That is the whole purpose of the hidden electric destruction. That’s why it exists so that they can murder anyone out of the ordinary people adults, young people and children. Laws only apply to ordinary people. The state punishes every mistake that ordinary people commit, while laws do not apply to the state and the rich elite. If laws had also applied to the state and the entire state system including the rich elite then all politicians, media of all kinds including public figures who deceive people in false sense of security, police, psychiatric care, public care, all they had now been in prison behind prison bars. Power and the rich elite are constantly conducting media war propaganda that goes on day and night against their own people. They also murder children and that through healthcare. They allegedly care about children and what the hell is this for.

A baby who is about to be exposed to electric shock that will burn the baby’s brain. That child will die due to the electrical damage, and this is a picture where the Swedish state speaks one thing in the media, while in reality the democratic Swedish power elite conveys a scare propaganda where all the worst crime that comes from the state side is allowed. None of ordinary people react to this image, while everything that the state wants to classify as crime that ordinary people commit accepts people as crime, even if it cannot even be compared to the electric destruction. This is something that should make people protest. It should break in riots on the streets of cities. But nothing happens because it is a well-built psychological warfare against the civilian population full of state lies through media propaganda that protects state abuses of ordinary people and makes them invisible under the assertion of care. The picture is posted for people who have been harmed by electrically allegedly harmless products. When you start searching for the truth, you end up in this picture and it is a clear message to us who are injured that we should keep our mouths shut and that we should keep quiet. They also murder children with electric current and the claim that they provide care to children, just


wondering for what mental illness? They have closed all avenues to us ordinary people so that one cannot, express in the media that what is going on is a crime against humanity, genocide that states commit on their own civilian population ordinary people. It’s all about and all media propaganda revolves around ECT, as states call for psychiatric care for depression, where people break down in mental breakdown as states drive people in. If people have problems in life, then it is problems that provoke anxiety, worry and depression and the mental suffering state through psychiatric care and media presents as diagnoses of various mental disorders and diagnoses of mental illness. The idea is to convince people that people should accept the diagnosis as their mental illness. Then states strike people with drugs that are built to numb the mental suffering of the moment and at the same time they slowly take the lives of people by giving overweight which in turn leads to disaster where body parts will be amputated due to diabetes as it the same medicine has evoked. The Swedish state has forced Seroquel on me by injuring me with electric current. They made me addicted to it so I could get pain relief overnight. It is about what is invisible, and it is the state that crushes people through the police and psychiatric care for decades together to mental collapse. Mental breakdown is their ultimate goal for them to have a reason to be able to lock you in jail or mental hospital if you are unable to commit suicide. It is never about the state giving people care through psychiatric care. When you have started to get concern, anxiety, sorrow and down mood then psychiatric care gives medication to people and then psychiatric care waits for people to go into any of the all different electrical stimulation devices that can take decades before going into that death trap. The state goal is for people to have their nervous system damaged, and it is the true nerve collapse that causes physical and mental nerve breakdown at the same time. It is the secret that all states keep quiet about because it is all states that cooperate with each other in the area of ​​physical and psychological state torture of their respective populations, so that they can liquidate individuals in their respective societies without any court. This is how the electric destruction of the civilian population is committed by states and it goes on day and night, decade after decade around the world all over the world. It is about us ordinary people and those who are power and rich elite who lie to us right in our eyes. As long as we are healthy and whole in our body as long as we are blind to the deadly abuses of government as power and the rich elite commits on us ordinary people. Thanks to media propaganda, we ordinary people do not expect the death blow of the state because it is invisible. For example, we look at the successes that Elon Musk has achieved in his space travel SpaceX and in his electric car Tesla Motors. In addition, he donates money and then we ordinary people think according to our feelings. Then we see him as a hero. The same goes for all similar superstars and public personalities. It is the same power and rich elites’ template, which they use to manipulate crowds, so that they can kill us all and our children, while we see them as our heroes. He is an idol to billions of young people across the planet and so he comes with deadly propaganda to his government which has called for Neuralink which is a criminal death trap, which will help convince billions of the same young ordinary people to see all the other electric death traps of the sea of ​​all different electric destruction devices as something advanced. It is a state fraud that will trick people into trying it once and it’s only once as needed in order to die, under the assertion of research and science fiction that we see in Hollywood movies. When it comes to cutting people and operating on all sorts of electrical devices, including the alleged advanced Neuralink in the brain, then it is about so-called alleged research, which the state propagates and presents as something harmless through media marketing to deceive people into have confidence in the government, so that one does not realize that it is the execution of the death penalty it is about.


Billionaire Wealth Increases By Over Half Trillion Dollars During The Pandemic | Chuck Collins


We look at the rich how they are doing well with lots of money where they own expensive cars, boats houses and so on. We believe that our idols are heroes who help the hungry. We ordinary people act according to our emotions and not according to logic. The marketing of the pursuit of wealth through the media, is the death trap for us ordinary people and our children. A message is conveyed to us ordinary people through the media that we can all achieve success, which is not true at all. The last opportunity for us ordinary people to get rich is through lotteries such as lotto, Euro jackpot, Wiking lotto and so on. Lotteries are drawn behind the light far from the eyes of ordinary people where we only see state mafia journalists and pictures that shift back and forth so that one can almost get epilepsy because of this and that so that they can manipulate by drawing the right numbers. Winners happen to have been on holiday in Thailand as usual and when they come home to Sweden, they were pleasantly surprised. They always happen to play for a few kronor, and they always happen to be anonymous winners of the jackpot of hundreds of millions of Swedish kronor. There may be winners of a few million, but winners of hundreds of millions of Swedish kronor do not exist in reality. The media kills people by committing fraud by electrically destroying the population. Committing money fraud is not a problem for states. People who have nothing to do with crime and the police, but who have gone into it electric annihilation, are acceptable human life lost, because if they have gone on that deception, then it means that they are not sufficiently intelligent and such people are fished in mass slaughter by the whole world ordinary people who are not worthy to live, according to the power of the world and rich elite, so that what is left of people in life, will be only those who are intelligent. In this way, the country’s population is strengthened with smart and intelligent people, while sluggish and stupid people are purged from society through crimes against humanity. It is something accepted by state systems in the same way that the electric massacre of ordinary people is accepted by power and the rich elite. Corruption is also something that goes unnoticed because ordinary people are well trained not to question power. Therefore, in less democratic states, dominant political parties steal people’s votes through state election campaign scams, which are so obvious while people do not react because politicians have well trained people as animals that people should not react to state theft of votes. Even in the democratic western part of the world politicians deceive people with lies so that people will give them their vote while all different political parties together participate in the electric annihilation of the Swedish population by never uttering a word that people are murdered by electric alleged stimulation devices which causes people to die, and which is sold as something completely harmless. It is not only those who take part in that annihilation, but it is every single state on this planet that murders its own people that the government has chosen to be murdered according to states. Since I was born and while I was growing up, the only thing I had to watch were Hollywood movies and the word that characterizes the American and Western world as a democratic and free society. Not even the electric chair looked to me particularly like something terrible, because that punishment is only given to people who have murdered someone and I have not murdered anyone. I will never kill anyone and besides, I will never go to such a country. It will never reach me, I thought. Here in Europe, there is no electric chair for Europe is a civilized part of the world with human rights and all equal values. What I did not know is that you will die even if you get 9-volt electric current in your body and there is a painful humiliating and prolonged deathbed suffering in pain and agony. In every Hollywood


movie, electrical devices in all sorts of shapes are used as sledgehammers to beat the evil criminal gangs or murderers who are evil itself embodied, while heroes happen to belong to state military forces or police who save humanity. Some of the main movie characters are tortured by long baton electric shocks for over 40 seconds and after this torture, they end up at the end of every fucking movie as the leader of the post-apocalyptic society that has risen from the ashes like the Phoenix. Humanity is saved. But it is precisely the character of the film that would in fact go crazy due to electrical damage unable to become at all normal and even worse to be able to become the leader of the remaining humanity. It is the media propaganda of Hollywood entertainment that is deceiving all of us and especially our children of us ordinary people in state annihilation of ordinary people around the world. In the second movie, the main movie character travels back in time, to murder ordinary people and the hero happens to be as usual always white cop who turns out to be the father of his daughter which he will send back in time in the future, for her to murder ordinary Americans who have raised their voices against the power and rich elite. Film was good full of science fiction until the end and there at the end I was disgusted. The final Movie epilogue sounded something like this. Ordinary people start getting pissed off at the power (state injustice criminal system) and then they start the alleged unprovoked revolt against the system, where every single demonized movie character commits illogical terrorist attack not on power and rich elite as they should do for once. Instead, they commit terrorist attacks on ordinary people who pass by on the city streets. In other words, they assume that those individuals will murder ordinary people for no logical reason, while they are cursed at the state’s abuse. They further say that every uprising starts anarchy that happens to lead to civil wars where ordinary people will be murdered, and cities will be set on fire. Movie message is that people should not oppose power and the rich elite who are always right, while the same power and rich elite commit mass murder of civilians worldwide through war crimes and they murder civilians through electric destruction of ordinary people along with just such film media propaganda that turns the people against each other. Why the demonized black sheep have not driven buses on a group of policemen or politicians instead of ordinary people. But what I remember police was white neurotic individual while his daughter was black. There we still have more of state shit of propaganda where they with subconsciously suggestive message show love between white and black population and in this way the film character appears as something fair who fights for whites and blacks, while people who rise up against power and rich the elite appear as demons. Therefore, the daughter of the white police travels back in time to stop rebellion against imperialists who murder all ordinary people and our children in war and civil society by electric destruction discreetly. Actors pay their bills regularly and they are the falsity of the world embodied. Young people should not look at them as something righteous, because they are not. They live their lives in prosperity while at the same time helping the state recruit ordinary people and their children into voluntary suicide through electric death trojans. When Hollywood hero’s movie character dies, then it ends in an electric spectacle with electric discharges cutting through the air. It is suggestive state propaganda that will lead poor children to death through media film propaganda to see electric current as something harmless and accepted as a fucking super force and it is the state that is behind and that drives the film propaganda to lure and deceive billions of adults, young people and children in unintentional voluntary suicide. Emotionally, I like movies, but I see that they are part of the annihilation of billions of people across the planet. States are the power and rich elite that rule over us ordinary people. It’s not about justice for justice does not exist. States punish us ordinary people whether we are guilty or innocent. States do not punish us after proof of what we have done if they are not satisfied with the punishment we would receive. They punish us according to what they think we should receive as punishment. The state is not a higher being, but it is their feelings like racism,


disgust, hatred, xenophobia, anti-Semitism that plays a crucial role, because after all they are just human beings with all their impulses. If we are innocent then they are blaming us through psychological torture through the police intrusion into our dreams which is police psychological torture, which we cannot prove. It is the police torture that is the reason why many young people have committed suicide, swedes, and immigrants. Young people are vulnerable because they have not yet realized how evil humanity the power and rich elite really are. Instead, they believe in the false image of reality, where the state and state institutions, because of the powerful media propaganda present themselves as the good and holy with high morals and it is because of the media propaganda that is powerful in persuasive ability, to get people believe in it, which states want people to believe in. The psychological police torture and realization that they have violated this divine authority and fear that they will be exposed to the freezing of the good, wonderful society, drives many young people to suicide and many have committed suicide. We believe that the state is looking to solve crimes. But they are not. In many cases, they are out to push people to commit suicide and for people to disappear from society. That is why the electrical appliances exist. They exist for us to come into contact with the electrical neurotoxin that will damage our body’s nervous system to ashes, and it is power and rich elites around the world who use this very method to drive people to the grave, so that they can deprive us the human natural mastery of having control over our behavior. Just mental suffering without injuries is enough for a mental health to be damaged. Mental suffering is what states talk about. For states, only mental suffering exists while injuries to the body are not mentioned anywhere. The police through psychological torture make people fall ill in mental breakdown. When people hear that a person has had a nervous breakdown, then people think it’s just a mental bad mood. But it’s something much worse, because one’s mental health is lost, where one’s personality is negatively changed forever, unable to ever live like a normal human being again. Through psychological torture, the police provoke concern, down mood, anxiety and somewhere due to circumstances one can develop social phobia which is the worst of all. The social phobia causes one to become isolated from one’s surroundings such as family, friends and socializing with people and that is the most harmful and dangerous of all things. Then the police can manipulate and provoke a sea of ​​random negative threatening surroundings and events that enable exactly what has happened to me and that is to be deceived in electrical damage. With psychological torture, the police make us mentally vulnerable so that we lose our respect for dangers, that we become isolated from our surroundings, and it is about twenty years of constant reminder that they are present every night in my dreams. You may believe that this is not possible, but it is in this way they have forced me to go to the police station where I admitted everything. My life in Sweden when I came to Sweden as a refugee in the knowledge and insight that I am guilty and that it may happen sooner or later that I will have the police after me, has caused me to fall apart mentally in a nervous breakdown. It’s about decades under such random threatening environments where I saw danger everywhere, where I could be exposed. This is a psychological torture that I have subjected myself to by pretending that everything is OK and that I live my life like everyone else, while I was already reported for crime, I think. Maybe the police have said they need time to break me down to a confession that was not true. Had they come to my house then I would have admitted all immediately because I had 100% confidence in humanity and thus in the Swedish state. They have let me bathe in guilt, worry, fear that will break me down, because that’s how people are driven to a confession of crime or whatever it may be now. It is the false life I have lived that has provoked the most dangerous for me and it is social phobia that made me become isolated as an animal more and more. The police have just started talking to me while I sleep, and it was a psychological shock to me that something like this is possible. It was a psychological torture by a police officer that no human being can live with. It is


Swedish police who scared the life out of me, while I was visiting Bosnia for the last time in my life. They told me that I was in danger of death and that I had to flee to Sweden. It was a psychological torture where the Swedish state manipulated me and made me act according to their instructions. I have already talked about this in blog post 1. That is what got my confidence in the Swedish state, when I thought they would save my life. It would be better for me to die down there, than for me to experience everything that has happened to me so far. That event in Bosnia, is what has closed the door for me to ever be able to return to my old life. I know that there are Swedes who can tell me that if I am not happy with life in Sweden why I do not return to Bosnia. There you see that it is not possible, because your Swedish state has closed my way back to my life in Bosnia. I do not blame the state and the police because I know they were right until I went to the police station and admitted everything. This is where all my respect for the state and all state institutions ends, while not even in that moment did, I know that they will deceive me into something much worse. It took 13 years until they managed to trick me into electric destruction of my body. Even though I asked the police to punish me in court, they still did not allow me the human right to be convicted in court like all normal ordinary people, so that I can end the psychological torture and suffering. Instead, they continued to torture me for another 13 years with constant comments about my everyday experiences and constant reminders that they are present in my dreams. Why? Just so I can be fooled in the electrical necrosis-inducing neurotoxin that takes my life now. Now I do not listen to them, and I do not follow their instructions anymore, but it does not matter for the death penalty on me by the Swedish state is already executed. It does not matter what decision I make now, because I will die anyway. Sweden is not a fucking free country. It is a free country for people that the Swedish state lets live and that is Swedes. But it is not only Swedes who are allowed to live freely. It is also immigrants in my area who are allowed to live freely and that is because they must be present as witnesses who will disprove me that I am right. They are the ones who will be them who will in the future testify that they live their lives in freedom and that everything I have said is pure fantasies that are not possible in reality. With that, I will be disproved. In this way I will be alone in my horrible life that has ended in disaster, while immigrants can testify that they are doing well in Sweden and in this way, I am just an individual who is not believed. My voice will not be credible as I have mental problems and in addition, I received care in Swedish psychiatric care for mental problems. That’s how state torture is committed on ordinary people. That way I get demonized. I can never prove anything of state abuse on me. I have been exposed by the Swedish state to Isolation and demonization in the same way as in Julian Assange’s case. I cannot prove the police torture through the voice monitoring technology, but this is what all ordinary people are exposed to. This is how police investigations are conducted on the entire population across the planet. People believe they have human rights until they get hurt. Even if people are stable, what about their children? That technology must be revealed to ordinary people, so that people become aware of the reality in which they live and that for the sake of their children. Justice on this planet Earth will prevail as surveillance technology is revealed to ordinary people. When ordinary people get it in their hands and start using it to be able to come in dreams of power and the rich elite and in dreams of their children in the same way as they come in dreams of us ordinary people and dreams of our children, it is then humanity will be fair. People need to know how deadly electrical appliances are, that are being sold as something completely harmless. If people knew what it means if they are shot with Taser by the police, then they would never have yelled at the police. We ordinary people who follow strict state laws are brainwashed crowds, while criminal gangs are armed forces that shit in the state. We should not look at criminals as something negative as reality is not such as power and the rich elite describe to us through their media. Criminal individuals and criminal gangs are the justice that states deserve. To me, they are heroes who are


divided thanks to state media propaganda. I want to unite them by saying now the truth that they should hear, where states murder ordinary people whether we are criminals or not and whether we commit crimes or not. Criminals murder each other because they have been manipulated by entire state systems and mostly by the police who are unnoticed present not only in their dreams but in the dreams of their entire other family members. The police will use what is in their mental senses against them. For example, they whisper to criminals that the opposing criminal gang is already preparing to commit murder on them. The person who has heard it at extremely low volume will not experience the meaning as if someone has said it to them, instead they will experience it as their ability to think. They will experience it as their own thoughts and after that they will act on insight where they feel threatened to life. This is the reality we live in. I would recommend to you who are criminals some advice even though I am aware that I am not an expert in giving advice to people. Never put yourself in danger, instead do everything in your power to protect you, your friends, and your family. Do not quarrel with the police because the police have the state behind them. If they kill you, then they will be rewarded by the government for their achievement in eliminating yet another criminal from society and the living world. They will never be punished for murder. Do not run away from the police on a moped because that is what the police want you to do. You will die in a moped accident which is just an excuse that deprives the police of all responsibility. Follow the instructions given to you by the police. Cops are murderers who lack all morals. They are the hand of the state that takes the lives of people in all possible ways. If you want revenge on them, then take in your hands electro shocks Stun Gun and aim at their family in the same way they aim at your family. I promise you that punishment is the death penalty. Inject hell and darkness into their lives so that they suffer in the same way as I suffer and so may you and your children in the future. Even the media on every single media source are even worse killers who deceive and demonize you in every possible way. No one is targeting journalists, who protect themselves by 100% pushing and manipulating ordinary people through the false image of reality where they deceive ordinary people in false sense of security through lies and even more of lies, so that people will never see them as those responsible for the death and end of life of the people. I think they should be punished with electrical destruction of their nervous system so that we can see how long they will be able to remain silent about the annihilation of ordinary people through electrical Trojans. State politicians with entire state systems strike where it hurts the most and it is on our children through the police, psychiatric care, public care, media and so on. Entire government systems are against all of us ordinary people, including you criminals. Do not blow up or kill each other. Instead of shooting at each other and instead of shooting at innocent unknown passers-by ordinary people, so, take in your hand’s electro shocks Stun Gun and strike at power and the rich elite, because that’s the way they murder us ordinary people. Always be aware of what psychiatric care is for something once you have started to feel bad mentally. They and their fucking family are the ones who most deserve to be exposed to electric shocks. Aim for psychiatrists and psychologists because they are what will deceive you into death together with the police in one way or another and they are the ones who murder ordinary people legally for government through state systems. Politicians all together are involved in the murder of us ordinary people and there is no difference between them, even if they draw a theatrical performance for us ordinary people that they are against each other. They give us crumbs through their political program, to trick us into voting for them, while they protect the Holocaust on us and our children by making all different Holocaust systems invisible to us through censorship and complete media silence. They do not want to give us basic human rights that we should have the right to live that we should be able to live our lives with our children in safety. They are the evil that makes all the massacres of ordinary people possible, while they lie to us directly in our eyes. Aim at


them and their fucking families with electric shock, for publicly the electric shock is allegedly only stimulation of the nervous system and no crime, so that they will start giving us ordinary people security where we and our children will not have to risk being murdered. That’s what’s happening to all of us. We and our children are murdered. For power and the rich elite, there is no one who is innocent. We are all guilty in their eyes if the state wants to liquidate us. Electrical damage is the gateway to hell which opens only to the one who is injured, and the hell devours people who are injured alive. They deprived me of my human right to physical health. They deprived me of my human right to mental health. They were looking for my soul. They also took it from me with those injuries and now I am dying. I’m angry, pissed off and insane with anger over the fraudulent state genocide injustice and the state death penalty fraud that has been committed on me. That which I said I would feel good mentally if I had consciously had the spinal nerve cut off over the injured part of the body, would not have worked because I now realize that injury spreads not only through the spinal cord, but it spreads through whole body, skin, and muscles. The damage has now spread to nerves that were not damaged and even those nerves have been changed in such a way that they now torture me physically and mentally where I burn in pain and suffering in agony to death. I am losing more and more of the feeling in my body, and it is the worst loss of feeling that is both mental and physical torture. The injury climbs up against my head. When I said at the beginning at the general health center that nerve damage spreads upwards, they pretended to be surprised and unaware that nerve damage can spread upwards. They said that nerve damage can only spread down through the body because a nerve may have been pinched. That nerve damage spreads upwards through the body, they remained pretending unaware. However, the doctor told me that I should be referred to the nerve clinic where my nerves will be scanned with low electric current strength for an hour and a half. That doctor was a Muslim from the Middle East somewhere, I think. If I had been one of his friends or if I had been his relative, then he would never have wanted to send me there for me to be injured to death a second time. This is the greatest deception in the history of mankind that 99% of the world’s civilian population has been manipulated by the world power and rich elite that people should believe in this very false belief, that I should assume that the doctor from the Middle East with a Muslim name will help me as we ordinary people assume that we are brothers as we both have names that belong to the same religion. This false belief is standard for all religions around the world. Majority of the world’s ordinary people are deceived into believing in this false deception conviction, which we have all been trained as animals and indoctrinated of our politicians by practicing religion so that they can maintain our trust in them through the deception symbol of national identity, while they kill us legally through state systems along with all the other existing governments on this planet and even along with the alleged enemy side of the other religion. Our politicians through the entire state system and especially through the media excites us ordinary people through religion where we are claimed to be brothers, while they keep quiet about killing us and our children even though we are their own people. So, what disproves all such false beliefs is the crime that I have been subjected to by the power of the whole world and the rich elite together. The invisible truth for ordinary people is that complete health care in the Muslim part of the world kills its entire population in the same way that entire Western health care kills its own population, and the same thing is done all over the planet. If you have been deceived into death by any of the powers and rich elites Holocaust system, then you will continue to be murdered regardless of the country you live in on this planet and it does not matter that the doctor has the same name as you. Besides, about religion, so I’ve passed that doctor and his wife in food store in Uddevalla, then they have seen me. She looked at me and then at him and then she laughed so cynically. I can only imagine what conversation they had about me, considering that I told him that I was injured by the electrical


appliance. As you can understand, I have been the victim of crime. I’ve gone into power and rich elite electric destruction system, and I will soon die because of it. But since I have been injured to death by a 9-volt electrical appliance that falls under sex claim for use and now suddenly because of the power of the world and the rich elite’s created prejudices among ordinary people about sex, now all the shame and guilt falls on me, where I appear as some kind of sex maniac. That I had lived a hell of a life from childhood until now, is nowhere to be found. So the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at them and other people in the grocery store who picks the food they intend to buy, was that society’s hierarchy division into class society of me as a civilian ordinary individual, him as government employed authority in health care and other ordinary people presenting the normal respected country population, which I should be afraid of so that they will not laugh at me because I have hurt myself by sex toy, which I will die because of. In a way, I was ashamed of that doctor when I talked about the electric death. His wife wore a headscarf and now that they know about the bizarre event that has happened to me, I have now humiliated myself and I have been ashamed of them too and now I am ashamed of the entire Muslim world population, due to crimes I have been subjected to and that is not my fault. He and his wife with headscarves radiate state care authority, honor, high morals and so on, for the whole world Muslim and my Bosnjak Muslim people who are healthy and unharmed. The same goes for Christians and all other religions. This is the world power and rich elites’ collective identity brainwashing of national identity through religious affiliation as power and rich elite want that we should just see. Publicly they both have high morals while I do not have it, while he tried to send me into death for the second time. Is religion more important than my life, my right to live? Not for me definitely. What morals do they have, how important is the religious and national identity now that one understands that health care sends ordinary people to death in Muslim parts of the world, in the same way that health care sends people to death in the western world and the same is going on in the rest of the world as well? What I say is that we ordinary people should be united through our interest which is to protect the lives of us and our children, together regardless of which religion we may belong to. We should not divide ourselves through religions, because that is what the world power and rich elite have trained us through thousands of years through human history, just so that they can kill us and our children and at the same time that we will be faithful to them. That is what I am saying that all those who serve the state all belong to state systems, no matter what race or religion they may belong to. Those who are employed in government institutions commit crimes against us ordinary people, while all of us who are ordinary people are sent on to further body and nervous system destruction, regardless of whether we are Swedes or immigrants, Christians, or Muslims and so on. Even a doctor who was Swedish in general care has wanted to send me to a nerve clinic where my nerves will be scanned with electric current with electric current for one and a half hours. I do not even dare to go to the doctor examination anymore to take BMI test or take blood sample on my blood value or test me for diabetes, I get to know that my blood value is not good, due to Seroquel which is state crime which is solution for other state crime electrical damage like electrical trojans that have evoked in me by damaging my entire nervous system where i am dying now. Seroquel and Ziprexa are also crimes, to give to people because it knocks out metabolism completely and at the same time gives obesity which only gets worse with time. To know that I have also had diabetes already now, would only aggravate the physical and psychological torture I am going through. Electrical damage that I have is a state genocide that causes a fatal problem, while Seroquel and even worse Ziprexa is a solution to problems, where you get pain relief and at the same time the medication ends your life by causing diabetes that will force me to amputate body parts. But with me, it is not possible to amputate half my body, which means that I am already sentenced to death. I was injured about a few days before


2015-09-07 and then I only had a numbness of 1 cm in diameter while over time the injury has spread to 70% of my body. Where I had numbness, I have lost partial feeling completely, while nerves that were healthy then, are now damaged and the pain suffering in agony and discomfort due to the nerves I have lost feeling in and the nerves that are dying, take life of me and it provokes an anger where you want to scream of madness for no reason except those nerves are damaged by electric current. Year after year it gets 8 times worse. Bring summer suffering in agony, cannot be compared to the suffering in agony that I am going through now. This vacation is not like anything I have ever experienced in my life before. As my body has decayed to such an extent, my mental suffering has also become unbearable. This that I write helps me to get an outlet for my feelings in deathbed suffering. It’s like some kind of revenge that gives me satisfaction for moments. But my suffering does not end the next day because I have written about it in blog posts. Instead, the next day the suffering gets even worse, and I am tortured physically and mentally again while the whole world pretends that I am invisible and that this genocide through electric destruction on ordinary people is not going on in reality. Pain has risen in a scale of physical suffering where I can no longer stay alive as a normal person. I writhe in pain and discomfort that takes my life. I want to escape somewhere but no matter where I go, there is pain inside my body. I writhe in pain, discomfort, and difficult breathing due to injuries and suffering. I want to cry but it is not possible to cry. People who are dying never cry. It is the one who will lose the one who will die, the one who will be able to cry. At the beginning of the holiday, I had such pain that I stared around the room with difficult breathing in pain and there came a moment when I wanted to take poison just so that the suffering would stop. The medicine Seroquel State represents under false pretenses like everything else. I’ll tell you what the shit is. It is composed of different chemical substances. There is a chemical substance that is supposed to relieve pain that nerves damaged by electric current bombard and attack the brain with. There is a chemical substance that puts you to sleep in much the same way as when you are put to sleep before surgery. Not in such a large dose but it works much that way. There is a chemical substance that causes inhuman hunger a few hours after taking the medicine where you feel cravings for sugar and fatty foods. It should not be in that medicine, but it is about the invisible state crime. It is available as an additive to gain weight and in this way, you get injured with obesity which leads to diabetes. The idea is that the medicine along with electrical injuries should take the lives of people who take them as pain relief. I think there is also chemical substance that completely knocks out metabolism so that the body stops burning fat. Regardless of whether I eat healthy food, it does not matter, as my overweight is only getting bigger and bigger. There is a substance that makes me extremely tired so that I can neither walk nor exercise so that I cannot burn fat with exercise. Then you understand that the state kills us through electric current and through medicines that will give us pain relief for the electrical damage that states are responsible for. When it comes to the state murdering ordinary people, then those in power say that it is conspiracy theory. How states treat us like me in the same way states treat each other. That is why all the politicians in the world come into conflict with each other and they call that conflict their state interest. They kill us ordinary people together. But when they are to fight against each other and when their lives are in danger, then they recruit the same ordinary people as they murder in their conflict as soldiers and so on. States murder innocent people and when they murder people then conspiracy theory is just another tool of prejudice. What I am experiencing now is a frightening experience with anxiety, fear, and horror. They have changed my image of myself where my image of my body and my psyche is now completely deformed. This is not a normal life. I live my life under the conditions of a completely abnormal life, full of physical and mental torture in suffering where I fall right against mental breakdown due to only electrical damage that no one says a word about. I cannot turn to anyone for


help. All media that I have contacted around the world, including media in Bosnia, reject me in the same way. I cannot go to the police, because the police have stopped me from being able to prosecute the crime I have been subjected to, to the court. General care sends me to further destruction of my body at Nerve clinic through Neurography EMG. The only ones who are willing to listen to me are psychiatric care who are the ones who lead people to the grave and I will never go to them even if I die. In fact, the intention was that I should say all this that I have written in a blog to the psychiatrist who has given me a time to visit him only after a few months when I wrote the first outlet for my feelings. The idea was that I should blame those where I say everything, I have said so that he can call the police where he would classify me as a danger. This is how patients who have been injured by their deadly Trojans usually act and it is the next mistake where they lock one in a mental hospital forever. But I made the right decision because I realized that it is the state that murders people and also me. Psychiatric care says that the mentally ill are not aware that they are mentally ill while psychiatric care psychiatrists and psychologists can see it in patients. They are normal and able to see if someone is ill without being aware of it. No matter what you do, it does not matter, because your voice will not be credible. They are said to care about people’s mental well-being while killing people with electric current. The state is evil itself. The fact that people are murdered by states through war is not something that any of the powerful and rich elites really care about. For those in power, it is about accessing countries’ natural resources that they must exploit, and human life means nothing to them. They want to deprive us of our lives and through psychological torture governments deprive us of our lives. But that’s not the worst. They are out to deprive us of our soul as well. And with those devices, they harm us, and it is damage that deprives us of our soul. You are literally dead mentally and emotionally. Outwardly, when people look at someone who is injured, people think that it is a whole person, but emotionally you are already dead, as you are unable to feel that you are alive. Over time, it only gets worse and worse. It is not that you are a danger to your surroundings because you are not. These are emotions where you feel anxiety, fear, physical and mental suffering, a feeling of unreality that you can only feel. It is electrical damage that produces the suffering in agony, day and night without any real reason or problem in life. It is the chemical imbalance that damaged nerves produce. The body cannot function normally with a damaged nervous system. Without nerves the body dies and that is the punishment that states want to give us ordinary people. You cannot feel joy, you cannot feel happiness not even for a second. You can never be happy, and you can never laugh because what you feel is the body that loses feeling and dies. I feel like I’m burning inside my body. State physical and psychological torture, is a well-thought-out system for destroying, crushing, and driving a person insane, where a person who is the target of state abuse in the end either commits suicide or if he is unable to commit suicide then you go on everything the state wants as long as they stop the torture because it hurts the soul. It works well in the state’s favor when you know you have made a mistake. But when you know you’re right, as in Julian Assange’s case, then he’s strong. They want him to plead guilty by subjecting him to psychological torture and strain. I would venture to bet that Britain is torturing him with that voice technology because that’s where he’s hurt the most. That along with isolation in a small prison cell takes his life. I’m sorry to say that, but I do not think it will end well for him, because states are criminal networks that judge their citizens while they themselves murder their people discreetly. Through war, powerful politicians murder men women and children and the fuel that drives their insane massacres is their hatred and prejudice. Human rights do not exist in war and human rights do not exist in peacetime either, even though all existing politicians claim that they are our saviors, they all lie. They violate people’s human rights by force through war, while in peacetime they use their criminal media hand in such a way that they play on our emotions by uttering negative and


derogatory words against everything and everyone who opposes their way of thinking and in a positive way, they are lying to us straight in the face that we should give them our support and that we should vote for them in the next parliamentary elections. State system is a system of annihilation of ordinary people and no matter who we vote for, we are all losers in advance, because they have deprived us of the fundamental right that we ordinary people and our children should live our lives in safety. We ordinary people are murdered by states through war, and we are murdered to an infinite extent in peacetime in civil society through state systems completely legally. The thing is that they have hidden the annihilation of men, women, and children, claiming that murder is the care they give to people. Media propaganda is extremely effective where the media make positive statements through the media about whether it is about human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights. But in the end, all that is just lies that we ordinary people have no use for. The Swedish state has led me to the end of the world and the end of my life. Here you can see how they have influenced my decisions in a negative way through physical torture and psychological torture. I have started drinking alcohol to numb pain and death anxiety. I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. I also sniff at the same time while I smoke. I was a person who trained 5 days a week regularly and I ran on race bans for half an hour. Now I cannot train. I can barely walk because my body is decaying. I have lost strength in my body. This is the world’s biggest humiliation of me. They have castrated me. I can never live with a woman again partly because I have lost feeling and partly because the only thing a possible woman would hear from me is my complaints about how I die. I have lost my identity as a man. I’m not even a man anymore. But I do not think about that anymore. My biggest problem is that I’m dying and going crazy because of the suffering in agony. This is torture in a physical and psychological way, while the state is in full swing to eliminate me from society in one way or another, and I will disappear in the end.